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Naruto Chapter 513 – Armadillo Penis

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

A fairly interesting chapter overall, I’m glad Kishi opted to move ahead full steam with the current arc and get straight to the action we want to see. I previously had the notion that all of Kabuto’s undead summons would be mindless zombies, but Deidara demonstrated this chapter that the summons still have their abilities (although likely not as powerful as the original) as well as their personalities intact. Essentially, this means we might get to see all the dead Akatsuki members again – I’m real interested in what undead Itachi and Nagato would be like.

Looks like Tsuchikage is coming to aid Naruto and the others despite his bad back. Sadly, we won’t be seeing a Gaara vs Deidara rematch – although it’s out of character for the current Gaara, I still think deep inside he wants some payback against Deidara for putting his friends and his villagers’ lives at risk when he attacked Suna. Not that I don’t want to see Tsuchikage in action, being the oldest of the current kages I think he has the most battle experience and jutsu repertoire to make any opponent rethink their strategy. We saw a small glimpse of what the Tsuchikage can do during Sasuke’s attack on the kage summit, and I think his gravity powers have a lot of us interested as there is nothing like it in the Naruverse thus far. The ability to fly without any kind of mount or support is a powerful one, and Tsuchikage may have a monopoly on it since we haven’t seen it used by any shinobi before (Gaara’s floating sand is kind of like a mount), even other shinobi from Tsuchigakure. I don’t think Deidara has a chance in this battle, heck it might have been the Tsuchikage who taught him most of his abilities. The best we can hope for is a little more information being revealed about Deidara’s history with his home village.

Kabuto must have been really busy ever since Orochimaru got pwned. Not only did he manage to upgrade the Edo Tensei, but also clone a Godzilla-sized Manda clone as well. This is one kid Kakashi probably wished he would have killed during their first encounter because he’s got as much h4x0rz potential as Madara. I also liked the fact that Kabuto decided to give his undead summons more autonomy than Orochimaru did. By giving them semi-free will, the zombie Akatsuki can be more effective by fighting more like their living counterpart. However, I don’t know if Kabuto would want to grant the same privileges to undead summons of Itachi or Nagato though.

I’m not sure how Kabuto is planning on beating Naruto and Killer Bee, not to mention bypassing the Konoha nin protecting them. So far Kabuto hasn’t really shown any upgraded fighting powers personally to make us think he has any chance against two Jinchuuriki, so he’ll definitely need to rely on tricks and pull out a heavy hitter like Pein or Itachi to have any chance. But then again, his intention may not be to fight at all. It’s suspicious that someone as egomaniacal as him would aid Madara in any way unless it was for his own benefit. And I don’t think Kabuto would willingly risk his life fighting against Naruto and the others unless there was someone/something he needed to acquire here. Kabuto did mention that he wanted to experiment on Yamato, so maybe his focus is neither Naruto nor KB. Why do I get the feeling that whatever it is, Kabuto is going to win this fight?

Lastly, what the F is with that transvestite armadillo? Why did it get so much attention this chapter? Gives me bad flashbacks of that transvestite toad they had in the Shippuuden anime. To top it off this time, Kishi actually opted to show the amadillo’s junk. Is this a homage to the original Dragon Ball manga where they showed kid Goku’s privates for laughs? I hope you guys enjoy this week’s Armadillo-inspired poll.

Highlight below for answer:
(fun fact: If the armadillo were human sized, its penis would be 4 feet long).


93 Responses

  1. That was a great Chapter!! Im curious to kno what Kabuto’s motive is because i believe like Bob believes that Kabuto has to kno that he doesnt stand a chance if he plans on actually fighting both Bee and Naruto. But im not one to underestimate Kabuto’s strategy at all

  2. Hey thats my first time being first. Yaaaaaayyyy me lol

  3. sup im first yeah

  4. ahhhhhhh missed out. yeah interesting chapter though really lookin forward to seeing kabuto in action it is like 6 on one after all?

  5. I liked how this chapter confirmed that Hashi and Tobirama were at full power when they fought.

    Now, I wonder what’s the relationship Tsuchikage and his ninja have with Deidara. Kurotsuchi finally looks female O_O

  6. I dont know about you guys but I find the whole flying thing corny. They’re ninjas for christ sakes, not demi-gods.

    This is becoming dragonball z all over again, and seeing how one of the best anime of all time fall from its pedestal it’s actually quite sad.

    edo tensei’s summoned bodies having their own will is also pretty absurd. Oro wanted to be immortal, he knows Edo tensei, he had very powerful and loyal followers (kabuto, kimimaro, etc) – couldn’t he have just let himself die, tasked one of the followers to edo-tensei his ass from the grave, and basically become an immortal?

    manda 2.0? the absurdity knows no limits. seriously, I think kishi is running out of material here with all the akatsuki revivals, oro-hybrids, first hokage overkill, and uchiha/sharingan overuse.

    finally, an 80k strong army chose to send an aging kage to a dangerous mission? doesnt he have any value whatsoever? seriously, kages becoming frontliners?! shouldnt they be saving themselves frmo the final battle? that’s what a sensible and cunning (which basically defines ninjas by the way) leader would do.

    80k strong and there’s no one strong enough to provide backup, they have to send a fucking kage?

    kishi, kishi, kishi – naruto used to be “sick”, not it just “suck”

  7. Kurotsuchi also called Deidara as “Deidara-nii” before, nii being an honorific meaning ‘brother’. This means the two are either related or maybe studied/trained under him.
    I lol’d to see people actually take part in the poll, you guys need to watch more Animal Planet or something ;p

  8. also, it will be purely yamato versus kabuto here – they did mention they’ll keep naruto out of the loop here (with bee likely providing the distraction). Guy is helpless, motoi and other konoha guy are weak sauce, so it’s up to Yamato, which did have a lot of history with kabuto.

    I’m betting deidara is part of team oonoki, with akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi.

  9. i personally was kinda creeped out by the penis, but other than that i rather liked the chapter (Manda’s return and Diedara having his old personality were really nice treats for me)
    @ noneatenpussy, i disagree on alot of your points. first off, the Tsuchikage’s flight is pretty badass. 2nd, the bodies having free will is definitly an improvement and considering Nagato’s and Chiyo’s revival jutsus allow the undead to keep their emotions, that’s really not wierd that it’s possible for Edo Tensei to leave room for emotions. altho, i will admit that u have a point on Oro, but considering when he revived Hashirama and Tobirama, they didn’t have free-will, i can see y he didn’t do that. on Manda, wtf’s your problem w/ Manda? he was my fav summoning EVAH!! and finally, on sending Onoki, well, he is uber-powerful, is able to fly, and has the most battle experience w/ Madara (whom he was expecting), so it kinda makes sense

  10. @ noneatenpussy, okay, i agree w/ your second post much more than your first

  11. “and Tsuchikage may have a monopoly on it since we haven’t seen it used by any shinobi before”

    God Realm flew.

    I don’t think he upgraded Edo Tensei, he just said he’s using a different tag than Oro did. Remember Oro said he got tired of hearing the Hokages talk so he muted them.

    Nice job Bob. Armadillos would have us beat if they were our size….they’d have us beat hard..no pun intended >_>

  12. @ nemo prime, you’ve got to remember that this is NOT the original manda anymore.

    I just find it lame that kishi’s coming up with all sorts of excuses to make characters seem more powerful. instead of developing past and history (naruto’s training, sasuke’s angst) to make us see why these ninjas become so strong, he conveniently gives kabuto the knowledge to genetically close mando – if this was so easy to do, who needs summons? just hand out genetically enhanced giant slugs, toads, gorillas so they can beat the shit out of gamabunta, mando, etc.

    what’s so badass about the flying part? it’s not a sensible ninja technique – they’re supposed to be agile, focused on various movements (even hand seals are founded on complex movements), flying is, well, a more elaborate form of floating. we might as well call archangel the baddest ninja in the marvel universe.

    on sending oonoki, you risk the chance of losing an advantage. with less strong (but capable ninjas) you might lose but the intel gathered will be very valuable.

  13. genetically close mando ==> I meant genetically clone

  14. “This is becoming dragonball z all over again”

    What’s wrong with that? DBZ is the single most famous anime of all time. Naruto emulating it isn’t a bad thing.

    “manda 2.0? the absurdity knows no limits. seriously, I think kishi is running out of material here with all the akatsuki revivals, oro-hybrids, first hokage overkill, and uchiha/sharingan overuse.”

    Well I liked Manda, so Manda 2.0 isn’t so bad. But I agree with everything else. If it isnt Sharingan and Sahringarms, its the First Hokage. All this Senju Uchiha stuff feels like one giant asspull because there was kinda 0 foreshadowing. Go back to Part 1 and mention Senju everyone would be like “Huh, wtf is a Senju?”.

    “that’s what a sensible and cunning (which basically defines ninjas by the way) leader would do.”

    You forget, these are Naruto ninjas. You know, the kind that don’t wear black, scream out their attacks, put their comrades’ lives above the mission (which goes against the logic of ninjas in history), so things such as rationality and sensibility don’t apply here. The most sensible thing to do would have been to teleport to Konoha when Naruto was 6, bring him to the Akatsuki base and throw him into a cage, keep him barely alive and wait until he could be absorbed. But all of these would make a fairly boring story lol

    “80k strong and there’s no one strong enough to provide backup, they have to send a fucking kage?”

    Most ninja are Genin and Chunin.

    @Bob, an average armadillo’s penis is about 6 inches, scale that up to human size…and its shell wouldnt be the only hard thing about it O_O’

    Manda 2.0 doesn’t have the epicness of Manda. It doesn’t talk, hasnt threatened to kill Kabuto and has ARMS. That’s just wrong. Its a lizard now, not a snake -_-‘

    Edo Tensei, sigh. Many have been mislead this chapter. Kabuto used a variation of the tag Oro used, so instead of killing their personalities (like Oro did because he wanted them to shut up), Kabuto uses his to just make sure they don’t try to attack him. I agree with Bob though, Kabuto will have to use the Oro version on Nagato (because he could just use a variation of Gedo Rinne Tensei and take the souls out of the corpses) and Itachi (because Susanoo can seal the other corpses in an eternal genjutsu, and while they can heal physical damage, it doesn’t mean a thing if they can’t move). What does all this mean? It means Hashirama is still weak compared to ninjas today, unless Kishi does another asspull

  15. Dude i like the Manda 2. its got arms and everything. i wonder how much of Orochimarus powers he upgraded? Just random thought. Did that armadillo look erect to anyone else? Gross….

  16. @noneatenpussy

    I was thinking the same thing after I read that chapter! Kabuto got knowledge of cloning all of a sudden? The chapter was OK but reading it just felt like a lot of this stuff is coming out the blue.

  17. if Kabuto lets Nagato and Itachi keep there personaitys they still can’t rebel when Deidara tried to fight Onoki Kabuto turned him aroud towords the island and Deidara said why can’t i move my body
    if he lets Nagato and keep their personalitys they will still be subservent to him

    also Oro turned the first and second into mindless killing machines that had no real sense of stategy

    Kabuto by letting them have there will makes them even more powerful then the Original because Edo tensei zombies are indestrucible and are just as smart as normal

  18. “Kabuto by letting them have there will makes them even more powerful”

    If that was the case, when Oro saw that his zombies weren’t winning he would have just given them their will back. But good point on the Itachi and Nagato thing.

    Cloning, welcome to Naruto the Clone Wars!

  19. @ kisu on Manda 2, huh, i didn’t notice the arms, well in that case i like him slightly less now since that kinda cheapens him, lol
    @ prodigy, well, Kabuto obviously had experience w/ genetic modification based on his involvment w/ Yamato and his own modifications to himself, so cloning isn’t that unreasonable

  20. theory: deidara was a student under the Tsuchikage, and the other 2 pupils were that Akatsuchi guy and the chick in fishnets. They were obviously familiar with him.

    Also, maybe it will be Kabuto that ends up becoming a sage and the final boss in all this. If he acquires the shodaime’s cell from Yamato, uses Zetsu to regrow them, and somehow gets his hands on some power from Sasuke….that sounds like a pretty plausible recipe for destruction to me. It’s obvious he plans on double crossing Madara anyway since he led Konoha to Madara’s main base of operations.

  21. Kabuto is so interesting. He isn’t a villain, but he definitely is no hero either. I think he’s an anti-villain. He actually respects Naruto and has Madara worried. I just hope he doesn’t go the way of Danzo (I still call Kishi out on that, it was a bad move) and Root (what happened to those guys anyway?). Yep, Kabuto is definitely my #3 (bye Nagato and Kisame :(). I’ve liked this guy ever since the forest of death when his eyes turned red (seriously, what was up with that?)

  22. I have to agree with noneatenpussy on this DBZ thing. Before I go on I am with you Kisu, DBZ is the Best Anime of all time. However just like DBZ after the Cell Saga, nearly every Saiyan and the enemies (all the Buu’s) seems to get an extreme power boost almost out of nowhere with the exception of Goku himself and Gotenks in the Room of Spirit. Both trained to get their power ups. It is happening in Naruto now. After Naruto trained to become a Toad Sage (Goku’s Super Saiyan 2) Every ninja after that (Sasuke, Danzo, Killer Bee, Kisame, the Kages, Kabuto, Madara, Konan) seems to be a lot stronger than even Pein and Naruto Toad Sage Mode. However that is my opinion. Know with him gaining his new Host powers (Similar to Goku gaining SSJ3) it will seem everyone that fights now will have powers that could rival those which to me should be damn near impossible with him being in control of the 9 tails powers even if it is just half it’s power.

    Things many of us thought would happens is totally going the opposite way or turns into a great or silly surprise. Some things I do disagree with like three flying ninjas. Yeah its cool but what the hell? A Giant Tortoise as a Island, Was that not used in a cartoon before? Which really is not a bad or wrong idea but a FREAKING GIANT TURTLE and I am not talking about a damn Yugioh card or Gamera.

    And Bob’s comment on he thinks Kabuto will be the winner of the fight. Well I agree but disagree. We got two totally-in-control-of-their-power Tailed Beast hosts and a well rested ANBU member acting as a captain and escort. That is a one sided fight unless Kabuto’s powers are totally off the Naruto universe scale as of now. So I say he will be losing but will pull something out his ass, and I mean that figuratively and possibly literally. And will kidnap either Bee and/or Yamato somehow leaving Naruto the main man to live to fight another day.

    So even though I love the manga and anime things are getting, powers and idea wise out of hand in my book.

  23. @ryu, you forgot Vegeta. If training alone made you powerful, Vegeta would be the god of the DBZ universe.

  24. @”I liked how this chapter confirmed that Hashi and Tobirama were at full power when they fought.”

    They may have been at full power but the were still bond to orochimaru’s will so they still couldn’t use their abilities to their full potiential. That’s why kabuto gave diedara free will and thought to make him more effective.

  25. This was an interesting chapter, Kabuto blew me away on how much he has changed. He was able to improve Edo Tensei and Mando and his tactics are incredible. He knew there would be reinforcements so he had Manda 2 search for the island while he hold off the reinforcements and now that he’s found it he uses Deidara to hold off the reinforcements while he confronts Naruto and KB.

    Also what makes Kabuto even more dangerous, he can heal himself from any attack using Medical ninjutsu and now he has the S0Rank ninjutsu. I think he has surpassed Kakashi. He is going to be one dangerous shinobi now that he has progressed so much and he maybe even able to take down Sasuke like he said.

    Kakashi needs to upgrade his chakra reserves somehow because otherwise he’s going to have to retire early. The only thing I can say about Naruto is that I hate the fact that Kishi made him so stupid even after all the progress he’s made in strength level.

    Now let’s get to the Tsuchikage, his ability to fly is amazing because since the beginning of the series, flying has been regarded as top level. I also am dying to see the full extent of his power seeing that he fought Madara and survived. Also he could have killed Sasuke if Madara/Tobi hadn’t have saved him.

    I am happy that the war has finally started but I have to agree with Kishi this feels like a win for Kabuto.

  26. @kisu
    i have to disagree with u about vegeta he may have trained the hardest but not the smartest. for example during the cell arc both vegeta and trunks were only trying to increase their power levels in while goku and gohan worked on the increasing their endurance and skill in super sayian mode which is why they were able to keep up with cell.

  27. @ftw, lol I said “If training alone made you powerful, Vegeta would be the god of the DBZ universe.”. In other words, if training was the sole requisite for power, Vegeta would be a god. Besides, his method eventually got him to Super Saiyan 2. Instead of using emotions to get there like Gohan did, he spent the 7 years training his ass off and got to Super Saiyan 2. Vegeta is awesome! Besides, Vegeta’s Ascended Form could defeat Goku and Gohan’s “relaxed Super Saiyan” form because its stronger and his speed isn’t reduced. Trunks going to Ultra Super Saiyan got slow.

  28. “They may have been at full power but the were still bond to orochimaru’s will so they still couldn’t use their abilities to their full potiential”

    No. By bound to his will he meant they couldn’t oppose him. Just like with Oro. He completely destroyed their wills and sen them into battle. Saying they didn’t fight effectively is pure speculation my friend. The evidence points to them fighting effectively since they were able to make conscious decisions and use teamwork. Until the manga says Hashirama and Tobirama weren’t at full power (which I’m sure it will eventually with Kishi’s overuse of Senjus, more specifically, Hashirama), then we have to accept that they were at full power.

  29. everyone has interesting thoughts about this chapter, but I agree w/ noneatenpussy mostly. Kishi is starting to just place things, almost, just for the hell of it. What’s next? Oh, Naruto can magically summon nine foxes, all w/ one tail, out of nowhere?

    Something’s telling me Kishi is getting tired of Naruto, ala Toriyama. That prob explains why he’s writing other stuff. Seems like his just trying to speed things up to end it already. maybe it’s just me.

  30. @Kisu

    yea Kabuto is definitely the wild card here and he definitely has an ulterior motive in this whole deal. Personally I love anti-hero characters the most. They have no moral boundaries and they’re always badass.

    I think ultimately he may become fodder to show off Sasuke’s new powers, but I think he’s the one who may reveal Tobi for what he is and he’ll probably be the one to capture Bee. All the crazy abilities he has access to point towards Kabuto definitely coming out on top of this one. Besides edo tensei, you can probably count on Kabuto having a portion of Orochimaru’s consciousness and powers residing in him, if it’s not already manifested as his little snake tail. So basically, besides having almost the full power of Akatsuki, he has his natural insane regenerative power, the obnoxiously persistent power of Orochimaru, his crazy knowledge base, and his kage level medical ninjutsu. yea…we’re going to have some seriously awesome fights out of Kabuto in this last stretch towards the end of Naruto.

    As a side, Gaara is still going to show up and save the Tsuchikage’s ass. I haven’t given up on his revenge kill yet!

  31. great chapter but i am going to go out on limb and say that kishi is about to give us what most people have been looking for and that is a traitor straight from the leaf village.orochimaru was not a fool and he would not make something he could not control and kabuto knows all about yamato and why be so confident . okay lets see here gai hurt no medical nin so he can’t help. yamato was going to tell naruto about the war but was stop and he knows naruto would get so mad he would not think just act leaving bee to fight kabuto and himself.kabuto has multiple summonings and yamato can control the tail beast. looks like bee is going down fighting. as for the Tsuchikage and his nin how does this look three to one the one is a summoning and Deidara could not bet naruto and kakashi so if that fight last longer than a chapter we know who madara ally is.

  32. @kisuzachi
    Actually… you are WRONG! Hahhahahaha. Ok, so Kabuto says he won’t completely bind Deidara’s will because he doesn’t understand art. What does this mean:

    Deidra’s ability is difficult for Kabuto to control, and so he wants Deidra to have more control over it. He mentions that he won’t COMPLETELY bind Deidara, unlinke Orochimaru who completely bound the 1st and 2nd Hokages. Completely binding to someone’s will would mean that they couldn’t act, couldn’t do anything without Orochimaru telling them what to do.

    In other words, they were not using any strategy of their own, they were only attacking according to Orochmaru. In this case, Kabuto allows Deidara to attack however he would like to attack, this way Deidara could make all the creative bombs he could possibly make, but we also see that Deidara is partially bound to Kabuto in terms of who he fights and where he goes:


    So, in summary, Orochmaru completely controlled the 1st and 2nd Hokages, meaning they were just robots and he held the controls. Kabuto has given some control back to allow Deidara to use his jutsu more effectively, something the 1st and 2nd Hokages weren’t able to do, and probably what Kabuto thinks led to Orochmaru’s defeat on the rooftop. Oro was probably just toying with the 3rd Hokage, enjoying the battle and wanting to see Sarutobi suffer, but that is just conjecture.

  33. firstly, the armadillo penis was funny as hell, Kishi bringing in a bit of humour there, which is good. secondly, I don’t think that Kishi has grown tired of naruto as a main character, I think that now he’s just trying to show the fact that naruto is pretty much back to his care-free self. he think’s he’s on an S-rank mission, and lets be honest, the guy is not that clever, so he won’t realise whats up. I think the battle will play out in the following way: kabuto will pwn those guys outside and then naruto and bee will realise whats going on and head outside to the battle. naruto will take on kabuto who will release Pein and Itachi, who Naruto will question and ask why their doing this, only to realise that their both being controlled. However, I think that this will be a defining moment for naruto psychologically because I think the body that Kabuto showed madara was the 4th, and we may get a father son battle: old school yellow flash against the new school yellow flash. however, seeing as deidara retained his personality, Minato will be telling naruto how he doesnt want to do this, but will start attacking him, which will enrage naruto, thereby possibly leading to him unlocking those feelings of hate and anger that we thought he had lost in his fight with the kyuubi. Naruto will then be trying to kill kabuto, but at the same time trying to dodge the attacks from his dad, which will be freaking awesome because it’ll give kishi an opportunity to show us how much stronger naruto has grown because he’ll be taking on his father and kabuto and possibly even pein and itachi. but the crucial aspect here will be to show us how naruto, despite his feelings of hate towards kabuto for using his father as a pawn, will decide in the end not to kill kabuto, thereby showing us how he has matured. this battle is headed for a naruto v kabuto re-match, as these two have had beef for ages. I think naruto will proceed to pwn kabuto, who will then go back to madara with his tail between his legs and tell madara to bring out the big guns: sasuke. It will also be at this point that naruto finds out there is a war going on, and he’ll insist on going onto the battle field.

  34. @noneatenpussy: I gotta agree with you. I mean sure, most ninja are genin and chuunin, but what about the special forces like ANBU, or better yet, those dudes who killed Tobirama. I’m sure they are strong enough to add extra protection for Naruto.
    I also have to agree with everyone who thinks that Kabuto is only coming to the island to kidnap yamato (which he will probably succeed at doing).

  35. @El Presidente

    I think it is pretty obvious it isn’t the 4th. The true threat to Madara is information, not muscle, because we’ve already seen him intimidate all the other Kage.

  36. I assume that now, when Naruto can control the kyubi, Yamato lost his purpose, so, I also agree with you.

  37. @ripcord, so you’re saying Orochimaru had a comprehensive understanding of the 2nd’s techniques and also knew him very well so he was confident enough to use him?

    Either way, it matters not. Sandaime was still faster and stronger than Hashi and Tobirama even in his advanced age (and he’s was considered the most powerful of the Hokages), so Hahirama is still weak. Well…until Kishi gets even nastier with him that is 😉

    @El Presidente, the armadillo penis wasn’t funny, it was as creepy as hell. It’s like Kishi was trying to force his fetish on us O_O

  38. About 1st and 2nd I think also they are overated, but there is a point. Oro did not know every technique they had and even if he knew they had totally different battle style from oro so he could not imagine how they can combine those jutsus, but I still think that the 3rd was the strongest one. U know how many elements he could control? 3 I think water, fire and earth that pretty awesome and at the end he pwnd 2 kages and fucked up oro, so 3rd 4ver 😛 !!!

  39. random question. since members of the uzumaki clan has red hair. can karin be a member?

  40. i’m so waiting for itachi lol.

  41. @clue47, don’t forget Sasori, Sasori’s parents, the 4th Kazekage and Gaara

  42. One thing I also didn’t mention:

    I thought Yamato couldn’t do forest genesis! And here he is making living trees. I guess it is just hard for him to do that.

    And I totally agree that now that Naruto is able to use the kyuubi chakra, Yamato isn’t needed anymore, so he is probably going to get taken here. I think he’s a cool character though, I’d be sad to see him go.

  43. I think yamato needs to get captured and or die. This is a damn war and the only people dying are the so called villains

  44. No love for Yamato? If someone has to die, kill that Motoi guy, or the Chunin, or even Guy since he’s a vegetable right now. How could Yamato die without Kakashi being there? You guys are even more hungry for blood than I am (well, at least until Assgay shows up again)

  45. Ahhh! Time to stretch so this rant won’t cramp me up.

    @kisuzachi @Lord Ercan

    You guys are really unbelievable. 3rd is “overrated”. Let me elucidate that for you guys. Take a look at what Ripcord provided in his blog. It’s absolute proof. We here as Shannaroins are always speculating and Kisu you say a lot of amazing shit, but at the end of the day we all fail to realize we speculate to the extreme. But when something as detailed and proven as what Ripcord announced its not hard to comprehend it’s true.

    3rd overall is a legendary ninja and kage indeed but there no way he would have beat those guys with all of their prowess. Oro- dumbass was sick and wanted to toy with 3rd’s head. Madara and Hashirama still rule the ninja world today and have made a bigger impact on it then the 3rd and the 4th ever had.

  46. Also, haven’t been around for 3 weeks of Naruto and what I find is a damn “Armadillo Penis”!? Kishi when we have to bring ourselves a animal penis joke. It means you lost it.

    Long live the Armadillo PENIS!!…. lmao. What a herb.

  47. Oh, also DBZ was amazing but it was so stupid looking back at it. I really mean that too.

  48. Oh, Sasori could fly as well. So that’s three ninjas now; Pain, Sasori and Tsuchikage

    “Madara and Hashirama still rule the ninja world today and have made a bigger impact on it then the 3rd and the 4th ever had.”

    Sigh, the Roman Empire changed the world, but it would be annihilated by any modern military. Hashirama and Madara have been surpassed long ago. That’s one of Kishi’s themes for crying out loud! Old gets surpassed by new. The Third was said to be the most powerful Hokage (with the Fourth) by Kishi, and in the manga, Iruka said the Third is considered the most powerful.

  49. @Kisu, I didn’t know Pein could fly, when did he do that?

  50. He did it when he was about to destroy Konoha

  51. You can see it here:

  52. I gotta agree with kisu. Also i;m still not entirely sure the battle at the end was as clear cut as we r makin it out to be. The first also just so happened to match up well against madara and I feel that that frist battle is all people go on given that the first has not been mentioned in any other battle. Im not sure how u can compare the first and 2nd hokages to 1) a kage that by all accounts had a jutsu to counter EVERY technique and 2) a kage who was so feared on the field that a flee on sight warning was given out…. im sorry but those 2 kages were just too badass.

  53. also on pein flying; well the guy could control gravity lol (thats pretty much what shira tensei is based on) so makes sense he could fly

  54. Great review Bob!

    I really liked this chapter. I am so happy to see Onoki fight over Gaara, but I’d also love to see Gaara come to the rescue should Onoki have a rough time against Deidara. We’ve heard lots of mentions of Tsuchikage’s back/hips and I wonder how large of an impact it will have in his battle with Deidara. I remember during the Kage meeting when Kurotsuchi left to go see Sasuke, and Akatsuchi said something to the effect that he should stay with Onoki in case his hips run out, so I’m curious to see what they(or he) can do if Onoki has that problem again. Also, Deidara thought he killed Sasuke…. lol I can’t wait to see his reaction when he learns that he was unsuccessful.

    Manda 2.0 looks awesome! New and improved… I dig it! It looks like a Cobra/Rattlesnake/Reptile hybrid and I am excited to see what else it can do.

    I am anxious to see how Deidara will counter Tsuchikage’s attack… it looks like it’s the same type of attack Onoki used on Sasuke at the Kage meeting.

    I know it’s a big stretch, but I would love to see Orochimaru make a return somehow. #randomthought

  55. @Token, to be fair, the Second was also a jack of all trades

  56. “Also, Deidara thought he killed Sasuke…. lol I can’t wait to see his reaction when he learns that he was unsuccessful. ”

    Well he was supposed to have killed Sasugay. Kishi pulled Sasuke’s win out of his ass. Earlier in the fight Sasugay clearly said he was out of chakra, and we’re supposed to believe he somehow managed to summon a Kage-level summon (only Sanins, Kage-level ninjas and Kages have summons that big) like Manda AND have enough time to hypnotize it and get inside its mouth while an EXPLOSION is happening lol. That was such an obvious asspull

  57. @Kisu lol!! Speaking of Sasuke.. where is he? ;/ I want to see his eyes T___T;

    Another random thought…. when Itachi is resurrected via Edo Tensei, will he be able to activate Susanoo? And if so, could he release Orochimaru-sama from the Sword of Totsuka?

  58. “The first also just so happened to match up well against madara and I feel that that frist battle is all people go on given that the first has not been mentioned in any other battle. Im not sure how u can compare the first and 2nd hokages to 1) a kage that by all accounts had a jutsu to counter EVERY technique and 2) a kage who was so feared on the field that a flee on sight warning was given out…. im sorry but those 2 kages were just too badass”

    Alright. 1: The 4th was the greatest of his generation. In pure S/T justu ability wise Madara’s is better. 4th’s analytical ability won the between the two.
    2: 3rd did have a technique for every justu in the village but that was at his time. As we know he never fought a Mangekyou user since no one had it in his time. So how can we say he has a counter justu for “all justu’s”? That just sounds inane.

  59. Also, Tobirama was a B+ in my book. He was a ninja of wit, not brawn. Him losing and risking his life so recklessly also proved he had his “jack of all trades” moments which would make most ask, “bad kage”?

    @Kisu Sasori couldn’t fly. He was able to elevate himself in the air by shooting his tentacle and it piercing something to pull himself at a high speeds while keeping his blades rotating. Check right here.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NTz_hcy7T4 “2:14”

  60. @kagami tru we dont know of any mangejyou users however that doesnt mean he didnt have a jutsu for it. If he was knowledgable of alot of jutsu like it is implied what he knew could possibly counter it. Also the third in his old age fought oro and 2 kages (granted probably not at full strength) but one can only imagine how the third was in his prime years.

  61. @kagmi: r we also forgetting that the 4th went toe to toe against ‘madara’ who had a ability he did not know when he fought the first? also like i said earlier the first just so happened to be the perfect opponent against madara and yet as far as we know madara may still be alive which shows that the first may not have truly killed him and therefore he did just as muc to madara as the 4th did in their battle. And like kisu said kishi himself said ti was a tie between the 3rd and 4th so not sure y all this first hokage love.

  62. “Also the third in his old age fought oro and 2 kages (granted probably not at full strength) but one can only imagine how the third was in his prime years.”

    I agree with that statement. Like I stated earlier, He. Is. Legendary. But what I don’t agree with is the equivalent of comparison with the 1st fight against Madara and the 4th’s fight. There’s a huge difference.

    When Hashirama fought Madara, Madara actually kind of died if you think about it. Madara couldn’t proceed with his plans until the 1st died. That’s mostly why we didn’t see him till the 4th came along. And I do believe in match ups to the fullest extent. But also I think Hashirama fighting with no help against the almighty EMS and 9 Tails exceeds what powers Madara has now.

    When this fight comes out. It’s going to change who a better shinobi between all the kages. I can’t wait. 🙂

  63. Also the 4th was a horrible kage! With help he couldn’t beat the fox which cause his death and Kushina’s. Then after he decided to make Naruto the 9 Tails host he made his sons life hell, and then when someone finally decided to come retrieve the Fox he got the village destroyed by Pain. Don’t forget Madara (weakened state) got pawned and he still won in my eyes. He killed a lot of people including the 4th. The 3rd was there too and those 2 basically failed together. Hashirama……. well just beat the guy and the fox. Wife died of old age, was a “good” not “great” Kage, and made what today is called the will of the fire.

  64. @kagami: 4th couldn’t beat the fox? Then who the hell sealed it in first place, And the fact is kyubi can’t be killed, because it’s just can’t, so there are two ways: 1) you need to control it, or 2) seal it. Now that he couldn’t control it 2nd option seems to be only thing left for him to do. One more thing. Madara flee,after 4th kick his ass in one move. So how exactly did he killed him? How did they failed , when they saved the village? Hashirama faced Madara in the valley, and there wasn’t any threat for people so he could fight with full power, not to mention that his wife sealed the kyubi in herself, and made a things easier for him. 4th was master in fujin jutsu…..

  65. i think the clones are stronger then the originals cause for the most part they are immortal they can regenerate as see when the 3rd fought the shodai and niadamie hokage. deidebra can blow himself up like he did against sasuke with probably no consequences. he is even more dangerous now.

  66. @kagami: how did madara beat the forth? Minato destroyed him in a fight and not only took away the fox from madara but gave its power to his son! And u really blame minato for destroying the village? If the first just destroyed the tailed beasts instead of giving them out like gifts than there would be no need for all this war And the moons eye would be useless.and actually if he chose to minato could have absorbed the whole fox with the reaper but he knew that of the leaf list the power of the fox they could not defend themselves from the other villages with beasts. Also like I keep having to tell u the fight with the first is still cloaked in questions and I’m slowly becoming certain that the fight was not as it appeared. I mean according to the legend madara was killed and from these claims by ‘madar’ who says he stole some of the firsts cells and also survived it is kind of implied That the fight was just a illusion as to the real outcome. And like kisu and kishi both state the new always overpowers the older generation. I mean the 4th was the youngest hokage and yet is considered one of the most powerful kages ever. Sorry to burst ur bubble kagami but when the author says the third and fourth. Kages were strongest than that’s really all that matters isn’t it?

  67. @Kagami, you made few errors.

    1. Sasori can fly because despite Sakura pulling his cable he kept going forward, even changing his flying path and doing aerial spins. You can see him do these at about 7:35 in this clip:

    2. The second Fanbook notes that the Third could even counter EMS jutsus. So he does have a counter for everything.

    3. Hashirama had the power to control Bijus. That was his saving grace against Madara. Look at Kushina, her natural Uzumaki talent was sealing, but she wouldn’t stand a ghost of a chance against even Kurenai.

    4. I do agree the Fourth made errors (like not killing Kushina when he had the chance, but that’s a different debate), however, he rectified them as best he could. I disagree with your analysis however. Hashirama just had the right abilities to counter Madara. We saw him in a fight without having Bijus and he got pwned repeatedly (and even if Oro was controlling him, which I highly doubt, Oro had done extensive research on the First so he wouldn’t be a “button-masher” when using him).

    5. Hashirama is overrated. If you’re gonna praise someone so highly, at least make sure its someone hax (like Pain, Kisame or Assgay)

  68. …. it is a little disturbing when I agree with kisu like I do now :-p

  69. @Token, I know right? lol

  70. i just want to see susake and naruto fight with some badass powers.

  71. Yop, dude we just need to wait for proof that 1st was totally badass (which will eventually come), but until that chapter 1st is known to be the founder of Konoha, one of the strongest ninjas in his time and the only one who could defeat or be equal to madara (Tobi is not true madara just some kinda of vegetable clone made by Zetsu or something). Other thing that is killing me slowly is all that stuff with senju and uchicha … and overpowering of sharingan constantly by making new and new abilities looking forward to next Sasukegay powerup

  72. When I said Madara won I ment overall. For example he took down the “g.o.a.t kage the 4th,” by having him kill himself. Like I said the 4th pawned Madara, as in winning the battle not the war.

    1. If Orochimaru never experimented with yamato the leaf would have never been rebuilt in time for anyone to take advantage. Which means because of the 4th’s decision to make Naruto the host, the village would have been annihilated.
    2. I don’t praise. I appreciate and find the level of ones ability to be acknowledged.

  73. @Kisu, Oh, I forgot completely about that, thanks!

  74. @kaganmi madara didn’t get the 4th to kill himself the 4th chose to. And as for ur 1st comment I don’t exactly see how yamato has anything to do with the 4th… if naruto hadn’t received the fox it would return wild and uncontrollable and the leaf would be left without a powerful tool who as we can all guess will end up saving the world. A foxless naruto would mean madara won but since the 4th 1) took the fox and kept him from madara thwarting his plan and 2) gave the leaf power to stop madara permanently.

  75. Also after its all said and done wouldn’t minato have won the war considering it was his child infused with the fox that ends up defeating the ultimate evil?

  76. @kisu

    But Kabuto’s statements in this recent chapter prove that Orochimaru was completely controlling the 1st and 2nd Hokages, so that means Oro was controlling the jutsus they used and when they used them.

  77. @ripcord, actually, Kabuto’s words prove nothing. Its pretty ambiguous what he said. He could’ve merely meant he doesn’t understand art as a passing remark. We don’t know, that’s why I’m not taking it as evidence. Until we see more about Broken no Jutsu (Edo Tensei) or at least until the next databook comes out and has stuff on it, I don’t consider this as evidence.

    Remember when Kakashi first showed his Mangekyou? Everyone thought he’d be using Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu. Has he? Nope. Sasugay said he was using Akatsuki. Is he? Nope.

  78. @ Token

    What do you mean he didn’t have the 4th kill himself? Madara used the fox to his advantage and tried to destroy Kushina and Naruto. 4th couldn’t stop his plan and ended up killing himself for the village. At the end of the day, he couldn’t do anything and Madara’s goal was to take him out and he did it losing. Sounds like a dubb to me.

    Also, Yamato’s ability to reconstruct the village at a faster rate secured their villages safety. I’m saying if he wasn’t there, you don’t think that would have been conquered since they were completely annihilated? 4th’s 2 second bet almost destroyed the village.

  79. @ Kisu

    I know it’s a Fanbook, but come on. 3rd taking down EMS user’s? There’s many of those. You can count them on your hand. He wasn’t alive for any of them. Sounds like someone is giving guys abilities to which they can’t do or make sense to the audience. If he can.. I guess he’s the best. Doesn’t make him worthy of his talent by just saying he can.

  80. @kagami both the fanbooks and the manga support what kisu is saying….. just because u disagree with the fanbooks and manga doesnt mean they r wrong. If official documents and kishi authorized fanbooks are saying the thrid could counter ems there isnt too much to argue about. Also madaras goal had nothing to do with taking out the 4th hokage and because he attacked the village madara actually lost control and the power of the deomn fox, instead now having to face off against the 4ths son who now harnesses its power. Hmm not sure how madara losing the fox and now having to face one of the most powerful ninja who is in control of its power is a win for him…. the 4th is dead but now what? if that was his plan not very good one. And as for the yamato comment im still not sure of what ur trying to say…. even if the village is destroyed the ninja in it are what matter. So what if there r no buildings with the ninja they have at their disposal they could hold off any of the nations that may have attempted to attack them anyways. yamatp made the buildings but the ninja were alive anyways without him so him being able to make houses isnt game changing for them.

  81. i believe the third could take out an ems user. i wonder why we havent seen any blind ninjas with chakra sensing ability??? i think that would be a ninja that could counter any of the sharringan techniques…. im just speculating though…

  82. I saw that armadillo picture and I was like what the dildo?! It looks all spongy and plastic :3 I bet all hiz friends make fun of him…

    Anywayz, this chapter reveals a fair amount of information on what happened to Manda after he…fried. It also shows that my Deidara-kun is confused about what happened after he died. Poor thing thinks he killed Sasuke.

    I really wish that Deidara was a semi-good guy, so that when this all blows over, he would stay on the good side…Mmm…

    Looks like Kurotsuchi will have some closure with her…cousin? Or brother, I don’t know which.


  83. this argument about who’s the better Hokage, as compelling as it was/is, is futile. Why? As it was pointed out: Kishi himself – A.K.A God of all Naruto – already decided. I agree w/ Token. Once the creator of something says something is true, then it’s true! Sorry guys.

  84. Maybe that when madara thought the 1st, madara was the winner and harashima lost. Madara said that he lost but it could be a lie like when he said that the kyubi was a natural disaster.

  85. @kisu

    But Deidara is ALWAYS describing his jutsu as art, so that means that Kabuto doesn’t know how to perform his jutsu, so he’s not going to restrict Deidara like Oro did the Hokages so that Deidara can properly perform his jutsu (a.k.a. art).

  86. I agree with you guys on the whole “Kishi is God of Naruto”. But from legend we know the Rikudou Sage was the best ninja of all time right? Well, we haven’t actually seen him fight and just because he created the ninja world that would automatically put him as the g.o.a.t. But as I have been told before the later generation always surpasses the last so why is it that no one has surpassed him?

    Also can really go on what Kishi says or what he shows? All anime authors contradict themselves, so why is kishi any different? All I’m saying is stop believing the hype. Kishi could say Rock Lee is the strongest of all time, but would you believe him? I don’t think so…

  87. @Ripcord

    I’m on the same page as you. There’s no way the 3rd would have been able to take on Hashirama and Tobirama at the same time with power they both had. It would be like versing Madara and Izuna if you thought about it. It’s clear that what Oro did and Kabuto are different ideas. Oro controlled them and I doubt he know all their justus for example how Kabuto didn’t know real art.

  88. @Kagamii

    I’m not saying whether the 1st and 2nd were stronger than the 3rd… but what I do truly mean is that Orochimaru was completely controlling them and even toying/playing around with Sarutobi. He wasn’t taking that battle all that seriously.

  89. Wait, hold on people.

    Hiruzen fought on par with two immortal past Hokages (one being able to “defeat” Madara AND the Kyuubi in battle), at the same time, WITH a Sannin, at like the age of 70 and people think Hiruzen is that much weaker because the Hokages may or may not have been sort of limited?


  90. Well, I have question, and it’s about Naruto’s chakra. He has two chakra types, so theoretically speeking he could learn to manipulate elements other then wind? Kakashi can control three elements, and he only has one type of chakra. So does that mean Naruto should be able to control at least four elements, or maybe even all five? I believe that he can also control three elements with his chakra and if the kyubi’s chakra doesn’t match them he could be in control of all five elements??? If someone can explain me, please? Thanks

  91. well first off diedra sucks and what happened to the sage two sons did they actually die or are they still alive it makes me wonder that whoever in that uknown casket has to be powerful but i think we need more background info on past battles like the first and madara other than that we all know who wins in the end naruto and he becomes hokage

  92. um kakashi can do lightning, fire, water and earth, 4 elements

  93. In manga he never used fire, only in anime.

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