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Naruto Shippuuden Chapter 637 – The Jinchuuriki of the Ten-Tails

Hello lovies~

I couldn’t find a crazy/funny face within the manga to start this post off with, so here’s Naruto pickup lines! (Click to see the full image and also to check out the artist’s deviantART website!)


Awww yeahhh ;D….Do not try these at home….

Summary Time!

We return from the very Obito+Kakashi centered chapter from last week. To recap, last week had genjutsu, lots of flashback-present parallels, Kakashi’s resolve to protect Naruto, we learned a new way of beginning/ending a spar from Minato, Kakashi gets stabbed in the side while Obito gets stabbed in the gut, Madara tries to make Obito use Rinnegan but Obito seems to rebel.

We return to this week’s chapter with Obito struggling under Madara’s hold. Madara claims that the day for Obito to return the “favor” he did for Obito (saving his life?) has finally come.

1“WAT IS GOING ON HUR???!!!??”

Meanwhile, Hashirama notices that the Ten-Tails is being manipulated by Madara (through Obito) and also senses that Madara is using The Forbidden Jutsu of the Six Paths – The Samsara of Heavenly Life!!!!

2These two have a serious love-hate complicated relationship…..

Hashirama then tells Naruto and Sasuke to stop Madara from finishing his jutsu – to prevent him from reviving completely.


Notice that Sakura does not even feature in this chapter LOL

However, as Naruto and Sasuke leap forward on Gamakichi and Aoda respectively, Naruto screams at Sasuke but pauses. Upon seeing this, Minato seems to finally have come to a revolution about something, whether its Sasuke or someone else on the battlefield.


5Father looking out for his son and his choice of friends?

As this happens, Hashirama and Toshirama both create clones, though Toshirama comments on how few clones he is capable of creating at the moment.


Then a shot of either Naruto or Minato (probably Minato, but I can never be sure) doing a hand seal appears.

7Minato or Naruto??

And Hashirama sends his three of his six clones after Madara, who comments on Hashirama’s battle tactic due to the possibility that they might not save Obito in time. Obito, meanwhile, is becoming something similar to the original half-black, half-white Zetsu but much scarier :[.


We get a peek into Obito’s mind. We see Kakashi and Rin (with a closeup on his love, Rin) and then we pan out to include Minato. Then Rin and Kakshi turn their backs on Obito and walk away from him. Obito looks heartbroken, of course.


Obito is the “Naruto” of Team Minato….

We now go to Sasuke who dismisses Aoda who has brought him close to Obito and activates Susanoo. However, Madara forces three rods out of Obito’s body (Rinnegan & Pein body bars!) to counterstrike the arrow Sasuke’s Susanoo fires. As this occurs, Hashirama’s other three clones, Tobirama’s two clones, Naruto and Gamakichi are racing to reach Obito as well.

1012Drama, drama, drama….

We go back to Obito, whose mind is still with young Rin and Minato. Obito-mind Minato asks a rhetorical question of Obito’s love for Rin. He then tells Obito that they will become Hokage, while present Minato (the raised from the dead one) slices Obito.


During this brief fight, Minato gets a flashback to when he fought the masked man who attacked Konoha when Kushina was giving birth to Naruto. He recognizes somehow that the masked man was Obito. Naruto and Sasuke race to Minato and Obito.

14Shit is gonna go down now that Minato knows that Obito is responsible for his and Kushina’s death….

Meanwhile, Hashirama’s clones confront Madara, who seems to admit defeat despite a grin on his face.

15Madara filling in the role of Mr. Creeper since Orochi isn’t in this chapter.

Tobirama then notices that Minato used this God Body Flicker Technique to reach Obito. Then Minato laments over Obito’s apparent death and then Sasuke arrives first, saying that they just need to seal Madara and the war will be over. Then suddenly, Obito’s “corpse” asks if they think that will be enough to end the war.


Then the Ten-Tails does something funny (I can’t particularly decipher what the movements are) and seem to capture Minato and Sasuke. Then we see those two with Naruto and the three realize that Obito’s intent all along was for Madara’s connection to his body to be stopped so he could no longer manipulate Obito. This was so Obito could become the Ten-Tails jinchuuriki all along. DUN-DUN-DUUUNNNNN!!!!!!!!


I foresee that in 20 chapters, it will become the Obito Redemption Arc?? LOL I kid…kind of.

Review Time!

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this chapter from my viewpoint other than the fact that I have no idea what was going on between Madara and Obito and the “manipulation?” I also have no idea how the Ten-Tails was absorbed by Obito or vice versa and how he became the Jinchuuriki??? NO IDEA MY BRAIN HURTS.

This may also be due to extreme bias because I am simply waiting for the Hashirama+Madara and Obito+Kakashi love-hate relationships to come to a conclusion. :/

I personally find the younger kids more interesting to talk about than the older men. (Possibly because they’re easier to relate to?)

Team 7 full

However, in place of a review – I really wanted to hear from you guys! If you feel up to it, please answer the following questions! ^^

1. Your Top Three Favorite Manga.

2. Your Top Three Favorite Movie Shows.

3. The One Character in any Manga that you wish you could be and why.

4. The One Character in any Manga that you think is actually most like you (don’t be biased!).

I can’t wait to hear your responses!!!!! ^^

❤ LK

Fun Fact: Kishi says that Sasuke is the hardest to draw.

Team 7


26 Responses

  1. 1: Three favorite mangas: I think I’d go with FMA, Death Note, and the third is the hardest for me, since I’ve read a lot of short but good mangas. Probably either Girlfriends (a cute manga about two girls falling in love with each other) or Super Dreadnought Girl 4946 (action/romance/comedy/drama manga about a giantess and a short kid falling in love and saving the world from aliens)
    2: Not sure what “movie shows” means. Shows based on movies? If it’s that, then I don’t watch many.
    3: Probably the lead of a harem, for obvious reasons, but I usually don’t read harem mangas so I can’t be more specific than that.
    4: I can’t think of anyone exactly like me, but I guess I’d have to go with Ebisu, the closet perv.

  2. Even though this is a sudden twist of events, it never cause me to stop burning weeds man!

  3. Wow, sakura has a phatty in that second to last pic 😉

    On a serious note, that was minato using a hand sign. That spiral on his upper chest was a dead giveaway. Naruto has a circle -like shape in his bijuu mode second stage but in his lower stomach area.

    An I thought minato just sensed obito as he was when he invaded the village( his powers were argumented by zetsu then) and realized he can still use the FTG sign he left on him to get to his location.

  4. @nemiprime
    Since her other questions deal with anime/manga I asuumed she was talking about movies based off anime shows, like naruto shippuden :will of fire, just to name an example.

    But I could be wrong.

  5. @ Unknown, well if that’s case, Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22. Lagann-Hen is a close second.

  6. its gamakichi that grabbed sasuke n minato, not the ten tails. anyone notice how the third is just forgotten or something?

  7. we need another review second opinion please

  8. @kurt
    We dont need another review.. the ssecond opinion can be just fine here in the discusiion now

  9. @kurt
    Next time use your real nickname here and don´t come up with an fake one just beacuse you dont have the guts to reavel who you are.. just beacuse of that i will do the same 😛

  10. NICE review..i commend the length, jokes and the pictures, shows you put lots of time and effort into it but you gotta improve on it quality-wise that is.i could tell you to go look at bob’s but being different is good. infact its the best.keep up the good work

    This chapter was a big “?”.lots of explaining to do next chap. i thought being the juubi’s junchuuriki would require days of sealing not to mention therapy to get the juubi to stay put.and its good for madara to be lazy and smile about all this but if he doesn’t have a planB he’ll just be stupid.(calling it now planB is madara going all oro on sasauke)

    as for obito Just as lady K said in the review it seems to be vice versa.its more like obito sealing himself in the juubi.

  11. @laydeekay
    favourite manga-
    2)death note

    #3 i can’t say the character i want to be but i do know the ability i want to have.kage bushin no jutsu PUFF! Makes life a whole lot easier.i think it has being disscused on here once.

  12. @sannins
    idk, the ten-tails already has a jinchiriki and if madara came back to life, his power level wouldn’t be over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!! anymore. i cant see mortal madara standing a chance against the jubi(with obito’s brain n all). quite frankly i dont see how obito’s first target next issue onward isn’t going to be madara

  13. The only thing I waiting to see is BIG MAGNUM’s talk with his mini me Sasuke. I think we will find out that he is his grandfather or greatgrandfather. Kurama already stated a kind of hint by saying that his chakra was as sinister as Madara’s and I’m sure Kurama has come in contact with plenty of Uchiha over his lifetime. This could have a profound effect on Sasuke. Because he will finally have an opinion from an older Uchiha, and one who’s values are very similar to his.

  14. @LaydeeKay

    1. Naruto
    2. Bleach
    3. YuYu Hakusho

    1. Ninja Turtles
    2. Star Wars
    3. X-Men

    In think I am most similar to Goku. I’m always easy going, like to have fun, strong and resiliant when it counts, my friends and family can depend on me. I’m not as gullible and dingy as Goku though.

  15. So if obito dies with the juubi in him do they split back up and go underground or does the combined beast go underground?

  16. Madara is one of the few that is capable of going head to head with Obito. He’s the closest to being the next Sage of the Six Paths. Sage of the Six Paths was the product of Uchiha, Senju and rinnegan. Madara has all of those physical attribute. Giving him a huge edge in taking down Obito. Though, the idea of doing so will ruin the series to some degree. The war arc has already damaged the series, and adding any more villain to join up with the alliance will just add more miserable ways to the closure of the arc and possibly to the series. Not that it is particularly surprising by this point in time, but judging from the direction of where the series is going, it doesn’t seem that the storyline is getting any better.

    There is no yin and yang. Everything is completely one sided. The good guys had this war in the bag from the very beginning. There were too many good guys in this arc alone. Bad guys were scarce. Edo summonings, Oro, Sasuke, Itachi, and even the 2-9 bijuus seem to have grew a heart. And the soon to be good guy Kabuto will probably pitch in as well. Maybe he’ll grow a heart and break out of Izunami and hold hands with the alliance into the sunset. It’s not hard to picture. That is how cheesy and corny Kishi has turn this manga into. I mean come on, where is the Danzou and more of the Pein type of shinobis? There’s too much lack of personality. How can it be that no one was oppose to the war or thought about switching to the dark side? Everyone jumped over the good side but for some reason everyone was on the same page and never question some of the huge decisions from the higher ups. So the moral of this arc is to show that government should be trusted 100%??? Nagato and his old buddies would’ve protested and spread the word of peace. Why aren’t their more of those type of personality?

    Three Favorite anime/manga:
    1. Full Metal alchemist: the plot line and character developement is great. Two brothers bond is unbreakable. They will do whatever it takes to get back what they have lost. The series also makes you question if whether a parallel world coexist with our own. Great series overall.

    2. Darker Than Black: a lot of twist and turns. This series is completely different from the rest.

    3. Bleach: Has the best art work in the history of manga. Never has anyone drown characters so realistic to the real world. Not only that they look like real people, they also where multiple costumes and live in an entirely different environment from us, yet he’s able to portray the art work of a fantasy world into realistic drawing.

    Anime movies:
    1. Spirited Away
    2. Princess Mononoke
    3. FMA: Conqueror of Shambala

    Character I would like to be like would be Ichigo. He has the hottest chicks as his friend, Orihime. He’s tutored by hot chicks like Yuruichi and Rukia. Ichigo is the make up of human/ hollow/ shiningami/ quincy/ fullbring. His fathers is a former captain and his other father is the king of all quinces. Plus, Ichigo is athletic and has proven he can Kick people’s ass with his human qualities.

    Character I’m most like would be Sasuke/Kakashi. They base all their decisions on logic. While, characters like Naruto/ Hashirama make more emotional decisions over logical ones.

  17. @nss7 idk I would argue others could beat obito even as a jinchiriki. We have seen him get huge power ups and do absolutely nothing with them. He just isn’t that great of a villain and quite pathetic tbh…. For me this manga has been going downhill since Tobis reveal

  18. @Madara_Uchiha
    Third Hokage does not have the chakra reserve that the first (Senju), second (Senju) and fourth (Kyuubi chakra) have. They can hold sealing barrier and make a few clones. The third has no back up chakra or is gifted with special chakra. There is not much he can do but focus all of his chakra on the barrier.

    Sasuke probably wouldn’t join Madara. No one benefits from the moon eyes plan, including Sasuke. Sasuke wants to change the system in the real world. Madara plan would erase all of that and replace it with illusions. Can’t change the law of the land if the world is stuck in a genjutsu.

    The Juubi would probably be revived as the Juubi again. Judging from the past, the Juubi wasn’t seperated to 9 different entities until the Sage of the Six Paths broke it up. Therefore, if the Juubi dies, it will be revive as itself.

    The series would’ve ranked as one of my top five or three mangas if Kishi didn’t start Slouching on his story telling abilities. After the Pein invading Konoha arc, the manga got worst and worst. Now, I’m more interested with the characters than the plot line. Tobi identity reveal also killed it for me to. Tobi was one of the best or not the greatest mysterious character in any manga. Then when he took his mask off, it was a huge slap in the face to his manga and his fan. Seriously?!! Kishi put out the timeline, hints, and clues just so he could waste our time and give us a poor explanation that contradicts His own manga’s timeline. Can’t stand Obito’s character.

    Wonder why Nagato or Oro or Izuna could’ve taken Obito’s place. The battlefield would’ve been much more fascinating. But instead we are stuck with the most out of character Obito. Kishi prolonging his death is just another one of those slap to the face.

  19. In curious about something…… If impure summons have infinite chakra than y r the hokages limited in the clone they can make? Unlimited chakra should mean unlimited clones right?

  20. After reading what madara said about Edo tensei I think kishi has a plot hole with saying the hokage can only make limited clones due to the chakra needed to maintain the barrier

  21. @Token
    Edo give them unlimited chakra but in the third Hokage’s case, he is constantly expending chakra into the powerful barrier. He only has infinite chakra to his capacity. Take Madara for example. He can use up to 25 imperfect Susanoo, but he cannot use more than one PERFECT Susanoo. Also think back to Naruto sage mode. His sage mode is limited to a few clones. Edo works the same way with unlimited chakra only up to their capabilities.

  22. Or a robot that can only reach 100% on their gauge. If they went overboard, they would either
    Malfunction or wouldn’t work.

  23. I understand that but like the first for example he said this is the amount of clones I can afford… Lets say he has a 25 gallon tank, 18 for the barrier and 7 for the clones. If his chakra is unlimited how come he can’t create numerous clones using the 7 Gallons which theoretically should be replenished infinitely. Maybe it’s the wording but I get that each person has different capacities but I’m not sure y Tobi and the first are limited in the clones they can make

  24. I get the limits but they aren’t overcharging cause their chakra is replenished continually…. They run at 100% but that 100% is constantly beig replenished

  25. @Token
    Everything has limitations, including edo. If edo didn’t have limitations than shinobis would’ve done the impossible a long while ago. Madara would’ve use more than one perfect Susanoo. Muu would’ve use his dust jutsu despite splitting in half. Hashirama would’ve use his Buddha pimp slap statue while concentrating his chakra into the barrier. Itachi would not have lost his light from using Izunami. Edo gives infinite chakra but the same rules apply to whether they’re alive or dead.

    Hashirama focuses all his chakra and concentration towards maintaining the sealing barrier. He is constantly expending chakra and focusing on holding the barrier together. Infinite chakra doesn’t give a edo body more concentration or capacity. Think of it this way, sage mode uses chakra provided by nature. Nature has infinite supply of chakra to give. However, the user still has to maintain homeostasis and concenstration to keep it stable. Even with unlimited chakra from nature, the person cannot go overboard or else the nature chakra current will be disrupted, leading to major physical transformation or destruction of the body. Edo works the same way. Once their limitation is reach, they cannot go any further, such as when edo Madara clones attempted to absorb Onoke’s dust jutsu. His clones disappear immediately after it capacity was reach. For Hashirama, he reach his capacity from constantly using his chakra up for the barrier and cannot use more than a few clones for continually sustaining the barrier.

  26. Or else the barrier will collapse or Hashirama body will collapse.

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