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Naruto Chapter 513 – Armadillo Penis

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

A fairly interesting chapter overall, I’m glad Kishi opted to move ahead full steam with the current arc and get straight to the action we want to see. I previously had the notion that all of Kabuto’s undead summons would be mindless zombies, but Deidara demonstrated this chapter that the summons still have their abilities (although likely not as powerful as the original) as well as their personalities intact. Essentially, this means we might get to see all the dead Akatsuki members again – I’m real interested in what undead Itachi and Nagato would be like.

Looks like Tsuchikage is coming to aid Naruto and the others despite his bad back. Sadly, we won’t be seeing a Gaara vs Deidara rematch – although it’s out of character for the current Gaara, I still think deep inside he wants some payback against Deidara for putting his friends and his villagers’ lives at risk when he attacked Suna. Not that I don’t want to see Tsuchikage in action, being the oldest of the current kages I think he has the most battle experience and jutsu repertoire to make any opponent rethink their strategy. We saw a small glimpse of what the Tsuchikage can do during Sasuke’s attack on the kage summit, and I think his gravity powers have a lot of us interested as there is nothing like it in the Naruverse thus far. The ability to fly without any kind of mount or support is a powerful one, and Tsuchikage may have a monopoly on it since we haven’t seen it used by any shinobi before (Gaara’s floating sand is kind of like a mount), even other shinobi from Tsuchigakure. I don’t think Deidara has a chance in this battle, heck it might have been the Tsuchikage who taught him most of his abilities. The best we can hope for is a little more information being revealed about Deidara’s history with his home village.

Kabuto must have been really busy ever since Orochimaru got pwned. Not only did he manage to upgrade the Edo Tensei, but also clone a Godzilla-sized Manda clone as well. This is one kid Kakashi probably wished he would have killed during their first encounter because he’s got as much h4x0rz potential as Madara. I also liked the fact that Kabuto decided to give his undead summons more autonomy than Orochimaru did. By giving them semi-free will, the zombie Akatsuki can be more effective by fighting more like their living counterpart. However, I don’t know if Kabuto would want to grant the same privileges to undead summons of Itachi or Nagato though.

I’m not sure how Kabuto is planning on beating Naruto and Killer Bee, not to mention bypassing the Konoha nin protecting them. So far Kabuto hasn’t really shown any upgraded fighting powers personally to make us think he has any chance against two Jinchuuriki, so he’ll definitely need to rely on tricks and pull out a heavy hitter like Pein or Itachi to have any chance. But then again, his intention may not be to fight at all. It’s suspicious that someone as egomaniacal as him would aid Madara in any way unless it was for his own benefit. And I don’t think Kabuto would willingly risk his life fighting against Naruto and the others unless there was someone/something he needed to acquire here. Kabuto did mention that he wanted to experiment on Yamato, so maybe his focus is neither Naruto nor KB. Why do I get the feeling that whatever it is, Kabuto is going to win this fight?

Lastly, what the F is with that transvestite armadillo? Why did it get so much attention this chapter? Gives me bad flashbacks of that transvestite toad they had in the Shippuuden anime. To top it off this time, Kishi actually opted to show the amadillo’s junk. Is this a homage to the original Dragon Ball manga where they showed kid Goku’s privates for laughs? I hope you guys enjoy this week’s Armadillo-inspired poll.

Highlight below for answer:
(fun fact: If the armadillo were human sized, its penis would be 4 feet long).

Naruto Ch 513 is out!

I’m back! And I’m not back empty handed! I now present to you Naruto chapter 513! I hope you shannaroites enjoy!


and heres a little image for ya.

Suna Out!