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Naruto Chapter 501 – The Worst Day Ever

Dear Shannarolites, I have some good news – Bob is dead, so I’m taking over this week! Yay! You all know what this means – shameless advertising time! Mellorine – for One Piece 591 and Bleached Ichigo – for Bleach 411.

It’s too bad we already know what’s going to happen from here onward. Minato is going to fight the Kyuubi and seal it inside Naruto and at the end Kushina and Minato are going to die together, leaving Naruto alone. I’m not sure how Naruto’s gonna take what Madara did. Not only did he steal and corrupt Naruto’s best friend, he’s also the reason why Naruto lost his parents and was treated at scum for the first 15 years of his life. The upcoming clash between the protagonist and antagonist just got another reason why it’ll be a very exiting one.

This is how it started 500 chapters ago. The manga that is. And now Masashi Kishimoto’s creation is slowly heading to an end, unfortunately. But before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s see what actually happened in this chapter. Madara, like always, had planned perfectly for this situation. First, he had to separate Minato from Kushina and he managed that by using Naruto as bait. Madara knew that Minato would do anything for his child and so by aiming straight for Naruto’s life, he forced Minato take Naruto to a secure location, far from the Kyuubi extraction site.

Madara didn’t even need to use his Mangekyou to hypnotize the Kyuubi. What’s truly interesting here is that when Madara activated his sharingan, the Kyuubi’s eyes also turned into sharingans, but were instantly sealed by Madara’s jutsu. We know from Itachi that the Uchiha have a long history with the Kyuubi. And we know from Madara that the Kyuubi was created by the Sage of the Six Paths, who founded the Uchiha and Senju clans. Probbaly the Kyuubi was given to the Uchiha as a pet, or as a prisoner for safe-keeping. So what could make your pet fox have the same defective eyes you have?

Anyway, the Kyuubi was successfully extracted from Kushina’s body, which ultimately lead to her death. She could only spend a few more minutes with her son, after being rescued by Minato. With his wife dying, Minato had to make a very difficult choice – stay and protect his family, or risk his life in a fight he couldn’t possibly win, his death meaning that his son would be left an orphan from his very birth. At this moment we can truly understand why Minato was praised as the greatest Hokage in the village – in an impossible situation he acted selflessly and completed the duty he was chosen for.

Minato and Kushina have already made their appearances, the only other person that has left a part of himself inside Naruto is Itachi. We saw him holding baby Sasuke at the end of this chapter, from what we know, the events,which will be shown in the next couple of chapters are the reason why Itachi hated war and was forced to kill his clan. Hopefully Itachi will also show up in Naruto’s mind to clear up and finalize the story of the past.
Oh, also, Bob’s zombie will be back next week to write the summary, so don’t get depressed.

Naruto Chapter 488 – The Day Kakashi Almost Became Hokage

Post Author: J-chan

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done this. Usually I stay holed up in BleachedIchigo, but this week is special. Bob has been sentenced to 7 days of public service due to eating his own cat (which is apparently illegal in Canada for some reason). And that is why I have taken up the task of writing this week’s something.

We have a lot of plot development this week, Kishimoto is slowly setting the scene for next major arc. A few days worth of activities have been summarized into only the seventeen pages we get with each chapter and all in all four major topics have been covered.

Let’s start backwards – Sasuke gets a new pair of eyes. Even though in the beginning he refused to take Itachi’s eyes, he obviously didn’t like being blind. Sasuke got two birds with one stone – his vision is better than ever and he’s got the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Considering that he’s already unlocked the three incredible jutsu that the Mangekyou provides – Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi and Susano’o, Sasuke might have become the strongest ninja in the Naruverse. I think we’ll have to wait and see whether that’s true or not, because it seems to me that the next arc will focus on Kabuto’s and Kisame’s adventures.

Naruto and the gang make their home to Konoha after taking a nice nap along the way. Things get heated up however as Kiba isn’t satisfied with the whole situation. It’s true he worked his ass off to find Sasuke and all he got in return was a poisoning. Still he should shut his mouth, it’s not like he’s the main character, he should stop shoving his nose in Naruto’s affairs. Stupid dog-boy pisses me of so much.
As the tension disappears and Karin slowly gets accustomed to her new acquaintances, a team of ANBU’s root makes an entrance. They were quite slow in figuring out that Danzou has died, but Sai clarifies that for them. At this point I was quite surprised to hear Sai say that Kakashi would be the new Hokage. How did he know that in advance? Maybe he and Danzou had discussed such an option, or Sai just thought this was the only logical decision that could be made by the council of elders. Well, if even Naruto had nothing to say about this, then I guess the entire village was already expecting this.

As soon as they all return to the village, Kakashi is summoned by Koharu and Homura, in whose opinion Kakashi is the man best suited to be the sixth Hokage. Even the other countries have supported his nomination. The last person left who needs to give his approval is the Daimyo.

It’s too bad the messenger got to the meeting room so quick. One more word and Kakashi would’ve been pronounced he new leader of the village. But just like in a soap opera in the very last second the day is saved. Or not. Kakashi is not going to be the next Hokage, because Tsunade has awakened. Quite honestly, I think this is a good thing. Kakashi was never the type to just sit on a desk all day and do politics. He didn’t look all that happy when they told them he’d be the next Hokage, and he didn’t look all that unhappy when he didn’t get the job.

Just before these events occurred we get to see a  brief communique between the five Daimyo. This chapter wraps up the events that occurred  in the Iron country – the alliance between the five great countries – Wind, Fire, Earth, Water and Thunder is complete. The respective feudal lord of each of those countries gives his agreement to a combined front against Akatsuki, even though the Water daimyo hesitates at first. The five Kages also return to their villages (except Danzo, who’s dead), where the news that the alliance is a success greets them.

The last piece of information we get from this chapter is the Konoha 11’s reaction to the latest Team 11 affair. Everyone is annoyed that Sakura and Naruto haven’t changed at all – they’re still trying to save (or kill) Sasuke all by themselves. The truth isn’t exactly like that, though. Naruto knows that Sasuke is too strong for them to handle and that he’s the only one who can take on the “avenger”. Sakura’s thoughts are spot on – Naruto’s hiding something, but what? Personally I think it’s related to Itachi’s message.

I leave you with a compilation of Sasuke’s best anime scenes. Next week it’s Bob’s comeback. See ya!

Shippuuden 152 and 153

Believe it or not, children, when Bob created this site, the Naruto anime still hadn’t reached the three-year time skip from the manga. But when Bob heard that Naruto’s producers had finally decided to put an end to the 150 filler episodes of the original anime, he immediately started a new blog in honor of Naruto Shippuuden. It seems these days the anime is not really a priority here, and how could it be with all of these lame fillers wasting our time.
But I’m happy to announce that yet another filler arc is over and the anime returns to the plot of the manga – the Pain Arc begins! Enjoy!

Episode 152

Episode 153

Bleach Chapter 393 – The Burnout Inferno

Post Author: J-sama
Last week I was a bit disappointed that there was no chapter, as things had gotten quite interesting, but I see now that Kubo taking his time was really for the better. This was one of the better Bleach chapters – at the least it had giant stuff and hellish things.

In the last chapter easily cut down four Captains, he even ripped a leg and arm off Hitsugaya. Note that this is the first time anyone has lost a leg in Bleach (if you exclude Yammi, but he has 1489673249 legs, so it doesn’t count), unlike losing an arm in Star Wars-like fashion, which has only happened about 50 times already. Anyway, after this stunning defeat the only fighters left are Ichigo and Yamamoto (and Unohana, but she’s busy healing, so she doesn’t count). And so Yamamoto charges Aizen, but an unlikely opponent interferes.

To Read the full blog, please go to Bleached Ichigo

Bleach Chapter 377 – Shout at the Dark

Bleach Chapter 377

Also, new Naruto chapter is out. Download here.

*eyes pop out* Too good to be real… Bleach is once again on a rampage with this week’s plot development. A new bankai, a “good guy” getting 99% killed and Ichigo reappearing after 20 chapters.

First, it’s where we left off last week – the battle between Kensei and Wonderweiss…   Read on

Bleach Chapter 375 – Execution, Extinction

Read Bleach Chapter 375

Also, Naruto’s out—————–>

“We won’t even have to move a finger.” Asshole Aizen. He’s gonna have to fight full-out from now on, or he’s dead meat. I can understand Stark dying, but why did Hallibel have to die? She wasn’t at all an eyesore!

Read on…

Bleach Chapter 374 – Gray Wolf, Red Blood, Black Clothes, White Bone

Post Author: J-sama
Download Bleach Chapter 374

OHMIGAWDZ!!! The Primera got killed!! It’s sad and unbelievable, but that’s life for ya… Next: Yachiru’s gonna kill Yammy.2

First things first. It seemed the mysterious backstabber from last week was actually Shunsui! (Not Gin, dummies) It was expected of him to return, after all just one Cero can’t be enough to take him out. He suddenly appeared out of Stark’s shadow, claiming he’s “the shadow monster”.

It’s unclear how exactly Shunsui managed to invade Stark’s shadow, but he must have used his “Shadow monster” to do it. The Captain’s right sword apparently has the ability to do anything it wishes. Quite honestly this sort of ridiculous power can rival even Aizen ridiculous power. If Ukitake’s even stronger than Shunsui, then things are about to get reaaally nasty.

Read More at Bleached Ichigo>>