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Invisible 3



As Sakumo swiftly dashed through the forest, he began to feel another presence nearing.  He quickly came to a stop and hid behind a tree.  As he waited for any sign of movement or change in the surroundings, his thoughts rushed back to him.  Should I have left Itoshii under only Kakashi’s care?  Should I have taken this offer? However, these thoughts were meaningless now.  He had to concentrate on the mission.

Several minutes passed before Sakumo moved.  Suddenly, he heard the snap of a twig.  Sakumo instantly became alert.  Whoever or whatever this was, it would escape alive.  He turned his head very slightly, just enough to get a glance at what was in front of him.  As he peered, a figure stepped out in his line of vision.

Sakumo quietly lept to another branch, making no noise.  The figure continue to walk, glancing around every now and then.  Sakumo continued to follow him, being as silent as possible.  After following him for at least a mile, Sakumo grabbed his Sabre and rushed the figure.

The figure quickly turned to face Sakumo, grabbing his own blade and blocking Sakumo’s Sabre.  The man gave Sakumo a glare and spoke.  “So, you’ve finally come.”

Sakumo, showing absolutely no emotion towards his opponent, Sakumo merely replied with an equally intense glare.  He then jumped back, flying back into the trees.  He made a few hand seals and a large bolt of lightning shot out towards the missing-nin.  The man quickly moved to the side, only slightly evading the lightning bolt.  Without any time to react, Sakumo was already next to the man, slashing at him with his Sabre.  Once again, his opponent blocked it with his own blade.

“Your attacks are futile.  Just leave, or I’ll show you true strength.” the missing-nin said, jumping back.  He then made a seal and cupped his mouth.  “Fire Release: Dragon Flame Technique!” he yelled, sending a large flame shaped like a dragon in Sakumo’s direction.

Sakumo charged the flame, looking as stern as ever.  He quickly made two seals and shot three globs of water into the dragonic flame.  It was instantly extinguished, giving Sakumo and opening.  Following up on his original battle plan, he bit his thumb and sent it to the ground.  In a puff of smoke, a large wolf appeared, snarling at his intended opponent.

“Whadda want?” the wolf said, obviously annoyed at his summons.

“Puredetā, please.  I don’t have time to argue.  Just go along.  If I’m correct, you shouldn’t have to be here for long.” Sakumo replied, his voice very stern.  He was use to these types of situations, and knew exactly how to deal with ’em.

As if he was a trained pup, Puredetā quickly ran towards the opponent.  He ran to the left, making space for Sakumo.  Sakumo followed up with several hand seals, and uttered the name of the technique, Lightning Release: False Darkness.  The stream of lightning chakra flew at the missing-nin, making escape extremely difficult.

The missing-nin, thinking on his feet, jumped up, evading serious injury.  He then followed up with a slash at Puredetā.  Puredetā jumped over the blade, and clawed at the enemy shinobi.  While occupying the shinobi, Sakumo once again took out his Sabre, and made a thrust towards his opponent.  The blade was sent through the man’s abdomen, coming out the other side.

“I guess you’re not as tough as you thought.” Sakumo said coldly.  He then un-summoned Puredetā, who was muttering under his breath.  As Sakumo began to pick up the deceased man’s body, it instantly disappeared in a puff of smoke.  Quite suprised, Sakumo turned his head back and forth, looking around for any signs of additional people.  This ninja was more skilled than Sakumo had anticipated.  Without a word, Sakumo leaped into the trees.  He’d have to continue looking for this man, no matter what.


Please note that this is not the end of Sakumo’s battle, just an intermission.  Please bare with me until I have Invisible 4 posted.  Thank you! ^^