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One Piece Chapter 616-Revenge is a meal best served cold!

Link to One Piece chapter 616 http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/73903164/1

Ladies and Gentlemen we have in the right corner the straw Hat crew and in the other corner we have the combined strength of the New Fishman and The Flying Dutchman crew. If you have not figured out what I am saying; I’ll explain, hello everyone and welcome to another chapter of One Piece and what a tease chapter it is. Seriously, each chapter is pumping me up on what to expect from the Straw Hats and their improvement from their respected training for two years. But  this weeks chapter has set up of what might be a war between the straw hat crew vs the New Fishman.I do not know about you guys but I want the New Fishman to be strong to the point where they push the straw hat crew to the point of showing their new techniques. But enough of my babbling lets start with this weeks chapter.

And what a way to start the chapter other than the New Fishman and the Fly Dutchman pirates marching their way to the battle field, which will be the Ryuuguu Palace. On their way to the battle field Hodi and Dekken reveal their goals. Hodi wants the union of both Fishman and Mermaids/man in Fishman Island. Which is a great idea, think about it Hodi so far has showing that he has a dark side, but his idea of a union does not seem like a dark plan until he reveals that he wants this union so they can show that humans are the inferior race. From what has been happening so far in this arc the main idea or struggle will be about racial issues. If you want to compare this idea to real life issues think about racism and how some groups were discriminated and prosecuted against because of their looks or beliefs. But I am not going to that topic because it is very personal and touching to some people, but this is what has been happening to the Fishman/mermaid/men in One Piece, and I am not surprised that Hodi is very angry towards humans and in some ways I feel for him except the part of evil doing. In some ways I have high hopes for Hodi and wish that his character will become a bigger aspect in the next few chapters.

Now Dekken on the other hand is a different story, I have nothing but dislike towards Dekken. For one he took the power that I was hoping that Ussop will get, second he is a stalker, third he is just wicked. Now Dekken reveals that in this chapter it is the anniversary of his and the Princess’s wedding engagement and that there is no hurry because “tomorrow will be the ceremony.” I have a feeling that Luffy will crush his ten year long dream, I hope so. Now, it seems that things are going exactly good for these guys as Jinbe and his crew are not in the island, most of the guards where taken out by the Straw Hat’s, and the Princes are preoccupied by trying to find the rest of the Straw Hat crew. Though the only people the New Fishman pirates are worried about are Neptune and the three Princes, but they did not account for the Straw Hats to be there. From the looks of things the only people that will stop them is the Straw Hat crew and this is what got me pumped up.

Ever since the Straw hats have separated when they got to the Fishman Island two crew members have not been showing Nico Robin and Franky, though we get to know what Robin has been up to which is to search for some history. According to Robin there is a Poneglyh and for those who do not know what a Poneglyp is here is the 101. A Poneglyp is a stone that has some lost history writing on it and so far the only one who can read those stones is Nico Robin and this what makes her so feared by the world government. Robin has figured out that the Fishman Island has been keeping an important key to the “Blank Century”. Which bring the question of what that is? Moving on Franky has been talking with Tom’s younger brother Den and Franky the typical human asks a question to Den on why he does not look similar to Tom? Den finds this question to be a simple minded human question and explains that Fishman and Mermen have old memories in their genes and from his example if a shark man is born from an octopus mermaid than at one point a parent was a shark. Think  about it like this if a African woman gave birth to an Asian child than that means that African woman had one of her parent as an Asian mother or father. Does that make sense or does it just confuses more? And Den says something that I feel was a strong message, why do humans want to categories other humans? That in Fishman Island no matter what the child is they will not “bit an eye”. Pretty deep thought to think of!

Something is reviled in this chapter that I never thought of which is that Hodi was a talented soldier in the Ryuuguu Army. At the end of the chapter the combined strength of Hodi and Dekken have reached the Palace. So far it seems that Zoro, Nami, Ussop, and Brook are up against Hodi’s crew. Sanji and Chopper are on their way towards the castle and Luffy is still on his way to the Sea Forest. But I had a good laugh when Zoro tries to tell every one that he did not want to attack the guards and the king, but one of the ministers yells out how he was having a lot of fun and was born a murderer. Zoro replies what else could of he done bring out tea and talk to them and the minister says that’s a great plan. Can you imaging Zoro instead of slashing at his enemy saying “hey lets talk about this over tea” not in a million years will that happen. But when Dekken finds out that the Princess is not at the castle he sends a coral at the Princess and jumps on it. So Dekken is on his way to the Princess and Luffy. I can predict that Luffy will give Dekken a little azz whipping in the next few chapters.

Side Notes: The king thought of the idea of the Princess hiding in the Sharks mouth. Luffy might/will face Dekken. I’ll leave you with the question of who do you think will fight who?

Worship the work of the Genius King Oda.


16 Responses

  1. Finally something happens. I liked this chapter quite a bit. Does anyone but me find it hard to take Hodi seriously? He just looks like a really ugly girl to me.

    By the way, last chapter the humans thrown at the palace seemed threatened by the Fishmen and were attacking, but why? Van Der Decken can only target two people at once, and one of his targets is always Shirahoshi, so only one human should’ve been afraid and its the last human that was touched by Decken. Everyone else should’ve been fine since they were free. Plot hole?

  2. @Kisuzachi come on man you should know by now that never trust some one in One Piece by their looks, look at Doflamingo and Moriah the both look fruity and ugly but are feared Pirates haha didnt mean to basj you but I am starting to like Hodi haha

    but to your question they weren’t afraid of dekken but of Hodi. That if they don’t complete the mission he sent them out to do he will kill them. Sort of like if they don’t do what he told them to do he will hunt them down.

  3. @kisu, they were scared because Hodi threatened to kill them. Hodi is far more terrifying than Decken, although I don’t see either as being too much of a threat.

    I’m very anxious to see the improvements in the crews powers.

  4. @Jdogg and Fire Fist, yeah, but instead of risking their lives fighting for him they could’ve collaborated with Neptune to fight the Fishmen when they attacked. Or they could’ve turned themselves in and be safe in prison.

    And I know looks don’t matter in One Piece (Moria is an example of why), but this guy just looks girly lol.

  5. it has to be the fox scarf thing he got on and the Hawaiian shirt and sandals. But I would still will not want to go against him. Also, regular pirates are not that educated look at when the war between WB vs WG those pirates were easily fooled by Buggy to believe he is the same level as shanks.

  6. Hodi reminds me of Slash from Guns N Roses haha. None of these villains seem menacing at all, none have that oh shit factor that the admirals or Rob Lucci had.

  7. ehh still not a big fan of this manga, dont know why you love it so much jdogg.

    that being said, this wasnt a bad chapter, had some good funny moments, and i also enjoyed the bit with den nd franky.

    moria is not the right example to use here, his appearance to me fits perfectly with the way he actually is, he was not all much of a challenge himself, just the shadows and dead bodies were threatening about him.

    Naruto and Bleach much better than One Piece!! :>

  8. One Piece Rules!!!
    It was a good chapter. I agree with u firefist none of these villains look really strong enough that will show the real powers of the straw hats. Maybe Usopp, Nami, and Chopper but not Zoro and Sanji. I also think Luffy will give Dekken an ass whuppin without even breaking a sweat. Oh I think that fishman swordsman is stronger than Hodi and I think he’ll be a good guy in the end of this.

  9. P.S One piece much better than Naruto and much much better than Bleach imho.

  10. P.S I love em all!!!

  11. @Nasri_8 and Nincj both of you are right naruto and bleach is better than one piece and one piece is better than naruto and bleach in their own respect ways. These three mangas are my favorite even though some times I favor one more than the other depending on what is happen in the story. Think of it like the snake-frog-slug concept in naruto. One Piece-Naruto-Bleach each one has its own strengths and weakness and I love them all.

    @Nasri One Piece is enjoyable for exactly the same reason you said which is funny moments and never lacking humor.

    about Moriah I was trying to just show that never judge by looks in One Piece.

  12. @Jdogg, its the scarf, the beret, the curly hair, girly eyelashes and his lips. He looks like one of Ivankov’s Okamas X_X

  13. @kisuzachi It seems you dislike Hodi haha but I can definitely see him joining Ivankov that be a laughable scene

  14. To anyone who says that One Piece is the lowest of the big 3 (Naruto, Bleach, OP):

    One Piece is by no means at the bottom of the big 3, granted this is my opinion. OP is clearly better than Bleach, it has better characters, more interesting powers, a larger world, oh and btw it has a story that feels alive. I would say it’s a close race with Naruto though. Both of the series are stellar in characters and powers, both have a good story. At this point I go with which one am I most excited to read each week, and currently it has been OP. The characters are just as gripping at Naruto’s but have a different feel about them, and I think the pacing has been better as of late.

  15. I agree with you Fire Fist

  16. @Everybody Naruto’s and Bleach’s intense battles are what makes them better 4 me. Bleach is a more comedy based manga/anime coz Luffy is a Goofy guy. My point is this: if the main character is all action, the manga’s flow will be more action and intensity. All 3 mangas are cool. I like action and suspense more, so I like Naruto the most of the 3. Just enjoy the manga u guys and gals!

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