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Naruto and One Piece release!

http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/11316990/1 NARUTO

http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/59626333/1 ONE PIECE

Enjoy, slaves!

Naruto 563 Release


Enjoy, it’s a nice one!

Break to Naruto next week as well.

Naruto 562 – Kage’s, UNITE!

Hello Narutards! Sothe here, covering for Bob while he does whatever Canadians do.


This chapter starts off directly following 561 with Oonoki proving to be a real inspiration and never backing down, facing almost certain death he fights with complete selflessness, a trait very rarely shown. At his age, after the tremendous beating he has received and knowing he has almost a 0% chance of victory Oonoki shows why he is a kage, a leader of people by never backing down. Really inspirational stuff!



We are granted a glimpse into the past of Oonoki and Madara in which the Uchiha demands that Oonoki and his village are no longer an alliance but instead they must obey orders from the leaf and see them as their bosses so to speak. The most interesting point of this flashback is Madara’s hatred when the First Hokage’s name is mentioned, this is of course before the legendary battle in which the first defeated Madara and hints toward a build up of hatred before the battle, I personally would love to see much more involving the first and Madara’s fight, more history please Kishi!


Oonoki again replies with the same awe-inspiring reply about love, being united as one ninja force, how he understands suffering and because of that is able to create a perfect future. He goes on to explain that he truly believes the ninja world is learning from it’s past mistake and the future of Kage’s (A picture of Naruto and Gaara) are moving toward peace. Madara replies with the revelation of his plan to put the world in an ‘infinite tsukuyomo’ The Tsuchi-kage shouts he will pick himself up and is helped by Gaara and the other present ninjas, who all offer to pick themselves up and fight. After the absolute arse kicking they have all received it’s good to see so much hope from these ninja, really gives you an insight into the mental, as well as physical prowess they all have.


The scene changed to Tsunade, basically screaming at everyone, mainly, Mabui to prepare her teleportation technique, which is commonly used to transport inanimate objects and would kill any normal human. The only person to every survive it was the third Raikage, and we all know how insanely bad ass he was. Tsunade then reveals she is going, and will use her curse seal to survive, relying on it to keep her from certain death is really risky, it’s a big gamble and Tsunade has never been the most reliable gambler so she must be really dedicated to saving the kage’s to use it. Everyone is showing their true intentions this chapter and it’s nice to see the good guys fighting for love and for unity, cheesy though it may be, it’s heart warming.


Flying. Thunder. God. Technique. Oh yes, it works, it is in use and the plan is to use it on Madara. The technique derived from Naruto’s father will be put into use and Naruto is there, I hope to the ninja Gods he picks it up. The only difference is that the 4th personal guard need all 3 of them to do the technique, hopefully Naruto can fill in if something happens, he must know the basics. I just want to see the Yellow Konoha Flash, mark 2.

Now we get the finalé of the chapter and this gave me chills. Tsunade and the Raikage are teleported to Oonoki and Gaara’s position. With the Mizukage also showing up all 5 kage, Naruto and others are all standing in Madara’s path, 3 of which are at full chakra reserves, and Tsunade is really, REALLY angry. Next week, there will be pain.

This is a small summary, I am in no way a theorycrafter such as Bob so I leave that to you guys, hope I haven’t stepped on anyones toes here, but enjoy shannaroites. I’ll see you next week!  Post theories/predictions below!


Sothe ❤

Naruto 554 – Raikage, formerly known as Chuck Norris.

Right! The boss is away so the little british minion is going to fill in, pip-pip tallyho etc.


This chapter was relatively slow but we get a few revelations into the ultimate Raikage and his practically invincible defensive jutsu. Naruto has stormed in to try and save everyone (again) and as a wind user he arrogantly believes he can 1 shot roflstomp the Raikage. Look Naruto, you’re good and you’re getting better but you are still a kid ultimately, these are the bodies and techniques of the strongest ninja in history, personally I believe he still has a huge amount of growing up to do, anyway, the technique Naruto uses seems to link the 9 tails chakra within a rasenshuriken giving him complete control even after firing, it is insanely cool and reminiscent of when Naruto hid within the shadow of a shuriken really early on in the series.


Naruto’s technique is strong and he does give it his best attempt to integrate some form of tactical awareness, his logic is sound but still slightly childish, he is beginning to think a step ahead of his opponent but when facing a kage you need to be 6 steps ahead and his rebound attack also fails before the Raikage’s incredible speed. this is when naruto steps up a gear, and oh my is it clever, Temari suggests a diversion, which naruto has already done, using the time the Raikage had to divert his attention away from naruto to dodge, he has got incredibly close and fired up another rasenshuriken which he hits with at melee range. ouch, his face.


A glimmer of hope is shed as the sealing ninja do their thing as the Raikage lies on the ground, but the third is far too hardcore and roundhouse kicks any seals off him, leaving him unscathed, unhappy and really really pissed at Naruto. Captain Obvious continues to point out it seems as if he is being controlled or something, as of they are expecting him to just come in and kick ass for no reason.


Now the ChuckNorrisKage prepares his counter attack, a giant roundhouse kick to the collective faces of every ninja fighting him. He lifts his hand in pimpslap fashion and ninjas start screaming for a wall to be put up, at this point I genuinely am interested to see what has that large force so scared, the fear is blindingly obvious, I imagine the 3rd was a huge asset as Raikage, he puts others to shame. I want Gaara to be this cool and hardcore! A huge barrier is erected (hehe erected) and Naruto is literally and quite comically pulled away from certain death.


From what I can figure out the 3rd Raikage’s ultimate jutsu consists of him focusing huge amounts of chakra into his fingertips, to create almost blades of pure chakra that can pierce through it seems any barrier, he rips through the lava style and earth style users walls within the second and groups are decimated just for being idiots and thinking they can take him down. It’s a shame, ninja in this war are coming across as nothing but cannon fodder until the characters we know and love show up and slap some sense into someone.

Now the interesting text and theory stuff you guys love and i’m useless at, the Raikage is the only ninja capable of standing off against a bijuu, and i see this personally as highly believable, he has withstood a huge amount of damage, without taking a single scratch but what I am interested in is how his finger jutsu would stand up against Sasuke or Kakashi’s chidori, the techniques are incredibly similar and his power is obviously huge, but with that much chakra being poured into his defenses, what I mean is, how big can one mans reserves be?


The 3rd’s past is scraped upon as the story of how he single handedly saved his town from the onslaught of the 8 tails, fighting the 8 tails alone while everyone escaped and escaping with only a scar. Holy crap, how can one man stand and fight a really really angry 8 tails and JUST get 1 scar? this is madness! but this triggers naruto’s brain to go from 0-60 instantly, there is only 1 technique he can think of with more power than his rasenshuriken, 1 technique that happens to be used by the 8 tails host. The Bijuu ball, the fruits of naruto’s training, but will he succeed where all others have failed? Let’s hope so.


Anyway guys, I have been Sothe, you have been Shannaro, sorry for the unprofessionalism but Bob is working this week and I just want a place for you to discuss, if he is not here next week again it may well be me doing the chapter. Enjoy, discuss and any constructive feedback, let me know below.


Sothe, out.

Naruto 549. Boom.


Enjoy it ladies.

Sothe x

Naruto 506, bought to you in full high definition….


BANG. Enjoy guys!

Sothe ❤

Congratulations Bob!

I could get in a lot of trouble for doing this unannounced,  but here we go….


Today Shannaro hit 1.5 MILLION views. Thats insane, and it’s all thanks to one guy, this site has been held up by one person for the years I, and many others have been a member. Yep, it’s me.

In all seriousness, our dictator has put a shed load of work into this and never asks anything from anyone except his author slaves, he’s also a real nice guy and genuine naru-computer genius. This site is where I spent huge amounts of my time, so from me and everyone else Bob, thanks for all the hard work.

Bob has also spent a lot of time paying for the site, back in the narutohurricane days I believe it was costing him a fair bit, something which he is not thanked for enough, the site has also had some major crashes, which he has always recovered within days, even with his personal life and studying to take care of. Bob may not comment much, but I guarantee you he reads almost all the comments, takes every bit of advice and has even helped me outside of the site rein-visage what the site looked like when I first joined.  He’s either not human, or just a a very nice guy.

Bob, you make a community we are all proud to be a part of.  All of Shannaro are behind you!

Sothe ❤