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Naruto Ch 513 is out!

I’m back! And I’m not back empty handed! I now present to you Naruto chapter 513! I hope you shannaroites enjoy!


and heres a little image for ya.

Suna Out!


11 Responses

  1. YEAH! It;s good to be back people. Enjoy my gift and lookout for my newest series hitting shannaro.
    Suna Out!

  2. GAH! U beat me to it Suna 😦

  3. We learned some interesting things about Edo Tensei this chapter.
    First, “deidara”doesn’t remember anything after the moment he died. That makes sense. In a way, it blows my theory that tobi/ madara=the Second Hokage out of the water.
    Second, it looks like kabuto doesn’t have to be near his summon to have some control over it.

  4. Kabuto is like the best boss ever. He isnt an maniacal control freak like Oro was. He actually let Deidara keep his freedom. Lol, there’s at least two Akatsuki members that wont get their freedoms though (Itachi and Nagato)

  5. The statements in this chapter about Edo Tensei actually CONFIRM the fact that Orochimaru was controlling the attacks the 1st and 2nd Hokage were using, so that argument is finally overwith.

    About Itachi and Nagato, I feel like Kabuto will know all about it. If he knows Madara’s true identity, he has to know Itachi & Nagato’s pasts, as well as Nagato’s betrayal of Tobi right before his death. As a result, Kabuto won’t let them have as much freedom I think.

    Although I don’t see Kabuto having an understanding of MS techniques. As to Nagato having the Rin’negan I realized this: if Tobi gave Nagato the Rin’negan, as in they weren’t really his physical eyes to begin with, then Nagato’s body won’t contain the Rin’negan, he will just be a powerful Uzumaki. Not too sure about his abilities at that point though.

    Last point, interesting that the Tsuchikage went instead of Gaara.

  6. This is going to be one insane battle. But one thing. what the hell was Kishi thinking with that male/female stuff?
    Beware: Manda 2.0!!

  7. The last page of the ch. It says the tsuikage is the strongest senior ninja. So just a random thought wouldn’t that make him stronger than this so called madara? I mean madara is supposed to be in his 100’s

  8. I dont know about you guys but I find the whole flying thing corny. They’re ninjas for christ sakes, not demi-gods.

    This is becoming dragonball z all over again, and seeing how one of the best anime of all time fall from its pedestal it’s actually quite sad.

    edo tensei’s summoned bodies having their own will is also pretty absurd. Oro wanted to be immortal, he knows Edo tensei, he had very powerful and loyal followers (kabuto, kimimaro, etc) – couldn’t he have just let himself die, tasked one of the followers to edo-tensei his ass from the grave, and basically become an immortal?

    manda 2.0? the absurdity knows no limits. seriously, I think kishi is running out of material here with all the akatsuki revivals, oro-hybrids, first hokage overkill, and uchiha/sharingan overuse.

    finally, an 80k strong army chose to send an aging kage to a dangerous mission? doesnt he have any value whatsoever? seriously, kages becoming frontliners?! shouldnt they be saving themselves frmo the final battle? that’s what a sensible and cunning (which basically defines ninjas by the way) leader would do.

    80k strong and there’s no one strong enough to provide backup, they have to send a fucking kage?

    kishi, kishi, kishi – naruto used to be “sick”, not it just “suck”

  9. @lost
    probaly just means the kage’s, i doubt kishi would have made a slip up like that.

    do we know any of the apparent back story behind the old geezer and deirdra? they clearly have a lot of past inidents.

    also, i refuse to believe naruto is that fucking dumb. checking out male vs female animals.

    bee’s rapping is getting better

  10. actually, this chapter doesn’t confirm any of that. All Kabuto did was let Deidara keep his personality. He still has to listen to him. Remember Oro got tired of the “old peoples’ talk” that the First, Second and Third were having

  11. My boy Deidara-kun is BITCHIN’

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