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Naruto Chapter 591 Really?!??!

Hey everyone! Sorry for my late post. I just wanted to make sure that I organized my thoughts as clearly and methodically as possible. Ironically this chapter was sort of light on new content. Truth be told it was light on content period. The first page begins with Itachi’s spirit vacating to ninja heaven while leaving behind the body needed to bring him to this world. I was hyped for this week’s chapter for a multitude of reasons. The first one was Sasuke’s reaction to Itachi’s lasts words. He’s been through quite an emotional roller-coaster throughout this battle. A lot of us expected this though and have asked one single question. What will he decide to do pertaining to Konoha? I believe that Itach has somewhat moved him but not completely. If anything I think he’ll decide to help the shnobi alliance but only to the extent of preserving the ninja world long enough for him to burn it down. Next we’re shown some nice reaction shots of the Edo Tensei being released. As much as I love kishi’s illustrations I’m more interested in the dialog between the characters. Especially at this point in the war. The next panel shows us the Kages on what they have decided is the aftermath of their battle with one of the founders of Konoha. I read some of the comments from last week and it looks like the general conesus was that Madara would sustain himself through some unusual means. But we’ll get back to that later. The battlefield shifts to Dan realizing that he is no longer bound by the user’s will and can move on his own accord. Understanding this he convinces Chōza to release the barrier so he can go to Tsunade. His timing couldn’t be better because just as he possesses Tsunade he ends up saving her life from Madara’s continuing onslaught. We are treated to a conversation between the two former lovers that, in my opinion, was nothing we didn’t already know. I honestly thought she was going to mention Naruto or how she believes he is going to be the next Hokage or maybe even be treated to a previous experience that Dan had with Tobi; Anything to give us some insight into the story. Seeing dan helps to re ignite Tsunade’s resolve which is shown through the next panel showing her reinvigorated and sporting some new charka. It is implied that Dan gave her some of his before he left which would kind of explain why he left in such a hurry. After witnessing the “tear-jerker” The chapter’s story climaxes on Madara’s Outrageous boast.  Not only is there a way to completely break Edo Tensei on his end (other than the method used by Itachi) but he can keep ALL the benefits of it. Ok I was ready to swallow the Army of Susanoo, The near perfect Justus, Obtaining the Rinnegan in this form, but come on this is getting seriously ridiculous. I once thought that one Kage was going to die but it’s shaping up to look like ALL of them could be knocking on death’s door. Unless we are introduced to a twist that Madara was like Itachi and he has been watching over Konoha from the shadows. Highly unlikely but It could be possible. Or he has a grudge against Tobi and wants to take him out before them. How cool would that twist be? Madara kills Tobi and takes his spot as the ultimate antagonist while resurrecting an army of dead Uchiha while making the last of them (Sasuke) his general to continue the devastation of the ninja world. Here’s hoping that were working up to a twist like that. All in all this chapter was just padding. From reaction shot to reaction shot I was just waiting for a full meal but all I was treated to was a bit sized candy bar. Luckily I have a huge sweet tooth so it’ll satisfy me until the next chapter.

P.S The latest installment to VS. is up guys/girls so feel free to check it out. The voting will close next Wednesday so hurry over to that article to voice your opinions and take a peek at the shocking results of the poll!

Naruto Chapter 590 I will always love you….

Hello all! Before I get started I want to thank you guys for welcoming me into the fray like you have. It’s very refreshing to have an outlet as spectacular as this. Not to mention have it accepted by fans that are used to such an amazing analyst as bob-sama. Now that we got the mushy stuff out of the way let’s get to this week’s awesome chapter! Naruto starts to rejoice as he notices that Itachi delivered on his promise to eradicate the Edo Tensei thus making his bout with Tobi all the more easier. He does something very interesting next by seemingly leaving the battlefield or at least turning away from it. That’s confirmed by the statements by Guy and Kakashi respectively. I feel like teasing us is the reoccuring theme in this arc of Naruto. We are baited with bits and pieces of these grand fights only to be brought back to them after the major conflict is resolved. Granted we’ve seen some action but im still a little sore about kakashi’s statement pertatining to him being livid about seeing formers in the living world being used in this fashion. I haven’t seen it but luckily im patient. Getting back to the matter at hand….we switch gears to see the conclusion of the Kages Vs. Madara fight. A lot of you speculated that Madara Isn’t going anywhere and that he’ll use some type of loophole creating justu to sustain his tenure in this war. Although everything points to this not being the case; Kishi doesn’t show Madara dissipating per say but only his Technique loosing stability by reverting down to a skeleton. We all know that this normally means that the user is having trouble controlling the technique or that said user doesn’t have the ability to fully form the Susanoo. My speculation is that maybe Madara will survive through some unorthodox means but lose the abilities that were ordained to him by the rinnegan. This’ll give kishi a vehicle for us to finally hear what happened on the battlefield between the 1st and Madara directly from the horse’s mouth. Here’s hoping that is,in fact, the case. Switching gears to the finale of the chapter; Itachi drops his tough exterior with his brother and shows him exactly what he went through. This particular piece of the chapter answers so many questions but still leaves us with answers. As frustrating as these questions are. The sweet taste of answers balances out their bitter taste. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been waiting to see just what happened on the night of the Uchiha Massacre for a very long time. Itachi shows Sasuke just what happened literally through his eyes. Before that we saw Itachi as a villain. Only after the goal of advancing his strength through Sasuke we then see that not only is this not the case but far from it. The story of Itachi is a complex one that simply boils down to one single solitary choice. His little brother Sasuke. After seeing that he made this impossible choose it is implied that he has hardened his heart and did said act with no emotion. The ironic thing is that the emotion that he is said to lack is the one that drives his blade. The pages were his parent’s accept their deaths at the hands of their son is extremely powerful. We see that Itachi didn’t plan on living after killing them. The only reason Itachi chose to live is because of Sasuke. This chapter brings a close to the story of Itachi in a way truly befitting a ninja of his caliber. He died once huddled over in a pool of his own blood and lies. Then dies again liberated; transcending this world and leaving the message that he wanted to leave. I will always love you.

This chapter was, In my opinion, one of my favorite of the 4th Great Ninja War Arc. It actually answers a question without introducing half-truths and eye-witness accounts. Although still giving us some sort of mystery (it wouldn’t be naruto without that) we got to hear directly from Itachi who Itachi is and what he truly stood for. I’m psyched for next week and I’m still crossing my fingers for Naruto. Think about it guys, Sasuke’s story is great but just what will our main character do against an evil of biblical proportions?

3rd Great Ninja War Vs. 4th Great Ninja War

Hello everyone! Welcome to my latest installment of VS. This is a subject that I haven’t given a lot of consideration to but with the end of the ninja war looking closer than ever I think it’s time to open up conversation about it. The legends we were told about the 3r ninja war were nothing short of whimsical. All out wars dragging in adults and children alike; forcing them to live a life truly becoming of a ninja. People were dying, orphaned children were common, and betrayal became as reoccurring as a morning breath of fresh air….If said breath isn’t taken from you by an enemy’s kunai. The point I’m trying to make was that legends were born from the 3rd ninja war. Kakashi redeemed his father’s name, The Yellow Flash single-handedly took town a battalion of soldiers and the future 4th Raikage took on naruto’s father and settled the debate once and for all of who was the faster ninja. Although peace was granted at the end of it (as peaceful as a ninja life could be) the 4th great ninja war was inevitable. This war brought with it an unprecedented twist. The same ninja’s whose ancestors were born programmed to spill each other’s blood, was now trading in their feuds for an alliance unlike anything seen in ninja history. Bridges have been built, Ninjas have made names for themselves once again and last but not least the rise of a new yellow flash has blessed this battlefield.This week’s VS. Topic is simply this. Which ninja war in the end will be more impactful? I actually love everything about the 2nd great ninja war. It personifies what I love about the series. Thought provoking moral choices, the importance of understanding and respecting your fellow-man and discovering just how powerful never giving up truly is.

But now it’s up to you guys! Give me your input on the topic and don’t forget to vote! Voting as since closed on the other two VS. Topics and I have to admit the results were surprising. Feel free to check out the older posts to see if your predictions on their outcomes came true!

Naruto Chapter 589 So about those Edo Tensei……

Salutations ladies and gents and welcome to another Naruto summary. This particular chapter was all over the place for me so excuse me if my summary reflects that. Our chapter starts off exactly where our last one left us with the kage staring down a god-like Hack I mean justu called “perfect” Susa-no-o. The kages tremble in fear as the realization that it’s over finally soaks in like a stain on a soiled carpet. Speaking of soiled items take a look at Onoki’s face in the last panel on that page…..PRICELESS. On a serious note we get to see just what perfection can do as he commands his Susa-no-o to cut a couple of mountains. Then Madara says something that is alittle…odd. he says that “If it’s just me….the area in which the map needs to be repainted needs to be smaller”.  Honestly, I think kishi is running out of awesome one-liners for Madara so I’m relieved to see him go. Onoki tries to remember his bout with Madara and is forced to understand that what he perceived as a victory, wasn’t even considered playtime to Madara. This just makes me want to see what happened in the Fight between Madara and Hashirama even more. An OVA or something along those lines would make me one happy camper. But this chapter brings in some almost story breaking information. Madara boldly proclaims that his Susa-no-o is capable of “destroying matter” with one of its swipes and even the tailed beasts can’t stand up to it…… o_O. I’m sorry but really? So if that’s the case why even use the tailed beast’s in your first bout? why not just use the bad-ass samurai that you got? . My reasoning for this is that this is one of the techniques he obtained after he recieved the Rinnegan. Along with the abilites of the 1st, It’s become clear that this Madara isn’t exactly the same as the one in the orginial fight by not being like him period. If you factor that aspect in all of this can be swallowed a little better. Mind you it’s still a big pill to swallow but I’ll give it a shot. We switch speeds and return to Itachi in the process of stopping the Edo Tensei clones. Honestly I’ve been antipictiating what sasuke will do/say here for a long time. He didn’t disappoint at all by staying true to his natural evil self. Boasting with a disturbingly calm demeanor that he hasn’t changed his mind about his mission to destroy the leaf. Then we are treated to a slew of reaction shots from the multitude of characters who are fighting the Edo Tensei characters. The biggest I-spy moment for me is Itachi’s last words. It looks like he is reaching for sasuke but I think it references his devotion and love for his country by even in his death he is still compelled to protect the two things that are most important to him. In conclusion the chapter was everything I expected it to be. Sometimes the standard issue Naruto chapter is good but to me this chapter also represents a climax in the naruto story that we’ve all been waiting for. We are even closer to seeing a resolution to this war plus the return to the battle of  Naruto/Killer Bee VS. Tobi. With Tobi boasting that he is the Next SOSP and Madara using these epic variations on moves we’ve seen before I think that His battle with the kages (to me) is forshadowing for just what Tobi really can do. I’m super excited for it guys and can’t wait to see how kishi will handle this gargantuan battle! Unfortunately next week there is no Naruto chapter but I’ve got something that’ll help feed you Naruto junkies until our favorite drug dealer finally whips up another batch of that ol’ Naruto goodness.

Brains Vs. Brawn

Hey everyone Sylloge here and I’m bringing with me a new compilation of blog posts that I’m going to do bi-weekly called VS. The premise of the series is basically fusing my hyper-competitive spirit with my love for all things Naruto. To view a basic set-up of how a normal V.S.  post will be please refer to the “Naruto V.S Shippuden” post.

Ok we’ve all pretty much seen just how epic the Naruto fights can get. From pseudo-Super Sayan abilities to strategies so complex it’ll make a PHD graduate faint. My question is this: Would you prefer a Naruto fight with “the biggest justu wins” or a “whose the better chess player” fight. Let me give you a few examples.

We can use the Naruto VS. Orochimaru  fight to showcase the “biggest justu wins” scenario.The whole fight lived and breathed on who had the most over the top justu. Columating with a kamehameha/hadouken/epic beam that put a scar on the earth so big it would have made Goku fly from his universe in search of a fight. (lol yes I know it’s a Tailed beast  bomb)  Honestly, this fight was  just ok for me. Story wise I got to see Naruto roll with the big dogs and It wasn’t just him being backed up by the team or some kind of story breaking loophole. It was straight one-on-one god level fighting.

For the “whose the better chess player” We will refer to the Kakashi/Team 10 Vs. Hidan/Kakuzu. In true Shikamaru fashion this fight (arguably) was over before it stared. From the harvesting Kakuzu’s blood to “kill” him to the building of a grave just for Hidan, they were technically doomed from the start. These are the type of fights I seem to be partial to. It really makes me feel the ninja aspect of naruto more then anything else in the show.Ok ladies and gentlemen its voting time! Just like before if you have a comment or a change you’d like to implement I’ll add another column just for you.

P.S Voting for the Naruto Vs. Shippuden will end this Wednesday so if you haven’t voted do so A.S.A.P!

Naruto Vs. Naruto Shippuden

Hey all Sylloge here and I’d love to share a recent epiphany that I had on my day off. We’re all here because of our like for Naruto (well others are here for One piece and Bleach but for arguments sake lets not include them right now) and recently among my friends and other people that I speak with a line is materializing between fans of the original story (I.e ending with the inclusion of the”Sasuke Retrieval” arc) and the new Shippuden series with the eclectic direction that it’s taking. My question is this; If the series Naruto ended with the Sasuke Retrieval arc and just had a series of OVA’s to give you an ending to the story or something like that or if the original Naruto series didn’t exist and the first episode of Shippuden began the series with the last series only being told in flashbacks and etc which would your prefer?

Personally I’m a fan of the younger Naruto for a plethora of reasons. From the reoccurring theme of “the underdog can beat anyone” to the wild characters the original Naruto had something for everyone. Ironically it drew me in with it’s extremely ornate fighting choreography (I can easily write a 5 page thesis on why the Lee Vs. Garra fight is one of the greatest fights of manga history) . All of the reasons I listed make me like the manga but the combination of Naruto and Sasuke made me fall in love with it. Through those two characters the manga scratched my manga itch and scratched it well. While Naruto (at first) gave me the story elements I needed, Sasuke’s young teenage angst/cool fights gave me the action one-two punch a story about a village of ninjas should be……



P.S if you have another idea as to how each series could be presented be my guest.  

Naruto Chapter 587 (Hello All)

Hello everyone!!! My name is Sylloge and I have the privilege of taking over the responsibilities of analyzing/summarizing the Naruto chapters in Bob’s absence. I am a huge fan of Bob but an even bigger fan of Naruto (and anime in general) so I’ll make sure to do everything in my power to do Bob, Naruto, and most of all you guys and girls justice while decoding these chapters from my perspective. I’ll admit I’m new to this and I’m completely open to any and all constructive criticism. Enough rambling let’s get started!


We open to a conversation between Itachi and Sasuke basically explaining why Kabuto was affected by an Ocular jutsu when technically he has no eyes. From what I understand by affecting the victims senses the justu creates an endless loop by creating the beginning and end of said loop and having the person affected by the loop essentially filling in what happens in their mind with the outcome never changing. Its how the justu affects the victim that makes it great for the situation.


We are then introduced to Itachi’s flowchart which confuses you a lot more than it helps in his explanation. Factor in the fact that the first version I attempted to read had a…..subpar translation. I digress though, Itachi then explains the purpose of this obtuse ocular technique and in turn sets up an admittedly interesting foreshadowing for kabuto’s character in the future of naruto. The possible redemption of kabuto not only helps us to reevaluate Kabuto but also forces me to consider Sasuke’s possible chance of redemption. I honestly am completely ok with sasuke being the “tragic hero” in this story. If used correctly it has given us an ultimate foil to naruto. Showing us the iniquities of the ninja world from the perspective of someone who isn’t interested in changing it; but bending its rules to his own will.


Sasuke then tells us how he sees Itachi currently by debunking Itachi’s revelation of making the incorrect choices in his life by blurting out how he believes Itachi is “perfect”. This was a…..perplexing choice of words in my opinion and it speaks to how twisted sasuke truly is. Itachi does correct sasuke and reminds him that is not the case.


By far the most emotional part of this chapter for me was to see Kabuto trying with all his might to overcome the loop set up by Itachi. Both this page and the chapter reaches its climax when the loop starts over and there Justus clash and Itachi changes his technique to a water based one instead of a fire based one. Now a wet, discombobulated and confused kabuto tries to gather his thoughts and figure out just what went wrong in his life. This immerses us into kabuto’s mind in the same fashion that I’ve become more accustomed to because of kishi’s way of writing characters. All in all this has made me excited to see how the “story of Kabuto” will be resolved by the end of the manga (especially with the introduction of his brother)

This chapter was a little bittersweet for me. Although it gave us some information about Izanami; said information was something that one panel could have explained. The lack of action was a turn off to. The sweet part comes in with kishi flexing his writing muscles like the old days and making us ask the “why” question about his characters. I’m seriously looking forward to next week and, if we’re lucky, that chapter will bring us ccloser to seeing more of the battlefield!