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Bleach Chapter 684: The Blade

Chapter 684: The Blade
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Dislaimer: This post is NOT sponsored by Advil

This chapter is another, which gives me a mixed feelings. Again, after a great action filled chapter this weeks chapters feels underwhelming again.

For no really good reason and proof they are confident that the one strike by Ichigo was enough to defeat Ywach.


I mean…why would it be so easy. When is it ever that easy, how many transformation did Aizen go through until he was finally defeated. Anyways, since success is at hand Aizen explains the strategy he used. Good to see Ichigo is at least a bit wary of Aizen, but as expected… Ywach is alive and well and strikes down Aizen.


Don’t get me wrong.. Ywach looks pretty fucking cool when he ‘reconstructs’ himself. The power to alter the future even extends to that of his own life. His dark form grows to even en larger and grosteque shape making Ichigo look really small. Quite nice and builds the mood. Ichigo’s blad gets knocked from his as Ywach ‘essence’ grabs him and starts to envelop him. A large sphere forms as he start to swallowing everything and create something new.

But before the King can tear everything apart he gets struck by Ishida’s Silver arrow. The special ‘Still’ Silver formed by Auswahlen can, if mixed with the blood of the one who activated the Auswahlen, stop his powers, if only for an instant. Now I like how it mentions.. ‘His’ powers.

Were they already referring back then that only this weapon could stop Ywach. The quincy’s on earth wary of their ‘Father’.


The cloak vanishes allowing Ichigo to get away and grab his blade urged on my Ishida he lunges for Ywach, but the effects of the arrow start to wither away already, Ywach regain his form. The king already strong enough to shatter his bankai, but then, Ichigo’s blade reverted back to its shikai form, with no damage whatsoever.. I am still not sure how to feel about this moment.

Even though his power is returning, ywach seems to ‘see’ only his death, genuinely scared of what is to come before he recalls the vision from before. Seen by Haschwalt, Ywach thinking it was just a dream before he is cut in half once more.

Someone get this poor guy some Advil 400 or something..

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the review pretend3r

    I really don’t know what to think about the chapter. There was a lot of things I really didn’t understand so it is hard to give my view on what I thought about it. The reason I am posting is because according to the rumors, the next chapter is:


    I don’t know how true it is but with the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    I don’t really know what to say about the chapter. I didn’t understand the dialogue between Ichigo and Aizen. I didn’t understand the vison Haschwalt gave to Y.H which he interpreted as a dream. I don’t know. This chapter was weird to me. A good weird but weird nonetheless.

  2. Ok so here’s my take on the chapter.

    As an isolated piece of action I thought the chapter was fantastic. I worried that there would be some buildup to using the arrow and the protagonists would have to trick Bach into using it. Instead it just happened. I know to some that seems too fast (and in a way it is) but if you imagine this chapter occurring as a stand alone it should happen exactly this way.

    In the context of the entire arc, it felt like there was so much stalling that to have this fight start and end so quickly is a disservice. I mean…. If it does end so soon…. Why was Ichigo’s creation even necessary? Was his new Bankai’s purpose to just be created and then destroyed? So in the context of the entire manga this chapter feels like it came about with not enough set-up or at least not the right set-up.

    The last piece, the dream. So Hash takes the Almighty every night and aparently he sees visions of the future like Bach and passes them to Bach when the next day starts. Perhaps this is the real reason why it is passed to Hash while Bach sleeps. So that someone is always using the ability or if Bach sleeps he can’t tell dreams from real visions.

    In any case because Ichigo no longer had his old Shikai Bach interpreted that future as a dream not a real prediction. It could be even that Hash did it on purpose. The only way he could actually beat Bach was by fooling him with his own ability. My bet is on that.

  3. Whew!! Looks like I was wrong about the manga ending this week…now it looks like it will really end in….


    Sigh…..I’m kinda sad right now.

    I’ll be back……when the review pops up.

  4. I know…. Bleach was the last thing tying us here. Does anyone know if Bob-sama comes here at all anymore?

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