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One Piece Chapter 796: Marines on their way

Hey guys, first of all I’m sorry for the lack of one piece reviews lately, some stuff happened and because of summer I have to cover shifts for other people at work so I barely had any time to write. It’s too bad I didn’t get to do last week, all other mangaka’s should look at that and take notes, that’s one badass way to introduce someone!


I don’t want to talk too much about last chapter but I feel like I should point out a few things, the strawhats were on an island fighting with some minions. The people they were fighting with had the sign of the Kaido pirates. This makes me think that they are on the same island as Kid and the others. A fight between the worst generation and Kaido, would be pretty interesting. Sadly I think the battle would be over before Luffy and co arrive at the island if this takes place at the same timeline.

Anyway, time for this weeks chapter. Fujitora still hasn’t made any moves against Luffy. 3 days after the battle Sengoku and Otsuru appear to ask for answers. Fujitora explains his method, he casts a die every day, if the result is anything other than a 1 they will arrest Luffy however the past few days the die has always landed on a 1. Otsuru asks for him to roll the die, but at the same time princess mansherry arrives and asks them for donations. She explains that she needs blood donations to power her heal heal fruit to heal everyone in the city.


At the pirate hideout Luffy is awake again, they are discussing the rumor about Rebecca’s father. Kyros explains that he is the one that started it, because of his dark past he doesn’t want everyone to know that he is her father and would rather have her father be a prince from some far away country. Like the rumors describe. Then Bartolomeo bursts in, giving them the news about the arrival of Sengoku and Otsuru. Kyros is on the phone with Leo who tells him exactingly what happened.


Fujitora casts the die and instead of a 1 this time it’s a 6, the marines march out to capture the pirate heroes. Bartolomeo and the others have already thought of an escape plan however and evacuate everyone to the eastern port where the others are waiting. They all make a run for it except for Luffy, he has something left to do. I wonder what kind of trouble that idiot wants to get himself into now, probably just to say goodbye to Rebecca.

One Piece Chapter 790: Lucy Revived!

Post author: White Shinobi
First of all I’m sorry about the last 2 chapters, I was sick and when I got better a huge pile of work was waiting for me so I’ve been busy with that. Anyway, let’s get on to the chapter.

Last 2 chapters have mostly been everyone stalling for time and stopping the birdcage, Luffy’s revived now and ready to kick some ass! Not really too much to say about the chapter though, both Luffy and Doflamingo are tired and hurt badly. Doflamingo seems to be on top most of the fight though. He goes all out and turns everything into string. After some big moves it looks like Luffy’s done, but we get a little flashback to Luffy’s training with Rayleigh, something about a super finisher.


Time is running out and Luffy goes back into gear 4 again, he’s even able to break Doflamingo’s puppet strings and jumps into the air. Doflamingo follows him, thinking he has the advantage of being able to move freely in the air. This arrogance becomes his downfall as he dashes straight at Luffy and creates a spider web to protect himself. It looks like Luffy combines his gear 3 with his gear 4 here to use his finisher move, King Kong Gun! Doflamingo tries to counter it with his own finisher but he gets blown away easily and crashes into the ground. I guess that’s the end of Doflamingo.


One Piece Chapter 787: Time’s running out

Post author: White Shinobi

We all expected it, but now it’s confirmed, Sabo is a badass. After Sabo saved Luffy from his first attack Burgess attacks Sabo. It’s a little silly that he didn’t put any haki into that attack, that is assuming he’s able to use it. Sabo showed he was able to use the mera mera fruit a few seconds before and just becomes a flame to avoid it. Sabo immediately counters with his own move, he might not have the same control over the mera mera fruit as Ace yet but the attack is strong enough to send a big man like Burgess flying.


As expected the warriors from the coliseum didn’t stand a chance against Doflamingo, Doflamingo however can’t afford to pull any punches and goes all out against them in order to find Luffy. Since he can’t find him he decides to change his tactic and speeds up the birdcage.

Zoro is trying his hardest to stop the birdcage, Franky and the Dwarves also have a plan to try and stop it, pushing the factory with all their strength.

The safest spot in the kingdom however has been taken over by the remnants of the Doflamingo Family, they’re shooting at the civilians that come too close to them. They don’t last long though, princess Mansherry has cured everyone who was injured in the fights against the executives and they blow the small fry away.


Only 3 minutes left until the birdcage kills everyone inside, and 4 minutes until Luffy recovers, I think everyone’s priority will be to stop the birdcage from closing in on them. Bartolomeo will probably be super useful with his barriers, and I wonder if Fujitora will do something, we haven’t seen him do anything since the start of the arc.

One Piece Chapter 786: 10 minutes

Post author: White Shinobi
Wow, even after that beating Doflamingo still isn’t down. Luffy realizes this when the birdcage doesn’t disappear and goes in for the final blow. However his gear 4 doesn’t have enough time left and before he can finish it he falls down.


While Luffy is recovering Jesus Burgess jumps down the plateau, looks like his goal is Luffy’s rubber rubber fruit. He’ll probably try to do the same trick Blackbeard did to Whitebeard. Doflamingo also gets up, the citizens run away as quickly as possible leaving Luffy to fend for himself.


The coliseum announcer, Gatz is the only one who helps him. Luffy’s gear 4 uses up all his haki, he tells Gatz that he needs to wait for 10 minutes for it to return. And once it returns he promises he’ll make an end to Doflamingo’s reign. Gatz promises to buy 10 minutes for him, fortunately he’s not alone, he’s brought all the warriors from the coliseum. I doubt they’d stand a chance against Doflamingo normally, but he’s injured and tired from fighting all day, they might be able to buy enough time.


Doflamingo isn’t the only problem though, Jesus Burgess appears out of nowhere and lunges at Luffy. Luckily Koala had already contacted Sabo who comes just in time to rescue his little brother.


One Piece Chapter 785: Stringy buildings


Post author: White Shinobi

Koala is spying on Jesus Burgess who probably is waiting for the fight between Luffy and Doflamingo to end and then clean up and take all the glory for himself. I think we’ll get to see a fight between Sabo and Jesus if that’s the case.

Since the factory is made of sea stone it doesn’t get cut up by the strings, it might actually be the safest place to be right now. I wonder how Zoro intends to stop the birdcage, Franky might build something out of the factory, he seems to have an idea at least.


Luffy’s gear 4 is doing work. He does use a lot of haki while using it though. That’s probably why he hasn’t used it before. Doflamingo notices that Luffy can’t control his devil fruit power as well as he wants to yet and demonstrates what it’s like to have true mastery over your devil fruit. Doflamingo turns everything around into string and goes in for the kill.


Meanwhile all over the country chaos is erupting, that is until king Riku gives his speech. The king somehow manages to get the citizens back on their feet and help eachother to survive.

Doflamingo however becomes enraged at the hope the people are showing and tries to murder them all by turning everything into strings. However Luffy headbuts his way through the strings and delivers a huge blow to Doflamingo


One Piece Chapter 784: Gear 4!!

Post author: White Shinobi

Wow, what a chapter. I didn’t really know what to expect from gear 4 but it certainly wasn’t this. The first thing I thought when looking at it was how much he resembles the nightmare Luffy from Thriller Bark, but that ended as soon as he started attacking. Anyway, let’s get to the chapter.

It looks like the birdcage is connected to Doflamingo, meaning that wherever he moves the center of the cage follows. Zoro and the samurai are going to stop it. Back near the plateau Law has gotten his arm fixed by the dwarfves. Looks like he’ll be okay


Back to the action, Luffy activates his gear 4. Like with gear 3 he inflates himself, but instead of his bones this time he inflates his muscles. This looks like an interesting mode, Luffy retracts his fist inside his arm, making it into some sort of mini ballista. His punch is so powerful it sends Doflamingo flying back into the town.


His fourth gear is really putting the hurt on Doflamingo, Because of the big body his reaction timings are a little slower, but with his armament haki he seems to be able to counter that pretty good. He’s even able to change the direction of his first to chase down Doflamingo. So far his new gear seems to be doing great against Doflamingo, I don’t think it’s the end of Doflamingo yet, but I don’t think he’ll last long. I wonder if Trebol really did suicide himself, I think it’s really silly for him to do that so I kinda expect him to have a role to play in the coming chapters.


One Piece Chapter 782-783: Luffy vs Doflamingo

Post author: White Shinobi

I’m sorry about last week, I didn’t have the time to do a review so I’ll be doing a double this week. I still don’t have much time so I’ll have to keep it short.

Chapter 782

Let’s start by going about Doflamingo’s past, Trebol, Vergo, Pica and Diamante have been spoiling Doflamingo since he was a kid. Killing anyone or destroying anything that’s in his way and dragged him down into darkness. All with the intent to make him the pirate king.


Now back to the present, Luffy clashes with Doflamingo, keeping him away from Law. They go head to head pretty evenly until Doflamingo kicks Luffy into Trebol’s sticky body. For some reason Luffy can’t use his Haki while inside Trebol. Law uses the last of his energy to create a room and throws his severed hand at Trebol, cutting him up. This makes me think Trebol doesn’t ha   ve a logia fruit, Luffy missed because he didn’t expect him to be that skinny. Trebol’s sticky liquid is flammable, enraged at Law’s attack he spreads the liquid all over the place and ignites it like a suicide bomb attack.


Chapter 783

Luffy manages to save law from the fire and throws him down to Robin. Doflamingo wants to stop him but everyone down there helps out to keep Law safe. Doflamingo has to finish his fight with Luffy first before he can head down there. Law however doesn’t want to leave the battlefield, he intends to stay there until the battle is over. If Luffy loses he’ll accept his death as well.


Both Luffy and Doflamingo have suffered injuries from their fights. Doflamingo took the heavy hit from Law and Luffy took a few good hits when fooling around with Bellamy. They clash for most of the chapter, Doflamingo having the upper hand. While arguing between them about who’s blocking who’s path Luffy decides to show us a trump card he hasn’t used yet. Gear 4. I’m really excited to see what kind of power it is.