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Bleach Chapter 680: The End 2

Chapter 680: The End 2
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Apologies for the delayed piece. This chapter didn’t go as I expected. Their father’s did not come to the rescue and Ichigo gets all his juice, including the hollow (which I found a bit surprising tbh), sucked out of him. Interesting to note his mother is shown rather than ‘old man’ Zangetsu as it all fades to white and he drops to the ground, passed out.


Like a typical bad-guy ywach start laughing an absolute treat, his plans seems to near completion as the dark shroud that surrounds him expands into a massive mushroom-like structure, hovering far over the soul-palace.

We then switch back to Ishida and Haschwalt. The young quincy in an equally bad shape clinging onto like as Haschwalt doesn’t (in typical villain fashion) deliver the killing blow when he can and should.


Instead he allow Ishida to start a little monalogue about his growing relationship with Ichigo and co and the choices he has made being their friends. This anger’s Haschwalt to the point he is finally ready to deliver the final blow. But as he does…

A bright white light envelops him, oddly enough, Ishida is not targeted by the ‘Sternritter-power Vaccum cleaner’. For plot reasons he wont be targeted by Ywach, for logical reasons I guess Ishida being near death makes it pointless to take his strength, since he has none.



This also means of course that Espada #0.. sorry.. Gerard ‘Goldielocks’ Varlkyrie is also targeted by the Dyson vaccum cleaner.


All the Quincy power is sucked up into the black shroud before it condenses back into ywach as he forms a gate. He announces he has no need for anybody anymore before he says he will lay ruin to everything, SS, Hueco Mundo and the real world.


Now it begs to wonder where the gate leads too. The most obvious would be the real world. But a fight the scale of the Aizen-Ichigo battle would be too much. So.. he might head to Hueco Mundo perhaps, or simply in the space in between where Ywach will rip all the worlds apart to create it all anew.

All I can conform for now, that the end is nigh as it is declared on the first colored page.

2 Responses

  1. YO!

    Thanks for the review!

    I’m gonna start out by saying that Yhwach is evil. Old man Yama said it best when he stated that Y.H “uses” his subordiantes for his own means. I guess that was clear when he sacrificed them the first time to empower his elite sternritter. This time however he just said,” I don’t need ya’ll anymore…suckers,” then he proceeded to take out his own people as if he needed more power. Personally, and there is very little evidence for this but I have the feeling that Haschwalt may still be alive. For some reason I have the feeling that the reason he stalled Ishida was to prevent him from dying by confronting Y.H. I don’t wanna go into the details of my theory since I’m about ten percent sure I’m right.

    One person who may have survive Y.H’s vampiric powers is that owl, flamingo, thingamabob that fell into Soul Society; unless he got blasted off panel. At least Andre “the goldielocks” quincy giant was taken out. (Sorry but that guy was annoying with his miracle power.)

    I do agree with pretend3r is that Ishida survive for plot reasons, (shame on you TK) but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was also surprised that the dads didn’t show up to do anything, even though they really couldn’t do anything. As far as Ichigo is concerned, it’s a shame that Y.H has used him TWICE now to further his ambition. Ichigo was right by confronting Y.H since he would have just used Ichigo anyway a discard him like trash,(just like he did this chapter.) The good news however is the fact that TK just set it up to so that the heroes can have a slight reprieve to discuss some things and get some things straight before the final battle starts; I kinda miss the conversations considering all the none stop battles. One last thing I want to say about Y.H is the fact that he is the polar opposite of his father, his father S.K stabilized the three realms and seemingly gave his body to preserving the worlds. Yhwach wants to destroy all the worlds and will use whoever he will to accomplish his goals. Truly evil.

    And now I shall leave you all with these parting words:

    “Over 900 years, he shall recover his heartbeat. Over 90 years, he shall recover his intellect. Over nine years, he shall recover his power. And over nine days, he shall recover the world.

    What day is it?

    See ya’ll at the end my friends!!

  2. Hmm well this chapter…. Hmm. Let’s say its kind of like eating something you hate and you chase it down with something you like to get rid of the flavor.

    Naruto faced something similar though Ywach has more buildup. Both Naruto and Ichigo lost their power right at the end, only to have a semi-Deus Ex Machina kind of moment and receive plenty of power to win. The fight at the end of Naruto was epic but no one really grew or transcended to win (unlike the Zabuza or Gaara battles of part 1 or the Pain fight in part 2).

    I would have the same hope for Bleach, that there would be some transcendence from our hero…. Except Ichigo has never really had that moment. He isn’t that kind of character and this isn’t that kind of manga.

    So what can we expect? Well so far Ichigo has been handed lots and lots of power to smash his opponents. Yes ok he worked hard in the Royal palace but that all just got ripped out of him. So either now that he’s a blank slate, he can unlock something within himself or someone is just going to hand him gobs of power from no-where.

    Last thing: wouldn’t you think Urahara would have expected this outcome?

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