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Bleach Chapter 673: Father

Chapter 673: Father
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That Rukia face.. So funny. Anyway, welcome back this week. Pretty good chapter. Renji gets up toward where the Captains are fighting as he carries Rukia on her back. The two lt’s thinking that its Toshiro elder brother yelling at them and I love it that he doesn’t even bother to correct them.

They all stop in their tracks as they all feel Ichigo’s reiatsu spike up as he and Inoue step into the King’s chambers. THe dark-shroud of the Soul King’s powers covers his eyes but he can still see everything and more. He sees Ichigo’s true, original power flow from his body.

Ywach still considers Ichigo a son of his. Calling Ishinn a mere surrogate to raise Ichigo. The mention of the source of his power strikes a nerve with Ichigo, remembering the fate of his mother.


Ichigo draws his blade and moves in to attack. With his signature Getsuga Tenshou he strikes at Ywach. Ywach dark shroud easily block Ichigo’s attack before he pushes him back. Inoue helps in blocking the attack, but his attack breaks through her barrier.

Ichigo dodges and cuts his way through to try and to get close to Ywach again. THe King allows him to get close to speak to him some more. He mock Ichigo’s feelings more, considering attachments like that meaningless and pitiful in the grander scheme of his own existence.

He throws him back into a wall. Inoue seems worried, but we all know Ichigo is just fine. He barely released his power as has the King, but he seems to ramp it up a little in an awesome, gruesome looking final panel.


That shit looks ominous.

Bleach Chapter 672: Son of Darkness

Chapter 672: Son of Darkness
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Allrighty a little side note which you probably are already aware off : Uzumaki Boruto.

How do we feel about that?

2nd point of this week:

This fucker still isnt dead.. I’m done talking about this guy… moving on.

We get this strange little two-panel inception moment. Where Ywach in his older form is found asleep by Ichigo in his old form. An intriguing little tidbit. Could be something about his all-seeing-eye not seeing everything. Not sure what the point was, but I suppose it shows that with ywach awakening, the night is over and the light of God shines down again.

Or it could make the point that Ywach is a bit of a masochist. Y’know..getting off on dying. After that we go back to Haschwalt vs. Ishida. That battle is going about aswell as one would expect.


Ishida is quite injured already where Haschwalt hasn’t even broken a sweat. He even says his own abilities are much more suited for battle. Which we have seen just a glimpse off when he took out one the subordinates quite a while back. It is interesting to see that he uses his sword as if it were a bow and arrow.

AS that battle heats up we finally go to Ichigo arriving at the door. Ywach’s presence is easily felt and without an extra thought he places Inoue in charge of defense. Which is kinda of first for him as Inoue realizes herself as well.


Ichigo always protected her, want to keep her as far from the fight as possible. Lets just hope Ichigo keep to this maturity that he finally seems to have grabbed onto.

Bleach Chapter 671: The Perfect Crimson 2

Chapter 671: The Perfect Crimson 2
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So yeah.. after the bs-power sage of last week. Lord McTall Mask-face the ‘Loudmouth’ Quincy is still fine and dandy. Zaraki got his arms cut off completely and Toshiro just created a tidal wave of new Rule34 art. I mean, just look at this face, he looks so dreamy!!!

Gerard ‘Helmet Beard’ Valkyrie seems quite happy with this new form, appreciating it more than the Man-boy shinigami Toshiro himself does. This chapter is best when they just shut up and fight.


The giant throws his shield, Toshiro easily freezing it in place. THe Quincy then strikes with his sword of hope with Toshiro cuts it half without hesitation. Gerard start preaching but realizes nothing is happening. Toshiro’s attack freeze the blade is such a state where all of its functions will cease to activate.

In short; his blade has been cryogenicly frozen. Gerard pulls out his bow, but alas, he is too late.


Shikai Hyouketsu – ‘Freeze the four worlds’

TO no ones surprise, Gerard manages to break the ice-shell and grab Toshiro yelling about him being a god, you know, just like the other guy and even the hand guy. The only guy without a god complex was our male poison ivy.

Anywayz, Zaraki of all people actually manages to make Gerard topple over. Then Toshiro quickly freezes him again before Byakuya shows up using his bankai’s attack.


‘Ikka Senjinka’ – One Bite, Thousand Blade Flowers. An attack he thankfully did not use on Ichigo back in the day.

Overall this was an ok, chapter. I was happy to see that Toshiro didn’t just cheese-cake his way too victory in an instant. It is hard to out-cheese Gerard though.

Bleach Chapter 670: The Perfect Crimson

Chapter 670: The Perfect Crimson
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Allright, Gerard is down for the count, Zaraki has become a beast. Time to head up the tower and see how Ishida and Ichigo are doing!


Wha.. but.. but..he was cut in half..


Ung.. why.. please.. ffs why?


Ok, that looks pretty gruesome (in an awesome way)


Oh for the love of Christ! All these fucking powerups!!!

Fuck it, I’m going to bed. I’m done, cya next week.

Bleach Chapter 669: Yaibai II

Chapter 669: Yaibai II – *Blade II
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So.. Yachiru was his Zanpaktou all along.. at least the Bankai part of it.. so to say. Yachiru finally gives all her power to Zaraki. A gigantic powerspike erupts in the VanderReich ground. After it fades we see Ichigo’s hollow.. i mean Zaraki Kenpachi.


Skin blood red, his shikai shattered by the sheer violence of it. Gerard, ofcourse, decides to mock him, only noticing that momentary spike. But it seems Zaraki’s bankai is a bit like Ichigo’s. More raw-perhaps but only focussed on sheer power. All his reiatsu condensed into his body rather than his blade, at least so it would seem.

Even his face is almost that off Hollow-Ichigo, black marks on his face, white eyes. An expression of a mindless warrior-beast feasting on battle. So powerfull he actually rips Gerard’s arm off with his mouth alone.


Gerard quickly starts to regenerate his arm but Zaraki lunges again, easily cutting through the Quincy’s shield. Gerard becoming a bit ‘worried’ at this point. Zaraki’s mind seems lost actually puching the guy off the platform.

Luckily for Soul Society Gerard grows some wing, angry as hell now. He charges back up again as Zaraki waits for him on the edge ready to strike back.


And strike back he does, lunging back screaming cleaving the Quincy in half.

Two to go.

Bleach Chapter 668: Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Chapter 668: Bigger, Faster, Stronger
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Zaraki is having a good old time with Gerard. Who apperently has the power of ‘Miracles’. I kinda call it plot-hax powers, but hey. At the end of the chapter we know why Gerard has to be such a cheesecake. In order for plot to happen, basicly.


So yeah.. Miracle powers… ‘An ability gives form o the very though, feeling and desires of the masses’ as the man himself says. He explains it quite well.. It is really as cheat-like as you can make it and almost a carbon-copy of Gremmy. Basicly a second guy to pay lipservice to Zaraki fans.

The battle rages on, both sides giving and taking blows, although Gerard still doesnt seem to have much trouble with the likes of Zaraki. They do show a little bit of ‘respect’ to one another.

Also both of them are quite annoyed on being interfered by the other two participants on this battle. Gerard dispatches of everyone quite easily, commending Zaraki’s fighting spirit but in the end everyone fall why the Quincy gloats happily in victory.


Then the bomb-shell. Not quite sure what to think of it. Zaraki turns out to be exactly like the deceased #1 Espada Stark(with Lylinette). The big difference is that Stark created Lylinette consiously because he didnt want to be alone. Zaraki did it without even realizing. Which makes perfect sense for him. And now we also realize why Gerard is pretty much a bigger version of Gremmy.

I was kinda hoping to see someone else shine. Because Zaraki had a battle like this not too ago. He had plenty of awesomeness already, but on the other end.. Zaraki was the only one left who had the raw power to actually put up a fight. Zaraki subconsiously splitting part of his power into another being is not within the realm of “Oh.. god.. really now!?*facepalm*”. It has been done before, plus other people had accounted him to always subconsiously holding himself back to a certain degree for the thrill of battle.

So.. Yachiru being a Shinigami all this time is all within the realms of possiblities. Lylinette being the other prime example of something similar. She was basicly Starks weapon but had a blade of her own.

Wonder what her true name is. Maybe just Yachiru “The Bankai”.

Bleach Chapter 667: Bigger, Louder, Stronger

Chapter 667: Bigger, Louder, Stronger
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Skipped last chapter, wasnt too interesting, and this wasnt too great either. Gerard the giant with the fabulous hair seems like another set of ‘cheat’ abilities, but ah well.. we’ll see how this pans out.

The chapter starts with Ikkaku and buddy stepping out of their recovery pods shocked to see the Captain standing there.. Not sure why as they just came out some sort of pod… and its not a big stretch to believe otherwise.

Anywayz.. putting their amazeballs aside, Zaraki has cut of Gerards arm, but without a sweat is just comes back, better as new even. Which is apparently his ability.(what did I say about the cheaty powers?).


Anytime he gets wounded or decapitated he just regenarates coming back stronger and even more massive. A little bit of slightly misplaced banther between Byakua and Toshiro, as the notion of the Quincy’s abilties just makes Zaraki want to slice him in pieces.

Toshiro and dives toward the charging Zaraki warning about the dangers of a guy this big dropping down onto soul Society. Gerard tries to stomp them with his big american feet, but Zaraki with baboon strength actually manages to topple him over.


Zaraki moves on for another strike hitting Gerard’s shield but gets knocked back into the buildings below. Gerard commends Zaraki for his strength and draws out his blade Hoffnung (sword of hope). Zaraki gets all exited and brings out his Shikai again and the two blades clash.

Then Gerard suddenly calls Kenpachi an oaf because he nicked the blad of The Hoff. an instant later his gut gets cut open(insert nr2. cheaty powers).


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