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Bleach Chapter 645: Don’t Chase a Shadow

Chapter 645: Don’t Chase a Shadow
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Well.. I am pretty exited about this little pair up. Well, I don’t really care who Kyouraku is fighting, finally seeing what he can truely do will be exiting. In some ways his Zanpaktou and the way he wants to ‘play’ with his opponents make him quite the wicked man.

Barro wonders how the Commander has gotten her so fast, but doesn’t have to wonder long as Kyouraku starts to explain the rules of the game; Daruma-san fell over. Before that he reserves some time to chat with Nanao, his vice-captain, still staying beside him. She ends up leaving the fight to inform before she will return. Given the nature of his Zanpaktou she could very well play a part in this fight as she could end up being another pawn on the board.


Barro already know his enemies abilities. Now that is something Kyouraku doesn’t really care about as he usually explains everything anyways. Barro interrupts Kyouraku’s explanation of the game’s rules and continues analyzing with almost perfect accuracy. Much to the delight of Kyouraku it seems.

Quite amused indeed to his opponents learns the games of the rules so quickly. He then goes on to say. “It’s only when be both know the rules one can call it a ‘game’ wouldnt you agree.”

This comments puts Barro on edge, as it should. They Kyouraku gives him even more information, by telling he managed to trick Barro’s senses by leaving a ‘copy’ of himself using his reiatsu. He then announces his status as Captain Commander of the Gotei 13. Then, staying true to his style, he goes on the attack again without giving his opponent much time.


Barro breaks of a bit of his gun and anticipates his move, blasting Kyouraku through the chest. Or does he? He quickly sees Kyouraku’s Kageoni appear from the ground, successfully dodging the attack. After a short exchange of words where Barro or Varo(depending on which translation your grab) says his ability once more. Being able to shoot through anything and everything. He then quickly shoots Kyouraku again.

But again.. it is just one of his shadows. THe more powerful his opponent is, the more life-like the after-images are. The line he ends with is pretty goddamn good. I’m sure Barro will have his hands full.


Bleach Chapter 644: Baby, hold your hand 7

Chapter 644: Baby, Hold your hand 7: Never Ending my Dream
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The first of the Sternritter has been killed. Like true manly man, Mayuri doesn’t not look at the explosion as he walks away in victory.. at least until he collapses onto the floor because his legs got all but ripped off and are now facing the wrong way.


Lucky for him, Yumichika and Ikakku have stuck around throughout the whole thin. Mayuri gives them a few simple instructions. He’s hidden two containers in the nearby area. In the two containers were Rangiku and Captain Toshiro. Mayuri actually found a way reversing the Zombification process. It seems it came at a significant cost to their life expectancy.

Toshiro passes on his thanks as the two 11th squad members put Captain Zaraki and Mayuri in the now vacant containers. They thank him for saving Zaraki before they depart no doubt following captain Toshiro back into battle.


I am amused that Mayuri still compares himself to Urahara and with the evolution that Nemu’s has gone through considers himself out of the shadow from his former Captain.

The second half of this chapter sets up the next battle. The group containing Renji and Rukia are still running around the streets under threat of the sniper. The Sternritter has positioned himself high above them easily following their movements, waiting until he can pick the next one off.

Captain Kyouraku eventually decides to make his move pulling out his blades, then gets blasted by Lille Barro. However it is not what it seems to be as Kyouraku suddenly appears behind Barro, his Shikai awakened.


Kyouraku manages to cut the barrel of the Sternritter’s gun, but fails to hit Barro himself. The shinigami’s zanpaktou is really something else. I hope Barro is an enemy that can finally push Kyouraku to call out his bankai. This coupled with the nature of his bankai.. it is not a given Kyouraku will walk away from his fight even if he beats Barro because you need to remember, he is bound by the rules of the game that is set by his Zanpaktou Katen Kyōkotsu.

Bleach Chapter 643: Baby, Hold your Hand 6

Chapter 643: Baby, Hold your hand 6: Waiting for Love
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Hello again. Those here that still read Bleach probably enjoyed the little insight into Nemu’s past. Or better Nemuri Nanagou. Mayuri does seem to posess (sort off) fatherly feelings for Nemu. Not wanting to see his most prestigious work destroyed. Yes.. that is still on the forefront of his mind.

Though his mind did start to wonder a little in the past chapter when Nemu jumped to the rescue and blasted a proper sized hole in Pernida.


Just like last time however. Pernida can regenerate himself. The left arm possessing superior regeneration abilities. He doesnt waste time with his retaliation piercing her body (so to speak) with his nerves before ripping her to shreds. Her blood raining down on her creator looking down in shock down below.


Then this guy suddenly shows up in his mind going off on a rant. which.. doesnt really make any kind of sense whatsoever. It makes this whole look like Mayuri absorded his essence. Which, if I am not mistaken, he didnt. he did hoewever, infected the fellow scientist with a substance that slowed down time to a crawl leaving him waiting an eternity for death.

It’s a pretty good speech, don’t get me wrong, but it still feels out of place a little bit. In the meantime during this entire inner-monologue speech thingy, Pernida continues to heal. Mayuri has finally heard enough from this ghost in his head pulling himself back into the fight.

Perinda doesn’t really attack him at first, but goes for the little pockets of Nemuri-meat scattered around. Mayuri doesn’t really seem to care anymore, but doesn’t retrieve her cerebrum. The reason for that quickly becoming clear to Pernida


His body suddenly starts to expand all over his form. The short explanation comes down to the fact Nemu has a special organ and her cerebrum kept that organ in check. Without it will just start regenerating like mad till it self-destructs in the process.

I hope this is the end of this battle. Cause if Pernida pulls another regen out of its ass I will facepalm..

Bleach Chapter 640: Baby, Hold your hand 3

Chapter 640: Baby, Hold your hand 3
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The Mad scientist seems more than a little bit satisfied with his result. His Bankai having eaten the Arm whole the fight seems over and done.


However that seems far for the truth as Ashisogi Jizo suddenly starts to expand and then blows up in a rather grotesque fashion. Mayuri dodges the wave of blood(im assuming) and then has to move again as a Quincy arrow is fired his way.

It seems Pernida is getting annoyed and actually mocking Mayuri by imitating his laughter. This quickly whips the smirk of the Captains face.

As Pernida heals his missing fingers he continues to speak with broken then suddenly his language skills improve drastically forming correct sentences with more complex wording.


Mayuri quickly ponders what is happening. His first theory is that the Arm is regaining its memories as the Spirit King or that he is simply evolving. He doesn’t get much time to think as Pernida forms a bow on the tip of every finger before firing the lot at Mayuri. he quickly spots the nerves that Pernida attached to the arrows allowing the Quincy to influence their direction easily, or simply use the arrow to get his nerves on its target.

In which he succeeds in forcing Mayuri to sacrifice an arm. One of the arrows that missed him get turned around by the nerves still on the grounds. Mayuri cannot dodge it anymore.


Nemu comes to his aid, gets hit and cuts of her arms. Mayuri grabs her by the hair to dodge a nerve attack from the ground tossing her against a wall. I’m not sure this is a form of affection on Mayuri’s part he is quite annoyed that she did something out of her own accord. He then calls her by her full name. “Nemuri Nanagou” Which apperently means, sleeping No.7.

Then he goes on to say that he may have tought her a bit too much and goes on to say that it would be quite a burden on him to create the “next you” the same way as the “current you”. This is the closest thing Mayuri will come to say that he actually loves her(I almost dare say) as more than just another science project. I hope he will actually allow her to join him in this battle.

I am interested to she what she is capable off.

One Piece Chapter 796: Marines on their way

Hey guys, first of all I’m sorry for the lack of one piece reviews lately, some stuff happened and because of summer I have to cover shifts for other people at work so I barely had any time to write. It’s too bad I didn’t get to do last week, all other mangaka’s should look at that and take notes, that’s one badass way to introduce someone!


I don’t want to talk too much about last chapter but I feel like I should point out a few things, the strawhats were on an island fighting with some minions. The people they were fighting with had the sign of the Kaido pirates. This makes me think that they are on the same island as Kid and the others. A fight between the worst generation and Kaido, would be pretty interesting. Sadly I think the battle would be over before Luffy and co arrive at the island if this takes place at the same timeline.

Anyway, time for this weeks chapter. Fujitora still hasn’t made any moves against Luffy. 3 days after the battle Sengoku and Otsuru appear to ask for answers. Fujitora explains his method, he casts a die every day, if the result is anything other than a 1 they will arrest Luffy however the past few days the die has always landed on a 1. Otsuru asks for him to roll the die, but at the same time princess mansherry arrives and asks them for donations. She explains that she needs blood donations to power her heal heal fruit to heal everyone in the city.


At the pirate hideout Luffy is awake again, they are discussing the rumor about Rebecca’s father. Kyros explains that he is the one that started it, because of his dark past he doesn’t want everyone to know that he is her father and would rather have her father be a prince from some far away country. Like the rumors describe. Then Bartolomeo bursts in, giving them the news about the arrival of Sengoku and Otsuru. Kyros is on the phone with Leo who tells him exactingly what happened.


Fujitora casts the die and instead of a 1 this time it’s a 6, the marines march out to capture the pirate heroes. Bartolomeo and the others have already thought of an escape plan however and evacuate everyone to the eastern port where the others are waiting. They all make a run for it except for Luffy, he has something left to do. I wonder what kind of trouble that idiot wants to get himself into now, probably just to say goodbye to Rebecca.

Bleach Chapter 638: Crazy vs. Crazy?

Chapter 638: Seething Malice is the Height of Comedy
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A direct continuation of last week, and we get so a little bit more what a mad-man genius and thus entertaining character this guy is. Freak vs. freak.

I love the fact that he doesn’t see this creature not even as an enemy, but simply as a specimen waiting to be captured for further examination.


Pernida Parnkgjas is limited with the use of words and it seems he doesn’t understand a whole lot but its clear to it that Mayuri is speaking ill about the Quincy. He goes on the attack using his nerves to take ‘command’ of non-organic materials to fight with. It only amuses Mayuri to find out more about his new research project.

Pernida successfully manage to land a hit blowing off his little light-suit, Mayuri losing his care-bear look.. Mayuri is wise to stay off the ground using a Quincy technique.


He then uses another strange tool to blow off the pinky-finger of Pernida. However Mayuri gets off guard as one of Pernida’s eyes reappears on the detached finger and allows Pernida to attack Mayuri. He breaks a finger before Mayuri can ward him off.

Now Mayuri looks a little mad at this point, but as we already know, Mayuri is not above himself to alter his own body in the same way he does his own Zanpaktou. He is really as strange a being that the enemy he is facing.

What a truly strange man. Right, Pernida?638c

Bleach Chapter 637: Baby, Hold your Hand

Chapter 637: Baby, Hold your Hand
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What an amusing chapter this week. Mayuri is more in his element that he was when he was fighting the Arrancar scientist.

Anyway, this week Mayuri is quite amazed by the sheer power Zaraki has by being able to move his eyes after being stabbed with Mayuri’s Zanpaktou telling the incapacitated Zaraki that he shall improve his blade thanks to this ‘revelation’.


Well, after that one-sided exchange Mayuri focusses on the odd creature before him. Going on another second monalogue. He commends the ‘noble sacrifice’ of Zaraki and think the Quincy should simply surrender because of that and become his experiment. He is quite sarcastic about the whole thing himself which makes the whole scene quite amusing, seen example above.

Ofcourse the Quincy doesn’t feel like complying and finally reveals its form to Mayuri and us. And it was quite a surprise.


A hand… Mayuri quickly deduces it as being the left arm of the Soul King. The lt’s waiting behind Mayuri watch in shock as the grotesque being grows itself with an upper and lower arm. After a short exchange with Ikkaku about, the latter wondering if it could truely be the left arm of the Soul King.

I would say why not. The Soul King didn’t have arms, and the right arm was bound to Ukitake via a contract of sorts. It could be that Ywach ‘saved’ the left arm from the SOul King’s control and made it an individual being with a name of its own. Or something cheesy like that.


When the creature talks Mayuri only gets more and more exited with the prospect of studying this new subject. It seems the way Mayuri talks about this new being angers it, telling him its name.


Probably gifted to him by Ywach.


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