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Modern Shinobi: Fire and Sand Makes Glass

Here’s the next chapter of Modern Shinobi, and this one actually has some fighting in it. Hope you guys enjoy. And don’t forget to comment.

Chapter 1 – Chapter 2 – Chapter 3 – Chapter 4.

Chapter 5: The Kyuunin strengthens with the release of a third member. Without knowledge of their next member the three head towards the direction of two chakra signatures, for some fun. Kaze’s and Crow’s time is getting shorter by the second. And who is this mysterious person who awoke in an unknown place covered in darkness.


Chapter 6: Fire and Sand Makes Glass

Location: Unknown

He has been running for a significant amount of time. It’s hard to know where he is going. It seems as if he’s been running for days. Where’s his destination? Why can’t he see anything? Why, after so much running, is he not tired. He must continue. He does not know why, but he must.


Location: Wind Country

The three Kyuunin members head towards their destination at an alarming speed. They travelled more in these two days, than the five days it took Aozora and Kattan to reach Hangetsu. Katta’s chakra was surely at 100% now. His sand platform was flying, to the annoyance of Aozora, whose hair was out of control do to the wind. “Slow down! NOW!!” came her cry. Kattan obliged. “Awwhh, is the little princess’ hair all durty?” antagonized Hangetsu, now out of the jar. “Here, let me smooth it out for you.” he added, making a ball out of water. “Don’t you dare!?” came back Aozora, blue flame could be seen within her mouth. “I’ll roast you alive! Besides, it’s not my hair that concerns me.” She speech was slightly true, her hair did mean alot to her, but at the moment something else was on her mind.

“Why the sudden outburst?” asked Kattan. “Stop right here.” was all Aozora answered. She got off the sand platform. Kattan could see the search in her eyes. “Who is it?” asked Kattan, realizing the reason behind her concern. “Kishu.” answered Aozora. Hangetsu finally caught on. “It’s faint, but I know it’s him. He’s north of here.” she continued. “So, what you wanna do?” came Hangetsu’s voice. She searched her mind for just a moment.

“Those two chakra signatures bother me.” finally came Aozora. “That strong, huh?” said Kattan. Aozora just gave a short, but intense, nod. “I’ll go for Kishu. You two check those two out. We will meet up with you two after I release him.” Kattan and Hangetsu nodded there agreement. “Oh, and don’t underestimate them. One of them seems to possess the Sharingan.” “Sharingan!? In this time and age? There’s still Sharingan users?” came Hangetsu’s concern. “You sure you’re ok, by yourself?” came Kattan, surprisingly worried about his colleague. “Since when did I ever need help?” came Aozora arogant reply. “Fine. Let’s do this.” Hangetsu said before the team departed.

“What are you doing?” asked Kattan as he and Hangetsu were travelling on his sand platform. “Waiting, for the right time.” came Hangetsu’s devious smile, water ball at hand. After a brief moment, he launched the ball into the air. Kattan recognized the direction and gave a smile of his own. He sped up his platform and continued on their way.


Location: Wind Country

A cry of pure anger could be heard deep within the grass field of the old Grass Country. “Aaarrggh!! If this was not of the deepest importance, I would of taught that Hangetsu a lesson in manners!” cried out Aozora to herself. This was the second time in a week’s time she had to strain her hair. “I’ll get him back when I see him again.” she said continuing with her rant. “That is if he survives those to shinobi.” She grew quiet and drifted into thought. “To think a Sharingan user, and at that caliber, is still around. I must get to Kishu quick.


Location: Fire Country

“I’m sooooo bored!! When are we going to find these guys?!” Hangetsu expressed his annoyance. “For the last time: I DON’T KNOW!!!” retaliated Kattan. “She was the sensory one! Just keep your eyes peeled.” That was enough to silence Hangetsu, for as short as it was. “So? What was that over there about?” Hangetsu started again. “What’re you going on about now? What was ‘what’ back there?” asked Kattan. “You know damn well what I’m talking about. That whole ‘You sure you’re ok, by yourself?’ nonsense.” continued on Hangetsu. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” addressed Kattan, trying his best to look preoccupied with searching for the two they’re after. “Yeah, and I’m not made of -” “JUMP!” Kattan gladly interrupted, as he jumped to avoid a huge fireball coming towards their direction. “Don’t change the subje-” Hangetsu was interrupted again, as the platform became glass and shattered on the floor.

“Where that come from?” came a voice underneath the shattered glass. “Within the trees. Be alert.” said Kattan upon his landing. “They’re using the trees as cover.” he continued. “I’ll accept you interrupting me, but those guys are going to pay.” said Hangetsu as he started to rise out of the glass. “Here comes two. DODGE!” said Kattan, dodging his second fireball. “Wha-” the impact of the fireball cut Hangetsu’s words short. “Yes! We got one!” came a voice from within the forest. “Found them!” smiled Kattan. “Sutton: Wind Slicers!” Kattan slashed at the air, once with each arm, shooting two sharp air waves towards his opponents. The waves cut through the trees like butter. Two shadowy figures, covered by cloaks emerged from the trees.

“You gave us away!” cried one of the two. “Sorry. I was just excited to get one of them.” tried to reason the other. “And who exactly did you get.” the puddle of water next to the glass expressed as it made a form of a man. “What?! Just what is this guy?” asked out loud the younger of the two. “I thought I taught you to always be on your guard?” came the strict tone of the other one. “These must be the two Aozora must of spoke of.” addressed Kattan. “They can’t be that strong. I’ve taken stronger fire jutsu than that in my time.” mocked Hangetsu. The head of the young one lowered in disappointment. “it must of came from you.” Hangetsu’s mocking continued. “I said keep your guard up!” came back the strict tone of the other one.

Kattan looked intensely at the man a few feet away from him. “So, that must mean the one who attacked me was you? That was some strong fire, boy. It was strong enough to make glass out of my platform, while in motion.” The young man kept quiet. “I guess we each have our dancing partners, huh Kattan?” said Hangetsu while forming what looked like a sword made of water. “Looks like it.” answered Kattan, his eyes leaving his target only to examine the landscape. “The only sand around this place is on this small road we’re on. I guess I have to stick with wind jutsu for the time being.

The man used the same time Kattan looked away to look at his pupil. He hoped he wasn’t making a mistake. He felt his pupil might not be ready for the task. Could this fight be to soon? They still had so much training to do. Things were about to get serious, and all he could do is hope everything goes well.

Hangetsu voice interrupted Kattans thoughts. “I’m ready when you are?” Kattan gave him a nod, and the two went after their targets. The young man quickly made hand signs and attacked. “Katton: Flame Bullets!” Fire shards sprang out of the young man’s mouth, shooting at an alarming rate towards Kattan. The other one was unfortunate; the signs were to slow, Hangetsu arrived before they were complete. His sword narrowly missed it’s target, cutting only part of the cloak. “Come back here, you little bitch!” Hangetsu expressed his annoyance.

The ripped cloak showed a part of the person’s body; a leg to be precise. It was to slender to be that of a man. “Who are you calling a ‘bitch’?!” came the voice within it. Hangetsu’s smile came to his face, both for realizing his opponent was female, and the fact that he happened to push one of her buttons. “Is the little princess offended?” “Princess!?” came she came back. “Hiya! Stay focused!” again scolded the other one, kicking Kattan in the chest while doing so.”Hai! My apologies, Kasen-niisan.”

“Hiya? That’s a pretty name. But I prefer princess.” continued Hangetsu’s mocking tone. “I’ve had enough of this guy. And I don’t want to dissapoint brother.” Hiya thought to herself. Her pasture, and attitude, changed to a more serious one. “Bring it, puddles.” “WHAT!? Puddles?! Why you little bit-” again Hangetsu was interrupted. This time it by Hiya via a punch to the face.

“Alright. I had enough of these constant interruptions!!!” exclaimed Hangetsu as he grew in stature. “Sutton: Constant Rain!!!” suddenly Hangetsu’s body started shooting an array of rain drops at an alarming speed. The speed made the drops seem like bullets coming out of a machine gun. They were piercing anything on their way. Hiya knew this and could do nothing but run away as fast as she could. “Doton: Earth Spike Barrier!!” came Kasen’s words spikes rose from the earth to block the array of water headed towards his sister. Kattan used this opportunity to his advantage. “Sutton: Air Push!” from behind him, a strong gust of wind pushed him towards Kasen. The punch that followed sent Kasen flying deep within the forest. “NIIIIIII-SAAN!!!” cried out Hiya.

“You’re all mine now, princess!” came Hangetsu’s voice behind her. before she knew it, she was inside a water prison. Her air was closely coming to an end. “This was easier than I thought.” mockingly stated Hangetsu. Before Kattan could answer, he was hit by something made of fire to fast for either men to recognize. “What the hell was that!?” said Hangetsu before realizing his water prison was turning to ice. He detached from it, before risking turning himself. Soon after, the sphere of ice shattered with a fierce explosion, spreading Hangetsu all over the place.

Damn. That was my last frost tag.” thought Hiya to herself. “Aren’t we the clever little princess.” said Hangetsu, once again reforming himself. “Guess I have to be a bit more cautious with you.” As Kattan started to rise, he was suddenly binded back down by wiring. “You’re not going anywhere.” came a voice from withing the trees. Kasen showed himself before speaking again. “These are not just some simple wires. They are made out of some strong synthetic fibers.” “How he get back here so fast? Was it he that hit me back then?“thought Kattan realizing he was where his platform crashed. “This is going to be a long shot, but hopefully it works.” He figured, if he can control sand, and glass is just nothing but heated sand.

Kasen quickly avoided the flying shards of glass coming towards him. Unfortunately he had to loosen his wires. He made his way to his sister. Hangetsu puddled his way back to Kattan. “How about we get serious now?” stated Hangetsu, his expression changing to a serious one, while making two swords out of his arms. “Sure thing. I’m getting tired of these brats.” returned Kattan, his expression the same, and glass hovering around him. “Since when can you do that?” asked Hangetsu at the sight of Kattan. “Since now, I guess. Don’t know for how long though.” answered Kattan.

“So, you think father was right? Is it them?” Hiya asked her older brother. Kasen noticed her demeanor completely changed. “That’s the Hiya I know. Looks like she’s done playing around. We sure did give them quite a show.” He gave a proud smile at the thought. “Yes. I believe father was right. These two are the Ichibi and Sanbi from long ago.” Hiya stared back at her opponents. “Then I believe it’s time we get serious.” she said as she brought out two sai from her cloak. “Yes. I believe it’s time we do.” Kasen answered as he too looked at his opponents. “Let’s show them what the Uchiha are capable of nii-san.” Hiya said proudly. “Let’s” replied Kasen after finishing some hand signs. “Sharingan!”



Hiya = Fire Arrow; Cold water, Cold Snake

Kasen = Fire Arrow; Rivers; Aerial Wiring

Kasen has full control of his Sharinan. Hiya has yet to awaken it, but what she lacks in doujutsu, she makes up in taijutsu and the use of her tools.


[Kyuunin Members]


Aozora [Second in Command]: Loves her hair. Able to use blue flame. Is in command while Zen is sealed.

Kattan: A wind and sand user. Can control glass for a short amount.

Hangetsu Houzuki: His body is made of water, and such is able to use a variety of water attacks.


Zenshou (Zen) ??? [Leader]





Kuroniku (Kuro) ???

Modern Shinobi: Kyuunin

Here’s the next chapter of Modern Shinobi. Time to get to know the ‘bad guys’ a little bit more. Also, I’m going to start placing routes on the map. (ala Battle Royale) In order to save story time, I placed the info on the Kyuunin on the bottom. Hope you guys enjoy.

Chapter 1 – Chapter 2 – Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Crow tells Kaze the reason there is no more ninjutsu: Heiji Uzumaki’s  Fuujutsu: Houshin. However, that’s not the only bit of news that was brought upon Kaze. Crow also went on to tell Kaze about the Kyuunin: a group of nine people led by a man named Zenshou. To make matters worst the seals keeping them confined have began to break, leaving only Crow, and now Kaze, to stop them.


Chapter 5: Kyuunin

Location: Wind Country

“When are going to be out of this wretched desert!” Kattan expressed himself. “You, out of all people, are complaining about the desert? Are you not originally from Suna?” replied Aozora to Kattan’s complaining. “Didn’t like it then, dont’ like it now. Especially after living there all my life. Don’t get be wrong, I love the sand. It’s the heat that bugs me.” explained Kattan. “*sigh* Well, Hangetsu’s chakra is still faint, he must of been sealed deeper east within the desert.” it saddened Aozora to admit that, she couldn’t stand Kattans complaining. “Wait.” stopped Kattan. “I haven’t tried in a while, maybe know I can do it.” he continued as he tried to call the sand to his command. It worked. The sand was moving the way he wanted. “Finally. My chakra is back. Come on, jump on.” Kattan invited Aozora to his floating sand platform. “Nicely done. Head northeast.” With that the sand soared towards said direction.


Location: Wakaba City

Kumori and Unarimaru were enjoying a trip to the park, Hatsuhi was waiting for them there. “Where’s Kaze-kun?” Hatsuhi expressed her concern. The two friends just looked at each other, no response was given. It’s been five days since the day the three boys went to the Hidden Village together. Although the’re memories weren’t all to clear as to what happened that day, Kaze took the liberty to fill them in. They swore an oath of secrecy and have been covering for him since. “Well?! Where is he?” Hatsuhi continued, her voice growing louder. “umm, he said he had to so something. Or something like that. He didn’t say what.” stumbled Unari with his words. “Since when is he one to keep stuff from you guys?” she was to smart for that excuse. “He’s been dodging us for almost a week now!” she continued. “He’s busy! That’s all you need to know.” came back Kumori. “I’m sure he will tell us all what he has been doing soon enough. And trust me, he has been dodging more things than us, as of late.” That managed to silence Hatsuhi, for now.


Location: Hidden Village – Training Grounds

“Katon: Fireball Jutsu!” cried out Crow as he sent a huge fireball straight towards Kaze. “umm? dammit!” expressed Kaze as his fingers became twined. “DODGE IT!!” came Crow’s plea. Kaze jumped out of the way, the sphere of blaze narrowly missing. “It’s been five days, and you are still having trouble with your hand signs?! I thought you learned them already?!” came Crows disappointment. “I could do them! Just not when a huge ball of fire death is headed towards me!” Kaze tried to defend himself. “You think the enemy is going to give you a chance!? They are not going to be ‘Oh, wait. Let me wait until you prepare yourself, before I kill you.’ Stand up! We are doing it again, until you get it right.”


Location: Wind Country

The two kyuunin members continue to travel towards the direction of another sealed member, Hangetsu Houzuki. “Hahahaha!” came a laugh, made deeper do to the constant silence. “What’s so funny?” Aozora’s sexy voice demanded. “I’m just thinking how pissed Hangetsu is going to be after you release his seal.” came a quick answer from Kattan. “Why is that?” she asked again, with what seemed to be a sly smile. “He’s the only person I know, aside from me, that REALLY hates heat. Not only that, but YOU’RE the one that’s going to free him.” The two looked at each other for just a moment before Aozora joined in the laughter. They laughed until they reached their destination.


Location: Hidden Village – Training Grounds

“Fuuton: Air Gust Jutsu!” came a smile from Kaze’s face, which quickly banished as the fireball grew bigger. He dodged it, once again. Crow couldn’t help but place his hand on his face and shake his head.”What’s the order!?” came his fierce voice. “Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth.” answered back Kaze, his voice filled with disappointment. “LOUDER!” ordered Crow. “Water! Fire! Wind! Lightning! Earth!” “Good. Try to remember this time. Now, get ready.” said Crow, hand signs being completed. “KATON! … “


Location: Wind Desert

“Stop over there.” pointed Aozora before continuing “About a mile passing that rock.” “As you wish, your highness.” followed Kattan’s sarcastic remark. Once in the designated area, the two started their search for the seal. The search ended after Kattan misplaced his footing. BOOM! The explosion sent Kattan flying a few feet towards the sky. “Good job. You found it.” came Aozora’s smart remark. She constructed her hand signs. “Secret Art: Unseal Method.” After placing her hands on the floor where Kattan accidentally stepped, the floor started to give in. Aozora continuously jumped backwards until the floor stopped giving in.


Location: Hidden Village – Training Grounds

“Crow-sensei, I’m tired. Can’t I take a break?” Kaze expressed his fatigue. POOF! The scroll on the floor went. “Another one!? It’s only been five days! No! We are running out of time!” Crow exclaimed with a tone of urgency.


Location: Wind Desert

“So. Where the hell is he?” Kattan expressed his concern. “I don’t know! Why don’t you go down there and investigate.” Kattan was about to say something, but realized she outranked him and decided to follow what was clearly an order. “Besides, I already got wet because of one of you. I’m not giving him the satisfaction.” Kattan gave a simple ‘fine’ and jumped down to find Hangetsu.

After some time searching, Kattan came back up on his sand platform. He looked to be alone. “Well?!” asked Aozora. “I got him.” simply came back Kattan. “What?! Where?!” Kattan reached towards his back sash, only to present Aozora with a clear jar filled with water. “What!? Don’t tell me THAT woman is the reason I’m free!?” came a loud voice from the jar. Aozora could not hold on to her laughter. “You mean? That’s all that’s left of him?” “For the moment.” answered Kattan. “I had to place myself into this jar, or else this damn heat would of done me in. Just wait until my chakra comes back bitch. I’m going to soak you up good.” Now it was Kattan who was laughing. “You’re not getting anywhere near my hair. Neither of you!” expressed Aozora. “Ahhrrrggg!! That son of a bitch, Heiji. How there him seal me in this wretched desert!” Hangetsu continued with his ranting. “So, now what boss lady?” asked Kattan. “We look for the rest of them. What else?” expressed Aozora. “What!? You know how long that’s going to take? We don’t even know where they are!” whined Hangetsu. “Raindrops has a point there, Aozora.” She considered the two men’s argument. They were right. The only way she managed to find these two was because they were close to her. She had no read on anyone at the moment. She considered her options.

“Alright, from what I can gather, the seals are weakening in the order in which they were placed. Myself obviously being the first. Kattan being the second, and Moonboy being the third.” “THAT’S NOT MY NAME!” “Shut it, raindrop!” Kattan purposely annoyed Hangetsu. Aozora ignored the two and continued on, “The only thing I can think of is waiting for the next seal to weaken to the point where I can sense it, then head out to free that person.” “Wait! You said I’m the third? So Kishu, Yaen, Namako, Uka, Kuroniku, and Zen-sama are still out there somewhere!?” “Yes. So far we are the only Kyuunin in this world.” answered Aozora, her voice had a slight taste of sadness. “So, we’re just going to wait, huh?” came Kattan’s dissapointment. “Not exactly.” came back Aozora. “I remember sensing a couple people with chakra signatures when I went to unseal you Kattan. They are a long way towards the east. We could have some fun with them to pass the time.” Both Kattan and Hangetsu smiles showed their agreement. “Hopefully by that time, my chakra will come back to me. I want to join in.” said the jar of water. “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s get out of this pesky desert.” said Kattan. “Couldn’t agree with you more there.” added Hangetsu. With a hand gesture from Kattan, a sand platform formed and the trio was off.


Location: Unknown

He opens his eyes. There’s nothing but darkness. No matter how hard he tries, all he sees is black. He places his hands in front of him, but to no avail. “Where am I? What is this place? I can’t see a thing.” He shouts in search of a response. Nothing. Not even his own echo. He feels ground under his feet. It’s cold, wet, and hard. He walks without destination, but filled with purpose. He does not know where he is going, but knows he has to get them, and soon. He runs in the darkness. He must hurry. He is needed. He is running. He must not stop. He continues to run. For time is running just as fast as he.



After five days of hard training, Kaze has learned all the basics: Hand Signs; Elements; Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu; Using tools effectively. He does not have his own attacks, yet. His Element is Wind. (don’t tell me you didn’t know that by know. lol.)

Hangetsu = Half Moon; Yaen = Wild Monkey; Kishu = Horseman, Rider; Namako = Sea Slug, Sea Cucumber; Uka = emergence (of insects), growing wings & flying; Kuroniku = Black Sealing Ink

[Kyuunin Members]

Zenshou (Zen) ???
Village: Konoha
Status: Leader (Sealed)
Abilities: ???
Info: Zen was formally Heiji’s confidant, but the two didn’t see eye to eye on the decisions Heiji was taking. This made Zen him start a coup against Heiji. He was defeated and was expelled from Konoha, which made him take refuge in what used to be Kiri. While Suna and Konoha were planning out there take over, Zen was planing out how to annihilate them. Zen came to find out about a statue that was heavily guarded deep within the caves of the country of Fire. He enlisted the help of nine people, each having their own reasons for joining with Zen. After years of never being heard from, one day Zen and his group, the Kyuunin, surprised attacked the ninjas guarding this statue and took it for themselves. Thanks to their new treasure, the team grew immensely powerful.

Age: 27
Village: Konoha
Status: Second in Command
Abilities: She is very keen in reading, and encrypting, seals. She is also a great sensory type. Can shoot powerful blue fireballs from her mouth.
Info: Aozora is a childhood friend of Zen, and because of such the first to join Zen’s Kyuunin. She also has strong feelings towards him, to which Zen is oblivious to. She really hates water and getting any part of her body wet, especially her long sky-blue hair.

Age: 25
Status: Member
Abilities: He is a Wind Element user. Has brute strength. Possesses the ability to use powerful sand attacks, however only in areas where there is sand.
Info: Kattan was son to the Kazekage of his time. After hearing that his father was going to assist Heiji in his plan to eliminate ninjutsu he deflected to Kyuunnin, where he assisted in taking over most of the villages under his fathers rule. He was sealed in a cave located in the south of what used to be the River Country.

Hangetsu Houzuki 
Age: 20
 Kumo (after Kiri’s annihilation)
Status: Member
Abilities: Very powerful, and unlimited, water based attacks. He also has the ability to turn himself to a liquid form. Hangetsu is also a remarkable swordsman, he once possessed a sword able to grow stronger by acquiring the blood of it’s opponents.
Info: Hangetsu is the last living descendant of the Houzuki Clan. His family was forced to move to Kumo after his country was completely annihilated by an unknown source. He used to keep a bottle of water with him at all times, to hydrate himself after using to much water chakra. However, he joined Kyunnin after being promised a way to have unlimited amount of water by Zen.

Age: 15
Status: Member (Sealed)
Abilities: Do to Yaen’s monkey-esque appearance, he is a very agile fighter, making him a treat in taijutsu. Can use both Fire and Earth Element styles. Has the ability to use Lava based techniques
Info: Born with a monkey-esque body, Yaen was teased alot. He would often take out his anger on innocent people, almost to the point of killing them. After narrowly escaping the villagers attacks, he was found half-beaten by Uka. The two became really close and lived for themselves, until they found a more permanent home with Kyuunin.

Age: 29
Status: Member (Sealed)
Abilities: Proficient with a bow and arrow. Has an array of arrow based jutsus. He is also a great horseback rider. Has a contract with Horse Summons. Can be under water for a long period of time.
Info: Kusa was a great horseback hunter before he took up being a ninja. He actually preferred his time with his horses than going on missions. However, after Suna invaded Kusa everything changed. Without given a reason, his horses were taken away, and he was left alone. He joined Kyuunin to take his revenge of Suna.

Village: Iwa
Age: 22
Member (Sealed)
Abilities: Earth and Water Element user. Has a unique ability to use slime in a variety of ways. Has a contract with Slugs.
Info: Namako loved diving of the cliffs to the north coast of the Rock Country, often nude. She is in a way a free spirit, often without a worry in the world. After Iwa was attacked, the people of were forced to join the Suna army, and live under Suna’s rule. This did not agree with Namako, thus her joining Kyuunin.

Age: 17
Status: Member (Sealed)
Abilities: Proficient in Wind and Lightning Element attacks. Has the ability to fly via insect wings, and make her skin into a form of exoskeleton.
Info: After finding Yaen, and hearing his story, she decided to let him accompany her in her travels. Turned out Uka too was bullied in her own village, so she decided to leave and travel the world. On their travels the two came across Zen and his team and decided to join.

Kuroniku (Kuro) ???
Age: 27
Status: Member (Sealed)
Abilities: Very good in using tools to his advantage. A very smart shinobi, almost genius level. Can use and manipulate ink in a variety of ways.
Info: Kuro was the last to join Kyuunin, after Uka and Yaen. His motives were unclear, as he was the only one – asside from Aozora – to seek membership. Not much is known from him, aside from his use of ninja tools, there is no other sign of him being a shinobi. He has no known basic element styles, often using element tags on his tools instead.

Modern Shinobi: The ‘Great Purge’

Well, I had my breakfast, so let’s do this! First let me start by thanking all who are reading this FanFic. I’m really proud of this project, and hope you enjoy this ride we’re going to have together. Now, here’s the latest chapter.

Chapter 1 – Chapter 2.

Chapter 3: The mysterious man, known as Crow, revealed himself to Kaze. Kaze understandably has various questions for Crow, to which Crow answers in a for of a story. In his story, Crow recounts the events that have led this moderns world without the use of ninjutsu, and more importantly it addresses Kaze’s ancestry.


Chapter 4: The Great Purge

Location: The Hidden Village.

After hearing what Crow has told him, Kaze still has a hard time understanding some of what was told to him. Crow told him who abolished ninjutsu: Heiji Uzumaki. But he hasn’t told  him what he did? When or where he did it? And more importantly why? Kaze needed some answers, and he was going to get them. He was already to deep into this, he needed to know more. No. He needed to know, EVERYTHING.

“H-how? Why? How did Heiji-hijiji do such a task? I don’t understand. That’s impossible.” Kaze hoped his fishing would get a catch. “Impossible. Yes, if it was a normal shinobi.” Crow gladly took the bait. “But, this is your great-grandfather. The great Heiji Uzumaki. Nothing was impossible for him.” Crow emphasized before continuing. “The simplicity of it is simple. Heiji-sama was tired. Tired of it all: the fighting; the killing; the hurt of losing someone.” The last one hit Kaze close to home. “After years of studying, training, and practicing; Heiji-sama came across a technique that would end it all.” Kaze’s eyes were filled with anticipation. “But before he could use it, Heiji-sama had to do one last thing.” Kaze lowered his head in disappointment: he thought Crow was going to describe the technique. However, Crow’s next words brought him right back. “Rule the world!”

“WHAT!? I thought Heiji-hijiji was the good guy?!” Kaze exclaimed. “You are still too young. How can you possibly understand.” Crow said under his breath. “Let me finish!” Crow scolded before moving on. “He knew it was impossible for one man to do this alone, even if this one man was as powerful as he, so he went to Suna, a long time ally of Konoha. What was discussed there is still unknown till this day. One thing is for certain however, since that day both Konoha and Suna ‘relieved’ their respective damaiyos, and began to invade their surrounding countries. First Suna took out Iwa, then the combined might of Konoha and Suna took down Kumo. After that the small countries weren’t so hard to conquer. Most surrendered without a fight, they would of been stupid not to. Others believed in what Heiji-sama was doing and willingly gave their lands to him. After the whole ordeal, the continent was divided into two: with Konoha taking one half and Suna taking the other.” Kaze still could not fathom what his great-grandfather had done. He held his questions until Crow finished with his tale. “Soon after, Heiji-sama visited each ninja village under his rule, one by one. And as he visited them, they forgot anything regarding ninjutsu. Heiji-sama paid this ‘special’ visit to all the ninja villages, no exception. In a matter of months, no one under the rule of the Shakaku had any knowledge of ninjutsu, or its history. Everyone except the people who lived in this village. Only Konoha, and the people living inside of her knew what really happened. They were sworn to secrecy of course.”


After a moment of silence Crow, now on the rooftop of the old Hokage Mansion, addressed Kaze. “If you have any questions, young Uzumaki, ask them now. I will answer them as honestly as I can.” Kaze started his questioning. “What about Suna? Where they allowed to still practice ninjutsu?” “No. The same happened to Suna. The Kazekage at the time believed in Heiji-sama’s dream. Though the methods were different, both lands did away of ninjutsu.” “What about Heiji-hijiji’s method?” continued Kaze. “Remember when I mentioned that he was practicing a certain technique. Turns out he used said technique on the villages when he visited them.” “What kind of technique?” asked Kaze, almost not wanting to hear the answer. “Heiji-sama was a master of the mind. He had a variety of techniques that involved controlling ones mind. He was the first and only practitioner of Keiiken. After years of practicing Keiiken, he made a technique unique to only himself: Fuujutsu Houshin!” “Houshin?” asked Kaze in awe. “Sadly I don’t know more than its name. I have never seen it used, and since Heiji-sama is no longer with us, no one ever will.” Crow continued on. “What I can gather from the name, It’s a sealing technique, and it has to do with the mind. I can only imagine what it was capable of doing.” “How do you know about all this?” continued the questioning. “I, as you, am a descendant of someone from those times. My great-grandfather was one of Heiji-sama’s most trusted friends. He was instructed to continue the teachings of ninjutsu to only his family, and no one else. We were taught to practice in secrecy. Our family was given the task of protecting these secrets, with our lives.” “If your sworn to secrecy, then why are you telling me this? And why now?” “Keeping this information secret is only one of our tasks. One of many. Another is to tell them to those we are entrusted to protect, and no one else, at a certain time. Today is that certain time, and you are the person I’m entrusted to protect.” “Protect me? From what?” asked Kaze. Crow “From the very thing Heiji-sama fought so hard to expel. Ninjutsu!”


Location: Off the south coast of Wind Country.

Deep within the ocean surrounding what used to be the River Country. A trembling roar could be heard for miles on end. There was something very strong buried deep within a cave hidden in the face of coastline. And it wanted to get out very badly. “Aren’t you a feisty one.” came the sensual voice of a vixen with sky blue hair. The cloak she wore, protecting her from the up coming waves, covered her from head to toe. “Now where could that cave be?” The woman continues her search as she carefully climbed down the cliff. “*uuf* Water?! Again?! I hate water!!”


Location: The Hidden Village.

“Ninjutsu?! But you just told me…” “I know perfectly what I told you!” Crow stopped Kaze. “I said Heiji-sama stopped ninjutsu under HIS rule. That means only the FIRE Country. Ninjutsu was not stopped in the Wind as easily, there were challenges.” “What kind of challenges?” “The Kyuunin.” Crow was quick to answer. “Kyuunnin?” “Yes, Kyuunin. Nine Kage level ninja that were attacking areas all around the new Wind Country. I don’t know much about them. All I was told by my father was that they were very strong shinobi and even Heiji couldn’t defeat them when they attacked as a group. So they were eventually sealed away by Heiji-sama, and the then Kazekage, one at a time. Zen being the last.” Crow took out a small scroll from his pocket. He made a couple of hand signs and placed his right hand in an indicated area in the scroll. Suddenly, in a bigger scroll emerged, leaving smoke residue as it appeared. Crow opened the scroll and placed it on the floor. The scroll showed nine kanji numbered seals, each inside of a square box. “I know you don’t understand the scriptures, but it is important that you know this much: Once a seal is broken, the kanji in the box will disappear.” Crow’s expression turn to one of sheer seriousness. “Now I need you to listen very carefully. Though the seals are very powerful, without Heiji-sama, they can be broken. As you can see the first one has already been broken. That means that one of the Kyuunin has emerged. And I’m positive that one is on their way to release the second. One is hard enough, I can’t deal with two. Do you understand!?” “Yes. But what does this have to do with me?” Kaze could only ask. “As it stands, not counting the Kyuunin, I’m the only ninja in this world. I am to teach you ninjutsu in order to save the world from these guys. And we don’t have much time.” “What?! That’s insane?! I don’t know one thing about ninjutsu!” exclaimed Kaze. “You know more than you think. I didn’t get out of my genjutsu, you did.” Crow reminded Kaze “But you told me how.” came back Kaze. “And now I’m going to teach you how. No is not an option young-Uzumaki. The fate of the world is at stake.” A soon as Crow finished his statement a cloud of smoke sprang from the scroll. poof it went. “What was that?” Kaze asked. “Our time limit, and it looks like we don’t have much of it.”


Location: Cave in the Wind Desert.

The cave’s entrance burst out with an uproar. Waves of raging water flew out with fierce power. The sexy woman was powerless to avoid getting wet. “HEY!! Here I come to free you, and this is the thanks I get!!!” the woman expressed her discomfort. “AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGHH!!! Damn you, Heiji Uzumaki!!!” came a roar filled with brute malice. “How long have I been imprisoned in this hell!?” the figure knee deep in water slowly got to his feet. “A vary long time. Chances are we’re not in the same age as when we were sealed.” answered the woman, her hands attempting to strain her clothes. “Same age? The hell do you mean, Aozora?” asked the dark skinned brute, recognizing the voice of her old teammate. “Think about it, Kattan. You were sealed here by none other than Heiji Uzumaki. He, and only he, can undo his seals. And somehow I doubt he did.” continued Aozora, her hands now working on straining her hair. “Which means? HAHAHAHAHA!!! HE’S DEAD!! Zenshou must have finally defeated that f***er!” Kattan expressed his enthusiasm. “No. I don’t think that’s it.” Aozora stopped the celebration. “What?! What makes you say that.” asked Kattan. “I don’t sense him, anywhere. Or any of the others. When I awoke ten days ago, I was in a dark cave, much like this one, to my neck in water.” her expression showed her disgust of the memory, before continuing on. “After I managed to unbind myself, I got out of there as soon as I could, and started traveling towards the base, only to find it in ruins and covered with verdure. It was then that I started sensing your chakra. So I travelled here.”  “What?! A ten day trip? Where were you sealed?” Aozora’s disgust expression came back to her “A cave deep inside the Waterfall Village. Don’t remind me!” “Then where are the rest of the guys?” “I don’t know!” came an answer from Aozora. “Then who defeated Heiji? Zen was the only one strong enough.” returned Kattan, with a smug look. “That’s exactly what I was getting at, before you started your little uproar, and questioning. He must of died of old age. Who knows how many years we were imprisoned.” “Well, if I can’t get my revenge on him, then I’ll take it on his descendants. There has to be someone out there with his bloodline.” Aozora just gave Kattan a sly smile. “There is. Let’s go find him.” Kattan returned the smile. “Let’s go then.” said Kattan as he made his way towards the mouth of the cave. “I am not going THAT way! I had enough water for one day.” expressed Aozora as she finished her hand signs. “I’m making my own way.” She continued as she took a breath, turned her head up and launched a huge blue fireball at the ceiling. Once the cave-in subsided, Aozora used the rubble as stairs and climbed out to the surface. Kattan gestured with his hands as if he were trying to lift something, but nothing happened. “You just ‘awoke’, your chakra is going to take sometime to return. Besides, there’s no sand around here. So, no sand platform for you. Just take the same route as I did.” Once both shinobi made their way out they looked at their next destination and headed out.



Shakaku = Angel of Fire

Keiiken = shape-of-the-mind fist (think of it as the hyuga’s gentle fist, but it targets your mind as oppose to the chakra nerve system.)

Houshin = absentmindedness

Fuujutsu: Houshin =  Sealing Technique: Absent of Mind (My own translation, just sounds better. lol.) Fuujutsu Houshin is a Fuuinjutsu technique used by Heiji to  erase ninjutsu from the mind of many people. Once inside a persons mind Heiji will target a certain part of their mind and seal away the information he wished. In a sense that information would be erased from their mind.

How Heiji erased Ninijutsu: Once he arrived at a village he would place the entire village in a genjutsu(using his doujutsu: Seishingan, the fusion of the Sharingan and Byakugan). Once he had everyone in the village under his control, he would make them gather together in a part of the village. Then using Keiiken (his evolved version of Juuken), he would go to each person and search their mind. Once he found what he was looking for he would use Fuujutsu: Houshin to seal away the information. (he is an Uzumaki after all.) Since this would take a great deal of time, he would take guards with him at all times, as to not get any distractions. (he would use his excellent chakra control to assist as well.)

Seishin =Soul, Spirit, Mind

Seishingan: The Seishingan (Mind Eye) is the fusion of the Sharingan and Byakugan, and as such it inherits both, but not all, their properties. The Seishingan has the ability to scan an area and place the people within that area in a genjutsu. (Think Byakugan with the ability to do Tsukuyomi) While inactive the user has his own eye color. Once activated the eyes take a pink color (Red:Sharingan; White:Byakugan) with three black tomoes (the tomoes resemble the one on necklace of the Six Sage) surrounding the iris, and the nerves around the eyes protruding.

Aozora = Blue Sky

Kattan = Brown Coal, Lignite

Zenshou (Zen as he was known)= translates into alot of stuff. Click on the name to know what.


Original Manga Map (this map is not mine)


Modern Shinobi Map (after Konoha and Suna takeover)

Modern Shinobi: Ancestry

Thanks to all who are reading this FanFic. I’m really proud of this project, and hope you enjoy this ride we’re going to have together. Now, here’s the latest chapter.

Chapter 1.
Chapter 2: On his way to The Hidden Village, Kaze ran into Kumori and Unari, something he wanted to avoid. The three briefly discussed Kaze’s father (deceased) and some items in the Uzumaki heritage. After, the three managed to infiltrate The Hidden Village, where a mysterious man was waiting for Kaze. At the knowledge of Kaze not being alone, the mysterious man took action against him and his friends. Leaving Kaze horrified at what he saw.


Chapter 3: Ancestry

Location: The Hidden Village.

Birds flew from their nest, Deer propped up and ran, and the forest was left silent. All that could be heard was an agonizing screech deep within the Hidden Village. At the top of the farthest structure within this isolated place was a young man in turmoil. His heart grew heavy. His mind escaped into a volley of distant memories. “Not this. Not again.” were the thoughts in his head. “Why me. Why must I always be alone!!!” was heard deep inside his head.

Kaze Uzumaki has been alone since the death of his parents at the age of 5. His father’s best friend, being more of a lawyer than a father to Kaze, has been taking care of him – or better said his interests – since then. Kaze was forced to raise himself, and was alone for most of his life. That is until he met his friends, Kumori, Unari, and Hatsuhi. They have been his family for the better part of his life. And in one day he had lost two of them to this man standing in front of him.

Who was this man covered in mystery. He stood tall, his cloak giving nothing to see, his face being the only thing close to an identity. All that could be seen from the man’s face was an eye patch on his right eye, and a red glow from his left. “I guess I didn’t make it CLEAR enough, the first time.” his voice sounded almost ominous. “I remember expressing to you that I wanted YOU here. ALONE!” Though Kaze could not see the man’s expression, he felt an intense sense of discord coming from the man. The man left Kaze to his thoughts.

“W-who are y-you” Kaze finally said after regaining himself, his voice almost a whisper. The man was the embodiment of silence. “Why are you doing this to me?!” Still the man did not say a word. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?!?!?” The man just turned an walked away. Kaze noticed he left his sword behind, right next to Unari’s lifeless body. After the man was a good distance away from the blade, Kaze sprang and took the sword at hand and made his way towards his friends killer. The swing of the blade made contact with it’s target, only to have it form into a flock of crows and disperse. Confusion spread all through Kaze. What was this? Where the man go? Where did all this crows come from? What’s happening?

“You really are clueless, aren’t you?” came a voice from behind him. Kaze’s searched the surroundings, before he fully turned around he felt a kick to the gut.. “To think that you could land a hit on me is futile.” He continued his search, only to get a punch to the face. A sweep of the legs then followed. Suddenly the flock of crows came together to make the body of the man present. “You really have alot to learn.” said the man ten feet away from him. “You asshole! You killed Unari! And thanks to you Kumori is going to be in prison! I will kill you if it’s the last thing…” “You will do nothing of the sort!” interrupted the man in the cloak. “Clear your head, and you’ll see the truth!” Kaze’s confusion returned. What did the man mean? Clear his head? “You expect me to ‘clear’ my head with all that’s going on? With all the things you’ve done to me!?” The man interrupted once again. “My dear boy. I haven’t done a thing to you. I haven’t moved a finger since you entered the village.” Kaze’s confusion kept growing. “But Unari… I saw you…” “I made you see!” interrupted the man, making sure Kaze was paying attention before he went on” … what I wanted you to see. Hear what I wanted you to hear. Feel what I wanted you to feel. I’m in control of your senses now.”

Kaze then realized that he was in another of those illusions, genjutsu the man called it. He tried to do what the man said; clear his mind. He began by controlling his breathing. Then slowly he tried to erase the many thoughts in his head. One by one they were banishing, until none were left. Then when the air around him seemed different, he opened his eyes to see that he was alone on top of the rooftop. Unari’s  and Kiba’s bodies weren’t there any longer, and the man was nowhere to be seen.


“Not as fast I would of liked, but nonetheless you managed to break my Genjutsu.” came a voice from deep within the mountain. As he stepped in to reveal himself the man continued, “Good job, young Uzumaki.” The man was on top of one of the various faces carved from the mountain. This one in particular was a man with his eye covered by what seemed to be a headband. Kaze could barely make out the man in the distance, he did appeared to have on the same cloak as the man in the genjutsu however. “Where are my friends?!” “No need for concern, you have other worries to think about.”  “How are they?! Are they safe? Who are you?” The man knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere unless he answered him. “Your friends are unconscious, but alive. They’re safe. Like I said, no need to be concern. As far as who am I? Just call me… Crow.”

Crow decided to commence before he was asked any other distracting questions. “Do you recognize any of these faces, young Uzumaki?” The question silenced Kaze, as he scanned the many faces, twelve in all, until he reached the end. “The last one, on the far right, looks like my great-grandfather.” Crow confirmed Kaze’s thought, “Correct. that’s Heiji-sama! This village’s last leader and the reason ninjutsu is scarce in this world.” Suddenly, Kaze was sucked in by curiosity. “Ninjustu. You mentioned that before. What exactly is that?” Crow just brushed the question aside. “Let’s not get to ahead of ourselves.  Before you know what something is, you need to know where it came from first.”

Crow went on to explain the history of ninjustsu. He spoke about the Sage of Six Paths, the evolution of Doujutsu, Kekkei Genkais, and many other subjects Kaze has never heard in his life. Even the stories he read didn’t go this deep. Did all this stuff really exist? What was he thinking? How could he doubt this after what he had just experienced? He was in a genjutsu, twice. Surely all this stuff had to exist at some point in the past. Then it came to him.

“What happened? I mean, to all this you’re telling me about. What happened to all of it?” asked Kaze, giving Crow his undivided attention. “Heiji-sama happened. He single handed abolished any need for it.” “What? How? I mean, one man? All of it? How?” “I don’t expect you to understand. And I know it’s alot to take in.”
“But, why hasn’t any of this been told to us in our history classes? I mean I don’t recall any of this ever being discussed.” addressed Kaze. “Because Heiji-sama wanted it that way.” Crow gave a simple answer. Confusion was painted on Kaze’s face.
“*sigh* I guess I have no choice but to tell you everything. Heiji-sama was a very strong and talented shinobi. As expected for someone with his ancestry.” Crow began his history lesson.


“Many, many years ago, there were five great nations of the shinobi world: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and Lightning. They were constantly fighting among themselves. Until they decided to make a truce, no, an alliance, to take care of a very powerful enemy; a man calling himself Madara Uchiha.” “Uchiha” thought Kaze to himself. He knew the name well. “He was responsible for the last Great Ninja War. After days of fighting, it took the combined effort of two shinobi to finally defeat him; Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.” Kaze recognized the name Naruto, he had read it on his book. He wondered if it was the same man. He continued to hear Crow’s story. “With this man defeated, and the shinobi alliance still in tact, the world was in peace. This continued for a couple of years, until Kiri was completely decimated by an unknown assailant. The four remaining countries were pointing fingers at each other, almost starting another Great Ninja War. However, Kakashi Hatake, the man you see me standing on, and that times Hokage -the title given to Konoha’s leader – intervened.” Kaze could make out a sense of pride in Crow tone as he said the mans name. “He made it his mission to find out who this menace to the shinobi world was. That made him, and his village a target. In the coming weeks Iwa was taken over by the same people that obliterated Kiri. The newly invaded Iwa ambushed Konoha in what was called the ‘Ambush of Konoha War’*. Suna being long time allies of Konoha went to help.” Crow’s tone changed once again, this time one of sorrow. “After Kakashi-sama gave his life for his village, and the people in it, the attacks ceased. It turned out the target all along was Kakashi-sama, as he was close to finding out who this assailant was. They obviously wanted him silenced.” Crow paused for only a moment.

“This is were the story of Heiji-sama starts to come together.” continued Crow. “Naruto Uzumaki was appointed the new Hokage.” Kaze couldn’t help but look at the head next to where Crow was standing. “His first decree was to lift Sasuke Uchiha’s title as a renegade ninja and allow him to join the ranks of Konoha. However, since the people of Konoha still had animosity towards him, Sasuke agreed with the exception that he live outside of Konoha. Naruto-sama agreed, and Sasuke was allowed to live in what once was the land of rivers.*” Crow stopped again, this time to let Kaze absorb what he was just told. “Years later they both had many children. And as it was tradition to do, they all attended a school for shinobi. There the children were placed in groups of three and given to a sensei to lead them in the ways of the shinobi. One of these teams consisted of two of Sasuke children; his son Minku**, and daughter Yoza**. The third was one of Naruto’s sons; Kashi**. Kashi and Yoza got romantically involved, and one of their children was your great-grandfather Heiji.” Kaze had mixed feeling at knowing that he was related to the great shinobi who saved the world a long time ago. “Now, you remember what I told you about the doujutsu, and the clans that possessed them?” Kaze gave a simple nod, showing he was still paying attention. “Well, Kashi inhereted his mothers Byakugan, while Yoza, inherited her fathers Sharingan. Turned out Heiji inhereted both. Giving him a very powerful doujutsu. Given that, his father’s and mother’s techniques, and the fact that he learned sealing techniques from his aunt, the Eleventh Hokage, and chakra control by his grandmother, Sakura Harano. The combination of such powerful techniques made him the strongest shinobi to ever live. He was considered the reincarnation of the Sage of Six Paths.” Kaze was stricken by the irony of it all. A man considered to be the same as the father of ninjutsu came to be the one who ended it. Kaze’s gaze gravitized towards the face of his great-grandfather. Was he really related to such a man?



The order of Hokage as it pertains to this story:

[The first five] Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Minato Namikaze, Tsunade Senju.
[Sixth] Danzo Shimura (briefly, Tsunade took her rightful place after)
[Seventh] Kakashi Hatake (after Tsunade’s death)
[Eighth] Naruto Uzumaki (appointed by Kakashi, his last words)*
[Nineth] Neji Hyuga (briefly, while Naruto was MIA. Shikamaru was considered first, but found the job to troublesome)
[Tenth] Konohamaru Sarutobi (after Naruto’s death)
[Eleventh] Yuri Namikaze** (Naruto’s daughter, appointed by Konohamaru after he retired)
[Twelfth] Heiji Uzumaki (the last Hokage of Konoha)

* This was explained in my 10yrs after fanfic.

** NGS characters

Kaze’s Family Tree

Minato + Kushina :: Fugaku + Mikoto

Hinata + Naruto :: Sasuke + Sakura

Kashi + Yoza

Heiji + [unknown]




Modern Shinobi: ‘The Hidden Village’

Hope everyone liked the previous chapter. This is the second one. Unlike NGS whether people read this or not, I have decided to at least finish this one. For those of you who were reading NGS, I will make subtle references to it now and then since this is the future of that story. Thank you, and enjoy.

Chapter 1: Three high school best friends (Kaze, Kumori, Unari) were being followed by a stranger. In reality the man was only interested on one of them, Kaze Uzumaki. The man placed Kaze in a Genjutsu and talk to him about ninjutsu, and other things. After their discussion he told Kaze to meet him at The Hidden Village (formerly Konoha) alone.


Chapter 2: The Hidden Village

Location: Wakaba City.

“What!?” came a growl from Unarimaru, after Kaze explained what happened. “You have to stop reading those books of yours. They are making you imagine things.” added Kumori. “YOU READ BOOKS!!??” came back Unari. “Are you really more surprised at that than what I just told you?!” scolded Kaze. “It does sound more unbelievable. I just happen to know because I saw you.” chuckled Kumori, but only briefly “Back to the matter at hand. As far fetched as this sounds, one thing is certain; We all saw that man.” “Yeah, that’s true. But ILLUSIONS!? COME ONE!” exclaimed Unari. “Look! You can believe it, or not, Growl-mouth, but it happened!” Kaze defended himself. “Alright. Stop. The both of you!” ordered Kumori. “Let’s rationalize this for a moment. We DID loose Kaze, only to find him a couple of seconds later. The man WE ALL saw, and Kiba senses,-” Kumori looked at Unari and continued “- was following Kaze, until just recently. We are the only ones on this block, and it has a long stretch. And I would like to add that there is no place he could hide is such a short notice. So what happened to him?” The trio remained quiet for some time.

“Ok. Alright. Whatever. You’re right. There was a man following us, or should I say Kaze.” Unari finally acknowledged before continuing on “Still, why would he just want you? And what’s this ‘your life’s in danger’ nonsense? And ninjutsu?! REALLY!?” “More importantly: Are you actually going to go through with this?” Kumori’s question paused them yet again.

“Yes” responded Kaze, after the long pause. “What?! Are you insane!? You don’t even know the guy? You can’t trust him!” Unari expressed his concerns. “Trust has nothing to do with it. I just need to do this.” Something felt right within Kaze, like he was meant to do this. “Don’t ask me why. I just do.” he added as he started to see the signs of concern on his friends faces. “Fine, but we’re coming with you!” Kaze wanted to deny the request, but Unari continued on. “I don’t care if he said for you to come alone. If he really possesses that kind of power, I’m not letting one of my best friends meet him by himself!” Kumori took no time to bring his friend back to reality “If he possesses that kind of power, what makes you think you could do something about it?” “Whatever it takes! Besides I’ll have my other best friend with me to back me up.” assured Unari. Kumori gave him a slight smirk. “Right boy? You’ll help me out, right?” Kiba gave a grateful bark of agreement. Both Kaze and Kumori were left speechless. “Really?!” they both exclaimed. “What? What you guys thought I meant?” Unari shared a confused look with Kiba. “Forget about it.” said Kumori, and went on to add “But he has a point. It’s to risky. I will go with you as well.” After a long silence, Kaze realized that they were not going to take no for an answer, he knew them to well. “Thank you guys.” he said under his breath. “Fine. But we need to figure out how to get passed the military.” And with a look of determination from the three, they left to make plans.


It was the fated day, and Kaze was making his way to the place he was meant to meet this mystery man. He came across an open area surrounded by trees. The only thing worth noting were these three stumps of wood, about the size of a normal adult. Suddenly he heard some ruffling in the bushes behind the three stumps. Kaze turned and went for the weapon he tucked in his back pocket. “You thought you could fool me that easily?” Came a voice from a behind a tree to the other side of the stumps. Out of the shadows came out a figure with a ponytail. “Kumori?” Kumori kept silent. “I take it that’s Unari and Kiba in the bush.” figured Kaze. “Damn Kiba, you made to much noise.” A whine has heard from the bushes. “Come on out you two.” Kaze ordered. “Why you leave without us?” asked Unari as he dusted himself of, to no avail since Kiba shook himself next to him. “I knew you were going to pull something like this so I called Unari and told him to meet me here.” addressed Kumori. “Look guys, I know you’re probably mad at me, but I just don’t want you guys to get hurt because of me. Who knows what this guy’s capable of.” “Whatever it is, I doubt that kunai you have in your back pocket is going to do much to him.” Kaze froze on the cold calculated voice of Kumori. “Kunai? Those things still exist?” wondered Unari. “H-how you know what it was?” “I made out the figure of it when you turned to ‘attack’ the bush. At that speed a rock had more than enough time to escape.” Both Kaze and Unari were shocked at Kumori’s perception skills. They both knew he was smart, but this was something else.

“How you managed to get a hold on one of those things?” Unari expressed his curiosity. “It’s been part of my family for generations. My dad gave it to me before … before he…” Without thinking Unari finished the sentence. “Before he died!” “UNARI!” scolded Kumori. “Oh man, I’m sorry dude. I didn’t mean to…” “Don’t worry about it. Just don’t worry about it.” There was silence for a short while. “I don’t want to loose anyone else.” Both Unari and Kumori looked at each other, then to Kaze. “You won’t man. We’ll be with you ’till the end, man.” encouraged Unari. “Yeah. We are not going anywhere.” added Kumori. “Again, sorry about the whole … you know. Didn’t mean to …” Unari’s apology was cut short by Kaze. “I know you didn’t mean it. It’s not your fault your an idiot.” Unari laughed “Yeah, I kind of am.”

“Come to think of it, your family left you a great deal of things. Did they not?” Kumori tried to change the subject. “Yeah, they did. My books, and this kunai are just some of the things that I’m allowed to have, among other things. But most of them are in some storage place. According to my dad’s will: I will get access to it on an established date.” “Established date? The hell that means.” Kumori took it upon himself to answer Unari’s question. “It means that at a certain date, he will have access to it. Do you know the date.” “No. But I can’t shake the feeling this guy has something to do with it.”


As they grew closer to The Hidden Village, Unari expressed his concern.”So, how are we going to do this? Everything but the mountain is sealed of by either electric fences, military or both.” “Then we climb the mountain.” quickly came an answer from Kaze. “We don’t have to. I say we just walk through the front door.” said Kumori. “What?! You can’t be serious!?” stated Unari. “I’m very much serious. All the guards are asleep. I checked.” “What?! We came at the same time and I never saw you leave that tree.” “Correction: You never ‘heard’ me leave this tree. The moment we arrived I took off to survey the land. And something I noticed is that all the guards were asleep. All of them.”

Unari might of forgotten, but Kaze knew all to well how good of an outdoors man Kumori is. His family do have their own forest after all. That must of been how they beat him on getting here. They must of taken a short cut through the Nara Forest. “It seems like this mystery man made it easy for you to get inside The Hidden Village. He must be already waiting.” They grew silent. “Why does this always happen?” asked Unari. “What are you talking about? This is the first time we ever do something like this!” addressed Kaze. “No not this.” clarified Unari. “We always get quiet whenever Kumori says something.” “Is that really what you’re thinking about?!” wondered Kaze. “Yup. Why?” Unari asked. “Sometimes I wonder about you, Unari.” expressed Kumori. Unari set quiet as both Kaze and Kumori chuckled at his expense.

“Alright, this is how we’re going to do this. I’m going to head on and scout to see if the guards are still asleep. Which they should be. I’ll text you to let you know. Once you enter, Unari, Kiba and myself will follow and hide in the buildings nearby.” Kumori explained his plan. “Didn’t we do something like that the first time? And if I remember correctly. I didn’t work!” Unari reminded Kumori. “He is expecting only Kaze this time, he won’t know we are with him.” “Oh. Ok. Just checking.”


Kaze finally made it to the entrance. Kumori was right; all the guards were fast asleep, including the guard dogs. He looked to see if his friends were close by, Kumori let himself be known with an ‘ok’ hand gesture. Surprisingly Unari was doing a good job of not letting himself be heard. With confidence Kaze entered the historic landmark and made his way to what once was the Hokage Mansion. At the base of the stairs was a sign: “Follow the stairs. I’ll be upstairs waiting.”

As he made his way to the rooftop of the structure he saw another sign. “The longer you take. The shorter your friend and his little dog have to live.” Kaze’s eyes were as wide as they have ever been. He went for his phone as he ran up the stairs to reach the rooftop. His intention was to inform Kumori of what has happened. Instead, once he opened his phone he was greeted with another message: “Don’t concern yourself about poity tail, he’s busy being arrested for trespassing.” The guards woke up. How? When? Did this guy knew all along that he wasn’t alone. He scratched that thought, it wasn’t important. He had to save Unari. He continued his ascend towards the rooftop. Once there he saw something he was afraid of; Kiba was covered in blood. Red covered his coat more than the natural white it was suppose to be. To the side was Unari on his knees, tied up and gagged with a handkerchief. Next to him was a man a good six and a half feet tall. “I thought told you…” He just finished cleaning the blood of Kiba off his sword as he continued ” … to come …” The man looked at Unari, the back at Kaze. “ALONE!!” With a swift move Unari’s head departed his body. Tears came to Kaze’s eyes. “NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” was all that Kaze could gasp as he fell to his knees, head to the floor, and arm stretched towards his fallen friend.



Most of Konoha’s previous clans still have control of their old lands.

Kaze is Heiji’s grandson, making him too a descendant  of both Sasuke and Naruto. His family tree will be explained on the following chapters.

Cell phones, and a variety of our modern technologies, exist in this world.

Modern Shinobi: Revelations

This is my new fanfic. Here’s the set up: This story takes place in the modern day Naruzepverse where everything Kishimoto has written up until now still happened. Also elements of my other stories are referenced, though not many since I still want this to have it’s own life.
Since this story takes place in modern times, as the title suggest, I need to establish a history. And since the manga is still going, and we don’t know the outcome as of yet, in this universe Naruto defeated Sasuke, and the two joined forces to defeat Tobi (I still refuse to call him Madara) and end the Great Ninja War. Whether this is to happen in the actual manga, or not, is irrelevant for the purpose of this fanfic.
I hope those reading this fanfic understands why such changes had to be made. Also to make things flow faster, I’m going to do a {Trivia} section, in which I’m going to add tidbits on certain things (historic facts, name translations, minor explanations, etc.) instead of dragging the story with boring explanations. Thank you, and enjoy.


Chapter 1: Revelations

Timeline: 200 years after the last Great Ninja War.

Location: Wakaba* City. (*New Leaves)

 It was a regular friday afternoon in the City of New Leaves. Children were just getting out of school, getting ready to enjoy the weekend. Except for 17 year old Kaze Uzumaki, who stayed after school for detention. His offense, the usual, a fight at school with whoever happened to tick him off that day. With so many detentions, it’s a surprise he hasn’t been suspended from his school, Wakaba High.

It was Kaze’s hot blooded temper, along with his wild orange hair, and ‘whisker-like’ scars on his cheek that earned him the nickname ‘Hinote no Kitsune’ (Fox of blaze) among the student body. His constant anger outburst. caused most of the students not to like him, and constantly try to avoid him. However, not all the students of Wakaba High School hate him. Some, few as they are, embrace him for who he is. “Yo, Firefox! Where you going?” asked Unarimaru Inuzuka, or Unari as his friends call him. “Where you think? His usual after school pit stop.” answered Komuri Nara, another of Kaze’s friends. “Oh. Alright, see’ya after detention!” stated Unari as Kaze made his way inside the classroom.

“Who was it today, Kaze-san?” expressed his homeroom teacher. “That smug Uchiha kid, Umino-sensei.” “What am I going to do with you?” Tarumu smiled after giving out a purposed sigh.  Kaze was fortunate to have Tarumu Umino as his homeroom teacher; he was as his name states, relaxed, loose, and a bit of a slacker. “Well, you know what to do.” calmly stated Tarumu, as he motioned Kaze to his seat.”pshst” is all that came out of Kaze’s mouth.

Though he gave the appearance of hating detention, Kaze has grown to get used to it. He’s been there so many times that Tarumu lets him do whatever he wants, as long as he keeps to himself. Kaze mostly uses detention to read some of his books. Though he may not look like it, Kaze is pretty fond of reading, and is a pretty smart kid. Today he was reading one of his all time favorites: “The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi.” This book has been a part of his family for ages. It has been passed down from one Uzumaki to the next for generations. One thing that always confused him however, was the fact that there was no author to attribute the piece to. No mention of who wrote this book could be found anywhere within it’s pages. It always made him wonder why, but he enjoyed the book nonetheless.

After a few hours Tarumu broke the silence. “You’re free to go Kaze.” Kaze placed his leaf into the book to kark his place. ” ‘Bout time. Same time tomorrow, Sensei?” joked Kaze. “Hope not. I think I spend more time with you that my family.” They both laghed. ‘Try to stay out of trouble, would’ya. Unlike you, some of us don’t like staying after school.” chuckled the teacher. “Will do, Umino-sensei.” smiled Kaze.

Outside his friends were waiting patiently for Kaze to meet with them. “Took you long enough. Now it looks like we’re going to have to walk in the rain. Man, my ponytail is going to get messed up.” Kumori expressed his discomfort, while staring at the clouds. He was the same age as Kaze, a bit taller though. “Yeah, and Kiba is going to get all wet!” added Unarimaru, a year younger than his companions. “You know, I don’t remember asking you two to wait for me.” replied Kaze. After a silent pause, the three friends burst into laughter. It was silenced by Kaze showing concern as he began walking.  “Where’s Hatsuhi?” “She was picked up by her brother a while ago. Said she had to go to some Hyuga Family thing.” came an answer from Kumori, as he and Unari followed. “Psh. Hyuga. Always think they’re better than everyone. I mean Hatsuhi is cool, but I don’t know about the rest of them though.” added Unari. “At least they aren’t like the Uchiha, right?” Another laugh session ensued.


After walking for a good couple of blocks, the three friends noticed something peculiar. “Is it just me, or has the guy behind us been following us for some time now?” “Your senses are accurate as always Unari.” agreed Kaze. “He started back at the convenience store, three blocks ago.” perceived Kumori, the smart one of the group. “I don’t like it. And neither does Kiba. Calm down, boy” said Unarimaru, as he attended to his equally worried pet. Kumori quickly devised a plan. “Listen up, he’s just one man. He can’t be following all of us. That’s be to stupid, we outnumber him. So this is what we’re going to do.  Unari, you take Kiba and make a right on the next street. I’ll go left, Kaze will head straight. Whoever he continues to follow, the other two will back him up. Watch your backs, just in case.”

As they approached said street, the plan took to action. Unari went right with Kiba, while Kumori went left, leaving Kaze by himself. Kaze appeared to be who the lone man was after. Kumori and Unari waited a couple of second before they headed back towards Kaze’s direction. However, something didn’t fit. Kaze had banished, along with the mystery man. “DUDE! Where’s Kaze!?” growled Unari. “I don’t know! This makes no sense! I purposely chose this intersection to separate because all three ways don’t have much communing, and have a long stretch. We should be able to see them.” “Dude, we’re the only one’s here!” expressed Unari. “I CAN see that!” emphasized Kumori, as he thought to himself “What the hell happened?” 


After walking fo a bit Kaze started to get concerned. “Where are those two? And what happened to the guy that was following me? For that matter, where am I?” Kaze didn’t recognize anything surrounding him. The street he has traveled many a time looked nothing like it should. In matter of fact, it didn’t look like a street at all. Kaze was in the middle of a forest. “You seem lost.” a voice was heard. “Who’s there? Who said …” Kaze’s questions were interrupted “…that? Is that what you were going to ask? Funny how everyone asks the same thing. I bet ‘Where am I?’ was going to be the following one, am I right?”
“Well, smart-ass, since you brought it up. Where am …”
“You’re in the same location you were just a minute ago.”
“Stop messing with me! I’m not stupid! This looks nothing like …”
“Because I choose it to look this way. That’s why! Now shut up and listen. Your life could be in danger, but you could save it if you listen to me!”
“…” Kaze had no idea what was going on. But for one reason, or another, he decided to cooperate.
“You’re in something called a Genjutsu. An illusion. One I am in control of. I could make your brain splatter. Nail you to a cross for eternity. Send you to a never ending drown. Anything I wish, I could make happen. But, I’m not going to make any of that happen. Because, believe it or not, I’m here to help you.”

Now Kaze really didn’t know what was going on. Genjutsu? Is that even possible. That only existed in the stories he liked to read. It couldn’t be real. Something’s wasn’t right. Who is this guy. “How good are you at History, young Uzumaki?”
“How you know my name…”
“I’m not an expert, if that’s what you’re looking for. But know enough, i guess.” a safe answer. In reality it was one of Kaze’s favorite subjects.
“What do you know of your surname? Your heritage? Your ancestors?” continued the ominous voice.
“Uzumaki, umm, it means whirlpool. I think?” now Kaze was just playing with him.
” I’m not looking for a damn definition!! Don’t toy with me boy!!”
“Then, what do you want from me!”
“To release yourself from this Genjutsu.”
“What!? I don’t know how to do that!”
“Of coarse you don’t. All knowledge of Ninjutsu has been erased from your modern teachings. I’ll be surprised if you could even make a clone of yourself.”
Ninjutsu? Clone? More terms used in books Kaze read. What was this guy talking about?
“What if I told you that everything you read in those precious books of yours were true. All the abilities. All the wars. All the stories. True.”
“What?! Those are just stories. Nothing more. That stuff can’t be real. Stories, nothing more. That stuff doesn’t exist.”
“And yet, here you are. Stuck on one of those abilities, that ‘don’t exist.'”
“I can’t tell you everything, right now. But if you’re interested, and you should, meet me here.” The landscape changed from a forest setting to what looked like an old village with a mountain with faces carved on them at the end of it. “Do you know where and what this is?”
“Yes, of coarse. Who doesn’t? It’s ‘The Hidden Village’. It’s one of our country’s natural landmarks.”
“Meet me there. Tomorrow. ALONE!”


“But nobody’s allowed in there! Not ever tourist! And it’s heavily guarded by the military!” Suddenly Kaze found himself talking to himself. And not only that but, Kaze was back at the same location he was before he started hearing that strange man’s voice. “Dude, there he is!” exclaimed Unari as he and Kumori made their way towards their friend. “Where were you guys all this time?! I thought you were going to have my back?” exclaimed Kaze. “What you mean? We only lost you for a couple of seconds.” assured Kumori. “A couple of seconds? I had a whole conversation with that guy. It seemed like minutes passed by.” thought Kaze out loud. “That guy! Where that guy go?” asked Unari as he looked around. “Don’t know.” said Kaze. “When we came back to find you, you were alone. We don’t know where he went.” stated Kumori. “It’s as if he banished.” added Unari.



Kaze = Wind (for those who didn’t know already); Tarumu = to slacken, to loosen, to relax; Unari = groan, roar, howl, growl, bellow, sough; Kumori = cloudiness, cloudy weather, shadow; Hatsuhi = New Year’s Day sunrise

Ninjutsu is hasn’t been practiced – openly – in over 100 years. (This will be explained on later chapters)

Wakabi City was founded by Heiji Uzumaki: a descendant of both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. (Heiji = time of peace)

Kiba is a white husky with gray fur on his back and outlining his face. He has yellow eyes. He’s 1 year old.

Hatsuhi and Kaze openly like each other, but aren’t in a relationship.

Konoha is known in modern times as simply ‘The Hidden Village’. It’s like ‘The Forbidden City’ in China, only that it’s not a tourist attraction.

Fairy Tail Chapter 239 – Ultears ‘True’ Colors.

First let me say, I apologize for the late post (White Shinobi must be rolling on his grave. lol.) but I had some things to take care of. Any-who, here’s the latest Fairy Tail Chapter —> click me


This chapter was pretty good, even if there was no action in it. It starts of exactly were it left of last week, with Ultear having a discussion with Gray. Gray gives his answer, and tells Ultear that he’ll use Ice Shell on Hades to defeat him. However Gray clarifies that he’s not doing it for her, or even his teacher Ur.

The scene then changes to Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Happy and Charle meetting up with the rest of the Fairy Tails at camp, with the exception of Erza, who is probably still collapsed of tiredness and lack of magic. Wendy offers herself in assisting the wounded Faries (<— Don’t mean that in a bad way). But since she has used to much of her magic she is stopped Charle, who adds to Lisanna’s comment of them being to many.

Fried and Blixlow review the situation, and Panterlily comes up with a plan to divide into two teams. Lucy adds that one team should be an offensive team, while the other should be a defensive one. The members of each team is left undetermined. I personally think that’s a good idea. My curiosity is raging to know who ends up in what team. My prediction is: ATTACK TEAM = Natsu, Lucy, Pantherlily. DEFENSE TEAM = Fried, Bixlow, Lisanna. What do you guys think? (answer in the comments)

We are then guided back to Ultear, where she is meets up with Meredy. Meredy acknowledges that the man in Ultears arms is Zeref. Ultears tells Meredy that their plan has changed. In which Meredy replies her concern for not finding Gray yet. Her concerns are answered by Ultears stating that he is no longer an enemy.  We then see a flashback of Ultear telling Gray that Hades killed her father and that Ur infiltrated the guild for revenge and learned Iced Shell since no other magic seemed to be able to defeat Hades, and that despite being Ur’s daughter, she was unable to learn the spell. Ultear also told Gray that she intents to leave the island and seal Zeref so that Hades can’t find him. This however is all bulls#!t and I’m pretty sure Gray knows this. I’ll explain later.

This is were we ‘find out’ that Ultear is really using Gray. But, come on, how many of you really thought she was good? I know I didn’t. Any-hoo, when Ultear is done with the name calling, she goes all PMS (Psychogirl Manga Stare) on us and reveals to Meredy her plan to keep Zeref to herself and to use Gray to kill two birds with one stone, only in this case the two birds are Mages, and the stone is Ice Shell.

After she’s done with her little Psycho state, Ultear starts talking about Hades’ “eye”, and how they should leave before his “eye” finds them. That is when she stumbles upon the unconscious Juvia (spanish for rain, for those who didn’t know). Ultear goes on to try and kill her, something Meredy protests about. Ultear shows no reason to care, and swings her sword towards her throat, which is blocked by Gray’s ice in the last second.

Gray reveals that he didn’t believe Ultear from the start. And honestly why would he? Ultear is not at all anything like her mother, besides looks. She can’t even use Ice magic to begin with, so her chances of using Ice Shell are zero. Sure Gray doesn’t know whether she can or not, but he does know Ur only had two disciples, and Ultear wasn’t one of them. Besides the story Ultear told made no sense, and I’m pretty sure Ur would of told Gray and Leon about Dark Guilds if she were apart of one. Anyways, I digress, Gray tells Ultear that he swore not to use Ice Shell, remembering Natsu’s words from back when they were at Galuna Island. He then goes on to say that no matter what will Ur has, he has his own: To walk a path where he can live with his comrades.

Ultear then goes to bust herself up by saying how she’s going to mess him up in the cruelest way, and toot her own horn about being the head of the Seven Kindred of Purgatory. The chapter ends with Ultear giving her “Your no match for me…” speech, then being quickly silenced by Gray with a dose of Shutthehellup on the rocks.

Next Chapter: Gray vs Ultear. Who you think will win? And how?


I would like to add that I liked how Juvia smiled at being held by Gray. I thought she was unconscious. lol.