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Bleach Chapter 681: The End 2

Chapter 681: The End 2
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So here I was enjoying this weeks chapter. Haschwalt didn’t suddenly despair feeling honored that his Majesty took his power.

I felt for Inoue apologizing to Ichigo, such a sad moment.

I felt the despair Ichigo felt this chapter being beaten to a pulp, his resolve broken..

And then… this guy happened…


And just like that Ichigo is good to go again… I then I just feel somewhat like this;



Kubo Tite, you created such a awesome mood with Ichigo’s defeat. All the feels, despair, tension.. destroyed… It feels so lazy and I’ve reread the chapter several time and I still feel the same. He wrote in a cool scenario and then thought; ‘oh crap, how do I get Ichigo out of this one.. oh I know!’ Thanks for ruining the mood completely by giving Ichigo the fullbringer version of a Red Bull…

I will see you guys next week.

6 Responses

  1. LOL!!! I wasn’t expecting a review so soon. It was short, to the point and explained my feelings about the chapter. To me, Ichigo getting his power back (still a little confused by that) was just to “simple”. I mean I understand how he got it back, (thanks to the the people posting their comments about that), but I’m just confused on does Ichigo have his power back. I mean the sword is fixed but isn’t his power still gone? If he got all of his power back, then Ripchord if you are reading this, this would have been a Kishmoto moment. Ichigo getting his power back would be no different than Kakashi becoming a Uchiha for a day.

    There are a few redeeming qualities about this and all of it didn’t come from the chapter for me. The first was Y.H breaking Renji’s sword. I don’t know about you all but that was kinda cool to me the way it happen. Also yeah Haschwalt going out like that was good in the sense that if seem to close some doubts for me about the true nature of his character. If anybody knows, what did that “B” on his sword represent? Some say it may have been in relation to Bazz “burnfinger” B. Another redeeming quality is maybe Ichigo just got his sword fix and didn’t get his powers back. That could redeem the chapter for me. I mean just like I said earlier, okay his sword is fixed, BUT his power was stripped from him. Now if the sword is fixed AND he got his power back, then TK is going down the Kish route; rushing the story with implausible explanations just to finish it on time. That would truly be a tragedy. Where as Kish could go the route he went because he built a good foundation, TK has a lot more depth still invested into his story that if he finished without covering everything, Bleach could end up a big mess. Ah well….we shall see what happens.


  2. If I remember correctly, its the button Bazz-b gave him when they first met (as kids), it was a button from Bazz-B’s cape. Apparently Haschwalth kept it and put it on his sword.

    He also confessed to Ishida that he had one regret – and by showing the coin, I’m assuming he has regretted he had to cripple/fight Bazz-B. He can now see Bazz-B’s side, and about the earlier Auswählenand, but more of the betrayed friendship, which Bazz-B was trying to get him to understand.

    Bach took the quincy power back from Ichigo. Only the quincy part (from his mom) and probably the hollow side too and how it related to the arrancar. Seems Ichigo now only has more of his dad’s side with the shinigami power. There has to be some residual quincy power for him to still have the two parts to his blade.

    So the Xcution Arc was to reach this moment to fit the story. Question is will they fight with Ichigo. I hope/seems to lead that they do. Seems Riruka hasn’t made her appearence as yet.

  3. Ok so here’s the thing. Usually a story has to provide some kind of precedent for a big event. For example, one might introduce some minor Kidou before later showing a really big one that takes out Aizen. Without it you get a feeling that something came out of nowhere… Because it did.

    The whole thing with the fullbringers…. I don’t have a problem with it because it was all set up ahead of time. Buuuuut I do find it weird that Ichigo was ready to give up until his sword was fixed. He went from 0% percent enthusiasm to 100% in just a few panels. That is where I have a problem.

    Another precedent that was set is Ichigo’s power returning at the end of the Fullbring arc. It should have been gone after FGT and his Fullbring powers were taken. But it wasn’t. Enough reatsu from others drew it out.

    Now, perhaps Ichigo can use his own Shinigami reatsu to reform his old power. The Shinigami imprints their reatsu onto the blade so perhaps the blade itself contains enough of his hollow and Quincy side that he can regain what he lost. Not the best explanation but it’s not too bad.

    Sooooo what’s their plan gonna be exactly? Cuz fighting Bach head on didn’t go too well.

  4. Interesting insight Sanchi and Ripchord. You all may have redeemed this chapter for me.

    @Sanchi: Thanks for shedding light on the “B” on Haschwalt’s sword and also for explaining Ichigo’s power loss. Now it makes me wonder why Y.H didn’t take his dad’s side of Ichigo’s shinigami powers? Actually I have more questions now like is the sword still in bankai mode but I may have to wait on the next chapter to see what happens now.

    @Ripchord: Interesting take on the chapter. I think I may be leaning toward your view of the chapter. I see what you mean about the fullbringers and I also see what you mean about Ichigo getting confident again because even with a reconstructed sword, he still doesn’t have the juice to beat Y.H; his situation hasn’t changed but rather it may be worse.

    Now with that said I came here today to speak of what may be a bigger problem now. I was lurking on the internet and from what some bleach fans are saying is that Bleach may be ending next month! Did anyone hear that? If so how in the world will TK finished this? I mean there is A LOT of stuff he hasn’t covered yet and if he ends this willy-nilly, this could be devastating. From what I’ve been reading though, it isn’t TK fault for the series rushing and perhaps ending so soon with so much to cover. If anybody finds out anything let your favorite Immortal know.

    THE END? (Not quite yet).

  5. The only person powerful enough and still available is Aizen. In fact we don’t know what happened to him since they arrived at the Soul King’s palace. Is he still in his chair or is he out and about?

    I’m assuming he’s gonna take on Bach for trying to kill him, when Bach (via his double) asked him to join the quincy side and Aizen refused while still confined to his chair. In other words – payback.

    Somewhere left is the two fathers that arrived late, and part of it is to avenge the death of Ichigo’s mother. Same with Uchida’s mom too.

    To: Immortal: Your welcome. I don’t think Back is flawless, and Ichigo needs to find Bach’s weakness. I think this is one of them. Bach cannot control the shinigami powers. I don’t think he has the ability to destroy Ichigo because of this too, or he would have done this, along with everything else by this point, including Rukia and Renji (instead he blocked Renji’s sword attack).

    Bach has to sleep too. He just killed off his alternate surrogate Haschwalt. Not sure this is still true since taking almost all of the quincy powers back from all the available quincys (except Ushida).

    I hope Yamamoto is still alive and around too – to get Bach too, but I think he’s gone.

  6. I am going to have to forgo a review/summary for last weeks chapter. Was planning to write it today, but this afternoon a house across from mine burnt out, so needless to say.. I was outside for a while the fire departments did their jobs.

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