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Revenge of the YellowFlash Part 2 Chapter 11

With no questions asked Naruto dashes at Sasuke with incredible speed. Sasuke pulls out his katana and Naruto grabs his kunai as their weapons connect.

Sasuke: To think I actually thought you would be happy to see me.

Naruto: You would think so huh?

Sasuke slides backwards separating himself from Naruto.

Sasuke: Don’t tell me this is a pathetic attempt to get me to come back to the village.

Naruto: Still as arrogant as ever. I would never waste my time on you, I have my own problems to worry about.

Sasuke: Like the Akatsuki?

Naruto: Among others, I’m going to be the bringer of true peace.

Sasuke: So you are out to change the world? Haha, Naruto you haven’t changed. You are still chasing after dreams.

Naruto: I will make my dreams into a reality once I bring down Akatsuki and the great nations.

Sasuke: So it’s true then, you have left the village. And seemed to have teamed up with Gaara or should I say the Kazekage. I would guess the only reason you are here is because you need Naruto’s help to conquer your village but I don’t understand why Naruto.

Gaara: You would never understand the life of a Jinchuuriki. I am no longer filled with the same hatred that drives you two but I can understand Naruto and his goals. You are the one I can’t understand.

Sasuke: I am an avenger. I will hold those accountable for the death of my clan including this entire ninja system. The only question is, who will stand at the top of the shinobi world when this is all over?

Naruto: Before, I never could understand you. I tried so hard to be like you, to be as strong as you. Now I wonder why I even bothered. What drives you is so unimportant and forgettable. I see now you will die as irrelevant as your clan is now. Known for nothing more than creating more hatred and prolonging the fight for peace.

Sasuke: …….I allowed you to live three years ago on a whim, Naruto. After only a few minutes of seeing you after all this time I want to kill you more than ever.

Naruto: That’s funny because I am itching to kill you.

As soon as Sasuke takes a step forward Itachi appears along side him.

Itachi: Stand down Sasuke.

Naruto: Itachi Uchiha.

Itachi: It’s been a long time Naruto, you’ve grown.

Naruto: So I keep hearing.

Itachi: You and Sasuke won’t be fighting today. I understand that you two have unfinished business but you are going to have to deal with them some other time.

Naruto: What are you two up to? You have three Jinchuuriki in front of you and yet you do nothing?

Itachi: Right now, you Jinchuuriki is of no concern to us. We will take care of our problems with our own power.

Sasuke: We will meet again Naruto, count on it!

Itachi and Sasuke disperse.

Ni’i: You guys are filled with drama. What’s next on our agenda?

Naruto: There was one more Jinchuuriki I managed to get intel on before I left Akatsuki.

Gaara: Where is this one?

Far away in the village of  Enka a large man with seven swords and tatoos placed on his shoulder and face stands with an old man named Sabu making music.

Sabu: You actually had it that time but it got kind of weak at the end, Bee.

KillerBee: I am working as hard as I can, do you hear what I’m sayin?

Sabu: You are the eight-tails and you can’t get this right!? How are you ever able to win a fight!?

KillerBee: I’m the best in these streets, don’t you dare call me weak! I’m the Eight-tails KillerBee!

Meanwhile, outside the Land of Iron Minato and Hidan face off.

Minato: I’ll say it again, hand over the tailed beasts.

Hidan: Lord Jashin has delivered you to me so I can finally put an end to the YellowFlash.

Minato: Then I have no choice.

Minato throws a volley of shuriken. Hidan swings his scythe in front of him deflecting the shuriken. Hidan turns around and both Samurai ninja are already knocked unconscious.

Hidan: So you are fast.

Hidan turns around and is shocked Minato is directly in his face.

Minato: You have no idea.

Minato punches him in the face sending him flying. While in the air Hidan pulls the iron wire that’s connected to his scythe, the scythe plunges directly into Minato slicing his body in half. As Hidan lands on his feet he sees a pile of wood on the ground showing that Minato used a substitution. Realizing Minato is underground, Hidan jumps into the air and smashes his scythe into the ground causing the earth floor to cave in on itself. Minato bursts from the ground forming hand signs, Fire Style: Dragon Flame bomb! The fire ball thrusts forward at Hidan but right before it hits Hidan bats it with his scythe sending it flying back towards Minato causing a large explosion.


Minato: (Appearing behind Hidan with a full powered Rasengan) It’s over, Rasengan!

Just as Hidan turns around Minato buries his Rasengan into his stomach as he screams in pain. While Minato successfully completes his attack Hidan takes advantage of the close contact and cuts Minato in the face with a kunai. The Rasengan explodes sending Hidan flying into a few trees. Moments later Hidan walks out of the debris laughing hysterically.


Hidan takes out a long spear and stabs himself in the hand while a large amount of blood falls to the ground in a puddle. Hidan uses his foot to draw a large symbol into the ground. He then takes the kunai in which he cut Minato with and licks the blood off of it. Suddenly his body transforms as he stands in the center of the blood red symbol.

Minato: What is he up too!?

Hidan continues on his hysterical laughing as he stabbed himself in the shoulder with is spear. Suddenly, Minato feels a sharp pain to his shoulder as blood spews from his body and he falls to his knees.

Minato: What happened!? How am I damaged? He didn’t even touch me!

Hidan: That felt good. Let’s try it again!

Hidan takes his spear and stabs himself in the same shoulder pushing the spear all the way through as Minato screams in agony and falls on one knee.

Hidan: You get it now! You are going to die!

Minato: The exact same injuries that are inflicted on his body are also inflicted on mine!

Hidan rips out the spear and aims at his heart. As he tries to stab himself Minato body flickers right in front of him catching him by the hand.

Hidan: You can’t beat me now, you are not strong enough!

Minato: You are completely nuts! If you stab yourself in the heart you’ll die too!

Hidan: I’m immortal, I’ll never die! You are the one who’s going to die!

Minato: I won’t let you!

Hidan: It’s too late! As long as I’ve completed my ritual there’s nothing you can do!

Minato: That’s it!

Minato pushes the spear into the air and spins around quickly and kicks him in the chest sending him flying out of the symbol.

Minato: (Grabbing his chest) I guess the pain was worth it sense I finally understand your technique.

Hidan: WHAT!?

Minato: Yeah, thanks to your big mouth, I understand what I have to do.

Hidan: Lord Jashin is going to make you pay!

Hidan dashes forward slashes at Minato with his scythe. Minato ducks and kicks him into the air. After following him into the air, Minato starts to hit him with strong blows to his body and spins around and kicks him into the ground.

Hidan: (Desperately standing up) I’m going to crush you!

Minato: Give up! I won’t let you complete your ritual ever again.

Hidan: That!? You think I need that!?

Hidan forms hand signs, Secret Sealing Art: Jashin Seal!

Hidan’s Akatsuki robe bursts open and the Jashin symbol forms on his chest.

Hidan: Now it’s truly over.

Minato: I have to stop him quickly!

Minato teleports to Hidan but he has already stabbed himself in the stomach with his spear. Minato falls to his knees clinching his wound as blood falls through his fingers.

Minato: Secret Ninja Art: Demon Shadow Hand!

Minato’s right hand turns pail white and black sealing marks form all over it as his finger nails turn long and sharp and chakra covers his entire hand.

Hidan: What are you doing!?

Minato forces his hand into Hidans body as he screams in agony and surprisingly starts to rip out Hidans soul.

Hidan: NOOOO!

Hidan starts to push the spear in his stomach furthering the pain and injuring that he’s inflicting on Minato. Minato falls to his knees as blood falls from his mouth.

Minato: I don’t have time, I have to hurry!

Minato pulls out Hidans entire soul. Hidan falls down face first into the ground. While holding his soul in his hand, Hidan soul starts to burn in flames and the soul disappears into the smoke and Minato’s hand goes back to normal.

Minato: You were a formidable opponent but your soul belongs to the death reaper now.

Minato falls on the ground unconscious.

Back in the Enka village inside a dark, dank cave, Killerbee wraps up his training and walk out of the cave and is greeted by Sabu.

Sabu: Alright, you’ve completed your training. Now you should be in the right state of mind to improve your rapping skills.

Killerbee: I was hoping for a little rest so I can be back at my best.

Naruto: (Appearing in front of them along with Gaara and Ni’i) You can rest later! Right now you’re coming with me!

Killerbee: Who is this mothafucka!?

The two Anbu ninja arrive to Minato’s aid healing him with medical ninjutsu. Moments later Minato is on his feet again.

Minato: It looks like this was a decoy. The tailed beasts were never in these sealing pots. He must have already given them to Madara and used these pots as a decoy just in case someone was following him and I fell for it.

Anbu1 : That means Akatauki has gotten two more of our bijuu and have become even more dangerous.

Anbu 2: I seen you use the Dead Demon Sealing technique.  Shouldn’t you be dead right now?

Minato: Yeah, the user of the Dead Demon Seal dies after using the jutsu but that was then. Over the years I’ve found ways of using the technique without putting my life in danger.

Itachi and Sasuke appear in a large cloud of smoke.

Anbu 2: Itachi Uchiha.

Itachi: You must feel foolish, Minato, to be tricked by Akatsuki.

Minato: I wondered why I felt a sudden urge of nostalgia. I guess something in me knew you were coming.

Anbu 1: We’ll take it from here, Yondaime.

Itachi: I’m not here to fight, just wanna talk.

Anbu 2: Then talk!

Itachi: I’ve only come to warn you.

Minato: About?

Itachi: The upcoming storm. The truth is we are going after Akatsuki and the bijuu.

Minato: What do you mean the bijuu?

Itachi: I mean we are going to destroy all of the tailed beasts and end this once and for all, fixing the mess the Rikudo Sage left us all those years ago. This really has nothing to do with you. We are the true heirs to this world and it’s up to us to bring peace.

Minato: My son is also a descendant of the Rikudo Sage and a Jinchuuriki and I will do any to protect him.

Itachi: I would love to give Naruto a pass but my brother isn’t so forgiving. He even plans on taking me down when this is all over.

Minato: (Staring at Sasuke) What the hell, there are so many different shinobi with different agendas in this war I’ve lost count. It doesn’t even matter what you say because I’ll make sure the end will rule in the favor of the shinobi world.

Sasuke: You talk tough. Maybe I should just get rid of you now.

Minato: Kid, you have a long way before you can do that.

Out of nowhere Anbu ninja 1 appears behind Sasuke.

Anbu 1: It’s been a long time, Sasuke.

Sasuke quickly activates his Sharingan as the Anbu ninja throws a punch at the back of his head. Sasuke moves to the side right before the punch connects and grabs the hilt of his sword and quickly spins around slicing at the Anbu ninja.

Minato: What the hell are you doing?

Anbu: If you won’t stop them right here and now I will, Minato-sensei.

Minato: Minato-sensei?…. Kakashi!

The Anbu ninja activates a Raikiri with one hand and pulls off his mask with the other revealing himself to be Kakashi.

Kakashi: Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha, I think it’s time I show you why I earned my nick name, the Copy Ninja.

Revenge of the YellowFlash Part 2 Chapter 10

Sorry for the wait, I’ve been super busy with work and school so sorry for the late late issue!!!


After the battle the Kage returned to their villages which creates an uproar throughout the entire shinobi world. The shinobi and citizens of the villages are unhappy of the fact that the Kage, who promised to protect them, faked their deaths and allowed the Akatsuki to create chaos all over the world. Minato stands on the roof of the Hokage mansion bent over a rail staring down on the village when Tsunade walks up behind him.

Tsunade: I thought the council was joking when they told me you were alive and well and back here inside the village. You have a lot of explaining to do, Yondaime.

Minato: Jiraiya said the same thing before he died. He wasn’t to happy with my decision either.

Tsunade: We all trusted you and we feel betrayed.

Minato: What could I have done if I had remained here in the village? I chose you as my successor because I needed someone who I could trust to keep the village safe.

Tsunade: The village would have been much more safe with you here!

Minato: Akatsuki kidnapped my son! I had no other choice than to do everything I could to find him! I made a promise to Kushina that I would always keep him safe. I allowed Madara to distort his mind and take him away from the village. Along with losing my son, we lost the Kyuubi, Danzo and a large part of our army which is now working against us for the Akatsuki.

Tsunade: Yes, and you left our village more vulnerable than it’s ever been. Tell me, what did you accomplish why you were away?

Minato: ….We managed to find and capture two tailed beast, which are at a disclosed location.

Tsunade: Tell me where they are?

Minato: I can’t.

Tsunade: You left this village for three years, I think you owe it to us to learn the full truth.

Minato: ….. They are in the Land of Iron in the Hidden Samurai village guarded by an old friend. After realizing what I was up against I had to re-evaluate the power of the great nations.

Tsunade: What do you mean?

Minato: Akatsuki not only have two tailed beast but a full-fledged army and a powerful mercenary force which until now was the foundation of power of many nations since the last great ninja war. They basically have unlimited intelligence on each village since they were used against one another over the years. I realized I left our village destabilized but if we were ever going to end this war I needed to find a new source of power to defeat the Akatsuki.

Tsunade: What did you find?

Minato: Madara revealed to me his plans. He plans on recreating the power of the Rikudo Sage and combining all tailed beast in order to revive the ultimate bijuu, the Juubi. Once he has done so, I’m guessing he is going to take in its power making himself the Juubi Jinchuuriki and use his new power to cast an infinite Tsukuyomi on the entire shinobi world.

Tsunade: That would enslave everyone!

Minato: He’s trying to use the combined power of Uchiha and Senju. I figured out a way to stop this from happening. It was staring me in the face all this time.

Tsunade: How?

Minato: Before I sealed the Kyuubi inside Naruto he showed signs that he’d inherited the same special chakra in which Kushina possessed, the power to control tailed beasts, though since gaining the Kyuubi the chakra is somehow suppressed. Three years ago during the chuunin exams Naruto manifested chakra chains from his body to win his match in the finals.

Tsunade: That’s the same ability Kushina used which made her a target during the Second Great Ninja War. Alright, if Naruto does possess this power then what are you planning to do with it.

Minato: I plan on sealing the tailed beasts inside Naruto making him the Ultimate Jinchuuriki.

Tsunade: WHAT!!!?

Minato: It’s possible, Kushina was able to hold inside her the full power of the Kyuubi before Madara released it.

Tsunade: You really think Naruto could withstand the power of the ten tails?

Minato: Naruto is the descendant of the Rikudo Sage if anyone can do this it would be him.

Tsunade: Have you discussed this with the other Kage?

Minato: No, I haven’t.

Tsunade: With this power he could be unstoppable! Naruto views the great nations as enemies and besides, we can’t just seal away the military weapons of the other great nations into a Konoha shinobi. The other nation will surely see this as a power play.

Minato: I understand that but it can only be Naruto. He is the last descendant of the Uzumaki and the only one who possesses a body strong enough withstand such power!

Tsunade: But will he use that power for the great nations? I know you don’t want to believe this but Naruto has been corrupted!

Minato: This is the only way to stop Madara’s plans. I would rather Naruto with this power than Madara.

Tsunade: This plan is completely insane! You would be giving Naruto all the power in the world to do whatever he wants. We all would be living at him whim but, you have a better chance to get through to him now that Akatsuki is a common enemy.

Minato: Does that mean you support my decision?

Tsunade: It’s the only plan we have. I will discuss this with the council and the Feudal Lord to see what they think but if we are going to do this then you are going to have to find and get through to Naruto and retrieve the other tailed beast before anything goes wrong.

Minato: I agree, I’ll be taking a team and head to the Land of Iron immediately. I could use Kakashi, where is he?

Tsunade: Away on a mission.

Minato: (Thinking) Can’t wait to see how you’ve grown, Kakashi.

In the Land of Iron, the Samurai General Mifune stands in a large empty room along with his two subordinates Okisuke and Urakaku with sealing marks covering the floor forming two large circles with one of Minato’s special kunai stuck in the center of each of them.

Urakaku: What is this place?

Mifune: It’s a ritual room where the Fourth Hokage has placed two of the tailed beasts.

Okisuke: He must really trust you to leave them here.

Mifune: Yeah, I guess he does. At a time like this everyone is trying to hold on to as much power as possible. The ninja have lost their way and the Fourth Hokage has given me the responsibility to keep them hidden.

Urakaku: You aren’t concerned about the Akatsuki coming here for the bijuu.

Mifune: Of course I am, but I won’t let fear stop me from fighting for peace.

From behind Urakaku stabs him through his side with a large katana blade shocking Mifune as he falls to his knees.

Urakaku: ( Ripping the sword from his body) Did I stop you from finishing your speech? YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF CRAP!!!

Mifune: (Coughing up blood) Why…. why are you doing this?

Urakaku kicks him in the back of his head sliding him across the floor.

Okisuke: You’ve failed us General. You’ve allowed our nation to kneel before the ninja while we wither away. Our power has dwindled since the ninjas rise. We can’t allow the great nations to gain supremacy again.

Urakaku: We’ve teamed up with Akatsuki and together our existence will be known across the entire world.

Mifune: You are doing this for more power? We are one of the greatest forces in the world!

Okisuke: Centuries ago, we Samurai were known as being the most elite force ever forged. Even during the first and second great ninja wars their battles didn’t even reach our borders. They may have had powerful jutsu but we had the man power, numbers that even today aren’t even heard of. Slowly but surely the ninja started to gain supremacy. Even our own men were getting envious of their power and the way they used their chakra to master powerful techniques. We lost large portions of this army which was once the pedestal on which the Land of Iron stood on. We’ve tried to get you to see that the ninja are nothing more than a cancer to our nation but you wouldn’t hear of it.

Urakaku: Great? You’ve allowed our greatness to fall and let the ninja walk all over us. You want us to put our lives on the line for them? We are going to join with Akatsuki and use the power of the bijuu to crush the great nations.

Mifune: The Akatsuki will double cross you and the Samurai will seize to  exist all together.

Urakaku: We have two tailed beast in our possession, that won’t happen!

Okisuke: Once we’ve eliminated them it won’t be long before the world comes begging for our help.

Mifune: You are wrong! You don’t know what the Akatsuki are capable of. I won’t let this happen!

Mifune grabs his sword on his belt which instantly is encased with chakra. Within seconds he slashes his blades at the two of them but they quickly dodge as the attack extends and causes great damage to the building. Mifune stands with one hand holding his wound as it bleeds heavily and the other clinching his katana as the building starts to cave in on itself.

Mifune: I can’t allow the Akatsuki to get their hands on the bijuu!

Urakaku: That attack wasn’t for us it was to cause the roof to collapse.

Mifune dashes at them quickly while Okisuke and Urakaku encased their swords in chakra and slash their chakra blades at him to slow him down. Mifune jumps in the air to dodge their attacks and fiercely swings his blade as a massive wave of chakra slams down on top of them both causing an explosion.

Mifune: Iron Slash!

When the dust clears Okisuke and Urakaku stand unfazed by the attack.

Okisuke: You have grown weak, General.

Mifune: Don’t fool yourself. You only survived because of the chakra absorbing armor you are wearing.

Okisuke: Good eye.

Suddenly an enormous hole is blown on side of the building and dozens of Samurai dash inside.

Mifune: These two are traitors my brothers. We have to stop them from taking the tailed beasts.

The Samurai shockingly surround Mifune.

Samurai: No General, you are the traitor.

An Akatsuki shinobi suddenly walks out of the crowd of Samurai.

Hidan: You’ve done well, Okisuke, Urakaku. I knew their couldn’t be too many places to hide a concentration of chakra like the bijuu….

Mifune: (Thinking) This is too dangerous. I won’t be able to fight them all.

Hidan:… It’s even hard for the Akatsuki to accomplish something like that. We have to seal our bijuu away inside a statue.

Mifune: I won’t let you have the bijuu!

Hidan: QUIET YOU FUCKING IDIOT, DON”T YOU SEE ME TALKING!? You won’t have a choice. Lord Jashin has already decided.

Okisuke: It’s finally time for the Samurai to rise again.

Mifune picks up another Katana off of the floor and combine them together by the hilts and then he generates a massive amount chakra through them.

Mifune: I won’t let you take them!

Mifune starts to violent swing the swords as the chakra blades extends. He dashes toward Madara taking down countless Samurai with his double-bladed sword. Okisuke and Urakaku dash at Mifune on opposite sides and impale him with both of their katanas. Mifune helplessly falls to the ground bleeding from the mouth.

Mifune flashes back to a conversation with Minato.

Minato: Let’s be clear, if you agree to this you would be putting your entire village in peril. Are you sure you want to go through with this?

Mifune: There is no where else to hide them. The other nations might take advantage of this and take the power for themselves. I don’t have a choice.

Minato: If you are going to do this then we are going to have to prepare ourselves in case the Akatsuki attacks.

Mifune: Let’s do it.

Minato: I knew I could count on you old friend.

Mifune snaps out of his flash back and shockingly starts to form hand signs.

Hidan: I didn’t know you samurai used techniques. What are you up to?

Mifune: I made a promise to Minato that I would put my life on the line to stop you from obtaining these bijuu and that’s exactly what I’m going to do! Secret Ninja Art: Self-Destruction Seal!

Mifune slams his hands into the ground as the ground starts to tremble.


Suddenly the entire building explodes into pieces as dust, debris, and smoke fills the air. Moments later when it clears Hidan stands in the center of it holding Mifune by the neck with a large scythe through his chest.

Hidan: HAHAHA, you thought I didn’t know what you were doing! I saw those sealing notes, they were created by the Fourth Hokage. To think I’ve found and captured two tailed beasts right out from under the Fourths hands. Though these sealing techniques are becoming an annoyance.

Minato along with two Anbu Shinobi dash through the trees head toward the Land of Iron when out of nowhere a seal starts to burn in Minato’s right hand.

Minato: Oh no! That means someone must have broken the seals to the tailed beasts!

Minato: I’m going on ahead, you two scout the area and make sure no one gets in or out of the Land of Iron.

Minato instantly teleports away using his Flying Thunder God Technique. Moments later he appears at the Samurai Temple right next to the kunai he left.

Minato: So something did happen. I can’t sense the tailed beasts.

Minato suddenly spots Mifune on the ground. Minato slowly holds up the back of his head.

Minato: What happened here old friend?

Mifune: Samurai…joined…Akatsuki.

Minato: (Glaring angrily) Madara.

Miles away Hidan walks through the snow filled forest with two samurai pulling each of the tailed beasts in large sealing pots.

Hidan: Hurry up we don’t have all day!

Minato: (Appearing right in front of him) You don’t have five minutes.

Hidan: Well look at you. I like it better when your villages kept you Kage bastards in the village.

Minato: Never mind all that. Just hand over the tailed beasts and no one gets hurt.

Hidan: I’ve always wondered what Lord Jashin had in store for you.

Minato: Come, let me instill you with the will of fire.

Far away Naruto walks with his team of Gaara and Ni’i and suddenly senses a familiar chakra. Stepping out from the shadows, Naruto suddenly comes face to face with Sasuke.

Sasuke: You’ve grown, Naruto.

Naruto takes one looks at Sasuke and dashes at him no questions asked.

Revenge of the YellowFlash Part 2 Chapter 9

After Naruto and Gaara track down the Nibi in the city of Suzuki, Tobi and Pein arrive to capture them. Their plans are brought to a grinding halt when Jiraiya, a full powered Sage and a Legendary Sannin appears to stop them. After a battle between them everyone is shocked by the sudden appearance of the missing Kage.

Gaara: (Walking up next to Naruto) It won’t be easy to avoid this battle. Are you sure you’re up for it?

Ni’i: I guess I’ll be joining you guys after all.

Naruto: For now we wait.

Ni’i: Are you serious!?

Gaara: What are you planning?

Naruto: Our only job is to observe, we’ll have our time soon enough.

Minato: (Staring at Naruto but talking to the other Kage) Remember, my son is not to be harmed. Our objective is the Akatsuki.

Jiraiya: You have a lot of explaining to do when this is over, Minato.

Tobi: This is an interesting turn of events. Not only do we have a Sannin standing in our way but now the missing Kage. What shall we do?

Pein: Are you up for the challenge?

Tobi: Yeah, are you?

Animal Pein slams his hands into the ground and summons three other bodies.

Animal Pein: Not going to be a problem, behold my Six Paths of Pain.

Tsuchikage: So this is the blood limit of the Rikudo Sage, the Rinnegan?

Animal Realm summons a giant bull which charges at the Kage while they stand without moving an inch. Minato goes to grab his Kunai but before he does Jiraiya appears in front of them.

Jiraiya: Wait you turn!

Pa and Ma Toad inhale a great amount of air and starts to croak loudly as massive amounts of chakra fill the air. The bull is suddenly trapped in genjutsu which has an unusual effect on all the paths of Pein.

Minato: The Elder Toads Frog Song Technique. He’s attacking with genjutsu first?

Jiraiya then forms the tiger seal and his sharp long spiked hair extends forward wrapping around the bull.

Jiraiya: This Pein was a previous student of mine.

Minato: You failed to mention that.

Jiraiya: Like me he wasn’t the genjutsu type. The illusion will disrupt the shared field of vision of his Rinnegan.


Out of no where Asura Path with his long blade appears right on side of Jiraiya trying to impale him. Minato uses his speed and charges into Asura path tackling and stabbing him with his kunai.

Jiraiya: I don’t get it, he should have been under the Elder Toads genjutsu.

Raikage: You’re forgetting Madara, he wasn’t affected by the technique because of his Sharingan. He could have easily released the jutsu.

Jiraiya destroys the bull by ripping it to shreds with his hair. In a mere instant the Raikage delivers a Larait to Asura Path smashing it into pieces.

Raikage: He isn’t the only fast one!

God Realm: (Appearing onside of the Raikage) Neither are you.

God Realm drops a metal rod from his sleeves and stabs him through the left side of his chest as the Raikage spits up blood.

Ni’i: Raikage-sama!

Ni’i dashes toward God Realm forming hand signs.

Gaara: Should I stop her?

Naruto: Let her have her fun.

God Realm extends his arm and blasts her with his Shinra Tensei pushing her many feet away. The Raikage activates his lightning current all over his body sending a charge up the metal rod that’s connected to God Realm but he pushes himself away avoiding the current. As God Realm slides backwards the Mizukage forms hand signs (Water Style: Liquid Paste!) and the ground beneath him turns to a thick white liquid substance that inhibits his legs from moving. From above in the air the Tsuchikage forms hand signs.

Oonoki: Fire Style: Meteor Bomb!

The Tsuchikage Oonoki spits up a huge amount of rock and lights it on fire and drops it right on top of God Realm causing a huge explosion.

Jiraiya: Where’s Madara?

Tobi: (Appearing right next to him) Right here.

Tobi punches him in the face sending him flying. Minato presses his left hand on Tobi’s chest stamping a seal on him. The seal starts to spread all over his body paralyzing him. Minato then slams his right hand on the ground beside him activating a jutsu.

Minato: Didn’t I tell you that you were going to die the next time I saw you.

Tobi: That’s what makes this even more fun.

Suddenly the ground starts to break apart below them as the air around them starts to spin violently. Suddenly a demonic growl is heard around them.

Tobi: What is this!?

Minato: Secret Ninja Art: Belly of the Beast!

Jiraiya: No don’t! You’ll die!

Mizukage: What’s going on!?

Jiraiya: He’s planning on sucking him inside the stomach of the Dead Demon, including himself!

Tobi: I won’t die.

Tobi suddenly starts straining as the seal starts to loosen.

Jiraiya: He’s breaking the seal with just his will alone.

As the seal breaks, Tobi knees Minato in the back of the head sliding him across the field. At the same time God Realm explodes from under the giant molten rock created by the Tsuchikage using his Shinra Tensei sending a shock-wave throughout the battlefield.


As Animal Realm starts to form seals, the Mizukage spits a large amount of liquid acid on top of him incinerating him. God Realm turns around eye raked as Human Path dashes at her with his full speed dodging all of her efforts to slow him down with her acid bullets. The Mizukage opens her mouth and spits up an entire river of acid, sending waves of it thrusting forward at Human Path. Out of nowhere Preta Path jumps in front and absorbs the entire acid river. The Tsuchikage appears above Human and Preta Path and traps them in a cube of chakra, destroying them both with his dust element technique leaving an enormous crater in the ground.

The fifth path Naraka stands in the back as the Raikage walks toward him. Before Naraka Path can react the Raikage appears directly in front of him cloaked in his lightning current and picks him up slamming him into the ground with his Raiga Bomb.


God Realm: (Glaring at them coldly) You all are going to pay for that.

Tsuchikage: You brats today have no respect.

Mizukage: This one must be the real one. The Sannin said he was and old student.

Raikage: Out of all of them he seems the strongest. It has to be him.

God Realm: Witness my true power.

God Realm forms hand signs (Summoning Jutsu: Gedo Mazo) a giant creature slowly breaks from the ground. Everyone is amazed by its size and chakra as it screams loudly shaking the very foundation on which they all stand.

Tobi walks over to Minato and stands over him.

Tobi: You all are about to parish. Pein has summoned something you can’t even conceive.

Minato: I’ve haven’t even warmed up yet.

Tobi: I’ve changed since the last time we met. Let me show you what truly separates our power. (Forming hand signs) Secret Ninja Art: Dimensional Repulsion!

Minato stares in awe.

Suddenly the sky fills with dark clouds as a massive earthquake erupts.

God Realm: Looks like I’m not the only one going all out.

Jiraiya: What’s happening!?

Minato: I don’t know but it isn’t good.

Tobi: There are many dimensions throughout the universe. There are walls that separate these dimension. I’m going to break these walls down and allow them to pour into one another.

Jiraiya:  (Thinking) This technique isn’t human.

Tobi: Pein calls himself the God of Peace, I am the God of Destruction.

Minato: To be able to master time and space to such a level is unheard of!

Tobi: There’s no need to try.

Suddenly Tobi’s eye starts to bleed heavily. He covers his eyes with his hand as he falls to his knees coughing up blood.

Tobi: (Thinking as he releases the technique) I’m not at full power, I can’t completely break down the dimensional barriers. I need the power of the Rikudo Sage. I need the Juubi.

From behind, Minato slams his full powered Rasengan into him burying him deep into the ground as blood splatter everywhere.

Minato: Someone as dangerous as you doesn’t deserve to live.

Jiraiya: Is he dead?

A long sharp katana rips through Jiraiya’s chest as blood spews onto Minato’s face as he watches in horror. Tobi stands behind him chuckling as he pulls the sword from his body and watches him fall to his knees and then hits the ground. Everyone turns and watches in disbelief.

Tobi: Well look at that, Izanagi works after all. I guess I have Danzo to thank for allowing me to copy it.

Naruto: Jiraiya-sensei!?

Tobi: Minato, you are pathetic. I’ve brought the great nations to its knees, taken your son away from you and killed your beloved master.

Minato is overwhelmed in anger and body flickers right in Tobi’s face punching him so hard it smashes part of his mask into pieces and sends him flying through a building. The Mizu, Rai and Tsuchikage all dash at  God Realm and the Gedo Mazo intensely with stronger resolves after seeing Jiraiya fall. The Gedo opens its mouth forming a massive ball of chakra and shoots it at the kages. Right before it hits them Minato uses his Space/Time ninjutsu and sucks it through a vortex, redirecting it towards Tobi as it rips through the city. The ball of chakra lands right on top Tobi causing a massive shock wave.

Gaara: If that thing goes off we’re all dead!

Before it completely detonates, Gaara smothers it with a huge amount of  sand. Tobi digs his way out of the sand badly injured from the attack.

Tobi: (Crawling out of the wreckage thinking) I wasn’t able to avoid the blast completely. It was moving to fast!

While Tobi struggles to stand, a vast amount of paper fill the entire battlefield making it hard to see.  The paper completely covers Jiraiya’s body and lifts it into the air. Konan of the Akatsuki appears above in a swirl of paper.

Minato: Leave him!

Tobi: He fell at my hands. His body belongs to me now.

Minato: You truly have no honor. This is a war! There are rules you must follow!

Tobi: It’s not a war if you’ve already won. You are known to be one of the strongest ninja in the shinobi world and yet you don’t get it. This world is coming to an end. Unless I stop it, hatred will spread across the land and there will be anarchy. I will finish the work of the Rikudo Sage and bring everlasting peace under my rule. Once I have  the tailed beast I will recreate the power of the Rikudo Sage and use my Sharingan to cast an infinite Tsukuyomi on every single person in this world.

Minato: You mean enslave everyone!

Tobi: It’s the only way, what do you suggest I do?

Minato: I think you already know the answer to that!

In an instant a huge amount of sand erupts in the air covering and paralyzing the Gedo statue catching every ones attention as Gaara floats in the air on top of sand. The Rai, Mizu and Tsuchikage try to act but Ni’i creates an enormous wall of blue fire around them stopping them in their tracks. Naruto summons two clones and starts to form a Rasengan. Wind chakra forms around it like a shuriken making a loud high-pitched sound as chakra fills the air and is felt by everyone.

Minato: No way! He…. he combined elemental chakra with a Rasengan!

Naruto: Wind Release: RasenShuriken!

Naruto throws the RasenShuriken and hits the Gedo statue blowing a massive hole in its body. Chakra starts to spill out of the Gedo and shoot many miles away.

Tobi: Konan!

Konans body starts to shed countless amounts of paper as the paper flies over and quickly plugs up the hole made by Naruto’s attack.

Tobi quickly dashes at Naruto.

As Tobi grabs him by the neck, Pein disperses the Gedo Mazo summoning.

Tobi: I’m going to kill you, you little brat!

Naruto: You won’t lay a finger on me. Besides, you need me.

Naruto turns and smiles at Minato.

Naruto: See you soon. (Naruto, Ni’i and Gaara disperses into smoke revealing themselves as clones.)

Tob: He tricked me again!

Minato: Looks like I’m not the only one who lost something today.

God Realm: Mark my words, you are going to lose a whole lot more.

Konan’s paper swirls around Tobi, God Realm and herself and they all disperse.

The other Kage arrive behind Minato.

Tsuchikage: Things have gotten worse now, haven’t they?

Minato: Indeed they have.

Back at the Akatsuki hideout, Tobi and Konan enters a dark room where a talk guy with red hair sits in a large chair with black metal rods sticking out.

Tobi: We have a lot of work to do Pein, I mean Nagato.

Nagato: You really have outdone yourself. You can’t even use your Sharingan.

Tobi: I had to use Izanagi.

Konan: Not surprising, seeing that you were up against the Kage.

Nagato: You also managed to take a partial hit from the Gedo Mazo’s Bijuu-dama.

Tobi: Speaking of the Gedo, why was Naruto able to damage it?

Nagato: The Gedo only held to two of the bijuu inside it’s body. In order for it to be at full power it’s going to need way more chakra than that. Also, the attack Naruto used was extremely powerful.

Tobi: It seems as though Naruto held a few secrets during our time together.

Nagato: He also gather a great amount of intel on our organization as well. He knew about the Gedo Mazo statue and it’s use. Now that everyone knows this, they are going to target the Gedo.

Tobi: Then it’s time we hit them before they hit us.

Konan: How much chakra did the Gedo actually lose?

Nagato: It seems we’ve lost the four tails.

Tobi: That’s just great, on top of that we’ve lost Naruto, the Kazekage and the Cloud Jinchuuriki. It’s time we get serious.

Far away in an unknown place countless bodies are scattered across the ground while Orochimaru and Kabuto stand over them.

Kabuto: Did you really have to kill them all? You imprisoned them for a reason.

Orochimaru: Don’t question me! I make the decisions around here!

Kabuto: I’m only trying to get you to understand that things are getting more dangerous for our organization. This is no time to risk destroying everything we’ve built.

Orochimaru: My organization, everything I’ve built! I am going to knock that ugly smirk off of Minato’s face and I’m going to erase the Uchiha from the map! After that, I’ll go for Akatsuki.

Kabuto: This is no time for revenge, it’s time we focus on the bijuu.

Orochimaru: Kabuto, if you get in my way I will kill you.

Kabuto:….. Yes Lord Orochimaru, I understand.

Chakra forms around Kabuto’s hand and he impale Orochimaru through the chest, catching him off guard as blood shoots out from Orochimaru’s mouth.

Kabuto: I won’t let you destroy everything, I’ve built!

Orochimaru tries to break free but Kabuto forms a single seal which paralyzes his body.

Kabuto: You made some stupid choices, Orochimaru. You gave me full access to your body and actually believe I wouldn’t take advantage of that opportunity. Your only mistake was that you force people under your control and didn’t realize you were being controlled all along. I stood in the shadows because at one time I believe you were the answer to all problems. Now your vision of power has become blurred by revenge and hatred. I will look for my own answers to the truth behind ninjutsu. Our little arrangement is over!

Kabuto rips his hand from Orochimaru’s body and impale him through the head with it, killing him.

Revenge of the YellowFlash Part 2 Chapter 8

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In the Leaf village Tsunade talking to Shizune and Kakashi.

Tsunade: Right now we are at a huge disadvantage. The Akatsuki has conquered a great nation and has two of the bijuu in his possession, three if you include Naruto. Not to mention their huge mercenary forces formed of trained Leaf shinobi. The other six Jinchuuriki have fled their villages. I now have a new objective for our military. The other nations are too focused on their security than seeing where the real threat lie.

Kakashi: We should warn them.

Tsunade: I’ve tried, they think I’m using some sort of war tactic to render their villages vulnerable. Our new objective is to go after the remaining Jinchuuriki. If we can gain some of the Jinchuuriki then we could use their power to defeat Akatsuki and end this war.

Shizune: I don’t think the other nations would like it if we captured their Jinchuuriki. Technically, they are military weapons and they could take this as a declaration of war.

Tsunade: I can’t worry about that now. I will send letters to each nation and inform them of my plans, other than that we will proceed as planned.

Naruto and Gaara are at this small cafe in a small village by the Name of Suzuki a few days after they teamed up sitting at a table talking.

Gaara: Alright you’ve got me to come with you, now how do we find to remaining Jinchuuriki? You’ve got to have some idea seeing that you are so confident.

Naruto: Yea that’s right, before I escaped the organization I managed to steal a few files on the Jinchuuriki. They are not specific but it’s all the intel they’ve managed to gather.

Gaara: Well that’s a start. Oh, and let’s be clear after we’ve found the Jinchuuriki and have regained my village, you have to return the rest of them to their respective villages to bring back the balance that has been severed among the Great Nations.

Naruto: That will be their decision but I’m through with Konoha.

Gaara stares at him.

Outside the village, the Leader of the Akatsuki, Pein stands in the trees along side Madara staring down at the village.

Animal Pein: Is this the village you were speaking of?

Madara: Yes, the Nibi is inside.

Pein looks into the sky and it starts to rain heavily inside and outside the village

Animal Pein: Want to give me a hand?

Madara: I think you can handle it.

Back at the Cafe, a tall blonde haired woman, with the name Ni”i Yugito stamped on her backpack stands and walks out of the cafe.

Ni’i: Where did this rain come from all of a sudden?

Naruto signals Gaara and they both stand and follow her. They follow her into the center of the village and then she suddenly stops.

Ni’i Yugito: I know you two are following me.

Gaara: Easy.

Naruto: I am Naruto and this is Gaara and we’ve come to ask you to join our team.

Ni’i Yugito: (Laughing) I don’t care who you are.

Ni’i body flickers behind Naruto and puts a kunai at his throat. Sands quickly bursts from Gaara’s gourd.

Ni’i: What are you really after?

Naruto: We are not Akatsuki, we are fellow Jinchuuriki.

Ni’i: (Dropping the kunai from his neck) You should have said so from the beginning.

Gaara: (Bringing the Sand back into his gourd) Us not having the cloaks with red clouds should have been your first guess.

Ni’i: What’s all this talk about teaming up? You wanna go war with the Akatsuki?

Naruto: Among other things but you can say that.

Ni’i: (Looking at Gaara) Is he always this vague?

Naruto: Are you in or out!?

Suddenly they all felt a cool chill run up their spines and in an instant everything in front of them including buildings and people explode into pieces as though the sky itself fell on top of them. Blood, guts, trampled debris and buildings lay waste on the ground as fire ignites all around them.

Ni’i: What the hell’s going on!?

Naruto and Gaara looks completely shock as the ground steadily trembles. A large body starts to form in the shape of a chameleon. When the smoke clears Animal Pein and Madara can be seen on top.

Animal Pein: It’s been a long time, Naruto.

Gaara: That thing caused this?

Naruto: (Thinking) Who is this guy!?

Animal Pein:  (Body flickers onto the ground in front of Naruto) So you don’t remember me. No matter, we’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other.

Naruto: You haven’t heard? I no longer work for your organization.

Animal Pein: I’m not after you now. We need you to tie up a few loose ends first. Then we’ll have plenty of time to fight. Just hand over Jinchuuriki.

Gaara: We’re going to have to decline.

Sand from Gaara’s gourd fiercely bursts from the top, thrusting toward Pein but without moving an inch the Sand is deflected into a different direction.

Ni’i: What happened!? That was a dead on hit.

Naruto summons a giant shuriken and starts to poor wind chakra inside it. Ni’i’s  eyes starts to glow blue and her body starts to heat up and then starts to excrete large amounts of smoke which fills the air.

Animal Pein: They are trying to block my vision.

Madara stares quietly with his Sharingan seeing everything.

Naruto throws the shuriken and forms two hand seals cloning his shuriken. Animal Pein forms a seal and jumps out of the way

Gaara: He wasn’t able to see it, but still sensed its presence. What’s he capable of?

Animal Pein: That last seal wasn’t to defend against the attack?

Gaara turns around quickly and God Realm Pein is standing behind him while between him, Minato and Ni’i.

Gaara: He summoned another ninja!?

God Realm: Shinra Tensei!

Suddenly the three of them are blown away in opposite directions.

Gaara: (Thinking) He’s trying to separate us!

Animal Pein summons three giant dogs and they dash towards each of them but before they can reach them the ground in between them turns into a boiling swamp and they are sucked in one by one.

On top of a building Jiraiya kneels staring them down.

Jiraiya: Naruto!?

Naruto: Jiraiya-sensei!?

Madara: One of the Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya.

Jiraiya: (Staring at Naruto) You’ve grown, Naruto.

God Realm: Jiraiya-sensei.

Jiraiya hears his voice and turns around slowly and is  shocked by Peins Rinnegan eyes.

Jiraiya: Yahiko!

God Realm: Guess again.

Jiraiya: It can’t be you, Nagato!

Naruto: You know him?

Jiraiya: He was an old student of mine. You turned out different that I imagine, of course I thought you were dead. Who would have thought that nice little boy would turn out to be the Leader of the Akatsuki.

God Realm: People change.

Animal Realm Pein summons another body, Asura Path.

Jiraiya: Another one?

Asura Path dashes at Jiraiya at top speed destroying to entire building Jiraiya was standing on with one punch. Jiraiya jumps into the air and summons a giant toad and slams it on top of Asura Path. God Realm runs up the toads back and pushes him with his Shinra Tensei blasting him off the toads, sending him crashing through buildings. The Giant toad disperses as God Realm falls to the ground. Asura Pein managed to survive and once again runs toward Jiraiya. Jiraiya slowly stands and forms hand signs, Fire Style: Toad Flame Bomb!

Asura Path jumps into the air avoiding the fire and shoots missiles at Jiriaya blowing a giant crater into the ground.

Jiraiya: (Thinking) I have to get to Naruto!

Jiraiya dashes toward Naruto, Gaara raises his hands into the air and a massive amount of Sand rises into the air stopping Jiraiya in his tracks.

Jiraiya: This isn’t going to be easy. He won’t come willingly.

Jiraiya forms hand signs quickly gathering chakra transforming into Sage Mode. Everyone is shocked at the huge amount of chakra spewing from Jiraiya’s body.

Pein: So, this is the power of your Sage Mode.

Naruto staring quietly.

Madara: Impressive.

Ma Toad: We’re being dragged into your little play ground fights again huh, Jiraiya?

Pa Toad: Yeah, I would have though you would have grown up by now.

Jiraiya: I’m sorry Elder Toads but I had no choice I need your help.

Pa: Fine, but next time tell us ahead of time.

Jiraiya: Thank you old friends.

Jiraiya teleports in front of Animal Pein and deliver a series of blows to his body and head and finishes with a Rasengan to his stomach which grows into an Ultimate Rasengan sending him flying a few yards away.

God Realm: He’s stronger.

Jiraiya forms hand signs, Wind/ Fire Style: Flaming Toad Oil Jutsu!

A wave of molten oil shoots toward God Realm Pein. God Realm uses his Shinra Tensei to blow the river of fire into another direction. The giant chameleon shoots his tongue at Jiriaya distracting him but Gaara drops the sand untop of the chameleon crushing it. God Realm jumps away avoiding the fire.

God Realm puts his hands together and activates his Chibaku Tensei sending everything flying into the air as everyone holds on. Naruto appears behind God Realm with a full powered Rasengan but he manages to grab his hand stopping Naruto.

Naruto: (Thinking) He’s fast, I won’t be able to take him like this.

God Realm: Come on, Naruto. Show me the power of the Kyuubi.

Naruto: ( Thinking) I can’t use the Kyuubi’s chakra on someone like him. I’m not fully in control. Then I’ll have to…. (To Pein) No, I’ll show you what I’m capable of!

An enormous amount of chakra suddenly surges threw Naruto’s body as his eyes turn orange and his Sage eyes appears. Everyone is shocked by his power.

Jiraiya: How!? He’s in Sage mode!

God Realm: You’re a Sage!?

Naruto: I’m through playing games.

Madara: I think it’s time I stepped in.

God Realm: Stay out of this, let me handle it!

Mists starts to fill the area making it hard to see.

Minato: (Appearing behind Madara) Don’t move an inch.

Madara: So, you’ve finally come out of hiding?

Animal Realm Pein’s body suddenly trapped in a sphere of chakra as his body bursts into dust. The Tsuchikage floats down.

Tsuchikage: One down.

The Mizu and Raikage walk through the Mist.

Ni’i: Raikage-sama!

Raikage: Ni’i you have a lot of explaining to do!

Gaara: So do you.

Madara: Why am I not surprised?

God Realm: You Kage are alive?

Minato: You two haven’t changed at all, but my son has.

Naruto: Guess your right Pein people do change.

Revenge of the YellowFlash Part 2 Chapter 7

After successfully escaping Madara’s grasp, Madara wastes no time sending in reinforcements. Once Madara alerted Akatsuki, Pein sent Kakuzu to recapture him but Naruto doesn’t plan on going quietly.

Naruto: (Bringing down his Kyuubi Chakra) Tell me, why are you after the tailed beasts?

Kakuzu: So you are aware of our organization and that you aren’t the only jinchuuriki.

Naruto: I met another jinchuuriki along time ago and know enough about the Akatsuki.

Kakuzu: Then you should be running scared by now.

Naruto: You really don’t know who you’re up against. I never give up, believe it!

Kakuzu: You brats today show little respect for your elders. I’m going to teach you a lesson your father should have done a long time ago.

Naruto: Don’t worry, after I’m done with you I’ll be paying him a visit myself.

Two of Kakuzu’s thread creatures fly into the air at Naruto with one shooting fire balls and the other air bullets. Naruto dodges by jumping away in mutliple directions avoiding every attack. Naruto jumps into the air and summons a large demon wind shuriken which he encases in wind chakra and throws it at Kakuzu.

Kakuzu: You expect to defeat me with that? Go back to the academy!

Naruto: (Forming hand signs) Ninja Art: Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu!

A large barrage of super sized shuriken slams down on top of Kakuzu. Kakuzu jumps in the air to dodge the shuriken as they slam into the ground. While Kakuzu is in the air his lightning puppet comes to his aid and he lands on it’s back. As Naruto runs toward their position with a Rasengan already formed in his hand, the lightning puppet tries desperately to blast him with it’s thunderbolts. Naruto’s speed is futile when the puppet pinpoints his position and hits him with a powerful blasts of lightning. Naruto screams in agony and struggles to maintain his composure as he slides back a few feet on the ground.

Naruto: (Thinking) What a powerful attack!

Kakuzu: (Thinking) My lightning should have paralyzed him completely but, somehow he is still able to move. He must be using his wind chakra to counter act my lightning.

Naruto: (Thinking) Somethings not right! Before,when I hit him with my Giant Rasengan it should have been enough to slow him down completely. What’s his secret?

As Naruto dashes towards Kakuzu, he thrusts toward Naruto on top of his lightning puppet. Trying to hit him with another blasts of lightning, Naruto bites his thumb and forms hands signs summoning a giant toad (with armor and a medal patch on it’s right eye) right before they get in his range. The toad opens it’s mouth and extends it’s tongue catching the puppet in mid-air and swallowing it whole. Kakuzu manages to jump off before he gets devoured like his puppet.

Kakuzu: What the hell is that thing!?

Naruto: That’s Baka! He devours his victims but doesn’t kill them, well, at least not at first. Instead he holds them in his mouth and slowly sucks every ounce of their chakra. I’m guessing that thing is not having a good time in there right about now.

Out of no where, suddenly Kakuzu falls to his knees clinching his chest. The exact spot the lightning creature formed from starts to bleed heavily and Naruto’s toad spits out a pool of black liquid.

Kakuzu: It absorbed all it’s chakra until nothing was left.

Naruto: So that’s it. Those things that came out of you are somehow connected to you and if I destroy them you die. Somehow you can force those things to die in your place like some sort of substituion.

Kakuzu: Not quite! These things are hearts that I’ve collected from previous ninja I’ve fought.

Naruto: You implanted other ninjas hearts inside you body!? How sick!

Kakuzu: You would be surprised how valuable a shinobi’s heart is. With it I am invincible. Along with acquiring the ninja’s elemental chakra….

Naruto: (Thinking) That’s why he is able to manipulate so many different elements.

Kakuzu: ……I can use their hearts to die in my place, if need be, making me immortal.

Naruto: I’ve heard enough. You’re not invincible! You’re just a monster!You hunt down my kind out of your own selfish greed. I’m going to destroy all those hearts and then I’m going to kill you!

Kakuzu: Big words for a little brat.

Naruto: You Akatsuki ninja don’t deserve to live. I’m going to end the Akatsuki …. starting with you!

Suddenly Kakuzu senses an attack behind him. He turns around and sees Naruto behind his earth monster with a wind encased kunai and stabs it through it’s torso. He then slices it into dozens of pieces.

Kakuzu: This whole time…i’ve been talking to a clone…. while he snuck up behind me.

The smiling clone in front of him disperses. Kakuzu is once again hit with an excruciating pain on his chest as another one of his hearts is destroyed.

Naruto: Two down.

Kakuzu recovers and screams in anger as he forces his body to mutate. His sewed up skin starts to rip apart as his fire and wind monsters merge with his body.

Naruto: So you had something else up your sleeve.

Kakuzu: I’m going to rip you apart!

Out of no where, some of Kakuzu’s tentacles erupts from ground wrapping around Naruto. As Naruto desperately tries to escape, Kakuzu’s fire and wind elements combine their power.

Kakuzu: You can’t escape! I’m going to dispose of you here and now! Wind/Fire element: Oblivion!

As Kakuzu unleashes his attack the entire area before him his obliterated. When the smoke clears, Naruto is completely covered in Kyuubi chakra completely unharmed by the blast.

Naruto: I guess it just wasn’t enough.

Kakuzu: That damn Kyuubi chakra absorbed my attack protecting him from the blast!

Suddenly a ball of sand appears in between them and expands pushing them a few feet apart. As they both recover, Gaara appears above them floating on sand.

Gaara: May I cut in?

Naruto: Gaara of the Desert!

Kakuzu: Another Jinchuuriki, eh?

Naruto: What are you doing here?

Gaara: I was on my way home and saw a familiar face and decided to drop by.

Naruto and Gaara stare each other down.

Kakuzu: Well this is interesting. I think I’ll capture you both!

Kakuzu shoots his threadlike tentacles at both Naruto and Gaara. Before they can connect, Gaara forms a giant sand hand from beneath Kakuzu stopping his movements. While in Kyuubi mode,  Naruto forms a red chakra Rasengan and dashes forwards slamming it into Kakuzu destroying all of his hearts and blasting a large hole through his chest.


As the debris settles Naruto and Gaara stand face-toface with one another.

Naruto: I didn’t need your help you know? I could have taken him down alone.

Gaara: It didn’t look that way from where I was standing.

Naruto: Why did you help me?

Gaara: I owed you a favor. Because of you I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

Naruto: And why is that?

Gaara: All those years ago when my village attacked the Leaf you and I fought. It was then when I realized that if I continued down a path of hatred I would be lost in the darkness forever. You helped me realized my true destiny.

Naruto: You should forget those words I spoke. I was trapped in an illusion of lies. I see clearly now.

Gaara: Maybe now you are in the illusion.

Naruto: I seriously doubt that.

Gaara: Maybe this is why faith bought us together after all these years. I will lead you back into the light just like you did for me.

Naruto: I have more important things to take care of.

Gaara: Like what?

Naruto: As of now it’s to find the remaining Jinchuuriki.

Gaara: For what reason?

Naruto: ….You are also among the surviving Jinchuuriki, will you join me?

Gaara: I’m going to have to decline.

Naruto: Why is that?

Gaara: Akatsuki has attacked my village, my people need me. As Kazekage I swore to protect them.

Naruto: Kazekage, huh?……. Don’t waste the trip. The Sand has already come under Akatsuki’s control.

Gaara: And you know this why?

Naruto: I have been under the teachings of the leader of the Akatsuki, Madara Uchiha. Right before I escaped, I was informed he has successfully conquered the Sand Village.

Gaara: It doesn’t matter, I still have to try. As the Kazekage I have a duty to my people.

Naruto: You are just one man. Right now, hundreds of Roots shinobi still loyal to Akatsuki is marching through your village. Madara, with all members of the Akatsuki and Bijuu at his disposal is also keeping a close eye on the village. You won’t make it through the gates.

Gaara: You’re right. I figured as much since the Leaf was able to take back the Mist. Madara must have doubled his security forces.

Naruto: Exactly.

Gaara: What do I have to gain by joining you on your search?

Naruto: Once we’ve gathered all the remaining Jinchuuriki, we’ll help you take back your village. We shouldn’t have any problem with the combined power of the Bijuu.

Gaara: (Thinking of the other Kage) Then I have no choice.

Naruto: Then let’s begin our search.

In an abandon city, inside a large building, Itachi stands before an exhausted Sasuke. Sasuke is on his hands and knees gasping for air with bruises and cuts all over his body.

Sasuke: (Sweat dripping from his face) That was intense.

Itachi: Your Sharingan has grown strong. You are almost ready.

Sasuke: I’ll help you take down Madara and the Akatsuki but after that we have unfinished business. You may not have wanted to annihilate Uchiha but you still had a choice. You were to much of a coward to stand up for your clan, your family. I won’t follow in your foot steps. When all of this is over we will fight and one of us will die!

Itachi: ( Eyes closed) I always figured if you knew the truth it wouldn’t satisfy the hatred that has formed inside your heart over the years. I agree with you, you take that hatred and throw it at me and I’ll take it. The best think I can do for you now is to be the one to deliver you from an eternal life of darkness.

Sasuke: (Sarcastically) Why brother you almost sound noble.

Itachi: (Turning around and walking away) Get some rest! Tomorrow we begin our hunt for Akatsuki.

Back at the Kage Hideout, the four Kage sit at their round table.

Minato: Our plans have changed! Right now we still have no idea where the remaining Jinchuuriki are. It’s time we go after Akatsuki. Our new goal is locate the Akatsuki hideouts and wipe them off the map!

Raikage: That’s what I’m talking about!

Mizukage: Are you sure that’s wise? We’ll risk exposure of our whereabouts.

Tsuchikage: The whole point of lying low was to gather all we could about Akatsuki and the missing Jinchuuriki. Also to come up with a plan of engagement. We have bijuu in our possession and we know more about Akatsuki then we’ve ever have. Now is the time to strike!

Minato: We’ll have to infiltrate their organization to get our hands on the bijuu. The bijuu is our first priority!

Raikage: What about your son?

Minato: If anyone touches a hair on his head, I’ll kill you! Now let’s move!

Revenge of the Yellowflash Part 2 Chapter 6

Inside one of the Akatsuki’s hideouts, Naruto suddenly approaches Zetsu.

Zetsu: What could you possibly want with me? Whatever you have to say, you should say it to Tobi.

Naruto: Where is he?

Zetsu: He’s out handling some business and will be back soon enough?

Naruto: I can’t wait, I have my own plans to take care of.

Zetsu: What does that suppose to mean?

Naruto: It means I am leaving this hell hole and there’s nothing you or anyone can do about it.

Tobi:(Appearing from his vortex) I’d like to test that theory.

Naruto: So, you’ve returned.

Tobi: Now, what’s all this about leaving?

Naruto: Just like I said, I’ve outgrown you, there’s nothing more I need to learn from you. It’s time I start doing things my way.

Tobi: I have many plans for you, Naruto, there’s just no way I can allow you to leave.

Naruto: You told me I was the Destined Child and I was going to bring peace, I don’t remember you saying anything about me following your orders. I follow no ones orders but my own.

Tobi: (Taking off his mask in the shadows) Do you honestly think I’m just going to allow you to walk out of the front door?

Naruto: No, I actually was counting on you trying to stop me.


Zetsu slides his foot forward as though he is about to make a move and it catches Naruto’s attention. Naruto’s eyes turn red like the Kyuubi’s and chakra encases his arm and he expands a large red chakra hand at Zetsu lifting him off the ground, slamming him into a wall.

Tobi: He’s mastered the Kyuubi’s chakra to the point where he could partially use it’s chakra.

Using the body flicker technique, Tobi slices through Naruto with a kunai. In an instant a huge explosion shakes the entire hideout.

Naruto: (Smiling at Tobi) You’re too late. (Revealing himself as a shadow clone, Naruto disperses)

Zetsu: (Digging himself out of the large crater in the wall) The kids gotten strong. Why aren’t you going after him?

Tobi: I know him, he’s already used his Time/Space techniques. I’ve taught him well.

Far away Gaara and the Raikage continue their battle as Gaara begins to transform into the Shukaku. Sand covers half of his face and right arm as the air become heavy with chakra.

Raikage: I never thought the Shukaku would have this much chakra. It’s time I put an end to this.

Gaara dashes forward so fast the Raikage can barely see him, he slams his sand arm into him knocking him through countless amounts of threes through the forest.

Raikage: (Standing from the rubble) Is that all you got!?

Gaara unleashes even more chakra, continuing his transformation until a large tail forms and sand encases his left arm. Gaara jumps in the air and slams both of his fists on top of the Raikage causing a huge shockwave. The Raikage uses his speed to avoid the attacks appears behind him and picks him up, slamming him to the ground with his Lightning Bomb. Gaara lies inside a giant hole in the ground while his legs stick up in the air and his body lies crushed. Minato and the other Kage arrive on the battle field, completely shocked at the scene.

Mizukage: Is he dead!?

Raikage: Of course he’s dead, nobody has ever survived my Lightning Bomb!

Minato: Think again.

Raikage: Huh!?

From inside the crater a huge blast erupts as debris fill the air and a shock-wave shakes the entire area. A full-grown Demonic Shukaku forms out of the debris as a sleeping Gaara sticks out from the top of it’s head.


Raikage: I see, the Jinchuuriki who possesses the Shukaku is enable to sleep and for some reason they do fall asleep, the Shukaku takes over and rages out of control.

Tsuchikage: This also makes genjutsu a very bad idea when facing the Shukaku, the illusion could unleash the full power of the Shukaku.

Raikage: I think it’s about time I finish this before things get even more out of hand.

The Raikage powers up emitting a huge amount of killer intent. The Shukaku senses his power and without any word, blasts the Raikage with an Air Bullet blasting a giant crater in the ground.

Raikage: (Breaking from beneath the ground with his chakra deactivated and blood dripping from his head) What happened to my chakra?

Minato: Wind is strong against lightning, the Shukaku is the wrong match for the Raikage.


Raikage: (Thinking) I get it, I have to wake up the brat to stop the Shukaku!

The Raikage ignites his chakra and uses his speed ad dashes up the Shukaku’s back!

Shukaku: GET OFF!

Mizukage: What’s he doing?

Raikage: Ultimate Lightning Larait!!

Minato: He’s planning on ending it!

The Raikage dashes forward toward Gaara and strikes him with his Ultimate Lariat. Suddenly Gaara’s entire body bursts into sand shocking everyone. The Shukaku starts to crack and slowly falls apart.

Mizukage: What happened?

Minato: ………..

Tsuchikage: I see.

Minato: I can’t feel Gaara’s chakra anywhere.

Mizukage: I understand, when the Raikage unleashed his Lightning bomb, Gaara used the substitution technique and put a sand clone in his place. He then while he hid out inside of the Shukaku while it went on a rampage.

Tsuchikage: Yes, then right before the Raikage used his Ultimate Lariat, he used a Space/Time technique to get away without anyone of us noticing.

Mizukage: To think he was able to escape without any of us noticing is amazing. He even got past your sensory abilities, Minato.

Minato: The kids more experienced than we thought, right Tsuchikage?

Tsuchikage: Well, I guess so.

Raikage: (Eye Raked) I will find you!!!!

Gaara: (Far away) It took awhile but I was finally able to use my Teleportation technique. I can’t rest, I have to get to the Sand.

Miles away from the Akatsuki hideout, Naruto walks through a large terrain after escaping from Tobi and Zetsu. As he calmly walks, he suddenly senses a vibration in the ground beneath him. He steadily walks calmly waiting for the right second.

Naruto: I see you move fast, Tobi.

As soon as the ninja bursts from the earth Naruto unleashes wind chakra from every chakra point in his body causing an enormous blast. The great surge of chakra rips through the ground around them.  As the smoke clears Kakuzu bursts from under the boulders with cuts and bruises all over him.

Kakuzu: (Thinking) He was able to sense me coming.

In an instant Naruto jumps into the air not a second before Kakuzu  shoots black thread like ropes at Naruto rapping around his arms and legs but Naruto disperses, revealing himself to be a shadow clone. From behind Naruto and a clone smashes his Giant Rasengan into his back sending him sliding across the ground.

Kakuzu: I didn’t know you would be this skilled, you have mastered your sensory abilities to the point where you can sense an attack. That’s how you were able to dodge my black thread. You then uses the bodyflicker technique to appear behind me with your Rasengan. You’ve been taught well, tell me, who is your teacher?

Naruto: (Thinking) So, they don’t know that I’ve been with Tobi all that time. They may not even know who Tobi is either? It looks like it’s going to be up to me to unmask that bastard!

Kakuzu: Answer me!

Naruto: That’s none of your concern, besides you won’t need that information in a few minutes!

Kakuzu: Let’s see what you’ve got,brat!

Kakuzu’s body starts to shift as his skin and body rips apart and four giant threadlike creatures emerge from his back, each with masks on their faces.

Naruto: !!!!!!!!!

Kakuzu: These are my creations!

Kakuzu forms hand signs, Fire Style: Flame Sphere Blast! A giant sphere of fire thrust forward at Naruto, Naruto jumps in the air but the fire consumes his entire left side. After the blast dissipates, Naruto stands in front of Kakuzu with Kyuubi chakra encased on his entire left side as he stares him down intensely with his red eyes.

Kakuzu: I see, you can partially use the Kyuubi’s chakra to not only attack but to protect yourself by providing an ultimate defense, impressive.

Naruto: You haven’t seen anything yet.

Revenge of the YellowFlash 2 Chapter 5

After successfully infiltrating and then obliterating Orochimaru’s hideout Itachi comes face to face with his little brother.

Itachi: Look at you, you’ve grown up.

Sasuke: You’re still as cocky as ever, which will be your downfall.

Itachi: It may be, but starting now, your destiny will change.

Sasuke: I’ve heard enough of your cryptic bullshit! I’m going to stop you here and now!

Itachi: Come, show me what you’ve learned from your master.

Sasuke grabs for his Kusunagi sword but Orochimaru grabs his arm.

Orochimaru: You are not ready, we fight him together.

Sasuke: I told you before, you are not to interfere!

Kabuto: This is no time to be reckless. Itachi has the Mangekyou, if we are going to survive we’ll need to fight together.

Out of no where, Itachi activates his Mangekyou Sharingan and casts his Tsukuyomi on Kabuto sending him into his world of illusion.

Itachi: (Standing before Kabuto) You are now trapped in my Tsukuyomi, for the next seventy-two hours you will suffer excruciating pain.

Suddenly in the real world, Kabuto becomes completely exhausted and his body is paralyzed and he falls to the ground gasping for air.

Itachi: One down……If you are going to make your move, I suggest you do it now.

Itachi appears behind Sasuke and Orochimaru in a blink of an eye.

Sasuke: He’s too fast!

Sasuke forms hand signs, Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu! The giant ball of fire thrusts forward at Itachi, Orochimaru shoots a giant ball of air also, combining it with Sasukes Fire causing a huge explosion. From beneath the ground, Itachi grabs Sasuke’s foot shocking him by his speed.

Orochimaru: That’s a clone you fool!

From the air Itachi  quickly throws a volley of shuriken, Orochimaru spits out a long snake who slithers and repels all of the shuriken with its steal snakeskin. The snake then strikes at Itachi, wrapping around him then driving him into the ground. Orochimaru then flies toward him with his Kusunagi sword now sticking out of his mouth stabbing him directly in his chest. Itachi’s body turns to crows and he forms right behind him kicking him in the face sending him flying.

Itachi: As clever as ever I see, Orochimaru. (Turning to Sasuke) You chose him as your teacher to beat me when he can barely even touch me?

Sasuke activates his Chidori and charges at Itachi, right before he gets in range he stops and uses shape manipulation, expanding his chidori into a spear catching Itachi off guard impaling him through the shoulder. Itachi forces the spear out of his shoulder and uses the bodyflcker technique, appearing right on side of him punching him in the face knocking him to the ground. Orochimaru forms hand signs, Secret Ninja art: Edo Tensei. Right before the coffin emerges, Itachi activates his Amaterasu igniting Orochimaru’s shoulder. Instantly, Orochimaru opens his mouth and throws up another form of himself and watches as his skin burns to ash.

Itachi: You honestly thought I’ll allow you to use that jutsu?

Orochimaru suddenly starts to cough up blood and he falls to his knees.

Itachi: Time is running out I see. That body is starting to reject you. I guess you were planning on taking Sasuke’s but that’s not going to happen anymore.

Orochimaru: (Thinking) If only it was a couple more days, I would have the Sharingan and he would be dead!

Itachi: I’ll give you a one time offer to run and cling to your life, but only one.

Orochimaru: This won’t be the last time we meet, Itachi! Not by a long shot!

Itachi: ……….

Orochimaru: I will be the one who kills you one day, Itachi! MARK MY WORDS! (Orochimaru dissolves into the ground)

Itachi deactivates his Sharingan and takes a deep breath while staring Sasuke down.

Sasuke: You think you can beat me without your Sharingan?

Itachi: Quiet, I’m not going to fight you.

Sasuke: You will fight me after what you did!

Itachi: You think you know but you don’t. All this time you’ve had to see through my illusion and yet you still stand here ignorant of the truth.

Sasuke: What are you talking about?

Itachi:  I had not planned on you finding this out at all but under the circumstances I feel it’s necessary. For you to understand you must know everything, but I’ll start off with this, yes I destroyed our clan but not for the reason you think.

Sasuke: What possible reason could you have to wipe out every single member of our family?

Itachi:………… I did it under the orders of Konoha.


Inside the Sand village, Tobi stands on top of the Kazekage mansion watching the chaos of his army fighting the Sand ninja in an all out war!

Tobi: I love the smell of blood in the morning.

Kankurou: (From behind him) That’s perfect because you are about to smell yours!

Kankurou sends his puppets flying towards Tobi at a great speed.

Tobi: You already look beaten up kid. You have no chance!

Tobi disappears behind him and stabs him through the back with a kunai, dropping him to his knees.

Kankurou: Gaara….I tried!

Tobi: Not hard enough. You’re too slow.

Tobi rips the blade out of his back and sucks him into his vortex.

Tobi: Now, where was I?

Far away in a secret hideout, The Five Kage sit at a table.

Gaara: So what’s our next target?

Mizukage: I’ve just gotten words from a source that my people have reclaimed control over our village.

Raikage: What!? How!?

Minato: Yes I heard as well, it seems Kakashi Hatake formed a team and joined with the Hidden Mist to help in their quest to regain control over their village. Danzo has been defeated by Kakashi and Root is no more.

Tsuchikage: So this ninja you are talking about is the son of the White Fang, um the um Copy Ninja.

Minato: Yes, he was also a student of mine.

Mizukage: Thanks to him Danzo is dead and I have a home to go back to.

Raikage: The Copy Ninja isn’t in the bingo book for nothing, but enough about that, let’s…..

A messenger bird flies in from the opening of the roof of the building and lands next to Minato. Minato opens and reads the message and is greatly shocked by it.

Gaara: What is it?

Minato: We have a major problem.

Raikage: Now what?

Minato: (With his eyes closed) Akatsuki has invaded the Sand village. Madara has taken control.

Mizukage: He is trying to not only capture the Jinchuuriki but bring down the great nations.

Tsuchikage: Now that the Sand has no Kazekage it was even more vulnerable and Madara took advantage.

Gaara: I’m going back!

Minato: You can’t! If you return you could bring down our entire operation! It’s too soon for the world to know we are alive.

Gaara: For three years you’ve been hiding out doing nothing, planning for something that’s already here! Our people are out their suffering and still you do nothing.

Minato: If we don’t find and contain the bijuu and allow Akatsuki to get their hands on them, there won’t be anyone to save.

Gaara: You waste time and find your bijuu, I’ll go and save my people from the Akatsuki.

Minato: You think you can defeat Madara Uchiha?

Gaara: I won’t know if I don’t try.

Minato: Think for a moment!

Gaara: I have.

Gaara disperses.

Raikage: Don’t worry, he won’t get far.

Gaara flies through the air in a cloud of sand at an incredible speed when all of a sudden a lightning bolt knocks him completely out of the air.

Gaara: (Staring into the clear blue sky) Where are the thunder clouds?

Raikage:(Standing behind him) Right here!

Gaara: What is the meaning of this, Raikage?

Raikage: You were never meant to leave this place.

Gaara: What are you talking about?

Raikage: Don’t you get it, we only saved you from the Akatsuki to stop them from getting the Shukaku. We have no interest in you.

Gaara: So, I am supposed to be your prisoner.

Raikage: Not at all. We are on a hunt for the bijuu not the Jinchuuriki.

Gaara: So you’ve been tracking down Jinchuuriki and extracting their bijuu, killing them whether they join you or not.

Raikage: Don’t misunderstand, I don’t want this, but we have to put our feelings aside to stop the world from going into complete darkness at all cost. Some of them more heavy than others. (Thinking of Killerbee)

Gaara: When did you Kage throw yourselves away? There is another way, we can all fight together!

Raikage: It’s too late.

The Raikage activates his lightning chakra which covers his entire body. Gaara unleashes his sand from his gourd.

Gaara: Don’t make me do this.

Raikage: It’s too late!

The Raikage uses his supersonic speed and thrusts forward and Gaara blocks with his Sand shield. The Raikage tries to charge and break through the sand creating a huge shockwave across the land.

Back at Orchimaru’s hideout Itachi and Sasuke continue their reunion.

Sasuke: That’s a lie! You are trying to take the blame off of you!

Itachi: It’s true, our clan was planning a coup that would bring about another great ninja war. Blinded my lust and greed for control over Konoha, they were willing to sacrifice countless amounts of lives. I on the other had been through the pain of war and witnessed its destruction, I knew I had to stop this at all cost. The Third Hokage expressed his goal to mend the relationship between Uchiha and the village and so I decided to do everything I could to help him in his quest. I became Konoha’s spy and that’s when hell broke loose. Uchiha had already unanimously decided on the coup except for me which they knew and reminded me of every single day. I tried everything I could to get them to change their minds but in the end I knew there was no changing it. After Konoha and I exhausted all options of reconciliation, The Council and Elders of the village decided that the only way to stop Uchiha was to annihilate the entire clan.

Sasuke: And you went along with it like a dog!

Itachi: You have never seen the scars of war and what it does to you and I never wanted you to know them. If I would have let this happened you may not be here right now. You would have grown up in a world full of hate and darkness and all because of our families selfishness. Millions would be dead, laying in fields of blood and tears, is that what you wanted?

Sasuke: I’ve suffered all my life because of your so-called sacrifice! I’ve been alone all these years, left to bare this hatred and pain of loss of our clan, our family. This all because Konoha wanted peace? You really don’t understand me.

Itachi: I understand more than anyone. You think it was easy for me to slaughter ever single member of our family. I don’t even think I had control over my body, it was like a demon had taken over me. I had to live with the secret that I had to kill my family for months and when it was finally time, I could have died from the mental stress and pain alone. I swallowed all that because I knew you would be able to grow up to witness to slightest amount of peace, that Uchiha’s chain of hatred would be broken. The same peace in which Konoha and Uchiha strived for. The same peace that ninja put their lives on the line everyday to see come into fruition.

Sasuke: Was it worth it? Knowing the pain you put me through?

Itachi: I wish I could have made things easier but I still believe this was to best decision.

Sasuke dashes at Itachi, screaming in a blind rage with his sword slicing away at Itachi. Itachi dodges to first few swing and grabs his arm.

Itachi: Use this hatred and frustration and direct it to the true reason you are in the place you are now.

Sasuke: What are you talking about?

Itachi: Think about it! Konoha blamed Uchiha for the Kyuubi attack all those years ago. The attack that was orchestrated by Madara Uchiha himself. That attack led Konoha to believe Uchiha was behind it based on the Sharingan and its ability to control the Kyuubi. The isolation and discrimination from that urges the Uchiha to take action. All this was because of Madara Uchiha and his hatred toward Senju and Uchiha because they both turned their back on him. He even played a hand in the Uchiha Massacre.

Sasuke: You had help?

Itachi: I may be strong, but I could take down the entire clan single-handedly.

Sasuke: It’s impossible, he should be dead.

Itachi: There is much you must learn. Join me little brother and all will become known and together we will avenge the Uchiha.

Far away deep in a distant forest, Minato and the other Kage stand in trees.

Tsuchikage: Looks like they’ve begun.

Mizukage: That shockwave was a doozy.

Minato: Yeah, but let’s get going, they aren’t too far from here.

Tsuchikage: That fool is as hot-headed as he was as a kid.

Mizukage: He may be hot-headed but we might want to find him before he and the kid kill each other.

Minato: Let’s move. (They all disperse)

Miles away an explosion erupts and the Raikage and Gaara are thrown back by the impact of the blast.

Raikage: I have to admit, for someone your age, you’re quite strong. To think I had to use my Larait to break through that sand of yours.

Gaara: I see why you are feared throughout the ninja world. Your physical ninjutsu is amazing and your speed is incredible. Let’s see if you can dodge this.

Gaara lifts his hands into the air and the entire ground breaks to small pieces creating more sand. An enormous amount of sand gathers into the sky above Gaara and as he waves his hands down a swarm of sand bullets shoots toward the Raikage at a blinding speed. The Raikage uses his supersonic lightning speed to avoid the sand but he is caught in the blast which sends a shockwave throughout the land. Moments later the Raikage bursts from the rubble covered in cuts and bruises with blood coming from his mouth.

Raikage: You truly are a clever kid. You encased those sand bullets with your wind based chakra so that they can break through my lightning armor. It’s a good thing I have tough skin, otherwise I’d be dead.

Gaara: Looks like you have someone watching over you.

Raikage: I guess it’s my turn.

The Raikage powers up and hits Gaara with his Larait blowing a hole in his chest. Gaara quickly uses his sand to cover his wound and stops the bleeding. He struggles to stand to is feet as blood pours from his mouth as he gasps for air.

Raikage: (Thinking) Impressive, he’s mastered that sand to the point he’s able to medically accommodate himself. He covered his wound with that sand that’s encased with his chakra, pouring his chakra inside the wound to keep himself alive. I see why he was chosen as their Kazekage, even at his age.

While he’s still lying on the ground, the Raikage jumps in the air above him ready to unleash his Smashin Leg Drop but right before he connects, Gaara starts to unleash his Shukaku Chakra and transform into the Shukaku itself.

Gaara: I WANT BLOOD!!!!

The sand from his gourd covers his right arm and shoulder and even half of his face as his demon eye appears. Chakra fills the air and the entire area starts to tremble.

Raikage: Looks like things are about to get interesting.

In one of Akatsuki’s hideouts, Zetsu stands talking to Tobi’s hologram who is currently in the Sand Village.

Tobi: I’ve taken control of the Sand, it will be a matter of time before the world knows we’ve taken down another great nation.

Zetsu: I’ve been searching for the bijuu like you’ve asked but it seems I can’t detect some of the Jinchuuriki that we’ve gathered intel on. As you know we’ve capture three of the bijuu including Naruto, the five and seven tailed jinchuuriki which are ready to be sealed.

Tobi: The three tails is inside the Land of Water waiting to be captured. I’ll send a message to Pein to retrieve it.

Zetsu: The Three Tailed Beast has disappeared.

Tobi: So, it looks like we aren’t the only ones looking for bijuu.

Zetsu: The Six Tails has fled from the Hidden Mist and is on the run.

Tobi: Inform Akatsuki immediately.

After Tobi disappears, Zetsu turns around and sees an older more mature looking Naruto angrily staring him down.

Naruto: It’s time we talk.