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Revenge of the YellowFlash VI

In a field in Iwagakure Konan and Kisame face off with the Gobi, the Five -Tailed Jinchuuriki named Han.

Han: I’m not much of a people person, in fact, I hate them but I’ll give you one chance to leave.

Kisame: (Laughing) All you Jinchuuriki are the same, none of you have any manners.

Konan: You live a lonely life fueled by hatred. You claim you are the one who hates people but it’s the people who hate you, your own village wants you dead.

Han: Hmph! You think I care what you think or what they think for that matter, I chose this life for my village, for my brother, the Tsuchikage of Iwagakure.

Kisame: Not surprising, it’s tradition for the host to be selected from the family of the villages Kage in Iwagakure.

Han: Being on the outside has changed me, I no longer want anything to do with you humans or your world,  filled with nothing but hatred, betrayal and suffering, that’s why I loath you. You are your own self enemy, you are the disease that spreads hatred and will be the reason this world ends, there will never be peace.

Konan: I’ve had enough, we won’t be able to get through to him.

Konan with countless pieces of paper floating around her grows paper wings and flies into the sky shooting her sharp paper knives at Han, Hans metal armor and hat protects him and he dashes in blinding speed but Kisame forms hand signs, Water Style: Water Wall, breaking through the water wall seemingly un-fazed, Han head butts Kisame in the face sending him flying a few yards away.

Kisame: His size doesn’t take away from his speed.

Konan’s head, arms and torso appears with a long paper spear trying to stab in him in the face. Han catches the spear and punches her causing her to burst, he then realizes the paper is actually exploding note tags and they explode in a huge blast. Konan forms on Kisame side out of paper watching Han burst out of the pile of rocks standing to his feet. Kisame dashes at Han swinging Samehada but Han ducks, Konan throws her paper shuriken but Han dodges and take off his medal hat and throws it at Konan like a flying disk.

Sharp blades form around the hat and slices her body in half but she connects her self together again and the hat hits a tree. Kisame stabs Samehada into the ground holding on to it while he kicks Han in the face knocking him to the ground. Konan appears once again with a spear and stabs him through the chest while he’s on the ground, suddenly revealing himself to be a clone he bursts in a huge blast of hot steam covering Konan, Konan falls back next to Kisame.

Kisame: (Thinking: A clone made of steam) So, his techniques are steam based, can’t say I’ve heard that one before.

Konan: You are going to have to fight him alone until I recover, his steam weakened my chakra that’s embedded into my paper somehow, usually this kind of attack would have no effect.

Kisame: Don’t worry, I can take him.

Han climbs out of the ground, glaring at them both.

Han: Are you two finished already? Well, I’m not! Secret Ninja Art: Steam Cloud Bomb!

Han pulls the mask off of his face and blows a huge cloud of steam towards them.

Kisame: That steam will roast us both.

Kisame forms Hand Signs, Water Style: Giant Water Shockwave! The water wave tries to cancel out the steam cloud but the steam combines with the water making it stronger causing it to overtake them both. Kisame bursts from underground beneath Han kicking him in the face.

Han: He escaped underground to avoid my attack, very clever.

Kisame: Why didn’t it cancel it out? My water should have completely wiped out that steam. Your steam is nothing more than liquid water converted into a gas by combining water with fire, to be able to stand against my Giant Water Shcokwave attack is incredible to say the least, what a unique Kekkai Genkai.

In an instant Kisame is paralyzed and Konan’s paper becomes so heavy it pins her to the ground. Steam starts to appear everywhere making it hard to see, Han disappears into the steam only hearing his voice as a stampede of white dolphin horses runs around Kisame and Konan.

Han: Thanks, but you were too careless. That steam cloud wasn’t to physically harm you, it’s a special genjutsu technique. As long as you are inside this steam you are trapped in my illusion. Don’t bother trying to escape, I’ve stretched this steam out for miles. Steam Art: Boiler Room!

The temperature starts to rise causing them to heavily sweat burning their skin.

Konan: This is why his steam has this adverse effect on my chakra, it’s also mixed with some kind of poison to relax our bodies allowing the genjutsu to take its full effect, it even is strong enough to physically harm our bodies..

Han: In order to fully master my Kekkai Genkai you must have complete control over your chakra, which is why it’s a perfect match for genjutsu. Combining my most powerful illusion with the full power of my Kekkai Genkai is the ultimate attack, not even the strongest ninja can resist.

Kisame: I’d like to test that theory!

Kisame appears behind him slicing his side with Samehada’s shark skin, shredding his skin.

Han: (Holding his side while it spews blood) How did you-

Kisame: (Unwrapping Samehada) This sword of mine is called Samehada, he has the ability to absorb chakra, which he gives to me boosting my chakra reserves  and my stamina which basically means I can fight for long periods of time without get tired with plenty of chakra.

Han: No one’s ever broken that technique before, my genjutsu is unmatched!

Kisame: Obviously you haven’t met Itachi. When you are faced with genjutsu on this level, you need a partner to release you from the illusion, well, Samehada is my partner. He forcing chakra inside my body disrupting my chakra network. Can’t you feel it? All you chakra is gone.

Han falls to one knee panting from the loss of chakra, Kisame holds Samehada in the air and in an instant Samehada absorbs the entire illusion, freeing Konan.

Konan: Nice work, Kisame, let’s finish this.

Out of no where Tsunade appears and punches Konan in the face sending her sliding across the ground!

Tsunade: That Jinchuuriki is ours.

Kisame: What the hell was that?

Orochimaru: (Appearing behind Tsunade) It’s been a long time, Kisame.

Kisame: Orochimaru, your treachery has no bounds. You continue to betray Akatsuki even now.

Orochimaru: I’ve out grown you, I can gain power on my own starting with that Gobi.

Kisame: The Gobi belongs to Akatsuki.

Tsunade: I don’t think so.

Han: (Standing to his feet) Hmph! That’s Enough, I’ll kill you all! ( Thinking: I didn’t want to use this but I have no choice, I’m going to allow you to take over. Better you than them!

Suddenly Han begins his transformation, chakra forms around him as the whole area starts to tremble from the huge concentration of chakra, a huge blast of chakra erupts blowing towards the other as Han screams violently, a cream which can be heard for miles. He suddenly transforms into a giant dolphin horse with five tails giving off an enormous amount of power seemingly breaking through his skin! Each tail is encased with each of the five elements, everyone is trembling from the force of the Gobi’s power.

Kisame: What power!? I guess it’s time to get serious!

Kisame grabs Samehada and sharp scales starts to form on his body and spikes and shard fin blades erupts from his shoulders and back as they fuse into a half shark, half man creature which fills the air with chakra that even rivals the Gobi, soon everyone is hanging on from getting blown away by the shear force of their combined chakra. The entire valley is shaking as debris and trees are breaking and flying away and cracks are forming in the ground.

Orochimaru: Tsunade, let’s let shark face take care of the Gobi.

Konan: I’ll take care of you.

Tsunade: Take a seat Orochimaru, I want her!

Orochimaru: That’s fine with me.

Tsunade dashes at Konan, Konan forms a sword out of paper that resembles a wrapped up Samehada and uses more paper to extend it hitting Tsunade in the chest and crashing her yards away. With her wings on Konan flies at Tsunade, Tsunade breaks free of the paper sword that has her pinned to the ground and jumps to the side as Konan comes crashing down and slices her with her chakra knife and then Tsunade jumps into the air and comes crashing down with her leg drop causing to ground to explode and Konan to burst into counless amounts of paper. Out of the paper flying around Tsunade, Konan forms and punches Tsunade in the face sending her flying.

Meanwhile, Kisame jumps into the air and starts flipping violently, so fast only his sharp shark skin blades can be seen. He falls down forcefully drilling into the Gobi’s head, the Gobi, using his wind element tail blows him away with a hurricane like shape manipulation. The Gobi then wraps his Fire element and Wind element tails together and shoots a giant fire-ball out if it’s mouth almost destroying the entire landscape interrupting Tsunade and Konans fight.

The giant Gobi charges at Kisame with its horns and Kisame charges back, they both connect sending a giant shockwave throughout the valley. Kisame, with his hands attached to the Gobis horns starts to push it back surprising everyone.

Orochimaru: He’s actually battling a full-grown Bijuu.

Kisame: You feel it yet? I’m still absorbing your chakra, you bastard!

The Gobi uses his Lighting Element and encases his hole body electrocuting Kisame and pushes him for miles through the forest hitting tree after tree. The Gobi then wraps his earth and fire element tails together and a giant fire stone ball shoots out of its mouth a like a meteor on top of Kisame putting a huge crater in the forests. Suddenly the whole area starts to tremble and the fire rock ball is lifted into the air by a giant water geyser by Kisame. Kisame also lifted on the geyser starts healing himself from the Gobi’s attack and forms hand signs, Water Style: Giant Liquid Bullet! An enormous ball of water forms from the geyser and shoots at the Gobi but the Gobi cancels it out with a water bullet of his own once again sending water everywhere.

Kisame: I’m almost out of chakra after using it to heal myself, this thing won’t let me get close enough to absorb his.

Orochimaru: I see, as long as he and that sword are fused he can heal his body using the chakra he absorbs.

Scene jumps back to Tsunade and Konan

Konan throws her Paper Shuriken at Tsunade but she punches the ground causing a giant bolder to fly up blocking the shuriken and throws a Kunai with an explosive note tag connected to it on the ground beneath Konan causing her to burst into paper, as soon a Konan forms again Tsunade uses a bodyflicker technique to appear infront Konan standing on her hands kicking her into the air, then Tsunade jumps into the air punching and kicking her with super strong blows causing Konan to cough up blood then gives her one finally kick sending her flying into the forest hitting tree after tree ending with a giant cloud of dusts emerging from the forest.

Tsunade: Stay down!

Still trying to get close to the Gobi, Kisame buries himself underground moving towards him but the Gobi uses it’s lightning tail and shoots a giant thunderbolt into the ground forcing him to jump out.  The Gobi still using lightning uses shape manipulation forming a blade and sends it crashing into Kisame but Kisame and Samehada split barely avoiding the attack. Kisame falls to his knees bleeding from his mouth with a deep cut almost separating his shoulder and arm from his body almost completely severing it.

Kisame: (Panting) I’m out of chakra.

Orochimaru: Looks like it’s Kisames end.

Suddenly the entire valley turns white revealing it to be made out of paper as Konan emerges from the forest, billion of pieces of paper is everywhere spewing out of the ground like a volcano erupting giving out an enormous amount of chakra. Lots os paper land on Samehada giving it chakra which Kisame grabs allowing it to heal his body.

Orochimaru: It can’t be! She has this much power? She is even using her own chakra to heal Kisame!

The entire forest and ground breaks down into paper building into a giant Paper ball!

Kisame: We watched the Jinchuuriki heading in this direction before we confronted him so Konan created this place out of her Origami, it’s like a physical illusion. Everything from the flowers and the trees, even the birds and insects are all her creations. We are all trapped inside her world an there is no way out.

Tsunade: She created this entire place out of paper and most of them are exploding note tags! We need to clear out, she’s going to detonate them!

Konan: It is said angels have the power to destroy entire cities and now you all are about to see how true that really is!

Konan covers the entire Gobi with paper which is actually exploding note tags, the Gobi struggles to break free even trying to use his wind tail to blow them away but it’s futile, the paper is stuck to its body. Konan lifts the Gobi high up in the air with her paper and forms a single hand sign and in an instant all the exploding note tags covering the Gobi explodes sending a massive shock wave throughout the entire area. Moments later Han is falling down from the sky back in human form into a large bed of paper.

Kisame: Remind me not to get on your bad side.

Konan: (Panting) I’ve captured the Gobi it’s time to go before the others attack again.

She then cover Han with paper making him float in the air following her as she slowly walks over to Kisame clearly exhausted from her attack. They both disappear in a swirl of paper leaving Orochimaru  and Tsunade standing in a field of a countless amount of paper.

Orochimaru: Looks like we failed or should I say you failed.

Tsunade: You didn’t even lift a finger, blame yourself.

Orochimaru: Watch it, I’m the only one who can bring your precious loved ones back, so show me some respect.

Tsunade: I healed you as we agreed, if you don’t live up to your end of the bargain, I’ll kill you!

Back in Konoha Minato sits staring at a bedridden Sasuke in the Konoha hospital after Itachi hit him with his Tsukuyomi during their last encounter.

Minato: (Talking to a sleeping Sasuke) You really want him dead don’t you? I must get through to you that hatred is not the way to go. Once you are back on your feet, it’s time I instill in you the “Will of Fire”.

Shikaku enters!

Shikaku: I heard you were here.

Minato: Have you heard anything from Jiraiya?

Shikaku: We’ve gotten word that Tsunade betrayed Konoha and joined Orochimaru.

Minato: What!?

Shikaku: I don’t know what Orochimaru has over her but Tsunade has never been this easily influenced. Jiraiya-sensei is convinced that he can get her back on our side so he’s going after her and Orochimaru one more time.

Minato: Alright, I’m going to go lend a hand.

Shikaku: You can’t, you are the Hokage and ever since the Third died, there is no one else to look after the village.

Minato: Yeah there is, I’m leaving you in charge.

Shikaku: Me?

Minato: I won’t be gone long and besides with that huge brain of yours no one would dare attack. (Smiling) I have complete faith in you.

Shikaku: Thanks, Mina-, Yondaime.

Far away outside Orochimaru’s hideout, Jiraiya and Naruto lay hidden in the trees plotting their infiltration.

Jiraiya: Alright Naruto, this is going to be dangerous so stay on your toes.

Naruto: Right, but shouldn’t you get someone more experienced to help you with this?

Jiraiya: You aren’t scared, are you?

Naruto: NO WAY! I’m going to kick some butt!

Jiraiya: HAHAHA, That’s what I’m talking about and besides your dad is the one who will teach you the way of the ninja, I will teach you how to live as a ninja. Rule Number 1: Be fearless, a ninja who believes in himself wouldn’t have this problem because if you believe in yourself then there can be no fear in your heart to do what you must to protect someone precious to you.

Naruto: I understand, you know you aren’t that bad Pervy Sage!

Jiraiya: Stop calling me that!

Naruto: Whatever, let’s get going!

Jiraiya: Listen you idiot, we are not going in there to fight or to draw any kind of attention to ourselves for that matter, our only objectives is to get to Tsunade.

Naruto: What’s so special about this Tsunade anyway?

Jiraiya: Tsunade is the most skilled medical ninja in the entire shinobi world, with her help we can save a lot of ninja in the Leaf that were injured during Orochimaru’s attack, even Sasuke.

Naruto: Really!? Fine then I will bring her back no matter what! But just one thing, how are we going to do that again?

Jiraiya: Just follow my lead.