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Akatsuki Legends: The Sand Sibling vs The Cursed Akatsuki!!

Naruto lays on the ground, numb from the elemental combination of Sasuke, Aisura and Kagenemu.

—-Scene switches to a mountainous region being hit by massive sandstorms—-

Three Akatsuki members run down the slope of a slanted cliff. Jugo leads the way, rushing into blasting sandy winds. Baragin and Barreta follow him.

Baretta: He’s pissing me off Baragin! Why is he so eager?!

Baragins face grows pensive and begins speaking: Madara said this Kazekage was the last person to see Kimimaro before his death. Besides Jugo and even Sasuke, we both know that he was the strongest curse bred ninja to ever live. There must be some connection.

Jugo stops at the bottom of the slope. Baragin and Barreta reach there as well, and are soon blinded by a severe blast of wind.

Jugo: I could never control myself…! Kimimaro was the only strong enough who could. Not only did he stop my insatiable bloodlust…he understood it. This man took the life of my comrade…my closest friend. If killing him means being dragged down the depths this world where I deserve to be, then I will!! Hehehaha!! Isn’t that right?! Kazekage, Gaara!!

Jugos bloodlust emerges and he uses a Cursed Chakra Pump to blast the encroaching sand from his ankles. Baragin is caught off-guard and quickly jumpes off the sand to a nearby rockbed. Baragin looks around for Barreta. He see’s nothing because of the sandstorm. Suddenly, he hears Jugo’s insane laughter and the sand clears. Off to his right Jugo clashes with a round wall of sand. Barreta knocks off two beastly sand hands by swinging her battle ax in a swift circular motion. She throws the axe to Baragin and yells.

Barreta: Baragin! Hurry up and-! Barreta is impaled by mutiple Sand Spikes out of the ground.

They sink back to the ground and close around Barretas body.  

Barreta bloody mouthed and gasping utters: Shit…!

Baragin grabs the Battle Axe midair and sinks his hand into the ground: Striking Shadow Snake!

The three snakes encircle Barretas body, pushing her into the air. Baragin heaves the Axe her way and she catches it just in time to block off Sand Shuriken from the sky.

Baragin: Barreta below you!!

Something moves blindingly fast and make a deep vertical gash across her torso. Sasori the Puppet flies around for another slice with its spinning blades. Barreta is barely able to manuever in midair to block Sasori’s second attack. She falls on the ground and is met with a Wind Style: Wind Scythe. Jugo jumps from behind her and blasts his chakra to nullify the effect. He crouches next to her, ready to heal her wounds when Baragin grabs his hand. He nods behind Jugo.

There, Gaara stands arms folded, sand swirling around his siblings. Kankuro and its Sasori stands atop his poison whip. Temari and her new black and red fan, Kazeyomi. Unfolded at one red moon, shielding half her slim body.

Baragin: Intel from Madara says, that the poison off that puppet will kill her in minutes. It’ll spread to you too.

Jugo: It doesn’t matter who heals her. Our Curse Mark antibodies were made to counteract any type of poison. Now help her before she dies.

Baragin places a hand on his sisters wound, slowly his Cursed skin begins to graft to her shape and form. Soon his body begins to mend with hers. She completely merges with Baragin. She stands up and uses the Battle Axe as leverage. She moves her legs and arms.

Barreta sighs: I can move but there’s a major resistance in my body. I can feel it adapting to the poison-

Jugo: For now, I’m not sure of the details, but, Kimimaro once told me that the amount of time it takes for any type of drug introduced to our bodies, will wear three times as slow. Which means-

Barreta: I get it, so the same must apply to the poison. We Sand ninja prided ourselves in attacks like those, this isn’t new to us.

Jugo thinking: You don’t have much longer Baragin, Barreta, Kimimaro was under such an illness that he had to be under constant treatment. Using the Curse Mark to fend off this type of problem is fatal.

Gaara thinking: Unbelievable, his attitude a moment ago was unstable…almost like mine used to be. No. Worse, much much worse. And those marks across his body. Could he be…just like Sasuke?

Jugo: Tell me Gaara, what were the last words Kimimaro said to you?

Gaara: What? You’re insane. You Akatsuki came for my Bijuu once and now you come for my life to destroy this Shinobi Alliance. You scum sicken me!

Jugo rips off his Akatsuki robe: I didn’t come here on behalf of Akatsuki! I came here for revenge of the life of Kimimaro Kaguya!!

Jugo’s Curse Mark rages across half his body. He dashes towards Gaara and Temari immediately blasts another Wind Scythe in his direction. Jugo counters it with another Chakra Blast! Barreta engages Kankuro who evades her attack by duck and dodging away.

Kankuro thinking: Your attacks are slow cause of that poison. Your body seems to nullify it but I know the workings of this poison. Your body needs to be remake antibodies to counteract that certain dose of poison. So I’ll keep having Sasori slow you down with poison until I gain the advantage! Sucker!!

Barreta turns into her Second Level Curse Mark. Her eyes turn yellow, her skin grey, and her ears grow ferrel. She grows faster and Kankuro barely evades another slice and commands Sasori with one hand. The puppet flies towards Barreta from behind and slashes her again. She staggers but manages a shallow cut across his waist. Baragin unmerges from Barreta and takes her Axe.

Baragin extends his hand and smashes his Axe to the ground: Striking Shadow Snake! Earth Style: Mud Wall!

Kankuro jumps back away from the snakes but runs his back into Baragins Earth Wall. Temaris Wind Scythe cuts the oncoming snakes away from Baragins arm. He uses the Axes large size to sheild himself from the wind.

Barreta: Sucker! Earth Style: Sand Trap!

Kankuro begins to sink into the sand. Gaara lands behind Barreta and closes his Sand Coffin around her arms. He crushes her arms! Barreta screams wildly while Gaara uses his Sand to push Kankuro up. Baragin and Jugo appear on either side of Gaara blindingly fast. Baragin with his Axe and Jugo with a Curse Armed Blade. Temari was able to read Gaara’s weakness and threw her fan at Baragin. Both ends of the fan reveal hidden scythes which knock Baragins Axe away. Kankuro reacted quickly by attaching chakra strings to Gaara and rolling him away from Jugos attack.

Gaara: Temari, Kankuro, thank you.

Temari: No problem Gaara, just dont take risks like that. Your Sand doesn’t protect you automatically like it used to.

Gaara: I had to save Kankuro.

Kankuro thinking: Thank you Gaara but this time I’ll be the one to save you! Akatsuki won’t lay a finger on you because of me. Gaara, forgive me for using him but I can’t take chances against Akatsuki!!

Kankuro unsummons Sasori into his scroll and resummons another puppet.

Baragin: How dare you?!

Barreta: No way…brother! That’s the Third Kazekage!!

—-Scene switches back Sasuke and the others—-

Sasuke thinking: Everything from the air to the dirt is filled with friction. Aisura’s jutsu is more intricate than my Nagashi! Amazing-

Sasuke is launched into the distance by Naruto’s Kyuubi Chakra Arm! The shrowd encircles his body and lifts him to his feet. Aisura tries to counter by hitting his back with Lightning Style: Flash Stitches! The Kyuubi chakra burns Aisura’s hand and another arm branches off to attack him. The punch hits him square in the face and he’s sent flying into what was once a pond.

Sasuke chuckles: Just like old times, huh Naruto?

Naruto flashes back to his fight with Sasuke. Remembering Sasuke’s evil smirk and the evil chakra due to the Curse Mark. He looks at Sasuke now. Susanoo’s rib cage protects Sasuke from the Kyuubi’s grapple. Sasuke summons Susanoo’s arm to grip the Kyuubi Chakra Arm.

Sasuke: Lets get started…Naruto!!

Naruto: Ugh!! Sasuke!!

The finale continues! The Cursed Marked Shinobi vs The Sand Siblings! Sasuke vs Naruto! Susano’o vs Kyuubi!!