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Badge Reference
Includes: Merit title, definition, and icon.




Fan fic writer (written 2 Fan Fic blogs) [4 fanfic = etc.]+ Poetic writer (written 2 Poetic blogs) [same as above] Theories writer (written 2 Theory blogs) [same as above] Info writer (written 2 Info blogs) [same as above]+ Discussion writer (written 2 Discussion blogs) [same as above]


+ S Rank Nin ( 20+ written blogs) []

+ A Rank Nin ( 15 written blogs) []

+ B Rank Nin ( 9 written blogs) []

+ C Rank Nin ( 5 written blogs) []

+ D Rank Nin (2 written blogs) []


+ Chounin Jutsu (*Chounin-level written blog)

+ Jounin Jutsu (*Jounin-level written blog)

+ Anbu Jutsu (*Anbu-level written blog)

+ Sanin Jutsu (*Sanin-level written blog)

Sage Jutsu (*Sage-level written blog)


+ Chakra Level [*Genin] (general comments)

+ Chakra Level [*Chuunin] (well-written comments)

+ Chakra Level [*Jounin] (Great comments)

Chakra Level [*Anbu] (Advanced comments)

+ Chakra Level [*Sanin] (Superior comments)

+ 25 (Within your post, comments reached 25)

+ 50 (Within your post, comments reached 50)

+ 75 (Within your post, comments reached above 75+)

+ Respected Elders Badge (Respected member of Shannaro)+ Narutarded Author (Authors Badge)+ Sempai (Leadership badge – shannaro members recognize you as a leader)+  Avatar Builders (Good with graphics and helping others making avatars)+ Sai Badge (Provides rare pictures and/or artistic)+ Medical Nin (All over helpful and answers questions)

Examiner Badge (provides thought-provoking/controversial polls/questions)

+ Forum Master (Long-term participant of shannaro forums)

+ Hospitality Badge (Chatroll: Very hospitable on chatroll)

+ Dynamic Entry! (Chatroll: fun, jovial, and entertaining member of shannaro)

+ Caption winner (Caption winners)

–  Spammer (No Badge Earned. Bad/Spammers Badge – 3 badges are removed)


+ Akatsuki (for those with akatsuki intent)

Perverted Hermit (Perverts and proud of it)

+ Friendship Badge (tba)

Inner Sakura Badge (Shannaro badge for women)

+ Honor Badge (For honored shannaro members who’s unique contributions are not currently apparent)

+ A Mission – First Place Challenge Holder+ B Mission – Second Place Challenge Holder+ C Mission – Third Place Challenge Holder+ D Mission – Forth Place Challenge Holder

*Based on length, originality, grammar, spelling. Bonus marks for good presentation, humor, and uniqueness.
+ If you have more badge ideas let us know! Your idea may become a Badge!
+ Periodically, we will have polls for new Badges so Check it out!

Badges merited to Members:

1. Bob –
2. E.R. Nefarious –
3. Zepwolf –
4. LadeeKay –
5. J-Sama –
6. Siskin –
7. Shino Aburame –
8. Scrubby –
9. Sharingan Leader –
10. Clarence123 –
11. Ikamazu Oturan (I.O) –
12. ShakamaruIsTheman –
13. SSJ Sasuke (SSJ) –
14. Anbu_Quazzie –
15. Silver_Uchiha (S_U) –
16. Iruka (16hokeydude) –
17. Guruku –
18. Sothe –
19. Mart1 –
20. Kisuzachi –
21. White_Shinobi (WS) –
22. Kakashi –
23. Tensetsu –
24. naruto0095 –
25. tenkage –
26. tentails (The chosen one) –
27. nine@tailed@girl (ntg) –
28. Chaos –
29. yellowflash2 (Yellow_Flash Naruto 2) –
30. advancedmajor – (retired)
31. sunanoken –
32. eighthHokage –
33. berserkerx –
34. uchigatana –
35. Xeras –
36. Shykss –
37. itachi4hokage –
38. Metal-Superman –
39. the_bic –
40. darkknight –
41. Halluva –
42. Pcgnome –
43. Village Hidden in Genjutsu –
44. Darkprince –
45. 9tail337 –
46. Avatar_Sean16 –
47. immortal itatchi –
48. ASP  (The Fallen, Supreme Decepticon)(JPUA)(Sir Changes his name a lot) –()
49. Profess –
50. Ultimate –
51. MattMaru –
52. Gutsy Guy –
53. _____________
54. Lilmoe –
55. Auhsey –
56. naru_tico –
57. NarutoUzu321 –
58. hapykidi1 –
59. leo –
60. TailedFox –
61. kazekage-dono –
62. Yondaime Hokage –
63. ___________ –
64. kimgee12 –
65. uchiha_gaiden –
66. punk2 –
67. silvafox –
68. theorymaker –
69. lady hinata –
70. ZEB –
71. __________ –
72. __________ –
73. paramour –
74. izumiXchar –
75. Cliffyjr –
76. Nebulan –
77. Ino-chan –
78. Uchiha_Sasuke –
79. Anime_pen –
80. Naruko –
90. fcgc –
91. Sasuke-kun –
92. deandre –
93. Firelordsokka –
94. Choose –
95. Rocka –
96. Malachi14 –
97. saiuchiha –
98. sexy_anime –
99. Tsunade –
100. Sakura-chan –
101. walecutey –
102. Yahiko –
103. Uzumaki_Naruto –
104. tommo99 –
105. Namikaze_Minato –
106. Kamikaze_boy –
107. Kiku –
108. BSK –
109. Suranga –
110. quest –
111. destroyer17 –
112. Honey-chan –
113. P3IN –
114. Naruto_Uzumaki –
115. Mau –
116. Dadsta –
117. DrHarumaki –
118. Vivian99 –
119. stevi –
120. Demon_Light –
121. Lunaryxs –
122. paintheclown –
123. Sephiroth13 –
124. Beanzyie
125. Pein0Avenue
126. Naruruler12

For the next week or so we will be sorting through posts and comments to award members. The admins will be taking part in helping achieve this goal. Please be patient, as your admins are working hard to develop this new ranking system.

To facilitate this process:

1. Comment reasons why you deserve each badge
EX: I deserve “X” badge because “Y” reasons (only exceptional reasoning will be merited).
2. Include the Number your name is located at.
3. Try to include as much detail as possible in ONE COMPLETE comment.
4. If your name is not presently posted up there, please notify us by commenting.

75 Responses

  1. This is such a good idea. Good job creating all these badges, must of taken a while.

    I’m surprised I didn’t get a Fan fic writer badge. I guess I’ll get it later on? Once again, great job you guys.

  2. yeah, somehow I got a Poet badge? I’m lyrical and all but nothing on Shannaro, except one time in the chatroll… I also have no Fanfic. badge??? I’m going to have to do some updates.

    Also, who decides what chakra levels we have?

    To all Martians, I’m accepting submisions for a team Mart badge, and also I will now tell you the password to the guild’s page

  3. I’m on team martian! Oh and I’m with zep-sama on this one, maybe later on i’ll get the fanfic badge lol. This is very refreshing lol.

  4. hey, how do I not get a pervert badge? it doesn’t make sense (4 those who still don’t kno, i’m ASP, i just changed my name, but i think most ppl kno by now, just wanted to check tho)

  5. Will do G, this was for a merit badge for just my guild members, so I didn’t know which to put it on. you may move it if you wish or I’ll do it for you. Sorry to spam…

  6. HeyMart,

    can you put the Team related comments on the Guild page?

    This is for individual merits.

  7. yo, guruku, if u saw my cell’s wallpaper, you’d give me that perverted hermit badge right away, will describe it if u want me to (i named the pic “Extreme Yuri”)

  8. FSD, I think he’s going to give out the rank/chakra level/shannaro related badges before the pervert one…

  9. @ mart, damnit! that’s the 1 that i’m a sure-fire to get tho 😥

  10. does that make you happy? courtesy of me 🙂

  11. @ mart, i’m just joking (tho i do have a very lesbian themed-Naruto wallpaper 4 my phone) i don’t really care that much

  12. @ mart, oh, i didn’t c that u added it to mine (i usually just resond to the most recent comment, i don’t usually look over everything in the actual post after the 1st time), thak u

  13. Pervert badge?! Where?! I didnt see the pervert badge! I should totally get a pervert badge! I WANT a pervert badge. (note to self: leave more perverted comments)

  14. I WANT MY SEMPAI AND FANFIC BADGES!!!! LOL. No but seriously, Sempai and Fanfics badges. Thank you.

  15. Hey i just gotta ask why i dont have any merits?! I have been a great part over here on shannaro and have been here long and written great stuff. i just wanna get recognized.

  16. well i get nothing =)
    I don’t really do anything on this Shannaro

  17. @ kisu, i deseved that pervert badge, trust me, my mind is filled w/ perverted, lesbian-related thoughts (especially when it comes to “Naruto” girls), not to mention that wallpaper i keep bringing up (i won’t describe unless asked to)

  18. I’ll hook you up Kisu., Suna, be patient, reloading the page every .00000001 seconds, doesn’t make me work faster! it just takes a while…

  19. I spent an hour working to give people badges, I updated Zep’s, gave Suna a few badges (not all of them) and gave out a few misc. badges out.

    @G: I created the two badges I mentioned in Chatroll, I didn’t really know where to put the team mart one.

  20. umm..not being picky, but i think i should get a Chuunin comment badge. I give pretty well written comments sometimes. You can contradict me if you have to. Oh and can i have an Akatsuki badge ^^? Lol just plain randomness but i always loved the bad guy of the show.
    Just a thought.

  21. Updated as of 4/24/09.

    Names not up there? Let us know!
    You have 2 alias? Notify us please!
    Deserve a badge? Tell us! And Petition your badge!

    Remember to petition for badges!

  22. @ guru, i prefer being called “The Fallen, Supreme Decepticon” now, as oppossed 2 “ASP” on acount of i am an evil mastermind like “Transformers”‘s The Fallen (the supreme Decepticon btw, well okay, that title actually belongs 2 Unicron [R b4 O; as in: not the horse], whom is larger than planet Earth)

  23. @ Fallen: Are you going to wacth Revenge of the Fallen.

  24. @ zep, duh! i’ve been waiting ever since i finished watching the first Transformers movie for the sequel to come out! i’m even thinking about trying to see the mid-night showing of it on the first day w/ my sister who’s coming home from college

  25. Sweet. Soundwave IS going to come out, right?

  26. @ zep, all Transformers that i kno will b in ROTF: Optimus, Bumble Bee, Ratchet, IronHide, Skids, Mudflap, Arcee, Chromia, Jetfire, Jolt, Sideswipe, Wheelie Megatron, SarScream, possibly Blackout, Scorponok, SoundWave (so yes), Ravage, Barricade, Sideways, Demolisher, MixMaster, High Tower, Scrapper, Rampage, Long Haul, Devestator (prev 6 combined) and Fallen, and some tiny thing called “the Doctor” or somthing (okay, i kno about alot of robots in the new movie)
    sorry non-Transformers fans 4 turning this into a Transformers conversation even tho it’s a “Naruto” website

  27. @FSD
    Yeah i’m not that a big transformer fan.

  28. How about an OBSESSIVE STALKER FNPERSON BADGE!!!!! FOR ALL THOSE UN-APPEREATIATED FANGIRLS AND FANBOYS WHO’S EFFORTS ARE UNKNOWN!!!!!!!!! Like has a shrine, and doodles all over the place, and has a fanfic and fan poetry, and has TONS of pictures… I think I have mine for my undyeing love towards Sasuke…. ZOMG I LOVE YOU SASUKE!!!!!

  29. @FSD, I hope this new movie doesnt sideline Megatron as the main villain. If it does, I’M OFF TRANSFORMERS FOREVER!!!!!!! And this Fallen guy better not be stronger than Unicron (Unicron is bigger than a freakin planet). But seriously, when is Megatron gonna become Galvatron (he’s my favorite Transformer). @DK, U should give Transformers a chance, its awesome.

    -The mighty Kisuzachi, signing off!

  30. @ kisu, Fallen stronger than Megatron, but maybe not as strong as Galvatron, i think the thing is that Mega will b the more shown villian while Fallen’s the final 1 (for the movie) as far as Unicron, i heard he’s going to b in the 3rd movie (in 2012) as the big guy they have to fight. Mega/Galvatron no doubt will b in that as well tho, Bay doesn’t want to piss the fans off (y he chose the guy from G1 Prime 2 do him again and there’s rumors that G1 Soundwave’s actor will b doing Soundwave in ROTF)

  31. @transformers fans
    sorry had to get that out of my systems.

  32. hey, can i have an akatsuki badge (cuz the bad guys are the best, and my favorite character is deidara)

    also, i have to have the pervert badge, i am the biggest pervert in the world (even more than Jiraiya.)

  33. i need to get the d rank nin badge cuz ive writen 2 blogs

  34. aww man … I ain’t got none yet. I better get back to writing and commenting. lol.

  35. @ DK, “tron” is just the last part of the name 4 the major bad guy who usually changes the first part of his name from “Mega” to “Galva” in most serieses, i can’t remember anymore “tron”s off the top of my head other than that one old movie about a guy named “Tron”. more common Transformers suffixes r “Prime” (Optimus Prime, Sentinal Prime, Nemesis Prime) and “Wave” (SoundWave, ShockWave, TidalWave), so those r the more confusing 1s

  36. Wow… I just saw this page. I never noticed the badges before. I can’t believe I got a jounin chakra badge, thanks! Thats really neat. Also, if I’m not mistaking, I am the only user to have the honor badge. Thanks Bob. I hope to be able to work up to higher chakra levels in the future. Keep up the great work on this site!

  37. Hey Bob I’m new, and I’m just commenting to notify that my name is not on the list just like number 4 said to do at the end of the post. Great job with all the badges too!

  38. my name isnt on here 😦 srry i left 4 a lil cuz i had exams nd i had a my tennis series

  39. thnx guys um btw ive written 7 blogs

  40. hey if you could change #117 DrHarumaki to doctorharuno that’d be great. oh yeah and I’ve written only one fanfic so far.

  41. um i need the D rank badge cuz ive written 4 posts, i will hav wrote 5 posts 2morrow

  42. hey, i noticed that this isn’t up to date w/ my latest name change (i kno it gets confusing, but i won’t change my name again 4 a REALLY long time) i changed my name from the main villain in Transformers: ROTF to the guy who whoops his ass @ the end of the movie (lol, i changed my name b4 the movie came out and now that i know how wicked he is, i may never change my name again)

  43. My name isn’t up there…:(

  44. My name isn’t up there…:(I don’t think

  45. Wow, this is really outdated

    I need the Dynamic Entry Badge because I’m totally crazy and fun on chatroll

    I need the 25 Badge because in my posts, I have gotten to 25 coomments

  46. Oh, I should also get the D, C, and B rank Badge because I have wrote 2, 5, and 9 posts

    I should also have the Narutard Author Badge because I’m an Author

    Thank you ^ ^

  47. PTC – You complain, I am not even on the list 😦

  48. Just ask them to add you to it

    And i wasn’t complaining, I was just pointing out it’s a little outdated

    That’s all

  49. My name is NOT up there >.<

  50. I’ll say it again… I’m me, that means I’m VERY slow, MUCH slower than G ever was, I’ve been on vacation for the past few weeks finding computer time every once in a while here and there, this page is long and tedious to update and I have other things to do. I will get to it eventually, but if you two (N12 and P0A) want your names/merits up there there is two things you should do 1. tell me the merits you need up there like PTC and 2. tell me to do it on the chatroll, it’s more effective than commenting here, and no I’m not doing it tonight, I’m going to bed, I wouldn’t even be typing this except I’m an insomniac.

  51. there, PTC, you’ve got your badges and Pein0Avenue/Naruruler12 are on there, any other updates while I’m at it?

  52. thanks mart1

  53. im not up there.i need the fanfic badge and the C Rank Nin ( 5 written blogs) i have one out but the other 4 are schedualed for this week

  54. so many more updates needed……especially for Kisuzachi lol

  55. Yeah…I don’t think so Kisu 😛

  56. RAWR!!! IM STILL NOW UP THERE!!!! and for my first badge, i believe i shall recieve the perverted badge >:D because…. i am going to say…. >_> DescribeYourWallPaperTheFallenSupremeDecepticon!!!!

  57. can wnyone please explain the honor badge to me, for some reason i cant read the full description

  58. can wnyone please explain the honor badge to me, for some reason i cant read the full description, i had a martian badge but its not there what happened

  59. btw Mart; I need the…Akatsuki badge because I am an Akatsuki deviant AND my new fic is ABOUT a new Akatsuki >:)

    I also need…The Dynamic Entry badge ‘cuz I’m always hyper and excited about things!

    I also need…The “25” comment badge cuz I’ve reached 36 in one post

    And the D, C, And B badges

    If it’s not too much of a hassle >_>

  60. oh, and I need the “2 F over Fire F” thing badge, because I have made Future Ninja fic, Kushina fic, Shadow of Dawn fic, and Dawn of a New Era *and I have done the New Generation Jutsu, but that only makes 5*

  61. This won’t be updated for a while, deal with it, I’m going to be busy with other things probably untill… January-June

  62. Okay, it’s not like I’m being pushy

  63. *sigh* And now I need the “Author’s” badge since I was promoted -.-‘

  64. oops, thenarutodynasty is naruruler12, I forgot I was signed in under him >_<

  65. yellowuchiha not up there lets start a riot…..not really like i really care…mart what have you been up to

  66. World domination what else? It’s hard out here for a pimp… I mean villan

  67. hahah yea

  68. mart1 madd boring i dont feel like puting pictures up on my chapters but i have too(talking about on ptc website) i should have somebody do that for me…..job hiring now……..Yellowuchiha is hiring.

    job description: add pics to the chapters i write.

    reward: being a editor on Los Zorro! maybe

    actually il just get naruruler12 to do it for me…..where is naruruler12.

    naruruler12 come on you can do it!

  69. i just looked at my messages and i got one and it says shannaro misses you yellowuchiha.

    so i open the message and it ays you suck visit the site more often.

    it was somebodys hotmail email that i got it from.

    i though i was loved… 😦

  70. mart i have been working and exams

  71. You are loved >_<

    I would love to do it…But I don't know how T_T

  72. I think discussion blogs are like what I’ve written “The Strongest Kage and Kunoichi” and I know what you said about this not being updated for awhile, but I’ll need the discussion writer’s merit since I just wrote those other posts

  73. I KNOW you’re still busy Mart, but there’s more. I also have reached the comments “In post” for up through 75+ since my Strongest Kage has over 80 now

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