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The Failed Attempt

The Failed Attempt
 Iruka.gif Not Made by Me image by Kakashi26 Post Author:Iruka
As many of you know, Sasuke is bent on assignation. His target is Danzo, the newly appointed hokage of Konoha. From information and manipulation by Madara/Tobi, Sasuke learned that Danzo is the new hokage and is on his way to the Kage summit at a secret location. From manipulation, Sasuke jumped at the opportunity to take out Danzo without thinking of a battle plan. To me, this foolhardiness of Sasuke will be the beginning of the downfall of him. The attempted assassination of Danzo is doomed.


First off, Sasuke is being used by Madara. Sasuke did not take any time to think why Madara revealed this information out to him. Another thing that is puzzling is why did Danzo reveal the secrets of the Uchiha clan and Itachi’s past to Sasuke. We all know of Sasuke tragic past and how that created and shaped his life. Revenge became Sasuke’s obsession. To me this shows Sasuke is single minded. Once he has his mind made up on something, he can not be persuaded to change. He does not think things out. Madara knows this and manipulates Sasuke to do his bidding. A person being used is doomed to fail.
Sasuke also seems to be over confident in himself. After he gained the MS, Sasuke’s ego has gone through the roof. We have seen him boast how powerful he is and how cunning he his. If Sasuke is so cunning, why is he being used and not the one using Madara. Sasuke claims to just use Akatsuki for his person gain, but every time we see Madara with Sasuke, Madara is using his cunning and manipulative nature on Sasuke. We never see Sasuke actually use the Akatsuki organization or Madara. This to me shows that Sasuke is not all that cunning. With Sasuke and his big swollen head, he doomed to fail.
 The attack is also doomed just because of the location. Being as it is at a secret location, the place will be heavily guarded. The guards will be, I presume to be some of the best. A person has to be an extremely powerful to break into the place. Sasuke is indeed powerful, but Team Hawk along with himself will be grossly outnumbered. They will be bombarded will ninja every where. Sasuke does not stand a chance at all in breaking into the palace.
 At the summit will be the Five Kages from the most powerful villages. To be a Kage, that person has got to be powerful. Even is Sasuke does manage to break into and interrupt the meeting, the Kages could easily handle Sasuke with ease. To many powerful ninjas in one place. Being that Sasuke is now considered a missing nin, at the first sign of him, every Kage along with their bodyguards will go after Sasuke at once. Sasuke you are biting off more then you can chew if you can think you barge into the Kage meeting to kill Danzo. The amount of powerful and skilled ninja are to great. I would not be surprised if Sasuke does not come out of this attack alive.
Naruto also seems to be interested in meeting the Raikage. Being as the Raikage is at the meeting, I presume Naruto will meet him there. Naruto I believe is one of the three strongest ninja’s in the world. Naruto could handle or be a match up for Sasuke. Naruto, I believe, would protect Danzo being as he is the hokage. Also, Naruto might meet up with Sasuke before the attack on Danzo. Naruto, now that he has a new found understanding of pain and revenge might be able to relate to Sasuke better and be able to change Sasuke’s mind or at least thwart the attack. I suspect if Naruto does meet up with Sasuke, the gift that Itachi gave to Naruto, might been shown. That gift might be able to stop Sasuke. At any rate, Naruto will be at the meeting.
There are to many thing going against Sasuke to fulfill his goal of killing Danzo. Sasuke should just settle down and think things over. He has got to realize that his recklessness will get him killed. Sasuke may not care about his life, but he won’t succeed with his goal of killing Danzo. What do you people think? Will Sasuke succeed in killing Danzo? Please share your thoughts on this.







 SasukeFunny2.jpg sasuke funny image by ChibiPuchiha


 3.jpg funny sasuke image by Emma0719


58E.jpg Sasuke and Tobi image by BakaNinjasProductions


 Now for some news for all of you. Due to circumstances, I must retire as an author and possibly leave Shannaro. It has been a pleasure writing post for you all to enjoy.
Iruka out!

















Friendship:Sai or Sasuke

IrukaNo16Dude-1.jpg picture by theiruka Post Author: Iruka

Friends are very important in life. We need them for support at times or for just hanging out. Some friends are better then others. Other friends are just cool to hang around with. In the Naruto world there are many characters that would be good friends or not. Lets take a look at Sasuke and Sai.

Sasuke is pretty cool to hang around with. He has that aura around him. In real life Sasuke would not be a good friend. He is selfish, arrogant and all he cares about is revenge. For Naruto, in my opinion Sasuke was a terrible friend. Sasuke was always arrogant towards Naruto. He thought that he was better then everyone. I will give Sasuke some credit. He was a good partner for Naruto. He became a rival for Naruto. Naruto wanted to show Sasuke he wasn’t weak so he worked hard to try and keep up with Sasuke. When Naruto finally started to show great improvements as a ninja, Sasuke became jealous. He no longer was the top dog any more. Sasuke also deserted his friends and colleagues to go to Orochimaru for power. What kind of friend deserts their team for their own personal goals. Sasuke even wanted and attempted to kill Naruto. As you see Sasuke was not a good friend to Naruto. Sasuke is arrogant, self centered, power hungry and is a jealous person.

sasuke.jpg naruto and sasuke image by cup09_bucket

Sasuke did have a troubled past. His family was murdered as well as the entire Uchiha clan. Being born as a younger son to a prodigy like Itachi didn’t help. It is hard to live in someone’s shadows. Also being an Uchiha carries a certain tole on a person. You have to live up to the clan standard and such. Many Konoha villagers had high standards for a member of the Uchiha clan. Still this is no excuse for the way Sasuke treated Naruto and team 7.

IMGLXFFN6CMCD.jpg Brother! image by sekool1412

Now it is time to talk about Sai. When I first was introduced to Sai, I couldn’t stand the guy. Always running his mouth and such. His outfit to was terrible. Sai would say the wrong things to the wrong people. He seemed to care about himself and his mission to kill Sasuke. Sai even attacked Naruto. After some time with Naruto, Sai changed. The change was for the better. Sai wanted to learn about bonds. He even was willing to protect Naruto from Sasuke so he could have a bond. Sai became a friend for Naruto and fought for Naruto’s beliefs. That is what a friend is suppose to do. Still Sai at times seems awkward. He is socially retarded. Given time and help from Naruto, Sakura and the rest of the gang Sai will learn social skills. To me Sai is a good friend to have. Given time, Sai will learn to be cool.

sai.jpg sai image by princeyuki0313

Due to Sai’s upbringing, he became isolated. Through his training he learned to be unemotional. As a member of root, Sai was taught emotions and friendship are no good. Sai had to learn from a book how to interact with other people. This didn’t let Sai from learning what a bond/friendship is. Naruto showed him what a friend would do to help another person out. Once seeing this, Sai wanted friends. He will do anything to help Naruto out. That is a true friend.

team704b.jpg yamato sai sakura naruto image by sesshoumarulover

I have shown you the readers two figures that Naruto claims to be friends with. Personally I think Sai is a better friend to Naruto. He maybe awkward to be around at times, but he would not turn his back to you. Sasuke is cooler then Sai, but he is selfish,arrogant and a whole lot of other things. You people choose who is a better friend.

sainarutosasuke.jpg sai, sasuke, naruto image by karinkr696

Team_7_Reunited_by_cutemew.jpg naruto sasuke sakura sai image by oksi-chan

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Iruka out.

Crow Power

Iruka.gif Not Made by Me image by Kakashi26 Post Author: Iruka
Quite a few chapters in the past, Naruto and Itachi had a meeting. In this meeting Itachi gave Naruto some of his powers. This gift as you can call it, entered Naruto in a crow form. These crows flew into Naruto’s mouth. If you are like me, you are interested into know what this gift was. Here are a couple theories for you, the readers as to what this power was.
After Naruto had returned back to Konoha from his visit with Itachi, Naruto had a flashback about his conversation with Itachi. In this meeting Itachi wished Naruto would not have to use his gift he left him. This leads me to a couple possible theories about what this gift is.
As all of you readers know, the Akatsuki have an agenda to capture the tailed beasts. In the Akatsuki, there is a character named Tobi. Tobi has been speculated to be Madara Uchiha. . In the past it has been suggested that the Uchiha clan have a link with the kyuubi. Madara Uchiha could make and control the Kyuubi as a pet. Just recently was it confirmed that Tobi is in fact was Madara Uchiha who possesses EMS eyes. Itachi through his infiltration of the Akatsuki knew of Madara and his power. In order to prevent Madara from controlling or gaining access to the kyuubi, Itachi set up a blockade you could say. This blockade prevents or stops the users or the sharingan eyes from communicating to the kyuubi. In previous chapters, Sasuke was able to talk to the kyuubi so there is no question Madara could do it. With this knowledge Itachi could of set up a blockade from those piercing eyes.

kyuubi.jpg Kyuubi image by zerojec

There is also another possible blockade or trap Itachi set up for Naruto. This goes along the same theme if Naruto was captured or near the same vicinity of Madara Uchiha. If we go back to Itachi’s battle with Sasuke, Itachi gave Sasuke the ability of MS. This MS power activated instantly when Sasuke was in contact with Madara. The amaterasu was ment to kill Madara and protect Sasuke. Itachi could of done the same thing with Naruto. Implant a powerful jutsu in Naruto that would only be activated if he ever came in contact with Madara.

itachi.jpg naruto image by kingkikoki

SU has suggested that the gift to Naruto was something else. The gift was memories that were ment for Sasuke. When Naruto comes into contact with Sasuke, the gift to Naruto will appear and be sent to Sasuke. By that memories will appear to Sasuke and appeal to him. Sasuke will love again and cause Sasuke to understand that he must protect Konoha and what he loves. Knowledge of the MS true powers will be passed on along with its weakness. That weakness is of course that it might cause blindness and was that the MS was the cause of Itachi’s illness. Basically this theory is ment to assist Naruto and bring Sasuke back and help him find his way.

NaruSasu17.jpg Naruto x Sasuke image by Hidans_Gaaras_Chica

As we all know, Naruto lacks genjutsu. Itachi was a genius of genjutsu and had many at his disposal. Genjutsu requires what I believe is yin chakra. Naruto has a tremendous amount of yang chakra from the Kyuubi sealed within him. Because of this excess of yang chakra which leaks out from the Kyuubi, Naruto yin/yang chakra is not balanced out. Itachi knew this and gave Naruto yin chakra to try and balance out the yang chakra. Of course, it will never be balance out do to the vast amount of yin chakra inserted into Naruto’s system from the Kyuubi. But with the yang chakra, it will help Naruto out. With the addition of the yang chakra and some lesson’s, Naruto could cast genjutsu. Obviously, Itachi would implant instructions on how to cast genjutsus and leave him some of his own genjutsus.

Flock_of_Crows___Itachi_by_pokefrea.jpg crow image by Rikku_Wolf_Blood

Theses are some theories of what I think the gift that Itachi left for Naruto. There definitely some more out there and I know some of the theories  that I mentioned are questionable. If any of you have any theories on what this gift is, please share it with us.

Iruka out.


Iruka.gif Not Made by Me image by Kakashi26 Post Author: Iruka

In war there are many casualties. There are the obvious ones like the soldiers who are participating in it. Another one is the landscape the gets destroyed from the battle. People tend to forget about the innocent bystanders and the citizens of the country where the battle is taking place. Sadly though, the most forgotten of all the casualties are children. Some may perish or be injured from the ongoing war. The worst case is when children become orphans. They lost there parents and most likely any living relatives. Some children can also become orphans out of self sacrifice.

In Naruto’s case, he never knew his parents. His father, the fourth hokage, sacrificed himself in order to save Konoha from the Kyuubi. As for Naruto’s mom, little is known as to what happened after child birth. Luckily for Naruto, Jiraiya was appointed his God father. In Jiraiya’s case he was never around to raise Naruto. Only after the preliminary chunin exams, did he finally meet or take over his role as a god father, sensei and protector. The question is was Jiraiya around or take care of Naruto indirectly when Naruto was a baby.

jiraiya_vito.jpg jiraiya naruto image by fuffly005

This leads to another question. How was Naruto raised? Who took care of him as a baby? Who paid his rent at his apartment and supplied him with food and clothing? Being as Konoha is a military village, I am sure there is a orphanage to take care of children who lost there parents due to war or fulfilling their mission. The thing is Naruto might not have been allowed in the orphanage due to the secrecy surrounding him, the Kyuubi and the past. The third Hokage I am sure would of made sure Naruto was taken care of as a baby but after that is a question mark. It takes money to feed him and clothe him. There might have been a trust fund set up for Naruto from his parents or the village could have given assistance to Naruto to live on. There is also another possibility, Jiraiya as we all know, was never around Konoha. He busy doing research. He could of snuck into Konoha periodically and checked up on Naruto and left money for him in secrecy. So many unanswered questions.

As an orphan, Naruto craved for attention. That is for sure. He would pull childish pranks on everyone. You can’t really blame him either. No one would recognize him as a human. With no recognition, he acted out to get some sort of attention even it was the wrong kind of attention. Deep down Naruto wanted friends and acceptance. He did not let his misfortune in life take over him. He kept up his cheerful, upbeat attitude. Eventually he gained friendship starting with his sensei, then his team mates. Finally he had everyone as a friend.

naruto.jpg naruto image by pittsburgh1000

In Naruto’s case, he did not let being an orphan to ruin his life. He took what life gave him and turned it into a positive. This orphan survived. Now lets take a look at some other orphans and look how being an orphan affected them.

Sasuke as many of you know, became an orphan from his family being slaughtered by his brother Itachi. I won’t go into detail about Itachi’s actions or motives for the assassination of his clan. What I will focus on is how this affected Sasuke. Sasuke became down draught after his family was murdered. You can’t really blame him either. Through time Sasuke became obsessed with revenge. Instead of letting go of the anger and hatred, Sasuke let it brew inside of him. The thing is Sasuke had everything. Was popular with his peers and considered a prodigy. Even though he was considered the cool guy, Sasuke stayed to himself and let it known that he was superior to other people. This holds true to especially to Naruto. Sasuke ridiculed him on countless times on how pathetic he was. Sasuke did finally recognize Naruto and became friendly with him. Sasuke did not use this friendship as a positive and still was a bitter person. Revenge was constantly on his mind. This lead him to seek power and betray his friends and leave Konoha.

imissyousasukemikotbyarvo7.jpg I want a mom that'll make it all better image by Naruto_Furuba_fanatic

As you see, from Sasuke becoming an orphan, he took another path in life. He became obsessed with revenge and hatred. This orphan may had survived but he lost so much from being obsessed with Itachi.

Lastly is the orphan Nagato. Nagato is truly a prime example of a orphan in a war zone. He has no family, and no one to protect him. He has to beg and steal for food. His only friends as a child were Yahiko and Konan. All three needed each other for support. Nagato as child lived through a great war. Death was around him. He saw the affects of it first hand. Luckily for him, Jiraiya took pity on them and trained the three friends how to protect themselves so they would not become victims of attacks. After the training was complete, Jiraiya left the three especially Nagato to fend for themselves. Something tragic must of happened to Nagato after Jiraiya left. Look at the monster he is now. He is bent on bring peace to the world by
destroying the hidden villages while capturing the bijou. That makes no sense to me. Creating war does not create peace. Nagato, from being an orphan in a war torn country, became messed up. True he motives and belief that peace is needed but his way of achieving it are wrong. Instead of using his powers to help people, Nagato uses his powers to destroy and hurt people so they know the pain he went through. His obsession with this even lead Nagato to become a pathetic looking person. He is all skin and bone and looks like a monster. Nagato maybe a survivor, but from his hardships became a monster.
110-1.jpg nagato image by vered1

In Nagato’s case, being an orphan changed him dramatically. He saw and knew the horrors of war. He wanted to bring peace to the world. This goal and the method he uses to bring peace made him become a monster. If Nagato was not an orphan in a war torn country, he might of turned out differently.

All three of the characters in Naruto are orphans. Form there circumstances in life, all 3 of them are very different. Naruto is friendly and outgoing, Sasuke is reclusive and hell bent on revenge while Nagato became and monster and tyrant trying to show people the pain he went through any means possible. Nagato also want peace in the world, but his method to bring peace makes him a madman. He wants to eliminate ninja from every where. This will ensue peace he believes because with no ninjas in the world, there is no one to fight the wars. This of course is wrong because he is in fact creating war and not peace. Naruto want peace to like Nagato but Naruto pursues his goal differently. Through friendship is his way to bring peace. Sasuke I don’t think cares if there peace in the world. He is a loner and just wants to be left alone. All three are orphans and all three of them were affected differently by it.
Enjoy. Iruka out.


Not Made by Me Post Author: Iruka

As most of you already know, Konoha is in shambles from Pein and his search for Naruto. Almost every building is damaged along with the landscape .Buildings can be repaired but how about the spirit of the citizens of Konoha? The emotional state of the Konoha citizens must be damaged some. People have been killed or severely injured from the invasion. That kind of stress will cause people to feel low.
When Pein entered Konoha, he had one goal in mind; to find and capture Naruto. With no one cooperating with Pein with his questions of where is Naruto, Pein went on the rampage. Many of Naruto’s friends and sensei’s tried to fight Pein or at least hold him off. This of course was futile. All that this did was angered Pein. Pein went on the rampage and leveled Konoha. Tsunade sent for Naruto but the messenger toad was killed. Since everyone thought Naruto would return to Konoha, people became hopeful. They put their hope and future in him. Due to the destruction of the messenger toad, the message never reach Naruto about the invasion of Konoha. People became despaired. Their wishes and their hopes were crushed.

pein.jpg pein image by uranerd

Luckily Ma Toad was around Konoha and witnessed what was going on. She summoned and informed Naruto and the rest of the Toads what was going on. But what is to late to save Konoha? I will say no it wasn’t. With Team Toad on the scene along with Naruto, Pein will be driven out of Konoha and the citizens will be saved.
What I find intriguing is how everyone put their faith and hope in Naruto including Kakashi. They all seemed to believed that Naruto will save day. Upon his return, everyone was relieved, their hopes and prayers were answered. Even in their darkest hour, people did not give up or loss their hope for Naruto to return.

sagenaruto.jpg Sage Mode Naruto image by ForeverNarutoUzumaki

There is a very important lesson here from all of this. Never loss hope. I know at times it can be very easy to loose to hope. There are many ways a person can loose hope. A person can be alone during Christmas due to a situation out of their hands. Being alone in Christmas with no one around you like your friends or family has got to be hard on a person. Something like this could cause a person to loose hope in life. It has to be depressing being alone during the holidays. A person has to remember in this kind of situation not to loose hope. They do have friends out there who care for them.

Another thing that could cause a person to loose hope is violence. Constantly being yelled at and being beaten will cause people to loose self esteem. With no self esteem, a person looses hope in life and a will to live. In a situation like this, a person must not loose hope or self worth. They must be strong and never loose hope. This kind of situation happened to a person I know. My friend started loosing hope in the world. Through some kind words and lots of support my friend is safe from the violence but more importantly, their spirit was healed. Their hope for the future is alive.

naruto-1.gif naruto image by queen_vell

Even in the darkest hour people can not loose hope. Without no hope, there is no future. Even in Kishi’s world of Naruto, the people of Konoha went in despair, but they did not loose their hope. The same thing must done in the real world. I know at times it may seem that times are tough and you are in a rut, but a person can’t loose hope. There is help out there. Whether that help comes from one powerful ninja named Naruto or a friend or anything else that matters, there is someone out there for you.
As most of you have noticed throughout the series of Naruto, there are a lot of life lessons in the manga. I hope you all learned a little bit from this lesson. With this in mind I leave you with this. Never Loose Hope.

Enjoy the funny pictures. Iruka out.

Funny.jpg Pervert Reading image by YamiChevonne

4p517oj.jpg Naruto funny image by wolfstar222

The Ninja House

Not Made by Me Post Author: Iruka

As many of you have seen in Naruto, the houses there look quite normal and a lot like a modern house. Sure there may be weapons on the mantle, but that is as close to what a real ninja house is like. I won’t go into great deal as to what ninjas were and what they did in feudal Japan since most of you are quite familiar with it. I hope that most of you would be familiar with ninjas since you all follow Naruto. What I will be focusing on telling you all what a real ninja house is like.

Ninja House

Looking from the outside, a ninja house looks quite ordinary. In fact it looks like a normal house. This was done of course to disguise it and not bring any attention to the house and what lies within it. A plain looking house was needed for a ninja to live in to disguise the secrets within. The house was also surrounded with plants and bushes. The plants and bushes blocked secrets from intriguing eyes. There was also another reason bushes and shrubs surrounded the house and the yard. Behind the shrubs or in the shrubs, secret entrances or escape tunnels were located. This was done so a ninja could secretly leave the house and no one would be the wiser. Shrubs also disguised or hid plants that produced toxic poisons which were used on their weapons

The Ninja House

A ninja house looks like a normal one story building but actually there are 3 stories. Beneath the main floor was a basement. The basement was accessed through trap doors either through the floor or a secret passageway. The basement contained many rooms. One room could be used for storage while another room could be used as a laboratory to create gunpowder or to make poisons. To access each room in the basement one had to go through crawl through a hole which was concealed of course. Some times there were revolving walls as well. A person had to push a wall to open it and exit it. Hanging from the ceiling were bells on string or razor sharp kunai or shurikens laced with poison. Only the ninja of the house knew where to walk and how to walk around the alarms in the basement.

School worksheet on a Ninja house

The main floor looks quite normal but looks can be deceiving. Right at the entrance of the house, there usually is a secret compartment underneath the door. Documents or weapons can be hidden in it. To access the secret compartment the slide door must be completely opened. Once it is opened, the door frame is lifted up. With the door frame out of the way, the floor boards can be lifted to reveal the secret compartment. As you walk in the house, nothing seems out of place. There are many secret passage ways and false walls. All a person has to do is to know where to look. Usually secret doors are underneath or hidden behind furniture. To access the basement, there are secret doors on the ground. Usually there is a rug covering it or a piece of furniture over top of the access hatch. Every room had an escape route out of the house or at least to another part of the house. Some of the escape routes are quite ingenious. A water well is used as one of these routes. Usually the water wells are located in a closet. The water well looks quite normal. If you look in one, all you will see is water. Looks can be deceiving. A couple feet above the water level there is a tunnel. The tunnel is angle upwards of course and leads to the yard where the ninja could flee. On the roof of the main floor there is of course secret ladders or access ways to the top story. These secret ladders or access ways were in closets or below furniture. The furniture acted as a door for the roof hatches. All a person had to do was climb in a cabinet stand up and push open the secret door. Stuff like this was done so a ninja can escape an attack, hide from enemies or meet people in secrecy. The main floor had many a great hidden doors to maneuver around secretly.

Ninja House

Lastly there is the top floor. Typically, house didn’t have a story above the main floor. It was ceiling then the roof with rafters in the attic. Ninja houses used the attic as for many things. To spy on the outside or to escape being captured. The attic was like a maze. Lots of narrow walls and passageways. This was done of course to make it difficult to follow the ninja. In the ceiling, strings hang from the roof. This done to alert the ninja if they were being followed. Some of the maze was set up as an ambush . The intruder would crawl around the corner where the ninja was waiting ready to ambush. Many times if a ninja new a threat was coming he would go into the attic and hide while his family and wife greeted the person. This was done to prevent being captured. The top floor held many secrets.

As you see, ninja houses are nothing like a normal house. Hope u all enjoyed the lesson. Enjoy the funnies. Iruka out

funny naruto

orochuwonka.jpg candy image by essence101_2008

The Grand Tale of Ian and Iruka:Epiloque

Pride by U2 Play this song for the entire post.

Not Made by Me Post Author: Iruka

For a review of the story please use the links.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

The Grand tale of Iruka and Ian
Chapter6: Epilogue
After my injuries had healed up, it was time to do some more training with Ian. As always, NTG would accompany us because her expertise in medical jutsu was needed. I continued to teach Ian more taijutsu. I also demonstrated certain tactics in dealing with different types of jutsu attacks. He learned about the types of genjutsu and the numerous ways of counteracting them. Ian found out that through perfect chakra control, he can pull away the chakra from his brain to escape genjutsu attacks. Unfortunately, genjutsu was not my forte. I knew how to do them, but I was more of a genjutsu escape artist. For Ian to be competent at genjutsu, LH had him study with the famed genjutsu master Sholan Gorfly. Eventually Ian became proficient at it. To gauge how his genjutsu is going, I had Ian try it on me. I could tell how good Ian’s genjutsu attacks by how difficult it was for me to escape them. Eventually, Ian’s genjutsu skills reached jonin level. The next step is to teach Ian how to transform into the WildOne state. I summoned Growlith and together, we showed Ian how to go about it. I told Ian to summon Growly and start doing the combination-transformation technique. His first few attempts failed. But through my coaching, he and Growly learned how to combine and transform into a werewolf. Ian had also trouble releasing himself from the WildOne State. But he did not stop there. Ian continuously trained until finally, he could escape the WildOne State all by himself.

LH decided to test Ian’s skills. She called him to have a sparring match with her. Only NTG and I were allowed to watch the fight. LH thought she could walk all over Ian and took him too lightly. They squared off and both of them got it on. To LH’s surprise, Ian threw great combos together. LH realized her foolishness and decided to get serious. She started fighting back but it was to no avail. Ian could match her attacks blow by blow. Not wanting to lose face, LH looked at me and made a gesture. That gesture means only one thing. Quickly, I made her a bow staff using my kekkei genkai. I looked at Ian helplessly because only I knew of LH’s next move. I threw the bow to LH, she grabbed it and used a forbidden taijutsu move. She got behind Ian and poked him right in the ass with the staff. Ian jumped up in the air screaming in pain. When he landed, LH went over to Ian and started laughing. LH said “Sorry, Ian. It looks like your sensei forgot to teach you this technique – One Thousand Years of Death.” Ian looked at me, puzzled. Finally I said “Ian, I know the move but I will never teach you that one. A sensei never teaches all of his tricks.” Wanting to get back at LH for probing him, Ian went up to me and NTG and asked “Did LH ever had a crush on any guy?” I replied “I knew she had a crush on a guy named Orochimaru.” And I showed him Orochimaru’s picture. NTG squeaked out “She also had a crush on Maito Gai.” Likewise, she showed him Gai’s picture. Ian then said “Watch this.” He marched over to LH and said “I want to show you a new jutsu I just learned.” LH nodded and said “Let’s see it.”Ian quickly said “Sexy Jutsu: Orochimaru and Maito Guy.” Puff! A cloud of smoke appeared. Out of the smoke emerged Orochimaru and Maito Guy in revealing poses. The look on LH’s face was priceless. Blood was flowing out of her nose like there was no tomorrow. She was hooting and hollering. NTG and I were laughing our asses off at Ian’s prank. Finally, Ian released the jutsu and LH slowly regained her composure. The color of LH’s face was fire engine red. LH grumblingly admitted “I deserved that for the ass poke but you better not say a word to anyone about this. If you do, I WILL KILL YOU! Ian, don’t use that jutsu ever again.” And we all went home.

One day, LH summoned me to her office. I opened the door and took a seat. LH said “Iruka, what are your plans for the future? Are you going to stick around in Konoha? Oh well, the question I am dying to ask is: When are you going to ask NTG to marry you? She loves you very much. I can also read you like a book so I know you love her, too.” I replied “Err.. umm.. well ok fine. I want to ask NTG for her hand in marriage but I haven’t got the nerve.” LH bellowed “Just take her out to a nice restaurant and when you’re about to leave, get on your knees and propose to her, you idiot.” With those great words of encouragement, I set out to find NTG. I followed LH’s advice to the tee. After I proposed, I slid the ring on her finger and kissed NTG. She was grinning from ear to ear. She quickly ran home to show off her ring to LH. After LH saw the ring, she and NTG hugged each other and giggled like two schoolgirls.

Three months later, NTG and I got married. NTG never looked so beautiful. She was the envy of all the girls in Konoha. LH met a guy named Kakashi at the wedding dance. Both of them enjoyed each other’s company. NTG and I were happy for LH. However, NTG and I talked about Kakashi in private. Neither of us trusted him. He was giving us bad vibes but we do not have the heart to tell LH about our suspicions.

About a year later, NTG gave birth to twins: a boy and a girl. We named the girl Hinata in honor of her aunt. NTG wanted our son to be named Iruka Jr. LH was named the godparent of the kids. She was the proudest aunt that day. She loved them so much and thought of them as her own children. She would take them to the park to walk or play with them. On one of these outings, she invited Kakashi to join her. It was a hot day and being only 16 months old, the kids were getting cranky. Wanting to get some juice for the kids, LH stopped at a confectionary. She quickly went inside while Kakashi watched the little ones. While paying for the juice, LH started to hear the twins crying. She bolted out the store and to her horror found Kakashi yelling at the kids. One of them accidentally threw up on him. LH tried to calm the kids down while Kakashi was still reaming out the kids. LH had enough. She stood up and slapped Kakashi right on the face. Kakashi with a surprised look on his face said “If you like these kids so much, why don’t you go save them” With that he pushed the kids onto the street. Both of them fell down and starting howling. The howling was so loud that Ian, NTG and I could hear it while we were training. NTG and I dashed towards the twins’ direction with Ian right behind us. LH scooped the kids up in one arm and walked over to Kakashi and punched him. Kakashi then directed his attack at the kids and started hitting them. LH did the only thing she could do. She put the kids on the ground and hunched over them. She was taking all the attacks. After a while, Kakashi realized what he just did. He apologized to LH but he was too late. There was fury in LH’s eyes. She started beating him up while yelling “You scum! How dare you throw these babies onto the street?! How dare you hit them??!!!Finally NTG, Ian and I arrived on the scene. NTG went to get the children while I pulled LH off of Kakashi. Someone from the crowd had whispered to NTG what really happened. Like a possessed beast she yelled “Ian, take the kids home. I gotta take out the trash.” Ian quickly grabbed the kids and left the scene. No sooner had I got LH calmed down, NTG came charging at Kakashi like an enraged bull. She started pounding on his face. I quickly pulled NTG and yelled “You’re going to pay for whatever you did, Kakashi. Woodstyle: Binding Branches.” Kakashi was stuck in place by the branches. LH, NTG and I left for home. On the way, LH was apologizing profusely and tears were flowing in her face. When we arrived home, Ian was playing with the kids. He knew better and decided to save the questions for later. Seeing that the kids were fine, LH’s felt relieved. I went back to Kakashi and released him from the branches. I then dragged his sorry ass back to the house. When LH saw him she yelled “We are through. Don’t you ever set foot in Konoha again. Brother, take this piece of shit and escort him out of here.” Kakashi was forever banned from Konoha.

Periodically LH had to send me to S-class missions. She felt no one but me would be able to succeed in those missions. NTG did not like the fact that I was always given the most difficult assignments but she also knew I was the only who can complete them. LH always told me to come home in one piece. When it was time for me to leave, NTG and the kids would walk me to the gate where we say our goodbyes .One time the mission didn’t go as planned. I was ambushed. Greatly outnumbered, I fought tooth and nail with the thoughts of LH, NTG and the kids in my head. I could not die or come home barely alive. And so I fought valiantly. With no more threats I returned back to Konoha and report to LH about the mission. I walked into her office and debriefed LH about the mission. While this was going on, LH noticed a little blood on my shirt. LH said “Brother, are you hurt? You are leaking a little.” I said “It’s just a little scratch I will be fine.” And I passed out from blood loss. LH quickly tore my shirt and saw a massive wound on my chest. She quickly rushed me to the hospital and stabilized my condition. NTG was later informed of my condition. NTG was furious. She marched towards LH’s office and said “I want a word with you! I am sick and tired of you assigning the most dangerous missions to my husband. You always tell him to go by himself and you know how he is. He will complete the mission, no matter what the cost.” LH responded “NTG, do you think I like sending my brother on S-ranked missions? I have no choice on this matter. But I promise you this: I will never send you or Iruka both on a mission at the same time. I don’t want my godchildren to be orphaned at an early age.” NTG yelled “Thank you!!!” and stormed out of the office.

The kids grew up fairly quickly. Iruka Jr. was like his mother and auntie. He had perfect chakra control and wanted to become a medic ninja. LH and NTG took him under their wing and trained him hard. I felt sorry for him. LH was a tough instructor. She would grind him hard. NTG was tough on him as well but knew when to ease up on him. My son became a medic ninja at age 14. Hinata inherited the Mokuton. She was like me in abilities and personality but looked like her mother. I took it upon myself to train her since Ian was already a jonin and gaining fame as a ninja. Through my help, Hinata mastered the kekkei genkai. Eventually it was time for her to get a summon. Growlith insisted that his daughter, Growlandia will be a perfect partner for Hinata. With time she learned to go into the WildOne state. Like me, she needed help leaving the WildOne state while using Mokuton. Both of my kids grew up to be renowned ninjas.

After a while, LH felt that it was time for Ian to take over as Hokage. He was the best ninja of his generation. So when the time was right, Ian was appointed Hokage. LH, NTG and I remained active ninjas but took quite different roles. Seeing how successful they were at training Iruka Jr., NTG and LH opened up a medic ninja training program. Each of them took only one student at a time. The students benefitted from the one-on-one instruction method. They learned fast. As for me, I became a taijutsu instructor. Before an academy student could graduate, they had to complete my course. I also kept my classes small, taking in only three students. Through our family’s efforts, Konoha’s military strength became second to none.

That’s it, folks. Enjoy!