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Bleach Chapter 685: A Perfect end

Chapter 685: A Perfect End
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Well.. I guess the battle is over. Ichigo won!! No problems whatsoever. It creates quite a few questions and probably some missed opportunity’s on the story part in keeping some tension going a little longer.

I will come back to that after I run by the chapter in my usual fashion.


We start with Kyouraku enjoying a drink, seemingly talking to himself. Relieved to see that after 10 long years all the rebuilding has been completed. Logically, the place looks a bit different with a large structure overlooking what is left of Sōkyoku hill.

He gets interrupted by his lt. yelling at him from the distance. It turns out he wasnt just talking to himself, but chatting at the grave of his old friend. One of the few (main cast) casualties.

Then we switch to Mayuri impatiently waiting for the rebuilding to be finished, immediatly heading out with his new ‘daughter’ Nemuri Hachigou. He seems a bit annoyed with her happy go-lucky attitude wondering how that happened.

On to the next pair of misfits. The 11th squad guys. Zaraki and co. They are all back to their usual selfs. All of them seem confused about where they need to be or how to get there. So yeah, nothing new.


Hirako and Hinamori who hear the ruckus that Zaraki is creating. He calls her back under captain’s orders when she want to go and fetch them. Then onto Iba. Former lt. and now Captain of the 7th division after the death of Komamura. He seems to be training hard to feel worthy of his new title. He gets picked up by Hitsugaya, Rangiku, Hisagi and Kensei. All seem quite relaxed in this new time of peace.

Finally everybody, except Mayuri who doesnt care, gathers in the Squad 1 baracks. Ofcourse doofus Zaraki is late since he got last as all fuck. But hey, they finally gathered.


We see a few new captains. Former vaizard Lisa is now the captain of the 8th squad. Isane moved up to the Captain seat of the 4th squad and after a few words of encouragement we get introduced to the new Captain of the 13th squad.


Kuchiki Rukia. WEEE FAN SERVICE! sorta.

All is well and happy in Soul Society so it would seem. But Vice Captain of the 12th Squad notices a reiatsu similar to ywach’s. So who could that be? Anyone want to guess. Ichigo? Maybe Ishida since he was mentioned as the rightful successor to Ywach, taking in all his power.

The things that bug me the most that we have seen nothing of the aftermath upstairs. We saw what happened when the Soul King got destroyed, everything started to crumble. I guess/hope the final chapter will explain a bit of what happened up there this one keep me wondering which annoys the shit out of me. If this is the the way it ends.. that whole battle feels a bit wasted..

p.s. who wants to bet Ichigo and Inoue are a couple?

10 Responses

  1. Thanks for the review. I both look forward to and am saddened by the review to come in 2 weeks.

    Maybe the announcement is that everyone including Ichigo has been under an illusion by Aizen this whole time and we get to start the last few years over….

  2. Closing all the questions in one more chapter. No way. Its already moved 10 yrs forward. I would have thought they would create a shrine to all the shinigami killed in battle.

    I think Komamura is still alive, but now only a Fox/Wolf, and had hoped they would have found a way to turn him back.

    Zaraki appears to have been re-constructed or put back together after almost being sliced in two by Gerard, and its stating Yachiru isn’t around, but she’s his sword’s spirit when he would invoke his bankai, similar to Ichigo’s Zangetsu, so she is still there. Maybe Zaraki still doesn’t care to use his bankai. I would or wanted to see some sort of shrine dedicated to all the shinigami that died – including Unohana that died helping Zaraki, or at least see Zaraki at her grave.

    I’m thinking Ichibei is now the only remaining guard – but who now is creating the new swords for the shinigami? – Nimaiya was also killed or is he still alive and has received a new heart.

    Did Isshin and Ryuken stay in the Royal Palace as new replacements? Is Uryu now leading the Quincy? Grimjow or Nell leading the Arrancar? Is Kon still in the palace area too?

    Sado didn’t fight very much, or anything about Yoroichi’s brother that was severely injured.

    Is the Xcution/fullbringer group now OK to live in Soul Society?

    Byakuya actually following orders from his younger sister Rukia? Would he be ok related to Renji?

  3. What up peeps? Thanks pretend3r for the review.

    It’s kinda hard to give my two cents on the chapter. I agree with Ripcord as I’m kinda bummed out about Bleach ending. I wouldn’t be like this if Bleach would be receiving a proper ending but the series is being cancelled. It’s a tragedy because there is a mother load of plot points that need to be address that will not get address.

    Another reason is that in two weeks some of us will be making our final post before we go to our respected retirement homes. Talking to our fellow senior citizens about how we were apart of Shannaro; a legendary site that hosted robust debate about our favorite manga. Then later as the nurse puts us to bed; we will close our eyes and drift off to a world where we dream of the days by which our lives have forever been changed by our love for the big 3.

    Well at least that’s how I see it…hehehhe.

    But seriously though, this site will be missed and Bleach which is having a rough ending will also be missed. As fas as my thoughts on this chapter, the only thing that I can say about it is what was that all about at the end? Is Y.H returning after 10 years? It’s kinda hard to think about what will happen because what will TK do to finish the manga? If Y.H returns, how will they stop him again? Speaking of stopping him again, how did he die the first time? Did he die the first time? The end of this chapter really messed up any predictions that I could think of for the next chapter. I may post something later if I find something out or if I can think of some theory.

    @Ripcord: Unless Bob-sama is lurking, I haven’t seen him since the time that I was lurking when he said that real life caught up with him.

    As far as Aizen having everyone under a illusion, I think Aizen saying something like “all according to plan” would be cool. Let’s say Aizen had Y.H fooled all this time when they first met and Y.H is just living out his desire under the guise of Aizen’s bankai. That would be cool. The only issue I have with anything Aizen related is the fact that TK only has one chapter to write the ending. I can see Aizen helping to defeat Y.H but not being the hero since he isn’t the main character. That’s why it’s hard to come up with a theory because what can you possible do with 100+ chapters of plot points in 1 chapter? Shonen jump really screwed the fans.

    @Sanchi: This is interesting. Let’s compile a list of the deceased shinigami:

    Old man Yama: (One of the coolest bankai ever)
    Unohana: (Scary and also had a cool bankai.)
    Old man Yama lieutenant: (I can’t remember him)
    Ukitake: ( Would love to have seen his bankai or at least some more history about him)

    M.I.A: Ichigo, Aizen, Kisuke, Grimmjow, Ishida, four memebers of the zero squad, Sexy catwoman Yoruichi and her brother, Nel and that guy with the hook sword….ummm…Kira! Most of these people were either at deaths door, undead, or if Ichigo didn’t beat Y.H with that sword swipe at the end, D.O.A

    I think the zero squad could still be alive since “the monk who knows the name,” is still alive. With his powers, he can probably bring them back to life. They really didn’t have a good story line did they?

    Harribel is still alive too. The fullbringers if it were up to me would be memebers of the gotei 13.

    Byakuya acknowledge Rukia when she learn bankai. He trusted her to defeat that fear sternritter who nearly sent him packing to the next dimension.

    @pretend3r:” Kuchiki Rukia. WEEE FAN SERVICE! sorta.”

    Yeah I was one of those happy people seeing Rukia become a captain!

    Last thing, my money is on Ishida and Orihime. Don’t underestimate the Ishida when it comes to the ladies. Hehehehe.

    LATER FOLKS!!!!!

  4. I guess its finally here, THE END OF BLEACH. For a while I have been waiting for this, don’t know exactly when but at some point after Ichigo defeated Aizen i felt like i was in too deep to just let go and needed whatever closure Kubo had in store for us since he did not end the series then. I don’t blame him for this elongated then abruptly rushed ending because we all know he was given orders. Next chapter will sure to be extra long and hopefully give us the closure and some sense of gratification after having to read thru ridiculous overpowered battles by underlings only to have the BIG BAD Ywach essentially one/two punched by Uryu/Ichigo.

    While I enjoyed reading this “10 years later” chapter, I can honestly say that giving a rat’s ass about all these characters without closure to what has been building up for the last year or so is very difficult. OK, woo-hoo, Rukia is a captain now. She started it all, had it not been for her needing Ichigo’s help to defeat a Hollow none of anything would have ever happened. But much like Rukia’s ascend to captainhood, everybody else in the chapter seems very predictable, I was not surprised by how anybody turned out, other than maybe 1 or 2 characters merely still being alive.

    As for the Ywach spirit energy still being around, did anyone else notice on the panel when the last brick was laid a glimpse of the Black stuff coming out between the seams? Similar to Ywach eyes/black cloak?

    My guess/hope is that Ishida inherited Ywach’s power and in order for he, Ichigo and the rest of the gang to lead a somewhat normal life, placed Aizen as soul king and together placed this future in soul society. In essence he and ichigo and the gang can live their lives and police the living realm, taking out hollows as they see fit, which is what he always wanted to do, protect humans. Aizen gets his wish to not be ruled, and Ichigo can go home and live a full life as a shinigami/quincy/hollow/fullbringer/human badass without any obligations to anyone but himself.

    But probably not. Really I would be happy without the happily ever after but we will just have to wait.

  5. Also @pretend3r

    I don’t think anyone here can say how much we have appreciated you keeping the site alive with your reviews.

    From the bottom of my CHAKRA/RIEATSU thank you.

  6. I’m sure I’m wrong, but I’ll throw the thought I had. Ukitake became a surrogate to one of the soul king’s arm, that Bach quickly destroyed and absorbed — or did he? Could Ukitake be still alive but in some way ‘melded’ with the soul king — to maybe become the new soul king? It would be a nice ending for Ukitake too — just some thoughts.

  7. So it finally happened. I used to swing by Narutohurricane.com, our old place for forums and Naruto knowledge that we got too big for. So we all moved here. The site finally went down after all these years. It’s too bad, it was a nice memorial to all the good times, though I guess as long as WordPress will be here, so will this blog. I really miss analyzing and theorizing with the greats. I guess maybe Kisuzachi will make a post when bleach is done, at least I think he meant to. Ah well. Have a drink to the good old days (if you’re old enough…)

  8. I hope there will be a nice closure to the manga. But with soo many storylines hanging and quickly rushed over due to the forced ending, I don’t think there will be enough panels to do a nice or good quick end. Like Inuyasha, Naruto, and other manga,seems like a common quick ending is to concentrate quickly to how the main characters move on with their lives, leaving tons of questions. We shall see in a few hours.

  9. At least Assassination Classroom did a few extra chapters, but still didn’t answer many questions about Koro-sensei, and also Negima as it continued with UQ Holder, so maybe there might be a chance of a spin-off manga?

  10. THe last chapter will take a while. I will make it long one. Hopefully it wil serve as a nice send-off.

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