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Its out! Naruto, One Piece, Bleach chapter!!

Naruto Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/81418428/1

One Piece Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/27862757/1

Bleach Chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/90527597/1


46 Responses

  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ANGRY UCHIHA IS BACK AND MORE RUTHLESS THAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE EMS LOOKS AMAZINGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S How much of an upgrade has naruto had jheeez and WTF Why is MUU Sealed already!

  2. when madara is out and away sasuke comes out to play

  3. Oh and why is Naruto still acting like an overpowered arrogant prick??!!

  4. I can’t wait to see what Sasuke can do now, I bet he is going to annihilate the alliance. I just can’t wait to see his fight with Naruto. I think Naruto is acting a arrogant but really it’s not a stretch from how he always act. He always think he is the best and now that he is actually strong it’s going to his head but I bet Sasuke is going to knock all that out of him.

  5. @ yellow

    Totally agree, Sasuke’s gonna be vicious now, i mean why test ur powers on zetsu an kill him for no reason lol That Amatersu Sword does look deadly aswell

  6. I still don’t see how naruto got to gara so fast an what about the freaking 3rd raikage talk about a beast, an it’s good to see sasuke I’m actually looking forward to him killing off a few good guys an make this war more dramatic

  7. tobirama is getting continuously getting punked throughout this entire series. 3rd raikage lasted days against 10,000 ninjas, but tobirama couldnt handle 20 ninjas LOL.

    naruto is the embodiment of arrogance right now. also i doubt muu is done. he wouldnt tell gaara to take precaution for no reason, and with all the fear he instilled in the leaders of the alliance, i doubt thats all he can do.

    kishi clearly ran out of design ideas for sharingans lol. i expected sasukes ems pattern to look way cooler, but it still looks cool nonetheless.

    good chapter.

  8. $10 says sasuke’s first victim(non-fodder ninja) will be a kage

  9. im dissapointed in the ems design

  10. The the ems could’ve looked better, but I’m far more interested in the benefits from it apart from what we already know/suspect, which I doubt will dissappoint.

  11. @darthuchiha
    your on!!

  12. I’m wondering if the sharingan madara has is even his. He has the ems as well but shows no abilities of it that we know of thus far. perhaps he needs both those eyes to use those abilites and he lost one. If he had ems in both eyes i doubt he’d sacrifice one just to use izangi.Or perhaps has his real eyes(or brother’s anyway) stored somewhere for a rainy day. Or maybe first hokage has something to do with why he hasn’t been shown using EMS currently.

  13. Saucegay is back…fanboys are all excited! Not! LoL Not impressed with his EMS…Kakashis looks better…yeah Naruto is cocky but he has been doing more than sitting in a dark cave waiting on more FREE overkill powers to magically work for him as usual.

  14. @darthuchiha
    I bet his first non-fodder victim is KB.

  15. @ Damn, that would suck………but it’s likely. Dammit I prefer it be a kage.

  16. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Sasuke first opponent Kabuto since he is the closest to the base right now. Just as Itachi arrive to make a better closing, to put Sasuke back on the right track towards lightness.

  17. I don’t think madara will let sasuke kill kb

  18. hey stop with that nonsense on sasgay turninhg good again. if sasgay in the end turn out to be good again after all he have done this manga is really gonna suck. i mean c´mon nagato nad itachi the two best caracther that this manga have show are already dead then why a bag of crap like sasgay is gona live and turn good. what kind of example is this manga gonna show to the youngters that read it. the example gonna be do whatever you want, kill, destroy, be an ass with your “friends” (juugo,karin,suigetsu) an then in the end all gonna be good all gonna be love-love. C´MON

  19. hey don´t forget that this naruto with gaara is a clone. the real one is the one that was lecture by itachi (finally naruto take a piece of his own talk-jutsu) that´s the reason why clon-naruto is acting all cocky

  20. wht do you guys think about all this rasengan variations that kishi is spamming. men or naruto have an arsenal of a 1001 rasengan or when the big fight xomes kishi is gonna run out os ideas and we will see a rasengan-kame-hame-ha

  21. “Saucegay is back…fanboys are all excited! Not! LoL Not impressed with his EMS…Kakashis looks better…yeah Naruto is cocky but he has been doing more than sitting in a dark cave waiting on more FREE overkill powers to magically work for him as usual.”

    Kisu are you Mexican_Jitsu??? It’s okay Kisu, we already know you despise the main reason we read this manga (Sasuke), you don’t have to hide under a new name & email. Did we see Sasuke while he was healing himself? No, so how can you say he was sitting in the dark getting free powers? Sasuke is gonna destroy konoha and it’s elders. No more corny storylines, no more silly games many of you readers enjoy, it’s time for business and King Sasuke ain’t playing fool. Like Mark Henry’s theme song, somebody’s gon’ get they ass kicked. Next weeks my b-day week and I can’t wait to see how they’re gonna stop the 3rd Raikage, what will Madara do now, and last but not least who will suffer agony at the hands of King Sasuke. Whoever it is god bless their soul


    BTW the design of the EMS isn’t what I expected to look like, but it wasn’t something I was anticipating for either. I was hoping for newer & cooler clothing for Sasuke, maybe longer hair just a little, but to me he looks the same as before but with different eyes. Doesn’t matter I guess, the most important thing is he’s back and somebody gon’ get they ass kicked

  22. Saucegay penis suckers are arriving in 3…2…1…

  23. @J-E
    I agree with you. That is a clone & the real Naruto got lectured. Just as if a clone got lectured, the real one wouldn’t know until it goes ‘poof’.
    Naruto is pulling a lot of moves out of his sack. Looks like Sasuke is out for blood. Let’s hope so! I want to see him pissed off & go on a rampage. He already is testing against the Zetsu clones…lol.
    So we have yet to see Kakashi’s group lately & Madara. I’m guessing they will be shown soon. Kishi

  24. Oops… Wanted to finish by saying Kishi better amp this war up & make these last few battles brilliant! I haven’t watch & read Naruto for years just to see a couple quick & non deadly battles. At this point, main characters need to die. Also, it is too late for Sasuke… I want Naruto to shut up & forget about trying to save him & bring him back to the Leaf. At this point it’s pointless. Only way he’s going back is in a casket… That is if the future hokage can do it…

  25. @Jman
    Its totally too late for sasuke to turn good, it wouldn’t really make much sense either! The EMS Design is sasukes an itachi’s fused together- there’s not much u can do with those 2 designs tbh. Sasuke’s rampage should be epic an the only worth opponents for him to test his new powers are the kages, jinjuriki’s or kabuto-someone’s definately gonna die! Sasuke won’t go back in casket tho-its more likely that both him an naruto will die together!

  26. Did anyone else notice that Sasuke had Ameratsu in Susano’s hand like a Rasengan? Hmmmm, I wonder where he got the idea for that from. It is the perfect counter to Naruto’s Chakra arm Rasengans.

  27. @Fleece Not Kisu but I am sure he (Kisu) knows what he is talking about….I only dislike Saucegay because he was handed everything bloodline…intel…skill…Homolooks….Etc but at least his OP clan was wiped out! You cant like all the characters…even Naruto can be stupid but we all root for the underdog who workshard to get what he deserves.
    So let the Saucegay fanboys enjoy their moment …too bad Kishi gave him a doo-doo EMS design. Naruto looked better in Sage mode with his coat and scroll!

  28. @ Kaldun

    It’s not holding it like a rasengan. I think it’s a cross between the sword that Itachi’s Susano’o had and the arrow that Sasuke’s had. With amaterasu covering it. So not only can it probably seal you, but burn you while it’s sealing. That would really suck.

  29. It even has the jewel in it’s head like Itachi’s. I think he got the both out of each Susano’o and combined them. Because remember he could manipulate his Susano’o’s(wow double apostrophe’s cool) bones to have ameterasu to cover them. So this new one just takes all the best traits of both of them.

  30. @Mexican_Jitsu, Naruto looks like a fake ass super saiyan, what are you talking about? Sasuke put in work, he wasn’t handed everything like you’re saying. He trained himself when he was younger, the strongest of Konoha 12, trained with Kakashi, and trained by Orochimaru. Naruto needs all the training he can because he’s weaker than Sasuke. When I think of Naruto I don’t think underdog, when I think underdog I think of characters who don’t get as much spotlight i.e Rock Lee, Neji, Hinata etc.
    Who is gonna stop EMS Susanoo?? Kakashi?? Tsunade? A’? Itachi?

    When It’s all said and done, atleast I can say my favirote character don’t need a team. Sasuke’s a one man army. You can talk about his EMS design all you want, the design doesn’t matter when he’s killing off your favorite characters like Kakashi, A, Tsunade, Killer Bee, Kabuto. The design won’t matter when they’re all dead fool.

  31. @”Kisu”, there’s no need to bash someone like that. The guy is merely stating his opinion, an act that has always been welcome on this site, and if you disagree that’s fine. Either put up a good solid argument, or don’t say anything. Insults are the easiest way to show you do not posses knowledge or intelligence to argue a point on this subject, bow out gracefully. Also, that name is already taken buddy.

  32. @Fleece

    Saucegay is still weak haha. His power with EMS hasn’t been revealed. Naruto is still be stronger more than likely after his befriending of the Kyuubi. And Killer Bee is stronger than Naruto now, if not his equal. Also more than likley, I theorize Madara rigged Itachi’s eyes to get Sasuke in total compliance with him, he wouldn’t give away such a power up away willy nilly.

  33. Finally!!! We can move on to someone else besides Naruto. I was hoping to see Kakashi again…oh well.

  34. At the end of this manga there will be definitly a fight Sasuke vs Naruto and it will be the fight of the strongest shinobi….and there´s no way that Naruto will lose this battle….I would say both are equally strong but due to every classic plot (good wins, evil lose) Naruto will take the upper hand…..

    But maybe Kishi surprise me and let Naruto die in order to change Sasuke´s mind but in an interview Kishi already revealed that if Naruto is going to be Hokage it is at the end so I guess it will end like every big story

  35. Of course madara would give away such power. He isn’t as narrow minded as sasuke. He’s shooting for better power, and for bigger reasons, and the sharingan, rinnegan, and the first hokage’s DNA is only the beginning. Madara has no need to force sasuke to comply with him anymore. Madara gives him power, he’ll be all too happy to abuse it and wreak harvoc, which is what madara wants anyway. By the time sasuke decides to turn the EMS on madara, it will already be too late. Besides, I’ve yet to see how naruto will defeat his susanno anyway, no variety of rasengans will have much effect against it and he has yet to effectively counter genjutsu.

    I don’t particulary like sasuke as a character, but this war needs to get serious; at this point sasuke’s the only one willing to make it happen.

  36. @darthuchiha

    We´ve already seen that Sasonoo gets weaker if the Jutsu is strong enough (Danzou´s fight) and that was just a middle class jutsu since than Sasuke have gained more power but same as Naruto…so I don´t see a big problem with that but the Genjutsu could be an obstacle

  37. I was also wondering why Kabuto didn´t use genjutsu on Naruto and Bee when he had the chance to do it

  38. personally, i DO think naruto is too powerful, but on a side note, im also glad that we can see what he can do when he is able to use more of the nine-tails chakra. i don’t mind the different versions of rasengan, i’d rather that than all new moves. this chap was ok, but there are two things that made me think,
    1. the kage warned gaara and company before sealing,
    2. after hearing about the raikages father holding off 10,000 for 3 days, made me realize that kabuto was stalling the army and that all of his summons are in place and are being used for what they’ve been summoned for, and most of them weren’t to fight or win.

  39. @just passing
    Naruto’s power comes from his abilty to push his skills past their limitations. He has always shown an aptitude for learning very advanced skills, despite his inability at fully grasoing thr basics. He can use mass shadow clones, but he cannot do a simple cline justu. He can use substitution jutsus for everything except dodging attacks. He can do a rasengan with one hand, just not with his own chakra. It does makes sense while ge was struggling to do the tailed beast rasengan, he would gain insight into umoroving his current jutsús or find new ways to incorporate his new understanding of the fox’s chakra.
    I agree with you that Naruto seems to be coming up with new techniques out of thin air, but that has nothing to do with his character. The great thing about the chatacter development un this manga is that even when it seems like the characters are wasting their time, they can always surprise readers with new tricks. I guess that is a general rule of the manga.

  40. @Saucegay <3Rs we all prefer a character we can easily identify with so we have each taken a side.
    Naruto = Stoopid but determined, strong in spirit, huge heart, forgiving and loves the ladies.

    Saucegay = intelligent (genius) but impatient, strong of mind, no heart (or cock since he turns down the ladies), unforgiving seeing his tunnel vision on revenge.

  41. @darthuchiha: yeah that makes sense also. But if Sasuke vs Naruto is the climax of the story, where does Madara fit into all this? Naruto vs Sasuke, then Naruto vs Madara, or tag team?

    Also, is anyone totally stumped at the 3rd Raikage? Is he a Wind Release User, Lightning, or both? And before I read the MangaStream translation, I read the MangaReader one.


    It says something totally different from the Stream translation, saying that “long range Wind Release won’t hurt him” rather than “he developed a long range Wind Release”. Is the Raikage a Lightning Release user with extreme endurance, or a Wind/Lightning one with less mention of his endurance?

    Which one is valid? I am confused.

  42. @ everyone
    it would be soooooo cool if kishi made each naruto clone have a different personality.to me it would be more interisting. but it would make it easier for enemy to find the real one so it would be a fail 😦

  43. @naruto tutor, dude, i know about naruto. i said that im glad that kishi is exploring what naruto can achieve now that he has access to more of the kyuubi’s chakra.
    i didn’t like how he jumped from summoning, rasengan, tailed beast mode, sage mode, and now god mode. yes it was fun to see, but he didn’t explore what those modes could do. it was like after he learned one, he jumped to the next. its great seeing that instead of jumping up another level, he is working with and making variations of what he has.
    i know the whole clone process and how he got where he got, and how his clones double his learning and exp. i know all that, i’ve been with this manga from day one.
    i was stating that i felt cheated that he didn’t use his summonings more, and that sage mode should have been enough to make him the strongest already. it gave him so many options. now he jumped that and went into ssj mode. thats what i mean, now in this mode, instead of jumping up again ( like i thought he was gonna do with that crow) explore and work with what he has. and i don’t mind the different rasengans, i think its great.

  44. @fleece. Dude, you have a right to like Sasuke’s character as much as you want. Even I have to admit the show wouldn’t be the same without him. And yes, he did train to get more powerful (with a little help form Orochimaru’s drug). But lately, while everyone was training and fighting, all he did was sit there and wait for Itachi’s eyes to do their work.

    Also, do you seriously believe Sasuke is going to kill Naruto?!? I mean, who’s main character here? O_O Even Kakashi is far-fetched! I agree that Killer Bee is very much a possibility since it would heighten the suspense to have only 1 jinchuuriki left but Sasuke killing Naruto and winning at the end is extremely unlikely.

    What IS likely though is that Sasuke will get a small victory soon in order to show off his new powers and make a good challenge to Naruto (After all, if Naruto has no equal in power on the enemy side, it would be sooo boring!). So MAYBE Naruto will get out of Kyuubi chakra and be deafeated or something like that. But make no mistake, by the end, Naruto will get the upper hand. 😛

    On another note, I know that a lot of people disagree that Sasuke will be redeemed. Looks like I’m an exception because I am convinced 200% that he will. I don’t necessarily believe it’s going to be a cliche happy ending with everyone surviving and being happy ever after. He may very well die. But there’s no doubt in my mind that Naruto will be able to reach him somehow. Naruto’s ability to change people, the fact that he understands Sasuke’s feelings, his determination to save him no matter what, Itachi entrusting his brother’s fate to him in the last chapters…I could go on and on… Yeah I know, it’s mushy and sentimental. But then again, the series has proven to be quite rich in that kind of stuff (just look af Gaara and his mom!).

    Say, who would be willing to make a friendly little bet on that one? 😛 Just to spice things up?The winner gets to brag on the forums for a week. lol

  45. @Marie, thanks and no I don’t believe Sasuke will kill Naruto, he had many chances to kill him through out the series but chose not to. Someone is gonna suffer from the hands of Sasuke, but in the end I can see either Madara or Sasuke having to fight against everyone instead of a one on one confrontation all because of Itachi’s conversation with Naruto.

    If Killer Bee dies no one would be sad but Naruto and the cloud village. We need a shocking death and Kakashi or Tsunade are the top candidates, so far this war has lost Samui, her brother, and thousands of fodder ninja’s and Samurai’s. There was a chapter estimating the death poll on both sides, I don’t remember it though

    With Naruto clones being everywhere I’m hoping he doesn’t get in the way of Sasuke rampage, and then later on Sasuke fights the real Naruto. That would be corny. The real Naruto is suppose to be going up against Madara, Itachi is heading for Kabuto after he takes out the edo summons I guess. I hope Sasuke kills the Konoha elders before he get’s redeemed afterall they agreed to the Uchiha Massacre

  46. What if in the final battle against Madara Naruto somehow gets all the Kyuubi chakras and they join to become the 10 tailed beast within Naruto as the host. Ofcouse Naruto would die after he beats Madara and Saucegay see’s the light turns good again and gets married with Sai whi is really a girl uchiha who has been hiding her sharingan… Lmao

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