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The New Akatsuki: The End (Time Skip)

Ryu here with the last chapter in the New Akatsuki title. No it is not the end of my story. Read the end. It explains my reasons. So the final chapter, The End



Zetsu leaves to report back to Madara and the Cloud ninjas have been brief on the situation that just occurred. Killer Bee was sent later that day to the mysterious Island. Because the original plans the Raikage had in mind had be scratched do to Naruto being “unavailable” at the time, The Raikage had to send more of his own men to be Bee’s bodyguards. Do to his sensory abilities Shi was picked to be one of the guards but not without protest for he wants to be on the battlefield. Kasumi and Omoi asked to go with Bee to the island. It had been a long time since they went and wanted to protect their sensei with their lives. Raikage agreed and the 4 of them along with the man named Motoi were off across the sea to their destination. Still unbeknownst to them, Kisame Hoshigaki was right there with them.

The Konoha and Suna allies stayed to see Bee off. Once that was done, the Raikage told the young Kages he would hold a meeting in a week back in Kumo to discuss the alliance. Once finished and everyone bid each group farewell, Konoha was on their way back to the village.

Along the way Kakashi received a message from a messager pigeon of some great and terrible news. Tsunade had recovered and was briefed on the situation. She took over the duties of Hokage again while Kakashi was gone. Happy of these detail but knows with him still being appointed the sixth Hokage, Kakashi was not out of the woods yet. The terrible news, Anko and her search team were found with her the only survivor. Upon reading this info Kakashi knew that the mission to track and taking down Kabuto Yakushi was unsuccessful.  He had to know if Kabuto gave any info about his plans. From his run in with him in the past, Kakashi knows a hit of his plans would be in Kabuto’s message. He just can resist doing this. So his group sped up to return to village and prepare for the up and coming Fourth Ninja War and the possibility of this new threat.


Orochimaru’s hideout

Once Madara was done with implanting Itachi’s eyes into Sasuke, Zetsu returned with the news of the battle between the Cloud brothers and Kisame’s infiltration. Zetsu figured Madara would be upset that the eight tailed beast was gone but Madara emotions were the complete opposite. He was glad that his plan was going ahead of schedule. He had figured that because this Island was the only place Madara had not been within Kumo over the years because the location was a secret only a select few knew, he had to know its location. He knew from the past that during the wars, to keep their Jinchuuriki safe Kumo would send the host to this island. So he came up with a plan and explained it to Zetsu. He’s plan was for Kisame to infiltrate the Island via Samehada and once the location is known send a message back and proceed to capture Hachibi. With little info on this Island, something powerful could be on this island that could help or hurt his chances to win this war.


The next day.

Madara called a meet minus Sasuke. He wanted to let everyone know that everything was going according to plan which gave Naruto some strange and uneasy feeling that his own plans had just been put in major jeopardy.

Because Sasuke seems to trust Naruto, Madara allowed Naruto space to do what he must do to prepare for the up and coming battles, however Madara still had mixed feelings because of Naruto obsession to bring Sasuke back in the past but if Naruto was there then maybe he was wrong about the Nine Tailed Jinchuuriki. However Madara could tell Sakura had strong emotional ties the Konoha and may try to kill Sasuke but he needs her medical hands to increase Sasuke’s recovery time. She was “asked” to heal Sasuke’s “wounded” eyes. She was not to remove the bandages and during her time with Sasuke, Jugo was to be by her side at all times. Once that was done Madara and Zetsu disappeared to “tend to some important battle arrangements”. Once alone again, Naruto quickly sent word though his toads to Lord Fukasaku and for him to send word to Kakashi of the situation


Mount Myouboku

After a discussion about giving Naruto the “key” to the Kyubi’s full powers, the Great Elder Toad order for Naruto to be sent to Mount Myouboku to reread his future and ask him if he was up to the task. While Naruto was sleep in his room Fukasaku reverse summoned Naruto in front of the Great Elder. It was here that Naruto was given the choice to take the key or go on and finish his duties before taking on this tasks and responsibilities of the key. Naruto knew that if the key was with him and if he was taken by Madara he could put the entire world endanger but remembering his father and both his teachers and sensei’s words of encouragement and belief in him. Naruto knew the time would come when he must try to control the fox and that time would come very soon. So he decided to take the responsibility.  Soon after Gerotora entered Naruto, he asked to be returned to his room in the hideout a.s.a.p. If he was missing for too long the other members would get suspicious. He was sent back where he lay back in the bed, and began to think of how he would get to Sasuke with Madara constantly around.


Back in the hideout

Sakura everyday for four days would enter Sasuke’s room with Jugo in tow. She would get Sasuke to lie down and begin to heal the swollen nerve endings and muscle tissue. She wanted so bad to tell Sasuke how she and Naruto really felt but knew Sasuke was far to gone to understand their hearts. Many of times she would begin to cry and tear drops would fall on Sasuke’s cheek. At first he would get annoyed but for some reason he begin to feel something deep inside himself. Were these his true friends’ tears? But then Itachi face would bounce back into his mind and his anger would swell again.

On the fourth day Madara returned to assess the healing process. He knew Sasuke was ready but had to finish his preparations first. So he asked Sasuke to wait for him to finish his side as to keep other hidden villages out the way of help Konoha when they attack.

For those same four days Naruto continued to train himself to staying in Sage Mode longer. When word came down to Naruto that Sasuke was healed and Madara would leave again soon. He felt it was time for him and Sasuke to have a one on one talk.



A week has passed.

The meeting of the Kage and other Alliance members had come into session. Tsunade and Kakashi both represented Konoha. It was here that with Killer Bee on the Island that would give the Alliance a lot more time to deal with this Moon Eye plan of Madara’s. Even though every Kage let Naruto deal with Sasuke, once Kakashi told them the truth about where Naruto really was, the Raikage nearly had a heart attack and really wanted to strangle Kakashi but Tsunade stepped in and let them know Naruto would not let Madara take him without a fight and by that time that happened the war would be over. Though anger the Raikage did promise and will live by his word not to interfere unless Konoha can’t deal with the situation.

Fukasaku appeared suddenly with word from Naruto of the situation going on at the hideout with the Akatsuki. This gave the Alliance a better description of how to handle this war. Also Kakashi warned of the possibility that Kabuto would appear and with his newly augmented powers he could be an even more dangerous foe then Orochimaru himself was. Finally once the meeting was finished the Kages left back to their respective villages to finish preparing for the war and unless some movement from the Akatsuki was spotted then they would meet again with their forces in another weeks to head after Madara.


Orochimaru’s hideout

Days after Madara asked Sasuke to wait; he searched for the remains of Nagato without confronting Konan. However once he, nor Zetsu could not find the place themselves Madara face Konan to force her into telling him of the whereabouts of Nagato. Madara defeated Konan and was close to finishing his preparations after he had obtained the Rinnengan from Konan (Chapter 509 ) and implanted one in left eye. It was time to ready his army of White Zetsus.

Once he was ready for war he would march on but he decided to let Sasuke and Naruto have their revenge first. This would get Konoha out of the way for a much more effective advantage in the war. During this time, Naruto decided to make his move to try and somehow talk Sasuke out of this foolishness.  Sasuke himself healed but waiting on word from Madara that he was ready to move, was outside the hideout over looking the view of the sunset over the sea next to the hideout. With a Akatsuki robe’s hood over his head, hiding his new Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, Sasuke closes his eyes and dreams until he hears footsteps coming from behind him.


Yes I know this is not my best work but as it says at the top this is the end of this part of my story. I had to end it this way or you all would be looking at 5 or 6 more boring chapters with no battles. I am also ending this title and going with a new title more appropriate to the way this story is heading. Also in this new part of the story we will see way more battles and the fated fight between Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.

End of the New Akatsuki (New Atasuki)

The New Akatsuki: Battle under the Clouds

Ryu here back with a big match up. The Raikage vs Killer Bee. Nuff Said. Hope you enjoy this battle. Also because I used The Raikage’s real name A it will be in bold lettering to distinguish him from being random letter A’s within the story and Bee’s rhymes are off and messy just how I image a bad rapper. So you may or will have to take your time to see the message in the corny rhymes.  So on with the fight. Ding ding


Kumogakure: beneath the Raikage’s office.

Shikamaru is leaning against a wall thinking to himself of the situations when Temari comes walking towards him.

Temari speaks to him, “You finally were able to save me for once. So now we’re even right? You don’t owe me nor do I owe you.” She stops and smiles when he looks up with an uninterested look on his face.

“Why are women so troublesome? Always have to make situations into some kind of competition not thinking of the true consequences we are facing now.”

Not realizing he was saying this out loud and with every female in hearing distance. Shikamaru looks around to see every female looking his way furiously.

“What did you just say?” All females say in unison.

“I…… I think I hear Neji calling.” Shikamaru says as he sneaks pass the furious females to Neji’s location.

Once he gets next to Neji he looks at his comrade and can tell something is wrong.

“What’s going on Neji? You look even more serious then usual. Last time I seen a face like this on you was during the Chunin Exams. What’s wrong?

“I need to speak to that man.” Neji answers.


“The Raikage.”

“Why is that?”

“Remember 13 years ago one of their ninjas tried to take Hinata when she was 3?”

“Yeah I remember you talking about that during the exams”

“Because of this my father was……”

BOOOMMMM!!! A loud explosion above them erupts interrupting everyone conversations.

“What the hell is going on up their?” Kuraii asks out loud looking at the “Visitors”.

“Don’t look at us, we’re not up there.” Kankuro quickly answers as everyone prepares to fight one another when suddenly two figures fall from the shattered window and land with such force a dust cloud forms covering the two figures.

Darui says as he seems to recognize this. “Everyone stand down it is only the Raikage and Lord Killer Bee fighting again.”

The dust cloud disappears showing the Raikage and Killer Bee facing each other.

“So you wanna agree with and come to the rescue of this Konoha Dogs and Sand Fleas.” A furiously asked Killer Bee.

“Dogs are loyal to their pals bro,  Flea attach to dogs naturally so,  Insult them wont work unless it’s proven the most. Damn right!” Killer Bee says raising his hand in the air with the bull horn sign up.

“You and your ridiculous rhymes are getting on my nerves.“

The Raikage rushes his little brother and with his real fist throws a punch at Killer Bee. Bee spits ink at his brother’s eyes. A dodges the black projectile and connects with Bee’s cheek sending him rolling down the village road. Once A caught up to his recovered brother, the two brothers’ trades blows though the village streets. Every ninja and villagers within view stop to see what was happening.  When they noticed it was the Raikage and Killer Bee, they went about their business as it was a normal thing within the village. Once at the village edge A throws a powerful punch but Bee dodges, flips on his hand, and mule kicks A into the air. Bee jumps into the air and again kicks A which sends him flying over the closest cliff edge down the mountain side.  Killer Bee jumps over the edge and follows his falling brother.

“What in the hell is going on.” Ten Ten asks as herself and Lee look to see Kakashi and Gaara looking out the broken window.

“So what do you think of this situation?” Gaara ask

“I seriously think this may go in our favor but I think we may need to get down there before they kill each other.” Kakashi says as he looks at the crowd below

R.A (Raikage’s Assistant) walks in. “No worries gentlemen, this type of think happens a lot. No need to worry.”

However both Kages feel that they may not know the two brothers but this here does not fell like a simple sibling spat. Gaara uses his sand to create a floating platform

“Kakashi-san we can get down there faster this way”

Kakashi and R.A step on and float down to where everyone else was waiting.

Back in the office Samehada lays on the ground and Kisame’s says “Well things seem to be getting very interesting. Just need to wait for the right time. Heheheheh”

Down below.

Killer Bee and A are falling down the mountain side. A is in a backwards free fall while Bee line dives towards his brother. When Bee gets close and before he can react, A quickly grabs his little brother’s scarf, spins Bee below him, and uses Bee as a platform. He jumps off Bee towards the mountain and using chakra control, sticks the mountain side. Bee now in a free fall talks the beast within.

“Hey partner, it’s time to go all out. Time to show this muthaf**** how we roll.”

“Are you sure? The last time we went all out he kicked our butt all over the island.”

“Yeah that’s true to you,  but we had just become partners my dude.  So let’s do this and kick his ass,  show him this time we are in another class.”

Just as Bee is about to hit the water below at high speeds his demon cloak begins to engulf him. Bee hit the water and created a back gusher so high it even touched the position A had landed at earlier. A jumps down and lands on the shore side.

“I know you’re not dead so get your ass out here.” The Raikage calls out

The water begins to bubble and violently Hachibi rises out of the water and faces the Raikage.

“So are you going to go there little brother? So be it.”

Hachibi roars at A and sends a tentacle flying towards him. The Raikage dodges the limb by speeding forward towards the beast. Hachibi sends his right claw at A. A jumps into the air and with his iron fist punch the Eight Tailed Beast in the face with such force from his super strength it sends Hachibi flying back into the deep water. However another tentacle hits A from the back as Hachibi falls in the water sending him against a mountain side. A lands, shakes off the pain and waits for the Hachibi to rise again. Once it raises again The Raikage with him super strength punches the edge of the water creating a speeding giant wave heading towards the beast. Suddenly he quickly uses a one handed hand signs for a lightning technique and places his hand into the water.

“Raiton: Lightning Tsunami Surge.”

Lightning chakra quickly flows from his hand into the giant wave heading straight for Hachibi. It hits with such force and the lightning mix into the water seriously hurts and paralyzes the tailed beast as it falls back it the water and sinks to the bottom of the sea.

“You still not ready to fight me. That wasn’t even half my power Bee.” A says

The eight tailed beast reappears.

Inside Bee’s mind, the partners beings to conversant again.

“He’s still to fast for me and I’m too bulky. You need to face him yourself.” The beast speaks

“Man I thought you were ready but that cool partner, He has way too much experience fighting you.  I‘ll take him out but I will still need your help.” Bee replies.

“You got it.”

Hachibi begins to shrink until Bee is standing on the water.

A asks “So you’re going to tell me why you’re not on the way to the island? I order you to leave days ago. But for some reason no one could find your ass.”

“Well Big Bro, I was around when that boy like me showed up, Tried to get you to back off, I respect him for coming to you, but your hard head keeps you from seeing the truth, So I had to stay, just encase I had to be the one to set you straight.”

“The truth? You know nothing of what is happening out there do you. I am trying to protect you and get that bastard for what he did to us.”

“I don’t care what he did. I’m still live, and the party is still kicking. So get over it.”

“Hell no. You are in the way and I will beat you as I will beat any foe that puts their smug ugly mug in front of my Iron fist. I will crush it.”

A starts to reuse his Lightning Tsunami Surge but Bee is on to him before he can even begin.

“You muthaf*****, we’re from the same woman. How can you, call me ugly fool.”

Bee runs along the water and grabs two of his seven swords from their scabbards.

“Hey man. We may be affiliated with Lightning Chakra but you remember that old saying son? Lightning doesn’t strike the same spot twice.” Bee yells out.

Bee jumps onto a mountain side avoiding the attack and launches of the rocky side at his brother. He lands in front of A and begins to swing what at first seems very wild-like but soon A realizes that Bee is pushing him somewhere as he uses his iron fist to block every attack Bee swings. Bee can tell his brother is trying to figure out his plan. “I see, you thinking too much. You won’t figure this out son.”

Bee jumps into the air and throws his first two swords at A. The Raikage dodge them but before he can counterattack Bee launches two more at A’s other side. He dodges backwards only to have two more land behind him. A heads forward only to look up and see Bee coming down at him with an overhead stab attack.  A jumps back and stands as his little bro still kneels next to his swords beginning a hand signs.

“I got your ass,  You fell for it like a bird and clear glass,  That’s why your ass is watery grass.“

He places his hand on the sword hilt and yells.

“Raiton: Lightning Steel Cage Trap”

Lightning chakra starts to encircle the Raikage using the swords thrown earlier as a conductor. A sees this and notices he is standing in shallow water. Then from each hilt lightning flows into the air, meeting in the middle above A, and strikes down hitting and electrocuting A creating a cage like lightning trap

“Paybacks a bitch,  Hope this shit,  knocks some sense,  though that thick skin.”

At the top of the village

“So I see that’s what happened? Hmmm Raikage just can’t help himself can he?” Darui say rubbing his head

“Yes it seems. So I think this may be more than brothers fighting over candy and toys. We may have to get down their and stop this if we can.”Kakashi adds.

“That’s the thing,” Omoi interrupts, “once they have a fight it is hard as hell to even get close to them.”

“Well we need to do something. We can’t let family fight over us.” Lee says

Yamato adds. “He’s right. Even if Killer Bee had our best at heart this is something we need to deal. So let’s go.”

Sai pulls out a scroll to use his Transportation Falcons but Gaara stops him.

“I will get us down there.” Gaara says as his sand platform rises from under everyone and floats over the rail and heads down the mountain.

Back to the bottoms.

Raikage is still in the trap as Bee sits and writes in his little notebook.

“That’s sounds good. Gotta keep thinking of s***while his ass is…..Oh about time.” Bee says as he turns and sees A starting to move and lightning chakra begins to flow from his body.

“Now let’s see if this work. Hope you’re ready partner?”

In one swift powerful blast the Raikage pushes the cage trap away with his chakra creating his infamous Lightning Armor.

“You f****** punk. Time your older brother teach you who is the real deal.”

Bee stands with a smile on his face as his canine teeth begins to grow and a red aura glows and grows around Bee.

“So you are really serious about this Bee? Fine I will not kill you because you’re my brother but I will not show you any more mercy.”

“Never ask for your mercy BEEAATCH!”

This angers the Raikage even more. He pushes his armor to its next level. By this time Bee has his demon cloak around him with 7 tails formed.

“So you wanna do it like that? Let do it then. Version 2 Baby!” Bee pushes himself to his 8 tailed beast humanoid form.”

In a low beast like roar says, “Lets get this s*** hopping.”

The brothers charge at each other, and throw a single punch. The collision from the connection to each other fist creates a shockwave so strong that water violently rushes away from their position and even the tightly place rocks and boulders fall from their foundation. Even the others feel the force from their height.

“What the hell is going on? What was that?” Kurai asks.

“That’s the force of a Kage level fighter and a tailed beast fighting.” Yamato says, “This is, as Kakashi sempai said, not a brothers’ spat. This is a real battle.”

As the two battle back and forth down below, A dodges one of Bees punches, sidesteps him and grabs his brother from the side. His Lightning Armor protecting him from the poisonous effect of the demon cloak. Once he had a good grip he lifts Bee in the air.

“Raiton: Thunder Roaring Suplex”

A sending lightning chakra into Bee’s body, paralyzing him, and drive Bee into the shallow watered ground creating a crate. But when the dust settles A sees Bee’s tails had cushioned his fall. Bee quickly pushes off with his tails, flies up and headbutt Raikage sending him several steps backwards.

“Bull Run Headbutt.  Like that bro?” Bee says in his roar like voice.

Bee then swings several tails at A but A catches one and does a giant swing sending Bee into the mountain side. When the dust settles down the mountain side has a hole in the wall but Bee disappeared.

“You really think that hurt?” A voice comes from above.

A looks up and see the beast brother on a nearby cliff but back in his 8 tailed demon cloaked form. “There is something you told me once.  If you can’t trust a man’s words then trust his actions.  I think that fox boy is really ready to deal with that little bitch boy Uchiha.  He came to you,  Told you what he was going to do,  and will show you proof,  but what do you do,  Become a crude and unfair dude,  I understand your will to protect,  but yet,  I must tell you in regret,  That I can take of myself you bet.  So to show you my intent,  let’s finish it, with this last hit.”

A looks up at his brother and realizes he is right but his pride begins to overrule his logical thinking. “You wanna finish this, so be it. Let’s go Killer Bee.”

Bee jumps down, shakes his head. “Guess I have to show you my intent through MY ACTIONS!”

Both stand there staring at each other.

The beast and host talk one last time before Bee makes his move

“Bee, are you sure about this one? If this does not work you will be dead and me…..Well I really don’t know what will happen. If you die I may die or be release and without you I will go on a rampage.”

“Trust me partner.  I got this. He’s my brother,  like not other.  He may be hardheaded,  but his heart is not crusted or breaded.  His heart is big and loving though strict,  that it sometimes makes me sick,  but the trick,  is to show him that with my actions is that I mean it.  I trust he will do the right thing and let Konoha .. no that fox boy do his thing.

The beast smiles and laughs

“HAHAHAHA….That damn Kyubi, always finding a way to mess things up only for someone else to fix it. HAHAHA. Let’s do it Partner!”


Focusing back to the outside world. Bee charges and the Raikage replies by charging himself.

A pushes his Lightning Armor to its max and readies his powerful lariat attack. Suddenly he notice Bee‘s tails disappearing one by one. “What the hell….” he says in his mind. Bee then, all at once with in a few feet of one another, releases his demon cloak.

“No I can’t hit him with this. Is he is willing to give his life up for them?” The Raikage says again to himself

Just before their lariats connect A releases his lightning armor as the two lariats connect with their targets neck and chest areas. Both brothers’ legs come from underneath themselves and they fall on their back into the water and float in a circle of each other.

“You were willing to even die for those….people.”

“No bro I was willing to die for that boy who is ready to do what must be done. He is betting everything on that he can to stop and bring back to justice that little scum bag boy.  So let him be. If he fails then take that bastard Uchiha boy out. But respect his wish first. If every other Kage has too, so should you.”

“Hmmmmm…..” As the Raikage lays and thinks as he sees a float sand thing coming down towards them.

“Here they come.” Bee say looking up a well.

As the sand platform disappears back into Gaara’s gouge everyone stands around and the Cloud ninjas help Bee and The Raikage to their feet. Both bleeding and bruised up. Kakashi walks up to the Raikage. Raikage gets Durai and Omoi to let them down.

“I will not apologize for my actions. I still think you’re still too young to be a Kages, Both of you, but if you both willing to come here and face me in my own village about this situation then I will respect that. And if it was not for my little brother you would not be leave with this notice.”

“What do you mean?” Gaara asks

“I will grant Naruto Uzumaki ‘s wish and remain out of this business for now but if he fails and your village can not handle this then I will intervene and kill Sasuke Uchiha.“

“Thank you Raikage”. Kakashi says

Neji walks up to the Raikage next to Kakashi and speaks. “Excuse me Raikage. May I ask you a question?”

“Hyuga boy do not press your luck. What is it?” The tired Kage says

“Were you the Raikage at the time of the Hyuga incident 13 years ago?”

Silence hit the group until….

“And what if I was, what is it to you?  You what to kill the Raikage you deem responsible of you father’s death Neji Hyuga, Son of Hizashi Hyuga, nephew of Hiashi Hyuga.”

“How did you…..I forgot..intel.” Kakashi says

“Yes I was but I will still say this. I was not responsible for that man’s decision to act out. From what I was told,  My Head Ninja a t the time of the peace talks, wanted your families treasure because it was said the Hyuga’s eyes were just as strong if not stronger then that of the Uchiha’s and wanted to increase our military’s strength but because of peace talks I was not willing to let it happen but once word came down of what he did and your village counsel member insisting I planned it I was not about to be made a fool by this and I was willing to restart this war if some payback was not given and since your uncle Hiashi killed my man I wanted his head. But do to him being head of the main branch and him having a twin brother in the lower branch I knew he would not die. So when your father was killed but word came back later of Hiashi still alive. That is when I knew what happened but even so I left it alone. It was still and Eye for an Eye.”

Neji lowered his head than raised it back up with his Byakugan activated. The Cloud Ninjas readied to attack but the Raikage raised his hand for them to stand down.

“I can not forgive you now for having my clan have my father killed, nor for even asking for my uncle’s death which I know you may not care about and I will never forgive that man for the rift he cause between myself and the main branch but I do understand why and I just wanted to hear it from the mouth of the Raikage himself.” Neji deactivated his eyes and bowed his head. “Thank you for that Raikage.”

Every Konoha ninja could not believe their eyes yet smiled that finally Neji mind was put to rest.

Raikage nodded in agreement then turned to Gaara.

“Boy… I mean Kazekage can you get us back to the top.” Raikage asks Gaara.

“Yes I can. Let’s get to dry land.”

Everyone walked to the nearby shore. Once there Gaara gourd released sand into the ground and a giant platform formed again beneath their feet and begins to take the group of allied ninja back to the top of the highest mountain in Kumo.

“Oh, one last thing Bee.” The Raikage hits his little brother on the head with his good hand. “You will leave for the Island TODAY.”

“Gotcha bro.” Bee says rubbing his head and smiling at his brother.

Kakashi says to himself. “Naruto everything is now up to you. Whatever you do. Make it quick. I got a bad feeling we are in for a real mess real soon.”

Raikage’s Office.

A lump appears on the floor next to Samehada. Zetsu head forms from the lump

“Kisame we came to check on you.” The white side started first.

“So what is going on? Is everything going as planned?” The black side follows

Kisame voice can be heard though the bandage around the swords blade. “A little hic up with Konoha and Suna ninjas showing up. I couldn’t hear their conversation because we were outside and only he could hear but that fool of a beast is fighting the Raikage as we speak in favor of them. But I fell every village will be in tune with each other soon. Just waiting to be taken to this Island everyone keeps hound the beast about.”

“Good well we will be waiting your intel.” White Zetsu response

“Why can’t I take this punk now? You know I could have during that fake battle then. Switching places, I really didn’t see why.” Kisame says

“Whatever Tobi has planned must be big to let him go like that so just be ready when the time comes.” Black Zetsu answers back.

“We are heading back. Do not let him down.” White Zetsu way of says bye.

“Have I ever?” Kisame says as Zetsu disappears and heads back to report.

End of Chapter 15.


Next chapter will be a time skip type of deal that takes place in about a week or two span in my story. Help speed the story along.  So be on the look out. Until Next Time Folks.

The New Akatsuki: Heated Disagreements


The formation of the new team of Akatsuki is complete, though nearly everyone in the group has their own objective. Naruto sends a message to Fukasaku for help, Sasuke seems he wants Itachi’s eyes, and we all know “Madara’s” intentions. All will collide soon but now the Kages of Konoha, Suma, and Kumo will have their meeting and the outcome will be much of what we expect from the Raikage. Also another major player will show their self.  I present Chapter 14, Heated Disagreements


Orochimaru’s hideout: Naruto’s room

“That’s everything I can say so far. Tell him everything and to be ready for my signal. I will have a hard fight on my hands and I will need everybody’s help” Naruto says to Gamaspeed.

“I think I got everything. Boy you are in a real mess but if any hardheaded fool can pull it off that’s you. Later.” Gamaspeed says as he disappears in a small cloud of smoke.

“This is going to be a tough one but I am Naruto Uzumaki, son of the Fourth Hokage, I can do anything, believe it.” Calming down Naruto thinks of his sensei. “Wonder how Kakashi sensei’s doing?”

Naruto lies on the bed and closes his eyes

Kumogakure: the Raikage’s office

“So you come here personally to speak to me?  Really must be important?” Raikage ask as he sits behind his desk.

“Yes it is. I’m aware that Naruto Uzumaki came to you as he did every leader of every major hidden village and ask to let him handle Sasuke Uchiha for Konoha.” Kakashi replies to the Raikage’s statement.

“Yeah and what of it?! That little crybaby has not right to come in here and demand me to leave that bastard of an Uchiha to him.” Raikage says his temper quickly rises.

“Well if I know you from seeing you act at the summit he most likely asked first and knowing your temper you decided to tell him no in your emotional state.” Gaara goes to say himself

“Ok and your point is?” Raikage temper rises even further.

“My point is why will you not let him do what he asks?” Kakashi asks

“First off I am the Alliance Commander so I am in charge of all the villages as of…” Raikage starts but is interrupted

“No you are not in charge of other villages. You are the leader of the alliance and that is it.” Gaara steps in to address the Raikage’s words

“Really, well if you have something to say, say it now.” Says the angry Cloud leader.

“Ok I will let us deal with our problem. You may have a personal issue with Sasuke but this is Konoha issue.” Kakashi himself is suddenly interrupted by the Raikage.


“I understand your reasons to try and capture and kill him but he is Konoha’s Rogue-nin, our problem. We want and will deal with him.” Kakashi says toward the Raikage

The Raikage sarcastically says “OH REALLY? Well the Akatsuki was said to have been created in Kirigakure, but I blame its creation on that blasted village of yours. First we have Madara Uchiha if that is really him. He is said to be the creator of that group of villains, he may have created it as a way to get back at the First Hokage and Konoha for his defeat, who knows for sure. Then we have the leader of the Akatsuki, Pain. From intel we got from your own village” The Raikage says with a smile creeping on his face “the head Pain, the controller of the 6 Pains’ and the female member of the group were all trained in ninjitsu by Jiraiya, one of the Sannin and a member of Konoha.”

Kakashi can’t believe that information was obtained by the Raikage. Something he thought was kept secret in Konoha after the attack. However much of their secret have been leaked lately.

Raikage continues “I don’t even need to mention Orochimaru, Itachi Uchiha and his little bastard brother Sasuke Uchiha. So in my book Konoha is the reason for over half of the Akatsuki member past and present, its creation, as well as this war. Your village dealing with this problem? HA! Don’t make me laugh “Hokage”. It is the damn problem. You have no right to deal with shit now. You two just sit back and let a real Kage do the job.”

Kakashi eye go from droopy to serious and Gaara though keeping his face emotionless his inside are boiling and has dissolves the cork on his gourd and slow without Raikage noticing release sand.

“I see. You’re not willing to let my village deal with this because of the past Hokages decisions? First off I am not the other Hokages and I respect them to the fullest but I will do what must be done for the safety of Konoha. So I will say again let me and my village do our duty and stop Sasuke Uchiha.” Kakashi says trying not to let his emotion take over

“I will say this,” Raikage stands up and removes the cover over his cut off arm and revives an iron fisted hand in the place of his original hand. “I will not stop until I have taken that boy life and his head hangs above my deck on the wall. And if that “Fox Boy” gets in my way I will kill him and get rid of the damn fox too.”

This anger Kakashi and Gaara severely.

“Well Raikage if you want to act in a way that could harm the alliance instead of help, I will ask for a new Gokage meeting and HAVE you removed from the position of Alliance Commander because you have used it for personal reason. I think if I have to I will take your spot as commander.” Kakashi says stepping forward to face the Raikage in his eye

“Boy your really will be the first to feel my new IRON CLAW!” As the Raikage slams his new fist into the desk breaking it in half and stands ready to fight, Kakashi and Gaara jump back to give themselves distance.

“So you wanna fight. Fine but can you take two Kages at one time?” Gaara asks

“BOY, NEITHER OF YOU ARE A DAMN KAGE!” Screams the Raikage

Letting his temper get the best of him the Raikage begins to rush Kakashi and Gaara, a figure smashes though the office window and lands in front of the Raikage just as the Raikage tries to punch Kakashi who has Raikiri activated, his Sharingan out and ready to strike.

“KILLER BEE!” Raikage says loudly as his younger brother stands with Samehada drawn in front of him stopping Raikage punch with the blade.

(Kisame inside says to himself. “Damn that Raikage power us unreal. He may be stronger than me? Glad I wasn’t the one that got attacked by both of those lightning brain buffoons.)

“Yo, Bro you need to listen and listen without a hitch, I don’t know what that hotheaded brain of your is thinking,  But you attacked people who wants to stop that little bitch, Let them do their part in this, So we can all sit down and have a sandwich”  K.Bee raps

What the hell is with you and all that nonsense rhyming? Get out my way Bee.” Raikage asks and demands of his little brother

“No way can I do that, believe in what they trying to do man.”

Then I will beat you rhythmless and beat them in a inch of their life”

Kakashi and Gaara still standing ready to fight but are dumbfounded at this strange turn of events.

Akatsuki Hideout

A hooded shadow figure is walk from within the hideout toward the courtyard.

“I have checked every inch of this complex and I can see no sign of anyone around to greet me. Thought you be ready for me “Madara”? Well I just have to bide my time and wait, but little Sasuke will be mine.” A man’s voice says as the figure comes into the light to revile Kabuto now looking more like a younger Orochimaru with glasses.

“I had those Leaf ninjas follow me this whole time for nothing but I think I can get him another way. If the rumors are true then, Sasuke will be returning to Konoha real soon.”

He raises a bloody, bruised, and nearly unconscious Ako into the air by her hair and speaks to her.

“When he does, that is when the Leaf will get another chance at me but until then; tell them not to look for me because if I want to be found, I will let myself be found.”

He drops Ako and slowly disappears in a fiery blaze that rises up his body.

“Later, until we meet again Orochimaru-sama’s first pupil. Heheheheheh”

Kabuto completely disappeared and Ako barely lifting her head and tears fall from her face as she can sees Tokuma Hyuga and her other comrades lying in the Akatsuki courtyard…. Bloody, Broken, DEAD.

End of Chapter 14. Until next time folks.

The New Akatsuki: If The Wall Could Talk…


After a little squirmish between the members of Team 7 and the Hawk, Shigetsu is sucked into on of Madara’s teleportation jutsu when he did not want to work with Sasuke again and would rather kill him seemingly dying in the process. Also Tsunade has awakened but not in the nice way many thought she would. She is angry and it is time to know why. Chapter 13, If the Wall Could Talk…


Konoha: Medical Tents

As Shizune walks into the tent she reaches down and picks up Tom Tom and walks in.

“Lady Tsunade you are awake, I’m so….” Shizune starts

“Where is he Shizune? Where in Danzo” I want him here now!”  Tsunade interrupts her assistant

“Well Lady he’s…..” Shizune tries to answer

“I don’t care what he is doing. Make him stop and get him here….


Tsunade suddenly stops, turns and looks at Shizune with a bewildered look.

“Say that again?” She questions

“He’s dead my Lady, Killed by Sasuke about a week ago.”

“Really? I can believe it. I hate the bastard but never wanted to have him killed” Tsunade says as her stomach begins to growl.

“Man I am so hungry.” She looks at Shizune then at Tom Tom with a desperate hungry look.

“MY LADY YOU CAN’T POSSIBLE…” Shizune holds Tom Tom tighter

“You idiot, I would never do that. Find me some food and tell me all about what is going on.”

Orochimaru’s Hideout

Naruto and Sakura just put on their new Akatsuki Robes. Both feeling disguised but hold their feels back.

“So what is next? You wanna leave for Kumo tomorrow right?” Sakura asks

“Well we can….” Madara start

“We… First of all we are not ready to go.” Sasuke interrupts

“But Sasuke I thought you been ready?”  Naruto goes on to say

“At first I was but I have to deal with something and it may take a while. Madara can I speak with you right now” Sasuke says in a way that tells the others he wants to be alone with Madara.

“Ok.  Zetsu I need you to go and recon Kumo for us. We will leave for the village when we are finished preparing.” Madara orders

“Got it I will be back soon.” Black Zetsu says as both halves sink into the floor

“The rest of you if you have anything you need to prepare for I say go and get ready. Jugo wait a minute.” Sasuke finishes

Naruto and Sakura walk out. Sakura begins to think.

“I may have gotten myself into something far worst then I could have imagined. Naruto, you seem to have changed into something that could even be worse than Sasuke. How can I stop you two? With Madara around I am too scared to try anything.”

Then she gathers the courage and speaks as they close the doors and begins to walk to their rooms. “Naruto….What is going on?  Tell me.”

Naruto stops and turns to Sakura but instead of the cold demeanor he has shown she looks and sees something in him she had lost hope of, Faith. Naruto’s eyes shine bright in the dim light hallways and a big smile.

“Don’t worry I got this under control, Believe it.” Naruto says to Sakura as he turns back and walks off. This put her faith in Naruto back in its place.

However Naruto turns back to walk and his face turns from hope to desperation. “How in the hell will I pull this off with Madara sticking around?”

Back in the main hall

Sasuke turns to Jugo once he can tell the other two are gone.

“Jugo I need you to keep an eye on Sakura for me. I do not trust her. If you notice anything, tell me immediately. I will deal with her myself.”

“Got it Sasuke, I can do that for you.” Jugo replies back.

“Good now go; I need to talk to Madara.”

Jugo walks out of the Main Hall and heads in the same direction as Sakura.

“So my boy what is it you need to talk about because I need to talk to you as well?”

“Eyes….preferably Itachi’s eyes…”

“I see ..I was wondering when you would warm up to the idea. May I ask why?”



“Yes he noticed eye sight. He also made a vital point. I may have the Mangekyo Sharingan but I can’t do anything if I am blind. So I need to be at full power when we go to Konoha.”

“AAHHH!!! I got you.  Well once that is done and you are healed we will go after 8 tails. I need him before I can use Naruto.”

Sasuke smiles. “I want payback against him for making a fool of me and also that damn Raikage anyway.”

Under his mask Madara smiles and thinks to himself.

“Naruto is full of surprises. Maybe he is fed up with Konoha. However that doesn’t change the fact. Something is not right about this but I will fix that. Soon the Rinnengan will be ready and once 8 and 9 tails are in my possession my preparations will be complete to begin my operation.” The masked man thinks as Sasuke and he stand looking at one another.

Naruto’s room

Naruto closes the door behind him and stand very still gathering natural energy to enter his Sage Mode. Once he complete it Naruto uses his chakra senses to tell if anyone is around to see or sense what he is about to do.

Thinking to himself “Ok so the plant dude is traveling at a very fast speed away from here. He’s not around to spy. Sakura and that “monster boy” are on the other side of the complex. Hope she will be ok? Sasuke and Madara are still in the main hall. I think I’m good.”

Naruto nicks his thumb and bleed from the tip and begins hand signs for a summoning jutsu.

“Summoning Jutsu!”

Naruto knowing in Sage Mode he has better control over his chakra to summon so he call for Gamaspeed one of the smallest message toads on Myouboku Mountain.

“Naruto what happening…..Why are you in a room like this……and why are you in Sage Mode?”

“Listen I have very little time so I need you to send a message to Grampa Sage……It is about to get really ugly real soon and I will need all of you guys help.”

The Front Gate of Kumogakure

“Hokage, Kazekage welcome to Kumogakure.” Raikage says as he stands at the gate once word came from a lookout that Durai and his team were heading back with “Guest”.

“What is it that you need?”

“Good to be here but I am not here for pleasantries I came here on pure business.  Same goes for the Kazekage here.”  Kakashi says

Feeling a little irritated Raikage says. “Just follow me. Your guards will stand outside.”

Kakashi and Gaara shake their heads yes however the other Sand and Leaf were uncomfortable about that. As Raikage turns he sees Neji looking at him and can feel fighting intent in him. But ignores and walks

On a nearby roof top K Bee is looking down.

“Lets see how big bro handles this situation,                                                                  Are you going to be hardhead like always and cause another war between nations,  or will you help them out and put yourself in their position?”          What will you do bro, what will you do yo?

K Bee disappears as a strange numb raise out of the ground behind his position then flattens back out and disappears as well.

End of Chapter 13


Nuff Said. Til Next Time Folks

The New Akatsuki: Team Tryouts

Post author: ryu1978

Back with the new chapter. Last chapter The battle between the Sand and the Cloud came to a conclusion with the interference of a well timed team of Konoha ninja lead by the new Hokage Kakashi. Kakashi stops all the fighting and gives the begins to give Cloud an ultimatum. stay, fight and die or turn around and go home and live. No more No less. Now it is time to see what the Cloud will do. Also we will see the beginning of what this story is about. The formation of a new team of Akatsuki members however first we will see how the tension between them all is settled and a nice surprise at the end. Now I present to you Chapter 12 Team Member Tryouts.


“So what is it going to be? Are you going to take heed to my warning or are you going to make us force you to turn around. You will not pass this point any farther.” Kakashi says to the now collective group of Cloud Ninjas. “I know of your search for Sasuke Uchiha but this is the Land of Fire, this is Leaf Country and you know unless word comes to a village of your actions you are not to go on a manhunt for anyone on another village’s land.”

“Sorry but we are on orders from the Raikage to…..” Omoi starts to say.

“Let me make this clear here and now. You will not pass this point even on orders from your Kage. You may have ignored the Kazekage but I am the Hokage of Konoha, the village that resides in this country which is under our protect. So you will listen to me or you will be killed.” Kakashi with a demanding replies.

The other Leaf and Sand Ninja with the exception of Gaara are very surprises at the usual calm, cool and collect Kakashi give a lecture of this magnitude with such emotion in this voice.

“Kakashi-sensei is really not in a mood today is he?” Ten Ten says.

“I would expect not, he has now taken the position of Hokage and he has a lot more to deal with now then he has ever before. Now he has to deal with such trivial things like this.” Neji answers her back. Neji continues to look at the Cloud headband on the Cloud member with them on their heads with angry swelling inside him but keeps is composer.

Durai walks up to the two Kages standing next to each other. “We are sorry for the trouble but we were on orders.”

“Were? What you mean were?” Kurai comes out and says pissed from that statement.

“Kurai you need to be quiet now and listen to reason. Yes we have fought the Sand because we felt it was not their place to interfere, however this is the Leaf and they have the right to interfere and if we decide to pursuit the mission any farther we will surely be killed. We already had trouble against the Sand now the Leaf are here. We could not win this battle and if we did, we would not be in any shape to try and take down Sasuke Uchiha.” Samui lectures her teammate.

“OHHH Well, I guess the mission is a failure.” Omoi says shrugging his shoulder.

“HHHMMMMMM” Kurai blows out at she turns with her arm folded.

“Now that is settled we would like to follow you to your village” Yamato comes out and says sparking a surprisingly jump in expression within the Cloud.

“What you say” Kurai turns even more mad. “The Sand fights us to stop us from our mission. Then the Leaf shows up and demands we stop. Now you telling us you will follow us to our village? For what? Why do we need to do anything you say from this point on?”

“You really do not have the say so in the matter. This is up to your team captain here plus was it not you that started the little fight with members of the Leaf in our own village when you can to get info on Sasuke Uchiha and inform the Hokage of the Gokage Summit?” Yamato comments back to a surprised eyed Omoi and Kurai as one of the people they started the small fight with was among the Leaf Ninjas.

“Ssssooooo what does that have to do with this?” She replies back

“It mean like Samui say but I will be blunt. Shut up and let me handle this as I am leading this group, not you” Durai blurts out. “Both villages will follow us?”

Gaara and Kakashi knobs yes

“Ok because I really don’t want to explain to the Raikage why we failed this mission.”

“Same here!” Omoi says

Kakashi says real quickly. “Sai send a message back the village that we are heading to Kumogakure to meet with the Raikage.” turns to Gaara, “I advice you do the same.”

“Yes we shall, Kasuyi are you well to make it back.” He says to his fall but ok Jonin.

“Yes Kazekage. Would you like me to relay this to the counsel?” Kasuyi asks

Yes you and Qua head back and heal yourself. I will return shortly.”

Both nod yes and quick step though the tree.

Ok I’m just sent the message Load Hokage.” Sai lets his leader know as the ink bird is seen flying towards the village.

Kakashi still can’t shake this uneasiness being call Hokage by his now former team 7 member.

“Let us head out then” Kakashi says out loud.

The 15 person group of Cloud, Sand and Leaf begin to move quickly through the trees as they head to The Land of Lightning

Orochimaru’s hideout

The face off between the Sasuke, and his group and Madara and his gang is really heating up. Shigetsu really want to sever Sasuke’s head. Sakura wants to punch Madara’s mask off, Jugo has this uneasy feeling like something very evil is in the room that is messing with his inner demon. Zetsu (Both halves) are laughing at the situation and Madara is looking at Naruto trying to read him as Naruto with his Demon Fox eyes on looks back at Madara.

Thinking to himself Naruto goes on to say. “From what I can tell Sasuke and those other two guys don’t seem to know Madara’s Moon Eye Plan, Thank you Gaara for that info. Sakura I know doesn’t know so it seems the only ones that know is myself, Madara and that Plant looking guy I bet but they don’t know that I know so….” Naruto calms himself, relaxes his jaws taking pressure of his now sharp teeth. Unclenches his fist and takes a long breath to relax his entire body. He slowly begins to walk towards Madara. “Looks like I got to revise part 2.”

Naruto stops in front of Madara in everyone’s eyes and says

“Whatever plan you got for me I am in. All I want is to help Sasuke destroy that god forsaken village called Konoha. Once it’s done I have no real reason to stay alive so I will willingly give myself up to you.”

Madara continues to look at Naruto not saying a word

“Naruto are you insane, that is Madara Uchiha, and he has caused us so much trouble that…” Sakura stopped realizing she may need to shut up with Sasuke and the other members of the Akatsuki and Hawk are standing there looking at her. Thinking to herself,” Damn I almost blow it.” Then says out loud “You know something Naruto do what you want to do. I do still care of you but I love Sasuke and will remain by his side even if you die.

“OH SHIT another Sasuke loving groupie, just like Karin.” Shigetsu says as he closes his eyes and shakes his head

“WHAT!” Sakura rushes forward and using her super strength hit Shigetsu in the face just as he opened his eyes to see a fist connect with his face sending him flying into the back wall creating a hole and liquefies into a puddle of water.

Naruto has this dumbfounded look on his face. Sasuke has a smirk. Under his mask Madara has a big smile but will not laugh. Jugo look is as Shigetsu then Sakura. “Man she is real strong” and the two halves of Zetsu are rolling in laugher. “Oh that made my day. That was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time Hahahahahahaha” the white Zetsu says.

Sakura thinks. “For some reason he just reminded me of Naruto when he was young with those nasty and smart remakes.”

Shigetsu reforms his body back into his clothes.

“You witch! I will slice your arms off!” Shigetsu rushes forward with newly fixed sword and swings it as Sakura who is too close to real do an effective dodge.


The sword lands on something really hard. He looks down to see Naruto with his hand up with the blade in between it. “He caught my blade.” Then he looked again and noticed Naruto wasn’t actually touching the blade. Suddenly he notices something red wrapped around Naruto.

Naruto quickly left Madara and rush in front of Sakura who was trying to dodge the attack and activated his first tail transformation. Using the tail as a shield he stops the attack and used his hand to brace the tail.

“She may not die for me but she is my teammate and I will still protect her for you.”

Shigetsu jump back as Naruto stands up with Sakura behind him moving farther away. He begins to rush Naruto who is ever ready to beat down this freak.

“What do you think you are doing” Madara says as he jumps in front of Shigetsu. “I told you that you talk too much and it is your fault so I will tell you one last time. Be quiet or you will die.”

Shigetsu then looks around and see everyone except Jugo standing ready to kill him at a moments notice.

“Let me tell you something Shigetsu. I told you from the beginning I am using you to get revenge. If you fell behind then you are weak. I have more important things to do then go back for you. Plus after the battle at the summit I was taken away by Madara so I couldn’t come back to get you anyway even if I took my time out to rescue you two.” Sasuke says to Shigetsu

“THAT’S BULL! Jugo never gave up on you. You know that he would follow you to the ends of the Earth. If he wanted to we could have broken out but he believed you would came back and…. Jugo?” Shigetsu was talking until he looked at Jugo who had begun to shake uncontrollably.

Naruto was still in his one tailed chakra cloak giving of a foul stench that started to affect Jugo.

“This feeling is so strong, so evil I must kill it. I HAVE TO KILL IT!

Jugo goes into his Cursed 2 transformation and charges Naruto. Naruto accepting the challenge rushes at Jugo. The two fists meet creating a small shock wave. Jugo’s fist begins to take the form of a small cannon. “I will destroy you. You are no match for me weakling. Sasuke thinks your weak, so do I.”

Jugo fires the cannon up close engulfing Naruto to Sakura’s horror. Sasuke is surprised that the Nine Tailed Fox was defeated so easy. However Madara looks on knowing things are not as they seem.

After the smoke starts to clear Jugo’s evil side begins to feel fear as Naruto is still stand with two chakra tails covering his front.

“Sorry ugly but I won’t die so easy.” As he quickly rush in front of Jugo.

Now realizing it, Jugo looks down to a blue and red glowing sphere at his chest, the fox chakra had help create a Rasengan in Naruto’s right hand mixing his normal Rasengan with it’s own chakra.



Jugo is sent spinning backwards toward the back wall Shigetsu hit earlier.

Naruto disengages the fox cloak and returns to normal. “So who’s the weak one? See you are not strong enough to beat me.

“YOU HAVE NOT BEATEN ME YET.” Jugo stands up from the rubble and pushes his transformation farther. ”You see that was my Cursed Sealed Stage 2 first form, now taste my second form.

Naruto looks own with big blue eyes. “I know I can beat him but I have to let him live. But if this continues I may be pushed to 4 tails and I know I can’t control it.” Naruto thinks as he is beginning to let the Fox Cloak reemerge slowly

Suddenly Sasuke walks up to Jugo.

“Jugo you need to stop this now. This is not you.” Sasuke says so calmly

What do you know? You were going to leave us to die in that prison, why I need to listen to you.”

“You are still my teammate and what would Kimimaro say or do in this situation. I had to do what must be done to finish my mission. And I did. Danzo is dead.”

Shigetsu and Jugo are overwhelmed at that news since they were never told by Madara or Zetsu.

Jugo returns to normal. “You defeat Danzo.”

“Yes, Ask Madara, I had to sacrifice Karin but she was too weak anyway. We can still use you to finish Konoha with us.”

Shigetsu yells out “Jugo you are a fool, listening to that betrayer. He killed Karin just to get his revenge.”

“So you’re not with us anymore? “ Madara asks Shigetsu.

“HELL NO, if you’re going to kill me then do it but it will be a fight on your hands if you try. I will not be teammates or allies with someone that was willing to let me rot in prison.”

“Have it your way then. “ Madara walks over to Shigetsu who swings his sword but the sword just passes through Madara.

“You really think that would stop me.” Madara stops right in front of Shigetsu. “Now say goodbye.” Madara activates his teleportation jutsu.

NNOOOOO!!!!! Shigetsu disappears into a swirling vortex that leads into Madara’s eye.

“I told him to be quiet but I guess he was hard of hearing, had to learn the hard way. So now can we talk about reforming a new team?”

Sasuke feeling at ease for the moment looks at Naruto who nods yes then looks at Madara.

“Ok if it helps me destroy Konoha I will do this once more. So what shall ye call this new team?

“Akatsuki of course, why change a good thing because the original members are died. “Madara gladly says

“Ok but I have let you know that this is a cooperative team, no leaders. Everyone is their on person.”

Madara looks at Sasuke and Naruto then decides to let it be that way for now. “So be it. But we have to do something else before we finally attack Konoha.

Sakura asks. “What is that?”

“We will go after the 8 Tailed Beast. Bring him back, the real one this time.”

“What? You want to go to Kumogakure and try and recapture the 8 tails?” Sasuke asks

Yes, since you failed me the first time. I put plans in place so this time we will capture him. Then once that’s done Konoha will be next.

Sakura looks on with a strong sense of doubt. She can’t believe things are going this way and Naruto is letting it happen. She is starting to doubt Naruto. Thinks he may have gone too far in or he really turned against the village. Letting them talk this way and not even an objection was not the Naruto she knew. Little did she know Naruto was so heart broken that his old friend was acting this way. He is fighting so much now not to destroy Madara as he knows we will fail and he will need help in doing so.

Naruto swallows his Adams’ apple and thinks to himself “Ok now this was not in my plans.”

“Soon we will have it. Get soon rest. We will head after the 8 tails pretty soon, Zetsu you know what to do. “

Gotcha. I go check on out “spy”. Be back with some news.” Zetsu says as it slides into the floor and disappears

Madara thinks to himself “Naruto, time to see if your loyalties are with Sasuke or the Leaf. This mission will tell the tale.”

“Sasuke, my boy I need to speak to you later,” Then Madara speaks to Naruto and Sakura. “We need to get you two some robes.”


Shizune is in the head medical tent of the med tents trying to think of what to do about Tsunade’s coma. Earlier she just gave Shikaku permission to see her. Suddenly a lot of loud shouting starts coming from the medical tents. Shizune runs back to Lady Tsunade’s tent with Tom Tom right behind her.

“What’s going on here?” Shizune yell out

A medical nin runs out of Tsunade’s tent. “Lord Shikaku was in there just telling a then unconscious Lady Tsunade of the things going on and I think something he said must have struck something inside cause she just suddenly woke up and started throwing a tamp tom.

“Lady Tsunade’s awake!?” A bright eyed Shizune asks with a smile on her face until she hears….

“WHERE IS HE? WHERE IS DANZO? I WANT HIS HEAD ON A PLATE? THAT SNAKE IN THE GRASS.” Tsunade shouts out as she is up on her feet ready to fight.

Shikaku runs out and meet Shizune

“Shikaku , What happened?”

Hell, I know I didn’t say much. Only that Danzo had taken over as Hokage and headed to the Summit. She didn’t even let me get past that and she woke up ready to fight Danzo. And I thought my wife was scary”

Great. Now I gotta deal with an already half crazed super-woman, now she’s out of her mind.”


Shizune looks at Shikaku. “Good luck” Shikaku says

“Yeah I will need it. Lets go Tom Tom. Lets go calm her down.”


Tsunade finally awake. How will Shizune clam down the out of her mind Hokage. Now that we finally have the team finalized the new Akatsuki first mission is to try to recapture K.Bee. Will this be the end of Naruto’s plans to save Sasuke with this unfortunate turn of events. Also with the Sand and Konoha heading to Kumo as well how will it all turn out. All I can say is stay tune. End of Chapter 12, Until next time folks

Gedo Mazo + 9 Biju = Juubi

Hey Folks, I was on Naruto Wiki and I was looking at Ten Tails discussions and something really caught my attention. Someone said it was strange how the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path or for does that love the japanese name Gedō Mazō’s shape resembles Juubi. I don’t know or remember if this was done before but hey what the hell. Now this had me investigate and check something so I went back to Nagato’s flashback in Chapter 447 when he summoned the beast not the statue. I really sat down and weight this theory and it is highly likely this theory can be true. Yeah I may get some negative feedback but this holds some merit.




1: Because Juubi is seen in a shadow silhouette we do not know the actual figure of the beast except its tails resemble Kyubi’s. Both GM and Kyubi’s upper bodies and arms resemble Juubi’s . Many think Kyubi’s body is the main body type for Juubi but you have to remember Kyubi is a physical manifestation of Juubi’s split chakra not its actual body. It’s actual body is not on the Earth , or is it? Keep reading.

2: When you look at Gedō Mazō he has ten stubs on his back and shoulders were the tails could have been but removed when SotSP split the beast. (You have to look at page 8 and page 10 of chapter 447 to get a good count). But the stubs may not mean tails. If look back at the pic of Juubi in Chapter 467 (How ironic 20 chapter after 447..20 divided by 2 equals 10…yeah yeah bad joke..lol) and you will notices spike like figures behind the body but in front of the tails of Juubi in what seems to be the same places the stub are on GM. Look as close as you can and you will see the spikes like figures. The spike theory is more plausible but do not rule out the tails.

3: Now though when we see the statue it has 9 indivdual eyes but the actual beast Nagato summons has its eye or eyes covered suggesting to me that SotSP when he split Juubi of course its eyes were transferred to his Uchiha son leaving a blinded beast explaining the covered eye. It can also be implied that because the 9 eyes on the statue are on the outside of the actual covered eye or eyes of GM then it can be said (But is true) that the 9 eyes are only there to tell the number of beast within the statue. Once all beast are collected the statue could come alive again shed the cover and 9 eyes to reveal the original eye of sorts since the Dojutsus are still with their clan members except Nagato’s Rinningan which Konoha and Konan who have each of Pain and Nagato’s bodies. However we do know at less one of the dojutsus is comformed to be part of the Juubi. The “All Powerful” Sharingan.


4: Yeah Juubi’s body is in the moon but it is weak and all it chakra is missing so a Rinningan user probably could summon the beast without worry of it attacking. I know that it was said that it’s body became the moon by Madara but remember Nagato said that the SotSP using a jutsu similar to Chibaku Tensei was used to create the moon suggesting that its body is somewhere within the moon, most likely the core of it. Give its appearance, Gedō Mazō a good chance to be the beast summoned back by a Rinningan user. Also remember people were wondering the sheer size of the Juubi compare to the moon’s size. The picture the link above leads to shows the sheer size of GM in statue mode (that’s is only its upper body mind you)and if GM is Juubi depowered then Juubi is a big son of a bitch. Much bigger than Kyubi.

Now think about this. Why not use the one thing that was originally the beast body and use it chakra absorbing abilities (which we seen from the GM statue and the GM beast itself) to suck out the beast chakra and soul from the jinchūriki and put it back into its own body? Last but not less because Juubi has no powers left it would explain why GM as an old, wrinkly, decrypted look to it and the reason it can only absorb chakra it because it wants it chakra back and it need to suck its chakra back into itself.

Before I go I checked and compared the Juubi’s raw picture on Naruto Wiki Ten Tailed page, the One Manga scanalation version and Stoptazmo scanalation version and it shows someone tampered with both the scanalation versions that hides the spikes. For what reason I do not know. So if you looking and really can’t see the spike lines is because you maybe looking at translation scaned version. One Manga looks like lower scan quality compare to Stoptazmo but Stoptazmo changed the shade of the beast. Both hide the spike like figure lines.




The Raw version of course is the true version. If you are non believers. Check Shonen Jump May 2010 Volume 8 issue 5 page 221 or US Volume 50, Chapter (of course) 467. The lower link is the same picture used by Viz if you need a up close look. Once you see, you will see this theory is sound.

Something I wanted to put out there.

Sorry guys i couldn’t add the pictures myself to help explain better. So I hope the links will work for you guys. sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks 500, A few questions answered with more in mind

First off I want to say Chapter 500 was the one if not the most informative and important chapter in the history of the Naruto manga up to date. Yes other past events were important, the Uchiha massacre, Pains past, Kakashi’s, Etc but nothing as important as what actually happened that day the Fox attacked. Sorry no pictures.

Naruto’s connection to the Sage of the Six Paths.

There were many theories out there since Chapter 462 when Madara gave us a hint to Naruto being connected by blood wise to the 1st Hokage and the Senju and Uchiha ancestors. The best theory was him being Tsunade’s grandson. However that was debunked because of the time different in age between her and Minato. But we got several connections in this chapter. One, the Uzumaki clan are distant blood relatives to the Senju clan. Now though it was not really said I think we all know that the blood connection was that of the Senju Ancestor, the good natured “Son” of the SotSP (I put it in quotation mark because it was never said the he was the Sage’s son. It said it was two young men whoever it was said they were born with the abilities, but that’s another theory for another time. Let us get back to the reason I am writing this.) Which explains Naruto’s seal transformation that resembled the SotSP shadowy silhouette as the Sage’s body and life force energies are past down from the Senju ancestor to his descendants.

So now it is seen that Naruto is related to many of the other characters in the manga, The Uchihas of course, the Hyuga clan (if they are true descendants to the other “Son”), and of course the three other Hokages, just to name a few. Speaking of which, I will go off course for a second. Tsunade is related to Naruto not just by blood but by name in a way. Tsunade is also an Uzumaki by blood as well as a Senji as her Grandma was Mito Uzumaki, the wife of her Grandpa, the 1st Hokage, was a descendant to the Uzumaki clan and Eddy village. That was an indirect surprise. Now it would explain why she is so attached to Naruto and why in some ways he resembles her little brother, it must be in the genes of the Uzumaki clan, remember Kushina said Naruto has her face….LOL.  So Naruto and Tsunade are blood related not just though their connection the Uzumakis and Senjus have being distant blood related but because both are Uzumakis and their blood relation is much closer than the former. So say what if she finds out how she feel, well me I think she knew all along but like everyone else keep it a secret plus Kishi did have the story to this point yet but i think she knows.

Now it was not said at all how Kushina and Mito are closely related except by name but come on it is not like Uzumaki is like a common last name in the Naruto universe like Smith, Johnson, or Robinson… So they are closely blood related just do not know how closely. Could be like the Uchiha, though all were blood related many if not all married or conceived kids with other Uchihas to keep the blood pure and the try to keep the Sharingan in the clan, same with the Hyugas, however we seen how that turned out (Kakashi, Danzo and Ao,). I can see there will be something come out in the fandom saying that Mito is Naruto’s Great Grandmother making the 1st his Great Grandfather. So before we get out of hand here Kushina did not say if she was her grandmother only that she was from the Uzumaki clan.

So this explain many was that Naruto is related to the Senju Ancestor which connects him the Sage of the Six Path.

Also Naruto must have been influenced by the fox’s in the womb as he was born with the whisker makes on his cheek already. Also his normal chakra being so enormous  must be because of the special chakra Kushina had.

The Power of Love

One quick theory and I just want you to follow along, I do not really understand it myself but had to say it. Kushina said that to control the fox or housed by the host one must be filled with love. Well I know she didn’t say the control part but well let me explain that. Whenever someone Naruto cares for which is very close to love in Naruto sense, get hurt by a foe he could release and control the fox to some degree, Sasuke near death by Haku, His fight with Sasuke, and The retrieval of Gaara. But of course when he is overly wilding out with rage it mixes with his caring emotions and things can go a little wrong as with his fight with Orochimaru over Sasuke and his battle with Pain when the young lady that just confessed her love to him was struck down by Pain. Now when he was about to be taken over by the fox in his mental battle with the fox, just three words from his mother gave him a final peace of mind is longing and deservingly needed. The same three word did come from one other person (Sakura didn’t mean it and he seen right through it, so it doesn’t count.) but begin from his mother Naruto was finally able to feel at peace and gain control of the Fox as we know completely, but who knows for sure. So strong positive emotions lets you gain some control of the fox but if you feel at peace, a fulfilling life or gained true happiness with is basically all the same thing, you can gain control, total control of the fox if I am read into it correctly.

Some Ironic pieces of useless info.

Naming the baby: Sasuke was named after the Third’s own father, how ironic is that. An Uchiha named after the father of one of the 4 people that knew of the truth behind the Uchiha massacre even though he did not agree to it.

Ironic Parents: Naruto and Sasuke’s mother seemly good friends, something else ironic.

A Loving Grandfather figure before the Godfather returned: The Third’s wife, Who I am guessing was killed by Madara, gave birth to Naruto. Making the connection between him and the Third pretty strong. His first father figure in my book.

The Circle: The swirling circle on Naruto and every Jonin battle vest is from the Whirlpool nation. Which as been said to be Naruto’s clan symbol every since Naruto’s earlier days in the manga, A symbol that has shown up many times in other place and plots like when he was learning the Rasengan.  This was also said in the past Naruto has it because of the Four Element seal was also shaped like that but know we know it is shape because it is an Uzumaki clan jutsu making it a Whirlpool exclusive at the time.

Now to my very last thing, My theory about SotSP and his “Sons”

The Sage of the Six Paths Plan

Ok this is something I that has been on my mind for a minute ever since the Madara revealed the SotSP past but had to wait until Naruto’s connection to the Sage was revealed. I think after the SotSP knew that no one can really hope to hold 10 tails, Juubi after his passing.  He had to make it so that no one person could use it’s powers for anything, be it good or evil, the power would be to great for one person and would release Juubi on a world that could not defend against it’s power. So as we know the true if Madara is right parts of this plan was…

1. Spliting the beast’s chakra from its body. Which of course was so strong it manifested itself in to the 9 tailed beasts.

2. He needed to place the indestructible body in a place no one could ever get to. So the SotSP using his version of Chibaku Tensei to create the moon around the Juubi’s body and place it in orbit.

3. Split his own power and fused them into two young brother which we consider are his sons. Senju and Uchiha (I am giving them does names for this theory just for now.) giving Senju his body and Uchiha his eyes.

(Quick note: Now though it is another theory for another time, the eye the Juubi may not be a Rinnengan with tomoe like many of us thinks. It could be a giant Sharingan as also seen when Madara was talking about the M.E.P and we seen the moon engulfed in the giant Sharingan eye which looks very much like Juubi’s eye. Meaning when SotSP gave the powers to the brothers not only did he give his Rinnengan up but transferred the Sharingan to the elder brother which could explain why the Sharingan is the only Dojutsu that can control a tailed beast, or He past his Rinnengan to someone else which explains why it was not seen until Nagato awakened it. But like I said that is for another theory. Just had to say something before I go on with the post. )

I think it was the SotSP intentions to have the descendants of Senju to capture and hold the beasts within their bodies and Uchiha and his descendants to help control the beast creating a new and easier was to control the monsters for generations until something can be done but here is where I think he was thinking he was doing right but by doing so created the hatred that is in the Naruto world today between ninja clans. He want to choose a successor to his I guess empire or something of the sort as he already gave his power to the two brothers however he choose Senju because he like the idea of peace though love not might. This backfired creating a power struggle for generations to come and the tailed beast running around until villages themselves found ways to capture and control the beast without the Eyes of the Sage.

Now if many of you have not noticed or pay much attention to it, all the Jinchuuriki do not have Kekkei Genki especially a Dojutsu Kekkei Genki. For one their bodies could not take it as they are meant to possess really huge amounts of chakra and spiritual energies to support the Kekkei Genki techniques used, so if they were to become a host the beast would completely take over the host as his powers would overwhelm the host and create a new stronger body for the already super strong beast releasing a terror not seen since Nine tails release 16 year ago in the manga or even when Juubi roamed the world.

The reason the Senju body can’t use Kekkei Genki techniques because even though many have large chakra with in their bodies. They are using their life force as a source of chakra and are meant to hold tailed beasts. If using a Kekkei Genki without a special gift, means, device to control the constant chakra flow needed to maintain it and because Senju  descendants chakra derives from their own life force instead of spiritual like Uchihas they would get weak extremely fast or die from the over use as seen in Kakashi’s case, most likely a Senju descendant who has been gifted with an Uchiha Kekkei Genki. Because he has no Uchiha blood after the descendent was given the Sage’s Eyes he can not completely control the eyes, which is why it is always active and uses his headband to control its constant use. He does have a lot of control over the eye but you get what I mean.

So in short the body holds the beast the eyes control it

Those are some of my theories and analysis of the recent and outstanding events that took place in Chapter 500 which even though is not uncommon in mangas is a millstone, Congratulations Kishi, Can’t wait to see what he beings in the future now.