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Fairy Tail 248 – The end of grimoire heart

Read it here

Mashima really fucked up this fight to me, Hades was the strongest enemy we’ve seen so far and he was beaten in such a lame way.

Anyway, enough ranting. Happy and Charle have succeeded in destroying “the thing” it turned out to be a heart that gave Hades his power. Natsu pounds Hades for a while and the others are looking at the huge tree. Wait… tree? Ultear has used her arc of time to restore it and the fairies get their magic back. Meredy can be seen behind Ultear, I wonder how she will react to the truth and what she will do to Ultear.


Everything look over for Hades now, he tries one last thing but Laxus helps out fairy tail once again and with an awesome combination attack they take care of Hades. It was nice to see Wendy use some offensive dragon slayer magic other than her roar even though it stolen from Natsu. Talking about Natsu, he gained a powerful new move where he gets the lightning dragon powers back I wonder how this works but I bet someone will explain it next chapter or when he uses it for a second time or in a flashback. One thing I don’t fully understand is when he used revision he said wave dragon.


That’s it for this week, just before I hop off I leave you with one of my theory’s:

I made a new theory about how things will go in the future, Zeref said if an age changes he might reawaken. I think the new age will be when the Balam alliance falls. Zeref will take it over and rule the underworld. How raven tail will act I have several theories, one is raven tail siding with Zeref and the other is Ivan having a good talk to Makarov and join forces against Zeref, but as of now, anything would be possible.

Fairy Tail chapter 246+247 – Warming up over

First of all sorry for last week, i had some other things to do and it seems no one was albe to take over. so this week is a double review.

chapter 246

chapter 247

let’s start at chapter 246:

Like most of us suspected, Natsu became awesome. His power exceeds the regular dragon force mode now. it happened like all of us suspected, Natsu beating the crap out of Hades. however i’m glad Mashima didn’t finish him off already, if he did i would seriously quit reading.

After the powerful torrent of attacks Hades stands up and takes his eye patch off, claiming playtime is over. Natsu and the others are drained of magic power, do they stand a chance?

Chapter 247

This starts with the kitties, Lily steals a sword that can change size like his original one. Lily holds the guards back as Happy and Charle try to find a way to stop “it”. what is it? a grimoire heart was mentioned but the idea was dismissed.

Hades claims Zeref will awaken tonight. this makes me think that i’ve figured the rest of the arc out. Zeref will awaken and possibly kill hades or at least go with him. leaving fairy tail to die. anyway, back on to the review. Hades shows his power by creating demons form the rubble. Only the pressure of them being there is enough to cause fear in the hearts of our hero’s. Natsu remembers gildarts’ lesson, fear isn’t evil, it only allows us to see our weaknesses. Natsu gives them a morale boost and they charge head on. the deoms attack them but by supporting eachother Natsu manages to come close to Hades. Hades says it’s time for the sun to sink, which probably means it’s time for Zeref to awaken.

On the last page the ship gets blown up, this can mean 3 things, the 3 kitties have succeded their mission, Hades’ last attack was so strong he blew up the ship also, Zeref blew it up (most likely, less likely, unlikely)

Fairy Tail Chapter 245 – Laxus vs Hades

Ok first of all I’m sorry for the late post, don’t like it? Sue me!

Read it here

I got mixed feelings of this chapter. And there’s not much to say about it to be honest.

The reason I got mixed feelings from it because the all mighty Hades got his ass kicked in the start of the chapter and Laxus gave up after being hit by only one attack! I think Mashima is trying to rush the plot a bit too much here. Well the Lightning Flame dragon sounds good, I’m getting more and more annoyed by fairy tail in the final battles, Natsu always gets owned easily and when he almost gets killed he gets help by someone and turns into a super dragon.

I don’t know what else to say so i guess i’ll leave it up to you all

Fairy Tail chapter 244 – He’s here!

read it here

Wendy is safe, it wasn’t Gildarts or some other badass character, it was Horlogium!

This was an interesting chapter Hades told the little fairies that he once was the master of fairy tail and claimes Makarov ruined it. This makes me wonder if Fairy Tail was a dark guild before or just a more evil guild like Phanthom Lord.

The battle become a one sided beatdown, Hades looks like he’s just playing around and our fairies are having trouble to survive.

Mest has reported to his superior about Zeref and Acnologia, it must be a fearsome magic or to scare away the council like that. My guess is that the council will drop Etherion again, to take down Zeref and Hades.

Now on to the man of the hour, like always a hero arrives late. Just before Hades can give the finishing blow to Natsu, Laxus crashes down! Hades comments that Laxus looks a lot like that brat (Makarov) and lets his guard down for a second. Laxus headbuts Hades into the next chapter.

Fairy Tail chapter 243 – Fairy Tail vs Hades

read it here

There’s not much to say about this chapter. It was awesome to see the fairy’s combination attacks, if it was anyone other then hades i’m sure he would’ve been dead after that unison raid. If anyone forgot Unison Raid is a high level magic attack where similar types of magic combine (Lucy and Juvia have used it to take care of that trinity raven guy/girl? at the tower of paradise)

ok what else is there to say? oh yeah the little kitties (happy charle lilly) are searching for the fuel tank of the ship to blow it up.

When hades finally gets serious he takes down wendy in an instant, the only thing remaining are her clothes. she might be dead or like gildarts did to natsu made into 1000 small wendy’s. anyway i doubt both of them, Hades wouldn’t split his enemies into tiny little pieces and mashima wouldn’t kill wendy like that. the splitting however is a possibility if gildarts appeared and did it to shield wendy for the attack. also unlikely, let’s just wait for next week.

2 more thing that i have noticed:

It seems like Laxus will join the battle if you look at the title of the next chapter (thunder crashes)

What’s with Lucy’s clothes? it looks like that if she moves too much her breast might just pop out. thinking about it, if hades got the same weakness as makarov (perverseness) they might even beat him when that happens

Fairy Tail chapter 242 – End of age?

read it here

First of all i want to say that i agree with SSJ, Mashima puts too much screen time in the lightning so big chance Laxus is near. This chapter we can put into 2 parts. 1 is juvia chasing meredy with zeref and the other is Natsu and co going to kick some ass (or the opposite).

let’s start discussing team natsu first. I think it was a good idea to let fried stay behind for the inscriptions but i think bixlow should be at least on the offensive team. well i understand Mashima he wants the original team come back together + wendy and 2 kitties. However Gray and Erza are injured, Wendy lacks magic power from healing the others and lilly is afraid of lightning. this makes them half as powerfull as they could be. But like Lisanna said when Natsu is close to those he trusts he becomes more powerful so they might just be there for Natsu to power up.

Now to the other part of the chapter. Juvia is still following meredy. Zancrow the fire god slayer takes Zeref from Meredy and blasts her and Juvia away. This is actually saved them since Zeref wakes up again and instantly kills Zancrow. But before he dies Zancrow explains just what kind of sadist Ultear was. Ultear has destroyed Meredy’s village and will restore it with her arc of time if she helps her. However it seems Meredy didn’t know about that. Zeref questions himself why he came to this age, he’s no one’s enemy and no one’s ally however if the ages change he might awaken agian. My guess this age is over after this battle and zeref awakens in the end kicking the asses of all the fairy tail members. Mest the council member or whatever he was called noticed the name of the spell Zeref used to kill Zancrow. He seems familiar with the name i wonder what connection he has to it.

Fairy Tail chapter 241 – Ur’s tears

read it here

First of all i would like to comment that the collor pages were awesome.

This chapter answers most of our questions about Ultears past. Gray compares Ultears magic to Urs this pisses her off even more and she uses an attack that resembles Grays ice geyser however Gray doesn’t die from it and hugs Ultear, seems like juvia got an other rival in love. Both of them roll off the mountain and fall into the ocean.

Now we get to see Ultears version of the past. She was abandonned by her mother and put into a magical research facility. One day she snuck out and found Ur smiling while teaching Gray and Leon. Ultear goes back to the facility to aquire magic power and blows it up afterwards. A while after she meets hades who tells her that there is a way to go back in time to get your own happiness back. She wanted Zeref to complete her arc of time magic and go back ot the past and have a good time with her mother.

This was something i expected ever since they fell into the water. Since Ur’s iced shell melted she was washed away into the ocean. Now she passes her own memories on to Ultear. Ultear had an overwhelming magical energy as baby so Ur had no choice but let a doctor look at her. The doctor told Ur that Ultear died and brought her to the magical research laboratory. Gray finishes the battle with Gungnir and also finishes the story Ur told.


When Ultear was born Ur couldn’t stop crying from happyness which explains her name. Ultear can’t help but cry at the story, she wasn’t the crazy mental bitch we all tought her to be she just wanted to be with her mother. Gray leaves Ultear and prepare sto fight Hades. Ultear tells him it’s impossible for him to beat Hades. Gray comment that it’s true, for himself alone that is. On the last page we see Natsu, Erza and Gray probably all 3 of them have the same idea, beat Hades. Looks like the old gang is back again to  kick some ass.