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Bleach Chapter 422 – The Silent Victory

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Chapter 422 – The Silent Victory. A silent victory indeed; after the events of the past 100 or so chapters, for it to end like this, it just feels… empty. It is certainly a different victory from the one Naruto received after defeating Pein. But I think it is a good sign that Tite acknowledges this too.

Mayuri must have travelled through the Garganta sometime after Ichigo and Unohana, because he is already in the process of moving the Fake Kurakara Town out and the Real Kurakara town back. Unohana was able to successfully save most of the injured soldiers. It wasn’t confirmed if anybody has died yet, but so far we know…

Boring as fuck

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Invisible 2

Noneatencookie here!  Hope you enjoy Chapter Two! ^^



As the sun rose from the east, Sakumo awoke and readied himself and Kakashi.  While he was getting dressed, all he could think about was Itoshii’s inevitable death.  Shaking that thought out of his head, he walked out into the living room, Kakashi waiting on the sofa.  From Sakumo’s view, he looked depressed.

Looking up to his father, Kakashi’s face quickly lit up.  “Hi father!  Are we ready to go?!” he said, voice full of glee.

“Yes, we sure are.  But before we leave, go tell your mother goodbye.  She has always wanted to see you off to the Academy.” Sakumo replied, a little sad about about his wife’s dream dashed.

Kakashi’s smile turned into a frown.  “Okay.”

As he watched Kakashi walk into the master bedroom, Sakumo began to gather his things.  After he dropped Kakashi off at the Academy, he had to report to the Fourth, who said it was urgent.  Kakashi soon walked out rubbing his cheek, obviously getting those “mommy cooties” off his face.

Near the Academy…

Looking both ways before crossing the street, Sakumo and Kakashi quickly jogged to the other side, making it several seconds before a strange vehicle zoomed past.  Safely across, they casually walked into the Academy, looking very proud.  As they entered, a few kunochi teachers giggled and blushed, while the male shinobi grimaced.  Sakumo was use to it.  How did everyone think he swept Itoshii off her feet?

Nudging Kakashi, Sakumo gave the boy a smile.  “Well, do you see anyone you know?” he asked, interested in the amount of friends his son had aquired.

Looking embaressed, Kakashi scanned the room, looking for familiar faces.  “Um… oh!  There’s Rin!  And then Kurenai is over there!  And… Might Guy.” he said, not seeming very enthusiastic at the idea of Guy being in his class.

“Great!  That means you’ll have a lot of fun here.  Now, I have to go see Minato.  Be a good boy and do what your teacher tells you, okay?”

“Yes, sir!” Kakashi replied.

As Sakumo walked out of the Academy doors, he turned and looked at Kakashi.  “My, my… how much he has grown…” he thought as he turned his head back and headed out.

At the Hokage’s Mansion…

There were four sharp raps at the door, which was quickly replied with a “Busy, please ask Joshu for help.”  Giving a slight chuckle, Sakumo said, “It’s Sakumo.”

“Sakumo!  My dear friend!  Please, come in.” the Fourth said, seeming quite embaressed.  As Sakumo walked into the office, it was littered with paperwork.  It was all over the desk and lined the bottom of the desk, probably forgotten papers that were thrown to the side.

Sakumo, after taking a brief survey of the office, asked “Let’s skip the chit-chat.  What was this matter of importance Itoshii told me about?”  Annoyed by the fact he was missing alone time with his dear wife, Sakumo was rushing the meeting.  He quickly started to tap his index finger on the desk, signally the Fourth to be quick.

The Fourth’s tone made a complete 180.  “I’m sorry this couldn’t have come at a better time, but it is of the utmost importance.  It appears we have three Missing-nin traveling to Amegakure.  We need you to catch up with them and capture or assassinate them.  They are members of the Uchiha clan, and if they’re not captured or killed, they will leak the secrets of the Sharingan to other villages.”

This upset Sakumo.  “Why don’t you get Lord Jiraiya to do it?” he asked, growing even more impatient.

“Because Lord Jiraiya is busy writing his books.  We also hand-picked you for your reputation as an equal to the Sannin.  I mean for heaven’s sakes, you have a flee-on-sight after the Second Great Shinobi World War.  You are the only man for the job.  If I could choose anyone else, I would.  But you’re our only hope of catching them.”

Sakumo tilted his head ever so slightly, as to see what he got in return. 

“Oh yeah!  I completely forgot.  You’re reward will be 7,000 ryo and a two week paid vacation.  How does that sound?” the Fourth asked, hoping it pleased his closest friend.

“Fine,” Sakumo said with a grimace.  “just let me be with my wife after this.  I can’t be gone knowing she’s not being cared for.” he said, a tear beginning to run down hsi cheek.

“I swear on my title of Hokage, you will not be disturbed for any reason during your two week vacation.  I will also have a medic-nin stay at her side the entire time you’re gone.” the Fourth said, this time saying it as Minato Namikaze, average Joe, not the Fourth Hokage, guardian of Konohagakure.

Two hours later…

As Sakumo walked out of the large gates protecting Konoha, he made a few quick thoughts.  “Am I doing the right thing?  Should I leave Itoshii while she’s sick?  Should I leave Kakashi to care for his dying mother?”  None of that mattered right now.  He had already stepped foot out of the village.  The barrier had already risen.  Taking a breath, he instantly disappeared into the trees.

Return the Scroll from the Cicada’s Heart (Part 2)

In our previous chapter: We see team Neji heading in the cicada forest, searching for the Bijuu-mesmerise scroll. But unexpectedly they meet up with foes. Neji confronts Deidara who has come to retrieve the scroll on Pain’s orders. Sakura, Sai, Lee confronts Orochimaru and Kabuto in another part of the forest, whose intentions are not yet known. The thrilling adventure continues.


Neji: I should be careful not get too close to those explosives.

Deidara: (Prepares small clay grass hoppers in his hand and throws them to Neji) take this!

Neji jumps up and dodges them. The grass hoppers jump on the ground and go towards Neji.

Deidara: Katsu!

Neji: Hakkeshou kaiten!! (the grass hoppers explode in mid air while touching the chakra vortex)

Neji lands on the ground holding his right arm.

Deidara: It seems you dodged my attack with minimum damage. But still you don’t stand a chance against me. Mhmm.


Easters part of the cicada forest.

Sakura: haaa!! (charges towards Orochimaru with a chakra charged fist and throws a punch towards his face).

Orochimaru: (Dodges it and jumps towards the left)

Sakura hits the tree behind Orochimaru and causes it to crash and fall.

Sai: (Draws a viper in one of his scrolls) Ninpou: Choujuu giga!!

Orochimaru: (Opens his mouth revealing the sword of kusanagi which cuts the vipers into two pieces ).

Sakura: I am not done yet! (punches hard into the ground and cracks it thus disbalancing Orochimaru).

Sai flies towards Orochimaru with his short sword Orochimaru jumps to the nearest tree. Sai jumps to follow him. But Orochimaru elongates his neck to block Sai’s attack with his sword of kusanagi held in his mouth and then thrusts it towards Sai by jumping towards him. Sai jumps back while Sakura comes to the spot and punches Orochimaru in the face. Orochimaru flies and crashes into a tree.

Sakura: So how’s that?

Orochimaru’s body turns black and melts away.

Orochimaru: Se’e Tajashu (snakes appear from behind Sakura and Sai and bind them and raise from the ground).

Sai: ughh!

Sakura: You son of a-

Orochimaru: Hehehehe. Wonderful. I love the way you fight. But I don’t have any more time to waste. (Snakes bind Sai and Sakura harder and harder. Sai and Sakura reaches the verge of unconsciousness. Orochimaru spins and throws them away into the forest with fierce strength). Kabuto, I will head on, come when you’ve finished off these miserable lowlives.

Kabuto: Yes, Orochimaru-sama.

Lee: Do you really have time to look away? (runs towards Kabuto and jumps into a kick. Kabuto makes a dodge and strikes Lee’s thigh with his mystic palm technique)

Lee: (Falls and rolls on the ground. And is unable to stand up properly).

Kabuto: You can’t even stand. I guess fighting is out of the question. Then it’s better that I give you a fitting death. (prepares the mystic palm technique and approaches Lee).

Sai: Ninpou: Choujuu Giga (3 ink lions dash towards Kabuto. Kabuto turns and destroys them with his mystic palm. Sakura jumps in, grabs Lee and jumps out of the spot. Sai uses his disappearance technique and vanishes.)

Kabuto: ( Tch, I can’t believe I let them go. If I follow them now, it will only be a futile waste of time. Leave them for now. In their weakened state they will of little hindrance.)

Kabuto traces the path Orochimaru followed and goes away.


Southern part of the forest.

Deidar: Take this.( Throws clay spiders towards Neji. Neji backs off and exposes his bare palms to the spiders)

Neji: Hakke kuushou!

The spiders are blown back towards Deidara.

Deidara: Good thinking, but I am afraid that using my technique against me won’t be of much help to you coz they don’t explode unless I have used my charka. Mhmm.

Neji: Hakke kuushou! (sends a thrust of air towards Deidara)

Deidara throws a bird towards the Neji, which explodes dissipating the kuushou. Then he takes several spiders and throws them into the ground causing a huge explosion and a smokescreen.

Neji: Its pointless. My eyes can see even in this smoke.( sees the figure of Deidara. The eight trigram seal opens beneath his legs). Hake hasangeki!

A huge thrust of air proceeds towards Deidara and penetrates him. Deidara starts to glow slowly incandescent.

Neji: Shit! It’s a trap.( the Deidara clay doll explodes violently) Neji flies off and breaks into two trees consecutively)

Deidara: (comes above the ground.) Didn’t see that coming did ya? But I have to tell you, you are one smart cookie. If you hadn’t used that defensive technique of yours at the nick of time. You would’ve been a goner. Why don’t you rest a bit, when I get the scroll I’ll fight you again. Mhmm.(creates a huge clay bird and flies away).

To be continued…

Naruto Chapter 511 – R.I.P. Konan and Friends

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hmm, well this week’s chapter was certainly not up to par with action and explosions we’ve been treated to for the last month. It’s clear Kishi is using this chapter as a point to transition to the next segment of the story, ie. Madara’s attack on Naruto and perhaps taking the war to Konoha again. Some might have found the flashback to be a bit boring, but I thought it was heart-warming and brought a fitting end to Jiraiya’s first three pupils.

When I first saw Jiraiya and the kids in those frog costumes, I honestly thought I misclicked somewhere and started reading a different manga. It was seriously one of those “WTF?” moments. I think it was supposed to be pun joke in there somewhere, but that usually doesn’t translate well into another language. The whole flip cards and secret hideout thing is exactly something Jiraiya would come up with, being a hermit and all. You have to give him creds for training and keeping the kids safe for all those years while by himself in a war zone. Overall, I liked the flashback, it was a fitting conclusion and the end where it shows all the flip card covered indicating Nagato, Konan, Yahiko and Jiraiya have all “returned” after accomplishing their missions was a nice touch. We also got some scenes hinting of a prior relationship between Yahiko and Konan, but really no new information about that time in their lives. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’d still like to see more of the missions and battles Nagato and the others fought through in order to gain control of Amegakure; in particular, what Nagato did to Hanzo the Salamander when he tracked him down to avenge Yahiko. Ah well, maybe it’s time to put all this behind us because Madara has already moved on to the next phase of his plan.

So now that Madara has retrieved the Rinnegan from Nagato’s body, I can only assume he has implanted at least one of them to replace the Sharingan he used up when he activated the Izanagi last chapter. The other option I guess is that he implanted the Rinnegans into Sasuke. Yeah, that’s a pretty scary thought, but I think it’s pretty unlikely to have occurred since Madara too all that trouble to get Sasuke trained to use his Mangekyou Sharingans. Madara has even put on a new mask to represent the change in his powers. We’ve seen the combination of Rinnegan ripples and Sharingan tomes on the mask before, a similar pattern was seen on the eye of the Juubi in the few flashback panels we’ve seen so far. Madara’s also brought out that funky shaped fan he has used in the past, particularly during his battle versus Hashirama Senju — so we know he means business this time around. Madara claims that it’s time to capture Naruto, but I have ask why he didn’t bother doing that in the several opportunities he had in the past when Naruto was unguarded and didn’t have his new powers? Maybe Madara has a particular sequence to follow in order to fulfill his goal, but it just seems like he is making this harder than it should be. And by capturing Naruto, does he mean that he is actually doing it himself or is he planning on using Sasuke this time… he did state in the past that Sasuke and Naruto would have a chance to fight each other. Personally, I’d like to see Madara in some serious combat soon, all this phasing in and out is just cheap. After going through all that trouble to get the Rinnegan, let’s hope he puts it to some good use.

Well, I wanted to say more, but honestly there just wasn’t all that much in this chapter to rant about. At least a new arc will be on the way, I’m really excited about seeing how the alliance of villages will hold up against the new Madara and Kabuto’s undead summons, and even Sasuke. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing any of the new arc until at least two weeks from now. Next week, Kishi will be releasing a new one-shot manga in Shonen Jump in place of Naruto. Now, normally I’d be jumping in joy at the thought of a new shonen manga from Kishi…. But alas it’s a baseball manga called ‘Bench’… Here’s a colored spread promoting the manga, it seems a major theme in the manga will be the consumption of baseballs. Maybe they turn into ninjas after they eat baseballs? I dunno, I hope you know what you’re doing Kishi.

Chapter 511 is out!


Some of the greatest ninja ever to exist moves on leaving their destiny to Naruto, entrusting him to bring the peace they spent their lives trying to obtain!

Bleach Chapter 421 – Deicide 23

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I am so dumbfounded by this chapter that I am having a hard time writing this review. Was that really the end of Aizen? Was THAT really the end of one of the best villains in manga history? Coming off of last chapter, I expected 421 to be the introduction to the end of the fight, but not the end all in one fast series of events. I don’t fully know how I feel about this chapter, but I think it is somewhere near “unsatisfied.” However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that, I will explain further.

At least the cover was cool.

At least the cover was cool.

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Revenge of the YellowFlash V

Hey Guys, I won’t be changing much about the “Destruction of the Leaf” arc so my story is going to skip a lot of the story so everything that’s not there is the same as the anime.

Minato stands outside his office days after the Orochimaru’s attack on Konoha, he flashes back to his encounter with Danzo.

Minato has arrived in Danzo’s hideout unknowingly entering his barrier ninjutsu stopping him from being able to sense outside his hideout.

Danzo: Welcome, Yondaime.

Minato: What do you want?

Danzo: I wanted to tell you something very important, but first I want to start by saying, I know you don’t trust me but I truly have Konoha’s best interest at heart.

Minato: Konoha’s interest or yours?

Danzo: I’ve given you lots of reasons not to trust me but if we are going to protect the village we need to work together. There are a lot of things coming against not only our village but the entire shinobi world.

Minato: Cut the crap! What do you know?

Danzo: I know all about the masked guy and the fact that he had something to do with the capture of the Nanabi. Also, his organization he is forming.

Minato: Organization?

Danzo: Yes, and I also know who’s been leaking information about Konoha and the Leaf.

Minato: We both know who’s been leaking the information, it’s you.

Danzo: I had nothing to do with that.

Minato: Then who did?

Danzo: The Council.

Minato: The Council!? You actually want me to believe the Council had anything to do with this?

Danzo: It’s the truth, they of all people don’t believe in the direction you and Hiruzen are taking the village and are trying desperately to overthrow you, that’s why they came to me, they knew I opposed your teachings so they enlisted my help.

Minato: You really thought this through didn’t you, Danzo?

Danzo:…….. I don’t know what you mean.

Minato: Oh no? I know your game, trying to blame the counsel for your wrong doings, it’s kind of pathetic. You are the one leaking information to Orochimaru who is in turn leaking it to the masked shinobi. If not, how do you know all about the attack on the Nanabi, I never mentioned it to anyone besides the Third and some close allies.

Danzo: Maybe you have a spy among you.

Minato: Or maybe you’ve been the one spying or receiving information on your own, or may have even aided them in the attack on Takigakure.

Danzo: Don’t be foolish!

Minato: (Glaring at him angrily) Do you actually think I’m stupid, Danzo? I didn’t become hokage because of my good looks. You think I wouldn’t notice your little barrier technique.

Danzo: So, you knew?

Minato: Yeah, and now I know you really are working against Konoha. The real question is why are you stalling to keep me here?

Danzo: I have no choice! Danzo appears behind Minato forming hand signs, Wind Style: Vacuum Bomb!

The building suddenly explodes, when the smoke clears Minato is standing in front of Danzo.

Minato: On top of betraying your village, you attack the hokage, now I have every reason to kill you!

Minato forms hand signs, and slams his hands together, Secret ninja art: Triangle Seal! A sealing barrier forms around Danzo and starts to shrink almost crushing him. Danzo forms his own hand signs-

Danzo: So you’ve learned Sarutobi’s Triangle sealing technique, but you’re forgetting I’ve battle Sarutobi before so I know all his techniques, Secret Ninja Art: Trigram Sphere Seal Release!

A sphere surrounding Danzo expanding destroying the triangle seal, Danzo dashes at Minato with his wind encased kunai and slashes but Minato blocks with his wind encased kunai. Danzo forms a single hand sign and the barrier launches from the wall hitting Minato stopping him from moving. Danzo ties Iron thread around the barrier that’s hold down Minato, connected to explosive note tags, he activates them causing a huge explosion.

Danzo: You didn’t think I wouldn’t prepare for something like this.

Minato: (Appearing behind Danzo with his Rasengan) Still not enough.

Minato hits Danzo with the Rasengan but Danzo turns to the side allowing it to blow off his arm. Danzo starts flying through the debris from the blast with his arm spilling blood landing on the ground but suddenly everything goes dark and Minato throws kunai using his Flying Thunder God technique, Danzo only seeing a yellowflash is hit multiple times.  Suddenly the darkness fades and Danzo is impaled with dozens of his special kunai knives.

Minato: The Second Hokages Infinite Darkness technique, something else I pick up.

Danzo: (Bleeding from the mouth) I guess being Hokage has its perks, to be able to combine the Nidaime’s Infinite Darkness technique with your Flying Thunder God technique is amazing. If only my body had fully recovered from the operation things would be different.

Danzo falls to his knees and Minato walks up to him with his kunai.

Minato: It’s over.

Just before he is about to finish Danzo off he senses Orochimaru and the massive attack on the village.

Minato: You were just trying to keep me busy why Orochimaru attacked the village! I won’t kill you for now, but you won’t get away!

Minato forms hand signs, Secret Ninja Art: Sealing Trap! Danzo is caught in a seal forming beneath his feet, stopping him from moving.

Minato: (Walking away) Get comfortable, I’ll be back soon.

Minato teleports away.

Danzo: You made a big mistake.

Minato comes out of the flashback when Jiraiya enters his office.

Jiraiya: We’ve looked all over, there is no sign of Danzo.

Minato: And Root?

Jiraiya: Some of them left with Danzo but the others stays loyal to Konoha.

Minato: Keep and eye on them just in case.

Jiraiya: He must have still had a few tricks up his sleeves to break your seal.

Minato: That was a seal I learned from Kushina, she was an expert.

Jiraiya: She was a Uzumaki after all. On the bright side Orochimaru failed, he didn’t get his hands on Sasuke.

Minato: But he succeeded in killing the Third and Konoha took a great blow from his attack and lost good ninja in the process. I sent ninja to the borders just in case of any other attack, the other nations may think we’re vulnerable and may try to take advantage.

Jiraiya: The village is entirely in you hands, Minato, Sarutobi knew you would protect the village if anything happened to him.

Minato: I will protect the people of this village with my life, just like those who came before.

Jiraiya: I found out some info on the ninja who captured the Nanabi, apparently they are from a secret organization called the Akatsuki.

Minato: Akatsuki?

Jiraiya: Yeah, It’s made up of nine S-Ranked ninja from different villages throughout the ninja world and most of them are in the bingo book. Itachi Uchiha is among these ninja and at one time Orochimaru was also a member but it seems that he left Akatsuki after somehow betraying it sometime ago. We may not be the only one after Orochimaru.

Minato: Judging by the roster so far, I’m guessing this Akatsuki are a group of missing-nin, they most likely have betrayed their defective villages somehow like Itachi and Orochimaru betrayed the Leaf.

Jiraiya: I was thinking the same thing.

Minato: Is Madara among these ninja?

Jiraiya: I don’t know, my informant didn’t know too much about their identities, he only recognized Itachi. It’s possible he is working behind the scenes using these ninja so his movements won’t be tracked.

Minato: I agree, right now our main objective is to recover from Orochimaru’s attack, and after we find Orochimaru. He is our main priority for now, since he was a member of Akatsuki he has information on them and Danzo’s whereabouts and may even know what Madara’s after. Also he’s after Sasuke and he killed the Third and for that reason alone I want his head.

When Jiraiya leaves he goes back into his flashback.

After Minato leaves Danzo he appears on top of a building shocked at the state the village is in.

Minato: It looks like everyones been busy since I left, I can sense Orochimaru and the Third fighting. I want to help him but I have to protect the villagers . (Watching dozens of squads entering the village through a huge hole in the wall that surrounds the village) Hold on Sarutobi-sensei. Alright, Flying Thunder God Technique, Level 3!

Minato takes out a scroll and throws it into the air and it starts floating and opens up and sealing marks starts to form on the scroll, Minato forms a single hand sign and countless kunai starts to shoot out of the scroll at the ninja entering the village and in an instant Minato kills them all with his Flying Thunder God technique leaving dozens of ninja dead on the ground.

The Captain of the Anbu Black Ops appear behind him

Anbu: Thank God your alright Sir. There are enemy ninja everywhere, we’ve managed to take down two of these snakes but they aren’t easy to stop.

Minato: Alert the others to launch a full-scale attack against the enemy once the villagers are in a safe place and take the wounded to the Leaf Hospital, I sense no threats in that area. I’ll take care of the snakes.

Anbu: Right! (The Anbu ninja disperses)

Minato summons a giant Toad and heads straight for the giant snakes.

At Orochimaru’s hideout outside of Minato’s flashback he screams in pain from his injured arms.

Orochimaru: DAMN YOU SARUTOBI!!!!!!

Kabuto: Orochimaru-sama, calm down!

Orochimaru: Shut up you fool or I’ll kill you, why isn’t your medical ninjutsu working?

Kabuto: That technique the Third used was too strong, it’s going to take extraordinary power to heal them.

Orochimaru: There’s only one person who I can think of who can rid me of this pain.

Kabuto: Who’s that?

Orochimaru: The last of the Sannin.

Back to Minato’s flashback Sarutobi is trying desperately to seal away Orochimaru in the Dead Demon Seal and after defeating the giant snakes Minato appears outside the barrier next to Anbu.

Anbu: Yondaime Hokage, thank God!

Minato: So the Sandaime is inside this barrier with Orochimaru?

Anbu2: Yeah, we lost sight of them a while ago, they are somewhere in those trees.

Minato: This looks like the First Hokages Mokuton no jutsu!

Anbu Captain: It is, Orochimaru used the Second Hokages Edo Tensei technique summoning the First and the Second!

Minato: What a cruel thing to do, knowing how the Third feels about it former teachers.

Anbu Captain: We’ve tried everything but we can’t break through this barrier.

Minato: Normal techniques won’t work but ever since I’ve come across someone with a stronger space/time technique than mine (Thinking of Tobi), I’ve trained to improve my Space/Time Ninjutsu,  I haven’t fully mastered it but this is the only way I can think of to get inside the barrier. (Thinking: I sense a familiar chakra, could it be that the Third is using that technique!)

Minato forms hand signs but before he is finished the barrier suddenly breaks down and the Sound ninja are escaping with Orochimaru leaving the third lying on the ground. The Anbu goes after them but they disappear in a puff of smoke. Minato comes to the Thirds aid!

Minato: (Bending down over the Third holding his head saying with great anger but quietly) Orochimaru!

Sarutobi: Mi..na..to.

Minato: Hold on Sandaime, the medical ninja are on the way.

Sarutobi: I’m….glad…. I named you….my successor. It’s up to you now to protect the village and to instill the Will of Fire into the next generation.

Minato:Your not going to die.

Sarutobi: I know the state that my bodies in, it ends here for me but my “Will” will live on through you and everyone else in this village, don’t be afraid to lead them.

Minato: I will.

Sarutobi closes his eyes and dies.

Minato slowly lies Sarutobi’s head on the ground and stands to his feet looking down as the wind blows leaves around him and the Third.

Minato: Sandaime, you did well.

Far away in another secret hideout, Danzo sits badly injured with his body wrapped in bandages, when Tobi appears in a swirl.

Tobi: Well, hello Danzo.

In an instant Root ninja impale Tobi with their swords but they go right through him.

Tobi: I’m not here to fight.

Danzo: Then what do you want?

Tobi: To join forces, we could do a lot of great things together.

Danzo: I want to help this world not destroy it.

Tobi: Trust me no matter what you may think, I want peace for this world as well. With my help you and I could be the bringers of this peace.

Danzo: Why would I trust someone like you? The same person who attacked my village.

Tobi: Your village wants nothing to do with you. It’s time you look at the bigger picture, Konoha is not the only country looking for their own sense of peace, the entire ninja world is but neither one of them will allow the other to gain this peace because their peace is someone else’s tragedy. If we combine our organizations together, the other nations won’t be able to stop of, together we could bring order to this world and everyone will look to us as its saviors.

Danzo: Interesting to say the least, okay, I accept your offer but I take orders from no one.

Tobi: Fine, but if you betray Akatsuki I will kill you.

Danzo: Hmph, Deal.

Tobi: Now, let me fill you in on my plan.

Back in Minato’s office Shikaku Nara the Captain of the Leaf’s Jonin enters reporting Kakashi’s recovery from Itachi’s and Kisame’s attack.

Shikaku: Looks like Kakashi is going to be out of commission for about a week.

Minato: Itachi’s eye techniques have become strong.

Shikaku: The village is a mess, I’m not sure we’d be ready if there is another attack, this isn’t the right time for one of our top ninja to be on bed rest.

Minato: I agree, we have lots of great ninja who are still injured from Orochimaru’s attack and there is no one here skilled enough to help them recover fast enough. At this rate some of them won’t make it, that’s why I’ve sent Jiraiya along with Naruto to find and bring back the last member of the Sannin, Tsunade.

Shikaku: Tsunade?

Far away inside the Tea country Jiraiya and Naruto are searching for Tsunade.

Jiraiya: I agreed to bring you with me but could you at least walk up.

Naruto: I would if you would hold your own bag, this thing wears a ton!

Jiraiya: You whine too much, how are you going to become this strong Hokage if you can hold a couple of bags, just think of it as training.

Naruto: Fine, I’ll hold you stupid bag but you could at least teach me a technique, we aren’t exactly doing anything else.

Kabuto: Lets see about that.

Orochimaru and Kabuto burst through a stone wall on top of a snake.

Orochimaru: Long time no see Jiraiya.

Jiraiya: Orochimaru?

Orochimaru: I knew it wouldn’t be long before I saw that ugly mug of yours, ever since I killed the Third.

Jiraiya: You’ve fallen, Orochimaru.

Orochimaru: You sound like Sarutobi just before I killed him.

Jiraiya: I should kill you wear you stand.

Orochimaru: You wouldn’t dare, the moment you attack, I’ll just have Kabuto kill that little brat over there.

Jiraiya: I’m not worried about Naruto, he can take care of himself.

Jiraiya forms hand signs, Ninja art: Lion Mane, Jiraiya’s hair shoots towards the giant snake destroying it with his hair needles. Orochimaru jumps in the air and forms hand signs, Fire style: Dragon Flame Bomb.

Jiraiya: I thought the Third sealed away his arms enabling him from using jutsu.

Jiraiya jumps out-of-the-way dodging the fire attack but Orochimaru flies at him with his Kusunagi sword in his mouth trying to stab him. Jiraiya grabs him by the neck and slams him into the ground creating a crater and activates a Rasengan slamming it into his chest. Kabuto dashes at Jiraiya from behind but Naruto appears and punches him in the face.

Naruto: Don’t forget about me.

Kabuto: You little brat, I guess I’ll get rid of you first.

Kabuto dashes at Naruto but Jiraiya appears in front of him forming hand signs Earth Style: Toad Mouth trap!, but before the technique full activates, Orochimaru’s body turns into mud revealing him to be an Earth Clone. The real Orochimaru bursts from the ground wrapping his tongue around Jiraiya’s neck slamming him into the ground, also revealing himself to being a clone, Jiraiya’s body explodes into toad oil covering Orochimaru while the real Jiraiya appears behind him, Fire Style: Toad Flame Bomb set Orochimaru on fire. Orochimaru falls to the ground putting out the flames, now covered in burns in shock he stands looking at Jiraiya but Jiraiya activates another Rasengan and uses the bodyflicker technique smashing it into Orochimaru sending him flying into a giant bolder.

Orochimaru: (Appearing from the debris laughing with burns, bruises, and blood spewing from his chest and mouth) Still as strong as ever, it looks like I need some healing.

Suddenly Tsunade appears along with her apprentice Shizune in a puff of smoke.

Jiraiya: Tsunade?

Tsunade: Hello Jiraiya, it’s been a while.

Tsunade walks over to Orochimaru and starts to heal him.

Jiraiya: What are you doing?

Tsunade: What does it look like? Healing an old friend.

Jiraiya: You’ve joined Orochimaru?

Tsunade: Lets just say we’ve come to an understanding.

Jiraiya: You fool, he killed the Third!

Tsunade: ( Looking down sadly) I will miss him dearly but there is nothing I can do about that now.

Jiraiya: Both of you disgust me, you turn on you comrades after everything we’ve been through together as Sannin…… I guess I’ll have to kill you both.

Jiraiya claps his hand together, Secret Art: Sage Mode!

Tsunade: Aw, no you don’t!

Tsunade dashes at Jiraiya and jumps into the air and smashes her leg down at Jiraiya causes in a huge crater into the ground.

Jiraiya: Her superhuman strength haven’t changed a bit.

Continuing her assault she punches at Jiraiya destroying the entire landscape. As Jiraiya jumps into the air to dodge Tsunade, Orochimaru appears with his Kusunagi sword stabbing him in the shoulder. Jiraiya falls back holding his bleeding shoulder as they both glare at him.

Jiraiya: Fighting one Sannin is enough but two!

Naruto: Pervy Sage!

Jiraiya: Stay back Naruto, this is too much for you!

Naruto: You can beat them both plus there are two more!

Jiraiya: (Thinking: I have to escape for now with Naruto!)

Jiraiya forms hand signs, Earth Style: Dark Swamp!

He grabs Naruto and jumps inside which transports them away.

Orochimaru: Looks like he escaped for now, but no matter there’s something else I need.

Tsunade looks down sadly.

Miles away Jiraiya and Naruto appear

Naruto: What do we do now?

Jiraiya: We head back, now that Tsunade is on Orochimaru’s side things are even more dangerous for Konoha.

Far away in Iwagakure, A tall man in armor walks in a field alone with his head hung lower making his hat cover his face, he lifts his head coming face to face with Konan and Kisame.

Kisame: (Laughing) I’ll take this one, are you ready, Samehada?

Sameahada starts to move while still wrapped in bandages.

Konan: We fight as a team.

Kisame: Kinda weird having us team up.

Konan: No matter it can’t be helped, it’s the will of God.