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Shannaro Awards are special badges given to Shannarolites who display acts of self-sacrifice and leadership in the community— Nah, I’m just kidding. Shananro Awards are pretty random awards given to users for quirky achievements and sometimes just plain randomness; multiple people can receive the same award. These awards are given randomly so don’t ask us why or why you should be on here.

its-not-a-novelThe “It’s Not a Novel” Award: (Longest Comments)



strange-tastesThe “Strange Tastes” Award: (Weirdest Avatars)


strange-tastes The “Old Geezer” Award: (Most Senior and Active Member Next to Bob)


strange-tastes The “I’m Outta Here” Award: (Quickest Author to Retire)


strange-tastes The “Fanfic Guru” Award: (Most Prolific Fanfic Writer)

Yellowuchiha, Yellowflash2, ZepxWolfe

strange-tastes The “Debator” Award: (Always Up for a Good Argument)

mart1, JPUA – or whatever he calls himself these days 😉

strange-tastes The “Dr. Naruto” Award: (Most Knowledgeable about the Naruverse)

Silver_Uchiha, Guruku


28 Responses

  1. Lol at the awards


  3. ptc got the ”im outa here award”..i got the ”fanfic guru” great

  4. ahh man, y do i have to have an award that looks like McCain, i really hate him cus he was a deusche (did i spell that right?) during the election season. and it’s not so much i like argueing, i’m just very defensive of my opinions. mart on the other hand really does deserve the award, he’ll continue arguing even after he’s been proven wrong, kinda like my dad

  5. @JPUA: I was going to agree with you about hating McCain and point out he is choking, but after reading your comment I’m wondering if Bob will give you the Kanye West Award.

    @Bob: What do you say?

  6. @ mart, what’s the Kanye West award for?

  7. For being like this at award pages:

  8. Wow I didn’t know the entire video would pop up, that’s unexpected…

  9. Hey I didn’t even realize WP allowed u to embed vids in comments 😯

  10. guess you learn new things everyday

  11. @ mart, what he did was interupt some1 getting a prestigous award saying she didn’t deserve it, what i did was point out that i don’t intend on acting like what u awarded me for then made a joke (that’s what it was, a joke) about how u deserved what u got cuz that makes up 95% of what u do (either w/ me or w/ kisu, it’s almost like a 3-way rivalry). but i guess i should apologize, i should’ve learned by now u have no sense of humor and should stop making jokes about u, especially since you’re nowhere near as bad as my dad (in either the always arguing for the sake of arguement or the can’t take a joke, honestly u really aren’t as bad as my dad is, but it still get’s on my nerves at times)
    PS, i think that Kenye West’s a deusche too (but i forgot his name until u gave me the video, i don’t really pay much atention too celebrities)

  12. No matter what I do I am always dead last with nothing to amount to >_<

  13. i was only trying something different ….instead of the usual naruto or bleach or whatever avas i just go with something else…

    not that i’m complaining :D!!
    thanks CM!!!

  14. sigh, still waiting for my award if i ever get one

  15. aww…You will soon Profess! Write some fics, be fluent, help people out! BE outgoing, abbrasive! You’ll do great and you’ll amount to something sooN! i believe in you!

  16. you know there should be an award for the person who spends the most time on the chatroll which would probably be mart and NTG. Also there could be an award for the person who has the craziest theoris. “THE PARANOID AWARD” awarded to the member with the craziest conspiracy theories which would be bob, me, mart, and JPUA came up with a few good one’s too. Anyways that’s it.

  17. some suggestions:

    A sir change a lot award for the person who changes his/her avatar/name the most

    The cna’t wirte award for the guy/gall who has the most spelling errors in his/her blog (and yes i wrote the name wrong on purpose) ps. this wold be a good one for WFK if he’s still alive.

  18. i spend a lot of time on chatroll but nobody is ever on so i go to other chats

  19. ylnow i have that same problem.

  20. From the “Old Geezer Award”-

    “Most Active Member Next to Bob”

    😉 Things like that are not appropriate on this site so pretend I didn’t point it out 😀

  21. that would be cool suna but no o ne really gets on anymore…..its sad.i havent talked to anyone on sharnno in awile.


  23. Hm, this hasn’t been updated yet

  24. ptc’s award should be taken down.

  25. Hm… I used to have a couple of badges. I guess that went away. Too bad, they were fun (jutsu level posts and such).

    – pcgnome out

  26. SOMEONE START POSTING MORE AWARDS DAMMIT! I WANT TO GET UP THERE! Second time i write this and its like right after PCgnome too. wierd.

  27. ‘ZepxWolfe’ really?! I’m gone for a year and people forget how to spell my name. (smh)

  28. You know, I’m still kind of bummed I never got onto the Fanfic Guru Award.

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