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Naruto Chapter 512 – Naruto Clone Wars

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

So how may of you checked out Kishi’s baseball one-shot manga last week? Well I didn’t and I’m not sure what Kishi was going with that idea; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and I think Naruto still has a ways to go. However, another way to look at this is that Kishi is hinting that he might be starting a new series down the line, meaning Naruto might end sooner than we expected. With Madara revealing a major part of his battle plans in this chapter, it feels like we’re getting closer and closer to the final showdown between good and evil. And with the revelation of just what kind of power Madara can unleash onto the Naruto world, it feels like he is going to be the be-all end-all of villains for this series. It’d be hard to imagine any baddies coming afterwards to top him in terms of epicness, but then again Dragonball Z proved there is always someone more powerful down the road. But enough of my ramblings about the possible end of our beloved series, on to this week’s chapter.

Personally, I found this chapter interesting and enjoyable, but also confusing at the same time. I like how Kishi is pursuing the cloning and genetics stuff with the revelation of Madara’s clone of the First Hokage as well as the 100,000 Zetsu army. When I first saw the panel where Madara said it was Senju Hashirama, I literally paused for two minutes and tried to think back to any hints or possibilities suggesting that the First was actually defeated at the Valley of the End. Then, I scrolled down to the next panel and realized I just wasted my time, lol. Still, it’s a pretty impress feat for Madara to accomplish, it makes you wonder what his true objective was in that historical showdown — and did Senju Hashirama win or did Madara let him win? Madara mentioned before that he possesses the powers of the Uchiha and the Senju within himself, now it’s pretty clear how he managed to obtain the Senju part. Danzo and Orochimaru both had the same idea by experimenting with grafting Senju and Uchiha DNA, but Madara appears to have been the most successful. Remember all those times when Madara’s limbs were able to be just snapped off and then regenerated in a short time? I think that ability must be part of the Senju DNA working inside Madara. It can also explain how he was able to create a statue to contain all the tailed beasts – it’s a similar ability that Yamato has demonstrated when he tries to suppress the Kyuubi in Naruto.

The cloned army may be a little too sci-fi (Star Wars anyone?) but having not seen the supposed “Akatsuki mercenary army” since it was first mentioned (by Pein I believe), it now makes sense how Madara plans to wage a war. However, the introduction of the cloning chamber also opens up the doors to a lot of new theory ideas. There has been a lot of debate about whether Madara really is Madara or not, and Kishi has been deliberately vague about this fact. Maybe that’s because the answer is yes and no? What if the current Madara is a clone of the original Madara? The original Madara died or received a mortal wound at the Valley of the End, but had arranged for a clone of himself to be made combining both his and Hashirama’s DNA. This would explain how the current “Madara” has been able to survive for so many years and still remain relatively young. Orochimaru had his immortality technique to transfer his mind and soul to another host, it’s reasonable to believe that Madara could have developed a similar technique to transfer his essence from clone to clone. This way, Madara can have as much time as he wants to accumulate resources and make plans towards his Moons’ Eyes plan over several decades. And as long as he kept a low profile and planned carefully, he was virtually undetectable by anyone… the exception being Itachi.

Okay, enough of my mumblings for this week, here’s some other short ideas/observations I’ll just throw out there.
– What’s Kabuto’s real angle? I’m pretty sure most of the stuff he said to Madara was just a ruse. Does he really think he can take on the top two Jinchuuriki’s with just his knock-off Akatsuki zombies? Remember that Kabuto was the one that allowed the alliance to find Madara’s main hideout, he also aided Naruto before by giving him a databook about Akatsuki.
– The chapter title says the “Truth behind Zetsu” yet by the end I’m still as clueless about him as before. We already knew he was able to make a lot of clones of himself, now we know he can make A LOT of clones (page 14-15 must have been a pain to draw, lol). But what or who is Zetsu really? And what kind of abilities do the clones actually possess?
– I want to see a Gaara/Deidara rematch (yeah, it’s a zombie but it’s better than nothing). Oonoki should just stay home and rest his back.
– Is that scar on the tailed beast sealing statue suppose to indicate it has a womb? Scary thoughts.

It’s Out! – Naruto 512

Go! Old Geezers to the rescue! 😀 😀

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Caution! It’s a duzy. 😉

Bleach Chapter 423 – Farewell Swords

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What a refreshing change of pace. The events in this chapter from Soul Society take place only 10 days after last chapter, but the ones in the real world take place a full month after. I can already tell that some will be very disappointed, and some will be very pleased with this chapter and what we learned from it. I am just glad to see one with a little light-heartedness for once in a great while.

I was quite surprised to see Aizen sitting before the Central 46 so… well, normal. I expected him to remain in the seal, cut off from all in the world after the events two chapters ago, but he is alive and well as ever. The new Central 46 doesn’t seem to be any sort of improvement from the last one, with the same stern, obnoxious appeal. Aizen is apparently immortal now, so they can’t just kill him. This makes me wonder if the Hougyoku is still inside him, or it is just a permanent effect left on his body. Anyways, they end up sentencing Aizen to…

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