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ITS outro!

Naruto Chapter


One Piece Chapter


Bleach Chapter


Its Out

One Piece is on a Break This Week

Naruto Chapter


Bleach Chapter


Its Out!!!!

Naruto will not be out this week.

One Piece chapter


Bleach Chapter


Its Out!!!

Finally after weeks of waiting the new chapters are out. You can find them on mangastream.com

Sorry but time is something that I do not have right now but once I will have it, I will make this blog pretty.

Carry on with the discussion.

Merry Christmas!!!

One Piece Chapter


Naruto Chapter


Bleach Chapter


News….Its Out!

Hey fans of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece or whatever you read these days. I am sorry that I have been MIA for awhile now, but the chapters are coming out tonight, so I will keep you guys posted. Again sorry for missing out on a few weeks. The good thing is that I got to read three chapter of Bleach, One Piece and Naruto and I gotta say I missed a lot.

Naruto Chapter

might_guy_arrested___poster__by_xpvtcaboosex-d57rj28Bleach and One Piece will be out on mangastream.com shortly.

Free Write


Hello Shannaro fans, it has been awhile, like I have been saying in previous blogs, life is quite busy for me right now. I do not have the time to write a well written analysis, there are so many things happening right now, and I bet a lot of you know what I mean by that. But this will be an informal analysis write up where it will be very quick but I feel like I need to say things to get them off my chest, and honestly I miss talking about my favorite mangas.

What can I say about Naruto?

While I would love to say that what has been happening in the Naruto series is the most awesome thing ever, I cannot. At best I can say that the recent Naruto is an enjoyable series. Many have forgotten the message and theme of the Naruto Naruto-Hatake-Kakashi-Sharingan-Pictureseries; which, Naruto has a big heart who uses his love for peace and stability influences those around him. So seeing Obito overcome by Naruto’s determination to make him understand what he has been doing is wrong and to forget his wrong doing and start a better life. However, I still have a lot to complain about, but I will not ramble on and on about it because frankly we all do that enough. As for theories and opinions, well this is my only opinion; I dearly hope that this is not how the Naruto series ends. I still see a lot of potential in the Naruto series. This series can go on forever, in my opinion it can last longer than One Piece because in the One Piece series the main idea is Luffy claiming One Piece and once he does that the series has an ending. But in the Naruto series we do not or at least Kishi keeps changing the main idea of the series.     At first it was Naruto becoming Hokage but now we do not know if he really wants to do that, because he is so fixated on Sasuke. (And don’t get me started on that issue) But now, in my opinion, it can have Naruto and all the other characters grown up and each achieving their goal. I.E, Naruto becoming Hokage, Shikamaru becoming his right hand man, Sasuke starts his own village and family and so on. In essence I do not want this series to end like this, it would put a bad taste in my mouth. So here is hope for another year of Naruto.

One Piece is One Piece

Okay I might be biased when it comes to the One Piece series, but come on who can tell such a strong and inflicting story than Oda. There is no manga out there (with a few exceptions) that has the strong story and characters as One Piece. It literally has all you want in a manga. Story, action, cool characters, Luffy, Sanji, Zoro and so on, females that have a body of a goddess but can kick your azz, Nami, Nico Robin, Violet, and so on. And recently I have been enjoying the story so far, it just has the right amount of action with story.

188598DoflamingoBut I have to admit that Doflamingo h as surprised me by how cunning and genius he is. He uses the old, hero saves the day at the last moment. It is funny to me because Oda uses this trick constantly and so do other authors (Kishi is infamous for this and so it Tite) but to have Doflamingo a creation of Oda to use and laugh at the concept of a hero, just boggles my mind. Is Oda making fun of himself on the hero aspect, or has Doflamingo become so real that he has power over his creator. I am only joking of course this is a creation of Oda, but it still amazes me that Doflamingo used the hero aspect of things to make him a favor of the people. Another thing that I have noticed is that Doflamingo does care about his crew, when Law threatened to kill one of his crew he was somewhat taking back. It was almost as if a bad guy holding Nami and threatening to kill her if Luffy came any closer. While Doflamingo did use one of Luffy’s old tricks,(hero saves the day) he shows that he does care about his crew, which is something we have rarely seen with villains in this manga with a few exceptions. Okay that is it for me today, hopefully I will have time to say more about these awesome mangas, quick shout out, Bleach is badazz these day. But you all have a good week and holidays.