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Neji’s Betrayal (PT.2)

Author: scrubby

So then Neji saids “Come out” and the stranger starts to slowly come out from around a couple trees. And Neji says to him who are you? And what appearred in front of him was a Aubu black ops that was of the Hyuuga Clan.

And he says to Neji my name is Sunjo Hyuuga and you might be wondering why I am here making myself known to you now and no i was not sent by your uncle or the 5th Hokage. And then Neji saids well why are you here? And Sunjo said I was asked to meet you when you got of age to understand what i need to tell you was left by your father before he pasted when you was very young. And there are many other things that i need to explain to you. Even though i may appear to to be near your age i am really 65yrs old here let me take this mask off so you can see for yourself that i have nothing to hide from you and Neji then says oh i remember hearing about you , you was a missing Hyuuga nin that my uncle told me about and it was believed that you was dead. So tell me why i shouldn’t turn you in right now “Sunjo”?

Sunjo says well let me explain to you the real reason why i had to leave the village? And why i was asked to meet you by your father well lets start off like this, as you may know i am from the branch part of the family just like you are, and your father and i was 2nd cousin so that’s how i knew your father Neji. And i feel that i need to explain the reasons that i left the village at that time just to let you know my disposition in all this. Okay this is the main reason that i left the clan and became a missing nin was because i found out that there is another clan that is related to us that you wasn’t told about and I was able to find out that our clan has secrets eye techniques that was never to be used by any Hyuuga. So have a seat Neji its time for you to know the truth that was being kept from you. As you may have heard the battle between the 1st Hokage and Madara was a legendary battle but this is what you don’t know. After that battle the Senju’s treated our half brothers the Uchiha’s really bad. Neji then says stop for a minute, so you telling me that the Uchiha’s is our clan “Half Brothers” yes and let me continue with the story. Me and your father met and share the same desire to help the Uchiha’s so we went to your father’s Grandfather which was my great uncle and we begged him to help them against the Senju’s. But we was told to not worry about what goes on between the Senju and Uchiha, and that we the Hyuuga’s need to keep our good relationship with the Leaf village which was being run by the 2nd Hokage at that time.

So I decided it had to be something i could do but i didn’t have any clue on what to do or how i was going to do it? And then your father said to me that he heard it was some hidden scrolls in the in the Hokage’s libary that contains jutsu’s that only the Hyuuga’s could do that was to never be revealed to anyone at anytime. So i broke into the libary and found two eye techniques that i learned how to do and the first one was the “Kageboushi Byakugan”, so i did whatever it took to turn my regular Byakugan to “Kageboushi Byakugan”.

And with these eyes i was able to take my Byakugan to a higher level than i could ever imagined.And now let me tell you about the 2nd eye technique that i also learned.

Questions to ask yourselves:

1. what kind of powers do the “kageboushi” Byakugan have?

2. Do you think Neji should believe Sunjo?

3. Do you think Sunjo motives are pure?

Neji’s Betrayal

Naruto,Neji and Rock Lee returns from a long mission from the Hidden Waterfall Village and Tsunda tell them to all go get some rest, so they all left and Neji head to his uncle’s house to get some rest and to continue more of his training afterwards. So a couple days past fully rested he approaches his uncle about needing alot of more training with his Byakugan. But his uncle (Hiashi) Saids to his you have learned all that you are allowed to learn as a branch member of the family with the curse mark seal on your forehead.

So Neji asks his uncle to remove the curse mark so he can become strong enough to defend the clan in the time of need and you know i have no intentions of betraying the village. So his uncle pauses for a minuteto think about it and says to Neji you know i will not go against our clans traditions and once more you know it law that no branch memeber of the family to have the curse mark seal remove for protective reasons.

Then Neji get up and walks away disappointed with his uncle and mad at the clans traditions that is holding him back, so he walk away from his uncle and head to the nearby lake to think about how is he going to handle this crossroads in his life. As he gets to the lake he thinks back on how he promised his father that he was going to be the strongest Hyuuga ever and will become the leader of the clan oneday. And by the next day his father would end up giving his life up to save his brother life and to end the dispute between the Lightning village head ninja death. So then Neji turns around and decides to go back and get a few things from his room and he’s see he has a letter inviting him to train to be in the Fire Country Elite Gaurdian squad. So Neji now decide to head to the Fire Country and join the Gaurdian Squad, so then after 4 hours of traveling he comes up on a small river and decides to stop and rest alittle so he sits on a rock and a few minutes later he hears a ruffling of the bushes behind him so he says who is it? And a voice said can you see me? So Neji then activates his Byakugan and looks and sees no one in a mile radius of him so then he gets in his Tiajutsu’s stance and says “Show yourself”.