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Naruto Shippuuden Chapter 637 – The Jinchuuriki of the Ten-Tails

Hello lovies~

I couldn’t find a crazy/funny face within the manga to start this post off with, so here’s Naruto pickup lines! (Click to see the full image and also to check out the artist’s deviantART website!)


Awww yeahhh ;D….Do not try these at home….

Summary Time!

We return from the very Obito+Kakashi centered chapter from last week. To recap, last week had genjutsu, lots of flashback-present parallels, Kakashi’s resolve to protect Naruto, we learned a new way of beginning/ending a spar from Minato, Kakashi gets stabbed in the side while Obito gets stabbed in the gut, Madara tries to make Obito use Rinnegan but Obito seems to rebel.

We return to this week’s chapter with Obito struggling under Madara’s hold. Madara claims that the day for Obito to return the “favor” he did for Obito (saving his life?) has finally come.

1“WAT IS GOING ON HUR???!!!??”

Meanwhile, Hashirama notices that the Ten-Tails is being manipulated by Madara (through Obito) and also senses that Madara is using The Forbidden Jutsu of the Six Paths – The Samsara of Heavenly Life!!!!

2These two have a serious love-hate complicated relationship…..

Hashirama then tells Naruto and Sasuke to stop Madara from finishing his jutsu – to prevent him from reviving completely.


Notice that Sakura does not even feature in this chapter LOL

However, as Naruto and Sasuke leap forward on Gamakichi and Aoda respectively, Naruto screams at Sasuke but pauses. Upon seeing this, Minato seems to finally have come to a revolution about something, whether its Sasuke or someone else on the battlefield.


5Father looking out for his son and his choice of friends?

As this happens, Hashirama and Toshirama both create clones, though Toshirama comments on how few clones he is capable of creating at the moment.


Then a shot of either Naruto or Minato (probably Minato, but I can never be sure) doing a hand seal appears.

7Minato or Naruto??

And Hashirama sends his three of his six clones after Madara, who comments on Hashirama’s battle tactic due to the possibility that they might not save Obito in time. Obito, meanwhile, is becoming something similar to the original half-black, half-white Zetsu but much scarier :[.


We get a peek into Obito’s mind. We see Kakashi and Rin (with a closeup on his love, Rin) and then we pan out to include Minato. Then Rin and Kakshi turn their backs on Obito and walk away from him. Obito looks heartbroken, of course.


Obito is the “Naruto” of Team Minato….

We now go to Sasuke who dismisses Aoda who has brought him close to Obito and activates Susanoo. However, Madara forces three rods out of Obito’s body (Rinnegan & Pein body bars!) to counterstrike the arrow Sasuke’s Susanoo fires. As this occurs, Hashirama’s other three clones, Tobirama’s two clones, Naruto and Gamakichi are racing to reach Obito as well.

1012Drama, drama, drama….

We go back to Obito, whose mind is still with young Rin and Minato. Obito-mind Minato asks a rhetorical question of Obito’s love for Rin. He then tells Obito that they will become Hokage, while present Minato (the raised from the dead one) slices Obito.


During this brief fight, Minato gets a flashback to when he fought the masked man who attacked Konoha when Kushina was giving birth to Naruto. He recognizes somehow that the masked man was Obito. Naruto and Sasuke race to Minato and Obito.

14Shit is gonna go down now that Minato knows that Obito is responsible for his and Kushina’s death….

Meanwhile, Hashirama’s clones confront Madara, who seems to admit defeat despite a grin on his face.

15Madara filling in the role of Mr. Creeper since Orochi isn’t in this chapter.

Tobirama then notices that Minato used this God Body Flicker Technique to reach Obito. Then Minato laments over Obito’s apparent death and then Sasuke arrives first, saying that they just need to seal Madara and the war will be over. Then suddenly, Obito’s “corpse” asks if they think that will be enough to end the war.


Then the Ten-Tails does something funny (I can’t particularly decipher what the movements are) and seem to capture Minato and Sasuke. Then we see those two with Naruto and the three realize that Obito’s intent all along was for Madara’s connection to his body to be stopped so he could no longer manipulate Obito. This was so Obito could become the Ten-Tails jinchuuriki all along. DUN-DUN-DUUUNNNNN!!!!!!!!


I foresee that in 20 chapters, it will become the Obito Redemption Arc?? LOL I kid…kind of.

Review Time!

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this chapter from my viewpoint other than the fact that I have no idea what was going on between Madara and Obito and the “manipulation?” I also have no idea how the Ten-Tails was absorbed by Obito or vice versa and how he became the Jinchuuriki??? NO IDEA MY BRAIN HURTS.

This may also be due to extreme bias because I am simply waiting for the Hashirama+Madara and Obito+Kakashi love-hate relationships to come to a conclusion. :/

I personally find the younger kids more interesting to talk about than the older men. (Possibly because they’re easier to relate to?)

Team 7 full

However, in place of a review – I really wanted to hear from you guys! If you feel up to it, please answer the following questions! ^^

1. Your Top Three Favorite Manga.

2. Your Top Three Favorite Movie Shows.

3. The One Character in any Manga that you wish you could be and why.

4. The One Character in any Manga that you think is actually most like you (don’t be biased!).

I can’t wait to hear your responses!!!!! ^^

❤ LK

Fun Fact: Kishi says that Sasuke is the hardest to draw.

Team 7

Naruto Shippuuden Chapter 635 – A New Wind

Hello lovies!

Sorry this post was quite a bit late because a lot was going on this week for me. Anywho!

Let’s start off with a funny pic of Orochimaru doing the shake-n-bake with his neck and head LOLOLOL



So, for a SUMMARY of the chapter:

We pick up where we left off at Orochimaru talking to Tsunade. We see Katsuyu and mini Katsuyus.


Orochimaru also has Suigetsu and Karin in tow. Suigetsu is obsessed with putting salt on the slugs while Karin is still obsessed with Sasuke.

1.2Their not-at-all-humorous banter…..

Katsuyu almost smothers Orochimaru in her acid spit, but he informs her that he only wants to heal Tsunade, which Katsuyu is having trouble doing (aka re-attaching her bisected parts…). And after a sad little cough of impending death from Tsunade’s halved body, Katsuyu relents.


We also hear comments and see glimpses of Tsunade’s true age face – however, as always, Kishi keeps the good stuff away from us and we don’t actually get a full face shot – just a couple of forehead and mouth wrinkles…

Orochimaru orders Suigetsu to reattach her body halves and tells Karin to let Tsunade bite her (gross……) and Tsunade is now right as rain again – once again confirming in the Kishi-world that no one can die…..(even though people normally die of blood loss and shock right away after being cut in half…)

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 1.15.14 PM

5Holy Bejesus……

When properly conscious, Tsunade questions Orochimaru’s motives and intents. Orochimaru states that he is not the good guy because he wants to, but he wants to help the apparent-good-guy (Sasuke) to see how the apparent-good-guy falls beyond redemption by his “new wind”…. That’ll be the main gist of it >>;;;;;


Tsunade comments on how he’s changed and they have some banter about their own Sannin past and Jiraiya. This proves, that even if one person goes bad – teammates keep their bonds for years after. (TAKE THAT SASOOKEH!!!!)


Then after some more banter, Orochi-Suigets-Karin head towards the Ten-Tails battlefield while Katsuyu fills Tsunade in with all the battle progress and details. Tsunade and Katsuyu then continue to heal the rest of the Kages.

We then head back to the Ten-Tails battlefield, where we finally learn why Sasuke was being all friggin creepy and sketch. He wants the Ten-Tails to be completely be destroyed – with all the jinchuuriki&bijuu still inside. However, this doesn’t fly by Naruto very well, who was intending to free all his new bijuu and jinchuuriki friends. However, Sasuke being the spoiled brat he is, wants everything to go his way. Thankfully or unthankfully?, the Ten-Tails removes the body parts that are affected with his black fire, to which Sasuke almost has a temper tantrum.


” Y U DO DIS SASEKEH!!!??????????? </3 “

Sai then tries to have a conversation with his former teammate who really no longer cares about him LOLOL

He tells her that because he is an impartial person (as if!!! MR. I’M-GOING-TO-KILL-SASEKEH!!! =.=;;;) , that he believes none of them can trust his rival (essentially, thats what they are haha). She gives him a really fake smile while lying that because Sasuke came back for them, she’s happy and that she trusts him.

HAHA Oh Sai, could you be anymore obvious of how jealous you are that Sasuke came back and completely overshadowed you?


We go to the Kage – now all fully revived and pumped for moar action – who are all going to the battlescene where all our heroes are. This is also a strange full forward shot of Tsunade’s butt………thanks Kishi?

12I see what you did there Kishi….
This picture was drawn only to show a full view of Tsunade’s rear-end….

And our very last shot is a epic scene of Kakashi and Obito going at it with their kunai. (lololol out of context, that would sound very wrong hahahahahahaha XD ) Anyways, this shot is definitely telling us where the next chapter will be heading towards. Let’s see if Obito finally redeems himself or keeps giving Kakashi more angst and strife.


” Y U NO LUV ME NO MOAR!!!?????”


Now for a REVIEW of the Chapter:

I’ll be mostly talking about people in pairs (not shipping) but just to make things go faster as I analyze their importance and role, and even their need to be eliminated completely from the story.

1. Orochimaru and Sasuke

No review for this chapter could be considered decent without talking about a certain 2 people – namely Orochimaru and Sasuke…even though they’ve been talked about wayyy too much already >>;;;;

I don’t know about any one else, but I was very happy when Orochimaru died. The pedophile of the series was finally gone and could no longer send shivers of creepiness down my spine. And Sasuke seemed beyond redemption and nowhere near as amazing as Itachi, THUS I was banking on the hope that maybe they’d have to execute Sasuke later? teehee


On top of all that, Sasuke killed Orochimaru and everything is just peachy keen when he resurrects Orochi? And what happened with Itachi sealing Orochimaru away from Sasuke and yet he still comes back? Its a big fat insult to Itachi, honestly.

As thankful as I am that Orochimaru saved Tsunade….I just want him to be gone from the entire series for once. Or just have him switch places with Jirayia plz.

As for Sasuke……I’m waiting until he gets his long deserved punishment for being the asshole he is 😡

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 1.01.57 PM

KISHI!!!!!!!!!!!! Y U KILL ITACHI AND NEJI??????!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

2. Sai and Sakura

This poor guy can never win. And I happen to think that he’s one of the characters that has so much potential to becomes a great asset to the main storyline, but Kishi is making him into such a sad forever-alone character…almost breaks my heart =.=

And Sakura’s absolute stubbornness to NOT SEE  the amazingness in other guys other than Sasuke is just painful.

How she treats Sai is just awful. I wish Kishi would give Sai more character development and spotlight time.

And I’m pretty sure everyone knows that he is completely right about Sasuke in this chapter….Let’s see how painfully slow and brutal this unfolds. You all know that if I were allowed in the Naruverse….Sasuke would have died long ago. Like an actual death with no way to resurrect his soul with the Edo technique.




3. Suigetsu and Karin

When it comes to Suigetsu and Karin, I have one major thing to ask – What the hell is their overall usefulness to the plot? I never liked them as characters since their inception and introduction into the story.

– They are not very funny at all – thus they are USELESS as comic relief

– Karin is the absolute worst combination of Sakura and Ino that could ever have existed. And that haircut???

– Suigetsu is the never-will-be-as-awesome-as-Kisame-or-Zabuza watery swordsmen that will continue to be a painful reminder of two ninja swordsmen who were badass and died, taking away an interesting arc to the story.

Karin-and-Suigetsu-naruto-shippuuden-17765942-1280-720I wish you two would just please go away…..

4. Katsuyu the Mysterious Time Warping Duplicating Slug

I just put this in because I wanted to address the whole large-version of Katsuyu being in 2 places at once? So her full form is both with Sakura and Tsunade? I was under the impression that summons could only be in one place at a time?

And when Sakura summoned her, didn’t she take away some of Katsuyu’s concentration and chakra for healing Tsunade?

I guess the simplest explanation would be that she can just be continously cloned and summoned (since she can split herself into smaller slugs almost infinitely) and these clones are all on the same brain wave where all information is shared as it happens between the clones.


Anyone else have any theories?


See you all next week!

❤ LK

It’s Out! – June 19th, 2013

Bleach Manga Chapter 542

Read it HERE.



Naruto Manga Chapter 635

Read it HERE.


Naruto Shippuuden Chapter 634 – A New Three-Way Deadlock

Hello all, and welcome back!


So let’s start off with a brief SUMMARY of Chapter 634 – the Kuchiyose Deadlock….
And also with a picture of Naruto’s canon crazy eyes from the manga LOLOLOL

Naruto Derp Crazy Eyes

So first, Team 7 have clearly become New Sannins…but even better, so probably calling them Super Sannins would be more appropriate. They each show mastery over their summons and use them effectively to help with the battle.
Also, the Third Hokage is the ONLY PERSON in the Naruverse who seems to have realized this pattern…. ridiculous. How does no one else make this comparison? Or are you doing this on purpose, Kishi >>…….

Third Hokage and Sannin

Anyways, Naruto and Sasuke use their super amazing powerful unstoppable completely fool-proof hokage-impressing jutsus…..and combine them in a super amazing awesomenest super bestest justsu EVARRRRRR~!!!!!! ……… =.=….

And it looks a little …… ordinary in its combined form….I guess the anime will make it look a lot cooler?

Naruto Sasuke Awesome Supah PowahLame Looking Ultimate Jutsu

And of course, as always, Sai feels SUPER LEFT OUT as usual…..

Forever Alone Sai
Forever alone?

Jugo doesn’t know how to cope with Sasuke leaving Team Hebi/Akatsuki/Hawk for the new and improved Team 7.

No Luv Jugo
“Sasekeh! Why U No Luv Me No Moar???”

Sasuke has an uber creeper moment with his shady eyes – which Forever Alone Sai and U No Luv Me Jugo both notice.

Then the Original Creep Master Orochimaru along with Karin and Suigetsu arrive, purty late on schedule.

Oroch is a creeper
Just a thought: Why did Orochimaru reference to only Tsunade???




Now for my REVIEW of the chapter:


Really Kishimoto? Sasuke and Naruto combine their jutsus in a perfect ratio?? Really? Not only have the two not seen each other in a very long time, but they’ve either been trying to kill/fight/luv each other every time they have seen each other. So there’s no way the two were able to coordinate and perfectly combine their justus on the first go….It’s just RIDICULOUS! I NO APPROVE OF DIS KISHIMOTO!!!

Naruto Sasuke BFF
Even with all this BFF crap……NO. Just no.

And on top of that – the whole “wind makes fire stronger”? I mean yes, elemental-wise, wind is supposed to make fire stronger, but if we take that statement into symbolic and foreshadowing consideration, the might mean that Naruto wants Sasuke to be Hokage and he’ll make him stronger by supporting him?? What is this nonsense? Or maybe he’s just insinuating that he will become Sasuke’s support by being his friend……lol that’s probably it but idk. I’m paranoid after Neji’s death =.=;;;;


All the support from the Rookie Nine for Naruto and Sasuke to succeed….to me – it actually seemed a little anti-climatic, overly dramatic, awkward and ill-placed…

Rookie Nine Love


I don’t know about the rest of you or maybe I’m just being paranoid because I’m getting real tired of Kishimoto’s shit (killing everybody that’s cool in the series), but I got the strange feeling that this was foreshadowing for Rookie Nine to be severely disappointed by Sasuke…who I will talk about in REVIEW NUMBER 4.


3) SAKURA SUX WHY????!!!!!

Oh Kishi, why did you make Sakura cry/shed a tear over the awesomeness of her teammates/her love for only Sasuke? You finally give her some self REAL respect (mastering a crazy technique and healing a bunch of people at the same time) and then you let her cry at the sight of Sasuke-Naruto BFF super power? SERIOUSLY KISHI?? SERIOUSLY???

Sakura Sux...

No respect...

I have no strength in me anymore to rant about Sakura…..



Now, for this asshole.

Yes, he may have seemed all redeemed and such after his miraculous change of heart to protect Konoha. I say bullsh*t.

Sasuke’s ominous message and creeper eyes -“burn it down” – maybe he was lying the whole time? Maybe he has an even  ulterior ulterior motive. And the only people to pick up on this are Forever-Alone-Sai and Luv-Me-Moar-Jugo.

Asshole Sasuke

Sai and Jugo know...

In the end – my fear? = Sasuke merely saved Konoha under the pretense of honored dead Itachi – However, he is killing the Ten-Tails so he can simply have the world and Konoha whole for his own retribution. IDK it may be a long shot, but regardless – this does not bode well for the future chapters.

I thought perhaps the reunion of Team 7 might have signaled a upcoming happy ending to Naruto as a series, but clearly, Kishi has more aces and plot twisters up his sleeve.

Oh Kishi, I hate you.

What do you guys think?



Now, the part of the chapter that I found particularly interesting was that Naruto and Sasuke have summoned their own new beasts – while Sakura sticks with Tsunade’s old Katsuyu.

For Naruto – Gamakichi has grown up to be the size as Gamabunta (Jirayai’s old summon).
For Sasuke – he has Aoda, who is huge but doesn’t have a cobra-hood like Manda did, (Orochimaru’s summon).
For Sakura – she has not summoned her own personal slug, instead just using her master’s summon aka BORING.

While Gamakichi and Naruto are old time friends – they call each other comfortably by their common name, Aoda calls Sasuke as Sasuke-sama….implying that Sasuke is a lord to the Snake Clan. Meanwhile, Sakura calls her summon Katsuyu-sama….reversing the relationship that Sasuke has with his summon.

Kuchiyose Deadlock

Another thing that I found interesting was that in the Japanese to English translation of the Manga, Fourth Hokage/Minato Namikaze states “I didn’t think I’d be able to see the Kuchiyose Deadlock once again!”

Fourth Hokage

The use of the word “DEADLOCK”  intrigued me enough to research some stuff and I found this information from here.

“The world wide game “scissors, paper, stone” originated from China during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), invented by the warlords of that period. Except instead of paper, they used the open palm symbol to represent cloth, so it’s “Scissors, Stone, Cloth”.

The game reached Japan in the early 1640s and one variation of the game was the “Slug, Snake, Frog” variation.

In this variation, the Frog is afraid of the Snake, the Snake is afraid of the Slug, and the Slug is afraid of the Frog.

This is influenced by the Sansukumi way of thinking where it keeps the three objects in a deadlock.

The fact that the Sannin use these three animals as summons may be the author hinting that there is no stronger one among them, and that their strength is more or less equal.”

A talisman showing a frog in the upper right corner, a slug at the very bottom, and a snake on the far left.


Thus, the Sannin’s Kuchiyose summons are called a deadlock, as none are stronger than the other and their particular set of skills enables them equal in strength (but not over) their other teammates.


Hope you enjoyed!

See you all next week!

~<3 Laydee Kay

Naruto Shippuuden Chapter 633 – Going Forward

Hallo~ To all who remember me – I’ve returned from the afterlife. To those who do not know who I am – I was here when it all started in 2008 and then died in 2010, and then resurrected last week.


This is now the third chapter that features the reunion of Team 7  (here – the work “reunion” means where they are working together – not one a**hole trying to kill the other two). Otherwise, I’m personally loving the new Team 7.

While the chapter begins with Team 7 back to back, right after Sakura is saved (yet again) by Naruto and Sasuke. However, they use this opportunity to assess each other’s growth in skill. Even Minato comments on his son’s improvement as well. The main concern of the chapter is annihilating the Ten Tail mini-clones in order to get at the Ten-Tails – very repetitive and reminiscent of the White Zetsus….

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 8.59.46 PM

Essentially – the rest of the chapter is focused on the growth of the Rookie Nine (Team 7, 8 and 10) – now finally present and working together for the first time since the Chunin Exams. (Though honestly, I like it when the whole gang is there – including Team Gai and the Sand Siblings).

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 9.31.01 PM


Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 8.50.57 PM

Kiba – Kiba’s skill seems only to have increased by simply adding more heads to Akamaru. To be honest, there’s a lot Kishi could do with Kiba/Akamaru Jutsus, but apparently he’s so busy making everyone come back from the dead that he forgot about Kiba….

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 9.04.34 PM

Hinata – Filled with love fire from Naruto and the memory of her recently deceased genius cousin – Hinata is now apparently invincible due to all this love power…..

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 9.05.31 PM

Shino – This guy would win every battle just by grossing out his opponents. I found Ino’s reaction to be a mirror image of mine….

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 9.05.02 PM

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 9.04.48 PM


Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 9.17.08 PM

Team 10 seems to have upgraded their InoShikaCho Formation to become a single sentient being where Ino is the brain and eyes, Shikamaru is the muscle reaction and Chouji is the ball on the chain aka weapon.

The deaths of Shikamaru and Ino’s fathers are now the motivation they need in order to be super bada**es.

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 9.34.10 PM

TEAM 7 – The New Sannin….and Sai

First, let’s start off with poor Sai….. Poor guy has been kicked into the dust ever since Sasuke’s return from his fall from grace. Looks like Sai’s trying to get back in the limelight or remind everyone that he is a Team 7 member.

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 9.42.04 PM
“Why I sux so much??”

He basically says logistical stuff about attacking the Ten-Tails, getting an opening, healing the wounded, etc….

And then Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura tell him to STFU!!!!!!!! and subsequently go into Neo-Sannin mode.

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 9.43.36 PM

All three having mastered and surpassed their previous teachers – I think it is fitting to call them the Neo-Sannins and am expecting Kishi to have everyone in the Naruverse call them that as well.

Sasuke killed and then resurrected his former master – enough said. Naruto perfected Sage Mode when Jirayia couldn’t. Sakura’s chakra control is greater than Tsunade’s. And all three have made pacts with their teachers’ animal summons. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Also pretty bias – it seems that unless you’re taught by someone from the Hashirama Senju – Tobirama Senju – Hiruzen Sarutobi – Jirayai – Tsunade – Orochimaru – Minato Namikaze – Kakashi Hatake – Obito Uchiha Super Lineage Line – you don’t get to be awesome in the Naruverse….

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 9.01.19 PM


Rock Lee and TenTen are absent from all of this as they are probably still grieving over the loss of Neji (just as I still am…. *cries in the corner*).

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 8.49.21 PM

I hope you all have a great rest of the week until the next fun-filled, action-packed, Team 7-loving chapter comes out next week!

Naruto Olympics

Post Author: Laydee Kay

As a tribute to the real Olympics, considering the 2008 Beijing Olympics passed in August, I decided to do a lightweight blog on our Naruto characters and what sport each might do and compete in. Just as a little blog of fun, relief and nice pictures- to get away from all that Sasuke-is-a-lame-o-noob-face controversy. Note that I’m using both Summer and Winter Olympic sports.

Also…some of the pictures…well most of them, I wasn’t able to find the actual character and the sport they were paired with, so I tried my best to compensate for that. Enjoy!

[BTW- my next blogs are a bit more serious topic-wise, so enjoy this light hearted festivity while you can.]


Uzumaki NarutoBASKETBALL

Naruto is a loud, obnoxious, annoying, aggressive and competitive boy. Now, what better sport than basketball is there for him?

Uchiha SasukeFENCING

Sasuke is rather silent, a loner, a prodigy and he’s got this whole katana thing going on there.


Sakura’s shinobi outfit is similar to the basic court volleyball uniform: sleeveless vest and spandex shorts. And she’s got nice biceps to slam the ball across the court.

Hatake KakashiSOCCER

Kakashi is laid back when he needs to, knows when he’s needed, can be aggressive, and always looks cool doing it. Soccer’s perfect for him.


When you’re on a bike, you don’t have to talk to anyone. Perfect for someone like Sai.

Tenzo YamatoBASEBALL

Yamato can make himself new bats whenever he breaks one making a homerun.

Umino IrukaHOCKEY

In the Naruverse, I’ve unconsciously attributed hockey to Iruka, due to our fellow Narutard- Iruka.


No, this is not the small blue ball of the U.S.A. This handball involves a larger rather squishy yellow ball and uses the court similar to soccer but with hands. Go figure.

And it fits. Shika-kun is perfect for this because it’s active, requires tactics to win and you can be a bit lazy and let your teammates do most of the work.


Chouji can super size his arms to lift those weights. For the first time in his life, he’ll have the girls after him in no time.


She’s perfect. Beach blonde and everything.

Sarutobi AsumaWRESTLING

Asuma seems manly enough. All the Sarutobis look manly manli-ish…except for Konohamaru.


Kiba’s used to riding Akamaru all the time. And unlike carnivores, herbivores have straight and stiff vertebrates, which enables humans to ride them without much difficulty. Dogs and cats- their spines move constantly along with their movements. You’d fly off their backs in a matter of seconds. Hence, don’t try riding a lion. But, our Kiba seems to have mastered this Hokage-level technique of Dog-riding. So riding a horse should be a cinch for him.


A rather unfussy sport but requires mental and physical aptitude. Shino’s a pretty unfussy guy himself.


It’s pretty and graceful. Like Hinata. And ice reminds you of Hinata’s theme colors: white and purple.

Yuhi KurenaiSWIMMING

Her nice long legs would help in this sport. And I don’t have a doubt that Asuma would complain at ALL in seeing Kurenai in a bathing suit.


With his speed, he would always win. Hands down.

Hyuuga NejiTAE KWON DO

With his gentle fist, an intense and graceful looking martial arts suits Neji well.


She has perfect aim. There’s no other choice for her. Except Shooting, but Archery seems to have a more respected flair.


I couldn’t help myself. He always de-man-ifies himself. I might as well help him finish the job.

Sabaku no GaaraSHOOTING

Gaara is silent, cold and a bit frightening. He’s the edgy type. Some mistake him for goth, others for punk, some even for emo. Either way- all three of these stereotypes knows how to use a gun.


He should have fancy fist work. He’s used to controlling his puppets all the time.


She’s used to swinging things, large things that are aiming for someone’s head. And with her incredibly large iron fan, a tennis racquet should give her less trouble.


If there’s anyone I missed that you’d like to see, just tell me.

Yes- that is a baton pushed up Naruto’s butt…Sasuke did it. It was from one of the Naruto OVAs.

The Narutard Questionnaire

Post Author: Laydee Kay the Queen of Questionnaires


Personally, I like questionnaires. [Yes, questionnaire actually has TWO n’s!] Your Supreme Overlord, Bob-sama, doesn’t. So I made this partially for fun and partially to annoy the crap out of your dictator. XD

It’s only thirty questions long. [Don’t complain, Bob.] Just copy and paste it into the comment box, but no need to repeat the questions. When you copy and paste, just write over the question.

Have fun!

1. Why do you like Naruto?

2. When did you first start reading it?

3. Which character is most like you?

4. Favorite character?

5. Favorite deceased character?

6. Favorite shipping pair?

7. Favorite ninja country?

8. Favorite bishie [applies to both guys and girls]?
(And just to clear confusion, a bishie is an extremely hot/sexy/gorgeous guy or girl in manga/anime- often there for the sole purpose of fangirlism ;D)

9. Favorite kunoichi?

10. Favorite Team [7, 8, 10, Gai]?

11. Favorite sensei?

12. Favorite pervert?

13. Favorite Hokage?

14. Favorite Sannin?

15. Favorite summon?

16. Favorite Akatsuki member?

17. Favorite antagonist [bad guy]?

18. Favorite secondary character?

19. Favorite ninja outfit?

20. Favorite fighting style?

21. Favorite ninjutsu?

22. Favorite chakra element?

23. Which do you prefer: kunai or shruiken?

24. What do you prefer: the manga or anime?

25. What would you change about Naruto?

26. If there were anything you could tell Kishimoto, what would it be?

27. What is your next favorite anime/manga?

28. How did you find this site, Shannaro!!!?

29. What do you like most about this site?

30. If you could say anything to the Shannaro Five [Bob, Nef, Zep, J-sama, and myself], without any repercussions [punishments and retaliation], what would it be?


And today’s program was brought to you by the letter C’ for CRAPPY ARTWORK. The drawing was made by your truly, Laydee Kay, nearly a year ago. I did the line art and my friend colored. Now I shall sit here and cry in shame.

On a happier note, we’re OLD compared to these Narutard fans! Wait€¦that isn’t a happier note€¦Gawd, I feel old. I’ll go back to my corner and cry.

And on another note, here’s some fun stuff with your very own Shannaro Five!

The Shannaro Five- CHIBI STYLE!!!!! by LK

Bobster by LK

The Troll Slayer by Bob

Bob vs LK and Nef the Mediator by Nef

***NEW LadyK’s Uppercut. Fear it. By the AMAZING Nef *******
[Just so you know Bob, it WASN’T exactly my idea ^_^;;;]

And again, if anyone wants to request an avatar be found, ask. And if you want an avatar to be made for you specially [aka with your username and a requested picture of Naruto characters], don’t hesitate to ask.

Much love, from your Laydee Kay.