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Nudge! Now You Be the Judge

Check out the Naruto Rap Battle.

The rap battle is over

Lyrics fell like snow from a Snover

Some were incredible

Some were negligible

But now you decide who gets the medal!

The quest for power or the story of Pein

Good day!

Guys, relax. This is not one of those theory posts, I wrote before.

This is a fun fanfic post.

So, have a seat, set a mood, read and enjoy ))

It was a rainy day, cold and wet, as usual. Makoto hated this weather. He almost forgot how it feels having a sunny day. Despite his hard trying to recall one of those days from the memory, he couldn’t…

Makoto thought about the chain of events that have led him here. Damn, that Ruuji, if it wasn’t for his kunai that heavily scratched him in his right arm during their morning training, he wouldn’t have been standing here, in front of the tallest building of the Rain village. The rain was starting to get on his nerves…

Now standing here, he couldn’t help himself trembling. The rumors had it, that the God Pein was living in this tower.

He was thinking of the reason why they made the hospital right in this building. If he had a met with the architect, he would have told him everything he felt about it right at the moment, and he feared he wouldn’t limit himself in any way while expressing it.

He was scared and didn’t want to come here in the first place. He asked his best friend, Kaito, to accompany him. When Kaito, his best friend, heard the ask, he got very reluctant and told him to stop being a child. Yes, Kaito was also very scared and Makoto didn’t blame him for that, but persuading him took a while. Makoto even had to recall him how he saved Kaito’s life in one of the recent missions.

Makoto and Kaito were standing right in front of the doors to the hospital, reluctant to enter. Damn that rain, thought Makoto, he couldn’t lighten his cigarette, neither could Kaito.

  • “Well, Makoto, here you are. You should enter there without further delay, or you’ll lose too much blood.”
  • “Kaito, you can’t leave me now. We already spoke on that matter, beforehand. Don’t make me start all over gain.”
  • “All right, all right. Stop being so nervous. It’s just a doctor you’ll be seeing, not Pein himself”. – At least, he hoped so.

They passed through the doors. There was a big hallway with a door right opposite to the entrance doors, on the right there was also a way that led to the stairs to above floors. They passed the hallway and knocked at the door. While waiting for someone to answer, Makoto read the sign on the door – “Dr. Nagato. Ph.D in Phsychoanalysis. Prime consultant of his highness, God Pein, on the matters of animal behavior and their instincts”.

Well, that didn’t sound reassuring even for a bit. Kaito offered to go find some other doctor, but at this moment the door opened.

  • “Well, well, well. You must be very brave to step here on your own will. Very brave, I should say. Usually, they would refuse coming here to the death, ku-ku-ku”
  • “Well, you see, my friend Makoto got hurt during our training, so could you please help him finding the doctor who’ll help him. Now, I better go, I have so much to do, in fact I promised Kahiko I’ll teach him on of my jutsus.”
  • What do I hear… and you even call yourself his friend and just leave him at the first opportunity. My,my, … if i recall it right…Makoto, you’re friend is so a chicken one. Are you that much scared of doctors?
  • No!! – Kaito blushed and at that moment he decided to stay with his friend till the end. Later on he would understand how big a mistake he did… but, it was too late.
  • So, Makoto, let me see your arm…Makoto showed him the wound on his right arm.
  • Oh. Yes, I see.
  • Now, let me see your head.
  • Doctor, why do you need to check his head? It doesn’t make sense. Just make something to stop the blood and stop the infection and we’ll leave – said Kaito
  • You stupid monkey, don’t you know that brain is at the core of all physiological processes in the body. It’s only through brain I can get what is mine.
  • “What?!!” – Makoto and Kaito shouted at the same time.
  • Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. It would just take 2… no, 3 chakra transmitters be placed in your head. You can even choose the placing. It’s because I admire your bravery. Ku-ku-ku
  • This is it, Makoto. We should leave now.
  • Leaving is not an option. You either stay or .. in fact, there’s no or… You can’t leave unless you’re treated. That’s the rule.
  • “What kind of sick rule is this and what kind of sick doctor are you?. We don’t care any more for what you say. That’s it” – they both said aggressively.
  • I’ve had enough of your chicken-talk

    The world faded out at once for Makoto. It was like somebody switched off the light in the room. The only thing left was the EYES. They were everywhere and there were numerous circles around the eyes. He saw such a scary eyes for the first time and then, circles around the eyes started to roll. They rolled and rolled and rolled. Slowly, it became very hard for him to keep his eyes open. Somewhere from the dark he heard somebody calling for him and shouting his name. He didn’t care..

    At that time, a voice appeared from the outside. It was so clear, so imperious and reflected from his inner self and became even louder and clearer. It became so clear, that he couldn’t distinguish it from his own… The voice said:

  • I, Makoto, want to have 3 chakra transmitters placed into my head. That’s so stylish. My friends would be jealous to see me so fashionable, but I’m a good friend and I would happily tell them where I got that stuff.

Makoto, opened his eyes. The first time from this morning, he didn’t have head ache. It was gone. Strangely, he felt happy and relieved. He thought how much he did like the rain. At that moment, an idea came to his head, he thought how lucky he was to have that wound in the first place, very lucky indeed.

  • Doctor, I would very much like to have 3 … no, 4….. 5 chakra transmitters to be put into my head, please. Onegai.
  • My, my. Now you want 5 of those. No, 3 is enough. Ku-ku-ku.
  • By the way, did you know you have to pay for them? Which ones would you choose? I have 3 types for different usage conditions

  • Doctor-sama, can I have the biggest ones, please. Onegai.
  • No, sorry. These big ones are of too heavy long-range type, that impossible, unless we stick it to your head, and I fear, the scotch won’t do. Only hammer… I would recommend you the medium ones.
  • “Makoto, what happened?!! You fell all by yourself and then after you came to your senses you immediately ordered these damn antennas! Awaken, my friend, we need to leave immediately!” – Kaito was so upset and unbeknown of what to do next.
  • Kaito, you should also try it. It’s fun.
  • Yes, Kaito, listen to your friends wise words.
  • No! I’m leaving either with you or alone…. What are these EYES?!! …. Doctor-sama, can I also have some of those shiny stylish things. I’ll pay the double price. Onegai.
  • Well,well.. You’re so inconsistent, aren’t you. A moment ago you were urging to leave, and now look at you. Alright, just because of your friend, I’ll sell it to you.

Konan heard Nagato-Pein’s happy voice even while walking through the hallway. It was a song he sang. He was continuously singing the same small portion “I’m blue. dabudee dabudaa…”. Obviously, he was in a good mood today. She never knocked, but this time instead of immediately opening the door, she stared at the odd sign on the door. She opened the door and found Pein dancing with 2 other wicked guys, which had small antennas coming from the head.

  • Nagato, what’s the meaning of all this?
  • Ok, Makoto and Kaito, you should go now. Those things coming from your head are very stylish, you know. Ahh, almost forgot, Makoto, your wound is bleeding, you need to have something done with it, or you’ll lose too much blood. You need to take care now, both of you, in fact. You’re very precious to me now.
  • O-oh. Doctor-sama. You’re the best doctor, we’ve ever met.

After those ninjas left, Konan asked again:

  • Pein, what’s the meaning of all this? What’s the meaning of that “Dr. Blah-Blah” sign on the door?
  • Shh… Don’t call me Pein, my puppet Yahiko will be known as Pein. For all and everyone, I’m Nagato, the awesome doctor of Rain village. If Akatsuki fellows come here, they should not, under any condition, get it, that I’m Pein. You see, they are very rude, and they never pay. I fear, they would take some of those transmitters for their use for free. If you knew, how much time it takes to make these things, you would have understood me.
  • Then, why do those 2 ninjas have antennas coming from their heads, in the first place? What’s the point of it?
  • Practically, they are my wireless batteries. I recharge from them. Every time there’s an excess of someone’s chakra, it gets transmitted to my tower and stored in chakra reservoirs. Whenever I need huge chakra supply, I get it transmitted to my chakra receiver on my back. If I go very far away from the village, I would change my back antenna receiver to a bigger one or add up some more antennas.

Konan, after hearing this, got shocked. She was left speechless. There were a multitude of emotions, thoughts and ideas running through her head right at that moment. While she was horrified with the nature of Pein’s idea itself, she had to admit that there was a very sound reason under his actions. Then, there was joy, when she understood, that Pein now has a replenishing source of huge chakra right at his toe, big enough to withstand some of the very tough rivals, especially those ones from that Akatsuki group, they joined recently.

At that time, she understood, that Pein is genius and he will, eventually, become Akatsuki leader and God of the shinobi world. At that moment she felt a new warm fealing, that she couldn’t recognise at first. Only much much later, she understood what it was…

Caution )) If you’re not that much into theory posts, you can safely skip the part below…

During the ongoing “Pein pawning Konoha” arc, we see Pein use tremendous level of chakra. He used summoning of giant animals, shinra tensei (or should I put it as “destroy all” jutsu) several times. The chakra he used was enough to destroy whole village, knock off and send flying 3 giant toads et cetera. Obviously, it’s a key question we need to answer, as Pein doesn’t possess bijuu chakra but still the amount of chakra is incredible, it’s outstanding. In fact, I think that his level of chakra is comparable to those of Naruto, when he’s in 4-tails mode. I strongly think that he gets the chakra from his puppets. Chakra transmitters can be one-way receiving, one-way sending or two-way communication devices.

Chakra excess of each one “connected” (plugged in) is transmitted from Rain village’s highest tower in direction to Konoha using low frequency (high wavelength), which allows that wave to traverse hundreds of kilometers, comparing to high frequency waves (ex: gsm cellular) that works in a small 3-5 kilometer cell.


– Konan, can you please help me with my wheel-chair antenna platform,

can you move me to the right.. ok, now, left just a little bit… hold it… hold it…

Yes!!! I managed to get the signal from Viasat 🙂 What channel would you like to watch?

– Fashion TV, please.

– Not this, again…


to be continued… stay tuned …))

Post author: Tensetsu

Kishimoto’s fear and pain

Post author: Tensetsu

Hello everybody.

We’ve seen recently that our beloved manga proceeds with so much cruelty and pain, sorrow and deaths, that everybody noticed it and started wondering what exactly is going on with Kishimoto sama.

Some would say that the villains got stronger and more evil each time Naruto makes progress in his jutsu and ninja art level. Kishi obviously wants to match Sage level Naruto with some uber evil villains, the villains that are close enough in power to destroy the ninja villages and kage level ninjas single-handedly. However, even in that case, we saw recently too many deaths and too much sorrow.

If we recall previous events of the same epic level battles between the shinobies or situations of this level of magnitude, whereby a country was on the edge of destruction, and compare the victims level with the ongoing “Pein pawning all” arc, we’ll see that the latter one is of an incomparable level of cruelty and destruction.

In order to prove it i’ll briefly go through the list of similar previous happenings.

The first one was when Orochimaru invaded Konoha.

Due to his madness, a truly tensei villain invaded his home village, Konoha, to enforce its total destruction. There were 2 shinobi armies of Sound and Sand villages, as well as elite ninjas like Kabuto and Sound 5 by his side. Counting Gaara’s extremely powerful Shukaku bijuu as their ally, also, we can say that the invaders were a very fearsome force and possessed all the abilities to do whatever they wanted. Yet they didn’t manage to reach their goal. During this invasion, probably, at most a dozen of Konoha ninjas were killed, most of which were guarding the main gates and taken by a mere surprise attack.

Orochimaru was able to defeat Sandaime at the cost of loosing the ability to make jutsus and was forced to retreat.

The second episode of this level of magnitude happened when Deidara and Kakuzu invaded the Sand village, aiming to take down Kazekage and bring him to Akatsuki’s hideout, so that Gaara’s bijuu could have been extracted.

Again, as in Konoha’s case, shinobis’ guarding the passway were killed in a surprise attack from the inside made by the Kakuzu’s spy. Although Akatsuki succeeded in extracting the bijuu, all in all this mission was only a partial success, as Kakuzu was killed, Deidara was ripped off of his hand and Gaara was saved.

Now coming down to the present days, we see an unprecedented amount of terror.

During Pein’s attack on Konoha, the village has undergone a total destruction, many key ninjas, like Tsunade’s right arm Shizune, Akimichi Choza were killed. We cannot tell yet how many of the middle rank shinobies, as well as mere villagers lay dead under the stones. What we can surely assume is that the number of victims would be not less that 10% of the village’s population. This time the seriousness of the situation goes so far as to even have Kakashi, the Hokage level shinobi, being in nearly dead coma state, and Tsunade, Godaime Hokage, being in such an exhausted state that she accidentally escapes death from Pein, due to Naruto being summoned just in time to save her.

What’s even more embarrassing in this situation is that the victims list is ever growing, as Pein is not even nearly to being stopped.

Bob pointed out that Pein is merely doing his “justice” to those who made hid childhood so unbearable and full of losses of friends and the most dearest ones. Some say that Konoha was the main reason of what happened to Amegakure and of its innocent victims and war-time losses. Some would even go so far as to state that Konoha deserved being destructed by Pein.

I strongly disagree and want to remind you all the founding principle that was worshiped and followed in Konoha, the spirit and the will of fire, which strongly influenced all Konoha’s actions and that shaped the Naruverse the way we know it now.

At first, we should be aware of difference of how fire is perceived in eastern cultures.

From the very old ages fire was worshiped in eastern cultures as a symbol of purity, righteousness and truth. In ancient Persia there was a prophet called Zoroaster, whose teachings and philosophy was called after him and formed a new religion – Zoroastrianism.

In Zoroastrianism, water and fire are agents of ritual purity. In Zoroastrian cosmogony, water and fire are respectively the second and last primordial elements to have been created and both being considered life-sustaining elements. They would go so far as to build fire temples.

In India, one of the gods of the Hindu pantheon is called Agni.

God Agni in Hinduism stands for the means by which everything impure in the system can be purified.

The cauldron of fire burning within every human being is the only means to burn out ones karma. Unless the karma within one is burnt out completely… none reaches stage of enlightenment and finally salvation. Hindu god Agni is the only means to propitiate and atone for our sins committed knowingly or unknowingly.

Hindu god Agni on the physical plane lights the world. In the absence of God Agni the whole planet mother earth would decay and die a natural death. God Agni on the physical plane takes care of our bread-and-butter and on the mental plane cleans us internally.

Japanese worships fire as would any eastern culture, though they perceive fire as an indispensable element of Sun goddess, Amaterasu. Japanese would even put it on the national flag.

Imperial ensign of Japan is red ball, which is nothing but a representation of the Sun and an outcome of fire-worship.

Now let’s come to how Konoha and it’s will of Fire shaped the Naruverse.

In the beginning there were numerous shinobi clans that were in the constant state of war with every other clan.

Countries fought to gain power and expand their territory. At those dark times Senju Hashirama stood at the top of the ninja world and offered truce to the Uchiha clan. After forming an alliance, Senju and Uchiha clans made a pact with the land of fire, creating a new world scheme of one village per country. The wars and the conflicts one-by-one started to settle down, and, eventually, there was finally peace, so longed and prayed for.

The peace that came to the world was the result of Konoha and Konoha’s only actions.

The united Senju and Uchiha clans had an unmatched raw military power, as well as they possessed the power of all the bijuus, so that they could have enforced the will of Fire all over the world. However, Hashirama gave out the bijuus to the five leading countries in order to balance out the world powers. Yet, again, we see that Konoha from the very start desired peace among countries.

I highly doubt that Konoha made its significant portion of earnings from black-ops operations. Vice versa, Konoha was the only power to defend the legal rulers of the countries from the proto-Pein and proto-Madara type villains, desiring power so much, that they would not stop for a moment to overthrow the opposing governments. We’ve seen it happen numerous times in the past, either when Orochimaru conquered Rain village or when Madara single-handedly made a revolt in the land of water and enforced himself as a new Mizukage.

The world’s greatest power and most powerful village, Konoha, gave out the bijuus to the five greatest nations, thus becoming the source of their power. Alongside, it became home to the most brilliant shinobi clans of that time – Senju, Uchiha, Huuga and others. The rulers of the competing villages knew it very well, alas, they feared Konoha most of all. I would not be surprised to know that the first two Great Ninja Wars were fought by an alliance of all against the Konoha.

Also, I highly doubt that Akatsuki’s actions in general and Pein’s in particular have something to do with anyone’s past. War-time casualties are considered as essential, that’s the natural consequences of the war for eastern people. The Bushido code state that samurai should be always prepared for death. In Pein’s case, I don’t think it has anything to do with the revenge. That people are not mere citizens, they are shinobis that are used to seeing their dearest ones die, they put duty and mission on top of all.

I fear that the roots of the reasons of Pein and Akatsuki’s actions lay outside of Naruverse.

I’m having a feeling that manga is becoming more and more a reflection of what was happening in the real world, as the parallels grew in number and already passed the coincidence rate.

The recent news titles state that Japan is in its worst economic condition ever. Various economic indicators show the depth of the crisis, which affected nearly all the business areas. The Japanese automotive giant, Toyota, world leader of the sector assured that it suffered operative losses of more than 4 billion dollars for the first time in its history. The rising unemployment rate, debts and losses, economic uncertainty and fear became common events of daily routine.

Thus, does it feel to Kishimoto like his “Konoha” is under a big threat?

In our days the most devastating wars are financial ones. “Financial powers” have the ability to create either local or global financial crisises to make governments and countries go bankrupt, and, consequently, their national resources, industry and financial systems are confiscated.

Just in the recent 20 years economical wars lead to national defaults (the inability to pay its debts) in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia , Sri Lanka.

Money, as the chakra of Naruverse, is the source of power. The more chakra shinobi has the more powerful he is, as in our world the more money person has the more powerful he is.

Thus, does it make money and unbearably-high-interest-rate money credits the bijuus of our world?

Akatsuki’s plan, as they stated it, is to create a most powerful army, destroy the great nations and, consequently, control the world.

The plan of the “financial powers” is to create regional currency zones as the first step, with Amero in North America, ACU (Asian currency unit) in East Asia, Euro in Europe. The second step is to defeat the contries opposing this new model either through economical ways or military ones. The last step is to unite the world under one government and one currency, which would allow them to have a total control of the nations just by printing the money, the chakra vessels of our reality

Thus, does it make the “financial powers” the Akatsuki’s of our world?

Naruto, True Tensei

Post Author: Tensetsu.

Hello everybody.

While reading comments and posts I often encounter an exposed view of Naruto as a dumb and stupid ninja. I always innately protest in these moments against that view, but only now, I guess, I reached my critical “melting” point and decided to do something with it, in desire to show you a broader view on Naruto, geniusness and intelligence. (Though, it’s so troublesome… 🙂

I hope, after reading it, you would see it from a different angle of view and recognize Naruto as a true tensei, genius, that was not even nearly come close to being par with, neither by any living person in Naruverse nor by anyone of the generations that were (except, maybe, for sage of six paths, Rokudou Sennin).

First of all, many of us confuse two terms – geniusness and intelligence, as, it seems, Kishi also does. Intelligence is a property of mind that measures our capability to learn, comprehend, reason and solve. Basically, the more intelligent we are the faster we get an idea and learn something new. Geniusness is property of mind that allows to see something or everything in a completely different way, ability to create absolutely new knowledge that can’t be derived from any other existing knowledge. In short, genius views the world out of scope and applies his insight in a new and, what’s more important, unexpected way.

The difference between the two is that intelligence is an ability to learn existing knowledge, following some procedures existing beforehand, while geniusness is to see new and unexpected possibilities, to have a broad, out-of-scope view on things.

For example, ability to use hand seals to perform a bunshin no jutsu is an intelligence. Sasuke and Sakura clearly are more intelligent than, not only Naruto, but anyone else in their generation, because each of them managed to create 5 clones during genin exams, while Naruto only managed to create 1 clone, while the standard performance was 3 clones.

Also, intelligent and genius persons differ in the way they learn something new. Intelligent person needs guidance (not only in the form of teacher guidance, but also in the form of guidebook), needs a procedure and rules to learn. For example, when teaching team 7 to climb a tree, Kakashi clearly described step-by-step procedure required to accomplish that task. Kakashi told them to gather chakra at the bottom of the legs and bring out precise amount of chakra to a proper place to stick to the tree.

Geniuses use intelligence, though they also learn through insight. They somehow manage to learn an A (Jounin) level kage bunshin no jutsu during just one evening, although they usually can’t explain how they did it. In the case of a genius, it just happens – a strike, an insight and … voila, i can make kage bunshin.

It would take genius a week to master an S rank Rasengan jutsu, which took Yondaime, a brilliant ninja of his time, several years to create and master.

Also, probably most importantly, intelligent people use just intellect in nearly all cases, while geniuses use everything that could inspire them, emotions, feelings, outside observations, intellect, night visions etc. According to some teachings, emotions are a condensed knowledge expressed in a moment of time. For example, when you feel love, you can bring a 1000-item-long list of qualities of the beloved person, but in a condensed way this HUGE list is expressed in a feeling of love.

If you look the way Sasuke learns things, then you’ll see, that he’s absolutely serious and calm at all the times, he’s just a pure user of intelligence. Naruto, on the other hand, always use emotions.

I expect that some of you would start arguing here, bringing the facts that Sasuke also learned some very cool and high level jutsus in a very short time. Again, I strongly believe that Sasuke is, merely, an intelligent person. In fact, he is very smart and a super fast learner, but still, it doesn’t make him a genius. Here, I will bring force real world examples of 2 well known geniuses, who totally follow Naruto’s scheme of personality and actions, but not Sasuke’s.

First is Albert Einstein. As a child, Einstein was full of questions. He wondered why the sky was blue, why a compass always pointed north, what would happen if he could travel at the speed of light. He disliked school and formal education. He performed poorly in school in terms of grades. He failed an entrance exam into the Swiss Federal Polytechinal School in Zurich and was forced to attend a technical school. Some of his teachers advised him to follow humanitarian sciences path, like jurisdiction, instead of technical ones.

He was an unpredictable eccentric. Despite what people said about him or how they perceived him, he still managed to shake the foundation of physics, when he invented relativity theory.

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” – Thomas Alva Edison.

Second is Thomas Edison. He was not particularly bright, intelligence-wise. Still, he is considered one of the most prolific inventors in history, holding 1093 US patents in his name. Without Edison we wouldn’t have light bulbs, electric-power generators, mass communication, telecommunications. It is said, that he made over a thousand tries to create a light bulb. Time went without any success, nearly everyone and even some of his followers said that it’s impossible, that he’s nuts and out of his mind, that he’ll never be able to do it. Despite all that was said about him and his dream, he managed to do it and now we enjoy the light emitted by light bulb during the night.

So, does these two examples sound like “number one persistent, knucklehead, unpredictable ninja that dreams to be Hokage, despite what all the others say or believe.” ?

Clearly, YES! Dattebayo!!! 🙂

Naruto as a true genius in his 12 years managed to change the lives and turn to a brighter side 2 “so-called” tensei ninjas, Huuga Neji and Gaara.

He told Neji these phrases:

– “Thinking that destiny is all decided is a huge mistake”

– “You’re the same! The branch family supposed to protect the main family, yet doing that to Hinata…In truth, you are trying your hardest to disobey destiny…”

– “Destiny can’t be changed, blah-blah. Stop whining about stupid crap like that. Since… You’re not a loser like me…”

These were said when fighting with Gaara:

– “Because he was like me…Because he lived feeling the same kind of loneliness and sadness I did…I thought he was strong because he survived that solitude, fighting only for himself…But I was wrong… His strength isn’t real… Strength doesn’t come from fighting alone… Real strength is not what you have when fighting for only yourself… When you have something special that you want to protect… Only then you can become truly strong!”

Now, putting your hand on your heart, with all your sincerity, can you tell that you can do something like that, ok, not in your 12 years, but at least in your current age?

Can you?..

Here is the reaction on Naruto’s real nature from another so-called tensei, Sasuke:

Hmm… Did you understand that mumbling?… Neither did I 🙂

Some of you are confused, when you see that Naruto can’t get some idea. After showing you that he used his potential many times and proved that he can learn any level jutsu in a blink of an eye, I can explain the facts, whereby he behaves himself as a lazy and dumb ninja, by only one word – social and family behavioral impact when he was a child.

First, We humans perceive our role models majorly from our parents and close friends. Naruto didn’t have parents and was completely alone from the start. He didn’t have any role model to follow, especially such an awesome one as of Minato Namikaze’s, he didn’t have any guidance and support.

Iruka also lost his parents when he was a child. This event deeply influenced his behavioral role model, he started making fun of himself in order to receive some attention.

Naruto became a prankster because of that same reason. His laziness in learning is just a mask. When he encounters difficult, life threatening situation, his mask fells off and he starts showing his true nature – cunning, smart and unpredictable genius.

This so-called sage mode technique, that Naruto was taught to, while being with the toads in Myobokuzan, is a pure meditation and awakening technique, that was founded in Asia and particularly in India.

If you look at the picture, you can see lots of stone toad statues of men failed to reach “sage” mode and, consequently, turned into stone. One thing that clearly proves that, this is just a meditation technique, is that majority of the toads are sitting in padmasana pose or the lotos pose, a very ancient yoga meditation pose, which was used by Gautama Buddha.

According to the legends Buddha was sitting in that pose for several years meditating under the Bodhi tree and, eventually, he reached the level of consciousness, the state of mind, from what this “sage” mode clearly takes its origin. Especially, bearing in mind the fact, that Japan has two major religions, first is Sinto and the second one, which you probably guessed, is Buddhism.

This level of consciousness, the “awakened” state, can be described by these feats:

– person becomes connected to Universum, its energy and information.

– person can perform all sorts of miracles, although, usually, he dislikes using them as a method to reach the minds of those who “sleep”, in other words, those not conscious enough.

– he may not sleep at all, if he wishes.

– he becomes absolutely invincible to “sleeping” people trying to hurt him.

Now, let me tell more about the last one.

In the beginning of the XX century in Japan, there was a man called Morihei Uesiba that followed the path of a warrior and a Bushido code. After years of training from different masters of various martial art styles he was still dissatisfied and came back to his home. He continued to train himself and meditate, then one day it happened to him, and he also reached the awakened state and got an understanding of the real goal and spirit of any martial art.

According to his insight, the true meaning of any martial art was not in defeating the opponent, but in convincing him of your truth, then, consequently, he will start following you willingly.

He created a new martial art based on his spiritual insight, which he called Aikido – “the way of unifying (with) life energy” or “the way of harmonious spirit”.

Below are some of the principles of this art:

– blending with the motion of the attacker rather than opposing it

– dominating the assailant

– using his energy

– use of internal strength – Ki energy

– protecting the attacker from the injury

He became an absolute genius in martial arts and performed various miraculous feats. One of them is that while being a small, old-looking person, he had a tenacious power …standing rooted at the edge of a tatami with a mass of soldiers trying to push him off, unable to budge him in the least (as described by Shirata Rinjiro).

Throughout the whole human history only a very small number of people achieved this awakened state. They were people who changed the fate and faith of humanity to the better, who showed the truth and the way. You all know them, Buddha, Jesus, Lao-tsi, Confucius etc. According to the records of most ancient Eastern teachings, many, if not millions, tried to do the same. Reaching the awakened state clearly shows that you are not only a true Tensei, but also that you are born with innate ability and desire to do it.

Naruto clearly outperforms all major characters just by the fact that he reached this “sage” mode. Also, according to the frogs, he did it better than Jiraya or even Minato.

In conclusion, I would like to repeat, that I strongly believe that Naruto is a true tensei, who wasn’t nearly matched by anyone living or those that passed.

I hope you will agree now 🙂

Now comes the funnies…

In the beginning, before the galaxies appeared…

before the bang come spreading…

when all the matter was condensed in point…

was said a phrase:

Enjoy. 🙂