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Who (or What) is Tobi?

I have read far too many Tobi theories, and I think most of them are ridiculous. Then again, a lot of stuff in Naruto is completely ridiculous, so I haven’t really ruled anything out… yet. I’m just going to take you through five theories and explain the flaws of each and their merits.

1. Obito?
Well, we did see part of Tobi’s face, and we learned he has two sharingan. Now we know that Obito had one eye when he died, but of course this is irrelevant, because he could get another one easily. Also, we know Obito was Kakashi’s age, which seems plausible (Tobi is a full-grown man). My issue with this is that Tobi and Madara know each other.Madara died before Obito was smashed by a rock. Of course, with Naruto, anything can happen. This has been a popular theory for a while now, and I’m not really one to go with what’s popular (Bakamaru is a freakin’ rebel), but I do find some merit here. I’m going to move on to another theory right now.

2. Sasuke from the future…
Come on guys… Even for Naruto, this sounds stupid. I am not even going to start telling you the problems with this theory, as they are blatantly obvious. I will just say that Sasuke has personal goals. On the other hand, Tobi’s goals are much more wide–spread. They are different people, so get it through your thick skulls!

3. Some random Uchiha
Well we know that Tobi is probably an Uchiha because if he wasn’t, he would go blind from using the sharingan so much. He could very well be Madara’s brother, which is plausible and could create a very interesting back-story with a couple of chapters about their childhood. On the other hand, they could make it Madara’s 5th cousin 7 times removed on his mother’s side that they mention once in blah blah blah. This would be WEAK! I doubt Kishimoto-san would disappoint his readers like that. therefore, I am going to say this is probably not the case.

4. Um… Link: https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2010/09/11/another-tobi-theory/
Well, this is complex, so read the link. Basically, this theory makes a great deal of sense, but it just seems a little to convoluted for a Naruto plot. This is innovative, and I thank yellowflash2 for this idea. Actually, this post was the first thing I ever saw on Shannaro!!! and inspired me to write for it. I like this theory, I just don’t know if it is what Kishimoto was thinking of.

5. Nobody?
Yup, that’s what Tobi says, and maybe he isn’t lying. Perhaps he is a mere tool created by Madara Uchiha before he died for the sole purpose of eternal tsukuyomi. Perhaps he is a clone or a puppet like the paths of pain. This theory is broad, but DEFINITELY the most plausible. Considering we have such little information on “the man behind the mask” we should not jump to extreme conclusions (like number two and number four). That’s it for this time! Thank you for reading!


Post Author: Bakamaru

As Naruto fans, we have all seen the countless amounts of Naruto fillers. There are entire arcs of nothing but filler, and I am personally sick of it. Plot-less episodes make up 40% of Naruto and about a quarter of Naruto Shippuden. That’s more than 54 hours. These statistics are not only true(and yes, I did the math), these statistics are disgusting! Imagine if in the 16 hours you are awake, you spent 6 and a half hours staring in to space. Watching fillers is just like staring in to space, except staring in to space is a bit more fun. I’m not saying that all fillers are awful, because it is not necessarily true. For instance, there was an anime only filler arc involving the three tails. This was surprisingly interesting, and fun to watch. Well, at least more fun then staring in to space. Sadly, on the other hand, it took up a lot of time that could have been used to air actual plot-based episodes. If there were no stupid fillers, the anime wouldn’t be so far behind the manga!

The true problem lies within the long fillers. What I mean by that, is that one episode that is plot-less doesn’t matter too much. Perhaps we should begin with the Naruto fillers, before we get to Shippuden. So Sasuke leaves, Naruto and Sasuke have a big fight, yatta yatta yatta. Now, in the manga, Shippuden begins. Of course, the anime has a HUGE amount of fillers, I mean, it’s only logical! Episodes 136-220 are all unneeded. This is what I mean when I say I am sick of it. Almost 100 episodes! There are entire animes that are less than 84 episodes long. Still, as Naruto fans, we stick through these stupid fillers, and my god, are we excited when Shippuden begins!

Finally! The fillers are over and we happily watch Gaara get killed and brought back to life by the one of the illogical miracles that plague us Naruto watchers. We are all pretty much happy with this new anime, until the evil fillers are reborn! The dark days have returned! The grave robber arc begins, and we are all disappointed with it again. Granted, the arc is interesting, it didn’t help make up for the time we lost with the fillers at the end of Naruto. Well, at least these fillers are only 20 episodes long. That’s only like, 7 hours wasted. Well, we get used to it, once again, and stick through it as fans, until the arc that made me stop watching the anime. This dark entity is known as the Konoha history arc. Although it is only 20 episodes, it is a horrid mash-up of my least favorite things: FLASHBACKS! I can not bear it! I would rather eat worms than watch flashbacks. I waited for it to end so I could watch the next plot-related arc.

Sadly, at the moment, we are in another filler arc filled with sea monsters and sea sickness. We are currently VERY far behind the manga, but don’t worry Naruto fans! It will all be worth it. When the series ends, we will remember these fillers, buy DVDs of them, and burn them so nobody ever has to suffer through such agonizing pain ever again. Thank you for reading.