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Bleach Chapter 640: Baby, Hold your hand 3

Chapter 640: Baby, Hold your hand 3
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The Mad scientist seems more than a little bit satisfied with his result. His Bankai having eaten the Arm whole the fight seems over and done.


However that seems far for the truth as Ashisogi Jizo suddenly starts to expand and then blows up in a rather grotesque fashion. Mayuri dodges the wave of blood(im assuming) and then has to move again as a Quincy arrow is fired his way.

It seems Pernida is getting annoyed and actually mocking Mayuri by imitating his laughter. This quickly whips the smirk of the Captains face.

As Pernida heals his missing fingers he continues to speak with broken then suddenly his language skills improve drastically forming correct sentences with more complex wording.


Mayuri quickly ponders what is happening. His first theory is that the Arm is regaining its memories as the Spirit King or that he is simply evolving. He doesn’t get much time to think as Pernida forms a bow on the tip of every finger before firing the lot at Mayuri. he quickly spots the nerves that Pernida attached to the arrows allowing the Quincy to influence their direction easily, or simply use the arrow to get his nerves on its target.

In which he succeeds in forcing Mayuri to sacrifice an arm. One of the arrows that missed him get turned around by the nerves still on the grounds. Mayuri cannot dodge it anymore.


Nemu comes to his aid, gets hit and cuts of her arms. Mayuri grabs her by the hair to dodge a nerve attack from the ground tossing her against a wall. I’m not sure this is a form of affection on Mayuri’s part he is quite annoyed that she did something out of her own accord. He then calls her by her full name. “Nemuri Nanagou” Which apperently means, sleeping No.7.

Then he goes on to say that he may have tought her a bit too much and goes on to say that it would be quite a burden on him to create the “next you” the same way as the “current you”. This is the closest thing Mayuri will come to say that he actually loves her(I almost dare say) as more than just another science project. I hope he will actually allow her to join him in this battle.

I am interested to she what she is capable off.

Bleach Chapter 638: Crazy vs. Crazy?

Chapter 638: Seething Malice is the Height of Comedy
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A direct continuation of last week, and we get so a little bit more what a mad-man genius and thus entertaining character this guy is. Freak vs. freak.

I love the fact that he doesn’t see this creature not even as an enemy, but simply as a specimen waiting to be captured for further examination.


Pernida Parnkgjas is limited with the use of words and it seems he doesn’t understand a whole lot but its clear to it that Mayuri is speaking ill about the Quincy. He goes on the attack using his nerves to take ‘command’ of non-organic materials to fight with. It only amuses Mayuri to find out more about his new research project.

Pernida successfully manage to land a hit blowing off his little light-suit, Mayuri losing his care-bear look.. Mayuri is wise to stay off the ground using a Quincy technique.


He then uses another strange tool to blow off the pinky-finger of Pernida. However Mayuri gets off guard as one of Pernida’s eyes reappears on the detached finger and allows Pernida to attack Mayuri. He breaks a finger before Mayuri can ward him off.

Now Mayuri looks a little mad at this point, but as we already know, Mayuri is not above himself to alter his own body in the same way he does his own Zanpaktou. He is really as strange a being that the enemy he is facing.

What a truly strange man. Right, Pernida?638c

Bleach Chapter 637: Baby, Hold your Hand

Chapter 637: Baby, Hold your Hand
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What an amusing chapter this week. Mayuri is more in his element that he was when he was fighting the Arrancar scientist.

Anyway, this week Mayuri is quite amazed by the sheer power Zaraki has by being able to move his eyes after being stabbed with Mayuri’s Zanpaktou telling the incapacitated Zaraki that he shall improve his blade thanks to this ‘revelation’.


Well, after that one-sided exchange Mayuri focusses on the odd creature before him. Going on another second monalogue. He commends the ‘noble sacrifice’ of Zaraki and think the Quincy should simply surrender because of that and become his experiment. He is quite sarcastic about the whole thing himself which makes the whole scene quite amusing, seen example above.

Ofcourse the Quincy doesn’t feel like complying and finally reveals its form to Mayuri and us. And it was quite a surprise.


A hand… Mayuri quickly deduces it as being the left arm of the Soul King. The lt’s waiting behind Mayuri watch in shock as the grotesque being grows itself with an upper and lower arm. After a short exchange with Ikkaku about, the latter wondering if it could truely be the left arm of the Soul King.

I would say why not. The Soul King didn’t have arms, and the right arm was bound to Ukitake via a contract of sorts. It could be that Ywach ‘saved’ the left arm from the SOul King’s control and made it an individual being with a name of its own. Or something cheesy like that.


When the creature talks Mayuri only gets more and more exited with the prospect of studying this new subject. It seems the way Mayuri talks about this new being angers it, telling him its name.


Probably gifted to him by Ywach.

Bleach Chapter 635 : Hooded Enigma

Chapter 635: Hooded Enigma
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First @Jim reply in 632 reviews on how boring bleach is. That is the whole reason I just couldn’t be arsed to write any.

The pace has significantly slowed down all of a sudden. Hopefully it will heat up a little bit with two of the captain facing the Quincy version of a roomba.

With Bazz-B’s death in the previous chapter the other two went straight to Ywach, obviously these two had even less of a chance against this new godly being. They are also dead which Ywach is pleased about, so he can go back to his nap.


As Ywach goes back to sleep, Hachwalt receives his powers as shown by his eyes. He notes how cruel it is, to be able to see into the future.

Meanwhile every body is moving around the place. One Quincy seems to have lost, being annoyed he cannot find any enemies. Mean ‘Naak’ seems to have lost track of the Ichigo group. However Grimmjow is right with him… suddenly though, the man was not interested in battle whatsoever strikes back at grimmjow.

Grimmjow cuts the orb with his hand then suddenly drops down onto the floor, or roof, whatever. Naak La var’s ‘Gift Ball’ is full of poison so that takes out Grimmjow quite quickly – boringly.

Then we go our sniper Quincy taking out Hisagi – boringly – from afar.

And then we get to our Quincy Roomba who is staring down Mayuri and Zaraki, after some intelligent dialog between the two Zaraki goes of on his usual tactics. Cut and kill it.

Mayuri suddenly notices something is off warning his fellow and well-regarded colleague. Zaraki falls back, his arms severely mauled. The strange roomba is leaking oil, i think Zaraki hit the battey and its start overheating as you can see below.


The plastic getting all bubbly and expanding rapidly. I am sure Zaraki just voided the warranty.

Fortunatly, Mayuri agrees with on Zaraki’s lack of technical expertise.

Bleach Chapter 632 : Friend 2

Chapter 632: Friend 2
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This chapter we learn some more about the sternritter… The two have been very close over the year. The odd one out is Jugo Haschwalt. While Bazz is steadily getting stronger. Jugo seems to have gained nothing in terms of power. Unable to gather single drop of Reishi. Unable to use any kind of Quincy power.

He still diligently trains his swordmanship to compensate.


Then time skips a little. The Quincy arrive the village where Bazz and Jugo reside. A small delegation of Quincy announce the formation of a new army. The Sternritter. These Sternritter will carry out the invasion of Soul Society.

Bazz’s blood starts to boil quite badly as he smells the perfect opportunity.

He immediately runs off to face the person in command to challenge the man. The elder doesn’t bite at first. But Bazz fires an arrow in front of his horse. This angres the emissary enough to get off his horse and get ready to fight the little snotnose.

They lunge at each other but BAzz gets planted on the ground. Not by physical but by the sheer power of Ywach presence.


Ywach said he came here to find the individual to become his right hand man. Ywach uses all his strength to get onto his feet, but as he looks up he sees Jugram Haschwalt standing there with no issues whatsoever. Haschwalt even goes as far as calling him, his other half.

combining that with what was mention by Bazz in the beginning of this chapter. Mentioning him as an ‘incomplete being’ and that there handt been a Quincy been born like this is hundreds of years. It makes him pre-destined to stand beside Ywach.

Bleach Chapter 630 : The Twinned Twilight

Chapter 630: The Twinned Twilight
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So… Grimmjow does not waste time and kinda feels secure about the fact that one strike is enough to take down the Sternritter.


He seems a little roughed up but otherwise fine as he bolts off to retreat. Grimmjow gives chase as soon as he finds out. An amusing exchange happens between the two. The quincy, Ashkin tries to convince Grimmjow to take out Ichigo out with him. Since Grimmjow still hates the young human’s guts.

But Grimmjow wouldn’t take the invasion of Hueco Mundo kindly either and transform partially and really goes for it.

In the meantime a random soldier reports to Haschwalt the King’s second in command. He gets a bit distressed when he finds out Ishida went out on his own. Haschwalt clearly not trusting the young man. He orders the man to tail Ishida and report and suspicious activity directly to him.


However before the man can leave he gets killed by Bazz-B. The first of the three defectors(if you wil) made it inside and goes to find his old-friend, as he says so himself. After a few brief words, Bazz-B

Haschwalt’s cloak gets torn up but easily dodges it, butting Bazz in the head with the hilt of his sword. He finally realizes that the wounds Bazz already had were from the Ausweahlen(the redistribution of Ywach’s power.)

Bazz-B and Haschwalt have a shared history it seemed. Something from all the way back to their youth. Bazz doesn’t waste much time amping up to using two fingers. Haschwalt gets ready to draw his sword.

Bazz-B then says the most interesting thing this chapter.


Hachwalt’s power and the King’s will switch during the night. I suppose that could be a way for them to win, when his Mayesty’s power are in a ‘weaker’ vessel. But I am sure that Haschwalt would be able to tap into that power, to what extend though.

We only saw a tiny glimpse of his power before, so I hope this fight between the two friends will reveal some more.

p.s. two little things:
– This is kinda looking a bit like the first arch, but now with Quincy(ie. Shinigami fighting Shinigami)
– I hope Kubo doesn’t set up too many fight at the same time, turning it into a bit a clusterfuck, or ends up skipping out on most of them.

Bleach Chapter 628 : New World Order

Chapter 628: New World Order
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So… Maybe i shouldnt have let my opinion be known too much about Ywach taste for crappy look maintained buildings, so this week we get a whole chapter on it:P. It makes the whole new Soul Palace grounds shaped like the Quincy Cross.


He has changed the layout quite a bit. He destroyed the floating palace completely, and he connected the 5 palace grounds together with the throne room being formed in the middle later on in the chapter. Ywach creates a sky-high building for him to rule this new world from.

They all calm down a little. Yourichi’s little brother sensing her big sister and visa versa. Ichigo’s group are very much surprised by that fact and imagine how he could possibly look like.


Anyway, her little brother is desperate to meet her but quickly finds out the cannot create ‘stepping platforms’. Byakuya quickly explains that density of the Reishi in the atmosphere is extremely high, even higher than before. The Quincy now in control of this domain, as Byakuya says.

The new Captain Commander gives his motivational speech but before they start moving they see the formation of the Giant tower in the middle. Their goal becoming that harder to reach. Still looking like a poorly maintained building.

Kyouraku actually seems exited and I cannot wait to see him go all out, releasing his Bankai.

It ends with Haschwalt informing the new God of this world that they are being invaded. Ywach does not seem worried calling this castle the foundation of this new Wahrwelt(One True World).

Which probably does not match building code… pretty inefficient by German standards.


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