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Bleach Chapter 627 : The Creation

Chapter 627: The Creation
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And of the first day. His Majesty looked down on Soul Society. And he loathed the architecture.

From hence forth the new God of all the universes made it his mission to shape Soul Society to his image. And he spoke ‘All these buildings are hideous.. I shall change to match our awesome cloaks!’


alright… enough fun with that. Team Ichigo is riding the cube-train directly to the Soul Palace, pretty ingenous trick. Cant fault Urahara enlisting these two Fullbringer’s help.

Yukio announces that he aint leaving this box. This pisses off Ganju quite a bit setting him off into a speech. Ichigo steps in and calms him down. Surprisingly he tells Riruka to stay back aswell, telling her the upcoming battle isn’t suited for her skillset… which is probably very true.

Riruka gets a little bit angry but Ichigo quickly interjects appreciating all the things she has done for him and the rest of the pack. Going into the ugliest place for a girl who only likes cute things.


I like her expression, and she finally succumbs and will stay with Yukio per Ichigo’s request.

Back down at Soul Society. Ywach is starting to reshape the city grounds. The vanderreich city is crumbling down to its essence. I wouldn’t be surprise if Sereitei will crumble not long after. Kisuke seems to have been able to finish the door just in time.

But it seems Ichigo’s group will arrive first.


But the sight is unfamiliar. For some reason (could be still a wip) all the building have changed to the Quincy’s style of poor maintained looking building with a semi European architecture. Yourichi quickly sees the stake realizing they are, indeed, where needed to be.

Ywach has been already busy, and does seem he likes crappy looking buildings.

BLeach Chapter 626: Holy Newborn

Chapter 626: Holy Newborn
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So after a explanathon last week Ichigo’s squad is on the move in the cubical on rails on their way back to the Soul Palace.. or what is left of it at this point.


Ichigo shares a little banter with Grimmjow but nothing really interesting happens in the first part of the chapter.

The 2nd act however back in the soul Palace is more interesting. The Sternritter seemed to be quite relaxed as they were waiting on Ywach to finish absorbing the Soul King. Haschwalt has been quietly watching proceedings and announces that his Majesty is done. Furthermore telling that the Soul King does not exist anymore.

The Sternritter move to meet with the king. Nakk le Vaar the ‘Deathdealer’ doesnt feel at ease at all around the black substance that seems to be leaking from Ywach.


He looks quite disgusting the black substance all but cover his entire body. His eyes spread out over the black covering. Haschwalt is the only person who seems unfazed by the monstrous form of the Soul King.

Ywach tells the poor lad to calm down. Telling his subjects that there is nothing to fear.He seems quite infatuated with the sheer amount of power the King possesses. He destroys even more of the Soul palace.

Haschwalt kneels in front of the king. I am not sure what to think of this white-haired man. He is the only one who seem in every way unfazed by everything that is going on. He accurately notes that Ywach is not actually the one keeping the world alive.

Ywach calls him the first son. Before he start rebuilding the world in his image I suppose. He literally can because possesses the power of two Gods effectively now. He is the God of the quincy and now the Caretaker of Soul Society. He watches over all now.


I wonder if there is anything that can still be done to stop Ywach. Maybe Ichigo can be considered the only one who’s on all planes of existence. Human, Shinigami, Quincy and Hollow. He’s the main character after all.

It’ll take more than a simple fight to end this though. They were not even able to kill Aizen, remember.

Bleach Manga Chapter 625 : Living Jaguard

Chapter 625: Living Jaguar
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A bit busy this week… but its pretty hard to summarize so much info in a short space.

Bleach Manga Chapter 624 : The Fang

Chapter 624: The Fang
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A pretty quiet chapter this week as Kubo lets us calm down a bit, letting all the information sink in. Anyway we start off with Aizen doing neck exercises. It seems all that the Quincy was able to do to him was immobilize him for 5 minutes.


Aizen reflects a little on the scene below him as he seems to be talking to himself for a little bit. Ending with the notion to himself that the man who had defeated him has reached the Royal Palace before me, and that he some trouble forgiving Ichigo. So the solitude has done little to lessen his resentment.

The chapter continues back up at the Royal palace. The group has crash landed on one of the palace grounds.


More specificly Yourichi makes sure they don’t plummet all the way down. Even with her one arm destroyed she is still very formidable(as expected). After Ichigo regain consciousness after Kon’s surprise entry, Inoue fixes Yourichi’s arms the same way she did Grimmjow’s.

Yourichi doesn’t waste time in planning a counterattack. Realizing there is little time to waste if any at all with the Ywach becoming a new all-powerful being. Ichigo has some suggestions on how to get back up there using Inoue’s ability but Yourichi has a better plan.


Mothaflipping Grimmjow.

Not too much of a surprise to see him reappear. He doesn’t seem to be too happy to meet his old nemesis that beat him last time around. But I am sure pretty he has been the one helping Inoue, Chad, Yourichi and Urahara when they were in Hueco Mundo earlier in the arch.

Bleach Chapter 623: Against the Judgement

Chapter 623: Against the Judgement
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Aizen is having some fun. Last weeks chapter wasn’t interesting enough to cover, it was mostly Aizen just showing off and it kind off continues over into this chapter. Aizen does succeed in blowing of the coat of darkness from the dome.


Try as he might he cannot succeed. Not that he is not strong enough.. but he is seated in quite an ingenious chair, crafted by non-other that Captain Kurotsuchi Mayuri himself. The binding that Aizen finds himself are not trying to contain his abnormal strength. They function to bind it to him.

Mayuri goes a bit further into detail regarding the workings and pride he puts into his work. Their little banter gets interrupted when a group of Quincy arrived. Sternritter ‘U’ Nanana-batman blasts Aizen with something. Blocking or disturbing the flow of reiatsu.

Adam West is impressed by the fact that Aizen is not even unconscious but he seems pretty confident in the fact the old Shinigami traitor is unable to move for a good while.

Kyouraku himself decides to deal with unwanted company and I am kinda bummed it didn’t end up happening.


Bazz-b kills Nanana-batman. Feeling betrayed by Ywach, Bazz-b, blond girl with big mouth and he/she gender bender decide to help the Shinigami in an effort to get up there toward what remains of the Soul Palace. They want to exact revenge on Ywach.

Bleach Chapter 621: The Dark Curtain

Chapter 621: The Dark Curtain
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After getting hopes up ever so briefly, Ukitake’s bodily sacrifice is quickly rendered useless. Ywach still easily ripping the essence into his own body…


A second later a big black beam comes down on the dome surrounding Sereitei quickly coating Seiretei in complete darkness. The King remains silent at the top, the power of the Soul King released and flowing into, and out of his body. Creepy looking critters spawn from the cloak of his body.

Haschwalt explains that the critters are a representation of the Soul King’s full power which was sealed away by the Shinigami. apparently the being was so strong it cannot contain its own power within its body thus the body finds a need to secrete it.. in a way..

Now that the Soul King has been absorbed by Ywach they will automatically target shinigami, not even sure what the would do. Maybe they can consume their target.


The excess of critters flows down the remains of the palace grounds. Down to where the Shinigami have gathered. Soi Fon takes action calling out her Bankai in order to blast the shroud but before she can fire, the critters land and start nibbling away at the people below.

Weapons seem to be ineffective until they get advice from a certain someone.


Aizen mocks their action. His keen eye already figured out the better way of dealing with the critters. Squashing them with the pressure of your Reitastu. I’m sure Kyouraku will show himself shortly after to reassure the others, but its evident they should open the gate and more in. However, plot wise they can only go when Ichigo and co. have landed back down.

Bleach Chapter 619: The Betrayer

Chapter 619: The Betrayer
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This chapter again has given me fixed feelings. The combat in the latter half is great. But the King doing his obligatory “All this time you were fighting me” speech makes me sigh so hard, i skipped last weeks summary. Especially when he ends it with the


“It’s all because you and I, Ichigo… we have the same blood flowing through our veins.” had me crinch a bit.

Anyway, Ichigo starts to attack Ywach, who still is playing the high skilled “mindgame” with Ichigo. Out of nowhere Yourichi gets an arrow in the shoulder. So that was the end of her adventure.

And it was shot by the only guy actually using his quincy bow as of late. Ishida! Unlike the characters I was not shocked. For some reason the barrier breaks


The king knocks Ichigo back and guns for the Soul King. Yourichi attacks the ywach with some balls(maybe one of Kisuke’s tool), too lazy to deal with her himself he request the aid of the vacuum cleaner(or something black hole like powers); Parnkjas, who quite effectively twists her arms.

Ichigo comes back to stop Ywach from trying to rip Kamikake of the remains of the Soul King. But his has to counter another arrow from Ishida. Surprisingly Ywach does not seem to have a hard time at all to rip the Kamikake off further damaging the palace.

I don’t know why Uryuu is helping Ywach at this point. We all know he wants revenge on the Soul King. But I guess Bleach needs a Naruto / Sasuke fight, or has Uryuu simply messed up earlier by drinking Ywach’s blood making him the fated successor.


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