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Bleach Manga Chapter 617: Return of the God

Chapter 617: Return of the God
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First off.. Holy shit that coloured page. so awesome.

Then… well… gross stuff. The Kamikake forms from inside Ukitake reaching higher and higher toward the remains of the Soul King. It apparently reached him as the quakes stopped.


The King’s reaction is not quite how I expected. I expected him to look more than Ichigo does. It seems (for some reason) the Kamikake could not been ‘seen’ by his eyes. Ywach still stands within yourichi’s trap of wires.

He reacts quite strangely asking why the right arm of the Soul King himself is meddling in this affair. As if it’s been banned before.

Down below they get the hurry up and with the help of the Vaizard squad and Mayuri’s hidden REiatsu amplifier they go ahead and open the gate.

As all that is happening. Kyouraku intends to talk to Aizen and unlock the ‘mouth’ seal allowing the man to speak.


immediately however, Aizen walk forth approaching him… but of course the question being. Is it really Aizen, is he pulling an illusion straight away, how does his ability work since he lost his zanpaktou. Maybe Ywach released him.

What is your theory?

Bleach Chapter 616: Mimihagi-Sama

Chapter 616: Mimihagi-Sama
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So… I wasn’t quite off on my theory of last week of what Ukitake was doing. He wasnt there when the Soul King was made, or else the events surrounding him wouldn’t have been able to happen.

Anyway… I really cannot wait for Ywach’s expression when he finds out the Soul King isn’t quite dead, and the wave of destruction will(i assume) stop. We see a bit of the destruction going in the various locations. Hueco Mundo and Soul Society seem to crumble much faster than the real world.

I guess the real world will fall apart when Hueco Mundo and SS will drop from existence.


We also see some random Quincy goons wondering if this is the his Majesty’s true will. Bazz-B looks quite dejected. After all that we get to the interesting part. Ukitake did not hesitate for second to whatever he had being carrying with him all this time.

He drops the bomb by stating he will replace the Soul King. A dark essence comes forth from his back and starts a chant to awaken it further.



‘The power of thine eyes which is buried within my organs. Abandon my organs open thyself.’

It seems Ukitake has attracted lung disease from a very young age. A lethal illness that was fated to kill then. But it didn’t. He then goes on to describe Mimihagi sama as a grotesque, one-eyed God, whose legend circulated throughout the “reverse bone” of district. It apparently can bestow divine protection upon those who sacrifice everything but the one eye it already possesses.

The most interesting thing being said is that it is worshipped as the right arm of the Soul King. Ukitake’s parents brought him to Mimihagi’s shrine and offered his lungs as sacrifice.

The captain screams in pain as the Kamikake ritual is going on, creating himself to be a vessel for Mimihagi-sama.

Then, on the final page. Our devious little Captain-commander Kyouraku is about to have a little chat with Aizen Sousuke himself.

Bleach Chapter 615 : All is Lost

Chapter 615: All is Lost
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Okay.. so… things are looking pretty bad. Though Karin seems pretty unfazed and keeps on cleaning the house. Oh well… good to see these two for a few panels.Especially since that little hinting to her seeing ghosts never went anywhere.


Then on the title panel, the Soul King is referred too as the Soubou (twin pupils) because… I don’t really know. Ichigo wonders why he couldn’t stop his body from cutting the Soul King and why he couldn’t simply let go of the blade.

For convenience sake(because that is what it kind of feels like) ywach can, apart from the seeing the future now he can also steal all power. A feature he displayed before when he re-distrubted the power to feed his elite guards that whiped out the rest of the Zero Squad.

Now he can also give his reiatsu to another. This feed the Quincy blood already flowing in Ichigo to cut down the Soul King in ‘anger and revenge’. Ichigo manages to break free from the hold and attacks the Ywach, who questions his reason to fight, as Soul Society has been eradicated.

The people down below wonder what is going, Kisuke’s keen mind realizes what has happened above. The crumbling world means that Soul King’s has died. It seems this distruction will happen everywhere at once.


We go back to the King who interestingly says that the Soul King was created by Soul Society itself to bring stability to the chaotic mess of traffic caused by souls traveling in and out.

Without him in place, everything will return to its former existence Ywach says. What that actually is, is a bit of a guess, but an easy assumption to make is that the earth will return to a cold dead rock in space with no life on it.

Yourichi makes a move to keep the King from moving as she asks Inoue to use her ability to heal the king. Finally someone with a clear head and a good idea.

unfortunately, not even Inoue’s godlike ability can heal the entity that is the Soul King.


Now on the final, page, the final panel, something is happening to Ukitake. Something related to what he and the new Captain Commander were talking about. It already seems it automatically takes effect on his body as something seems to swallow him up.

It could be something related to the Kamikake(devine presence) referred to by Ukitake and Kyouraku in a little convo in chapter 605.

It’s possible it might revert something, putting the soul King back in place and allowing Ichigo another shot at defending its life from Ywach. I’m a bit curious tbh. Ukitake and Kyouraku were part of the Gotei 13 since its inception if I am not mistaken, which means they could haven been around when the Soul King was ‘born’.

It’s interesting to see if this Kamikake is what created the world, Soul Society, Hueco Mundo.. Heaven and hell. It’s possible, the Soul King was a ‘creation’ of Soul Society.

Bleach Manga Chapter 614 : Kill the King

Chapter 614: Kill the King
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Boy.. it’s another one of those chapter that started that has me in dubio. Again was enjoying the first part then going.. urrghh… at the second half… leaving me a bit wordless..

So basically.. things are slowly being set up down below still when Hiyori and the remaining vaizards arrive, Hiyori carrying a canister of goo. Which looks like a liquid, but apparently looks like a liquid but it isn’t. It’s basicly Shinigami Grease(no copyrighted I hope.)

Then Urahara asks them to change their attire to Shinigami robes


Hiyori is quite rebellious about it whilst the others accept the suggestion with no argument. Love just picks her up and drags her with.

So… Urahara is going to create a gateway between where they stand, straight into the Royal Palace grounds. He makes is sounds quite grim, with the possible no way back yadda yadda speech much to the annoyance of Soi Fon… then everybody else…

then comes.. this part..


Team Ichigo and Yourichi and the three ppl that have reason to be facing Ywach, but need to be there.. because Ishida is also there…

And Ywach has activated his Madara mode(the reference has already been made in the comments of my previews summary. Then Ichigo grabs the sword, which enrages his quincy blood… and oh my god… is this really fucking necessary? I don’t even… maybe I shouldn’t write these on Friday night…

Kubo? Answer me next week please…

Bleach Manga Chapter 613: The Ordinary Peace

Chapter 613: The Ordinary Peace
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So, the monk says something odd, in his own thoughts… letting them go have their fight anyway, even though he knows… and Juha knows.. that ‘mere’ humans can’t win against the Quincy King.


Back down on ground level. Ukitake has arrived with Vice Captain Kotetsu and old Yamada-san. The captain’s been running about healing up everybody noting that everybody but Zaraki is able to move again. Of course Zaraki is already back on his feet.

It quickly becomes obvious what he wants to know. Where is Yachiru… Which is still a good question. He decides to go back out but is stopped by Kisuke. Then Nanao Ise, the lt. to Kyouraku stands in front of him reminding him of the responsibilities of his a captain.


And she actually succeeds. Everybody that has assembled(Mayuri still hasn’t bothered showing up yet), every is given an orb, which they must pour their reiatsu into. We wont get a launch yet.

We do, however, see the arrival of Ichigo and co in the palace grounds. Ywach seems a bit annoyed with the monk, who more or less told them to go for it. He doesn’t mince words and tells Ichigo he will die by his hands.

Bleach Manga Chapter 612 : Dirty

Chapter 612: Dirty
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Daddy Issues…


It seems yuhabach is the(or a) son of the Spirit King. THe ‘creature’ has his eyes open but is still within the cocoon. Like Yuhabach it seems the Spirit King can watching in the future aswell. Yuha ends its life by stabbin his blade through the cocoon.

It could be that Yuha is simply mocking the Soul King, but I’m sure we will find out.


Meanwhile, everybody still alive is scrambling to the entry of Mayuri’s lab. Renji and Rukia arrive there. Captain Hirako is already there, wounded, but ok. Oomeada is also there, carrying his little sister around who, amazingly, seems to be able to sleep.

IT seems Hirako used his Zankaptou’s abilites to maximum effect. Soi Fon finally arrives punching her lt. in the gut. She got healed by Hinamori. I have to note though the casual attitude they all seem to have atm. They all got their asses handed to them.

Not many high ranked ppl have made it here, but Shiouin Yuushirou greets them with respect regardless. At first i thought HE was a SHE, but apperently, it’s a boy. And Soi Fon seems to have a thing for Girlish looking boys(here we go Rule34).

Funny to note is that Mayuri told Urahara that the 3rd and 9th division captains will be moving alongside him(I wonder why).


Things are pretty dire still.. but Urahara, is the man with the plan.. sort off… he wants everybody to go up and break in the Soul King’s Palace. Mayuri has already crafted something that can be used and it seems Urahara combined it with something Yuushirou brought call the Tenshiheisou(heavenly gift soldier garment).

The chapter ends with a strange apology from Hyousubei. he apologizes to the humans, saying that YuhaBach cannot be beaten.

Is it because he already was a god? Or that he now has become the one true god, now that he has killed the Soul King.

Bleach Chapter 611 : Death of the Soul King

Chapter 611: Death of the Soul King
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Wasn’t expecting this release. So noticed it too late, so im afraid, no review for this one.

I found this one a bit odd, strange pacing going on.


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