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Bleach Chapter 661: My Last Words

Chapter 661: My Last Words
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Sorry that I missed last week. It was an ok, chapter. Story wise important. I’d have to say that I was happy see that they didnt go the Naruto route of Ishida and Ichigo being enemies. Ishida comes out straight with the fact he is willing to sacrifice himself to save everyone. So good job on that Kubo.

But then this chapter hits… and suddenly everything speeds up. I was expecting a fight between the group and haschwalt. Which is not what we got. Instead Ishida stays behind to fight Haschwalt. Sado and surprise visitor Ganju fight statues(yes… really) and Ichigo and Orihime head onwards toward Ywach.

It’s all getting kinda setup in a way where Orihime will be probably be critical in the defeat of Ywach, due to her abilities of ‘event rejection’ as Aizen used to call it. Ofcourse being who she is, she will just be there for a while sitting in a corner looking as cute as possible with her breasts on show in her overly tight outfit(thanks Urahara).

Also, the fight between Toshiro and Gerard seems completely forgotten… unless you know, Gerard defeats Toshiro and goes up to stop Ichigo, which would not be bad at all. Gives us a chance to see Ichigo having to power up and fight a ‘lower tier’ enemy and gives Ishida the proper fight he deserves facing off with Haschwalt.


Sorry, it turned more into a rant than anything else. I like’s Ishida’s battle face as the fight starts. Other than that, nothing crazy going on. Just a bit confused with Kubo wants to drag this out, or hurry this up. It seems he changes his mind on a weekly basis.

Bleach Chapter 659: There Will Be Frost

Chapter 659: There Will Be Frost
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Gerard and Toshiro share pleasantries before the Gerard ‘The Tower’ ..damn.. I mean the ‘The Miracle’ strikes at him. The Quincy robe wearing Shinigami easily dodges the attack quickly calls out his bankai.


From the initial glance it doesnt looks like it has evolved much. The petals are still there which indicate the time-limited use if they run out, but before things hit off the coverage of the battle ends and switches back the King’s castle after we have a little depressing flashback of Ishida’s past.

Where he decided he would never be a doctor if it meant that he had to mutilate even loved ones. Ishida has been out and about but eventually returns to the castle where Haschwalt has been waiting for him.

The 2nd in commands reminds him the he now possess the abilities of his Mayesty, meaning the power to see into the future.


It didnt take Haschwalt long to see that the young pureblood Quincy has been worrying about something. Ishida reacts shocked thinking that he just got caught. Haschwalt seems content in playing with the young man’s mind.

He then pulling our many thin-rectangle items from his pockets. Something that Ishida spread out all over the place. As far as Haschwalt can analyze the tokens are used in the disintegration in dispersal of reishi.

Haschwalt then draws his blade and lunges at Ishida. The young man dodges the attack through the same hole in a wall that it created where he finds himself in shock again.



Bleach Chapter 658: Fatal Matters Are Cold

Chapter 658: Fatal Matters Are Cold
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Hello, happy new year, I hope you guys/gals are safe and sound. Back to Bleach it is.

We ended the year with two of the Shihouin family striking Ashkin with their own versions of the Shunkou ability. However they failed to kill the Quincy. The slightish arrogant man then declares they just lost their chance to be able to kill him.

His ability is becoming immune to anything he encounters is near-lethal dosis.


Yourichi seems to realized she may have lost any and or all chance to kill him. The young brother Yuushirou attacks him with full power. Yourichi tries to call him back but the young man strikes at Ashkinn. Nothing happens when he attack connects. To Ashkinn though, the attack feels just like a light tap. He pierces the young boy with three arrows through his body.


The scene switches back to Gerard the ‘Tall one’. Oh sorry, the ‘Miracle’. The oddest thing about this part is the sudden appearance of the Vaizards. I had not seen them running along with the other and suddenly they are here. It seems a bit abrupt and unfortuantly it seems like they will be underused again as the quick demise of Renji and co, and Vaizard group seems more like a setup to show off how awesome a certain captain has become.

They first try and setup a sneak attack. I would figure using hollow abilities against Quincy would work well, since apperently they were sort off toxic to it, back when the Shinigami had their Bankai’s stolen. But, at least for Gerard, they do jack-shit. He brushes off a powerfull Cero like its nothing, and even a combined a attacked…


…well… does nothing. Then Toshiro suddenly appears(fan service I guess?). He manages to freeze the man in place.. sorta. The ice-captain is still wearing his Quincy outfit having gone straight back into battle. Im not quite sure how Toshiro’s abilities would counter Gerard ‘the Giant’.. damn.. I mean.. Gerard ‘The Miracle’. But I suppose we will see what happens.

Happy new Year

Just a quick little message for you all.

Happy New Year!

Hope you will continue to enjoy visiting Shannaro.

Bleach Chapter 656: God of Thunder

Chapter 656: God of Thunder
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I enjoyed this chapter again. Glad to see he doesn’t op his way through everybody on his way haschwalt and the King. We are forced to listen to a bit of backstory of Ashkinn taking his sweet time talking to Ichigo who stays pretty darn quiet during the talk.

Gerard is called the “Spirit King’s Heart”. Gerard, alongside pernida always had the strength they have showed. Without Ywach giving them anything. It could very well be true that Gerard-san is considerd the “heart of the Soul King”. He surely is a spirited vocal man. It does make the Spirit King even stranger and stranger.


Because he is pretty much down for the count. Ashkinn keeping him planted on the floor unable to move an inch. Inoue and Chad try and safe him. Ichigo warns them but its too late. They touch the ground and get incapacitated by a super-dense reishi. At least.. he lowered the resistance of his targets to reishi.

Then Yourichi shows up, hanging like a monkey on a piece of rubble. Ashkinn seems totally unimpressed being quite confident in his abilities that even spilling the beans doesnt matter to him at all. Or maybe he is simply disgusted by the sight of such an rude oaf of a woman.


Yourichi doesnt waste time with this guy activating her Shunko, it seems much rougher and more powerfull than last time we saw it. Ashkin, talking like a creep, attack her first firing two arrows at her. Yourichi grabs one, dodges the others before sending the first one right back at him striking him in the shoulder.

Now there is suprise and perhaps some fear in his eyes. She doesnt give him much time to do anything as she readies a powerful blast. Shunkou Raijin Senkei (God of thunder’s war form) hopefully burning him to a crisp.

Cant shake the feeling of wanting to see Yourichi pull out her Zanpaktou. Don’t you?

Bleach Chapter 655: The Miracle

Chapter 655: The Miracle/strong>
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I’m a little bit dissapointed to learn about the ‘simplicity’ of Gerard’s powers. With the schrift ‘M’ The Miracle I somehow expected more. First I’d have to say that Byakuya and Hirako finally used some sense.


Byakuya destroys Gerard’s pretty face. Then again for good measure as they depart, confident they dealt with the threat. Unfortuantly, quite the oppesite is true(what a shocker, right?)

Within seconds Gerard has turned into a hurculean figure. Reminiscent in size of Espada 0 ‘Yammy’ Where rage was his power. In this case Gerard has the ability to take the damage recieved on his body and turn into.. well.. A strong giant. He refers to it as “God Size”


He seems quite delighted with the sheer size he has been turned into and does on the offensive. He enjoys the power he has over his now ‘weak’ opponents. Blowing some away. He stands tall above them watching their knocked out bodies. Here’s hoping Hirako starts using his masks again in battle. We have never really seen him go all-out in combat. I wonder how a creature this tall would be affected by Sakanade.

Bleach Chapter 654: Deadman Standing

Chapter 654: Deadman Standing
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This chapter kinda made me go ugh again. The battle with Barro in the Soul Palace grounds has ended. His wings faded, the last of light raining down… way down to Soul Society. Shunsui has gone as far he can for a while anywayz, his body has taken its toll. Nanao-chan with no doubt stay with him.


Aizen seems to be pretty cozy on his special chair, waiting things out it seems, though I wonder a bit who he is referring to when he says ‘What is he doing out there’. Barro? How does he know about Barro, especially in this released form or does he mean Zombie-Kira who shows up a bit later on.

Barro ofcourse is quite furious when he regains his form, this time many body spawning out from the fall feathers. he starts going out on a mad rampage until his stopped by dear Kira.


The guy I totally forgot about. Im serious. I cannot recall what happened to him, and why he has a gaping hole in his chest. I had to check the wiki ;). He got blasted by Bazz-b if I read back correctly. Barro seems haven been weakened quite a bit seeing how easily his many bodies are disposed off by Kira.

For out last bit of today we go to our new Quincy friend, Gerard. We find him being pushed back by Renji and Byakuya. Ofcourse, we know that he is part of the Elite and we have not seen diddly squat of his true power. His sub-name “The Miracle” it could go all over the place. Then again, we saw Barro’s more clearcut powers go all over the place anyway.


I dare not make any predictions anymore. My closest guess would something along the lines of the ‘Lucky777’ fullbringer. Where his luck saved his ass over and over, by getting a critical hit, or being lucky that the enemy’s weapons breaks. Gerard could be ‘saved’ by miracles all the time. We shall see, shall we not?


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