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Bleach Chapter 653: The Theatre Suicide – Scene 7

Chapter 653: The Theatre Suicide – Scene 7
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The chapters was released a bit late this week, so I could do the same. It seems to be the final chapter of the Theatre Suicide. We start off seeing a bit more of Kyouraku’s past, observing his brother being all lovey dovey with his wife(nanao’s mother). Quite an amusing bit to read.


We are quickly thrown back into the battle with Nanao-chan’s unique Zanpaktou. It is the first time ever that she fought with a sword. She is sweating, her entire body is trembling. With with her God-killing sword. Barro managed to inflict a wound upon her. Nanao’s body fills with fear as she never had fought like this ever before.


Then we come back to the same scene as we ended last week with. Her captain appearing behind her. His presence washing away her fears. Barro pulls on his nose and a trumpet appears. Yes.. it happened just like that basicly. Nanao reflects on her feeling on her captain finding her resolve once again as Barro fires off his most powerfull attack.


The attack so massive it destroys almost the entire platfor but Barro forgot her swords ability it seems. The God’s power being reflected back onto himself. He finds himself cut nearly in half whilst the position Nanao is standing is still intact. His attack was never going to reach him. A fact he realizes as his body starts to crumble he trows a final insult toward Nanao before finally fades away into raindrops made of light.

Bleach Chapter 652: The Theartre Suicide – Scene 6

Chapter 652: The Theartre Suicide – Scene 6
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Sorry I missed out on last weeks review. A decent chapter, where I found out I was wrong in my 650 review. ‘Kyoukotsu’ was not Nanao’s Zankpantou. It was simply hiding it for safekeeping if you will.

Ise Nanao’s true zanpaktou is Shinken Hakkyouken (Devine sword, Eight Mirror Sword). A unique blade passed down from woman to woman of the Ise house. It is not capable or striking down a person, but it was made to face off against gods. Taking the power of the God in its own ‘body’ and then disperse it off into the eight directions.


652aBarro quickly comments how bright the sword is, that he cannot even see it. This is good news for Nanao-chan to hear it, this means that the sword will work on Barro. We go back in time from Nanao’s point of view. Seeing some moments of her past. Quickly linking the man from her childhood to the man she met later in her life. By gifts her mother had given him.

Nanao couldnt form a connection with an Asauchi to become her Zanpaktou due to her being part of the Ise house ofcourse. She did however excel in kidou ending with a spot on squad Eight. With that man again, Kyouraku Shunsui.


Nanao’s blade manages to cut on his arms. It does seem to cut him, though Nanao says he managed to parry it. It could simply be that the sword needs some time to truly come to power. Maybe it will simply repel any attack of the God straight back at it.

For now Barro seems unimpressed and gets ready to whipe her off the map creating a shadow behind her. Shunsui uses the shadow to emerge behind Nanao chan, and help in this fight against Barro. I doubt we’ve seen a glimpse of what this sword is capable off.

“Oh Captain, my Captain.”

Bleach Chapter 650: The Theartre Suicide – Scene 4

Chapter 650: The Theartre Suicide – Scene 4
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I missed 649 because of just being busy, but I had feared beforehand than Barro would pull an Aizen on us and level to yet another different.. which ofcourse he did. I also figured, because that happened. Nanao-chan would show up to save the day.

Well she did show up.. but not quite yet to save the day. A quite interesting truth got revealed regarding Kyouraku’s blades. Before we get there though… Barro has been even further transformed into an dragon-owl-buglegs thing with an absolutely fabulous haircut. Seriously. Look at that hairdo.. it will any woman go wild.


After the usual, despair until next powerup routine he gets all smug and preachie again but even after growing some arms then firing a giant beam out of it… he actually missed. The ever resilient Kyouraku still managing to move out of harms way.

As he sits there he talks to his bankai, who tries to ‘secude’ him to just let himself die and go with her. He seems almost content to do so, but Nanao roughly brings him back much to his own surprise. She then yells to him to give her her Zanpaktou back. A fact that surprises him before his eyes narrow as he thinks back to a past promise. A promise Nanao chan tells him to forget about. A promise he made with her mother.


Barro has quickly found them and blasts another chunk out of the new-built Quincy Palace grounds. Annoyed to find out they ran away again. They have found a dark secluded building to hide in. Kyouraku against questions her about her mother. Which whatever it was, she knew all along. So.. we will probably get a flashback chapter or chapters.

Kyouraku succumbs and finally agrees with her to ‘give it back’.


Yep… so Kyouraku probably never actually fought with Kyoukotsu herself. Just with Sakuranosuke. One could say these Zanpaktou are not actually twins. More like sisters. With Sakuranosuke watching over young Kyoukotsu. Kyoukotsu also being the shorter of the two blades when in an unreleased state. So Kyoukotsu may have Kyouraku in battle(perhaps in only a limited fashion as she never really belonged to him in the first place.

Now that Kyoukotsu is back with Nanao her full potential should come out. The question being, have we seen any of her abilites yet, or was that all simple Kyouraku’s Sakuranosuke.

At the very least it doesn’t seem in the slightest that Kyoukatsu rejects Nanao-chan as she appears behind her, with blade in hand.

Bleach Chapter 648: The Theartre Suicide – Scene 2

Chapter 648: The Theartre Suicide – Scene 2
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At the start of this chapter I was a bit afraid we’d have to wait a while to see Kyouraku’s bankai as the chapter start with Ichigo and Ashkin. The latter finally encountering the target he wanted to face. He got out of the battle unscaved against Grimmjow. Team heroes ofcourse still being blisfully unaware of their enemies abilities.


Before their fight finally starts the skies suddenly go dark. Stopping the two dead in their tracks. The effective range of Kyouraku’s bankai is very large. But it is still a difficult one to discribe. Chad describes the effects of the Bankai as getting the chills. As if expecting something ominous.

We switch back to Barron planting himself on the ground. Kyouraku shows himself not long after asking his enemy for his first impressions.


Barro is anything but impressed saying that a messenger of God does not feel despair. He bolts up in the air and attacks Kyouraku. However something unexpected happens. He feels drops of a liquid on his body, as he looks down he suddenly finds himself severly wounded. A giant cilinder hole in the same place where Kyouraku’s got hit earlier.

“First Dan(rank) – Hesitating sharing of the wound” any wounds you inflict on your opponents body will emerge on your own body as well, as if shared. Just like with the childrens games I would assume it works both ways. But Kyouraku ignores any questions moving straight into rank 2.

“Bed of shame” Now it almost seems that his Bankai has gone from Childrens games to turning folk’s tales into reality. In the 2nd Dan the enemy almost seems to be the main character of a sad story. From that pov  every dan, could be considered a new chapter or paragraph in the story. Kyourarku being an actor and acting as the narrator, with his bankai being the director or writer(if you wil)


The third rank. Both of them sink into what looks to be a depthless ocean as Kyouraku continues the narrate the tale. “Those having resolved themselves cast their bodies into the water gushing fort until both their Reiatsu completely expires.”

Bleach Chapter 647: The Theatre Suicide

Chapter 647: The Theatre Suicide
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I have to say that this chapter was a bit short. It’s really all about the last page.. and the final panel of the page before i guess. That is all you need to know about chapter 647.

Muthafucking Kyouraku bankai!!! muthafucka!

Seriously… Did anyone care about anything else in this chapter. I am pretty sure that Kubo might wait an extra week to show off Kyouraku’s bankai, and use next week to get the battle between the Shinji group vs. Gerard Valyrie ‘M’ – The Miracle.

Anyway… before we get to the good part(the final page) we see that Kyouraku did not manage to evade Barro’s attack. A large chunk of his shoulder has been obliterate aswell as a huge hole in lower abdomen. he is quite annoyed that is still moving so well and being sentimental toward the presence of Nanao chan.


Its proving to be impossible to hide from Barro in his current form. As he gets cornered he moves into a Kidou to see if that does anything. Barro is not concerned about it anyway shape or form. The chapter then take a short break to set up the next battle. The Quincy Gerard has finally found his adversaries.

I found it pretty funny when he flat out ignored anything the shinigami as he goes on his epic intruder speech. The shinigami seems to act pretty lax around him, but with this guy being a part of Ywach special crew. They will be anything but a pushover.


His eyes aren’t quite normal either and I imagine this guy to be quite a powerhouse, who is sure to have some quite bizarre and powerful abilities. With the designation the ‘The Miracle’ it really could go anyway. I hope we get to see more of Shinji’s abilities. We known he has a Hollow mask. We know what Shikai Sakanade. And Urahara know as the other mad scientist. We have never seen his Bankai either.

The chapter then.. finally.. switches back to Kyouraku. He actually scurried around coming back to the platform where they entered whilst doing so. going by his dialogue it didn’t seem quite intentional. Barro seems to give him a moment to be with his own thoughts. He even apologizes to Nanao in case she gets pulled into the aoe of his bankai. Then it’s finally time for him to see what is waiting for him on the other side.


Katen Kyoukotsu Kuromatsu Shinjuu (Secret of the heavenly blossoming madness – Black Pine Double suicide)

Streams of shadows creep over the floor and a feminine figure shrouded in darkness embraces him from behind. It’s a bit hard to see but it looks like its anything but comfortable being embraced by his bankai. I reckon anything and everyone in the operating range is now trapped in the world of his bankai. A world where the normal rules won’t count for anything. Without having shown much at all yet, this one page already sets the mood for a very fearful ability.

Bleach Chapter 646: The Second Eye

Chapter 646: The Second Eye
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Best opening ever :P A great little slapstick opening. As Shinji order everyone to keep moving forwards. Shinji actually has a little motivational speech ending with the phrase: “TO take responsibility for the lives of his soldiers. That is what it means to be the Captain Commander.

With it, we go back to the fight at hand. Kyouraku has managed to cut Barro’s sword. It doesn’t hinder the QUincy much, since he can just fix it back up again using his Reishi as he explains to Kyouraku. The ever devious man, Kyouraku, abuses the tiny laps in concentration to get behind him and attack Barro.

He goes on a continuous barrage ending with a swarm of shadows attacking him. All the illusions not being able to hurt him, but a blade did pierce his chest. Fight over, right?


No, of course not. Remember when I said this guy would have to pull out an ass-hat cheat power? well, that is kinda what happened. He opened his closed eye for the third time. Allowing him to use the true essence of the X-axis power. Meaning his bullets will still go through his enemies body, and the enemy’s sword will pass right through his.

According to the rules(probably set by Ywach) once his eyes opens for the third time, he is allowed to use it for the remainder of the battle he is in. Barro says he is the final Quincy to be bestowed power by his Majesty. His finest creation(Kanye ‘X-axis’ West). A man with powers close to a gods. His opened eyes goes pure white, his body engulfed by a shining light showing the Quincy cross.


He emerges in quite a strange form. For some reason it reminded me a bit of the Espada Zommari Rureaux(The eye guy). Barro’s form is called “Zyrael” which apparently is translated to “Gods Judgement”.

With an unknown ability he freezes Kyouraku in place before three of the holes in one of his wings light up and connect with Kyouraku. Time for the Captain Commander to pull an ass-hat manoeuver of his own.

I really hope he releases his Bankai.

Bleach Chapter 645: Don’t Chase a Shadow

Chapter 645: Don’t Chase a Shadow
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Well.. I am pretty exited about this little pair up. Well, I don’t really care who Kyouraku is fighting, finally seeing what he can truely do will be exiting. In some ways his Zanpaktou and the way he wants to ‘play’ with his opponents make him quite the wicked man.

Barro wonders how the Commander has gotten her so fast, but doesn’t have to wonder long as Kyouraku starts to explain the rules of the game; Daruma-san fell over. Before that he reserves some time to chat with Nanao, his vice-captain, still staying beside him. She ends up leaving the fight to inform before she will return. Given the nature of his Zanpaktou she could very well play a part in this fight as she could end up being another pawn on the board.


Barro already know his enemies abilities. Now that is something Kyouraku doesn’t really care about as he usually explains everything anyways. Barro interrupts Kyouraku’s explanation of the game’s rules and continues analyzing with almost perfect accuracy. Much to the delight of Kyouraku it seems.

Quite amused indeed to his opponents learns the games of the rules so quickly. He then goes on to say. “It’s only when be both know the rules one can call it a ‘game’ wouldnt you agree.”

This comments puts Barro on edge, as it should. They Kyouraku gives him even more information, by telling he managed to trick Barro’s senses by leaving a ‘copy’ of himself using his reiatsu. He then announces his status as Captain Commander of the Gotei 13. Then, staying true to his style, he goes on the attack again without giving his opponent much time.


Barro breaks of a bit of his gun and anticipates his move, blasting Kyouraku through the chest. Or does he? He quickly sees Kyouraku’s Kageoni appear from the ground, successfully dodging the attack. After a short exchange of words where Barro or Varo(depending on which translation your grab) says his ability once more. Being able to shoot through anything and everything. He then quickly shoots Kyouraku again.

But again.. it is just one of his shadows. THe more powerful his opponent is, the more life-like the after-images are. The line he ends with is pretty goddamn good. I’m sure Barro will have his hands full.



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