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Naruto Loves Hina

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Ws here first of all this is no naruhina blog this is a continuation on my suggestion blogs, i decided to do one for the girls so i asked some of them what’s a good one and Love hina was the winner. Love Hina is created by Akamatsu Ken, he also created Mahou Sensei Negima.


Toudai: the name of the best university in all japan.


Keitaro Urashima is a guy that pretty much fails at everything but because of a promise with a childhood friend he decides to enter Toudai, his parents kicked him out cause he has failed the exam twice already and now he works as the manager of his grandma’s female dormitory.


Urashima Keitaro

The manager of Hinata sou he wants to get into Toudai but he sucks at studying so he already failed the test twice, he is also thought to be a pervert because he always has a bad timing for doing stuff. he’s also said to be immortal, he gets beaten up by the residents all the time but survives. he made a promise with his childhood frient to get into toudai but he forgot the name and face of the girl.

Narusegawa Naru

one of the residents of the dorm, she also tries to enter Toudai and helps keitaro with studying. she is one of the smartest people in japan being ranked first on a national exam. she beats up keitaro lots of times. her room is above keitaro’s and cause of a hole in the floor they can communicate more easily. this is dangerous for keitaro cause he mostly looks when naru’s about to change.

Shinobu Maehara

the youngest resident, she is very good in cooking and other houseworks. she also has a crush on Keitaro and this often results in keitaro getting beat up thinking he’s trying to seduce her.

Mitsune Konno

the eldest of the girls the live in the dorm. she is drunk most of the time and later takes over Haruka’s shop. her nickname is kitsune which means fox

Motoko Aoyama

One of the girls that lives in the dorm she’s a specialist in sword techniques, she often beat Keitaro up when he “peeks” on the girls in the bath. Its shown that she’s afraid of turtles like tama.

Su Koalla

A girl from africa she’s studying in japan and often beats up keitaro for no reason at all. she’s also shown to be technical, she made a lot of mecha tama’s with weapons that cause trouble all the time. she loves to eat different things often trying to eat tamago.

Urashima Haruka

Keitaro’s aunt, she owns a shop that’s right next to the dorms, it’s also been shown that she’s an expert in martial arts when she beat up Seta.

Otohime Mutsumi

A girl from south japan she loves watermellons and sake, she’s also quite the idiot and has health problems which cause her to pass out often in the middle of the road and then get hit by a car. she’s been shown in keitaro’s memories.


A hot spring turtle that’s keitaro’s pet Mutsumi is the one who gave it to him and it can fly. Kaolla often tries to eat him.

Noriyasu Seta

Archeology teacher a Toudai, he is an expert at martial arts and sucks at driving often crashing his car. Just like Haruna he’s almost always seen smoking.

Sarah McDougal

Seta’s doughter, her mom unfortunately passed away. She stays at the dorms for the time being because Seta is always digging for treasures. Just like Kaolla she beats up Keitaro for no reason (both of them often attack at the same time).

Urashima Kanako

Keitaro’s (half) sister, she has a crush on keitaro and takes over the droms for a while when keitaro’s gone. She renovates the place and wants to meke it into an inn. she also loves to cosplay and often confuses everyone when she turns into naru.


sorry no comparing this time the mangas are just waay to different for stuff like that.

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