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The clock shows 12:22 pm.

He starts typing.

He knows that right now all around the world people from different religions, ethnicities, and backgrounds may be tuning in. But that does not matter. Different religions, ethnicities, and backgrounds were never an issue. What mattered were the ideas and the freedom of expression that this website allowed. There will be countless chatter in the Shoutbox about the most recent events in people’s lives. The community will chime and comment on the most recent ‘happenings’ and open new questions for discussion. The vitality of the place never ceased to amaze, stimulate, and bring people together… united. Normally, he will read along and participate in the conversation, but he has been away for a while. Today it is not his agenda to participate in chat. Today, after many months of silence: Guruku writes.

There isn’t a single person on this site not guilty of spending hours and hours on the World Wide Web. And of all the websites that he could have visited; he came across a website that was unlike any other. Call it fate if you will, but he was able to find this one site from the hundreds and hundreds of websites alike. This particular website did not necessarily have the largest traffic flow but it did catch the sparkle of its members like a child staring up at a floating balloon in pure wonder. This site captured the imagination of its community members and allowed for an outlet of creativity. And upon stumbling across the website, he realized that this website had more heart and potential than any other. This community will soon be a new home and a great one to share and meet people of a common interest. This great community was Narutohurricane.

The website was no secret though. There were many before him, known as the ‘veteran writers’ or the ‘OG crew’. These noble community members were similar to the first hokages’. They were the ones that set the foundation and wrote the bylaws. They were the ones that single handedly, piece by piece, built the community from nothing into the fruitful evergreens it now stands. This community will be nowhere without these legends so when you get a chance, make sure you recognize them for their valiant efforts. For too long they sit in the shadows, but do your best in welcoming them back if they poke there heads in from time to time. You never know… they may be more than happy to strike up a fancy conversation. Guruku thanks them for piecing together this grand community.

Narutohurricane was anything its members wanted it to be. And He saw that in the site; it was a canvas for Guruku’s creative outlet. At first, it started off with simple letters, formulated into words and phrases which turned into rants – members responded. The creative outlet flowed and the elated enjoyment of writing blogs started to show even more. He wrote and they commented. Together the community enjoyed the company of one another, and the spirit and the ‘want’ to write escalated. More and more, the directions and possibilities of blogs grew. Guruku wanted to be as creative as possible attempting to make it fun and entertaining with as much games, pictures, motion gifs, forum chats, and thought-provoking discussion questions as possible. His works spanned across all genres and he hoped that it touched as many people as possible. His underlining objective at all times was always to serve others, to teach, and to have fun. Everyone in the community advanced together. The community flourished together.

There were a few pit stops along the way; but nothing stopped the heart and the compassion of its members from keeping the spirit of Shannaro alive. The community worked hard. Narutohurricane’s members never shied away from contributing in their free time to help lead discussion, participate in contests, or even write group blogs. To Guruku, this unwavering spirit will live on as one of the greatest things that brings us together. These unforgettable chapters were written at Narutohurricane on a daily basis by contributors from all over the world with a common interest bounded with mutual respect. Narutohurricane – Shannaro – United with respect.

I love narutohurricane. I have spent more hours on this site than any other single Naruto fan site. I have worked hard for this site; written blogs, comments, and forums; created banners, pictures, and logos; and through it all I have enjoyed every moment of it. I have enjoyed this journey with you all; the members of Shannaro and the community at large. You have brought me many great memories. But I can no longer lie to myself nor the citizens of Shannaro claiming or anticipating my next blog as an author. I have had the chance to work with the best of you and I thank you for that. Alas, this new chapter of Narutohurricane will be written without me, as the 15th inducted author at a total of 43 blogs – Guruku officially retires.

I am uncertain where this community will lead towards as I leave. Maybe things will be lively, maybe things will be quiet, maybe there will be a solemn tone. But, hopefully there will be a continuation of the creativity, vast discussions, and communal respect that I saw when I first came to discover Shannaro. All I know is … It is time for the next generation to take over. And that… is yet to be written.

I challenge you to find something worth dying for... and in return, live for it!

I challenge you to find something worth dying for... and in return, live for it!

Your’s truly,

::He clicks ‘schedule’ for the last time::

Hokage Desk

Forward to Desk of Hokage: If you’ve ever done research through newspapers and article clippings you will find valuable information from the most random things. You may look at an article, advertisement, or the classified ads, and you will be able to piece together a story with a little bit of imagination. This series is exactly that, it is my attempt to re-fabricate the publications from Konoha, as well as potentially ‘stolen’ information from the desk of the Hokage to piece together some background storyline of Naruto. I hope that this series will provide insight to many background factors of Konoha that many of us do not consider and help bring Konoha to life. Also, feel free to create your own judgments from the fabricated articles, pictures, and clippings I have created and see if you can match up a story for this time frame. So, let us take a journey into the world of Konoha and pretend that we are taking part in these publications. A whole new era of Naruto story telling has begun! – Sincerely, Guruku

Bits of information stolen from the Desk of the Hokage and excerpts from the local Konoha Newsletter.
Post Author: Guruku

*Newspaper Undercover Report*
Who is Yamato!
Yamato has recently graduated and become a Jonin Squad Leader. Little is known about Yamato, but he is now eligible to man his own 4 man team, and will proudly serve Konoha. Yamato has recently been seen escorting and working with Naruto and Sakura, formerly of Team 7. Another ninja known as Sai also joined Team 7 under Yamato’s guidance. Little is known about Sai. Hatake Kakashi, also known as the genius Copy Ninja Kakashi, is normally in charge of team 7; yet, seems to be nonchalant about Yamato taking over. Recently, the teams actions have been hidden and secretive. However, our undercover operatives suggests that the team is expanding considering Yamato as a possible substitute for Kakashi. Could Kakashi be promoted to a higher position? Or is Yamato merely assisting Kakashi since Kakashi has taken ill quite a few times this past few months? Our reporter has taken the… (Cont. on Page 4)

*Secret Ninja Classified Files*

*Notes stolen from the desk of Tsunade*
Name: Danzou
Hidden Village: Leaf Village
Rank: Jounin
Notable Features: Bandages over his right eye, missing his right arm
Status: 24/7 Surveillance
Within the ANBU corps., Danzo created and led the training of “Ne” also known as “Root”. Danzo was the former Military General to the Hokage, and is now an advisor. He is aggressive in war and prefers it over peace. He is known to have an iron-clad method of teaching and has been seen in the militaristic manner he trained Root. Following the ninja code of not feeling emotions during a battle, Root, has eliminated all forms of emotions as a training method to increase the success rate of its’ ninjas. However, as the time has progressed, ideas of morality play into its factors. Currently, the Root organization has been disbanded; however, it’s members are seen congregating and meeting in suspicious behavior. Speculations of foul play.
Tsunade’s Notes: An ANBU team has been assigned to keep their eyes on Danzou…. he is on a 24/7 surveillance…. Jiraiya and I discussed about his actions for… speculate his actions are regar… (food stains make rest undecipherable)

*Newspaper clipping*
The Nijū Shotai
Tsunade has officially released and announced the formation of the Niju Shotai: A 20 platoon 4 -cell organization to track down and eliminate the Akatsuki threat. The Niju Shotai consists of 20% of the villages S-Rank, Elite, and Jounin level nin’s. This has been the largest formation for one official cause in many years. Tsunade explains, “Our police force and Leaf Nin’s are on Yellow alert right now. Our villagers should not worry, we have taken measures to ensure the safety and the will of the fire will overcome!” What courageous and uplifting words from our Fifth Hokage! (More information on The Niju Shotai turn to page 4)

*Newspaper article*
Haunted Forest?

Villagers are scared of the nearby Deer Forest and says, “It is a haunted forest!” Lately, villagers have been getting scared over the Deer Forest claiming they hear screams and ghostly sounds within the Forest. There has been more than 12 reports of screams, curses, and other ghostly sounds emanating from the Deer Forest recently. No one knows where or what the sounds are from; however, some villagers like Gankure (age 17) claim, “It sounds like someone is constantly cursing, and screaming to someone named, Jashin.”
The Deer Forest is the center of many medical plants and animals. The extracts from the plants and the local deer antlers have been known to save many lives from the medicine it makes. The Deer Forest is home to 70 different herbal plants, and have helped Konoha with 110 different herbal medicines. The Nara Clan is the clan that moderates and generally maintains the Forest. The Nara Clan has been in charge of the Forest for ages and ages. However, the Nara clan denies any claims of the Haunted forest. Who is Jashin? And what are all the cries that villagers are hearing? Perhaps, it is just a forgotten figment of our imaginations.

*Konoha Library*

*Newspaper article*
Something’s Froggy
An unexplained amount of Toads and Frogs have been seen in the outskirts of Konoha Memorial. There has been an unexplained number of toads and frogs congregating around Konoha Memorial just outside of Konoha’s main villages. These amphibians of various sizes and colors are not native to these lands have become a weird growing phenomenon in Konoha. Many of the frogs are making noises like, “Gama” and “Jirai-Jirai” and our reporters think they are simply adorable. Some villagers claim that the growing size is a problem; however, there is no reason to be alarmed for the toads are not doing anything dangerous, they are merely sitting there as if they were meditating. One villager claims, “They are praying.” We gathered our reporters and analysts to take a look at the site and the only conclusions we could make were that these non-native toads may be the result of de-forestation. Now de-forestation is… (continued on page 5)

*Restaurant advertisement*

The pink thing is to symbolize a tear in a piece of paper, as if the information was stolen from scraps of paper. Get it?! Kukuku… I hope everyone can read this well enough!
(C) Guruku 2008

New Rank System

A new Rank and Team System has been introduced. Currently in beta form. Check it out!

Navigate to the page here: https://shannaro.wordpress.com/rank-system-20/
and it is also available up top!




… and another week of waiting… tune in throughout this week…
you’ll want to see what shannaro has in store…

CHAKRA – breakdown

Post Author: Guruku

Post Author: Guruku

Chakra Breakdown

REAL WORLD – Chakra is said to have originated from Indian medicine although it has been adopted and developed to fit many different cultures and traditions. Chakra is described to be a vortex of energy from the center of different focal points throughout the physical body. There are seven major chakras which supports the physical body parts such as nerves and organs. The use of chakra is believed to help power, insight, intuition, will, and spiritual awareness. The chakras within physical properties are supposed to bring a new sense of awareness connecting to higher spiritual nature for the individual.

The general outline of the 7 Chakras are as follows:




True Color


Crown of Head

Totality of Beingness. Spiritual Perfection.



Forehead (3rd Eye)

Visualization. Psychic Sight.



Pit of Throat

Communication. Creative Expression.




Universal Love. Compassion. Empathy.



Solar Plexus

Creation of Self. Perception and Projection of Self.



Sacral (Pubic)

Desire, Including Sexual Energy.



Base of Spine

Physical Vitality. Survival.


In the real world, many of us have never considered chakra to be a part of our lives. Apparently, there is an entire discipline devoted to real-world chakra and the use of it for spiritual awareness, medical healing, and personal increase in power. We can learn a lot from the real-world applications of Chakra compared to the Naruto world of Chakra.

Chakra tester – just for fun! Try this chakra test out and see what chakra results you receive! http://www.eclecticenergies.com/chakras/chakratest.php


NARUTO WORLD – When we are first introduced to chakra in Naruto:

We briefly learned about the chakra, the nature of chakra, the gates of chakra, and even the chakra elements. There is a WORLD of chakra that was introduced to us…

Chakra Paper:

To understand what element of nature chakra each ninja is naturally geared towards there is a chakra paper that was developed in the ninja world. The chakra paper was described as been fed neutral chakra for a long time in order to have these properties. The Chakra paper is designed to take the characteristics of the element of its user.

8 Gates of Chakra:

The 8 Gates acts as a restraint on Chakra usage. With these restraints Naruto already has incredible chakra... what about without it?

The 8 Gates acts as a restraint on Chakra usage. With these restraints Naruto already has incredible chakra... what about without it?

Chakra Sensor:

Karin is she possibly a Chakra Sensor type? How does Ninjas do such a thing?

Karin is she possibly a Chakra Sensor type? How does Ninja's acquire the ability to sense chakra?

Chakra Absorbers:

There are variations of chakra absorbers out there. Lets take a look at the few that we’ve seen:

Yoroi – Sasuke’s opponent in Prelim-Chakra absorbing Hand

Yoroi uses his hands to absorb chakra

Yoroi uses his hands to absorb chakra

Jiroubou’s Doton Kekkai Doroutoumu Jutsu – Clay Prison Jutsu -Chakra absorbing Prison

Jiroubou from the Sound 5 uses the clay prison as a chakra absorber

Jiroubou from the Sound 5 uses the clay prison as a chakra absorber

Samehada – Seven Swordsmen -Chakra absorbing Sword

Kisames Samehada easily chews up chakra... How much Chakra does Kisame have to yield such a weapon?

Kisame's Samehada easily chews up chakra... How much Chakra does Kisame have to yield such a weapon?

Gakidou (Hungry Ghost) – Frog Pein -Chakra absorbing entire body

The Hungry Ghost of Pein takes Chakra absorption to the highest level. Was able to stop Narutos Chakra level.

The Hungry Ghost of Pein takes Chakra absorption to the highest level -throughout his entire body. Was able to stop Naruto's Nature Chakra level.

Senjutsu – Nature Chakra – Chakra absorb from ALL nature sources

The most recent addition to the Naruto chakra world is the Nature Chakra. Also known as the Senjutsu Chakra, the Nature Chakra is very difficult to master and only few can grasp its incredible amounts of chakra power.

The Senjutsu (Nature Chakra) is the most difficult chakra to master because Nature Chakra is everywhere and you are able to absorb power from any source. Well done Naruto!

The Senjutsu (Nature Chakra) is the most difficult chakra to master because Nature Chakra is everywhere and you are able to absorb power from any source. Well done Naruto!

We’ve seen quite a few variations in Chakra, chakra gates, chakra absorbers, chakra everything…  But what is most interesting is trying to figure out HOW these chakra abilities exist or CAN exist in Naruto. I leave you with these questions Shannaro:

– How are ninjas capable of ABSORBING other’s chakras.
– How does a ninja SENSE chakra? And if Karin is able to sense chakra, how does she know it belongs to a certain person?
– Does Chakra emit a type of smell or way to identify from person to person? i.e. Naruto not feeling Kakashi’s chakra.
– How much Chakra does Kisame have to weild, a chakra absorbing sword- Samehada?
– If ninjas are capable of absorbing Nature Chakra, does that mean Nature emits chakra?
– Are there any similarities from the Naruto world and the real world of Chakra?
– How do you think Chakra can be helpful in the real world?

--- Bow Chaka - rah rah! Shout out to NTG and her Hugs of Doom! ---

Summons – Further analysis

Post Author - Guruku

Summons – Further analysis

I gotta give SSJ Sasuke credit for bringing sexy back. A while back he wrote a blog discussing Summons and Creatures. I was fortunate enough for him to give me credit for a blog I posted a while back and I would like to return the favor in this one. SSJ Sasuke provided analysis on the mental/intellectual state of the Summoned Creatures and gave us many great questions. Our deduction was that there are potentially Animal Summons aside from the Toads that have special techniques and powerful mastery of nature chakra.I would like to put in some further analysis…

Even though there may be other Animal Sages the problem is…

The animal summons do not allow the average Joe to get the animal techniques!!!

So how is Naruto fortunate enough to get those techniques? Consider it like joining a secret organization like the Freemasonry. The normal guy doesn’t automatically win the rights to use the organization’s name; nor will the Freemasonry give away its secrets haphazardly. In order to be even considered, the process is grueling, rigorous, difficult, and long. For starters, think of the contract signed in blood like a real written agreement between you and an organization. The document will hold you accountable to its terms and agreements, and only through a period of trail will you be taught the secrets of the organization. The secret organization also has a set of values and history that you must adopt and learn. You will also have to believe in their values and share the same passions for the organization. However, at the end, once you’ve gained their respect, learned the rules, and adopted the values, you get its rewards. In the case of Naruto, you are allowed on their secret grounds, you are taught their sage techniques, and you are allowed to proudly represent the Toad Community.

However, the praise and potential power that may come from the innumerable powers of animal sages alike has an underlining message with potentially grave circumstances. Again, not every average Joe is able to pass all the grueling tests that come before achieving the Sage power. Only special ninjas like Naruto can go to the oil fountain in Myouboku Mountain and become a sage. Not because Naruto is focused and driven, or the main character. And not because he has great connections, has the most skills, or has the most chakra. It is because Naruto is the most selfless ninja to not realize personal danger; and not realize that the waterfall that he was at is a fancy cemetery. The fancy cemetery, in reality, was potentially also Naruto’s burial ground. Yes, in reality, Naruto was practicing in a cemetery where hundreds of people attempted to learn the secrets of Toad Sage. Countless deaths have occurred in the pursuit of power and only few have triumphed. The likelihood of perfecting one animal’s sage technique is low enough to have difficulty considering a single individual ninja to perfect multiple.

At Myouboku Mountain Naruto Trains fearlessly

At Myouboku Mountain Naruto Trains fearlessly

Even though death by solidification into a rock statue seems like a grueling ending enough for any one person, it may still be considered an easy way at death. A potentially worse circumstance for joining the secret animal summoning organization is the total embodiment of the animal itself. Take for example, Orochimaru and the horrible monster he became. He might be the epitome of a summoning pact gone awry. Orochimaru, in his efforts to learn and perfect every jutsu, has mastered the Sage techniques of the Snake. However, the Sage Snake technique came with many side effects. Orochimaru’s claim towards power made him a mere fragment of his former human self and more and more like the embodiment of a snake itself.

Orochimarus Snake Sage gone awry

Orochimaru's Snake Sage gone awry

It may seem like a nightmare for most people because snakes tend to have a bad reputation. An animal summon may typically lean towards a specific side of good or evil; however, there must always be an opposite. In fact, becoming a snake may not seem too bad for people that like snakes. What if there was a GOOD snake summon? We must also consider the fact that, in the Ninja world, there are yin and yang sides. Yes, I am saying that there may potentially be a good Snake Sage. Therefore, I am also saying that there may also be an opposite counterpart of Ma and Pa; an evil Sage Toad Couple if you will. This brings things into a whole new perspective because this means there is potentially an Evil Sage Toad and we may actually see the Good side of Snake Summons from our newly returning Sasuke. (maybe?) (Side note: my theory why the Seven headed Snake Hydra came out of Sasuke during his battle with Itachi was because it was the pure evil side/yin of the snake summon releasing itself and Itachi had essentially done the same thing the Fourth did for Naruto… seal the yin and the yang/Good remains… more to come in future blogs)

Now, another thing that is not discussed often is the usability/compatibility of the summoned animal. What I mean by “usability and compatibility,” is the summon and its “usefulness” or “compatibility” to fit into the situation of its summoner. Still confused? In general, how does one summon a Toad that is a defense toad versus an offensive toad? How does a ninja know how to summon a fire-breathing toad as opposed to a toad that is useful aquatically? I pondered on this question for a long time until the answer dawned on me: emotion mixed with chakra! Aside from the amount of chakra making a generally more powerful summon, the emotion helps determine the summons usability/compatibility to the situation. When the summoner is in danger and needs assistance; the natural feeling of urgency and worry will automatically seep through the contract, and will automatically determine the usefulness and compatible summon to assist you in your area of need. Think of it like the worlds BEST customer service number you can EVER call; however, the one providing you the service is an animal and the price to dial is a drop of blood and handseals. It makes sense because, that is why Naruto had a difficult time summoning a proper toad in the beginning. Naruto was always letting his emotions run wild and not keeping himself composed and collected (not to mention the chakra ordeal). It wasn’t until he was pressed with emotional urgency for his life was he able to appropriately summon the right amount of chakra and emotion to properly summon the best suited Toad for the right occasion.

Naruto Scared

Naruto is emotionally scared

Summons are determined based on emotions

Summons are determined based on emotions

In short, even though there are potentially powerful sage animals out there, there may not be another ninja out there that can possess the powers that Naruto mastered. Even if other ninjas out there mastered their summons’ special sage techniques, there are consequences that comes with mastering the techniques. Consequences include physical and mental changes in the human body; in Orochimaru’s case, he had both problems and became a nutjob. The possibility of having one ninja master multiple Sage techniques from different animals is extremely rare. Also, the animals have conflicting values which restricts a single person to adopt the same values of a vegetarian turtle AND a carnivorous wilderbeast. Balancing different Sages techniques from different classifications of animals will be incredibly difficult. And on a side note, summons are emotionally based and summoned to fit its masters’ needs based on emotional circumstance. I hope this was an enjoyable read.

—Summons… the best customer service you’ll NEVER have—

King Me!

King Me!

Post Author: Guruku

I enjoy chess. It involves a lot of strategy, planning, and careful observation of your opponent. It also involves understanding the functions of all the pieces, their abilities, and the importance of each piece. However, there was one piece that always perplexed me: The King. Why was the most important piece only able to move a single space at a time? If anything, the King should be a master of its domain and glide through the playing field like the graceful Queen, or jump over enemies with a stealthy attack like the Knight. Yet, I felt that the King was nothing more than a lazy single-square moving piece. If anything, the King was a coward. The King required a special ‘Castle’ to hide behind, and must shy away at the simple shout of “check“. For some time I wanted to introduce a new color to the black and white game of chess; A yellow King to match its yellow personality. It was very difficult to understand the function of the King.

Yellow King?

Yellow King?

However, as Asuma has introduced, by considering the King chess piece to be the next generation to take charge of the world, my entire notion of the game changed. By applying this analogy the game of chess takes on a whole new meaning. My duty as a chess player became simple; protect the King and ensure the survival of the future generation. This task seems simple enough in the game of chess; you pick up pieces, and you move it to another square. When a piece is lost, it doesn’t matter because you continue to play. You change your tactics, you devise a new plan, you continue to play… and even when the final piece is lost or won, you shake hands with your opponent and you can always play again, the fact is: a game of chess is still just a game of chess.

Shikamaru ponders over a game of Shogi

Shikamaru ponders over a game of Shogi

The game of Chess is just a game. However, imagine if you must LIVE this game. If we realistically adopted Asuma’s analogy of the King being the next generation and it is our duty to protect it. How would you react? Living this analogy provides a whole new perspective for us. If you were a pawn would you knowingly step out into the scary battlefield knowing that there are powerful pieces out there like the rook, knight, bishop, or queen? Would you, as a pawn, be willing to fight and sacrifice yourself to possibly ensure the survival of the next generation? As a pawn, would you be willing to take that initial leap? That is a question that many of us have to ask of ourselves… Let’s not forget, within every pawn is the ability to be promoted to a powerful Knight or even a Queen.

The fact is, we must become “Kings” ourselves. We must take charge, and be the change in the world that we would like to see. Even if we are not that ‘powerful’ like the Queen, Bishop, or Rook, we must still be courageous. And even if we can only take one step at a time; as Kings, we must still step forward. In the game of chess, we can practice over and over again new strategies to ensure the future victory of our next generation. And when we win a game it is an unbelievable feeling to call: “Checkmate” as a signal for the guaranteed victory of our generation. However, in real life, you only get one chance; so step forward my King… Step forward and set a good example – Kings of the next generation!

Welcome new class of Shannaro 09! Narutards Unite!