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The Coming Storm

Post Author: DarkLurker_4thLegacy

Hey everyone I know I took an uber long break from writing and i know I’ve kept you all waiting I hope this can begin to make up for the wait.

The Coming Storm

The Konoha 7 have made it back to the village after successfully completing their mission to find and eliminate Pein after he had single-handedly killed the last remaining sannins. The team present themselves to the 6th Hokage Hatake Kakashi. Yamato, Shikamaru and Naruto are the ones to make the report. Once they are done, Kakashi dismisses the group but asks Naruto to stay awhile.

“Naruto, since becoming Hokage I have been thinking of your progress as a ninja…”-Kakashi
“Huh? What do you mean Kakashi-sensei?? -Naruto
“With all the missions you have been on some of the very dangerous one you are still a genin….and your skills have developed a lot, far beyond you chunin counterparts and with this latest mission you were a squad leader”-Kakashi
“I have spoken to my council and to a few of the village elders and we are in agreement that you will be graduated to chunin rank-Kakashi

“Chunin! Why only chunin? Come on you said it yourself that I’ve improved well beyond the other guys so why not Jounin!!?-Naruto

“Naruto!!! You’re not a Jounin for the very same reason you are complaining now. Take an example from the other Jounins around the village. Check out Neji….you can’t be a Jounin with those childish tendencies, Show me that you’ve grown up and we can discuss you becoming a Jounin!!! Now dismissed! -Kakashi

On the streets of Konoha an angry NAruto is walking off steam and runs into Sakura.
“Hey Naruto, how’d it go with Kakashi?”-Sakura
“Ahhh I don’t wanna talk about it, I just want to be alone for awhile, ok Sakura?”-Naruto
“Ohh….ok. I understand”-Sakura
Naruto spends the rest of the evening and most of the night thinking about what Kakashi said and who his childish antics had landed him in problems before. He ponders if this is why Sasuke doesn’t see him as an equal.

In a dark cave Madara is speaking with Sasuke.
“We will have to make our move on Konoha soon…”-Madara
“I never thought fulfilling my plans would have cost so much….”Madara thinking
“We will need the members of your team to continue our plans, I hope their as good as you say”-Madara
“We are more than enough to destroy Konoha”-Blood red sharingan eyes stare from the darkness as Sasuke replies.
“Well, before we can get the nine-tails we must retrieve the eight-tails”-Madara
“We will get it done”-Sasuke
“Thats a bit out of character for you..volunteering”-Madara
“Let’s just say I want to test something”-Sasuke activating his MS
“Very well…get it done”-Madara

“Do you believe they are capable of taking down the eight-tails?”-Zetsu
“Plus don’t forget that the vessel is the Raikage’s little brother, Cloud will not take losing their second Bijuu lightly”-Zetsu
“Relax…shogi would be a very different game without pawns….besides this is a good test of their skills, if they survive we have a better chance when we attack Konoha.”-Madara
“Did you recover the bodies?”-Madara
“It was too late to save Konan but the jutsu worked on Kisame”-Zetsu
“Humm, that’s good. I guess that they both died, again thanks to Kisame’s incredible chakra reserves he pulled through”-Madara
Zetsu vision begins to blur
“Are you alright?”-Madara
“The jutsu was difficult this time, I need to rest”-Zetsu
“Very well you did fine..go”-Madara

Dawn breaks back at the village and Naruto has not slept a wink. He has read over the scroll left him by Yondaime yet again…he wishes he had gotten a chance to know his parent properly but it is no time to daydream. Sakura is outside his window, she relays a message that they are needed desperately at the Hokage’s mansion. On their way Naruto tries to find out what the urgency is but Sakura tells him she does not know.

“We received word that Sasuke has been seen in the land of Cloud!-Kakashi
“Great, so what are we waiting for let’s go get him!!-Naruto
“Not so fast Naruto…! That’s not all…he’s not alone he is apart of a 5 man team……
…..they are all apart of Akatsuki.”-Kakashi
“What? No way!”-Naruto and Sakura
“It is believed that they are there to retrieve the eight-tailed beast whose host is from the land of Cloud. In fact he’s the Raikage’s little brother.”-Kakashi
“When we got this message I dispatched an ANBU team to lend assistance but they may not get there in time, so we have to operate as though you are the last objective of Akatsuki now Naruto. It doesn’t make sense to send you on this mission to capture Sasuke when eventually he’ll be coming here quite possibly for you…”-Kakashi
“So you think Sasuke has joined up with those guys? I can’t believe it, I won’t believe it. Sasuke is not like that!!”-Naruto

Sakura tries to calm him down but he storm out of the office. “Let him go Sakura, this is something he must handle himself.”-Kakashi
“Do you really believe Sasuke would turn against his village?”-Sakura
“There is a more sinister hand at work, the more I think about it the more I believe it is true, someone in Akatsuki got to Sasuke after Itachi died, someone with greater influence than Sasuke’s own brother. I have been reading through the 5th’s notes and it seems that she knew who that person might be, and thought it might be someone in Sasuke’s bloodline, but not Itachi…….hummm I’ll have to give this greater thought now. If it is who I am guessing, then we are in much bigger trouble than I thought”-Kakashi
“Go see if you can cheer him up for me”-Kakashi
“Yes!”-Saskura as she runs off.

This was DarkLurker’s last completed fanfic before he passed away. True to his name, this is a lasting legacy which he has left us. I believe one of the fellow authors will be finishing off this series in tribute to his memory. Rest in Peace, DL, and Narutard Forever!! SHANNARO!!!  -Bob

Fall of Pein, Rise of the Whirlpool, Part 7

Fall of Pein, Rise of the Whirlpool
Post Author: DarkLurker_4thLegacy

Part 1
| Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Death Under the howling blood-red moon

With no more bodies at his disposal, this fight has come down to the wire.

“Now with one blow I will avenge my sensei and Hokage. “-Naruto

“Humph you don’t think I am that much of a push over do you boy?”-Pein

“I’ll admit you are much stronger than I ever anticipated, but you don’t get to be as strong as I am without having a few cards up your sleeve”-Pein.

He looks up at the full moon above and think that its now or never; a silent, cold, lonely smile runs across his face. “I would never have dreamed that I’d be push to my limit and forced to use this jutsu in a fight with you.”-Pein.


Photobucket“Ultimate Ninja Art- Six Paths to One, Now you will see the true power of a god, and I will take you and this whole world to HELL!!”-Pein.

Naruto is silent as he waits for what Pein has next but inside he knows within himself that this battle must end and must end quickly. He knows that he has pushed well beyond his normal limits already and has drawn on far much of the foxes chakra than his own, now there is a risk he may lose out to the fox and descend into darkness himself.

“Yes, it is time to end this battle, it will end with your death!”-Naruto

SFX-guttural howl

purple demon flames

Naruto’s appearance again changes as does the landscape as Pein’s final jutsu begins. Naruto’s violet body begins to glow white,while Pein’s jutsu causes a time/space distortion to appear behind him. All around large chunks of land re being swallowed up even the moon which look like blood appears distorted by Pein’s jutsu.

“This looks similar to the jutsu Kakashi used to sever Deidira’s arm, a portal to another dimension! I must hit him into his own dimension somehow but how?”-thinks Naruto. “Its swallowing everything!!!”-Naruto

“I have prepared something very special just for you boy, a cozy little dimension where even the heat of the sun will seems like the cool of the shade by comparison”-Pein. “We had planned to extract that fox from you but I see now that it would be infinitely easier to just watch you die, even if I have to take this world with you!!”-Pein

Naruto says nothing because he’s thinking, “I could use the chakra cannon, I can build the chakra up inside me before I fire but I’d have to be much closer for it to be sure to hit him and I won’t be able to use my tails to focus the beam like before, he’ll know something’s up!”-Naruto thinking. “Shit!!!”-Naruto. Just then it hits him what to do.

Naruto charges off in blind fury, in what seems to be a wreckless full frontal attack with his right hand racking the ground as he goes. Pein makes no move as this is exactly what he expected, no what he wanted Naruto to do. Cold, deadly, sinister smiles are on both their faces as in unison the echo out “NOW ITS TIME FOR YOU TO DIEEEEEEE!!!!!!”-Naruto and Pein.

A blinding white flash pierces the darkness followed and and enormous explosion, the shockwave of which is felt by the Konoha 7. The clone that is with the Konoha 7 clutches his chest and screams in agony before dispersing in a cloud of smoke, this makes everyone fear that the worst has happened. Shikamaru can hold no longer and asks Neji what the hell just happened.

Neji activates his Byakugan and the hangs his head. “There is no sign of Naruto….but… there is no sign of Pein either….I …. I…..I don’t know what happened I can’t sense either of them anywhere!”-Neji.

“Akamaru lets go!”-Kiba and without pause Kiba and Akamaru charge off to find their friend. “Kiba wait!!!…man he’s always charging in. Well standing here wont help anything lets go find Naruto”-Shikamaru. Everyone nods approval and the team is again on the move. What they find when they arrive is terrific destruction as the village lies in ruins, everything is destroyed. All the building have been burnt to cinders…there is no life anywhere. There are huge craters where it seems like the land was ripped out.

Elsewhere in a dank and dark cave, Zetsu appears.


“Was the battle successful, do we have the nine-tails?”-Madara interrogates Zetsu.

“Pein…is …. dead…”a pair of red Sharingan’s open and pierce through Zetsu even he can’t believe the murderous intent in those eyes.


“So Naruto won then?”-Sasuke’s voice echoing from the darkness.

“Yes he won…. but… he’s terribly weak might not even survive, I was lucky to escape myself!”-Zetsu.

“Intriguing!”-Sasuke as he activate his new MS.

“I never thought that the Master of Pain would have fallen to a brat like that!”-Madara

“THAT BRAT! is far stronger than you could ever imagine, he is driven he will not be defeated easily.”-Sasuke interrupts.

“Sounds like you still have attachments to this boy…Sasuke!…May I remind you of our plans…..”-Madara

He is again interrupted by Sasuke and a frighteningly dead stare from Sasuke’s MS:sasuke ms

“Do not pretend to be able to order me around…YOU RELIC!”-Sasuke as he closes his eyes and fades into the black of the cave.

Back at the battle site Shikamaru, Ino, Kiba, Yamato, Neji and Sakura are all calling frantically for Naruto, but he is nowhere to be seen. The young hero stumbles from behind a burnt tree stump behind everyone. It is Kiba and Akamaru who see him, well smell him and run to his aid. Naruto falls to one knee before being caught by Kiba, the last of the wounds inflicted by drawing on so much of the foxes chakra healing before Kiba’s very eyes. Sakura and Ino rush to give whatever aid they can.

In a weakened voice “is he dead, did I win?”-Naruto. “Yes you did it Naruto”-Yamato “and lived to tell about it”-adds Sakura clutching Naruto’s hand to her chest which as expected Ino sees. Within the hour Naruto is back on his feet although still weak from his battle. Sakura can’t help but notice that his injuries healed much faster than any he has had before when using the fox’s chakra. But it is Neji that first asks the burning question….

“Naruto where where you, you disappeared I couldn’t sense or see you Kiba and Akamaru couldn’t smell you, so where the hell were you?”-Neji.

“Pein was extremely powerful his last ditch attack was to open up a portal to another dimension and to suck me and everything else in, including all the world if he had to, and it worked!”-Naruto


“I managed to knock him into his own dimension but I was caught there as well, I used one of my father’s teleportation jutsu to escape, when you found me I had just barely managed to make it back”-Naruto.

“Anyway the 6th will want to hear all about it so lets just get you home.”-Yamato

“Yeah, I’m sure Hinata can’t wait to see that you’re alright”-Kiba


“Hinata”-Naruto with a soft smile on his face.

Ino giggles “looks like he’s finally seen that she likes him”-Ino. Sakura says nothing.

With that the seven make there way back for the village.

Fall of Pein, Rise of the Whirlpool Pt 6

Fall of Pein, Rise of the Whirlpool
Post Author: DarkLurker_4thLegacy

Part 1
| Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

“What the hell is he?”-Pein (A distressed look now gripping his face). He feels liquid running on his face when he wipes it away he discovers it is blood. “Could his chakra be this intense that it causes bleeding from this distance?”-Pein. Naruto hovers over his opponents his 9 tails still whipping through the air.

“It is time you experience the reign of blood, and your pain will have no pleasure, Pein!”-Naruto. The intensity of the chakra being produced by Naruto keeps pushing Pein and his remaining bodies further and further back. Pein manges to catch a glimpse of Naruto in his newly transformed state and see all 9 tails wiping through the air.

“He chakra sets the very air on fire, making it hard to breathe!”-Pein

Suddenly the violent explosion of chakra disappears and all is calm. All that is left is a violet cloak of chakra surrounding Naruto’s body as he stands on all fours. Naruto launches one of his tails directly at Pein which he barely spots in the nick of time and barely manages to dodge it. A sinister smile lurkes around Naruto’s face. “So you saw that attack did you”-Naruto. Naruto launches a series a blinding attacks directly at Pein but he uses JP (Jiraiya Pein) and TP (Tsunade Pein) to absorbs the brunt of the attacks.

“It seems that in order to get to the root of this problem, I’ll have to kill a few weeds. No matter they are already dead”-Naruto. Naruto opens his eyes…

“very well’-Naruto

Kyuubi Release- Raze the skies- Flames of Hell“-Naruto.

Pein sees in horror as a living, breating wall of fire advances on his position burning everything in its path to cinders. The wall itself is so high it seems to touch to sky and consumes even it and turns the ground to liquid magma.

“They say fire is alive and consume everything it touches, given enough fire not even water can stop it.”-Naruto.

While Pein thinks how to escape the approaching flames. Unseen behind him a dark figure breaks through the ground. Naruto has use the technique as a ruse which Pein notices too late. As he and his clones turn around and see Naruto standing behind them two of Naruto’s tails plunge deep into the clones’ chest and launch them deep into the still advancing wall of flames Naruto had created earlier, and holds them there as they burn to ash. As Naruto pulls his tails out from the flames it is clear that JP and TP are no more.

With no more bodies at his disposal this fight has come down to the wire.

“Now with one blow I will avenge my sensei and Hokage. “-Naruto

“Humph you don’t think I am that much of a push over do you boy?”-Pein

“I’ll admit you are much stronger than I ever anticipated, but you don’t get to be as strong as I am without having a few cards up your sleeve”-Pein

Ninja Ultimate Art- Six Paths to One, Now you will see the true power of a god!”-Pein

next time: The Whole World is taken to hell and only one will live!!

Clueless Don Juan

Ok I’m just taking a little break from the battles, and the missions, and the rigors of being a ninja to talk a little on something I’m sure we all have noticed, well everyone except Naruto that is. And he is the one this is chiefly about and just how absolutely clueless he is when it come to women. No first of all I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject I’m just saying what I have seen, so lets take us a look at some of the women in Don Juan Uzamaki’s Life.

First up Sakura Haruno

For anyone alive on planet Earth calling themselves a Naruto fan knows that he’s had the hots for this little filly for like forever but at every turn he’s been … Rejected!!! And more ways than we care to count right now but for those of you who been under a rock or something like that let’s review.

Yes this is how all his adavnces towards Sakura end with him getting wailed on bad. But things aren’t always bad between them though. As a team they seem to be able to put away their differences and even after Naruto left for near 3 years when he got back their teamwork was pretty good. Together they managed to beat Kakashi at his bell test. She’s started to show signs of caring for Naruto taking an interest in him whenever he’s hurt and was particularly impressed by how mature he seemed to have gotten after the time-skip.

So as friends they are good but I think most of us would rather see him with the next on up in this little countdown. Maybe we should make that a survey of a vote of something. HUMMMM, oh almighty Bob-sama leader of our great Shannaro village could you do that please?

Okay the next girl up needs no introduction to us but Naruto sure needs a clue where she’s concerned. No girl in the series so far has shown a natural or rivaled affection for the nine-tailed-fox-boy. Yes you know of whom I speak… drumrolllllllllll…

Lady Hinata Hyuga

Now Naruto is bless more than most guys cause this beautiful young woman has cared for him even before we got a chance to know who she was in the series. Not only that she’s not good at hiding it… shoot everyone knows… except of course Naruto the Clueless. Her emotions spill so much when she hears his name and she passes out when he is close well very close to her. That passing out does affect her missions though we’ve seen them on missions before y’all remember…

The beautiful angel that Naruto saw by the river the one that it seems that he had dreams about, yup that was Hinata.

Hinata has been there for Naruto even to the point she want him to copy from her for the chunin exams written test. I could go on blabbering about just how much this girl loves this clueless coconut head but I just wait for the day it finally surfaces cause to me it is so bloody obvious it should be a crime.

There are other girls that have fallen for Naruto at least a little especially in the movies. But thats for another post, till then DL out.

Some Pics

Chunin Exams

Why Hinata may destroy Sakura

Fall of Pein, Rise of the Whirlpool Pt5

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Posted By DarkLurker

Super Spectacular Pic by Guruku

Descent into Darkness….the Blood Kekkei Genkei

“I wonder boy, do you have what it takes to beat these two and me as well HAHAHAHAHAHA!-Pein.

“It does seem that you have overreached coming here by yourself”-Pein

Naruto stares on with a look of concern on his face. “Shit, I didn’t expect this, this complicates things… sigh”-Naruto

A wide smirk come across Naruto’s face…”Nani!”, What the hell are you laughing about!”- Pein

“You, I’m laughing at you, you self righteous pin-cushion!” Naruto erupts into laughter.

“He’s gone mad!, no matter this farce is OVERRRRRR!”-Pein

All three launch a full frontal assault on Naruto, Naruto’s remaining clones rush in to save him but with the sanin’s full abilities under Pein’s full control the three prove to be too much for the clones and all are defeated. Naruto pauses as he receives the information that was collected in each clone but unfortunately he gets their exhaustion as well. Pein sees an advantage and takes it and both Tsunade-Pein (TP) and Jariya-Pein (JP) score direct hits on Naruto’s now weakened body. As he flies through the air he thinks that this is getting bad when above him TP appears and a sweeping kick to his stomach. As he rockets to the ground he is met by another swift kick from JP. Before Naruto can finish skipping across the ground like a rag doll he is kicked a third time this time by Pein himself.

Naruto is laying face down near the edge of a puddle left by the heavy rains before. “What didn’t you promise to kill me boy? Didn’t you vow to avenge your friends? I guess your word is nothing…is it boy?!”- Pein. Inside Naruto he is again on a barren landscape, he wonders what great battle took place to cause such destruction, he hears the voices of his sensei and the hokage: “if this is all your capable of Naruto, you’ll never be able to protect your friends or get Sasuke back”-voices.

He has a flash back to when he was training with Jariya and fell and Jariya keeps yelling at him to get up. “What kinda ninja are you? Will you give up just because the road gets hard? Will you run away because you must make a difficult choice? You must constantly push yourself to get to the next level or you will not survive?” – Jariya flashback.

Naruto’s eyes pop back open just as Pein was about to deliver a finishing blow. He flips out of the way and stands to his feet. “SSS…So…Sorry if I fell asleep on you just now, the whole pace of this fight is putting me to sleep!!! But I’m awake now!”- Naruto. Pein is pissed but all he does is grit his teeth together. “So there’s more fight in you huh?!”- Pein. “I guess I’ll have to kick the crap out of you some more”-Pein. Naruto mutters something to himself and then totally disappears from sight. He reappears beside TP but when she tries to hit him he vanishes again. “They tell me that your eyes have controls over all the known elements in ninjutsu. What about those that are not of this world? Those controlled by demons and tailed beasts”-Naruto. “Can you use those otherworldly powers?”- Naruto

As the rest of the Konoha 7 race to backup their comrade the clone suddenly shouts to everyone to stop.

“Nani!”- Ino.

The clone clutches his chest and coughs up a dark substance looking like blood. “This is no longer a fight we can join without…”-Clone.

Yamato looks on ominously thinking that the fox has taken over and Naruto has transformed

“Without what!”-Sakura

“What is that!”-Neji

“What! What do you see Neji!- Shikamaru

“Everything is dying! The entire forest before us is dead. it’s like a whole different land”-Neji

“It is the true power of Naruto’s Kekkei Genkei, “Scorched Earth, Kingdom of Blood”– Clone

“For him to have summoned it in the battle, he must be fighting a hard one… if we go any closer to that village you all may die just by being there”-Clone

“Tell us about this power”-Yamato.

“Well Naruto was able to perfect and surpass his father’s sealing technique…”- Clone

“He surpassed the 4th’s technique”- Yamato

“NANI”- So the 4th is Naruto’s Father huh?!”- Shikamaru and Kiba

“But in surpassing it he summoned the Kingdom of Blood, a savage and dark land where everything is simply dead; Since Naruto has used “that jutsu” we all would be in danger and just get in the way”- Clone

Back at the battle 9 distinct violet colored tails of raw chakra whip violently around Naruto the violet color indicates the merger of both Naruto’s chakra and the foxes. “I never thought I’d have to use these techniques on you but you’ve left me very little choice.”-Naruto. The ground collapses in a huge crater under the weight of his chakra, but Naruto is floating over the crater.

“What the hell is he!”-Pein (A distressed look now gripping his face). He feels liquid running on his face when he wipes it away he discovers it is blood. “Could his chakra be this intense that it causes bleeding from this distance”-Pein. Naruto hovers over his opponents his 9 tails still whipping through the air. “It is time you experience the reign of blood, and your pain will have no pleasure, Pein!”-Naruto.

Enjoy guys!!! I know you are thirsty for more!

Thanks again for the pic Guruku.

Fall of Pein, Rise of the Whirlpool Pt4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Photobucket by DL
I have seen this end!!

The loss of the bodies angers Pein and a jutsu called “Lighting Dragon” catches the Naruto second clone team (NCT2) off guard and as the attack is about to hit a dark clothed figure flashes by them and counters the lightning attack. Standing before Pein is a rain ninja. “Explain yourself, who are you to interfere?!”-Pein. “So do you think you have all the information about your opponent!”-Rain Ninja. “Who are you, ninja!”-Pein. “Naruto Uzamaki”-Naruto. Naruto pulls a strange looking short sword, the blade is open down the middle from the tip to near the end of the blade. He tells Pein to prepare himself as the end is near. With that Pein realizes that he has been fighting clones all this time. Naruto leaps to the top of the graphite wall he created earlier and Pein follows. Leaving his other 2 bodies with the 3 Naruto clones.

The second set of Naruto’s clones resume a fierce battle. One of the clones has summoned a toad that is covered in armor. Together they are firing “Fire Bullets” while the other two clones search for an opening. Pein’s remaining ninja are proving to be a handful as when one is attacked, another appears to deflect the attack. One of the Pein’s (P5) activate “Water Cannon of Oblivion” and fires it at the clone on the frog to which the clone performs “Earth Wall Summon“. The jutsus clash and the wall is showing signs of breaking. Pein’s other body( P6) looks on and waits for the earth wall to fall. While he is distracted the other clones each attack, one attacks P6 with a kunai and the other attacks P5 first a barrage of shuriken. As P5 leaps to evade, one Naruto clone appears behind him with surprising speed, “What! this speed does not match the information that we have, no clone should be this fast”-P5. P5 counters and turns mid-air with equal speed and kunai drawn. As kunai clash P5 asks the clone how he is so fast as no information they have on him says he can achieve this kind of speed. The clone states that he will tell him when he kills him which gets P5 mad. P6 and his opponent are also fighting with kunai, he is also curious to know when and how did Naruto get so strong and learn so many jutsus. To which the Naruto’s clone replies “A lot of things can happen in three year”. To break the stalemate with P5 the clone makes two others and they attack P5 from behind using “Twin Rasengan” (a rasengan in each hand) to finish him off.

Seeing that P5 has fallen, P6 vanishes from Naruto’s sight and appears beside his fallen comrade. He glares at Naruto. “I don’t know what you are but this has gone on far enough!”. Before he can begin his next attack he is struck from behind by a fire ball, when it clears he has 5 kunai stuck in his back and falls to the ground.

The original Pein. who is now facing the real Naruto, sees his fallen bodies and says “I have seen this end.” Pein then performs a series of hand signs “Cursed Body Re-animation” the bodies of Jiraiya and Tsunade immediately come to life and rush to Pein’s side. “I wonder boy, do you have what it takes to beat these two? HAHAHAHAHAHA!”-Pein. Naruto stares on with a look of concern on his face.

Back at the Konoha 7 battle site Shikamaru suggests that they head out to support Naruto but they still have at least a half a day to make it. With that the team head out as fast as they can.

Continue reading

Fall of Pein,Rise of the Whirlpool Pt3

Part 1 | Part 2

naruto fox possessionPosted by DarkLurker
That which begins must also end!!

The Konoha 7 all are in total shock that the Naruto standing in their midst is a clone.

“How the hell can you be a clone!!!”-Ino,

“Hummm, so that means you have learned everything about it then….right Naruto? The advanced techniques left by your father…right?”-Yamato.

“Yes I have”-Naruto.

“So does that mean your kekkei genkai has activated?”-Yamato,

“You know about that too?”- Naruto.

“What! Father?! Kekkei Genkie?! Naruto?! None of those things fit captain Yamato?!-Sakura

Back in the Rain Village Pein emerges with his original bodies, plus two others, Naruto gasps in horror when he sees his opponent 2 of which he recognizes all to well. Naruto leaps from his hiding his eyes look inhuman. “What have you done to “Tsuande-sama and Jairiya-sama! ANSWER ME YOU FREAK!”- Naruto. “Are you always this loud…boy? Don’t you know that a Shinobi should be in control of all emotion”-Pein. “Listen to me you tattooed “pin-cushion” I will not let you live for this!”-Naruto. “So is it a fight you seek, I know all about you nine-tailed boy and I will have that power within you!”-Pein

Naruto make 5 clones and together they go wild on Pein but are soon beaten. As soon as that first set is beaten Naruto generates even more clones and attacks wildly again but they are again all defeated. “Is that really the only jutsu you know, seems this is not the battle I foresaw after all!” Naruto realizes that each time he attack all 6 of Peins original bodies prove too much for his clones and wonders why he isn’t using the bodies of Tsunade or Jariya did he do this just for a psychological advantage he thinks. Naruto generates 5 other shadow clones and says its time to remove that advantage.

Naruto and Pein are not equal with the number of fighters the battle field resembles a chess board it is Naruto that make the next move and speeds through a set of hand signs “Earth Style: Wall of Graphite” the jutsu surprises Pein “So he did come prepared”-Pein. A giant graphite wall rises from the ground causing a localized earthquake as it comes up the force from the shaking forces all Pein’s bodies to scatter. When the dust has settled the battlefield now looks and arena with each of Naruto’s 3-man clone teams facing down an equal Pein team . “Smart child you separated my bodies but mine aren’t clones”-Pein. “I know”- Naruto

Back in Konoha Iruka and Kakashi are speaking when Kakashi notices a growing thunderstorm in the direction of Konoha 7’s . Iruka suggest that Kakasi send a backup team to which Kakashi refuses as they cannot afford to weaken the countries lines at such a critical time. Back at the Konoha 7 site Naruto’s clone is explaining how things are the way they are now with Naruto “He was left a present from his father and Jariya-sama has been protector of it up to the point where he died”-Clone. It detailed everything about Naruto’s family and had jutsu for him to learn that why he was away for a month.

Naruto’s clone teams are locked in a difficult fight with the Pein’s but each attack that they launch and fails teaches them more about all the Peins’ attack powers. In NCT1 (Naruto clone team 1) the team is down a clone, destroyed during the last failed attack was sucked up along with the attack by the chubby Pein but this loss gave the remaining clones the information the needed. One of the clone observes that all three Peins are always covering each others blind spot and figures if they can get one of them away then they stand a better chance. They both synchronize their movements one performing hand signs for a fire jutsu- “You will have to be quick”-clone1 to clone2. “Fire style: Fire Shuriken Attack” the attack is launched at one of Pein’s bodies as the chubby Pein jumps to absorb the attack the other spots that it is a trap but it is too late as he begins to absorb the blast one of the clones appears behind him and hits him with a “Dense Chakra Rasengan“. As the body falls to the ground the clones double team the others before they can fully realize what has happened. One clone performs a jutsu “Blinding Fire” and causes everyone to cover their eyes for a moment when the light has gone 3 of Pein’s bodies are dead.

The lose of the bodies angers Pein and a jutsu called “Lighting Dragon” the second team Naruto is caught off guard and as he is about to be struck by the dragon and dark clothed figure flashes passed him and counters the lightning attack with “Bladed Wind“. Standing before Pein is a rain ninja. “Explain yourself, who are you to interfere?!”-Pein. “Do you think you have all the information of your opponent!”-Pein. “Who are you ninja!”-Pein. “Naruto Uzamaki”-Naruto. Naruto pulls a strange looking short sword the blade is open down the middle from the tip down near the end of the blade. He tells Pein to prepare himself as the end is near.

To be Continued