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Blood type and Personality

avatarPost Author: Pepper

Masashi Kishimoto gave a blood type to each Naruto character, most of the manga authorsa do too. Why? Well, Japanese people believe that the blood type is a personality indicator. Japanese will ask you: What is your blood type? Just occidental people ask: What is your zodiac sign?

Blood o

Type O


This is supposed to be the prevalent blood type in USA. The Japanese consider ‘O’ the best type of blood. They say: ‘everybody loves type O people’.

Type O Blood people are extremely self confident. They can balance a group and set harmony. They can look as peaceful and carefree people, but they are energetic. And they have a stubborn and strong-will side. They can be indulgent and spend a lot of money in others. They have their opinion about everything, but tend to keep it in secret. But if they speak, they will say honestly what they have in mind. They can easily start a project but not necessary take it to the end. They adapt to changes well. They sometimes make huge mistakes.In Naruverse type O are also generally smart people that don’t declare love but will give their life to protect those they care about.

So if you are typo O Blood, you are related to: Kakashi, Neji, Temari, Asuma, Iruka, Aoba, Nawaki, Hana Inuzuka, Obito and Udon. Also to: Haku, Yoroi Akadō and Kin Tsuchi.

My mother is O. Although she is not exactly peacefu, if she opens her mouth she will speak the truth no matter if it hurts, annoys, or angers someone.

Blood A

Type A


Type A is the prevalent blood type in Japan.

People with blood type A are generally mild tempered and intellectual. Normally they are calm, composed, serious and polite. They are reliable and trustworthy. Usually avoids unnecessary confrontation. They analyze and make plans ever when others may panic. They try to make themselves alike their ideals; and try to suppress their feelings to appear strong. They can be shy, or merely look distant, but they are sensible and have a fragile or nervous side. Some sources say that these people are perfectionists that seek and reach success.

In Naruverse Type A are: Hinata, Rock Lee, Ibiki, Anko, Shizune, Hanabi Hyūga, Shibi Aburame, Moegi, Genma, Izumo, Rin, Dan , Mikoto Uchiha (Sasuke´s mother), Yondaime Kazekage, Baki. Also: Zabuza Momoshi, Kimimaru Kaguya, Tayuya, Gatō and Dosu.

Blood B

Type B


Type B people are just the opposite of type A. They are curious, so they tend to be good at research, but also can lose themselves into many hobbies and activities. They can also quickly lose interest in things that initially were great passions. But when they choose a goal they will stick to it no matter even if it looks impossible, and they will focus their attention to it. They have the image of being bright, cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic. But at times they may look cold. They can hide their true self from others. They are individualist; follow their own rules and ideas.

In Naruverse Blood Type B characters generally stick to their goals and are good friends, except the villains of curse.

If you are B, congratulations, you are like: Naruto, Choji, Kiba, Ino, Tenten, Jiraya, Maito Gai, Kankuro, Konohamaru, Chōza Akimichi, Shikaku Nara, Hiashi and Hizashi Hyūga, Tsume Inuzuka, Ebisu and // Kotetsu. But, sorry, also like: Oroshimaru and Jirōbō.

Blood AB

Type AB


People with AB Blood can have characteristics on both ends, and can be confused as someone with two personalities. They will help with favours, but under their own terms. They can be shy or outgoing, and quickly switch from one to another mood. They are sensible and considerate to other people’s feelings; however, to those really close to them, they can be strict and merciless. Besides, AB asks more from themselves than from others. Also, they often become sentimental, and tend to think too deeply about things. They are trustworthy, but don’t ask them too much at the same time. AB people have a lot of friends, but they need to be left alone at times.

Japanese sources say that it is hard to do team work with AB type. Sense of freedom is required if you wants to keep them in the calm. And if you are a family member or team-mate and you fail a promise; AB will teach you the meaning of merciless hell.

In Naruverse AB people hide their feelings, but they are hints of their sensibility and obvious prove of their tendency to turn merciless.

Type AB in Naruverse are: Sasuke, Itachi, Fugaku Uchiha, Shino, Shikamaru, Gaara, Kurenai Yuhi, Hayate Gekko, Raido, Yoshino Nara (Shikamaru’s mother), Yashamaru (Gaara’s uncle). Also: Kisame, Kabuto, Mizuki, Zaku, Sakon and Ukon.

I am AB zu zu zu.

Blood manga

What is your blood type?

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