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One Piece Chapter 787: Time’s running out

Post author: White Shinobi

We all expected it, but now it’s confirmed, Sabo is a badass. After Sabo saved Luffy from his first attack Burgess attacks Sabo. It’s a little silly that he didn’t put any haki into that attack, that is assuming he’s able to use it. Sabo showed he was able to use the mera mera fruit a few seconds before and just becomes a flame to avoid it. Sabo immediately counters with his own move, he might not have the same control over the mera mera fruit as Ace yet but the attack is strong enough to send a big man like Burgess flying.


As expected the warriors from the coliseum didn’t stand a chance against Doflamingo, Doflamingo however can’t afford to pull any punches and goes all out against them in order to find Luffy. Since he can’t find him he decides to change his tactic and speeds up the birdcage.

Zoro is trying his hardest to stop the birdcage, Franky and the Dwarves also have a plan to try and stop it, pushing the factory with all their strength.

The safest spot in the kingdom however has been taken over by the remnants of the Doflamingo Family, they’re shooting at the civilians that come too close to them. They don’t last long though, princess Mansherry has cured everyone who was injured in the fights against the executives and they blow the small fry away.


Only 3 minutes left until the birdcage kills everyone inside, and 4 minutes until Luffy recovers, I think everyone’s priority will be to stop the birdcage from closing in on them. Bartolomeo will probably be super useful with his barriers, and I wonder if Fujitora will do something, we haven’t seen him do anything since the start of the arc.

5 Responses

  1. So Burgess thought Luffy ate the mera mera fruit? Thought he seen Sabo when he took his getup off at the arena and Gatz to for that matter.

  2. I missed a big portion of One piece. I didn’t expect Doffy to get beaten up like that! I bet the whole world is going to change once Luffy beats the pirate gangsta.

  3. Not much to say. Doffy just can’t stay down, can he? At this point, I’m just waiting for this arc to end and for them to move on. I am curious as to what move luffy will use to finally put him down though.

    Not much to say about the Naruto chapter either. Wasn’t feeling his short hair at first, but I have to admit it’s growing on me. It separates him from looking too much like his father, less feminine(unlike a certain someone), and I like to think it pays a bit of a homage to obito. He’s been looking pretty badass these last few chapters, especially him using kyuubi mode. Definitely came into his own as hokage, and a man.

    No surprise Sasuke taking out his sword upon Sarada’s arrival. That’s typically how the uchihas show their love. Just ask Itachi & Madara.
    Sasuke was surprised someone found his hideout, so I’m willing to bet that he didn’t forget her, and she’s not the reason he prepared to fight. Someone else probably followed her in, and she didn’t notice.

  4. Hey guys, just want to make a small update, I’m sorry for te lack of one piece posts. I got sick 2 weeks ago and decided to skip a week, I also had to skip last week because work had been piling up while i was sick and didn’t have time for it. looks like this week has no chapter so next week I’ll start again.

  5. Glad you’re all better W.S. Thanks for your dedication!

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