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One Piece Chapter 785: Stringy buildings


Post author: White Shinobi

Koala is spying on Jesus Burgess who probably is waiting for the fight between Luffy and Doflamingo to end and then clean up and take all the glory for himself. I think we’ll get to see a fight between Sabo and Jesus if that’s the case.

Since the factory is made of sea stone it doesn’t get cut up by the strings, it might actually be the safest place to be right now. I wonder how Zoro intends to stop the birdcage, Franky might build something out of the factory, he seems to have an idea at least.


Luffy’s gear 4 is doing work. He does use a lot of haki while using it though. That’s probably why he hasn’t used it before. Doflamingo notices that Luffy can’t control his devil fruit power as well as he wants to yet and demonstrates what it’s like to have true mastery over your devil fruit. Doflamingo turns everything around into string and goes in for the kill.


Meanwhile all over the country chaos is erupting, that is until king Riku gives his speech. The king somehow manages to get the citizens back on their feet and help eachother to survive.

Doflamingo however becomes enraged at the hope the people are showing and tries to murder them all by turning everything into strings. However Luffy headbuts his way through the strings and delivers a huge blow to Doflamingo


5 Responses

  1. My thoughts on the naruto chapter: (Srry, no where else to put this :p)

    Is Sarada the main character of the mini series? I hope so. I couldn’t care less about Boruto. I just hope kishi shows off how strong naruto and sasuke has gotten over the years.

    How far can a shadow clone go apart from the original? I don’t think that has ever been established. I love that naruto can just use a shadow clone to take care of his son or run the village while he handle whatever business he needs to. I feel like that jutsu should be a perquisite for every ninja in the leaf village to learn. It just never ceases to be useful. Also, while I figured this to be the case, it’s still reassuring how hands-on and responsible naruto has become as hokage. Tsunade probably would have just sent some academy kids to connect with sasuke instead.

    p.s Looks like Kishi managed to fit some itachi fanboys into his manga as well <_<

  2. My thoughts on one piece chapter:

    Is this “Awakening” thing legit? Is that what luffy gonna do in the future with his rubber fruit? Turning his whole surroundings into a bounc house? Will that be his ‘Gear 5’ in the future? Now that I think about it, didn’t crocodile referenced this and gave a demonstration back in alabasta? I guess this finally has a name and is something not unique to logias anymore.

    I wasn’t aware someone can ‘overuse’ their haki. I hope these things get explained later on.

    Luffy’s bazooka looks like that technique Lucci used against him( even has the word ‘leo’ a part of it). I like how most of this techniques are inspirations. He learns from his fights.

    As far as luffy’s setback, since bigger muscles require more oxygen, maybe it’s a form he won’t be able to substain in high intensity fights(at least for now).

  3. From what I heard so far if you recall the zoans from impel down were awakened. It’ll be interesting to see how this will affect someone like Drake. Either way it’s a interesting new concept to bring in can’t imagine what future fights will look like

  4. Well we probably have a hint to what gear 5 might become. Also don’t forget about Choppers rumble ball, I think it’s probably something that can tempoarily put someone in their awakened state. Like cas mentioned, the impel down zoans were awakened and as soon as I saw them I thought about monster Chopper.

    @darthuchiha That’s okay, since there’s no other place just discuss it on here, I don’t really mind 🙂

  5. @White Shinobi

    If that’s true, then I wonder if the mastery of this awakened state that makes Kaido the threat that he is, or perhaps, since drugs could put someone in that state, that Big Mam’s sheer size is the result of an overdose of whatever ingredients that make up those drugs. I’m assuming it’s no coincidence that we’re introduced to this, before a possible clash with one of those two yonkos.

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