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Bleach Chapter 686: Death & Strawberry

Chapter 686: Death & Strawberry
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So, we have reached the end. The final chapter of bleach. A bit of action, a bit on intrigue. Plenty of peaceful pictures and futures for a our


We are greeted with a new face. A young child who is hanging around somewhere, not sure where but it seems to belong to Hiyori who isn’t to happy about this little ‘snot nosed punk’ who quickly makes himself scarce.

After that we find ourselves back at Soul Society. Byakuya is hurrying himself to the readings of Ywach reiatsu on the outskirts of Soul Society. Soi Fon joins him on the way. As they arrive of course the local scientist Mayuri is already there. Ofcourse he hadn’t told anybody and probably didn’t have the intention of doing so.

A dark ring with sever ‘eyes’ suddenly appears and then we suddenly find ourselves in front of the ‘Kurosaki’ clinic.


In the 10 years that had passed it seems Rukia hasnt grown in inch in height and just decided to stick with longer hair. They are greeted by Ichigo, all grown, a short sporty hairdo to match. Ofcourse Rukia decides to mock Ichigo about the emptiness of the clinic. An annoyed Ichigo comes back telling her it’s a good thing this ‘EMERGENCY CLINIC’ is empty.

In the living room Ichigo’s three other friends are already there. Tatsuki, who got rid of the longer hair, going back to a short hairdo. Keigo and Mizuiro doesn’t seem to have changed much at all.


Ichigo’s sister Yuzu and Karin enter the room with all the grub. Both having grown up quite a bit since last we saw them. Towering over Rukia, which isn’t really an accomplishment, but hey. They all park themselves in front of the TV where they are going to watch a WBO heavyweight title match.



Towering Hercules; Chad has made quite a career for himself. My first thought felt it might be a bit of cheating on his part, since all the special training and power he possesses. It would give him quite an advantage over any human opponent. But he’s gotten even bigger and more burly, didn’t know that was even possible.

We quickly visit Ishida who is stuck at the hospital, following in his father’s footsteps after all, just like Ichigo it would seem. Anyway he is burning up his data bundle watching on his phone on the roof of the hospital.

Finally we see the person on team human. Inoue!


Her breasts seemingly gotten even bigger, just like with chad, didnt know that was even possible. Rule34 is going to have a field day with that, no doubt(they probably have already, sorry I made you guys think of that). Ichigo asks her where Kazui is. Ichigo youngest sister Yuzu seems quite fond of him seeing she lets him do as he pleases apperently.

Then after short inquire Rukia and Renji realize they lost sight(or flat-out forgot) of their daughter and hilarity ensues!


After this we see the face of the boy, Kazui in his room seeing another small orb or Ywach’s Reiatsu. Back in SS the dark shroud gets a bit pissed off making the Captains dance around to avoid it. Kazui on his end sticks his hand in the hole after which the Reaitsu completely vanishes from Soul Society and the hole in Kazui’s room.

Far back down below in his solitary prison seat once again. Aizen feel the disappearance of the final vestiges of Ywach’s power.

We get shown two pages of the end of the fight. Ywach’s defeat by Ichigo’s blade. With his demise he claims the path has been close. The path he had set out. A world without fear. A world where everything would have become one. It seems Ywach felt he was doing the world a favor. But could one really consider him/herself alive in a type of world he had envisioned?


A look at Ichigo’s face betrays that he kind of pity’s Ywach. Maybe even finds his ideas childish. Aizen takes a moment to reflect on it aswell. In short; people would continue moving forwards simply through being alive without of death wouldn’t be the same. He ends with mentioning the word ‘Courage’ as the strength that people possess to push on even with the ‘fear’ of death looming over them.

Finally at the end of our chapter another portal opens up a young confident girl appears holding a zanpaktou.. just because she can, she likes to show off a bit it seems. Her name.


Abarai Ichika. She seems to have taken Renji’s hairdo and from the few panels she’s in she shows alot of personality trates of both Rukia and Renji. Kazui, who personality wise, seems to resemble Inoue quite a bit turns into a.. kind of shinigami too.


Interestingly enough the hilt of his zanpaktou looks exactly like Ichigo’s earlier bankai hilt. Though it isn’t completely black and looks more conventional. It seems young Kazui does not posess the raw power Ichigo has who’s blade was always in shikai mode, or more likely, he wasnt exactly undress duress when he gained his ability allowing him a ‘normal’ growth.

With their introduction bleach ends. The birth of the new generation.

Final thoughts:
As for this final arch, plenty of question remain unasnswered adding to a feeling a rush towards the ending. I never really felt Ichigo grow beyond himself, or was allowed to shine in a final battle. I appreciate Aizen’s presence in this final fight but even he wasnt able to do much to the overpowered Ywach. But I kind of respect Kubo in not pulling a dragonball-style powerup to Ichigo again to overpower his foe.

I still haved mixed feeling about how this arch’s finalle played out and have trouble translating that to words. I’ve enjoyed Bleach as a whole a great deal. It had a great story, an awesome villian with Aizen whose power and cunning kept our heroes occupied for the majority of Bleach’s story and even far before Ichigo ever entered the picture he took and abused every opportunity presented to him.

Ywach showed more patience than Aizen but his plans were far less complicated. With the exception of the bankai-stealing tool he basically relied on raw power to fight his enemies. Though he was a terrifying being due to his own immense strength he didn’t really catch the kind of ‘praise’ that Aizen got from the fans.

Thank you all at shannaro for dealing with my not-to-in-depths ramblings about Bleach. I hope you enjoyed them and I wish you all well in the future. Maybe there will be some Bleach-spinoff that will pull me from my upcoming slumber.


Bleach Chapter 685: A Perfect end

Chapter 685: A Perfect End
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Well.. I guess the battle is over. Ichigo won!! No problems whatsoever. It creates quite a few questions and probably some missed opportunity’s on the story part in keeping some tension going a little longer.

I will come back to that after I run by the chapter in my usual fashion.


We start with Kyouraku enjoying a drink, seemingly talking to himself. Relieved to see that after 10 long years all the rebuilding has been completed. Logically, the place looks a bit different with a large structure overlooking what is left of Sōkyoku hill.

He gets interrupted by his lt. yelling at him from the distance. It turns out he wasnt just talking to himself, but chatting at the grave of his old friend. One of the few (main cast) casualties.

Then we switch to Mayuri impatiently waiting for the rebuilding to be finished, immediatly heading out with his new ‘daughter’ Nemuri Hachigou. He seems a bit annoyed with her happy go-lucky attitude wondering how that happened.

On to the next pair of misfits. The 11th squad guys. Zaraki and co. They are all back to their usual selfs. All of them seem confused about where they need to be or how to get there. So yeah, nothing new.


Hirako and Hinamori who hear the ruckus that Zaraki is creating. He calls her back under captain’s orders when she want to go and fetch them. Then onto Iba. Former lt. and now Captain of the 7th division after the death of Komamura. He seems to be training hard to feel worthy of his new title. He gets picked up by Hitsugaya, Rangiku, Hisagi and Kensei. All seem quite relaxed in this new time of peace.

Finally everybody, except Mayuri who doesnt care, gathers in the Squad 1 baracks. Ofcourse doofus Zaraki is late since he got last as all fuck. But hey, they finally gathered.


We see a few new captains. Former vaizard Lisa is now the captain of the 8th squad. Isane moved up to the Captain seat of the 4th squad and after a few words of encouragement we get introduced to the new Captain of the 13th squad.


Kuchiki Rukia. WEEE FAN SERVICE! sorta.

All is well and happy in Soul Society so it would seem. But Vice Captain of the 12th Squad notices a reiatsu similar to ywach’s. So who could that be? Anyone want to guess. Ichigo? Maybe Ishida since he was mentioned as the rightful successor to Ywach, taking in all his power.

The things that bug me the most that we have seen nothing of the aftermath upstairs. We saw what happened when the Soul King got destroyed, everything started to crumble. I guess/hope the final chapter will explain a bit of what happened up there this one keep me wondering which annoys the shit out of me. If this is the the way it ends.. that whole battle feels a bit wasted..

p.s. who wants to bet Ichigo and Inoue are a couple?