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One Piece Chapter 790: Lucy Revived!

Post author: White Shinobi
First of all I’m sorry about the last 2 chapters, I was sick and when I got better a huge pile of work was waiting for me so I’ve been busy with that. Anyway, let’s get on to the chapter.

Last 2 chapters have mostly been everyone stalling for time and stopping the birdcage, Luffy’s revived now and ready to kick some ass! Not really too much to say about the chapter though, both Luffy and Doflamingo are tired and hurt badly. Doflamingo seems to be on top most of the fight though. He goes all out and turns everything into string. After some big moves it looks like Luffy’s done, but we get a little flashback to Luffy’s training with Rayleigh, something about a super finisher.


Time is running out and Luffy goes back into gear 4 again, he’s even able to break Doflamingo’s puppet strings and jumps into the air. Doflamingo follows him, thinking he has the advantage of being able to move freely in the air. This arrogance becomes his downfall as he dashes straight at Luffy and creates a spider web to protect himself. It looks like Luffy combines his gear 3 with his gear 4 here to use his finisher move, King Kong Gun! Doflamingo tries to counter it with his own finisher but he gets blown away easily and crashes into the ground. I guess that’s the end of Doflamingo.


9 Responses

  1. Here lies Doflamingo(‘s glasses).

  2. Glad to hear you’re doing better W.H: thanks for the review.

    Man on man if only Doffy would have relied on that gun instead of his DF ability things may have turned out different….just kidding. I just can’t wait to see how the world will react when news spread that Luffy beat our favorite pirate gangsta. I wonder if this victory will make Luffy’s bounty skyrocket? What new enemies will he make now that he took out Doffy? I guess we will have to wait and see after the party.

  3. @W.S: I just realized I called you W.H instead of W.S. When I typed that, I was thinking about Y.H (Yhwach from bleach) and got some wires crossed in my head. I just wanted to clarify encase you may have wondered about it.

  4. @Immortal lol don’t worry I understand.

    I think Luffy deserves a boost of bounty, beating Doflamingo and upsetting the control he has over the world will probably be a big deal. Kaido will be enraged for losing his drug supplier and there’s still the mess with big mom if the marines take those things into account as well I won’t be suprised if his bounty doubles.

  5. I’m sorry, I won’t be doing a chapter this week. Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth the time to do this one, nothing really happened but feel free to discuss it here if you think something worthwile happened.

  6. @W.S: I agree. Everyone is getting ready to celebrate “Lucy’s” victory. I’m only wondering what Fujitora will do now? I doubt he will arrest Luffy and company. I’m thinking he will arrest Doffy and his crew instead.

  7. @Immortal, I think it’ll be something similar to what happened in Alabasta with Smoker. Fujitora doesn’t follow the absolute justice Akainu follows and judges things on his own so I doubt he’ll arrest Luffy, also with Doffy in impel down he won’t have the means to blackmail the government anymore and they might be grateful for that.

  8. Naruto used the talk no jutsu the right way for once, putting the fear of the demon into that onion ninja.

  9. I just noticed on that last page that those two kids may belong to killer bee( or maybe he’s the new tailed beast host IDK) and Kankuro. I’m assuming this whole gaiden volume is a prelude to the upcoming movie, because there’s still some questions that need answers, like where did that mini juubi came from, who’s the threat sasuke’s looking for that may be even more dangerous than kaguya, and wtf was onion boy’s obsession with itachi?

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