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One Piece Chapter 786: 10 minutes

Post author: White Shinobi
Wow, even after that beating Doflamingo still isn’t down. Luffy realizes this when the birdcage doesn’t disappear and goes in for the final blow. However his gear 4 doesn’t have enough time left and before he can finish it he falls down.


While Luffy is recovering Jesus Burgess jumps down the plateau, looks like his goal is Luffy’s rubber rubber fruit. He’ll probably try to do the same trick Blackbeard did to Whitebeard. Doflamingo also gets up, the citizens run away as quickly as possible leaving Luffy to fend for himself.


The coliseum announcer, Gatz is the only one who helps him. Luffy’s gear 4 uses up all his haki, he tells Gatz that he needs to wait for 10 minutes for it to return. And once it returns he promises he’ll make an end to Doflamingo’s reign. Gatz promises to buy 10 minutes for him, fortunately he’s not alone, he’s brought all the warriors from the coliseum. I doubt they’d stand a chance against Doflamingo normally, but he’s injured and tired from fighting all day, they might be able to buy enough time.


Doflamingo isn’t the only problem though, Jesus Burgess appears out of nowhere and lunges at Luffy. Luckily Koala had already contacted Sabo who comes just in time to rescue his little brother.


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