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One Piece Chapter 796: Marines on their way

Hey guys, first of all I’m sorry for the lack of one piece reviews lately, some stuff happened and because of summer I have to cover shifts for other people at work so I barely had any time to write. It’s too bad I didn’t get to do last week, all other mangaka’s should look at that and take notes, that’s one badass way to introduce someone!


I don’t want to talk too much about last chapter but I feel like I should point out a few things, the strawhats were on an island fighting with some minions. The people they were fighting with had the sign of the Kaido pirates. This makes me think that they are on the same island as Kid and the others. A fight between the worst generation and Kaido, would be pretty interesting. Sadly I think the battle would be over before Luffy and co arrive at the island if this takes place at the same timeline.

Anyway, time for this weeks chapter. Fujitora still hasn’t made any moves against Luffy. 3 days after the battle Sengoku and Otsuru appear to ask for answers. Fujitora explains his method, he casts a die every day, if the result is anything other than a 1 they will arrest Luffy however the past few days the die has always landed on a 1. Otsuru asks for him to roll the die, but at the same time princess mansherry arrives and asks them for donations. She explains that she needs blood donations to power her heal heal fruit to heal everyone in the city.


At the pirate hideout Luffy is awake again, they are discussing the rumor about Rebecca’s father. Kyros explains that he is the one that started it, because of his dark past he doesn’t want everyone to know that he is her father and would rather have her father be a prince from some far away country. Like the rumors describe. Then Bartolomeo bursts in, giving them the news about the arrival of Sengoku and Otsuru. Kyros is on the phone with Leo who tells him exactingly what happened.


Fujitora casts the die and instead of a 1 this time it’s a 6, the marines march out to capture the pirate heroes. Bartolomeo and the others have already thought of an escape plan however and evacuate everyone to the eastern port where the others are waiting. They all make a run for it except for Luffy, he has something left to do. I wonder what kind of trouble that idiot wants to get himself into now, probably just to say goodbye to Rebecca.

6 Responses

  1. W.S: No need to apologize W.S. We all have a life outside of the manga world. In the beginning when these manga series first came out some of us were youngsters. Now most of us are old geezers with bad backs, hearing and eye problems waiting for retirement. (Okay maybe not that old LOL). Personally I appreciate when you and pretend3r take the time out of you’ll schedule to do a review. So thanks.

    Now on to the goods.

    Oda is pulling out all of the stops with Kaidou, at least in terms of introduction. A guy with the inability to die will be near impossible to defeat (especially with brute force.) It will be interesting to see how Oda use the S.H to defeat this guy. (If they defeat this guy.) It may require a monster alliance to defeat this monster know as Kaidou.

    I wish I could have seen more of Fujitora’s abilities. He is one of my favorite admirals. I still have some doubt as to Fujitora going all out to capture the Strawhats. We shall see.

    Question, what are the S.H going to do with Caesar now?

  2. @immortal Don’t forget that oxygen tank we have to carry around everywhere lol

    I’m glad Kaido got introduced as this huge powerhouse, he’s supposed to be on par with Whitebeard in his prime so anything less would be a dissapointment. I think they’ll probably meet up with kid and co at the island and maybe team up against him. It’s just Kaido who’s shown himself, I doubt the other members of his crew are pushovers.

    I also doubt Fujitora will go all out to capture the pirates, but with Sengoku and Otsuru there he does have some extra motivation to capture them. So far he’s been bending the rules to the limits of his power but I don’t think he can bend them much more with Akainu still extremely pissed at him.

    I don’t really know about Ceasar, I guess we’ve just found the new member of the strawhat crew lol. They might use him to bait Kaido, or maybe he’ll be the reason why Kaido attacks them.

  3. @W.S. Hehehehe……how can I forget about my old faithful oxygen tank!

    Kaidou looks like a beast! Fighting him will should definitely start a huge war! I tell ya though with all that’s going on, it’s hard to focus on what the “one piece” treasure is.

    Ceasar becoming a strawhat would be……odd but kinda epic. Yeah he’s a hard core evil person but…..that would actually be the epic part. Other than that him being a hard core evil person is reason enough not to join the SH. Weirder things have happen.

    Last thing about Fujitora, I think he’s gonna tell Luffy something he needs to hear about his upcoming troubles or something.

  4. Hello One Piece fans, I have a question that has been bugging me for a loooonnng time; how did Shanks lose his arm? I know he lost his arm saving Luffy, but as strong as he is, you would think that a Sea king that he scared off with Haki couldn’t possibly take his arm.

  5. Hey guys, just a little update, I won’t be doing the one piece reviews for a while. I just got new medication about month and half ago and the side effects are taking their toll on me. So the reviews are on hold until I feel better.

  6. @ W.H: Yeah those new drugs these days and there side effects. Sometime the side effects are worst than the treatment of what ails you. Are you sure you’re not getting a devil fruit ability. Hehehe. J/k get well soon.

    Man that Fujitora is strong!! Using his power to lift up all of that debris was something else. Luffy punching him in the face was equally amazing! Since he beat Doffy, his confidence must have gotten a good boost. I think all of that confidence will end once he meets KAIDOU THE BEAST!!

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