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Naruto Chapter 559 – The Real McCoy

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob
Heh, does this week’s chapter even need any summary? If you’re a devoted Naruto fan, you would have read 559 ten times over again just to make sure you didn’t miss anything in this juicy chapter. I mean it’s finally him… Madara F’ing Uchiha! In the zombie-flesh or whatever he’s made of. Forget Naruto fighting on all warfronts, forget Kakashi’s fight versus the Seven Swordsmen, it’s Madara F’ing Uchiha!

Now we know that Tobi is not really Madara, so who is Tobi then? That’s the million dollar question right now. Let’s look at some facts about Tobi and the real Madara:
– Tobi does possess the ability to use a Sharingan, so we would assume he is of the Uchiha bloodline. However, people like Danzo and Kakashi with implanted Sharingan can also use the eye to a degree. We have yet to see Tobi display the full spectrum of the Sharingan’s powers other than the teleportation and phasing abilities, so we can’t for sure say he is of Uchiha blood at this point.
– Tobi partially revealed his face to Sasuke way back, he looked old and I would put him near the age of men like Danzo. That would mean he had lived through the last ninja war but may have been very young when the real Madara was still alive.
– Tobi holds intimate knowledge of the Uchiha clan’s history as well as the reasons behind their demise in Konoha. He had contact with Itachi and may have aided in helping him obtain his Mangekyou Sharingan. So although he is not Madara, he has deep knowledge of both the Uchiha clan and of Konoha.
– The resurrected Madara made an interesting comment upon coming to ‘life.’ He said that Nagato had finally come to age… this might seem strange at first, but remember that other than Edo Tensei, the only other known technique to bring people back from the dead is through the resurrection ability of the Rinnegan. Clearly, Madara was killed in his era, but somehow had arranged for a future Nagato who was skilled with the Rinnegan to use his technique to bring him back. The only problem with this theory is that when Madara died (presumably at the Valley of the End fighting the First Hokage), Nagato should not have been born yet…. So how can he arrange to have someone who doesn’t exist yet in the past to do something in the future?
– One idea is that Tobi is kind of Madara, but just a shell of the real thing created through his MS to carry out this elaborate plan to resurrect himself. Perhaps prior to death, Madara somehow knew a Rinnegan user was to be born in the future and created this ‘ghost’ of himself to arrange it so that he can manipulate Nagato to resurrect him. I remember Tobi stating that the Rinnegan resurrection jutsu that Nagato used on Konoha was meant for him – if Tobi is indeed a ‘copy’ of the real Madara, then it’s understandable why he would say this.
– If your head’s spinning about some of this stuff, don’t worry, mine is too. The biggest hole in this stuff is still the issue of how Madara was able to plan his revival back then and expect it to follow through in the future. Could time travel also be a perk of the Mangekyou Sharingan, that’s a terrifying thought.

That’s it for this week, folks. Chapter 560 will be quite an eye opener I would imagine.


135 Responses

  1. I was wondering wen u will give the summary.. Its a good read on ur theories regarding madara, but dont you think its kind of a longshot? I mean Kishi sure puts up the plots interesting but not too complicated to comprehend, so there must be a not too simple yet not 2 complicated explanation for all that is happening in the naruniverse right now! If u know wat I mean.. Well for all we knw, the masked man might be Izuna (I hope not, tat wud be way 2 easy guess). Anywayz, cant wait 2 read the coming chapters…

  2. Madara had ability for time travel……..i don;t think so…..may be he met the great elder frog and who foreseen for him the future in crystal ball before he died….lol

  3. nice one. my head’s spinning. if Madara had this foresight then he would be really cunning. Imagine, if Bob’s theory’s true, then he also had the cunningness to take the First Hokage’s cells to create his Danzo army as well as to make him a near-perfect mix of Senju & Uchiha. I was also wondering, if Tobi used Izanagi, what could a Rinnegan user do to counter it?

  4. The theory about him useing his MS to make tobi is a gd one but we need to look at tobi reaction to when kabuto summoned madara, i mean he was in shock and in fear….sure if tht theory was infact correct we would hav gotten a different reation but anyways i think thts the best idea so far

  5. Well, for all those who said the coffin couldn’t be Madara because Tobi IS Madara… well there goes that. There are a few options here of course, but I will outline what I think is the most likely:

    Tobi is not Madara, but Madara taught him everything he knew after VOTE because he could no longer fight on his own. Madara himself was too weak to fight anymore, so Tobi took over and learned all the knowledge Madara gathered, this way he could speak as if he WERE Madara and everyone would believe it. Madara managed to live long enough to see Nagato created and the plan was for Tobi to convince Nagato to revive the real Madara.

    Beyond that, I’m not sure. Perhaps Tobi was actually Madara’s creation from his own cells and Hashirama’s cells. Zetsu could have been the first “failure” as Zetsu is more two parts than one whole. As we’ve seen Itachi transfer MS jutsu, it is possible that Madara transfered the ability to perform MS jutsu to Tobi, but then why not show us a mangekyo and try to truly make us believe Tobi is Madara… right before he reveals Tobi may not be.

  6. Here is my theory anyways.

    Well Like Tobirama created an evil technique called Edo Tensei, maybe Madara created another one similar. Maybe he created a Technique to split his his Soul into two. so then he was a shadow of his former self. just needed a vessel to carry his soul with the blood of a uchiha.

  7. Hey its been a while. But I only got one thing to say but it will most likely come to play next chapter but has anyone noticed that the Edo Madara has his right eye covered by his hair/ that eye is not showing not even in the close up????? the same eye side that Tobi Madara has his sharingan on. So Bob’s “One idea is that Tobi is kind of Madara,” theory maybe something to look at. But like I said who knows and we will find out soon.

  8. Just to clarify one thing I say covered, I did not say it was missing……….. but i think you all get where i was coming from though. If it is missing that means someone is possessed by Madara or at less has some of his abilities. As each eye of the sharingan has its on powers once the MS activates. the Tobi Madara right eye is the space/time ability close to Kakashi’s own Kamui. I will not speculate on who Tobi cause i want to be surprised

  9. I like all of your theories guys, and I can’t wait to see which one will be true, but there’s one thing that’s been bothering me ever since Tobi was shown talking to Itachi for the first time in chapter 400.


    If you look at the man in the mask, he has a different hairstyle than the Tobi we know from these days… Maybe I’m just looking too deep into it, but if you notice, not many, or even any manga characters change their hairstyles. Of course, when Goku went SuperSayian it was different because it was a ‘new form’ but normally, they keep the same hairstyle their whole lives. This is something that’s making me believe that Tobi is really kind of a part of Madara’s soul changind bodies…

  10. I still think Tobi is Madara… I mean he literally said to Konan “I’m Madara Uchiha! I tricked Hashirama at the Valley of the End too take his Mokuton genes!” Why would Tobi lie to someone who’s going to die… Futhermore, then ALL that hype we got for Tobi is just dead and is now given too only Madara, this Edo trash who’s going to die in 4 or less chapters…

    What in gods name is Tobi if he’s not Madara anyways? Only Uchiha I think that would make sense would be Izuna but even then it’s like wtf Kishi, random fodder is FV?

  11. I’m just making a random observation, but everytime they have shown Tobi’s sharingan, it looks like the eye of one of the edo summons with the black part where it is supposed to be white. Could it be that he has been some sort of summon just existing this whole time, and carrying out BIG MAGNUM’s will.

  12. Heres a Crazy Thought Wat if there both really madara Maybe somehow Madara Learned Mu’s body splitting technique and used it when he fought the 1st at the valley of the end and half of him was killed and the other half lived on to become tobi and i think the other half of tobi is the other black half of zetsu

  13. A simple observation guys, I may be way of track here, but bear with me…One thing I have always wondered is that how did Itachi manage to kill his entire clan by himself (or with the help of Tobi). I agree that he had the upper hand considering he was an ally (double crossing one).. Yes, the Uchiha clan wouldnt have suspected that Itachi would go as far as murdering the whole clan, but who are we kidding here ? How could one man take on lets say 100 or so Uchiha kinsmen who are supposedly considered some of the strongest shinobi in the Naruniverse. I knw that some of u will argue that Itachi is one of the most potential and efficient shinobi/assasin/etc etc out there with his Tsukiyomi and other MS abilities. But I am sure atleast one of them will be strong enough to counter it right or fight it for some time? Atleast buy enough time so that some one else in the Konoha village sees that such a huge massacre is happening right under their noses.. There are numerous scenarios possible. But this has never been discussed be4 by Itachi or Tobi or any1 else for that matter. I mean the entire uchiha clan being written off like that is just ridiculous. My point is, and this is just a wild theory, what if there is a connection between the uchiha massacre and whatever Tobi is doing right now? Assuming that Tobi isnt part madara/madara’s ghost or whatever theory, why did he help Itachi murder the Uchiha all those years ago? He said to Sasuke that he did it because he hated them for betraying him/Madara. But he is not Madara, so why? Is it because he just needed their eyes? or was there an ulterior motive? Did he keep someone alive in his pocket dimension?
    Ok I may be wrong on all the theories I gave… But I still dont understand how Itachi managed to kill them all at once no matter how powerfull he claims to be, that too in one night.

  14. 3 words guys Multiple personality disorder.. Madara could be 2 surreal guys having 2 physical bodies(just like when Muu split his body in 2 two).. That might have reduced his power, and that may be the reason Tobi wants to be complete. And notice that Tobi had only one eye with his mask, and Madara with his one eye being covered by his hair (well that could be just coincidence).

  15. cant wait to see this in the anime, by then the war may be over n we’ll know who’s in the mask cos i think its ‘madara’

  16. Madara is dead! This means maybe Tobi has some of madara’s chakra, but not one bit of his soul.

  17. Ok let me make one thing clear, Madara’s right eye being covered has no significance what so ever. Why? Because, remember when Tobi took both of Nagato’s eyes? That was before Kabuto resurrected him right? But Nagato had both his eyes. Also, Tobi took Itachi’s eyes as well but when he was resurrected, he also had both of them. So my point is, it doesnt matter if Madara was missing his eyes his resurrected form would stay have them.

    I also find it odd that Itachi was able to massacre the entire clan, they most have been a lot weaker than he had been led to believe by Tobi if Itachi really did kill them.

    And who are the senju Ninjas of recent generation anyway? And what exactly is so special about them that they were able to go toe-to-toe with the uchia led by Madara?

    I hope Tobi = Izuna, But I am now starting to consider it might also be Itachi and Sasuke’s father. I mean as much as we hate to admit it, sasuke is a genius, and I dont even need to say anything about Itachi, so where did they get all these awesome genes? so At the very least the dad was no slouch.

  18. hmmmm you have to remember the the Edo T brings the person back from the dead as they were when they died not after they die. Itachi and Nagato had their eyes upon death. Tobi took those eyes after death. Something to remember. I am implying that Madara (the real one/Edo one) may have removed his own eye before he died and implanted it into something or someone. However that was just a weak theory. i noticed that his eye was covered and if you know in Naruto when something like that is noticed like Kakashi, Danzo, Tobi Madara, and Ao that means something. But it is a weak theory I give it that however peoples weak theories have turned out to be true a lot of times with this manga

  19. How about sanji from one piece lol. and yeah I also considered that its at the time of death. But Itachi was practically blind when he died but edotachi has perfect eye sight.

  20. This I why I’m puzzled.

    Tobi face has the same lines as edo summons and face was shaded in like other edo when revealed by fight with Karin.

    Carefree in regards to body part because the just regenerate as any edo summon.

    Limited knowledge of edo tensi considering other kages are familiar with it . Had to learn how to cancel it from snake boy junior.

    Had dealings with danzo in the past.

    Conclusions he’s a missing nin from the mist or a tobirama clone.

  21. Think about Zetsu for instance… How he is able to clone and his clone retains itself as if it has its own life now. Madara clearly received some of the First’s cells and Zetsu was made from the First’s cells. So that tells us right there that Madara may have used something similar to what Zetsu uses for his clones only to a MUCH greater degree Which would mean Tobi is but a clone of the Madara that died. Not to mention the whole eye thing? How Madara’s right eye is covered and that was the only eye revealed to us on Tobi? Zetsu had two sides to it as well. Right/Left, black/white. Madara/Tobi, Right/Left. I mean it kind of makes sense… Thoughts?

  22. Well, it is obvious that Madara did live after VOTE, up to when Nagato was a child. It is also obvious to me now that every time tobi talked as if he were Madara he was saying something Madara already said.

  23. @narufann: I agree with u, I think it is just a complex jutsu along the lines of muu’s.
    but since the jutsu was never released it has gained a personality and motives of its own, but tobi is Madara, just not BIG MAGNUM

  24. I am tired of guessing who this guy is, I just wanna know already and get it over with we can start getting into the more exciting side of this story and it looks like everything is about to come to a head.

    Even though I am glad the alliance is about to get their asses handed to them by Madara, its gonna be interesting to see how Naruto matches up to him and his EMS.

  25. Also judging by this technique and how its affecting this war so much, it’s safe to say the Second Hokage was unbelievable to come up with such a technique.

  26. One thing im curious about is to why the second hokage would create such a jutsu? Was it by accident?

  27. @yellowflash: which once again calls into question how he was killed.
    he had that super sword, unmatched water proficiency, and edo tensei. yet somehow, 20 ninja killed him, elite my arse, it doesnt make sense that he couldnt even escape. additionally, what the hell was a kage doing so deep in enemy territory!
    That is undoubtedly kishi’s major cock up!

  28. madara edo looks youngish, like he is in his thirties, not an old man like danzo or tobi. which would mean he around his thirties when he died (im not saying that he is exactly 30 etc – just that he doest look old). Madara doesn’t have have the wrinkles like tobi, or is that just to throw people off?

  29. i remembered when itachi met with Sasuke told him something about when madara obtained the EMS a new special technique was born. may be that technique has something to do with Madara can create special clone for himself like tobi.as per this link

  30. @itachidabaus, finally someone else agrees that tobi could be sasukes dad!! i mean a cough potato dad cant breed 2 genius ninja sons!! And we’ve never had confirmation that he died, i mean look at what tobi has done for both itachi an sasuke- its very “father” like imo…..

  31. @team, I mentioned the same sort of thing about his eye in a previous comment. I think he may be a summon as well that has been roaming around all these years, because he eye always has the white part that looks black like one of the other summon.

  32. @itachiDaBaus

    About Aoba… yeah i think your right. He has something to do with Och Boy and/or Kab Kid. Wonder if that will come out anytime soon?

  33. Here are a few facts guys…..when the 4th was fghting tobi remember tht itachi said mum and dad was missing and apparently so was the rest of the uchiha so this leads me to think that tobi and the uchiha was infact connected……now im pretty sure tobi wouldnt have warned them about the 9tails attack if he hated them so the idea of him destroying the uchiha with itachi doesnt fit the bill……another fact is tht tobi said himself tht the 9tails was a accident and he wasnt resposible 4 the attack now we know tht he is lieing about this because we saw tht it was him….now remember there was only one uchiha tht was capable of controling the 9 tails….and who was tht???! madara! now if only madara can controle the 9tails and tobi done it as well wht does tht leave us

  34. These are my reasons why it cant be sasuke’s dad
    One: That would be so lame if tobi turns out to be him….and the naruto manga isnt going to pull tht lame move off
    Two: Another interesting fact i dont think anyone rememberd…itachi killed his dad! U might be thinking maybe he really did but come on u think itachi is gona fall for tht!
    Three: Remember what itachi done to sasuke before he died, he implanted a attack to respond to TOBI’S eyes and not his father! Im sure if itachi hav the ability to recognise different sharring he woulda bin able to clock if tobi was useing his dads eyes r not!

  35. Ok here we go:

    1. Techniques can get passed down, so if Madara was able to control the 9-tails, perhaps he was able to teach that to Tobi (or even give Tobi some chakra to be able to do so). We have seen that it is a normal sharingan technique (at least Tobi’s was) so no proof about him being Madara there.

    2. Techniques can be implanted, we’ve seen Itachi do this twice now.

    3. Tobi (and perhaps Madara himself) wanted to play the village AND the Uchiha against one another. If you think about it, Madara hated BOTH OF THEM! He hated the Senju and the rest of the village for not choosing him to be Hokage and he hated the Uchiha for abandoning him.

    4. As to Fukasaku being Tobi, it’s possible, but it really seems to me that Tobi had a messed up body, even at the time of the Kyuubi attack. Yet, years later, Fukasaku has a NORMAL body, no scars or anything and his arms are just fine. If any other ninja had an arm crushed with a rasengan, that arm would be gone. So, Fukasaku can’t be Tobi.

    Who is Tobi? Well, for me it’s either he is a super Zetsu of some kind i.e. a combo clone of Madara and Hashirama (Zetsu 2.0) OR which I think is more likely:

    Madara came across a wounded Obito Uchiha. He used Hashirama’s cells to heal Obito, grafting them to his body. Madara was able to do this because he already tried to clone himself and Hashirama, resulting in Zetsu. Madara knew he was dying and he needed someone to carry on his will and his Zetsu project was not producing a viable Madara clone.

    Madara also cast a powerful genjutsu on Obito, causing him to think he was “Tobi.” He also taught this new “Tobi” everything he knew so that Tobi could pretend he was Madara himself. When the time was right, Tobi would “convince” Nagato to revive the true Madara. This would require a HUGE amount of chakra, since Madara had long since been dead, and this meant it would require the chakra of ALL the tailed beasts. This is why Tobi was collecting them.

    After Nagato died, Tobi decided to carry out the revival plan himself.

  36. Have you guys considered that Madara was in the same situation as Muu? Where he split (not cloned) himself via Muu’s technique, Izanagi, or some other jutsu? it would explain Tobi’s drive for immortality and a lot of his reactions. It would explain his fear of edo Madara too since Edo Madara might be able to cancel his own technique. As far as Madara knowing about Nagato, he could have been researching the same things as Tobi and could have been the reason Madara said to konan “I created Nagato”.

  37. I am 110% sure that Tobi is the Sage of the six paths (rikudou Sennin).

    Do you remember when Tobi and Konan met? There, Tobi wrote ”I was the person that gave Nagato rinnegan”.

    He has also said to kabuto ”they were mine to begin with.”

    tho, I KNOW he is Sage of the six paths, he can not be someone else.

  38. @walmart1

    That’s not possible because if his soul was split, he wouldn’t be dead, so he couldn’t be summoned with Edo Tensei.


    That’s not possible because Tobi himself stated he was the 2nd one to use the Six Paths. Also, I think based on Tobi’s use of the one sharingan, that is his own eye that he was born with. Otherwise, why not replace it with the Rin’negan, if the Rin’negan in fact were his eyes to begin with?

  39. @Someone, that is plausible.

    It would be really crazy if Naruto, Sasuke, Tobi, and BIG MAGNUM ended the series by joining together to fight the bijuu powered Sage who somehow lost his way over the years because he never thought there would be world peace. This also lends its hand to the Dragonball series(which Kishi obviously takes hits from). Because the final Shenron was a collection of all the negative energy built up from making wishes over the entire series, plus he was the combined might of all the dragons aka the sage having control over all the bijuu. For this to happen he would have to capture Bee and Naruto. I don’t think he would get Naruto but Bee is possible. But the sage with 8 of the bijuu is still really strong.

  40. they’ve been foreshadowing all of zetsu’s clone for a while now, therefore thats why i think its a zetsu clone.

  41. @Uchia DBGT was not written by the same guy. (I loved it still tho)

    @ripcord I like your theory about zetsu 2.0 except it wouldnt be called zetsu 2.0

    Back in his fight with Konan (god bless her sweet soul) he states that he possesses both senju and uchia dna (allowing him to use izanagi). So madara must have survived that battle with the first, created Tobi from his and the first’ dna. the 1st dna is what allows him to live so long as he can change body parts. He implants his memory, and maybe right eye (but if he was going to die and planned on letting tobi succeed him, y not give him both his eyes?) into Tobi before he dies. Which couldn’t have been much longer after the fight with the first.

    It cant be a muu split cuz like some1 stated above, the edo requires an entire soul. you cant summon someone with only half a soul, and if the other half lives then they’re not really dead.

  42. Is it only me or does anyone else feel the First Hokage was introduced way too early in the series. I mean how f’ing awesome would it have been if he was gna team up with “BIG MAGNUM” against the shinobi army? That would have been epic?!!

    Imagine this: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2010/357/4/8/madara_vs_hashirama_by_latinwarrior-d1nuvbt.png

    but on a whole new scale!!

  43. can some one explain to me the concept of ‘BIG MAGNUM’ im guessing it has sumn to do with madara but not sure why -.- n it also sounds like sumn from one peice, which i dont follow much…

  44. i never have been on fire waiting for the next naruto chapter since long time….damn it when the F**ing chapter will be release

  45. They will be on a two week break so no chapter till Nov. 2nd

  46. Please tell me your not serious -_-

  47. @madara uchiha

    BIG MAGNUM was created a few days ago, you have go back and read the it’s out comments to get the full concept of BIG MAGNUM.

    This guy whose name on here is @manish said it one of the comments about the real Madara Uchiha, and I thought it was so funny that I decided to have a little mini poll on if we should keep the name or not. I got a pretty good response so I said from here on out the real Madara will be known as BIG MAGNUM. So that’s a little sum up of the whole concept.

  48. Once again manish that stuff was genius dude, I still laugh at that everytime I think about it or see someone write it, lol.

  49. Orochimaru cloned the first by creating yamato, and he wasnt as strong as the first.
    So as a sharingan fanboy, Oro clones madara, creating tobi, who is also a failure, so he dumbs him.
    Tobi, learns about his past, getting some sharingans (also obitos).
    Thats why snakelover kabuto knows so much about tobi, and tobi don know how exactly he was created.
    And just add 1 and 1 together, kabuto has madaras dna to edotensei him, if snakeboy does that, ORO defenetly would have cloned him.

  50. I think tobi is obito I mean it makes perfect sense that after kakashi blanked and the battle was over madara would take and use obito for revenge and by then he would have already given nagato the rinnengan and hadn’t seen himm for years do with knowledge of that fact obito could trick nagato into beleiving he was madara after he died, and for the age marks obito was crushed supposedly to death do if he were alive he would at least have some scars

  51. And also obito had latent time malipulation potential because when kakashi a non Ichihara unlocked his mangekyo he was able to bend time and space, imagine what a real Ichihara can do with that natural power you get tobi

  52. ooooh i seeee lol “BIIIIIIIIGG MAGNUUUUUUUM!!!!” LOL

  53. @Someone, If tobi is the SO6P why would he be scared of BIG MAGNUM??! I say this coz when kabuto showed tobi the 6th Coffin he seemed scared…. Now everyone knows BIG MAGNUM is an O.G in the game but the SO6P is the Grand daddy of em all, the sage should have no reason to be shook of the BIG MAGNUM, can’t wait for the flashback of King Uchiha and the tree hugger 1st hokage!

  54. After going back a few chapters….I believe Tobi is Kagame Uchiha. He was missing the night of the 9 tails attack. He knew Danzo and the elders.

  55. Did we ever think tobi was shinsui?

  56. I like chilla’s theory. Seems more likely to me

  57. Why do people think Tobi has Obito’s eyes again?
    Keep in mind Kakashi’s kamui is a MS jutsu and we have never seen Tobi using MS.

    Also, at the time of the attack on the leaf, Tobi already had his interdimensional jutsu, that was not too long after Obito had died, and Tobi looked like he had been using that jutsu for a while.

  58. @itachiDaBaus

    How do you know that his “warping” isn´t his MS? We have never seen his eyes when he uses the jutsu…

  59. I think what really happened is that Tobi killed the real Madara who was already too weak for the fight he had with Hashirama.
    Somehow Tobi gained/stole some of Madara’s powers.

  60. The chances that tobi is obito are slim to none. The only thing that’s there is his jutsu that MAY resembles kakashi’s MS. Theres no proof that tobi’s even uses his MS jutsus. Obito just activated his sharingan around the time he died, and there’s about 3 year difference between his death and the kyuubi assualt. It’s unlikely he went from a boy to a full grown adult in 3 years and mastered the use of a jutsu that kakashi still can’t in 18-20 years. Not to mention all the info that tobi has in the events of the ninja world. And to have influence over the mizukage’s village, while obito was still alive.

  61. I have to admit, I like chilla’s story, it seems more likely than any of the stories i’ve read, and it gives some explanation on how kabuto and/or orochimaru obtained madara’s dna. I don’t belive tobi’s trying to fool anyone by keep calling himself madara. I think he’s more trying to convince himself that he’s the real deal.

  62. besides, itachi didn’t transfer any powers to sasuke. The only thing he done was reprogramed(so to speak) sasuke’s eyes to react on seening madara’s eyes. Those MS jutus sasuke used is all his.

  63. If anyone considering the possibly of tobi being obito, you could’ve just as easily considering the possibly of him taking obito’s other eye, since yall belive that kakashi’s MS and tobi’s ability are one an the same. After all, tobi was in the sharingan collecting buisness, and back then, thanks to itachi, buisness had been booming. Becuse of kishi making a big deal of shisui’s eye, and danzo being able to do what he’s done from obtaining sharigans, its obvious that you can obtaining the original eye holder’s dojutsu powers just by taking thier eyes.

  64. Chilla ur theory seems most likely. I mean if Madara is Obito then everything’s f’ed up in Naruto. 1st Hokage is Tsunade’s granddad, should be a 40-50 year age gap between those 2. Then Jiraiya, same age as Tsunade, has student, 4th Hokage – in his 20s when he’s sensei of Kakashi, Obito, Rin aged around 12. This means Madara must be fucked up old and still alive to be Obito/Tobi.

  65. hey guys ive been thinking..couldnt be Tobi is Setsuna Uchiha? I havent read all the comment yet zo im just trow this one out here. “Tired of the Second Hokage’s suspicions against the Uchiha clan, he plotted to take back the supremacy held by the Senju clan.” I just googled hime and I think theres a good chance he could be Tobi..!

  66. But Kagami is still a possible Tobi….his name means mirror. Maybe he is just acting out as madara. He was close to danzo, the two elders and the 3rd hokage. The only people who knew about Minato and Kushina having a baby were the names listed above. Also he was the only one missing when fighting the 9 tails. And his death is not confirmed. It is assumed he died

  67. and think about it. kishi showed us madara, and lets us think that tobi must be someone other than madara. So we go ahead and come up with all these crazy ideas.
    BUT, 50chapter into the manga, kishi says, “NOOOTT… he is madara, just a clone, a shell of his former self^^”

    Come on, think about it, the top Shinobis even say it.
    Itachi says it, Minato best bet was madara (or someone like that), Nagato believed it, hell tobi himself says it a million times^^

    and i seriously think that madara/Tobi is the only one that thinks a fan on his back might be a weapon 😛

  68. This brings us to the question why BIG MAGNUM knows nagato. He supposedly died 60 years ago, looking at his ressurected looks it ok to say that he died that young.

    1.) Time travel, looking into the future?
    I doubt that,… then he wouldt be surprised that nagato had grown.. he simply would seen it…
    2.) He just prepared everything. To the point to give the rinneganboy the name nagato?
    MADARA is a badass but this….
    3.) Madara has a son (or his clone), whom he teaches everything, and tells him his masterplan. Creates Zetsu cuz he collected First DNA to give the TOBI an edge. And a plan was to carefully breed a Rinneganchild called nagato to bring him back to life.
    Too bad nagato has other plans and dies^^, so madara comes back and is happy to see that his plan has worked…only to see that some f up snakeboy just uses him

  69. ^ theres fan girl that blows air at enemies too. lul

  70. and dont forget, he was definetly waiting to be resurrected, cuz his first words are. “so it finally happened”

    PS adding to the last post, I bet zetsu was first creation of first and madaras cells, then came Tobi.
    Having both DNA makes Tobi say he is the sec. generation to be sageofthe6p.
    First was Zetsu, then tobi, then nagato the third

    hahaha^^.. if any of this were to come true… man.. that makes madara even cooler

  71. the meaning behind Tobi’s name itself says it all…

  72. I haven’t been here in a while, but I just have to get this out of my chest: I TOLD YOU GUYS TOBI WASN’T MADARA!!!!!! I REFUSED to call him Madara, and ALWAYS referred to him as Tobi because I had a feeling he wasn’t him.

    Aww, that felt good.

  73. Oh. Don’t be so sure. Still there is high possibility TOBI could be MADARA

  74. And the next chapter is out and iis kida juicy!!!

  75. @lalalaal He does have hair like Setsuna does have hair like Tobi, and his face is shaped very similarly. Maybe someone edo’ed him, because Tobi’s eye looks like one of the edos with the black where the white should be. This could also leave in the possibility of the 2nd being a bad guy, because he already created this really forbidden jutsu, of the edo, so why not conspire with the Uchiha because he could have been jealous of his brother, whom we still do not know how he died. Maybe the second help elimnate him, and who better to help than the the clan looking for revenge. lalalaal you have given rise to a very very plausible theory. Also, even BIG MAGNUM said the edo jutsu was horrible, and for someone as callas as him to say that, it must have really been looked on badly in the ninja world. So the 2nd may not have been as good as he was made out to be.

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    Yes, I am posting as I am reading this, lol.

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    Or if you read carefully, kabuto said “golden age”, impliyng that this Edo Madara died after that encounter…….

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  84. @Token

    Yeah, it is kind of odd, Kabuto and Madara have been talking about “prime time”, which means he either died after that we thought, or he was older…..

    Also,I guess when kabuto says “stronger” is probably his “control” of the rinnegan, but nobody knows for now haha

  85. I said it last week, Ibefore Madara obliterates all of those guys, Itachi is either cancel edo tensei, or Kabuto will bring Madara back to a sharingan showdown.

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    I don’t understand how even Tobi can beat Kabuto.

  89. @ i agree. kishi seems to randomly overpower some characters and weaken others…for example hanzo was so powerful that not even jiryia tsunade AND oro couldnt beat him and he basically had mercy on them, only for hanzo to be brought back and killed by mifune (who is no where near jiryias or oros power). The third raikage was rarely mentioned and yet his body was nearly invincible and could only be hurt by his own hand and yet he died to a thousand fodder ninja. Now here comes madara, who from all accounts we heard was defeated by the first (not killed but defeated) and when we last saw the first in battle he wasnt overly impressive but here come madara summoning giant moon rocks and freezing soldiers in their tracks and using expert swordsmen skills on top of sussanno AND having the rinnengan… some consistincy would be nice kishi :-\

  90. @token:
    Yeah, this random overpowering isn’t even needed. Madara is plenty powerful enough to kick the ass of the Joint Shinobi Army 10 times over, without his Sharingan.

    Everyone underestimates Mifune…he has to be pretty badass to be the leader of an entire country, even if Hanzo was nerfed.

    Yeah, I also wanted this battle to show the abilities of the Eternal Mangkeyou (sp?) Sharingan, as a point of reference to what Sasuke can do and as a precursor to the Naruto vs. Sasuke fight. Seems like we won’t be getting that.

    I also wanted some questions answered and history provided, it seems like we won’t get that either. Still a kick-ass chapter though. It opens the possibly of Sasuke, and maybe even Kakashi getting the Rinnegan. But I don’t want the Rinnegan to become the new Sharingan, overused and everyone has one.

  91. @??? sadly its becoming that way. we went from the rinnengan being a myth to nagato having one to tobi takin nagatos and now madara has his own set of them!!! since when is something that is supposedly a myth start to turn out in abundance? this does not bode well either as now that sasuke has his new eyes it opens the door for him to get the rinnengan…… as for madara beating the joint alliance without the sharingan thats kind of what i was going on about. Before this chapter all we knew was the first beat madara. Now given what we have seen its very hard for me to imagine the first beat madara and even if he did he did it presumably before madara got the rinnengan. Given the random power boosts and abilities thrown out there these days its hard to keep facts about past experiences straight.

  92. Token is right, there is some “nonsense” in terms of “who is who” in this series….

  93. remember guys this is the same rinnegon that tobi gave to nagato which means that the one that tobi has in his eye right now is the same one that edo madara has

  94. Yep fully agree guys, the power scales are wayyyyyyy off for these characters- from what we saw from the 1st hokage he seems like fodder ninja compare to this beast of an uchiha.

    So the rinnegan is a mutation of the sharingan………so i guess this means angry uchiha (sasuke) will eventually get his hands on it. Poor Gaara and Naruto got out classed by BIG MAGNUM this chapter!!

  95. @jokey boy no madara awakened his own http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/73851290/16

  96. What is the difference between Tobi’s rinnengan and Edo Madara’s? How come Edo Madara can activate and deactive his rinnengan but Tobi’s eyes stay activated? Maybe because he is not an Uchiha. I notice Danzo and Kakashi has the same “always on” sharingan eyes as well.

  97. @jokey we dont yet know if tobi took them from madara or if madara gave them to nagato or what not.

  98. The only thing that bugs me is, don’t you have to be part Senju/Uzumaki to unlock the rinnegan.

    So that either means, that Madara injected himself with Uzumaki/Senju blood, or the Uchiha and Uzumaki/Senju are more closely related than we thought. Yes we know the whole story of the sages sons, but apparently somewhere down the line, they could have come back closer together again.

  99. @RSVP4GOD yea that is true. Tobi has always used the normal sharingan and his rinnengan is constantly activated (this may be due to the fact that the rinnengan is not his a la kakashi and danzo). The difference seems to be madara got his genuinely instead of being like tobi and being a scavanger of parts

  100. @uchihaTheinfamous this is possible and this may be why madara fought the first; in order to get his dna to awaken the rinnengan. The formula for a rinnengan may just be an eternal mangekyou sharingan with senju blood… this would make sense as nagato was able to get the rinnengan and only because he was an uzumaki/senju descendent. Maybe madara did in fact give nagato the rinnengan or his eyes before he died and this is y he refers to as nagato growing up finally

  101. Anyone else notice that BIG MAGNUM’s Susanno has 2 heads?! WTF is this a EMS version??

  102. Oh I noticed, and they were apparently making hand signs to summon that big meteor.

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  106. p.s after all, for right now, the only way to obtain EMS is to take the sibling’s manekeyo sharigan eyes.

  107. That means that Tobi, Nagato, Kakashi, Danzo all fall in the same catagory…their transpanted eyes will always stay activated. However, Sasuke and Edo Madara transpanted eyes can be deactivated.

  108. See what i mean? Sasuke was able to deactivate his eyes, even though he know possess itachi’s because he is true uchiha blood. Edo Madara switched from sharigan and rinnegan becuase he obtained them naturally(well, as naturally as one can get). But how come we haven’t seen nagato deactivate his rinnegan? How come tobi haven’t deactivated his?

  109. not even his own sharigan either

  110. Game over

    Interesting note, he only awakened it right before he died, which means he couldn’t use it to its full. He probaly sustained fatal injuries from the first, got the rinnegan, tried to resurrect his brother ( incomplete version or SHELL of former shelf because he didn’t have enough experience from rinnegan) gave him the rinnegan eyes, gave him a plan and died. Maybe they even once tried with nagato but failed, that’s how he knew who he was

  111. Good point Darth….Tobi an Nagato’s eyes are always “on”…! I’m gona go back an read the Tobi vs Konan fight- might give some more clues!
    P.S Orochimaru was a true villian- even in death he still amazes people as to how far deep he went!

  112. @darth right now we cannot say that sasuke can acheive the rinnengan. The only reason i say this is i find it odd the only other rinnengan user we know of was nagato, who was of the uzumaki clan. Now its just a hunch but i think u have to have the ems and than be of the senju clan like the uzumakis apparently are (i say this cause as uchiha was more in line with the eldest bro its safe to say the senju were from the youngest and such). Madara is not of the senju clan but how could he get his rinnengan? WEll somehow he managed to get the firsts dna or something and put it in himself and made his body cabable of bearing the rinnengan. Remember from what we have heard the rinnengan was believed to be a mutation; well what if the mutation was caused by the ems combined with the senju blood. THis would make sense cause the sage of the six paths had the rinnengan, from his descendents the senju and uchiha were born. It would make sense to say that the two put together (life force and eyes) would lend itself to create the ultimate eye that can see over life and death the rinnengan

  113. @darthuchiha, I think your right. Sasuke and Edo Madara are the only ones with EMS. Itachi had an opportunity to use Sushi eye’s but kept it instead. Plus he only had one of them.

  114. If you look at what Tobi said to Konan about him (Madara) giving Nagato the Rinnegan, it’s starting to make sense that maybe Madara transplanted his newly awakened eyes into a young Nagato with the idea that he would use the outer path to revive him to his prime. That’s why Tobi says that Madara gave them to Nagato and why they are always active. Eyes always being active seems like a common ground for users who aren’t of the bloodline, so you could say that Nagato is just a regular Uzamaki and Tobi isn’t anything at all (I’m sticking with my theory of him just being a patchwork ninja, a being that is made up of several different parts of other ninja and Zetsu gunk).

  115. There were times nagato turned them off…. when he was a kid and the ninja came into the house he used it and yet when jiryai trained him he never knew nagato had them. When against hanzo, nagato had them off and when yahiko was killed he activated them later on in the fight. It would seem nagato got the rinnengan genuinely as there were times his eyes were normal

  116. The tablet reveals more with each eye obtained….isn’t it strange how everything is geared for the uchiha son even though the the so6p named the senju one the descendant anyways it would seem likely that madara learned how to pass his abilities on to someone I would go as far to say tobi is the actual “nagato” who was a kid at the time of the madara life which could put him in the 3rds or 5ths age range but he for some reason wasn’t strong enough for some reason so he somehow found a uzamaki who have very well life energy n strength n gave the baby the rinnegan n his name while he continued his master plan

  117. Whats even more interesting is this character “tobi” was able to help train itachi,annihilate the uchiha,took over the mist n possibly played a role in the destruction of all its bloodline families, possibly the uzumaki too as he seems to be the most knowledgeable of them, also knows all of the leafs families n possibly somewhere in the konohona 11 parents as with the fight with danzo he mentioned turune n fuu’s parents names…..

  118. That’s why I still believe Kagami Uchiha is Tobi. He has obvious links to Danzo and the other families

  119. If the mangekyo sharingan evolves into the sharingan, and the byakugan is supposedly related to the sharigan, do you think maybe that neji or hinata could get the sharingan someday. I mean, Sasuke demonstrated the sharigan’s ability to detect chakra patterns in his fight with Deidara. Since that is the only distinguishable characteristic of the byakugan, the hyuga ckan would be better off with the sharingan.That’s probably another reason why the cloud village tried to kidnap Hinata, All I’m saying is, if kishi upgrades the uchiha clan like this, its only fair that he does the same for the hyuga clan.
    Neji or hinata could really use the sharingan right now to fight with Naruto. He could rival kakashi! In fact who’s to say kakashi won’t suddenly awaken his rinnegan?He’s always believedthat it was just a mutation. Just like Neji needs the sharingan now, Kakashi needs the rinnegan as well.
    In DBZ, both pureblood and half-blood saiyans were allowed to reach the lengendary state of super saiyan. I don’t think that kishi compares “Naruto” to DBZ entirely, but he can at least push his assumption a little more. In other words, if he’s going to say that all the uchiha dream of someday unlocking the rinnegan, he should at least support the idea that people like hyuga or kakashi could unlock it too.

  120. 1) @cas24 I was just about to say that. I too think Tobi is the original Nagato that Madara is referring to, it would only make sense because no way he would know who Uzumaki Nagato is.

    2) PLEASE! DO NOT DISRESPECT THE FIRST! Madara could never defeat him for a reason, that being the first was an even Bigger Badass, a Mega Magnum if you will. That being said, I admit he was complete pants when he fought the 3rd under Oro. But remember, that was a weaker edo, and that was way back in the beginning of the series so everything was scaled down. Hashirama deserves his title as the most powerful ninja of his time. Madara had to go beyond natural means (ie take his bro’s eyes, use the tailed beast) in order to gain the power he had and compete with Hashirama, while all of Hashi’s powers were natural. And now, it is possible that Big Magnum stole Mega Magnum’s dna in order to awaken the rinn.

    3) I would HATE for sasuke to also get the rinn, that would just suck!

    4) I believe the rinn Tobi has now is the same Big Magnum has, which he gave to Tobi, which he gave to Nagato and then has taken back.

    5) It would be cool I guess for the Byakugan to be improved, but not to sharingan, to something else.

    6) Nagato could activate and deactivate his rinn. We mostly saw him during fights, or when he was controlling the 6 paths (which required activated rinn). But he has deactivated em in the past. Tobi can’t because he is not Uzumaki and he transplanted them.

    7) So naruto is both senju and Uzumaki (or are they both the same?) so he can definately handle the rinn. Did kishi say naruto would have the coolest set of eyes by the end of the series?

  121. One more thing, That was an insane jutsu by big magnum, and the susanno using handsigns? awesome!!

  122. One more thing, so bigmagnum can use both susanno and rinn powers at the sametime?? Awesome!

  123. One morrreeee thing, I gta read this chapter again! =D

  124. one morrrreeeee thing, @anyone thinking Tobi is an edo summon cuz he has “black eyes” take a look here:


    His eyes are clearly white. the other one looks black cuz of the shadow

  125. It would be boss if Sasuke stole some of the First Hokage’s DNA from Tobi’s hideout. And later appeared after Naruto and the Joint Shinobi Alliance defeated Tobi, and kicked all of their asses. Or teamed up with Naruto after getting the Rinnegan. The possibilities of this chapter are endless.

    @Tenza Gizzla:

    No, the Sharigan is a mutation of the Rinnegan, and it seems that it becomes progressively weaker as generations progress.

    I have a nice theory that explains the evolution of the Sharingan and Rinnegan, please hear me out guys. It’s long, but I think explains things well.

    The Uchiha are burdened with the “Curse of Hatred” from the Elder Son of the Sage of 6 Paths. From seeing the power of the 10 Tailed Beast and the Sage, I think the Sharingan is a scaled down version of both their powers combined. The “Curse of Hatred” is the key to unlocking its potential.

    To awaken one’s Sharingan, one must be in a life or death situation, requiring some amount of hatred, emotion, or passion.

    To obtain the Mangekyō Sharigan, the Sharigan user must experience the “Curse of Hatred” with the emotion of killing their “brother”, or their closest friend like the Elder Son wanted to do.

    To make the power of the Mangekyō Sharigan permanent, therefore creating the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, the Mangekyō Sharingan user must further themself into the “Curse of Hatred” by taking the eyes of their “brother”, going back to the hate the Elder Son had for the Younger Son. But this stage incorporates obtaining a physical power, aka Yang Chakra, to augment one’s own abilities, something the Elder Son and the Uchiha lack in comparison with the Senju.

    To obtain the Rinnegan, the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan user needs to actually “consume” the “Younger Son”, and not just emotionally, but physically. The 1st Hokage seems a likely candidate for the “Younger Son” position, as his Senju DNA is powerful. This fully gives the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan bearer a body physically capable of carrying the Rinnegan, and the spiritual power, or Yin Chakra of the Elder Son/Uchiha Clan.

    Where does Nagato fit into all of this? As we remeber, Nagato’s parents were killed but Kohana Ninja. He then, fueled by the “Curse of Hatred”, killed the guilty Kohana ninja. Nagato has to have a combination of Uchiha and Senju Blood as a Rinnegan bearer, which leads me to believe that either (A) the Uzumaki Clan is a mixture of the Senju and Uchiha who have combined the “Curse of Hatred” and “Will of Fire” in the way the original Sage thought and lived. Or (B) one of his parents is a Uchiha, and the other a Senji/Uzumaki. Look at this picture, his father has black Uchiha hair, and his mother Red Uzumaki hair. Arguably, its an anime one.

    Tell me what you all think! I think my theory is sound, I don’t know if the 10 Tailed Beasts’ power is really manifested in the Sharingan though. The similarity of the two makes me think so.

  126. @Itachidabaus

    I’ve been saying he was an edo since last chapter because everytime he is shown he has the black around his eyes like the edo summons. I even wrote a big speil about it on the last “It’s out” post I think, if not on Bob’s summary.

  127. @????????? that was a pretty sound theory. It made sense that would explain how “Prime Time Madara” was able to develop the Rinnegan in addition as to explaining a little of Negatos lineage.

  128. @itachidabaus
    It’s odd though that nagato’s rinnegan eyes were shown, even while he’s dead. His bloodline may have been able to handle the rinnegan, but I don’t believe those rinnegan eyes are his at all.

  129. chapter 560 has been out btw! post something, spoiler alert, kishi is refining cliff hangers but thats about it… the rinnegan, really?

  130. @Darth I think the rinnengan eyes r his. All transplants we have seen involving sharingans like kakashi show permanent activation while nagatos were not

  131. @bob; nice one..i like your theories especially about tobi being a copy of madara…. but i have a question not only to bob but those who read this….does having rinnegan mean obtaining all powers of nagato…didn’t madara absorb all the attacks of his opponents just like the ability of the naraka path of pain?…
    i also want to say that i agree with the ones who said that rinnegan is not nagato’s …it was given to him by tobi or madara…who knows…but tobi did say that the rinnegan was originally his when he get it from nagato’s corpse….maybe nagato’s rinnegan is really madara’s eyes…and will be taken back by madara when he came back from the dead…

    for those who have the theories that tobi was the mage of six path just like me( at least I formerly believe that) ….please post a comment because i cant think any idea on how to connect these current events to that theory….maybe tobi is just acting and read madara’s mind long ago…..?

  132. What if tobi is what results from a zetsu clone being given the sharingan when madara was alive? If madara used a jutsu to transfer memories into zetsu, or implanted one of his own eyes into zetsu before death. This would leave zetsu to work towards making many clones of himself. Give him the memories and ambitions of madara. Enough time to perfect his use of his only sharingan. It would also explain why we have never seen him use the ms. Because madaras sharingan was taken from his corpse by zetsu. This would give zetsu cause to be scared of edo madara as well.

  133. My bad @itachidabaus, misread your statement, i forgot about that picture. Good insight. With that pic he does look more and more like that Uchiha from around the 2nd Hokages era.

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