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Post Author: Bakamaru

As Naruto fans, we have all seen the countless amounts of Naruto fillers. There are entire arcs of nothing but filler, and I am personally sick of it. Plot-less episodes make up 40% of Naruto and about a quarter of Naruto Shippuden. That’s more than 54 hours. These statistics are not only true(and yes, I did the math), these statistics are disgusting! Imagine if in the 16 hours you are awake, you spent 6 and a half hours staring in to space. Watching fillers is just like staring in to space, except staring in to space is a bit more fun. I’m not saying that all fillers are awful, because it is not necessarily true. For instance, there was an anime only filler arc involving the three tails. This was surprisingly interesting, and fun to watch. Well, at least more fun then staring in to space. Sadly, on the other hand, it took up a lot of time that could have been used to air actual plot-based episodes. If there were no stupid fillers, the anime wouldn’t be so far behind the manga!

The true problem lies within the long fillers. What I mean by that, is that one episode that is plot-less doesn’t matter too much. Perhaps we should begin with the Naruto fillers, before we get to Shippuden. So Sasuke leaves, Naruto and Sasuke have a big fight, yatta yatta yatta. Now, in the manga, Shippuden begins. Of course, the anime has a HUGE amount of fillers, I mean, it’s only logical! Episodes 136-220 are all unneeded. This is what I mean when I say I am sick of it. Almost 100 episodes! There are entire animes that are less than 84 episodes long. Still, as Naruto fans, we stick through these stupid fillers, and my god, are we excited when Shippuden begins!

Finally! The fillers are over and we happily watch Gaara get killed and brought back to life by the one of the illogical miracles that plague us Naruto watchers. We are all pretty much happy with this new anime, until the evil fillers are reborn! The dark days have returned! The grave robber arc begins, and we are all disappointed with it again. Granted, the arc is interesting, it didn’t help make up for the time we lost with the fillers at the end of Naruto. Well, at least these fillers are only 20 episodes long. That’s only like, 7 hours wasted. Well, we get used to it, once again, and stick through it as fans, until the arc that made me stop watching the anime. This dark entity is known as the Konoha history arc. Although it is only 20 episodes, it is a horrid mash-up of my least favorite things: FLASHBACKS! I can not bear it! I would rather eat worms than watch flashbacks. I waited for it to end so I could watch the next plot-related arc.

Sadly, at the moment, we are in another filler arc filled with sea monsters and sea sickness. We are currently VERY far behind the manga, but don’t worry Naruto fans! It will all be worth it. When the series ends, we will remember these fillers, buy DVDs of them, and burn them so nobody ever has to suffer through such agonizing pain ever again. Thank you for reading.


29 Responses

  1. MAN Agreed 100% I HATE FLASHBACKS. Was Soooo sick of watching flashbacks in regular Naruto. I choose to just read the manga now.

  2. i feel ur pain, but the fillers are necisary to keep the anime alive, if there was no filler the anime wud have caught up with the manga and without a manga to follow it wud end like the ruroni kenshin anime. roruni kenshin had limited fillers n becos of that it caught up with the manga just so it could crash n burn just so the best part of ruroni kenshin never got animated. japanese dont use seasons like on american tv i guess tho i dont kno if seasons or fillers are worst. and besides if the fillers were to have much plot, then there would be a lot of plotholes like in DBZ

  3. Yes, I no long watch Naruto anime (or One Piece for that matter) AT ALL because of the filler episodes. I really can’t take it.

    The one or 2 filler episodes in the original Naruto between ep1 and 135 (like episode 100) was AWESOME! but these 8-15 episode filler arcs are pure torture.

  4. wat plotholes in dbz?

  5. garlic jr saga for example. if garlic jr returned for revenge then krillen wud have met gohan before the saiyan saga started etc

  6. i totally agree with everybody. i think fillers should be restricted to max 5 per season. so even if they were to stop airing for a while, while waiting for the manga to extend longer, i think it would be perfectly alright.
    I’d rather wait anxiously for the next season rather than keep on watching fillers which will in the end make me stop watching altogether.

    i now read the manga religiously rather than watching the anime.

    tho, i have to admit some of the fillers are pretty good. like the REVENGE OF NARUTO’S CLONES.. i really enjoyed that filler. seeing so many facetes of naruto rebelling is very real and funny…

  7. It could be worst though it could be like the current bleach saga in the manga.

  8. amen brother, it seems the fillers now in the anime are almost over

  9. Fillers are necessary part of the any anime that is ongoing, if you don’t like it, skip it… spend the time looking for new series/manga to read, ao no ex is pretty good…

    If we didn’t have filler we would end up having either breaks of the series or the animation team would of had to think up their own ending like in Soul Eater…

    So over all Filler is good BUT we need quality plot in Filler, if we could have a “How Akatsuki aquired the Tailed Beasts” Filler arc would be awesome, seeing the battles of the Jinchuriki, Early missions of Kakashi, What its like to be in ANBU with Itachi, sort of stories, even the early missions of Akatsuki see more the development of Pain and how the other members joined, Kakazus battle with the 1st etc would all make awesome filler if done right, THAT is what we need 🙂

  10. @pein0avenue, agree

  11. I agree. The fillers are just plain horrible. The worst part is they string together 15 of them and dont give a common plot each one is a stand alone toilet. Not only that but often they dont even showcase narutos abilities anymore. The only thing good about fillers is the one hinatas naked in.whoever is writing the stories for these fillers should be donkey punched.

  12. off topic, but have any of you seen Jonah hex? I just watched it, and I seen something similar between Jonah hex and Naruto, as far as the crows coming out of the mouth.


    Does a crow coming out your mouth symbolic or something? Japanese or Native American folklore?

  13. You guys dont realise how hard it is to make fillers…they cant do anything that involes a character development (when they do, do it, it they cant use it in normal episode’s) they cant touch too much on peoples past beause thy dont know if they writer will comfirm it or not…..example,if they done a flash back on itachi past we will know too much about him and the big ( itachi isnt really a bad guy) wouldnt really be a suprise……either way yes they can improve but as pointed out fillers are needed and thinking of gd plots that cant possibly effect the manga story line is hard and making it interesting is even hard, eps know the fact that its not in the real story will make us hate it either way

  14. @ pein0avenue
    Nun of your examples of wht will make a gd filler is possible
    They cant randomly make up information or abilities of any real character in narutoverse so because they dont know how…. lets say members of the akatsuki join, they can not then make up a story on how they joined

  15. Watch one piece when naruto’s in fillers…..One piece is amazing 😀

  16. Thanks guys. I’m glad my first post went so well, and I’m looking forward to writing more. I appreciate your support.

  17. @ Legendarykid – True not all is possible however, the capturing of the 6 Tails arc (or 5 I forget) was ALL filler, thus all those abilities showcased where filler based… Past missions of Kakashi doesn’t actually need to have bearing on the current story the same way Naruto now is fighting random battles we can have the same thing with Kakashi, this will give us a better picture of how his team interacted, we know how obito was until he died so there also not pertaining to current story… We know Kakazu battled the 1st that probably not gonna be rehashed in the story/plot… Also Itachi working for ANBU will have little bearing on the current perception of him, even if it is like the normal filler but instead has Itachi as the focus point…. Problem with filler is its predictable, random hero/victum needed to be save has internal struggle naruto comes to the rescue… If we had replaced the Naruto with Itachi and have him use move we know Itachi has or even Kakashi who has 1000 jutsu it will be more interesting …

  18. To be fair, even though one piece has more episodes than naruto an bleach, it only has about 50 episodes of fillar. That’s a lot lower.

  19. @ pei0avenue the arc was the 3 tails i think maybe lol anyways the arc didnt show the tailed beats much and it was based around a manga issue…so it wasnt made up in the sence tht we didnt know wht happend to tht tailed beats……the filler with the jinjurkai wht whtever its splt will prob protray him wrongly lets w8 and see



  22. Well bakamaru, I agree with you that fillers are really gay and a tease from the real manga action. Some of the filler arcs last very long and get tiresome to watch. The Bleach is literally gang raped with filler arcs; some even interrupt the middle of an important part in the manga and go to a completely different story which makes you lose the sense of time and progression in the story. Now as far as naruto goes, I once again agree that the fillers are annoying,as i haven’t watched a single episode of Naruto on the boat with Yamato and Guy since the one about the ghost ship. I do, however, have to say that there is a legitimate reason as to why they put fillers in the episodes. Manga chapters are on average 17-20 pages long, while an actual animated episode is 30 minutes long, so the episodes obviously cover more space than the manga does. Therefore, the gap between the anime ep’s and the manga would shorten and eventually there wouldn’t be enough material to make an episode as kishi hasn’t progressed the story enough yet. Then the episodes would stop producing and fans would get annoyed at the constant delays, so they invented filler arcs to make up for that. They can make up stories as they please, and allow the manga to speed up a couple of arcs so they can have plenty of material to work with. That’s why Naruto had so many filler episodes after Sasuke’s departure; They wanted to widen the gap so they could really dig in on the episodes once it had gotten far enough in the manga. Now i agree that it sucks, but its the reality to the manga world. So it’s like a double edged sword really. We get to see more action out of the particular manga, but it’s just not always going to be what we want. One solution they could do is to develop a manga far enough into the story so that when they start making episodes the ratio of episode/manga progression won’t overlap and filler sagas wont be necessary.

  23. @pein0avenue-I agree on the fact that the quality of filler arcs is more important

  24. Valid point you have there. I’ taking Shippuden out of my queue from Hulu. It is just taking up space.

  25. Just to let yall haters know. The Rock wrestles tonight after several long years!!!

  26. @fleece sadly he has come back to a wwe that is a shell of its former self… like tobi if u will lol

  27. lol!!! Good one token, we will see

  28. I haven’t watched a Naruto anime episode in 2 years. Got tired of the fillers that you just know would come right after the story parts, and stay for longer as well. Now I just watch One Piece anime on a regular basis. Fillers are necessary, I know, but not to the extent they exist in the Naruto anime. That’s just excessive.

  29. Out of all the fillers in shipuden, i find 3-tail and 6-tail arc interesting but konoha history, the monk, and the current arc the worst ever other than the 100-episode arc.

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