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Who (or What) is Tobi?

I have read far too many Tobi theories, and I think most of them are ridiculous. Then again, a lot of stuff in Naruto is completely ridiculous, so I haven’t really ruled anything out… yet. I’m just going to take you through five theories and explain the flaws of each and their merits.

1. Obito?
Well, we did see part of Tobi’s face, and we learned he has two sharingan. Now we know that Obito had one eye when he died, but of course this is irrelevant, because he could get another one easily. Also, we know Obito was Kakashi’s age, which seems plausible (Tobi is a full-grown man). My issue with this is that Tobi and Madara know each other.Madara died before Obito was smashed by a rock. Of course, with Naruto, anything can happen. This has been a popular theory for a while now, and I’m not really one to go with what’s popular (Bakamaru is a freakin’ rebel), but I do find some merit here. I’m going to move on to another theory right now.

2. Sasuke from the future…
Come on guys… Even for Naruto, this sounds stupid. I am not even going to start telling you the problems with this theory, as they are blatantly obvious. I will just say that Sasuke has personal goals. On the other hand, Tobi’s goals are much more wide–spread. They are different people, so get it through your thick skulls!

3. Some random Uchiha
Well we know that Tobi is probably an Uchiha because if he wasn’t, he would go blind from using the sharingan so much. He could very well be Madara’s brother, which is plausible and could create a very interesting back-story with a couple of chapters about their childhood. On the other hand, they could make it Madara’s 5th cousin 7 times removed on his mother’s side that they mention once in blah blah blah. This would be WEAK! I doubt Kishimoto-san would disappoint his readers like that. therefore, I am going to say this is probably not the case.

4. Um… Link: https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2010/09/11/another-tobi-theory/
Well, this is complex, so read the link. Basically, this theory makes a great deal of sense, but it just seems a little to convoluted for a Naruto plot. This is innovative, and I thank yellowflash2 for this idea. Actually, this post was the first thing I ever saw on Shannaro!!! and inspired me to write for it. I like this theory, I just don’t know if it is what Kishimoto was thinking of.

5. Nobody?
Yup, that’s what Tobi says, and maybe he isn’t lying. Perhaps he is a mere tool created by Madara Uchiha before he died for the sole purpose of eternal tsukuyomi. Perhaps he is a clone or a puppet like the paths of pain. This theory is broad, but DEFINITELY the most plausible. Considering we have such little information on “the man behind the mask” we should not jump to extreme conclusions (like number two and number four). That’s it for this time! Thank you for reading!


15 Responses

  1. First!!
    Anyway that yellowflash theory was nice and thought out – Tobi being the sage, obito, the 1st elder uchiha son of the sage, the uzumaki leader, madara’s brother, sasuke’s dad or even the 1st hokage are all plausible theories but right now tobi is lookin like mr lego man to me – a zetsu type of clone with both uchiha an senju or uzumaki blood an parts attached to him!

    I dont think Naruto willl be able to handle Tobi in a fight on his own tho, Sasuke and/or Kyubbi is gona play a major role in this villains downfall

  2. I’m starting to think he is an Uzumaki, for the reasons that I placed on Bob’s summary.

  3. there is no way that tobi is obito,why would he be bad and not join up with kakashi again?whats the point of doing what he is doing?there is no reason for him 2 hate that many ppl and help madara that doesn’t make sense:Pjust a though:D

  4. Well, I do not personally believe in the Obito theory, but I will do my best to defend it logically. He was crushed by a rock during a war, which could easily lead to a hatred of wars. He found that there would always be wars in the ninja world, so he is now trying to stop wars the only way it is possible: a war… And then of course brain control. Anyway, I don’t think that is really who Tobi is, but there are a few decades in Obito’s life that we are unaware of, thaat is, if he IS alive.

  5. i like the nobody theory and the Izuna theories the best; Obito, future Sasuke and Sage of 6 Paths make 0 sense to me

  6. same as gurren,i just don’t wanna guess who tobi is since there are so many possibilities…

  7. It’s been a min since i been on. Well there is something that many may have thought about but i dont remember anyone posting it but now that Madara has shown up there is something that may make a lot of sense now. Remember when Tobi said he gave Nagato the Rinningan? If Tobi was around when Madara was and they came up with this so call paln that Madara is upset about. Could those same Rinningans Nagato has be from the dead body of Madara Uchiha since he awaken the Dojustu before he died? Would make a lot of sense now when you think of how Tobi gave Nagato the Rinnigan and Madara knowing Nagato had them.

  8. Well The Evil Ryu, That is true, but it doesn’t prove who Tobi is. It is more evidence that he could just be a tool.

  9. Yeah I know. we will never know until it is reviled and i hope soon. after what 3 or 4 years of guesses, theories, blogs, and arguments this just needs to end soon cause i’m tired of guessing. so far the closes we got is he is a uchiha or a zetsu clone…hell he may just be a combination which would explain why he can use the rinningan but doesn’t explain why he didn’t use it in the first place. I just hope it is reviled soon. but my first comment i just had to put that out there is some people didnt think about it or realize it yet.

  10. I decided to post my theory on here as well as the main post:

    Also, I think those chains are an Uzumaki trait, because they look exactly like Kushina’s plus he is using them in conjuction with black chakra rods. I’m starting to believe more and more of my theory that Tobi is an Uzumaki, he is of course the one who knew about Naruto’s evil sensing ability which was like Mito,an Uzumaki, he knew Nagato was an Uzumaki, and he’s taken a strange interest in Naruto. I think secretly he is trying to strengthen Naruto to prove to Sauske that the Uzuamaki’s/ Senju are still better. I’m starting to think it was his whole plan to go against BIG MAGNUM, the king of Uchiha, the whole time to get some sort of secret revenge, and everytime he refers to Uchiha, it’s in a Negative way. Even BIG MAGNUM himself doesn’t do the same thing about his own clan, and we know how bad they did him. Also, like I mentioned previously if he wanted the rinnegan that badly and he was an uchiha, all he had to do was implant the 1st cells in him since he already had them, but he didn’t. He used them to make clones. I think this was so because he already had the Senju/Uzumaki genes in him to obtain the rinnegan. All he needed was the eyes. Which he was cultivating in Nagato. I think he probably introduced Nagato to BIG MAGNUM because he already had connections to the Uzumaki, And BIG MAGNUM needed an Uzumaki/Senju to hold his eyes til he came back. That’s why Tobi said he ‘gave’ Nagato his eyes. It’s all starting to make since now. That’s why those fake fillers sounded somewhat plausible to me. I think he also says he’s nothing because all the Uzumaki, faded into “nothingness” except for 3. Him, Nagato, and Naruto. Just like the Uchiha. Now he has part of an Uchiha in him who’s clan also faded into “nothingness”. So in theory he is the epitome of “Nothing” because he has parts of 2 nothings in him.

  11. I also believe this guy/thing has, at least, some Usumaki background, besides the reasons uchiha the infamous wrote, I have some of “my own”

    But again, it could mean nothing since this guy is such a BIG liar, but here I go, despite the fact he is being lurking around for while, he has NOT shown any true heritage MS abilities, instead, his skills remain closer kakashi´s nature, but a bigger way, according to konan, tobi can remain “unkillable” for ten minutes, which is longer than kakashi is being able to use kamui, I attribute that to the fact he may hay have superior stamina, could that be because he has some usumaki blood????

    Also, this guy wants to emulate the sage of the six paths, well, it is been hinted that you require to be a “stamina behemoth” in order to host the nine tails, which only one clan had “accomplished” so far, therefore, it is very plausible that ten tails works the same.

    Also, he has the knowlegde of techniques and events, that had being forgotten for several years, but again, who knows…..

  12. Another good Uzumaki point poly.

  13. i have a problem with something. there has been some theories around it but Tobi said he is the one who gave Pein the Rinnegan. assuming this is true, and assuming he gave pein madaras eyes somewhow, wouldnt pein have had to unlock all the versions of the sharingan first? thats how madara did it.

    its not like tobi warped in, surgicly implanted them into pein when he was a child then left. after swapping out sasukes eyes for itachi’s, he was wrapped up and out o commision for an extended period of time.

    so this begs for the question to be asked. “how did he give pein the rinnegan?”

  14. Good point bringer, the only counter I have to that is, that we didn’t see Nagato’s early childhood we only saw him when he was about 8 or 9 or something like that, and obviously those people were not his real parents because they were not Uzumaki’s. So, we don’t really know how Nagato came into those people’s lives. He may even be Tobi’s son. That would lend toward the case of Tobi “giving” him his eyes. but it would be through genetics. What if Tobi was and Uzumaki, and had a child by an Uchiha? If this is so, no progression of the Sharingan would be needed. The act of his parents being killed awakened it to it’s full potential just like Krillin dying awakened the latent super saiyan powers in Goku. Then once Tobi saw how well that plan worked with Nagato, since he knew he himself was already and Uzumaki he decided to implant both sets of eyes within him because he knew his body could weild the power.

  15. Well not both sets but an eye from each set.

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