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Naruto Chapter 674 : Sasuke’s Rinnegan

Naruto is out once more.

The eye of Sasuke.

Click here to read the chapter and discuss in the comments.

One Piece Chapter 688 – Childhood

There is not much to say about this chapter since it is self explaintory, there is not that many things to go on about. So I will try to make this very quick and to the point.


I think that the main theme of this arc other than the fact that the Strawhats are finally in the big leagues, is that the struggles and innocence of our childhood. Not only is it the theme in this arc but every Strawhat crew had a very depressing, heart breaking childhoods, with the exception of Brook who we know very little about his childhood. Either way being a child is a struggle, and you can clearly see that with the Strawhats and now these kids, which in my opinion if they decide to kill CC than it is not wrong or shameful. CC is by far one of the most sadistic characters we have been introduced to, taking advantage of the innocence of a child and going as far as experimenting with not only their emotions but with their bodies as well is going to far and this penalty deserve a very harsh punishment.

The fact that Chopper is the most involved in trying to help these kids not only make appropaite but also we can see how passionte Chopper is in trying to help these kids out. Since out of the Strawhats he is the youngest and still considered a kid, even though most of the strawhats act like kids, Chopper is an actual kid. Not Chopper is not the only one trying to help these poor kids, but Nami and Robin are doing their best to help them. But who would of thought that Mocha would eat all of the candy, making the ultimate sacrifice to save her brethren. This is a very emotional move and a very moving act that is one of the strongest aspect of One Piece that it involves realistic emotions that he reader can relate and be moved by.

Monkey D. Luffy

That one stance of Luffy wrapped by Monosuke was one of the coolest things I have seen. While it is very simple it makes for in awesomeness. Now I know that this does not mean anything other than Luffy looks so badazz, that he almost makes for the lack of action in this chapter. It just shows how Oda is such a genius. Other than that the story is moving into its finally stages; Chopper has to find a way to save the kids, Zoro has to make it before the gas catches up to him, Sanji is still kicking the G5 to safety, Virgo and Smoker have to finish their fight and once Luffy finds CC, well we will finally get what we all being waiting for. The whipping of CC brought to you by Monkey D. Luffy.

Side Notes:

  • Zoro and Tagashi make such a cute couple.
  • I am surprised at how much Mocha has made an impact on me even though she is such an annoying kid and the other kids for that matter.


Post Author: Bakamaru

As Naruto fans, we have all seen the countless amounts of Naruto fillers. There are entire arcs of nothing but filler, and I am personally sick of it. Plot-less episodes make up 40% of Naruto and about a quarter of Naruto Shippuden. That’s more than 54 hours. These statistics are not only true(and yes, I did the math), these statistics are disgusting! Imagine if in the 16 hours you are awake, you spent 6 and a half hours staring in to space. Watching fillers is just like staring in to space, except staring in to space is a bit more fun. I’m not saying that all fillers are awful, because it is not necessarily true. For instance, there was an anime only filler arc involving the three tails. This was surprisingly interesting, and fun to watch. Well, at least more fun then staring in to space. Sadly, on the other hand, it took up a lot of time that could have been used to air actual plot-based episodes. If there were no stupid fillers, the anime wouldn’t be so far behind the manga!

The true problem lies within the long fillers. What I mean by that, is that one episode that is plot-less doesn’t matter too much. Perhaps we should begin with the Naruto fillers, before we get to Shippuden. So Sasuke leaves, Naruto and Sasuke have a big fight, yatta yatta yatta. Now, in the manga, Shippuden begins. Of course, the anime has a HUGE amount of fillers, I mean, it’s only logical! Episodes 136-220 are all unneeded. This is what I mean when I say I am sick of it. Almost 100 episodes! There are entire animes that are less than 84 episodes long. Still, as Naruto fans, we stick through these stupid fillers, and my god, are we excited when Shippuden begins!

Finally! The fillers are over and we happily watch Gaara get killed and brought back to life by the one of the illogical miracles that plague us Naruto watchers. We are all pretty much happy with this new anime, until the evil fillers are reborn! The dark days have returned! The grave robber arc begins, and we are all disappointed with it again. Granted, the arc is interesting, it didn’t help make up for the time we lost with the fillers at the end of Naruto. Well, at least these fillers are only 20 episodes long. That’s only like, 7 hours wasted. Well, we get used to it, once again, and stick through it as fans, until the arc that made me stop watching the anime. This dark entity is known as the Konoha history arc. Although it is only 20 episodes, it is a horrid mash-up of my least favorite things: FLASHBACKS! I can not bear it! I would rather eat worms than watch flashbacks. I waited for it to end so I could watch the next plot-related arc.

Sadly, at the moment, we are in another filler arc filled with sea monsters and sea sickness. We are currently VERY far behind the manga, but don’t worry Naruto fans! It will all be worth it. When the series ends, we will remember these fillers, buy DVDs of them, and burn them so nobody ever has to suffer through such agonizing pain ever again. Thank you for reading.

Naruto Shippūden 166: Confessions… of a Teenage Drama Queen!

Post Author: Cookie, the Legendary Drunk

Shalom everyone!  It’s Cookie, back and ready for action!  Getting down to business, this weeks episode was entitled ‘Confessions’, and even if you did not watch it, you should all know what it’s about.  Since this was quiet a serious episode, my breakdown may not be the funniest of mine.  So please bare with me…

The episode begins with an epic flashback ’bout Hinata as a young child.  The beginning is almost completely about her early childhood when her mother was still alive and when Hanabi was just born.  As she grew older, she began to train with her father Hiashi, although this only showed that Hinata was weak (We still love ya girl! 😉 ).

Determination brings forth hard work. Hard work brings forth strength. Strength brings forth... what the?! Why am I on a computer screen?!?!?!

Another part of this flashback was about when Naruto met Hinata.  Although this was overlooked in the manga, the animation in the episode made it epic!  Anyways, as she is confronted by a few bullies, Naruto attempts to stop them, but to no avail.  As Ko, Hinata’s caretaker, appears, the bullies take off.  As Hinata was about to say thank you to Naruto, Ko pulled her away, saying she couldn’t be around him…

... cuz he be havin' cutties!

Even though he never got a proper thank you, Naruto still became her friend when they enrolled in the Academy.  What occured to me was that I thought they met in the Academy, but they met years before that.  Stupid Kishimoto-senpai!  Don’t make the animation teams do your work for ya!

Anyways, it seems Naruto and Hinata sat next to each other in the Academy.  Awwwwwwwwwwwww!  Isn’t that cute?  Not really, but here’s something that might make you ‘lol’…


Back to business, after the flashbacks, Miss Notreadytogosteady takes an offensive stance, confesses her love for Naruto, and attacks Pein.  The most important part of this entire episode was Hinata gaining the confidence to confess her true feelings and fight someone she knows she’s outclassed by.  That shows courage, and I applaud her for that.

What is up with Kishimoto-senpai and the boobs? I mean, really?! Even Naruto stares at 'em! o_O

Well, after Naruto has his little peepshow, Hinata begins to attack Pein.  Although she is easily overcome by his jutsu, she still gets back up and fight again.  Although she truly fought a hard battle, it was totally one-sided and unlike filler episodes, she isn’t as strong as she looks.  After a few bashings (Like the pimp we all know Mr. Deva Path to be), Hinata uses her new jutsu named Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists, a super awesome jutsu that made Pein Almighty flinch!  Just as Miss Hyuga is about to land a finishing blow (That would probably have only tore Pein Almighty’s cloak), she is shoved back by Shinra Tensei.

As she gets up, she can only make it to Naruto, but before she can do anything, she collapses.  As she tries to take out one of the Chakra Dissruption Blades, she whispers the words that Naruto once said.  As she is about to free Naruto’s hands, she is thrown into the air and sent crashing down with extreme force.

Why do ya have ta be a hater, Pein? 😛

As Naruto witnesses Mr. Pein stab Miss Hinata, the Nine-Tails begins to become unsuppressed.   Naruto’s rage soon overcomes him, bringing forth the indestructable Six-Tailed Transformation…

As the Nine-Tails will overcomes Naruto, will Pein prove to be worthy of fighting the strongest of Tailed Beasts, or will he be no match for the deadly beast of destruction?

This is where the episode ends…

Well, I hope that you all enjoyed the breakdown.  I hope you got a few cheap laughs in there.  If anyone would like, you can create a caption of the screen below.  If you do, you might just make it into my next breakdown. 😀

*Insert caption here*

Adios amigos!

Filler Arc Contest!

Post Author: Noneatencookie

Ja everyone!  It’s Noneatencookie here.  I know I haven’t been here in awhile.  So, I hope this post makes up for it.  Well, as you can see in the title, this is a Filler Arc posts.  Disclaimer: If you hate fillers, please don’t spam really bad filler arcs. Anyways, this is how it’ll work.  In the comments section, you will post your filler you have created.  And the next time I can get on, I’ll post the 5 best filler arcs.  I know most people hate fillers and don’t even watch them, but they are vital for Kishi keep the story flowing.  Unlike most people, I’m a fan of SOME of the Filler Arcs.  So far, I’ve only enjoyed three different arcs.  My favourite was the one that just ended (Six-Tails Arc).  My second was the Guren Arc, although it could have done better if it had the actually Jinchuriki.  And last but not least was the Kurama Clan Arc (The one with Kurenai and the Yakumo girl who could make Genjutsu real.  Now, before I get started, I want everyone to know what every filler has.

  1. They don’t affect the following arc in anyway.
  2. They usually have a theme that ties into the previous or next arc. (e.g. In the Six-Tails Arc, it’s about Student-Master Relationships (Jiraiya & Naruto’s and Utakata and Hotaru’s)
  3. There’ll be a amazing character with “amazing” abilities that have never been mentioned at all (e.g. Guren’s Crystal Release, Hotaru’s Fury (The powerful jutsu that the entire Six-Tails Arc was about)
  4. There’ll be about 5 baddies.  One head honcho and four laggies.
  5. And last but now least, there’ll be a lot of endless talking scenes that Naruto will talk to someone about being a jinchuriki and crap.

If you can use those, you’ll do great!  Also, you don’t have to stick to all of them, just use at least one of them in it.  Now, here’s my filler arc that I created:

This is a filler arc about the Senju Clan. It takes place in between the Kage Summit Arc and the Fourth Great Shinobi World War Arc. Just as Tsunade wakes up from her coma, a mysterious ninja attacks her. The ninja asks for the secret of the Mokuton, which Tsunade claims not to know about. Kakashi gets there and attacks the ninja who flees. Kakashi, Shizune, Yamato, and Naruto listen in as Tsunade tells them the secret to the Mokuton. (Which I will NOT be telling you)

Later, the same ninja attacks. Yamato ultimately defeats him, but not before remembering the ninja from his past. We then learn that others survived Orochimaru’s experiments with Hashirama’s cells and they are attacking Tsunade for the secret on how to control it, as the cells are going berserk and trying to swallow the ninja’s.

Yamato, knowing the secret of Mokuton tries to tell the survivors, but he is captured and put on lock-down by Sai and Kakashi.

Soon, the ninja’s come looking for Tsunade, who defeats them after recovering her strength. They run away to a unknown location, where the leader is hiding.

About a week after the last attack, all the ninja attack (Including the Leader) While Kakashi, Sakura, and Naruto defeat the ninja underlings, Tsunade talks with the leader. She realizes that he is her cousin and just wants to know the secret. She begins to tell her, but before she can go into detail, the real leader appears, stating that the fake is an imposter hired by a rival clan. They engage in combat, with Tsunade winning (Obviously).

After everyone is defeated or dead, the leader realizes it’s pointless to obtain thje secret, as Tsunade lies and states she doesn’t know the secret. The leader leaves, while Yamato is brought to Tsunade’s office. She uses a memory wipe technique, causing Yamato to forget everything about the secret.

Now, it doesn’t have to be that long, or it can be longer.  All I actually need to know is what arcs it’s between.

The deadline for Filler Arcs is May 7th (5/7/10)  Good luck!

Well, adiós amigos!  Can’t wait for what you come up with!

Naruto Chapter 489 – Kabuto is such a hax0rz

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hey folks, how is everyone enjoying April Fool’s day today. I hope everyone got a good laugh out of the prank chapter summary released two days ago. That’ll teach you guys not to take us too seriously here at Shannaro!!! In the end we’re just a bunch of jokers who write blogs once in a while, LOL. If it makes anyone feel better, I was pranked myself today, so consider that poetic justice I guess, hahaha.

Okay, on to the real chapter this week. Like a lot of you when I heard about the early spoilers about Kabuto’s resurrection of dead Akatsuki members, I thought that somebody else had beaten me to the punch with a fake spoiler reveal. But lo and behold, fact turns about to be stranger than fiction in this case and Kabuto indeed does pull it off. One thing that really surprised me was when Kabuto mentioned that the Second Hokage was the original creator of this jutsu. Hearing that alone made the Second a lot more cooler in my books because this jutsu is certainly not something a “good guy” would use. It’s no wonder why Edo Tensei was locked away as a forbidden jutsu by Konoha, but it makes me wonder what other dark techniques the Second had cooked up during his time.

Personally, I didn’t think Kabuto would make a move so soon after just reappearing last chapter, and I certainly didn’t expect him to pull off a jutsu of this scale. I guess this is one way to bring back popular villains that have been killed off already, but I think this seems almost too good to be true. Was Kabuto really this powerful of a jutsu user? I know he was like the Simpson’s version of Mr. Smithers to Orochimaru and stuck to his master like glue, but how did he manage to perfect the Edo Tensei jutsu in so such short a time when even at his prime, Orochimaru only managed to summon two bodies. The true test of the power of Kabuto’s jutsu, though, will come when these newly resurrected Akatsuki zombies go to battle. It certainly is very convenient for Madara that Kabuto came at this time to offer his services. Although I’m sure Madara has the resources to raise a mercenary army, the loss of the major members of his organization should have hampered his plans somewhat as they would be useful to spearhead any major attacks in the upcoming war. Now, all the big guns have returned, including Pein, Deidara, Kakuzu, Sasori and even Itachi. But I have my doubts whether these zombie knock-offs will come close to having the powers of their living predecessors. For one thing, the thought of bringing back Nagato for Kabuto to gain control of Pein’s bodies seems like a broken mechanic in this jutsu; the same goes for resurrecting Sasori in order to access his hundred puppet army. It feels like there’s no upper limit to how powerful Edo Tensei can go since Kabuto will be in control of a myriad of kekkeri genkai abilities. The only zombie Akatsuki that’s at a disadvantage right now is probably Itachi. After all, his little bro just took his eyes and Itachi doesn’t really have anything very special to offer without his Sharigans; maybe Madara can spare him some Sharingans on loan from his collection.

The Kabuto part really overshadowed the rest of the chapter which I felt was actually quite a refreshing read. For the first time in what feels like forever, there wasn’t a single appearance or mention of Sasuke. Not only that, Kishi seems to have listened to our complaints and brought back some much missed humor back into the manga. Even though a major conflict is looming on the horizon, it was nice to see our favorite Naruto characters genuinely smiling and happily going about life. I guess Tsunade’s awakening really brought back a lot of spirit into Konoha, which was much needed after the recent series of events. Of course, this means Kakashi has missed his chance at the Hokage throne yet again. But even though I cheered for his nomination in the past, the truth is Kakashi becoming the kage might mean we won’t be seeing him on the frontlines as often expect for major battles. So in the end, Tsunade’s return is a very good thing for everyone.

The scene with Naruto being summoned to toad mountain to meet the Elder Sage was a lot more relaxed than I anticipated considering that this might be a crucial point in how Naruto develops his powers in the future. The encounter with an octopus that the sage mentions is undoubtedly referring to a future meeting between Naruto and Killer Bee. And with the story leaning towards Naruto learning to better control the Kyuubi, this is strong indication that Naruto could be training under Killer Bee for a while in the future. I think we all know who “the young man with powerful eyes” is, but I wished the sage would offer a hint on how that battle might turn out; I think that would have been great foreshadowing, especially if the sage mentions an outcome we hadn’t anticipated before. Lastly, Naruto is granted access to the key to opening and closing the seal to the Kyuubi set by his father. It felt like Naruto was being granted the Nuclear Launch codes in this scene, because it gave him complete control over releasing the Kyuubi into the world again. This is very significant event in Naruto’s life right now, but I think he must feel a lot of conflict inside. On the one hand, he had promised in the past not to rely on the Kyuubi’s power anymore and made himself stronger through vigorous sage mode training. Going back and releasing Kyuubi’s powers again will be like going against all his hard work and personal accomplishments. But on the other hand, Naruto must consider whether he can win against the new Sasuke with just his powers alone. Even when Naruto fought Pein, he used his Kyuubi transformation (even if not willingly) to gain an upper hand. Also, Minato didn’t just seal Kyuubi inside Naruto without a reason, he foresaw Madara’s threat to Konoha and gave his son that power to resist Madara in the future. Right now, Naruto is still apprehensive of Kyuubi’s power considering that he has caused destruction and hurt his friends whenever he transformed. But I think his encounter with Killer Bee will help ease that mentality towards the Bijuu and give Naruto a power upgrade even greater than sage mode.

Shippuuden 152 and 153

Believe it or not, children, when Bob created this site, the Naruto anime still hadn’t reached the three-year time skip from the manga. But when Bob heard that Naruto’s producers had finally decided to put an end to the 150 filler episodes of the original anime, he immediately started a new blog in honor of Naruto Shippuuden. It seems these days the anime is not really a priority here, and how could it be with all of these lame fillers wasting our time.
But I’m happy to announce that yet another filler arc is over and the anime returns to the plot of the manga – the Pain Arc begins! Enjoy!

Episode 152

Episode 153