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Naruto Chapter 498 – Thank Goodness for Hot Moms

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hello ladies and gents, it’s been a week’s wait for chapter 498, and boy was it worth it. To tell you guys the truth, I was feeling a bit anxious about this chapter because I was worried about how Kishi would portray Kushina’s personality. The safest way for him to have done it is to make Kushina act like the stereotypical soft-talking and caring mother figure — it’s corny but it gets the job done. Good thing Kishi didn’t stick to that route and fully fleshed out Kushina’s personality as it was previously described: a fiery tomboy with a quirky personality to match.

Even though this chapter was almost all just dialogue, it was one of the best Naruto chapters I have read. It was informative, heart-warming, and funny at the same time. I seriously would not mind if Kishi devoted another chapter or two just to have Naruto spend a little more time conversing with his mother. For everything our hero has had to put up with since birth, I think he deserves to have a few more precious moments with his mother. Kushina’s personality was everything I expected with just the right balance of spunk and motherly charm to make her the perfect match for Naruto’s character.

Jiraiya wasn’t kidding when he mentioned in the past that Naruto inherited a lot of her mother’s characteristics. Kushina even uses those strange suffixes to end her sentences, much similar to Naruto’s trademark “Dattebayo.” Mangastream translated her “-tte be ne” to “like”, which I thought was a good idea but has the effect of making her sound like a valley girl; you guys can decide whether that’s a good or bad thing. I liked how Kishi retained Kushina’s tomboyishness in her encounter with Naruto; Kushina probably tried to act more feminine and mother-like when she first reunited with her son, but just a few panels into their encounter Kushina smacks Naruto hard on the head — a hilarious scene. If Kushina is able to hit her son so soon like that after just meeting him, just imagine what Minato would have had to endure while dating Kushina, hahaha. I found her childhood nickname “the Bloody Habanero” very clever — Kushina was a girl that didn’t mind letting her fists do the talking; she would put some of our modern kunoichis to shame. But at the same time, I can’t help but think how similar Kushina is to Sakura, personality-wise— could this be why Naruto has had such a big crush on Sakura all these years? Maybe it’s because, subconsciously, Sakura reminded Naruto of his mother and that’s why he wanted to get her attention all the time and be closer to her. Suddenly, this has gotten a lot more Nietzschian, lol.

Aside from their personas matching so well, I think the other factor that made Naruto relate to her mother so quickly was because their age gap is relatively small. If you haven’t noticed already, the Kushina who appears in this chapter looks about the same age as the one (pregnant Kushina) which appeared in one of Jiraiya’s flashbacks. I think this is good evidence that current Kushina before us is at the same age (about mid-20s) when her chakra was sealed in with Kyuubi inside Naruto. If Kushina is still alive today (and this is not a prediction on whether she is dead or alive), she would probably be in her late 30s. But instead we get the young mother Kushina who has the energy and beauty to make her attractive to the readers: good choice Kishi.

Okay, let me stop all this Kushina-worship to actually talk about some of the information that was leaked through the telling of Kushina’s background. But first of all, I just want to say I found the Minato-rescuing-Kushina-love-at-first-sight thing as clichéd as many of you thought, but at the same time I wouldn’t want Kishi to do it any other way. Yeah, it was cheesy and oh-so-corny, but part of me kind of wishes the same thing would happen to Naruto and his soul mate (notice how I didn’t name any characters, lol). Okay, back to the more important info, there wasn’t much of anything mentioned about Kushina’s home village, Whirlpool, but she does say she ‘moved’ to Konoha instead of something like arriving as a refuge. I may be reading too much into it, but this suggests the collapse of Whirlpool country happened after Kushina came to Konoha. So why did Kushina move to Konoha in the first place? Well, I think it’s most likely due to her ‘special chakra ability’ which was demonstrated in this chapter to be able to restrain even something as powerful as Kyuubi. Notice that Kyuubi actually recognizes that the chakra binding him belongs to Kushina; this probably means that she used her powers against him in the past and may even have been instrumental in subduing the Kyuubi 13 years ago so Minato could seal him away.  This is all just speculation at this point, but perhaps Kushina was invited to Konoha to be trained and studied as her ability is similar to the First Hokage’s ability to tame the tailed beasts. This could very well mean that Kushina possessed a kekkei genkai, and you know that that means — dare I say it, Naruto may have inherited the kekkei genkei from her mother. It’s no wonder Kumogakure tried to kidnap her to use her powers themselves (it feels like the gabillionth time Kumo tried to steal one of the Leaf’s kekkei genkeis, bunch of dirty thieves); makes you wonder how Konoha can put up with these guys in the alliance. I’m really hopeful Naruto does possess some latent kekkei genkei ability which Kushina will help awaken. Akatsuki may have seven of the nine Bijuus, but it won’t matter if Naruto learns a way to suppress them like the First could.

One last thing I’ll comment on is the last scene where Kushina tells Naruto she loves him. I found it pretty heart-warming, but at the same time it reminded me of that false confession Sakura gave Naruto a while back. I’m not really a Sakura-hater, but if she were beside me right now I would push this scene and also Hinata’s confession scene into her face and shout “Do you see now!? This is how it’s done!” Sure, it’s love between a mother and her child, but it’s undeniably genuine affection. Alright, enough with this lovey-dovey stuff, show me what you guys thought about the events of this chapter in the comments. We had a mind-blowing 225+ comments last week, I think we’ll easily top it this week with this monumental chapter. (P.S. the big chapter 500 is just 2 away!)


189 Responses

  1. nice chapter, It seemed like the fox really resented kushina so I think kushina definately had something to do with it when minato sealed it. Nice analysis bob

  2. Man, i got a teary eye on this one. That was some hug from Naruto, I would’ve done the same thing for my mother. Bob, that Naruto maybe having a bloodline limit is very cool if true. This’ll make Naruto a warmachine, hehe, pretty damn cool. Also, i would agree to what Bob said that it’ll be fine if a chapter or two would be another conversation with his mother. Let’s hear more stuff about Kushina, Minato if ever, and the Kyuubi, how they whooped that fox’s ass years ago. Very nice review Bob, that bloodlimit thing made me think, it’s awesome, hehehe. Thanks

  3. i think this was a great chapter and the beginning of naruto finding out just how strong he truely is

  4. yeahhhhhhhhh¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ first¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
    oh men i loved the chapter it makes a tear come dawn my cheek just like gaara a few chapters ago

  5. bob is in the hizouse!!

  6. hey guys just a theory ( a crazy one)
    What if this “madara” is actually begin naruto not just for the fox, in this chapter we see that maybe naruto have a kekkei genkai and maybe tobi (yes i change to tobi because don´t eat this madara stuff) is pushing naruto to thepoint were he gets it. I mean why give naruto enough time to train when he can easily capture him tobi knows what happens when naruto have time to train (pein and kakuzu ass kicked). So i think that the key stone of tobi´s plan is entirely naruto and not the juubi ( and sasgay its just a piece toget to “naruto´s power”) like i told earlier a crazy theory but maybe

  7. i mean “after naruto not just for the fox”

  8. i hope that kishi is preparing sometime big for the 500th a especial chapter and at least 20 to 23 pages

  9. I really hope Naruto doesnt get a kekkei genkai. Cuz then it’ll prove that you cant really be strong without one. Naruto doesnt need a kekkei genkai, it just makes everything too easy.

  10. nie chapter really speaks to me…..sorta

  11. kushina was used to
    1. Create Naruto’s seal.
    2. And probably to bind the kyuubi to allow minato to commit suicide, I mean use the DDCS.
    In my opinion this simply means that minato is not that badass afterall. And consequently, all these arguments about a fully powered kyuubi yaddy-ya are nought. Pein is the biggest BOSS that we seen thus far.

    I really hope we have another chapter with kushina to help Naruto unlock some latent abilities. Bcoz while their personalities are the same, we weren’t given hints as to how their fighting styles would be the same. she seems very ninjutsu oriented, as opposed to minato and Naruto who appear more taijutsu oriented. That’s my opinion anyway.

  12. i must say bob nice analysis … but what i want to know is more about kushina special ability and once we can confirm what it is i would believe that naruto does have it and that he is a late bloomer ….

  13. i think that next few chapters will reveal what took place during the attack of the fox

  14. @J-E: I like that theory, its crazy but it has credence. It is like why hasn’t Kisame made his move yet? and madara has had plenty of opportunities to just teleport Naruto no worries but he hasn’t… Why?
    @ryo: Naruto has always relied on the kyuubi for strength, or sage chakra. I think having a bloodline limit would finally allow him to be able to rely on his own strength as opposed to constantly leeching chakra from various sources. Right now Naruto just needs to learn FTG and he won’t even have to fight any ninja, he just wears them out with his own huge chakra, natural chakra and now fox chakra (all immense sources), the final battle vs sasuke won’t make sense unless sasuke is given a tailed beast.

  15. i really like Kushina so far. i know she has a similar temper to Sakura (my CURRENT least favorite/most hated character), but i can b ok w/ that as long as she also can 1, make it entertaining (Sakura punching Naruto in the face got boring after about the third time, but Kushina’s fucking halarious), and 2, be threatening, and anybody who can freak out the Kyuubi is threatening in my book. i don’t get y kisu was trashing her in the “it’s out” discussion so much, Kushina’s possibly the most fucking epic female character in the series (followed by, in this order, Mei, Tsunade, Chiyo, Temari, and Anko). also, i’ve noticed (in contrast to the whole Kushina’s like Sakura thing), that Kushina looks like a red-head version of Hinata, minus the Byakugan. am i the only who noticed? ehh, whatever

  16. Great Post!
    Clouds Ninja’s are perverts, lol jp. To me I think Sakura is a little different. When we first seen Sakura she was more like a popular girl hanging around Ino, then later she matures. Kushina reminds me of a boy version of Naruto, both wanted to be Hokage, If Naruto learns to control the tail beast, I think this will be a short War, which is corny to me because I really want to see alot of people die (Tsunade, Choji, Sai just to name a few), as it seems the war is coming soon, I don’t think Naruto will have the time to learn his Dad’s technique’s, but as long as he learns from his Mom I’m okay with it

  17. Kushina has a resemblance with Sakura..but she’s also like Hinata..she was changed by Minato…while Naruto made a big change on Hinata..

  18. About the idea of Naruto having a kekkei genkai.. That would be really awesome! I mean, rasengan was his dad’s technique and it would be nice if he will inherit something too from his mom.

  19. @Nemo Prime: don’t forget Samui, I wonder what Kishi was thinking when he made her! God blessed everything about Samui. Matterfact even though we never seen her fight, I think she’s better than Tsunade lol. I think Kushina was the strongest female (I wonder where the hack Jiraiya and Tsunade where up to when the 9 tails attacked Konoha) When Kushina was younger she did have a round face like Hinata. I think Sakura looks like a Nut head with green eyes.

    I think Naruto seeing his mother will make him more mature. I also think in the future their will be no more pure clans, everyone is just gonna mix with each other

  20. @BI: didn’t tsunade and jiraiya leave after the whole Oro fiasco, which I think was just after minato became hokage (or just before at nomination time). So they weren’t in the country at the time. My question is Where was Sarutobi Hiruzen?

  21. nice chapter and great analysis bob.
    I aldo believe that Naruto will inherit (or already has rather) a kekkei genkei that he will use to help take control of the fox
    however, i hope it won’t be one that simply allows him to subdue the demons as that would make the fights between the other seven beast much too easy and pointless. U c, i want to see an epic fight during the war (the animators are doing a terrible job with the pein invasion, the action just seems very slow and dull, it was much more intense in the manga somehow). I also agree that 2 more chapters of this would be good for us, but disagree with some people’s theory that Kushina wa the previous host, like someelse already stated, the math does not add up.

  22. Nemo you have a point there kushina and hina-chan look a lot. I wonder if kushina can know the recent events just like minato (he knew jiraiya died) because if that it`s the case maybe kushina put a little of sense in that closed head on naruto. I think that all of tou know that the moms are a little to noisy when the son it´s dating or likes some girl maybe kushina makes naruto see that he have to talk to Hina-chan about teh pein-incident-i love you and that will be the time when naruto realize (¿bad spell?) that he loves Hina-chan and he only wants sakura to play a little. (this goes to Nemo the most Naru-hina fan taht y ever see after me of course)

  23. @madzi: Tsunade left the village to gamble and get drunk, jp but from what I read she left because her bf and little brother died, and she thought being a Hokage were for fools. Jiraiya left to follow Orochimaru’s movements which he done poorly because Orochimaru ended up attacking Konoha and killing the 3rd Hokage, and plus we all know Jiraiya’s a perv, he probably forgot about Orochimaru and went chasing the chicks. But that’s a good question where was Hiruzen? I wonder if the Konoha’s ANBU squad helped lend a hand, but knowing Danzo he told them not to get involved so he can become Hokage

  24. Jiraiya was also around when Kushina was pregnant, so it’s no telling when he left the village. Naruto found Sasuke quicker than Jiraiya found Orochimaru. Pein FTW!

  25. doesn’t madara want another re-enactment of the fight between him and the first hokage? how better to resemble that than have sasuke with full powered sharigan and naruto with the ability to control tailed beasts??? its an exact replica but more power involved.

  26. Oh, one more thing. Minato’s an adidas model before, hehehe. Check out the jacket. Cool!

  27. great chapter, lets see what this kekkei genkei is, naruto will gain somethin after this talk with kushina and J-E good theory, if kisame wants to make moves he needs to do it now while KB and yamato are disstracted, the 500th chapter will be epic, i dont really care who naruto ends up with, wheres suigetsu and jugo, the anime isnt that bad but the manga was better, the chains are interesting but i thinks theres more than just chains to her chakra, and finally, about time the manga is getting good

  28. I hate Kushina. I hope she dies……oh wait….she has (I wont be convinced otherwise until we see her real body in the manga). Victory thy name is Kisu! Besides, Konan would make another mom. I hope to dear Kishi that Nagato knocked her up.

    Let’s hope Naruto doesnt get a kekkei genkai. What makes Naruto special is the hard work stuff, giving him a Kekkei genkai takes away from that.

    So what has Kumo done? They caused Neji’s father’s death, been in war with Konoha, tried to kidnap Kushina and killed the Second Hokage lol. Kumo FTW. An ancient Kumogakure saying goes “You’re not a man until you’ve laid with a Konoha woman”

  29. or ya know, maybe Jiraiya knocked up Tsunade! In manga time, everything from the Jiraiya vs Pain fight to now is probably 2 months at the most! Oh wait, Tsunade’s hit menopause…….or does her jutsu cancel that?

  30. @ Bob
    great analise

    lol hahaha

  31. honestly, i can’t think how kushina is similar to sakura. they’re totally different on many levels…

    it was implied (by Jiraiya) that minato was not only a genius, talented ninja but also very handsome (sasuke much?) and that most of the girls were attracted to him. but during kushina’s introduction in the konoha academy, at first sight, thought of minato as an unreliable, sissy guy who’s just as delusional of wanting to be a hokage (until later on though)

    i don’t see a love at first sight there…

    love at first sight = sakura/ino/karin towards sasuke
    (and that’s about it)

    the only thing i can connect kushina to sakura is their temperament. but that’s as far as saying both their temperaments are just like tsunade’s. i guess it largely owes to the fact that MAJORITY of naruto females are just overwhelmingly dominating & scary for their own good

    but i agree w/ you. despite having one of the least pages, this is definitely one of the best chapters ❤

  32. Well, NOW its time for comments and speculations. we got lots of info this chapter, unlike last chapter.

    kishi pretty much gave us most of the information we need to know about the Habanero mom and that personality. i personally doubt that’s how she acted in front of minato. Minato has this very manly and calm aura about him, he would tame the wildest of women. i’m sure most women would try their hardest to show their feminine and soft sides to him. but the case would be entirely different with naruto who i think drives away those feminine personalities in women. looooool

    just how much is inside naruto?? i really doubt that’s all, lol. with that additional ability (bloodline limit). naruto now needs to have training in both his mom and dad’s special abilities after he masters controlling the beast.

    i don’t think anyone needs to teach him the power itachi gave him. i think that power will manifest itself at the right time….

  33. @ryoraizen

    i love your point. you reminded me of one of naruto’s fights during the first chapters of this manga, against neji.

    the manga is slowly proving neji point being right. only those of special birth and abilities are able to become hokages. we never knew at the time that naruto was actually the son of the most powerful two people back then, neither did he.

    even when he was training for natural energy, the old frog told him that this kind of training isn’t meant for just anyone. one had to have massive chakra and special abilities to start with.

    everyone was amazed as to how the heck naruto perfects each and every task given to him. he has successfully blended the rasengan with another orientation of chakra (wind style), and has also mastered sage-mode better than any of his predecessors. i’m coming to believe that his mother’s abilities (that he inherited) have great influence on that.

    now we know naruto more than any time:
    1) he’s the som if namekaze minato (royalti and power)
    2) the son of the woman with most distinguished and special chakra who can tame tailed beasts.
    3) he has massive chakra himself.
    4) he’s the kyuubi’s host (much more powerful than the hachibi)
    5) the descendant of the most powerful clan, the sanju-clan (According to madara)
    6) the sage and master of myuuboku-zan (lots of frogs on his side)
    7) inheritor of the power of itachi
    8) did i miss something out?

    i wonder how long it will take him to master all these powers and come up with his own abilities….

  34. One thing I found pretty important here:

    The 8-tails tried to restrain the Kyuubi in Naruto’s mind, but he wasn’t able to, because in Naruto he wasn’t strong enough. Yet here, Kushina is able to restrain the Kyuubi no problem. I guess that could be from her chakra being used to create the seal in the first place (perhaps that is what made the 4-element seal so strong).

    It’s true in the chapter that chains were used here… and it does resemble the wood that Yamato frequently used to surround the Kyuubi-Narutos, so that would suggest that she did help trap the Kyuubi in this manner. It makes me wonder though, if she was so prominent in Minato’s life, and if she had such a pivotal role in the capturing of the Kyuubi, why didn’t anyone talk about her before?

    Based on this chapter, it would seem that her relationship with Minato was known to the village, he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would want to hide something like that (and it seems there relationship wasn’t a short one either). And yet, why isn’t it more obvious to everyone that Naruto is Kushina’s son if she was such a prominent ninja in Konoha, she was important enough to send everyone searching for her. The argument of not talking about Kushina to protect Naruto doesn’t apply here as it did with Minato… since Naruto shares her name. I just don’t get it.

  35. This chaper was spectacular. I hope kishi expands their talk to 2-4 more chapters; I mean come on, she need not exit as quick as Minato did. I believe that for episode 5 long, kishi should have a family reunion. That would probably be the most epic episode here and then all three of them take down the fox as a team. And Bob, the one picture when Kushina smacks Naruto on the head definitely looks like a Sakura flashback, lol.

  36. @Ripcord
    Maybe many of those that knew of Kushina and Minato’s relationship died during the attack and those that survived and knew as well of the relationship were sworn to secrecy by the Third, the reason for this was for Naruto’s safety, Kushina might be known in other territories for her chakra maybe people like the one in Kumo would come after him thinking he would posses it as well, maybe Kushina changed her last name for safety as well for all we know Kushina could have had a different last name. Unfortunately the newer generations of Konoha would not be aware of Naruto’s lineage and the role his parents played in stopping the Kyuubi.

  37. this is one of my favorite chapters thus far, even with the lack of any real action. i think it woud be great if naruto has a kekai genkai, however i am a bit concerned that its going to end up being overpowered or just plain cheesy. i dont want naruto to be able to make chakra laiden chains like the ones that came out of him, i think being able to do something like that actually lessens his character.

    naruto has been the underdog this whole series, and its not till after he takes out kakazu, and more to the point pein does he really start to look like the great ninja he is, atleast in the minds of the people who dont know him very well. to me being able to creat mythical chains that can subdue a bijuu is just cheapening all the work he has done up until now.

    however if that is kushina’s ability that he has inherited, this gives him his way to control the kyubi, without having to to the hate tug of war. instead the chains could possibly act both to subdue the fox, and to take the fox’s chakra away for naruto to use. perhaps thats why naruto’s transformation stopped midway once the chains of kushina subdued the fox.

  38. @ripcord

    good point, but maybe talking about her in front of naruto was prohibited in the village too?

    naruto is the kyuubi’s host, and that was top secret, let alone he’s the son of the woman the other village wanted to kidnap. wouldn’t’ that make naruto a “super-wanted” figure by many other villages/parties?

    Naruto’s identity and past makes him super special. so leaving his past in the dark makes a lot of sense, especially that we know how the 3rd thinks. he probably intentionally kept all of that secret and prohibited talking about it. we know that kushina was pretty important to the village, but we have no idea of all the others knew about her abilities. it was very hard to hid minato’s abilities since how famous he was.

  39. I think this “special chakra/ kekkei genkai” further supports what Madara said about Naruto and him having the will of fire. I think there will be a direct link to him and the first hokage and the bijuu supression the first had. I think in the end we will see that Naruto is a direct heir to the hokage title because he is blood related to the first. I just had a crazy idea. What if, in the future, through the use of Kushina’s kekkei genkai and the firsts bijuu supression Naruto is able to recombine all the tailed beasts into the juubi. Then I think he will split the power between he and Sasuke, and by doing this, this will end both of their lives, and maybe that is why he said when he fights Sasuke once and for all they both will die.

  40. @ uchiha the famous

    that is a really interesting theory, but i must point out naruto had no idea of the time about kushina, or her special chakra. and he certinly doesnt know about akutski’s statue. so how would he go about recombining them at this point.

    and thats not really naruto’s style to think that far in advance. i mean really the way naruto was portrayed when this manga started he was lucky he could walk and chew gum at the same time.

  41. holy crap naruto with a bloodline
    the world could just explode right then
    although i must say the very last page i nearly chocked laughing! HAHA!
    red+yellow= orange hahahhah!
    now we have a reason other than the kyuubi why he likes orange

  42. @Bringerofkaos

    um yes it is .
    the naruto your thinking of was rookie naruto
    but this dude took out at 3 pains with organized battle tactics. even when he was younger he could come up with plans…no matter how stupid….and get away from the chunin and jonin chasing him at the turn of a dime.
    how iruka caught him still baffles me…0.o

  43. awwesome chapter… naruto’s such a mama’s boi! lol

    about kushinas chakara…. it would be really gay if naruto had chains coming out of him as a kekkei genkai…. i think naruto does have a kekkei genkai somwhat close to his mothers.. i think he has been usin it all his life too… if u recall the time wen yamato had the talk with naruto after he turned 4-tails and hurt sakura. He said the kyuubis chakara was like poison. And he did’nt kno how naruto was able to handle it… well seems pritty ovious, that the reason he can withstand the fox’s chakara has a lil sumthing to do with his mom’s abilities. He also heals faster den anyone else, and i dnt think is bcuz of the fox at all… idk if u wna call it a kekkei genkai, i think its exactly as kushina describe it… just SPECIAL chakara…..

  44. hey, i’ve noticed several ppl relate Kushina to Sakura, but i’ve noticed more similarities between Kushina and Hinata. note, DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS COMMENT IF ALL YOU’RE GONNA TALK ABOUT IS HOW MUCH U HATE HINATA (mart, kisu). anyways, Kushina kinda looks like a red-head Hinata, same facial structure, similar body structure, similar hair (refering to the shape/length of the hair, not the color); they were both kidnapped as children by Kumo ninjas who wanted their kekkeai genkai/special chakra; and guys w/ spikey blonde hair saved them from going down dark paths: Minato prevented Kushina from going down a path of anger and hatred, Naruto prevented Hinata from going down a path of despair and self-loathing

  45. as opposed to Kushina and Sakura: both get angry easily and both were made fun of as kids, which can also b related to Naruto, Choji, or Tsunade (tried thinking of more, but Lee’s always so happy i decided not to put him in)

  46. @Bringerofcaos

    Like midnightwolf spirit said, Naruto is now capable of thinking of complex and long term plans. Everyone always talks about how much of a genius Sasuke and Minato are, but Naruto has shown the same signs of geniusness as the previous. Obviously, Naruto is a long term thinker now because of what he told Sasuke about them both dying when they fight again, this obviously shows he has been doing a lot of long term thinking. I think before it is said and done Naruto is going to go through another real maturity stage, and this is when his farther’s personality will take him over more. Once this happens, whose to say he won’t have the intellect to create his own jutsu that can create the juubi and then reseal it, and once this happens the tailed beasts will be eliminated forever thus creating a lot of the strife between all the nations because they no longer have the excuse of tailed beasts to fight over, also alleviating the need for groups such as the akatsuki. Let’s look at it, since the manga was introduced every skirmish big or small between the nations eventually got back to the tailed beasts.

  47. Nix creating strife, and insert alleviating*

  48. Well, my point is that Naruto’s last name is that of his mother, http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/367/12/

    here we see that Tsunade knew Kushina’s full name, and the last names match, and so I don’t see why other countries didn’t know her full name either. It just feels like a plothole, initially we got it that Naruto’s identity as Minato’s son was hidden so they named him after his mom, who we all assumed was not so special.

    Now that we know she is (and I’m pretty happy she is), it doesn’t make any sense to not hide Naruto’s identity from that too… wouldn’t people go “oh another Uzumaki?, maybe he has Kushina’s abilities too!” I just don’t get why that side of Naruto’s identity wasn’t hidden too.

  49. Oh and also in that same link above, Tsunade remarks that Naruto’s face resembles Minato’s, and Jiraiya agrees… this totally contradicts what Kishi says in this chapter. I mean, I don’t care so much, ok he looks like his parents and that’s cool, but please Kishi, be consistent.

  50. Another thing I wanted bring up is that, is anyone but me noticing that Kishi is basically turning Naruto in the sage of the six paths. Take all the factors lilmoe said about Naruto. He can control nature chakra, his own chakra, and pretty soon the most evil of all chakra. This is the ultimate balance. The only thing he is missing is the ocular jutsu, but I think we caught a glimpse of that when he fought pain and the sage chakra and kyubii chakra mixed and he developed the plus sign pupils.

  51. i don’t think kushina’s ability is to control bijuu, why would that ability exist in a village without a tailed beast. I think it’s an offensive ability that is just strong enough to hold the kyuubi down. maybe her ability is water based and that will be where naruto gets his “hurricane” ability finally.

  52. @ ripcord
    i see what you mean
    if kumo wanted kushina so bad they would have had to have known her name…full name
    they would have gone after naruto too
    so either way fishcake was dead …..naruto means fishcake or malestorm
    so what would it matter if he had his mother’s or father’s name
    i think the third was a bit off his rocker when he did that decision

  53. “The Bloody Habanero”??? Ithink that’s kinda lame but all and all pretty good stuff. the back story on her if gone into with a little depth would definitly kill a gaiden side story but the hungry fans want to be feed as soon as they get a whiff of the good stuff. you know what I’m atalking about.

  54. i just hope the next naruto – sasuke battle isnt a power level contest again. there first battle, though it was good, seemed to much like a who can get new power more type deal. first naruto gets kyubi chakra, then sasuke finishes his sharingan completly, then naruto gets the demon fox shroud, then sasuke activates the curse mark.

    i want a full on battle utilizing existing powers. the previous example cheapens the action a bit for me.

  55. Someone may of mentioned this previously, but regarding Kushina’s abilities and her special chakra I think that its an ability to manipulate her chakra into any weapon she may deem necessary. I think that the chains that we saw in this chapter may only be a small fraction of what Kushina is/was capable of. Im sure she could of had anything from chakra blades to chakra shuriken that she could use to a devastating effect. Similar to TenTen but to the 20th or 30th degree lol. Naruto has already shown some of Kushina’s ability if u notice his ability to make the rasengan into a shuriken which is the mixture of both Minato’s and Kushina’s skill

  56. @ ripcord, and anybody else talking about “plot holes”, ive found the answer to EVERY plot hole in the Naruverse: nobody knew Naruto was related to Kushina; Jugo should’ve been a baby when Anko got her Curse Mark; in the Akatsuki meeting (after the Valley of the end), somebody implied that Itachi drove Orochimaru out of Akatsuki when he (Itachi) was, like, 10 or something; Naruto has no idea how to tell an attractive woman apart from a bitchy skeleton; and much, much more are all explained rather simply thanks to Transformers Cybertron and Fun Publications: http://transformers.wikia.com/wiki/Unicron_Singularity
    if u read the first item listed under notes, u will notice that, this “singularity”, which affects ALL universes, can warp the fabric of space-time to the point that anything is possible and all plot holes in every single piece of fiction can b simply explained as “Transformers Black Hole likes to mind-f**k ppl”

  57. @steel sage match i would say that’s more of a Minato and naruto mixture because we don’t even know what her nature is. But, if right then hey…

  58. @Killa E(cuz i like that name) thats my point, because if u remember the forth was not able to complete the rasenshuriken because it was too unstable to harness for him. Naruto was able to due to his chakra reserves and clones but maybe Kushina’s ckakra manipulation into weapons was to thank for that as well but Naruto could still perfect the rasenshuriken even more by adding Kushina’s nature to the mix as well

  59. I think you are right Bob, if Naruto does gain this ability ( If this is all she can do which I highly doubt) I think it would be way harder for Madara to extract the Kyuubi and maybe that’s what Kushina meant when she said she and Minato wanted to do everything they could to make this easier for Naruto.

    The only thing I want to know is what else can Kushina/ Naruto do with this Kekkai Genkai! Hopefully now that they are done talking about the past (which wouldn’t bother me if they continued) she could tell Naruto about this ability or possible give him more great info, not just a pep talk!

  60. ha adidas must be his style. but that jacket looks familar i think i have the same one!!

  61. I just think this opens another door of questions and I hope this isn’t the only chapter of these 2 together. I think Kishi should let them talk a another one or two chapters so she can reveal some more things and then Naruto comes out kicking the Kyuubi’s ass and ripping out his chakra in the 5ooth Chapter!

  62. This technique could also help Naruto capture the other tailed beast and maybe control them like the First could! Man, this is getting interesting.

  63. You guys are sadistic! You want Naruto to tie up an animal in chains and force it to give him power? He should learn to understand the animal and LET the animal give him power. Just look at Killerbee and the 8tails. I swear I’ll call animal authorities if Naruto takes you guys’ advice.

  64. Also, has anyone else noticed how I havent speculated about kushina? Well there’s a reason why. She isnt as special as you guys think. She’s just NARUTO’S mother and MINATO’S girlfriend, and those are the ONLY reasons she seems so special.

    Hinata should just slit her wrist.

  65. Lol not all tailed beasts are the same kisu. Not to mention the nine tailed is supposed to be a sinister force full of hatred and malice. The only thing most of the tailed beasts respect is power.

  66. @Uchiha the infamous, that ending sounds like a Sasuke fan wrote it. Sasuke deserves NO PEACE, he deserves only death. Also, the Juubi is out of Naruto’s league. The things in SPACE! Let sleeping dogs lie. Its not like people in the Naruverse have learned space travel yet.

    @whoever said it, uhm, what if Kushina’s powers arent strong? What if its the Rasenshuriken the fox took head on that lets the chains be able to bind him?

  67. hey hey hey… i have this CRAZY theory!

    say if naruto (or rather WHEN naruto) controls the nine tails. wouldn’t that make him his master just like the killerbee is the eight tails master? i mean they would have conversations and be buddies right?

    what if the nine tails trains to control natural energy? wouldn’t that be like if the old frog fused with naruto to maintain sage mode? which means 10 times (at least?) the power of the nine tail’s chakra! and naruto would maintain the cross shaped eye thing that happened when he was up agains pain..

    now that would be the ultimate form for naruto… super strong. i don’t think anyone can go against him, cuz while he’s fighting using the kyuubi’s chakra, the kyuubi is busy absorbing natural energy.

  68. the difference between this theory and the rest of the other theories about if naruto can combine kyuubi chakra + natural energy is that the one doing it is the kyuubi himself. who is staying still and not fighting while naruto does the fighting. that would maintain ultimate sage mode for super extended periods of time… maybe days or weeks? who knows… that all depends on the chakra reserve the kyuubi has.

    and since the kyuubi resides in naruto’s persona, doesn’t that make him able to do all the techniques naruto can? so that means the kyuubi might already know how to control natural energy… that would be interesting.

  69. Not to talk about Hinata too much, but I disagree Nemo, 1. Sakura-Kushina similarities: Apperance (hair color, measurements, forehead/bangs) Atitude, oppinion of the character (bad then good), both cut their hair on Ninja Missions, childhood (both were picked on because of their apperance).

    Hinata’s similarities: both Kidnapped (except Hinata never left the village, and was saved by her father/uncle’s death which had nothing to do with Naruto, meanwhile Naruto has protected Sakura countless times) Similar apperance: I think she looks nothing like Kushina given her weak/unconfident expresions compared to Kushina’s defiant/angry ones. Both were affected by the man they loved; Hinata always loved/stalked naruto and from stalking him changed herself BUT kushina completely ignored Minato until he actively saved her and changed her.

  70. Hinata’s like one of those psycho stalkers that follow famous people everywhere. If Naruto ever kisses some other girl she’d probably kill him and herself and think that’s some weird form of showing her love. Its happened before……..Seriously, Hinata needs therapy.

  71. Actually kisu, don’t let the name fool you, i’m not on the sasuke bandwagon and i actually got tired of seeing him in the last sasukethon we went on four like 99999999999 chapters. It was just a theory I put together from things that have been said so far in the manga. Oh and kisu much to your shagrin Pein is probably my second favorite character with a tie between Naruto/Itachi being first then another tie between Minato/Kisame being third. I thought Bob asked for some uuber discussions, and I was just trying to provide one. Oh, and the sage of six paths didn’t know time travel but managed to seal the juubi in the moon. Another offshoot of my theory could be that Madara creates the juubi and Naruto and Sasuke seal it between themselves. Since Madara claimed to know how to unseal it from the moon.

  72. nix we add in the*

  73. And another thing didn’t I state that Sasuke would die after he got part of the Juubi sealed in him. I think you may have missed that part.

  74. @ kisu and mart, i specifically said i DID NOT WANT YOU TO RESPOND, I BELIEVE U 2 TO BE D-BAGS.
    but to show i have the ability to defend my position
    @ kisu, Kushina’s able to subdue the Fox, something Pain wasn’t able to do, so just stfu. also, if Hinata was really as “sick” as u put her to b, then she could’ve easily raped Naruto in his sleep (i believe it’s been shown Naruto’s a heavy sleeper) and had a baby by now, so obviously she’s not nearly half as bad as u think she is. also, if she didn’t save Naruto, Pain would’ve killed him, and if Naruto died, nobody could stop Sasgay, and therefore u owe it to Hinata that Sasgay has a chance to die. to end on a more agreeable note, Hinata might actually need therapy, but then again, so does: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Lee, Neji, Guy, Choji, Ino, Tobi/Madara, Kabuto, Zetsu, Kisame, KillerBee, the Raikage, the Misukage, Tsunade, Shizune, Jugo, Suigestu, Karin as well as many now-dead characters: Zabuza, Haku, Sound 5, Sasori, Diedara, Kakuzu, Hidan (if u count him dead), Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Pain, Danzo, etc. so saying “she needs therapy” is really just saying “she’s in a very big club”
    @ mart, Kushina only has slightly similar hair to Sakura, while she has a similar facial/bodily structure and way of dressing her hair to Hinata (note, i wasn’t talking about facial EXPRESSIONS, just that they both have kinda round faces). also, while Naruto saved Sakura’s lives countless of times, she hasn’t ever had a personality shift and can only pull off either slut-love (for Sasuke) or bull-shitted love (the BS she tried pulling on Naruto), unlike Kushina or Hinata. on the kidnapping thing, i was just pointing out how they had similar experiences. also, being made fun of is nothing special in the Naruverse: Hinata (by Neji and Hiashi), Choji (for being fat), Lee (no chakra control), Tsunade (flat chested), and Jiraiya (“Village Madman”) all fall into this category. and on being changed, my point was that Hinata was changed for the better by Naruto before the start of the series, and is continuously being made better by him (look at the boost of confidence she gained when Naruto cheered her on in the Chunin Exams, or more recently how she faced one of the strongest ninjas of all time [Pain] to save Naruto), and again, Sakura hasn’t really impoved in anyway that relates to Naruto. improved thanks to Tsunade maybe, but not Naruto. but in the end, i feel Kushina’s a completely individual character: Naruto’s personality quirks, Sakura’s anger issues, Hinata’s atractiveness (okay, actually that has little to do w/ personality, lol, but it is something that seperates Kushina from the other 2).
    now then, i’m getting tired of defending Hinata in a similar way to kisuzachi gets tired of defending Nagato, so please, for the sake of the 3 of our’s sanity, just stfu, and i PROMISE, if u DO NOT respond w/ Hinata hate-spam, i will not talk about her again for the rest of the post and will try avoiding making any comments about her until she is mentioned in a chapter again, unless relevent to a pre-existing conversation (Kushina hate-spam’s okay, since i’m new at defending her, and my opinion on her has a much higher chance of being changed)
    sorry for the long post.

  75. @Uchiha the infamous, lets be buds 😀 As long as you hate Sasugay we’re cool. Also, while the Sage couldnt time travel, he did have a cheat that beats every other power up in the series, the Rinnegan. Unless another Rinnegan user pops up with power equal to the Sage, the the Jubi’s fine where it is.

  76. @Nemo haha anyone that would bite their thumb hard enough for it to bleed needs therapy lol. However, most of the people you listed dont need therapy, as they are what would be considered “normal” in the naruverse. Hinata’s stalking is abnormal.

  77. This chapter was very interesting to me because what if Kushina really is alive? I mean, I know it’s just his chakra tapping into hers really, and he’s just speaking to himself in his mind, but what if this is a hint that Naruto is gonna meet his mother so he can train with her to get that possible kekkei genkai she possibly possesses? Really, it is quite obvious that she has a kekkei genkai, ‘cuz a “special” chakra doesn’t just appear out of nowhere.

    Kushina, in full form at last, looks as if she really could be a ninja, as I know she was. But, it really does kind of fit her, and I hope Kishi possibly gives us some backstory into her past and maybe show some of her skills, however, I doubt this will happen anytime soon, as I believe she is probably deceased anyway. This is just her mental form and there is NO proof whatsoever that she IS still alive…

    Well, I’m done for now. I may join conversation later.

    Yeah, the end was really cliche and kind of expected from a story like that; a boy saving a girl, standing in a tree, their hair blowing and suddenly the girl realizes that his face looks SO much more hunky than before…we’ve all seen it before.

    Okay, I’m done for now. I may join again later…

    So, we finally know the backstory on how Minato and Kushina got together, but now I want to know three things: Why Naruto’s last name isn’t Namikaze, did Minato get his name changed to Uzumaki, and that’s why it isn’t Namikaze? And finally, did Kushina REALLY have anything to do with the final sealing of the Kyubi 17 years ago?


  78. Please dont bring up the Saskue-A-Thon era people….

    >_< it gives me a headache just thinking about it, a really annoying one at that.

    Also on the Maddara related note he (it, w/e still not sure wtf tobi is yet, could stilll be a man in a womens body or vise versa XD) could be BS'ing about the Jubi..

    And even if he wasnt how would you even begin to unlock a gigantic beast millions of miles away from earth? unless in naruverse the moon is just next door to the Planet. LoL

    @Kisu, yea hinata's stalking is a little weird, but at least she doesnt keep dead bodies of her freinds and of random people like a freak and then use them to fight while she sits in a chair crippled XD.

    yea i just went there

    @mart- umm it never said Kushina cut her hair….dunno where you got that from :\.

    Btw i know its been said, but Kushina's ability is pretty f**king awesome, anything that irritates or intimidates the kyuubi is badass. I kinda dont want naruto to have it though it would cheapen naruto's acheivments to me…just my opinion

  79. on the kyuubi….scratch out intimidate….doesnt really exist in his case lol

  80. @Smartass
    Hinata’s stalking ability ain’t weird at all, not one bit, it’s very ninja like. 🙂 Ninja’s thrive in the shadows after all. hahaha

  81. i don´t know why people is starting to complain about naruto having a kekkei genkai. I think if naruto have it its gonna put more spicy the war a little more. Besides maybe if naruto really have a kekkei genkai he will train his ass off to mastered in level that no one will ever see and maybe surpass the sage of the six paths

  82. Hey Nemo Prime don´t you think taht if hinata its really like kushina and naruto end with her that would be a little twisted, have a girlfriend just like his mom. Its better that kushina looks like sakura and naruto realize that maybe that is why he “love”? sakura and turn over to HINATA side

  83. What if Tobi its actually a relative of naruto maybe its a member of the clan Uzumaki who take madara´s identity. And all that his is making is because he wants naruto to learn his kekkai genkai because tobi is gone stealing or use naruto like a pawn

  84. @Smartass, at least Nagato can carry a conversation without fainting, and doesnt have huge creepy blind-looking eyes. Yeah, I just went there

  85. “Kushina cut her hair”: She pulled it out strand by strand… It’s not like she went to the ninja beauty salon, but my point was that it was similar to Sakura who cut her’s with a kunai, simply because it “ruined” their hair for the sake of staying alive.

  86. @mart-

    She did it in order to leave a trail, sakura just cut her hair to prove a point to INO during the chunnin exams…..yea not so much to stay alive, so there really isnt a relationship there, and it didnt mess up her image either, as you can see on the background story page that her hair was still long. Just sayin.


    At least she doesnt look like a skeleton and use dead bodies to Speak FOR her in conversations. Lol

    you know im just screwin around right? XD

  87. Wait scratch that, sakura cut her hair cause some of oro’s lackies were tryin to be Butt buddies with saskue right? Ok forgot about that.

    Well anyways i was just saying it didnt make any noticable difference to kushina’s image. Sakura looked like someone got a 4 year old to cut it with a weed eater.

  88. @Smartass, yeah I know lol. But picking on Hinata is so fun. This is my final argument though. AT LEAST NAGATO’S USEFUL! HA! Try to top that!

  89. @Nemo Prime
    your right there are way too many plot holes
    the jugo one throws me off though…..
    but then again noting is making sence in the manga
    and it seems like every one has a blood line or special chakra

    go drown youself NaruHina forever
    even when we now the manga shall fail cause kishi’s a teme.

  90. * yourself

    in other words i really don’t see anybody ending up with naruto

    sadly i believe that naruto will….die before he ever gets a girlfriend but kishi’s interviews he metioned a wedding at the very end
    whose i don’t know
    we can only pray

  91. Haha, Kisu, you said you like only the strong characters, eh? I suppose Sasuke is an exception for you, isn’t he?! Well, we must wait and see if Kushina is weak (although I suspect she isn’t) and then badmouth her, otherwise it’s not fair. Unfortunately, we see that in Naruverse several strong characters had lame deaths / defeated by weaker ones: Oro (by Sasuke), Kakuzu, Hidan, Pain, Sasori etc etc. So, strength isn’t always the key.

    And about a future wedding: given the fact that Kishi loves and often imitates DB, he may try to imitate its happy ending, with Goku and Chi-Chi’s marriage. Just one thought.

  92. Ok, somebody help me out here… How can Naruto basically be Harishima v2.0 when his mother has not geneological connection to the Leaf Village… She’s not Konohan (if dats even a word) His will of fire from a dna standpoint should come only from his father and thats how the senju/uchiha feud is inherited… Right??? Also, im on the side of people who don’t want the kekkai genkai to be a chakra suppression technique… though it would off set the uchiha ability to off set the fox.. Meaning Naruto could negate some of Sasukes more powerful moves…

  93. Sirus, the trait isn’t exclusive to the Leaf, a filler character had it (fillers boo) but the point is Kushina may have a different Kekkai Genkai that does the same thing like Ice element and Lava, both mix two elements, they are just different combinations.

  94. @Kisu deal we can be buds, lol. It’s not that I really don’t like Sasuke it’s just that, he cries a lot and it was like the last 40 chapters have been about him, and enough is enough, I digress though

    @Sirus Prime
    Naruto could still be related to the senju, just like the Uchiha and Hyuuga clans are distantly related.

  95. ha ha ha leafs orange hokage. hilarious

  96. y is errbdy complainin ab naruto havin a kekkai genkai, some pple say it wont be naruto like to have it,…cos that means he wont need hardwork..so it means a kekkai genkai makes him a genius… well i disagree… a kekkai genkai looks more like a family thing that only ur family members should have… shikamaru has his shadow techs… and he still has to work hard at developin them… i think the come in different forms..

    thr r sum kekkai gekai that mite be defensive..but it is still one…a bloodline tech/limit does not mean that the user is strong…evn sasuke..has to train under orochimaru…after he woke his sharingan…my point is even if he has the kekkai genkai, it does not mean he wont work hard at developin it…it is a bloodline thing…but does not necessary translate to ultimate power…

  97. its like havin a family business and not investing in it

  98. I think that Naruto’s senju relation comes from Minato because i believe Minato to actually be the offspring of Tsunade and Dan (whose last name could of been Namikaze).

    Im just throwin this out there but from this chapter we can tell that Kushina and Minato planned out a great deal when they had there encounter with the fox. Its obvious that the 4th certaintly died that night for the sake of his son and village etc, but in an effort to find the weakness of “The one in the mask” Kushina decided also for the sake of her son to tail madara by disguising herself as Tobi to gain 16yrs of intel on his plans all while waiting for Naruto to get strong enough to beat Madara lol. Eventhough im sure all of u guys are tired of the who=tobi theory

  99. @steel sage… huh?

  100. This chapter was great, and I’m curious to see just how strong Kushina really is. If her chakra was strong enough to subdue the Kyuubi, just imagine the kind of jutsus she’s capable of.

    I don’t quite believe just yet that she has a bloodline limit. She may have a special family technique, like Shikamaru or Shino, but I think it would be cool if Naruto and Kushina did. But just what could it possibly be?

    Here’s an idea … what if Minato’s teleporting tags were made from Kushina’s hair, meaning it’s Kushina who has space/time capabilities and not Minato …. hmmmm?

    Anyway … this chapter was cool and like Bob said, I wouldn’t mind another chapter of it. Still, Kyuubi’s trouble now that Naruto is refocused.

  101. Bob, start relaying down the law on first comments! Kick some ass big man!

    Anyway, maybe my favourite chapter of all time, Kishi, good man.

    I dont comment here much anymore but Bob did a spectacular job this time!

  102. “If her chakra was strong enough to subdue the Kyuubi”

    Or ya know, maybe, possibly, it was the Gargantuan Rasengan and the Rasenshuriken the Kyubi took head on that let the happen, but w/e

  103. Hey I caught this little bit of info while re-reading some old chapters.


    Pay attention to what Gaara says. Apparently the Shukaku acts up in the full moon’s light……what IS in the full moon? The Jubi!

  104. this chapter was interesting and since everyones talking about this special chakra that kushina has im going to give a prediction. Ok so naruto gets some advice from his mother then beats the fox, then he finishes and tells yamoto and kb everything that went down and how he met his mother. Then kb is going to know her because the cloud village tried to take her. then they will explain everything about that special chakra. then naruto will probably try to harness it.

  105. @Jajuan
    Or what if Kushina fought Killer Bee in the chunin exams, that would explain how Jiraiya & Tsunade knew her other than being Minato’s babies mother. That also explains how the Cloud ninja knew of her abilities because she went one on one against Killer Bee and the chunin exams and defeated him with her special chakra.

  106. Good observation Kisu, I wonder how much stronger Gaara would have been if he had full control of Shukaku.

  107. “that would explain how Jiraiya & Tsunade knew her”: Or it’s just a small village and the Sanin are well informed of strong/promising ninja, especially those F***ing the Hokage…

  108. Actually the point i was trying to make was that we got an early connection to the Biju and the full moon (this just screams DBZ’z Oozarus), meaning Kishi didnt do the age old technique called the “Ass Pull”

    @Mart lol

  109. See Kisu, my theory is panning out more and more. Thanks for digging up that little piece of info, lol.

  110. Granted Naruto’s jutsus did damage, but Kyuubi was still able to almost take over Naruto. Kyuubi would have succeeded if Kushina didn’t step in.

    Also, Kyuubi seems very aware of Kushina’s capabilities. When he shouted her name, it gave off the impression that he was a bit cautious. Kinda like “What are you doing here.” Especially if she helped seal him away, he should be cautious.

    Still, I’m impressed Kyuubi can still function after getting hit with a Rasen Shuriken. I mean, I know he has Wolverine-like instantaneous healing, but isn’t the RS supposed to attack at the cellular level? Or does Kyuubi not have any cells whatsoever?

  111. @sokka-

    Hmm, the cellular thing is true, maybe its because its a Demon? Its cells (which it should have) are far more powerful/complex and are relatively more invulnerable to any type of attack such as that. Also maybe his healing ability is something like kabuto did, he was already healing himself before the attack hit.

    Although it did look like it hurt like hell XD. Maybe a few more would have more results but we cant be sure. I mean this is the Kyuubi here, no other character (maybe maddara) can survive the attack, because they arent gigantic demons with near immeasurable power.

  112. @sokka: I agree with u, considering that E sliced of the hachibi’s horn so effortlessly with a technique I doubt is as powerful as RS. By the by, if Naruto could move at E’s speed I’d prefer that to FTG-but obviously some other than using electricity to supercharge yourself.

  113. for those who think the rasen shureken is enough to take out the kyuubi…

    we all know what the demon cloak is capable of right? didn’t it render the sword of kasanagi useless against it? well, the cloak is just a fraction of the strength of the tailed beast’s skin (fur?). so it only makes sense, that the kyuubi at full power inside naruto’s mind wasn’t affected like most would be by the rasen shuriken….

  114. Hey, I found two posters of the upcoming Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 “The Lost Tower”. It’s something about a parallel world with Minato and Kakashi still young and Naruto must save one princess (as usually!), that kinda looks like Kushina. I know that all movies are nonsense, but, still, it’s interesting, *shrugs shoulders* well, whatever, we will see in one year from now!

  115. Maybe the reason why the 9tailed could resist a Rasenshuriken is beacuse the battle was in the “mind” and if it where on the real world he would have alot more problem with it…. ♥

  116. Following some of you folk’s logic concerning Naruto’s battle prowess against the Kyuubi just being a product of a mental battle leads me to believe then that Kushina’s ability to subdue the Fox was also a product of being in Naruto’s mind. Meaning if they were on an actual battle field they would have their butts handed to them.. and i tend to believe dat… I do however see how Kushina’s ability could be effective in conjuction with Minato’s battle prowess… Pein however at full strenght could take the Fox..

  117. have anyone noticed how young Kushina where http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/31018515/15 when she goted kidnapped by atleast 3 probably elite cloud ninja…
    And Minato who is the same age as Kushina kicked theres asses ☺ would be fun to se a young Minato kick as

  118. @Sirius, THANK YOU!

  119. @wow, I’d say they were about the same age as Naruto was at beginning of part 1. I think it’s about time we got something like a Minato or Kushina Gaiden mini-arc from Kishi.

  120. Cam anyone tell me how this makes sense? AND WHAT THE HELL IT IS?! http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/0/01/

  121. It’s a chapter that Kishi had published before the normal series (like it says, ep.00 – Pilot). It’s a self-contained small story AND with a happy end too! As you can see, the protagonist, Naruto, has many of the traits that we see in the normal version (for example, he transforms into a fox). But there are guns and thieves and gangsters, that were too modern to fit in the current story! One Piece and Bleach had also a pilot chapter.

  122. DUDE!
    Random had to check the shannaro clock. This means absolutely nothing

  123. @Sirius-

    Nope he could not, he couldnt even handle a severaly halved Kyuubi, his Chibaku tensei didnt work, his shinrei tensei was blown right back at his ass, fighting wise he couldnt even handle the 6 tailed state, the kyuubi wasnt even warmed up yet. Yes he was weakened, but the kyuubi wasnt even fighting at a Half of its power, which is safe to say that pein was problably at half power or more at the time. Pein was getting pwnt by the kyuubi solidly. The soul stealing thing is useless, we dont even know if the Kyuubi’s soul can be taken, especialy seeing as how its will is so powerful, and its a demon and obviously is far far more different than trying to deal with some weak village people. And obviously peins control rods are useless seeing as naruto easily shook it off with barely a boost of kyuubi power. Do you think Chubby peins powers are usefull here? Yea good luck with that, seeing as how it was already destroyed with naruto’s sage abilities and could be done similarily with kyuubi’s hard to control chakra.

    I think you are severly underestimating the kyuubi, and Overestimating Pein, he’s stilll just a human, this is a demon. He is extreemely powerful, no doubt at that whatsoever, but he has a limit far lower than kyuubis, in fact wev never seen kyuubi forced to a limit, people have always had to resort to sealing or some other technique in a desperate attempt to suppress it. Force doesnt work on kyuubi, wev seen people try it and always fail. It even took a direct hit from a Rasen Shuriken possibly the most destructive attack we have ever seen, and im not just saying Geographic destruction, but its real damage as well which have taken out peins easily.

    Thus my conclusion for Kyuubi’s supperiority in this.

  124. And on how the Kyuubi took the hit from Rasen Shuriken, the whole argument (its in his mind thing) is irrelevant, if its in his mind it should actuallly be alot more Damaging to the Kyuubi since its Naruto’s mind still and the kyuubi is still suppressed…atm anyway.

    Just because its in his mind doesnt make it NOT real, i mean naruto in the visable world is being affected by his mind, he lost his sage power outside his mind due to the kyuubi….no i think its just the Chakra cloak thing that is making it invulnerable to the FRS attack…..apparently its a lot faster working at healing than with healing naruto.

  125. @Smartass, why do u constantly forget to mention that the Chibaku Tensei Pain used was by no means his strongest as he didnt even seem fazed by the Kyubi breaking out of it. You also neglect to mention he deliberately had to hold back for fear of killing Naruto. And u also neglect to mention that Pain’s abilities are a perfect foil to the Kyubi.

  126. OMG enough pein talk lol. He was strong yea we get it. He is also dead. The manga has gone far beyond him so enough pein talk please. I get so tired of hearing he could do this he is this strong he is dead… sorry kisu I know he is ur favorite little ninja but he got beaten and tuned good than died. Story over. That’s all you need to know about pein.

  127. @token-

    I know i know, believe me im more sick of it than you can imagine, but they started it, and kyuubi is my fav character so yer, il end it….soon lol.


    First example http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/440/02/

    obviously he is suprised, and making it bigger wont help its not hurting the Kyuubi, and im not talking about Pein beating naruto, this is kyuubi im talking about, and Nagato was almost killing himself trying to take down kyuubi at the end he wasnt holding back, not at the end anyway, and yea Chibaku tensei wasnt his strongest move, bringing people back to life was his most powerful move, Peins most destructive technique was the A-bomb shinrei tensei. Which has already been proved useless against the kyuubi. And peins abilites in no way a perfect foil, Nagato got his ass handed to him by 6tailed state.

    End of convo. done with.

  128. @smartasd I don’t mind kyuubi talk at all… he is still alive and kicking lol.

  129. @smartass & token: a virtually indestructible summon, a summon whose purpose it is to seal bijuu, ability to remove souls (like hmm… Lets think of something similar DDCS-and until I have proof and not just random assumption that that technique can’t work on tee kyuubi I’m not buying it), the ability to make a moon to seal away a bijuu forever, a chakra consuming body (makes those chakra balls useless), the list goes on. And just remember an important fact Pein would want to actually destroy or seal the kyuubi without a host. Kisu I got ur back!

  130. @madzikage
    a Chibaku Tensei that is the size as the moon maybe would have trapped the kyuubi, but Pain would probably not be able to make a Chibaku Tensei at that size

  131. Newton’s Third Law says every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So the fact that the Six Tails bounced back the Shinra Tensei and it ONLY threw Pain that distance, one can surmise that it WAS NOT a full powered Shinra Tensei. Pain was forced to react quickly and that’s all the power he generated as a reflex .


    Compare the distance Pain was thrown to the distance Naruto (http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-434/page006.html) and the frogs (http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-434/page009.html http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-434/page010.html) were thrown and you’ll see that the Shinra Tensei the Six Tails deflected falls squarely between the one Pain used on Naruto and his clones and the one he used on the frogs.

    Also, I find it amusing that you say the Shinra Tensei can do nothing against the Kyubi. Behold what the Shinra Tensei can do!

    Now, Pain has a body that absorbs chakra, and it is a stated FACT that Biju ARE chakra. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/404/14/

    Also, the Kyubi was defeated by a move that stole its soul and sealed it in Naruto, Nagato can also steal souls. Once the soul is gone, the vessel is rendered useless/dead, for humans AND Biju (and if the most powerful Biju of all was susceptible to soul sealing, then so is one of its nine DIVISIONS).

    “obviously he is suprised” I would be surprised too if someone broke out of a mini-moon, but was he scared? or angry? or running away? No, he stood his ground and was about to make a bigger one. Notice his expression doesnt at all change. I’d also like to add that Chibaku Tensei DOES hurt. Having mountains hitting you while being pulled up by a dense ball with its own gravitational pull must hurt. The fact that Pain held back clearly shows that this move can easily kill.

    NOW end of convo. Done with.

  132. that comment actually went through despite all the links?! I’m impressed lol. Thnx Madzi lol. Its fun defending a character that really SHOULDNT need defending.

  133. On second thought, can we NOT talk about Pain. This debate has been going on for over a year now lol

  134. OMG shut up u pein lovers lol. He is dead dead dead. Also love how people are bringing in newtons law…. this I a fake reality so not sure the same thing applies here… we have kids jumping from tree to tree and crazy speeds and using their mouths to shoot fire and someone brings up Newton…. yea good call on that one. Once again pein is dead so don’t see why people are still giving pein so much love like this. They must not know he is dead or something.

  135. @ Kisuzachi

    (All this are just thoughts, I don’t intend to take the one or the other part, I generally like Pain.)

    Well, you know, bringing the conversation on a different level, Pain’s biggest mistake was exactly his might. He knew his power and this changed his personality, making him to consider himself the God of the world. You know that the inescapable law, since Ancient Greece, is that the person who commits Hybris, making himself a deity, he must expect his Punishment and Downfall to come very soon.

    At first, he wanted to protect his friends, but I’m sure Yahiko wouldn’t want him to kill ruthlessly, except from Hanzo, “his parents, his wife, his children, his friends, even their infants and even his most distant relatives, no matter how young they were . Then he burned down their homes and he killed the emissaries of villages allied with Hanzo. He erased them all.” I don’t think that these dreadful actions were committed in the name of Peace, it was a mere revenge, that in my opinion insulted Yahiko’s sacrificial death.

    Also, it’s really nonsense to compare one pain with the other. Each pain is unique and up to different personalities. You can’t say “my pain is bigger than yours”. I understand when your parents and friend die in front of you (and kinda because of you), but, you know, THERE ISN’T BIGGER PAIN than the pain of a mother who lost her children, again in front of her eyes. Close behind, it’s the pain of a father who lost his children and then the pain of an orphan and then of a widow. (Oh trust me, I know what I say, although not from personal experience, thank God.) How many mothers and fathers did he make cry? If he knew the pain of orphanhood, why did he keep on leaving orphans and widows behind?

    You will say that this is a way of achieving Peace. Well, apart from the obvious brainwashing Madara has made to him, I think he gradually lost his initial will of Peace and he started to eliminate whoever opposed to his plans. (Hey, isn’t that what Communism had ended to be? From a promising system to a bloody status quo.)

    That’s why when he redeemed himself (“You try to find meaning in death, but there’s only pain and hatred that you don’t know what to do with”.), his last phrase was “…it’s like someone set all this up… or maybe… this is the hand of the real God…”. He understood his mistake to be so proud of his power and also returned to his initial goal: he entrusted his dream of a peaceful world to Naruto, who “reminded him of himself when he was younger”.

  136. @ All Pein Haters
    So he has the Rinnegan… According to Jiraiya, a dojutsu so rare and so devasting that only two people in the whole naruverse possessed it…
    The first possesor of the Rinnegan sealed with in himself the Juubi… Thats all nine tailed beasts rolled up in to one… Its not fathomable how powerful that entity was when u consider the Kyuubi has limitless chakra or near limitless… And both the Nine and Ten tails were defeated or subdued ( all the same to me, they were rendered in operable) So to my point… If both being are all powerful but can be defeated why in hell cant Pein defeat the Nine-Tails when his predessor defeated a far superior being… And the Kyuubi as stated before has been defeated in battle… The Rinnegan is all powerful… Now Im dun wit dis convo too…

  137. @sirius… wow really? just cause someone has a dojutsue or oculur jutsu like the sharingan and rinnengan doesnt mean each one is all powerful. u say because only 2 ppl had it that pein is all powerful like the sage… no ninja in the current naruto world can come near to the sage of the seven paths. he is considered to be a legend and alot of ppl thought of him as a mere myth. jiraiya himself is surprised that such a eye does exist and the fact pein got it shows that no one truly knows alot about the rinnengan. yea the sage was all powerful but doesnt mean pein is. rinnengan does not make pein invinible or on the sages level. Many uchiha had the sharingan but that doesnt mean that each uchiha was uber powerful or on the same level. Itachi was considered to be a genius and way above the other uchiha. they all had sharingans but he was a master of using it and naturally gifted. Pein and the sage have the rinnengan in common thats it… not to mention the sage was a savior of sorts that stopped evil while pein commited evil deeds and caused pain to many people. yea ur right the rinnengan is a powerful technique and in the sages hands was all powerful… in peins hands it was just powerful

  138. @ token
    I said the Rinnegan was all powerful not Pein… I made that perfectly clear… And my second point was with it Pein could defeat the Kyuubi jus like the Sage defeated the Juubi… Dont comment on what i didnt express…

  139. Hard to differentiate When you tend to throw pein in the all powerful category not to mentioned you compare the sage sealing the juubi to pein fighting the kyuubi. BTW you said why can’t pein defeat the kyuubi when the sage defeated the juubi.. easy the rinnengan is only as powerful as the user…. pein isn’t the sage nor is he as strong as you pein lovers think he is and if you are only talking about the rinnengan don’t compare pein to the strongest ninja ever…. the two couldn’t be any farther apart

  140. we don’t know if the sage is the strongest ninja ever though, legends tend to become more powerful as time goes by. we don’t know if there ever was a juubi because the story didnt come from pein but from tobi. we do know that he was the first and this could have made him seem much more powerful than he really was. i put my money on him being the most powerful but im just saying.

  141. @Token, Actually, everyone with the Rinnegan is all powerful (Nagato and the Sage). I used Newton’s Third Law to make my point that the Shinra Tensei Pain used was by no means his strongest one. And yes, we all know Pain is dead. Why doesn’t the fanbase stop liking Itachi, Minato, Jiraiya, Deidara etc…? Its because everyone I just mentioned can still kick most of these ALIVE character’s asses.

    @Woi Ai Ni, meh some of what you say makes sense, but then again, Nagato’s plan was to use force to make people afraid of war. This is all he saw in his life; war, war and more war. *sigh It takes a lot for a person to hate violence so much that they would go so far to try to establish peace, even if that peace is only temporary. But in a world of ninjas (whose livelihood depends on killing), maybe Nagato’s plan was more viable than Naruto’s.

  142. @Eaglesfan, I get what you’re saying. That’s the basis of my whole argument AGAINST Hashirama’s strength. But I put the Sage above every other character because he created a freaking moon! Not a village, or island, or country, or continent, but A FREAKING MOON!!!

  143. @ token
    No one beat Pein… He committed suicide… Every other ninja in Naruverse has suffered a loss… Every single one… So therefore he jus might be the strongest… Laundry list of abilities… Naruto’s Sage mode rasenshiruken may jus be the most powerful move in Naruto, or the Kyuubi chakra blast…. Both those and any other ninjustu technique can be absorbed or cancelled by Nakar Path or Deva Path… Any of the Six Paths can be revived… Animal Path has a silly number of summons, and that Cerebrus dog summon is jus sick… U cant kill it or seal it… U have to kill the user which if u do it can jus be revived… Wash rinse repeat…Then u have Asura Path, Deva Path, Human Path all who possess wicked skills plus the whole shared vision thing… Which make this dude practically unbeatable by anyone but The Sage of Six Paths himself… So there… I conced Pein isnt the strongest or most powerful person in Naruverse.. Jus so happens that the top two possess the Rinnegan and Naruto’s number three (soon to be)… Anyways tho… Three cheers for Naruto hopefully getting a kekkai genkai… I was against it at first but i can see the possibilites and how with it he will defeat Sasuke…

  144. who talks about diedra anymore? not to mention ppl talk of minato becuse he is still very relevant seeing as how narutos family tree ie being explored more and more. Jirayia is not mentioned as much and its hard for a dead pein to kck anyones ass.. hell right now sakura could kick peins ass rofl. not too hard ot beat a corpse. You say fanbase talks of itachi as well.. yea he is mentioned but they dont tlak about how he can kick anyones ass… people are more knowledeable of their favorites weaknesses and shortcomings and stupid comments like everyone with the rinnengan is all powerful is just ignorant and not factually based… thats like saying anyone with the sharingan is equally powerful… if that were the case than the uchiha clan would still be here but instead as far as we know 2 ninja took out a whole clan… the ocular jutsus dont determine a persons power. like zetsu said its about the skill of the user not the jutsu itself. both pein and the sage had the rinnengan but unlike the sage pein was no able to create a literal moon… yea and i know u would say he could if he wanted to but thats bs… maybe he should have started out with a bigger one and not small… he underestimated the kyuubis strength and that shows peins lack of intel on the fox and his opponent, not to mention peins lack of inteligence when it came to fighting naruto ( i mean come on he basically just looked stupid as naruto systematically took apart pein one by one. Its not even funny how pathetic he looked when he had to start to strategize against naruto. his only brilliant move was the a bomb tensei and that was power not strategy. if he wanted to be smart he should have just left without destroying the village and head to the mountain to find naruto and fight him at full strength. his own fault for not being at full chakra and having to wait for the tensei cooldown. thats him being stupid and pathetic) pein was conceited and self absorbed and took his powers too seriously and thanks to that he is dead. and hell yea most of those dead could kick alot of the current ninjas asses… but the ones above got beat by ninja who outmatched them either in power or inteligence. minato was beat by the curse seal to contain the demon fox into his son, itachi lost to sasuke (although this is a anomoly as itachi literally planned to die at sasukes hand which in itachis case means he could technically beat sasuke), jiraiya was beat due to pein outsmarting him by using 3 bodies to start and not using all of them at once until the very end, and diedra just wasnt as strong as the previous ninja and sasuke had him beat in pretty much every category, and pein lost all 6 bodies (which had never ever happened to him before…. not too good for a self proclaimed god), was converted by naruto and he used his REMAINING (not all but what was left) chakra to revive those alive. Pein was strong and as far as im concerned he is probably second or third of the current dead ninja of this manga we have seen so far (excluding the first and the sage) but he is not the strongest ninja nor is he as powerful as u wish he was. Kisu im sorry ur a fan of a dead ninja and as a fan of itachi and minato i feel your pain but dont overexaggerate peins abilities and dont say could or can anymore…. he didnt win, he couldnt contain the kyuubi and he can die

  145. @ Kisuzachi

    Well, I’m glad you managed to read that rant! Hmm, there is a quote saying: “Peaceful is that man that carries a sword, but doesn’t unsheathe it”. You are right that, as Nagato said, “Jiraiya’s idealism is just not realistic” in a ninja world where there is the law of “your death is my life”. However, there have to be, at last, the one who will turn his back to this law and make his own path. Nagato understood that he failed to do so, although in the beginning he was eager “to stop this hatred”, and he passed this role down to Naruto, admitting that his way was (well, at least) more charitable and more efficient in the long run.

  146. pein commited suicide.. hmmm he did that cause he lost his 6 bodies (think that isa feat dont u) not to mention naruto actually was ready to fight again if need be as seen with his kyuubi and sage mode fusion. Btw u keep on mentioning the summons and abilities… hello thats y naruto took out the other ones first! lol yea they all are decent at doing their abilities but as naruto showed take out certain ones first an the others are quick to follow. naruto knew what all those pein paths could do and he took them out one by one. yea the dog summon was awesome but guess what? one attack from naruto and bye bye doggy as naruto downed the summoning path. The abilities of the paths are easily nullified when the bodies are gone… no paths equal none of those abilities. pein as number 2 in the narutoverse is a complete joke as he was actually taking orders from SOMEONE else lol. yea the 2nd strongest ninja ever is taking orders from someone below him… hmmm that makes so much sense lol. who takes orders from someone inferior to them???

  147. @Token, I didnt read all of your comment. but here’s what I DID read “and stupid comments like everyone with the rinnengan is all powerful is just ignorant and not factually based… thats like saying anyone with the sharingan is equally powerful” The fact is saying every Rinnegan user is almighty is not wrong, its correct. 100% of the Rinnegan users thus far are essentially gods. We’ve seen dozens of Uchihas and Hyugas, so their percentage suffers severely from that. It’s basic math

  148. more importantly, why wont u drop the Pain bashing? None of the pain supporters here have stated anything that WASNT fact. When I diss Hinata or Sakura I use facts, they’re weak, annoying and serve 0 purpose in battle. Pain is the Naruverse’s version of God. Nuff said.

  149. 100% of two people are gods… wow nice math lol. BTW don’t know gods could die??? BTW if you read my comments you would see my point…. the sage is far beyond pein not to mention your God lost all six of his bodies to a teenager. The God of the naruverse lost a fight with a teenager rofl. Look at the manga and tell me who defeated the six paths. Didn’t know gods lost to teenagers and got converted from their stupid peace views. Before you say its fact kisu might want to actually read the manga instead of drawing pictures of pein on your little journal. Pein may he rip in his grave before being summoned by kabuto like a little puppet.

  150. Pein is better than everyone nuff said. He might be equal to the Sage of 6 paths, but Pein was being manipulated by Madara. I don’t know how long Madara has been apart of Akatsuki or how he and Pein teamed up, but we do know one thing. Madara has manipulated Akatsuki, Sasuke, and he could of manipulated his brother Izuna for his eyes. The Rinnegan makes the user invincible. You can’t compare the Rinnegan with the Sharigan or Byakugan, The Rinnegan gave birth to both, but I am anxious to see the “Eternal” Mangekyō Sharingan can do, I’m also curious how Madara is gonna make Sasuke synchronize the Demonic statue (I thought only Rinnegan users can use it according to it’s classification), but we just have to see what Sasuke new eyes can do. I also wonder why Itachi never fought Madara if he knew so much about him, and Itachi is my 2nd favirote after Pein, but he probably knew he couldn’t take on Madara by himself. Hinata and that old toad helped Naruto win against Pein nuff said. I don’t wanna hear Naruto beat Pein because he didn’t, Pein needed nobody’s help. Nobody talks about Deidara but I’m pretty sure he can kill many of the shonobi living right now. Kabuto didn’t summon him for no reason.

  151. Oh yeah about the GOD thing, at one point in time GOD was known as the “CREATOR” by the oldest civlizations, this belief fits well with Pein and the Sage of 6 Paths. The Sage of 6 paths being the creator of ninjutsu and the parent of the Uchihas and Senju clan and any other tribe related to them. Pein has the ability to bring life or death if that’s not GOD, I don’t know what else is. Hopefully Pein knocked up Konan because I want the Rinnegan to live on, and that is what makes Pein so special, he was the only user that we know of. While every other clan grew larger. I’m not counting the Uchiha’s because I still think it’s something fishy going on about how they got killed off, it doesn’t make sense to me.

  152. @Token, I really didnt want to do this but fine, I’ll rip your comment to shreds 🙂

    “who talks about diedra anymore? not to mention ppl talk of minato becuse he is still very relevant seeing as how narutos family tree ie being explored more and more. Jirayia is not mentioned as much”-

    Go to youtube and watch ANY video containing Deidara or Jiraiya.

    “sage pein was no able to create a literal moon… yea and i know u would say he could if he wanted to but thats bs…”-

    Once again, I have never even implied that. I put the Sage above all ninja, but Nagato is my favorite character. Anyone putting ANYTHING above the Sage is ludicrous.

    “maybe he should have started out with a bigger one and not small… he underestimated the kyuubis strength and that shows peins lack of intel on the fox and his opponent, not to mention peins lack of inteligence when it came to fighting naruto”-

    LOL. Had Pain gone all out, decades of his life would have been wasted. You call it stupidity because you are not an Akatsuki member. These guys have done a lot to collect the Biju and if Pain had killed Naruot/the Kyubi then it would all have been over. Secondly, Pain is dumb? no he isnt. Like I said on the other chapter discussion, he systematically destroyed the then-strongest Hidden Village while collecting intelligence. Next thing I must remind you of is the fact that in his fight with Naruto, the other 5 bodies’ only purpose was to defend Deva Path. An accurate portrayal of the effectiveness of the Six Paths of Pain is in the fight with Jiraiya.

    “if he wanted to be smart he should have just left without destroying the village and head to the mountain to find naruto and fight him at full strength.”-

    Destroying a huge threat like Konoha IS the smart thing to do. No one could have predicted that Naruto would suddenly come to the Village at that particular time, while Pain had been destroying it for a while. If he didnt show up at ANY time during Pain’s onslaught, why would Pain be inclined to think that he’d show up when Konoha was being destroyed for so long? No one could predict that. Pain gained the intel, and was gonna go to Myobokuzan after he rested, but Naruto miraculously popped up at the most inconvenient time possible.

    “pein was conceited and self absorbed and took his powers too seriously and thanks to that he is dead”-

    No, Pain is dead because Naruto ‘hugged’ him. Instead of using a Shinra Tensei to break every bone in Naruto’s body, or a Bansho Tenin to pull him in then take out his soul, or summon some animals (before you say he cant do it, yes he can. He is the 7th Path and has all the powers of the other six) to beat down Naruto then capture him, he decided to revive everyone he killed at the cost of his own life.

    “and pein lost all 6 bodies (which had never ever happened to him before…. not too good for a self proclaimed god),”

    For the last freaking time, that was due to them protecting Deva Path. Look at Pain’s expressions throughout the battle. Nagato decided that the Deva Path was more important than the other 5 and was willing to lose them to protect it. You make it sound as if all of them attacked Naruto at once and were squarely defeated.

    “and diedra just wasnt as strong as the previous ninja and sasuke had him beat in pretty much every category”-

    What a surprise, you’re wrong again… Sasuke went into that fight with a shitload of advantages that no one else could have against Deidara. Deidara’s entire arsenal of jutsus was basically useless because Sasuke had lightning element, HOW LUCKY WAS THAT!?

    “excluding the first “-


    @ your entire comment starting with this line “pein commited suicide.. ” Nagato has all the abilities of the Pains plus elemental jutsu.

    “100% of two people are gods… wow nice math lol.” EXACTLY MY POINT! Every time the Rinnegan shows up (twice), whoever has it is essentially a god.

    “the sage is far beyond pein not to mention your God lost all six of his bodies to a teenager” OMG just read above (you really need new points)

    “Didn’t know gods lost to teenagers and got converted from their stupid peace views” How can you et converted when the teenager has YOUR VIEWS IN THE FIRST PLACE!? Let’s not forget that Jiraiya got his whole view from the things Nagato told him when he was just a kid and those same views are what got passed on to Naruto *sigh

    “Before you say its fact kisu might want to actually read the manga instead of drawing pictures of pein on your little journal.” Oh I read the manga, and its exactly why I see you shying away from my link-heavy comment up above. IF you can somehow make a counter-argument to that comment, then maybe then I’ll actually take you seriously because I’ve mostly ignored your comments lol. But meh, I’m done with this. Anyone reading this debate can clearly see that I am the one with all the truly salient points.

    I AM DONE. I dont care what anyone says about Pain anymore because you ppl ignore all evidence and reason. Let me make it easy, this is the list of advantages Naruto had over Pain:
    1. Pain had just finished fighting the equivalent of a war by himself
    2. Naruto entered the battle fresh
    3. Naruto had the help of the toads. HE did not summon the toads, Shima did, so he didnt waste precious chakra doing 4 Kage level (Gamaken, Gamashiro, Gamabunta, Fukasaku) summonings + Gamkichi. So the argument that the toads are ninja tools doesnt apply here as HE did not summon them.
    4. He had all the intel Kakashi and Jiraiya died to get
    5. Pain couldnt use his most powerful and treasured body so he had to defend it while Naruto took out the other bodies.
    6. Hinata interfered in their battle
    7. (The most important of all) PAIN DID NOT WANT TO KILL NARUTO! IF he did, Naruto would be dead (http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/436/05/), the series would be over and we’d all have to get lives lol.

    Now PLEASE let it end here.

  153. Kisu-1 token-0. lol!
    It is truly undeniable that Pein was synonymous with a God in the Naruverse and his death required, the better part of 50chapters to plan. The last time we had such focused planning with against the second badass in the series itachi and with him that planning took years lol and Sasuke still didn’t beat him. Haha
    I truly believe that a well rested Pein, intent on suppressing the kyuubi (e.g. If the kyuubi attacked Amegakure) could take it down. No worries.

  154. Damn somebody got owned

  155. Well I guess Pain fans are hardcore, to some extent anyway. Jiraiya’s death was also planned since he was first introduced some 200 something chapter back, it took Kishi to take down Jiraiya. Pain was not a god, he had a messaih complex, big difference. Refusing to admit that Naruto got the drop on Pain after having some help from Konoha is no different than what happened to Jiraiya, Jiraiya beat the first three bodies after figuring their powers, the genjutsu just sealed the deal. This was all after Jiraiya captured two ninja, pawned an Akatsuki member, Konan and such. Nagato/Pain had the advantage and proceeded to get the drop on Jiraiya as he was leaving, just as Naruto got the drop on Pain/Nagato as he dropped the A-Bomb and was about to leave to search for Naruto, big similiarity. Either Pain fans accept that Nagato/Pain lost to Naruto due to Naruto getting the drop on Pain or admit that Jiraiya was better than Pain and only lost because Nagato/Pain got the drop on Jiraiya, because that seems to be the angle most Pain fans are pulling, Pain/Nagato was not at full strength, he had help etc… you can’t have it both ways. Oh and on that comment about Nagato holding back, if you think about it Naruto was also holding back, he wasn’t killing Pain’s bodies they were already dead to begin with 😉 , he was “incapacitating” them, he never used any lethal force on Nagato he was holding back. hahaha. People often believe their reasons to be absolute and arguments are often recycled and most of the times the only thing that can be done is recycle one arguments as well, that is the essence of fandom, if someone believes something to the core there is nothing that can be done. Oh and Nagato ripped Jiraiya’s peace idealism from when Jiraiya told Nagato that peace would not be possible until Ninja learned to understand one anothers suffering. Basically Jiraiya FTW.

  156. NICE JOB KISU!!!! You proved all those suckers wrong!! You’re a true Narutard!!

  157. @John
    Nope it’s still Pein FTW, No matter how you put it, Nobody cares about Jiraiya anymore like that. I liked how you compared Jiraiya fight with Pein & Naruto’s fight with Pein. But you are forgetting something, Naruto got help (So of course Pains fans are not going to admit to something that isn’t true just read what Kisu wrote), Jiraiya didn’t need help. Jiraiya was sloppy, he’s not better than the 3rd, Minato, or Itachi, go and find the interview Kishi made last year in April. I bet you Minato, Itachi, or the 3rd Hokage would of lasted way longer than Jiriaya did. But don’t worry John hopefully Kabuto brings back your favirote character and he will fight side by side with Nagato. It will be hard on Naruto to fight someone that was a father figure to him. And like I said before, I don’t think Jiraiya would had beaten Konan that easily, just look at Konan’s face, it’s the same look Itachi & Pein had towards Jiraiya. Akatsuki members don’t take Jiraiya nor Tsunade & Orochimaru serious, just go ask Hanzo lol ;D Jiraiya is cool & funny though. He’s definitely in the Top 10 dead shonobi list. He’s not Top 5 but he was a great character

  158. @kisu
    WOW good job, i would like to see tokens reply, token must be a female cuz he has no nuts now

  159. @ token
    have you been to the beach lately cuz you have alot of sand in your VAGINA!

  160. @Byakugan Invasion
    Nope sorry, that’s incorrect it’s still Jiraiya FTW. Jiraiya’s name was still refferenced a couple of chapter ago, it’s been a while since anyone has said Nagato or Pain in any context. Oh and wait, didn’t Nagato have help stalling Jiraiya while Pain went and switched bodies or something, didn’t he send Konan to stall Jiraiya, obviously a Pro-Pain fan would never cop to that one, Pain in the end did receive help, in the way that Konan tried to stall Jiraiya, Jiraiya just made her look like a noob that is all, and obviously Zetsu knew of Jiraiya and took his skill seriously acknowledging his prowess, “he did face Jiraiya afterall” ring any bells.
    If you site that interview, find the interview source and post it if you use it as evidence, everybody reads the manga, I have no Idea about that interview, for all we know the interview might have said something like who was the strongest Hokage in the Leaf? or something, and technically Jiraiya and Itachi and others were technically never Kage.
    You keep saying Kabuto is going to use Jiraiya, and that’s a strong possibility, but their is no doubt in my mind that you enjoyed seeing your “God” Pain be used as a pawn by Kabuto. Hanzo was in his prime when he faced the then Chunnin Sannin who were some 18 or 20 something years old, noobs in some respects, didn’t Pain have to wait a long while before he took down Hanzo, late 30’s or something, beating up on an old geezer, that is real godlike, he had to raise a whole army and initiate a civil war.
    Jiraiya is top ninja, not Pain. Pain/Nagato was a good antagonist who found redemption, definetly top 3 or something. Jiraiya FTW. 😉 lol

  161. @Profess
    Wow Profess, that is really uncalled for. 😦 I thought people where supposed to be civilized, maybe Token does not have the time to reply as of yet, but that is no reason to insult anyone. Really unbecoming of a person to insult someone like that.

  162. @John
    What do you mean when you say “it’s been a while since anyone has said Nagato or Pain in any context”. Have you been reading the comments? Nobody, I mean NOBODY mentions Jiraiya like they used to. I remember late last year I read lots of comments about Jiraiya, but NOW he’s only mentioned a coulpe times, and the times that he’s mentioned it’s not even about him Lol, Most of the time he’s mentioned for the shonobi he taught (Nagato, Minato, Naruto) I also didn’t overstand what you meant when you said “didn’t Nagato have help stalling Jiraiya while Pain went and switched bodies or something”. Pein doesn’t need to stall, he takes action. Can you really say Konan stalled for Pein? All she did was fly around avoiding attcks, and spoke to Jiraiya. You say Jiraiya made her look like a noob, I say look at her face. Konan didn’t seem intimidated by Jiraiya, that leads me to believe she wasn’t trying when she confronted Jiraiya, and plus it takes a while to defeat an Akatsuki member. I’m way to lazy to look for the interveiw, but I will post it when I find it. Someone asked Kishi who was the strongest DEAD ninja, he said the 3rd & 4th Hokage were tied for being the strongest DEAD, and at the time of the interveiw both Itach and Jiraiya were dead. If Itachi wasn’t a double agent, I bet my money on Itachi if he and Jiraiya fought.

    I don’t enjoy seeing Kabuto using Nagato like a pawn, but then again Kabuto is one of my fav’s. If I was Kabuto I would of resurrected Nagato too after all he’s the best. I’m just wondering how Kabuto is gonna use Nagato, Is Nagato going back on that machine to stick chakra rods into all the resurrected bodies, that will be cool seeing Itachi with a fusion of the Rinnegan and Sharigan.
    Your making it seem as if Hanzo was like 60 years old or something. He was not that old when Pein destroyed him. Whatever his age was he still beat the man Jiraiya, Tsunade, or Orochimaru could not beat, and I don’t care if they were young, You “GANG” up on “ONE” person and still get defeated. Yeah their the Legendary Sannin alright lmao!
    Jiraiya is under a list of legends, but will never be considered a GOD like Pain/ Jiraiya was a 54 yr old pervert, rumored to be mix breed of Inuzuka & Hatake clan, used ALOT of Toad summons when he fought his enemies, and stole his students technique, . Jiraiya FTL lol haha 😀

  163. @ John

    Well, this interview can be found easily on YouTube (“Masashi Kishimoto Interview About Minato March 2008 “).

    OK, to make things clear and decide about the stronger shinobi:

    Shonen Jump: …Could you please tell us if Minato was the strongest shinobi that ever lived?

    MK: Hmmm, it’s a tricky question. As far as dead shinobis goes, then yes, he’s the strongest. I’d say that Sandaime shares the number one spot with him. As far as living shinobis goes… well, without going into many details I’d have to say no. There’s a couple of shinobis whose stronger than him.

    So, this interview was given on March 2008, AFTER Jiraiya’s and Itachi’s death. (Itachi’s death occured in ch. 393, March 13).

    (Shonen Jump: “Now that Itachi seems to be dead…”)

    Also, Sarutobi (who is equal to Minato) could counter all of Konoha’s jutsu, even EMS.

    So, the (still living at this interview’s time) shinobi that are stronger than them are ONLY Pain, Madara and (one day) Sasuke and Naruto. I don’t know about Kabuto, because we have seen almost nothing from him yet.

  164. @Wo Ai Ni
    I don’t mean to rain on your parade or anything but that interview has been confirmed to be a fake, a forgery by a prankster, here’s where I “found it” read the whole forum from the beginning if you want.


    and anyway it is inconclusive if the original source cannot be provided, and the “images” he did provide were meant to fool those that do not read Japaneese. In Youtube the one posting that video was a Pain fan, go figure, he could argue this means Pain was greater than Jiraiya and the rest. It was a clever hoax by the prankster and a mean one at that. 😦

    @Byakugan Invasion
    You might want to read the top part. I meant Nagato isn’t mentioned in the manga much anymore, I was not refering to this site, Pain fans will always mention him ;). Doesn’t Pain spam the summoning jutsu more than anyone else? Konana helped did she not? She didn’t escape through her own skills, Jiraiya pawned her simple. Kakashi used to pawn Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura, it’s safe to say he can no longer do that, same thing with Hanzo and the Sannin, different times my friend, Jiraiya from noob to legend as you said so. “God” Pain in a wheel chair just doesn’t seem right, rumors are that he is a necrophiliac, but who knows. 😉
    Jiraiya FTW. 8) hahaha

  165. didn’t pein himself admit that jiraiya could have beat him if he had realised his “secret” earlier???

  166. Well, this interview is posted on YouTube by different members, not only by that Pain lover, you can find different versions of it and also in many web pages. In the beginning of every year, Kishi gives one interview and says what are the mane events of that year, exactly like he did this January. Why do you believe the 2010 interview and not this (that turned out to ne true)? And the 2008 interview also turned out to be true, I can’t believe someone had imagined all these secrets before they were revealed.

    You know, there are indeed fake interviews (I have seen one in which Kishi gives his blessings to the oncoming Naruto movie with real actors!!), but those who give the name of the magazine, the date and the full question – answer are true. You are the first one to reject this interview, but why, because it says that someone is stronger than another? And in that forum all members say “it can’t be true, it’a lie”. We can’t base our statements on probabilities “if… maybe…. if only… it could be…”, I think that when I ask for sources and they give them to me and then I say these sources are fake, I am not fair to my judgements. There is also the official page of Shonen Jump to see all these things.

    But OK, to be fair, please wait, I will translate the page given in this forum (yes, I can kinda read chinese and japanese!) to see if it’s fake or no.

  167. @?
    We went over this so many times, so let me make it simple for those who keep asking the same question. Would Deidara beat Sasuke if he knew Sasuke’s secret?? Would Anko wear a bra if she knew Victoria’s secret??? Lol Kisu explained much better than I did, but the point is it doesn’t matter if someone knew their opponents SECRET ability, if everyone knew each other abilities the manga would become very corny

    The 3rd Hokage isn’t mentioned much in the manga, but people still speak on him. Madara was gonna steal Nagato’s eyes, and he was recently resurrected. Akatsuki memebers DO NOT LOSE that easy,

    I think Konan’s abilities are some what like Suigetsu’s. I’m saying she could of floated into air but she knew Pein was coming, if I was in Konan’s position when Jiraiya had her wrapped by his hair, I would have been scared to lose my life,
    but Konan looked CALM, she wasn’t intimidated by a fool such as Jiraiya, Konan isn’t a noob, she’s a grown woman, you can’t compare her to Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke when they were kids in pt 1
    Rumor has it, that Jiraiya has a disorder called Zoophilia, when he can’t find any woman, but who knows. No wonder he summons so many toads 😎

  168. ok guys, it was cute at first how everything always goes back to Pain vs etc, but c’mon, just drop it. It’s been the same topic for over 12 months now 😦

  169. @Wo Ai Ni
    I know there are real interview pages and I have seen real scanned pages, all shonen jump and stuff, I’ve seen databook scans so I believe them, they have tangible proof, but as I understand it Kishi only does it during the beginning of the year or the end, there is no way Kishi would do 2 interviews during the same year, even less go into specifics, his answers are always vague, but not to vague that anything can fit that criteria, dead give away was when he said Kisame was more popular than Deidara, as of now, and would not kill Kisame off for it, that seems fishy. Why would Kishi reveal that? Also this is way to specific, if it’s true and there is tangible evidence I will accept it, just remember, Youtube member can also be fooled by fake interviews.

    @Byakugan Invasion
    Akatsuki may not lose easily, but they do lose nonetheless. Konan was pawned, but not afraid because Jiraiya was interrogating her, not threatening to kill her and stuff. Her folding abilities became useless when she got hit with oil. Jiraiya FTW enough said. 8)

    To be fair the Pain fans start with all this Pain vs the World stuff, one just has to correct their misguided views. I never chimed with Jiraiya could own the Kyuubi, based on Naruto’s performance and Sage Modes effectiveness. But I’ll let this end for now, since this is not the place to discuss Ninja vs Ninja, especially this chapter.

  170. Oh man, I so totally called it… SPOILER ALERT
    Naruto takes Kyuubi in Sage Mode. Something about Rikoudo Sennin, Kushina seems to be the former host of the Kyuubi. You’ll read about it in the chapter.

  171. lol so I guess its time to answer some of those comments from earlier. O first off profess there is a little something called sleep people do after workin a 12 hout shift. Once you get ouy of your moms basement and learn to live on your own you will understand
    Now one you have to compare the. Sharingan And rinnengan because they are distinctly related. 2 he protected te devastating path huh…… yea that worked out reallly well. Goo to see the devastating path made it out alive…. o wait he didn’t lol. And you keep saying naturist hug beat pein….. for one first nagato lost trying other paths but lets say pein lost to a hug….. how pathetic is that than lol. Your so called most powerful ninja ever lost to a hug…. That just pathetic. And dot even start talking about advantages. That’s a part of the fights lol. For one diedras fault for attempting to fight sasuke. Also if you wanna talk about advantage how about 6 v 1 as was the case near the end against jirayia And The. Fact the rinnengan was never seen before by current ninja. Jiryia took down three bodies rather easily and had he known there were six there’s a chance he would have won. Sad that even with the 6 v 1 jiryia put up quite a fight with no Intel on pein. Pein had Intel on jiryia and most likely naruto and yet he still lost all six paths. I mean really what new thing did pein see ffrom naruto besides the windshurilen? Pein saw sage mode and knew about the frogs so the fact he lost his bodies to an opponent he already had intel on is bad as well. And how the hell did naruto get the drop on pein??? Pein attacked NARUTOS village lol. If naruto still got he jump on him that’s horrible. And you also mentioned madara influencing pein…. ummmm he’s a God why did he new to be manipulated and told what to do?? Shows he was jut a cripple in a wheelchair with a God complex and too stupid to be able to organize anything
    Pein relied on brute force alone and no one can win the brute force. Strategy and skill usually comes in an with all the paths using the same abilities over and over bound to haipen that they would lose. But anyways kisu ill take your lead and end my pein bashing. However profess hell I don’t even remember hearing viable comment from you and all you did was sit back and taunt me…. yea real mature lol. Think there should be a filter so that idiots like profess don’t have to be heard/read

  172. I wont even reply to that Token….way too many holes in it. I’ll let someone else take a crack at it. Seriously, it takes a whole lot of effort for me to NOT reply to your comment. I think I’m gonna need to taser myself X_X

    Spoilers are out btw:


  173. Ok we get it people Pein is God & The best character ever nuff said. Can we move on now? We have been so focus on Pein being the best we forgot about the Manga. Spoilers are out. I knew she was the last host, to all the non believers


  174. Kisu beat me to the punch, how can I delete comments?

  175. Yea kisu don’t reply lol don’t need to ear anymore retarded pein love…. think someone has a crush on pein lol. Iknow you wish he was real…. but sorry man this is a fake story but u can keep dreaming if you want… I won’t stop ya

  176. Oops! nevermind. Kabuto FTW!

  177. “Yea kisu don’t reply lol don’t need to ear anymore retarded pein love…. think someone has a crush on pein lol. Iknow you wish he was real…. but sorry man this is a fake story but u can keep dreaming if you want”

    You just re-opened this dude. Btw, come up with better insults 😛 lol

    Anyhoo, instead of going through another overly complex rant of why Pain can beat the Kyubi, let me dumb it down a bit. Ok here goes:
    Shinra Tensei beat Rasenshuriken, Rasenshuriken really hurt the Kyubi, so Shinra Tensei can really hurt the Kyubi
    Naruto beat the Kyubi, Pain beat Naruto several times in the fight (but could not deliver a killing blow as he needed Naruto alive), so Pain can beat the Kyubi. Duh hyuck hyuck Do you u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d Token or do I need to go it over again? NAH NAH, I’m just kidding lol! Dont take this personally! I think we are all mature enough to hold a civilized debate without any name calling (unless the name calling is really funny :D) or insults (unless the insults are really funny)

    @Byakugan, yeah you called it alrite. Sorry dude, I was one of the non-believers lol

  178. @Kisu, I don’t think the transitive property works with jutsu my friend or with which ninja can beat who haha.

    I think it’s time we put all this Pain dominating the world and who would win against who talk. The current events of the series and other important plot points should take presidence over the same ol’ argument we’ve all been having for god knows how many chapters. I type all this knowing it won’t help, but I think it needed said again haha.

  179. @everyone-

    man F*** nagato, CHECK OUT the new Naruto chapter, It was freakin awesome!! NARUTO is the beezz nezz now! He even used some new variations that suprised me. He kicked some serious ass.

    By the way whoever had the theory for Kushina being the Previous Host, CONGRATS lol.

  180. wow what a chapter everyone needs to read the new chapter

  181. New ch. Epic. Damn u kishi taking a week off

  182. @token
    ya i do understand i live on my own, i wrote that after bartending at 3am, you should really get that checked cuz sand in the cervex can get infected unless you never want to get pregnant, your right i am targeting you only cuz your bashing other people for their opinions, plus its funny that kisu countered all of your comments and now you said you’ll stop your pein bashing

    i see it as a friendly debate, someone got owned and i made a funny comment, token was making fun of all the pein lovers, i happen to be one

    I agree, fuck everyone else naruto is the top ninja now, did you see the necklace of the sage of six paths he had when he was in plasma state after he absorb the kyuubi, even the kyuubi said “is this the sage of six paths” could naruto inherit all the sages powers

  183. @Profess-

    Hell yea dude, and all that flamin chakra around his body, and he even resembled the sage with that chakra hair around him, idk wtf that was all about but it was badass to the bone baby!

    Btw how the f*** did kyuubi still have all that power with its chakra sucked out?? >_< damn demon lol, so now its power is seperated into three parts Naruto, kyuubi, and Reaper seal. I want naruto to have it all, that would be ultimate pwnage.


  185. @leo

    i thought the same but elaborate

  186. profess

    kabuto says : ”i need a live uchiha for that ” and he refers at sasuke , remember ?

  187. @leo

    kabuto may know more about tobi than anyone else

  188. I need more. Give me more. FTW

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