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Another Tobi Theory!!!

I HAVE ANOTHER TOBI THEORY! I know we’re tired of these new theories every single time we see this guy in a chapter but bare with me. When Tobi said that he gave the Rinnegan to Nagato and that it all belong to him it got me thinking. Where the hell did he get them from? So here’s my theory maybe this guy is the Rikudo sage. The Rikudo sage is suppose to have started the ninja and brought some kind of peace over the world at one point. Maybe when he was getting old the world started to go into chaos again and since he was dying he knew he couldn’t stop it and was angry because his way of the ninja failed. It failed so much that his own children turn against each other showing him they couldn’t be entrusted to follow his in his footsteps. Feeling helpless and dying he released the Juubi ( Did anyone else realize Juubi is Bijuu backwards?)  and split them up knowing he couldn’t trust the Juubi’s power and the ninja world to either one of his sons. So to once again bring lasting peace to the ninja world he needed to come up with a way to live again forever, by transferring his soul into other ninja.

So before his own body died he transferred his soul into another ninja and took his Rinnegan eyes and started his master plan. He couldn’t just implant the Rinnegan into his new body because they were too powerful for normal shinobi to possess, so he realized if he was going to bring peace he needed power so he went to the next most powerful weapons his children, Uchiha and Senju. After observing their power for years he witnessed the power of Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju. He might have been impressed with Madara which is why he chose to go after the Sharingan believing it was the quickest way to gain power.

Realizing that Madara was one of the strongest ninja in the shinobi world and admired his power he transferred his soul into Madara’s body so he can use his eyes to their full potential. He then went to start his plans to once again take control of the world, first by take over Kirigakure and therefore being responsible for the BloodyMist Era.  Soon after he realized that even he couldn’t use the Sharingan to the same level as Madara which would interfere with his plans on using Madara’s Sharingan to cast an Eternal Tsukuyomi on the world putting them under his control so he can bring lasting peace. Also Madara Uchiha’s body was starting to reject him so he needed to find another Uchiha. So one day he came across the body of the almost dead Obito Uchiha and he transferred his soul into Obito’s body also somehow repairing it and since Kakashi had Obito’s eye and the other one was crushed he implanted Madara Uchihas eyes which explains why he claims to have his power. In the manga he says he’s not at full power, maybe he means his power as the Rikudo Sage but even if he did mean Madara he may not was able to use the Sharingan to the same level as Madara.

Realizing that the he will need the Eternal Mangekyou’s Sharingans power to bring peace with his Moons Eye plan once again he went to find another Uchiha with eyes with the same potential as Madara’s but this time he would take this ninja under his wing and help him obtain EMS so he could use the full power of the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, that’s where he found Itachi Uchiha. Scared that one day another Uchiha would be born with even stronger eyes capable of defeating him and breaking his control over the world he had them eliminated. Also seeing his older son, the creator of Uchiha, hatred throughout the clan he eliminated them because he knew they would be a force of evil in the world which is why he chose his younger son over him.

Also seeing that Itachi wouldn’t help him with his Moons Eye plan he went after Sasuke who also had the stronger eyes. Now that he has Sasuke with the EMS he has his eyes on Naruto because he is a descendant of the Senju he needs his body to tranfer his soul into so he can finally implant his Rinnegan which will be his rebirth and gain his full power and use it to revive the Juubi and become the ultimate jinchuuriki and with his power and Sasuke’s Sharingan bring the world under his control.

I’m guessing he figures since letting the world think for itself and allowing them to evolve slowly on their own didn’t work so he is taking it in his own hands once again and this time will force peace on the entire ninja world. I also think this is what will make Naruto so great, to be able to defeat the Sage of the Six paths and revolutionize the ninja world. Naruto will remind him what he use to believe just like he reminded Nagato. This is all just a theory so don’t go to hard on me.


29 Responses

  1. That’s an new and interesting Tobi theory.

    You just forgot to explain one thing: why did he give Nagato the Rinnegan to begin with? And why didn’t he transfer his soul to Nagato?

  2. Maybe because Nagato didn’t have a strong enough body to contain the Juubi, he needs a descendant from his own line with the body strong enough to take in the Juubi and that Senju which is why he needs Naruto. So he is waiting for Naruto so he can transfer his soul into him and implant the Rinnegan therefore the rebirth of himself the full powered Sage of the Six Paths.

  3. If he’s going to use Naruto’s body with the rinnegan why does he need Sasuke?

  4. To use his Sharingan to cast the infinite Tsukuyomi over the moon.

  5. I think the peices to the puzzle will be forming real soon. Me personally I believe the person who is fighting Konan is nothing more than a copy cat Zetsu created, just as he created a copy cat for Kisame, when his copy cat faced Killer Bee & The Raikage.

    I feel that it should be appropriate to have Tobi vs Kakashi. The winner takes the Sharigan, and then we can see a new eye technique (Kamui + unidentified Space Time jutsu = ???), but what I’m saying now is all speculation as far as that space time jutsu Tobi usesall the time is undetermined how he performs the technique

    Obito was resurrected, and brainwashed to believe he was Madara Uchiha, in other words I think there is a higher power than self proclaimed Madara, and Zetsu plays bodyguard & observer for Tobi.

    Zetsu is gonna play a big role in this whole identity of Tobi. Think about it! Out of all the Akatsuki members we have read and watched, how much do we know about Zetsu compared to the other former members??? We have made so many theories for Tobi/Madara we don’t even question who and what Zetsu is or his background.

  6. BTW I’m hoping that the new eye technique (if my prediction stands correct) is Time travel, so we can really see what happened in the past. Tobi is never gonna tell the truth, and eveyone in the series is too young to remember. The new eye technique has to be “Time travel”

  7. a fanfic and a theory post on the same day, you are on fire today mr.flash 🙂

  8. Thanks Bob, just a little excited!

  9. I also think Tobi could be the SOSP.
    Though disagree that there are any good intentions burried deep beneath the core of this plan. Tobi is just plain selfish and evil, he he truly is the SOSP, then the SOSP is not the man we all thot he was.

  10. I don’t think anyone is evil in the Naruto world, atleast not the ninja that we’ve come across, they all are fighting for something or someone. Most of them realized that the world is full of hatred and trying different ways to stop it, that’s basically why most of them joined Akatsuki, if you haven’t realized it’s the theme of all the enemies, Pein/Nagato, Konan, Itachi, Kisame, Danzo and now maybe even Tobi.

    The only ones who we don’t really know what their motive was were Deidara, Sasori, Kakuzu, Hidan, their motives could have been just like Orochimaru to gain power but even Orochimaru wanted to revolutionize to ninja world.

    The point I was trying to make was that may even though the SOSP was so strong and he tried so hard to help people understand each other and bring true peace the good way but end the end he figured that people can never really understand one another or allow peace, sooner or later hatred will always emerge so he figured the only way to stop that it to take away people choices and even their will.

  11. Bijuu backwards is uubij
    juubi backwards is ibuuj

    Bit of a difference

  12. sorry bijuu backwards is uujib

    my point still stands

  13. I agree with yellowflash except that even though a motive for SOSP to do this is strong, every resource and person seems loosely attached with liquid glue……..I agree he could have done this but all that just to eternal tsukuyomi the world………..?

  14. @ Dry, You know what I mean, switch a few letter around you can spell them both.

  15. this def. sounds interesting

  16. this whole comment moderating thng is so annoying, why am I the only one on it?

  17. Hey real quick here is a left field/ far fetch wanna be clue I noticed. Sarutobi-Saru=Tobi. Yeah Yeah I know just something I seen like probably many of you have already but it could mean nothing but a coincidence like Akatsuki and Akatsuchi (The big Iwa ninja).

  18. Dude! I like your theory and all. It does make sense pretty much everything. Goood thinkin

  19. madara probably wasnt lien about giving nagato the rinnigon( if spelled right)

    how else would the six paths of pain all have rinnigons. madara had something to do with it maybe

  20. @ryu1978

    Interesting theory, but someone here already put forth an idea that Tobi meant 10-tails in Japanese, which it does if you use the correct form of Japanese.

    As to Sarutobi being involved here, that is laughable, he died from DDCS.

  21. I only put it on here for a good laugh. was never serious about that. Just something I seen and had to add. nothing more nothing less. lol

  22. yes interesting indeed but he would not have need sasuke because the sharigan is the child of the rinnegan. and rikudo sage was suppose to have created all forms jutsu so why wait and as for narutos body there were many strong senju. why not take the first hokage he could control all the bijuu

  23. Another Theory! I dont really know if it exits already! I believe it is Hanzo! Because it was his fault that the rinnegan activate in Nagato! Maybe this is why he said he give it to him! Another reason to make me believe it is Hanzo, in the moment Nagata attack Hanzo he is using in the last second a Teleportation jutsu! Another good reason:” he was fighting with Danzo against Nagato and Yahiko”, would explein why and how Danzo knows Tobi and tobi knows him!!
    this is another crazy theory but give it a run!
    And now i going a little bit further, but maybe because Nagato and his summoned monster while he attackt everyone and then they lost there souls, he tried to attack Hanzo as well and in the last second he teleport himself somewhere else but he might be to slow and the attack touch him somehow and thats why he got the ability to be like this when they trie to catch or attack him !

  24. Wow, the spoilers so far… what a trip!

    Makes me wonder if Tobi has lots of sharingan in his jelly-like body. I guess someone mentioned that before anyway.

  25. Madara’s face is being shown it the next chapter

    Kakshi’s too

  26. well maybe not Kakashi i may have false info but Madara is showing his face

  27. @dry @yellowflash


    I think you have a lot of valid points there Yellowflash! I was half joking last week when I said Tobi was the Rikkudo Sage. It’s definitely plausible!

    @Rinnegan Invasion
    “Obito was resurrected, and brainwashed to believe he was Madara Uchiha, in other words I think there is a higher power than self proclaimed Madara, and Zetsu plays bodyguard & observer for Tobi. ”

    I think you totally nailed this one. I was always banking on amnesia for the Obito theory, but I agree I think Zetsu is going to be huge in the upcoming plot reveal.

  28. yellow flash your theory was to close!but In my opinion! to build a moon eye plan he needs a sharingan and rinegan!Right?but because pain betray him!he cant use his rinnnegan to his plan! in other words moon eye plan is useless!but some how in other words!in my another theory itachi gives his occular power to sasuke!right?the question is why itachi died in sickness that unknown?because he has a new super jutsu that itachi had but the higher jutsu u had the higher risk u had too! in other woprds itachi has discover a new jutsu and give it to sasuke!thats why madara wants to use sasuke to build his new moons eye plan(after betrayal of pain)!LOL !

  29. That’s a really interesting theory. In the chapter 510 Tobi even say he had the power of both clans, Uchiha and Senju, and of course, both clans come from rikkudo’s sons. So yeah it’s plausible.

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