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Naruto Chapter 603 – Mislead

Well here we are again with another Naruto chapter that we have been waiting for ever since Obito was introduced as Tobi. We all wanted, theorized, and predicted who the identity of Tobi was and some of  us were right. As how much of an impact this revelation has on the pride of the Naruto series, well I said awhile back that this move by Kishi will either break or make Naruto that higher in views. But for now the predictability of the story line is become too predictable. Some of you are predicting that it was Madara who killed or had Rin killed to further Obito to turn to the dark side. I am one for that theory. Once Madara saw the potential in Obito becoming his other pawn in his run to rule the world, he tries his best to distant Obito from all other Ninjas other than himself.

As much as this is very predictable, it makes for a better story line and with the way things are going in the Naruto series, is that it needs stronger story depth.  Having Madara dirtying his hands in the death of Rin will make for a more interesting confrontation once Obito finds out. But I do not think that Obito turned his back on the world because of Rin’s death, I think there is a more deeper reason for his actions. It could be that he felt the same way as Pain did on the actions of Humanity. The world he sees in front of him is full of grief and suffering that he wishes to end all this even if it means sacrificing free will. But I see one striking difference between Pain and Obito in the way of thoughts. Pain really wanted to help people, he wanted to end the suffering at a limited damage to the world. Obito on the other hand does things that cannot be forgiving, his actions only causes more suffering. (Need I remind you that one of the themes of Naruto is how war causes pain and suffering.) I feel that in these next few chapter Kishi can elaborate on this pain of war and make the plot that much believable, digestible and less predictable.

An interesting thought came to me once I read this chapter, is that the story of Obito and Madara are very similar to the story of Darth Vadar and The Sith Lord. Obito wears a mask, most of his body is damaged beyond repair, and he fallows the ultimate villain in the Naruto series. Darth Vadar wears a mask, most of his body is damaged beyond repair and fallows the ultimate villain in Star Wars. Now if that is not some similarity or what. Even their thoughts on world peace are almost identical. They both believe that in order to have world peace is to have ultimate control over the world. Also, they were both thought to be dead in their respected stories.
As for what was going on in the chapter, well it was an enjoyable chapter, most of the things that were happening was to strengthen the fragile situation Obito was in. As time progressed, Obito learned to control the First Hokages cells that were implanted in him. As for the fushion he made with that Tree Tobi looking thing is that it sort of how in Dragon Ball Z were Goku and Vegeta fuses using the ear rings, well Tobi (in this case is that tree thing) fused with Obito. So in truth Obito is half himself and half Tobi. That is why he almost seemed like he had a split personality once he was introduced in the series. Where one personality was guffy, (Tobi) and the other personality was serous, (Obito). Overall the chapter was dry, but enjoyable.


36 Responses

  1. Glad I’m not the only one who see similarities between this and star wars. The thing about nagato though is that he became the man that he is over a long period of time and pain. You see his life and you slowly but surely see the dark path hes following, the same can be said for Darth Vader. The reason it was so hard to believe what obito has done and going to do because that’s not happening with him. So far its like obito at one point just decided to turn 180 on a whim. I really hope kishi goes into great detail on his character.

  2. Btw great review 🙂

  3. NICE WORK Jdogg thumbs up to you doesn’t anyone find it too convenient that spiral-zetsu face happens to have one eye as obito&madara does madara also wear that zetsu?.

  4. @Sanins

    No, Madara doesn’t. Madara created it for Obito because he knew that Obito would be forced to wear it.

  5. I’m beginning to think that Obito might’ve killed Rin. I know everyone thinks that Madara may have set up for Rin to get killed, but I theorize that Rin was killed by the hands of Obito, instead of Madara’s doing.

    Obito unlocked the MS. You can only unlock the MS if you killed your best friend. In Obito’s upcoming situation, that would be Rin. Rin’s death could be the reason why both Obito and Kakashi MS have awakened. They’re both Obito’s eyes. It never specifically said when Kakashi got the MS. Since Obito did not die, it wouldn’t count or shouldn’t have counted. The only one out of the three that died is Rin, who was both Obito and Kakashi closest friend. One of the two would have to have killed Rin in order to unlock the MS. Kakashi have no recollection of Rin’s death. That would only leave Obito to be the only person to have killed Rin to unlock both his sharingan and the one he gave to Kakashi.

    Secondly, Obito disguise as Tobi have done well in hiding his emotion towards his former Comrade; the 4th Hokage and Kakashi. Instead of just hating the world for all the suffering and pain that have been brought upon by society, he might’ve deeply tried to hide his guilt for killing Rin. Maybe he couldn’t show emotions to the 4th and Kakashi, knowing that he was the one that failed to save Rin by killing her. That it have nothing to do with Kakashi who Obito accused that failed to save Rin. When Obito told Kakashi that he became evil “because you didn’t save Rin,” it wasn’t convincing enough. It sounded more like an excuse than an answer. I’m more convince that Obito is avoiding Rin’s death than facing up to it. If he likes Rin so much, why hasn’t he thought about her? It’s more like he doesn’t want to or he hates her as much as he hates Kakashi and the 4th Hokage. In retrospect, it all adds up to Obito killing Rin.

  6. @nss7 when Kakashi and naruto were going after diedra Kakashi mentions using his new jutsu kamui. He didn’t learn kamui till during the time skip so he didn’t get it till way after rin died. And y would obito kill the woman he has loved since forever? It would make Zero sense for obito to kill rin. It’s possible that obito may get ms from this situation but Kakashi never saw rin as a really close friend from what we saw. He promised to protect her for obitos sake not his own. It was like a debt and Kakashi was never shown to be that close with Anyone really with guy being one of the few ninja who can claim to know Kakashi best.

  7. And if u take what Tobi has said he had thought about rin quite a bit as according to him she is one of the reasons y he feels like he does. U can’t say he doesn’t think of rin because he’s never been shown to think what he is thinking. He could very well be thinking of rin 24/7

  8. @Token
    If Tobi haven’t thought about Rin, that means he have never thought about her at all. Only his younger self was thinking about her all the time. Now that he is Tobi, he dismisses her death a long with the 4th Hokage. That he could be the one or is the one that lead Rin to her death. Obito killing her would be enough of a reason for Obito not facing up to the 4th and Kakashi, because he could never show his face around them if he knows that he’s the one that murdered Rin. The reason why he doesn’t lash out at them for failing to protect Rin was because he killed her. He only accused Kakashi when his mask broke, and even then, it seem emotionless and half assed as if he’s avoiding Kakashi’s question, that maybe he killed Rin.

  9. As for Kakashi, it never said when he unlocked the MS. He only first use it against Deidara, but might’ve unlocked the MS at an earlier point in time and did not know how to turn it on to use until meeting up with Deidara.

  10. Killing your best friend or them simply dying isn’t enough to activate the MS. Serious truama must be needed as well, which would usually come from someone close to you dying, but not neccesarily always. There’s a reason only a few in the uchiha clan could get it.

  11. @darthuchiha
    The only way of getting the MS have been killing your best friend. All the Uchihas have done it that way and even throughout the Uchiha’s history that they have been killing one another to gain the MS. The only exception is Sasuke, because Itachi transfer his MS powers to Sasuke (forehead). The only plausible explanation of how Obito got his MS was if he was the one that killed Rin, awakening both his and Kakashi’s sharingan. Both sharingans are connected to Obito, so Obito’s actions may dictate the development of his sharingan. This is why I believe that Obito killed Rin and cause both his eyes to become MS, whether or not Kakashi saw Rin as a close friend.

  12. @nss7 we only know of 6 ppl with ms so far; obito, Kakashi, madara, shishu, sasuke and itachi. Madaras closest person according to him was his bro and he took his eyes. However madar had ms before cause after the transfer he had ems. Shishu we don’t know how he got his. Sasuke got his not from killing his bro but from the trauma of what he found out. Kakashi got his way after the battle with the fourth. We do not have an account yet of an uchiha having to kill for ms other than Itachi who may have killed shishu but he is the only one we know of who killed for ems that’s it.

  13. @Token
    Madara didn’t have to kill his brother to get MS. He killed a best friend to gain the MS before stealing his brother’s eye for the EMS. Achieving the MS requires you kill a best friend, not a family member. Madara written this rule himself in the Uchiha stone monument, further proving that he had to kill his best friend in order to get the MS.

    The fight between Itachi and Sasuke: Sasuke didn’t get his MS from being traumatized by Itachi’s death, but rather Itachi transferred his MS powers through touching Sasuke’s forehead with his fingers. Itachi confirmed this to be true later on when he came into contact with Naruto. He told Naruto that he gave his MS powers to Sasuke. Hoping that he would protect Konoha.

    Kakashi MS have not been answered yet. His sharingan is questionable. It’s reasonable to put it out there that Rin’s death could be the trigger that turn his sharingan into an MS. When Kakashi encountered Itachi at Konoha, Itachi gave an impression that Kakashi might have gotten the MS already.

  14. i believe that kakashi left rin for dead, but not by choice. i believe just as he and rin had to leave obito under that rock, somehow they found themselves in a similar situation and kakashi once again made it out alive while rin was the one who didnt that time. whether obito killed rin himself, was forced to do so by tobi having control over his body, or if the mist ninja (who could be under orders from their mizukage which at the time was madara i assume) really are responsible for her death i cant tell. but obito definitely witnessed the whole thing first hand. however it went down madara had to have used that experience as more ammunition to show obito how the world really is according to him and to unlock his ms obviously.

  15. @nss7

    about my shisui-obito theory, find a picture of shisui and compare it to the picture shown in this chapter on panel 13 on obito’s wall. can you honestly just write that off and say oh its not shisui just someone who looks EXACTLY like him. c’mon, who are we dealing with here? the king of foreshadowing kishimoto. of all the events that have been foreshadowed in this story, you think obito having a picture of a family with a man on the right that is a perfect shisui look-a-like is just a coincidence? kishi did that just because he ran out of ideas on how to make a character look so he used shisui’s face?, whos been brought up recently –(recently enough to the point where i dont think any of us would forget his face in the short period of time since we last saw him)– and shown to have relevance to almost all the events that have taken place in this war since itachi was on the loose? will you really just write this off and call it a coincidence? keeping an open mind is something i think kishi has tried to force onto all of us. in this story anything we think is impossible just might be possible.

  16. @fastninjaa
    The older figure in that picture can’t be Shi Sui. Shi Sui was younger than Obito. The only person Shi Sui could be in that photo is the baby. He can’t be Obito’s father or brother. The person in that picture is too old to fit into Shi Sui’s age at the time. Shi Sui is around Itachi’s age when he was revealed in the manga, roughly around 8 years of age. Tobi (Obito) attacked Konoha around that time. Any events before the kyuubi attack would put Shi sui as a baby. On page 13 in this chapter, Obito is around his teen years. Shi Sui at that time would be an infant or hasen’t existed yet.

  17. @nss7 if thats the case, then how did kakashi and Sasuke obtained the MS, because they certainly didnt kill their best friend. Sasuke didn’t even kill anyone close to him. Itachi didn’t even kill his best friend, he commited suicide, itachi just helped him do it. That prerequisite has already been proving wrong so were some other of itachi’s lies.

  18. @darthuchiha
    Itachi started openly speaking the truth when he was brought back by edo tensei. One of the truth he told to Naruto that he did in fact gave his MS powers to Sasuke. Giving Sasuke almost identical MS abilities like Itachi. That was the significance of Itachi poking his fingers at Sasuke’s forehead; to transfer his MS powers before he died. If that wasn’t the case than why would Itachi kept on poking his fingers at Sasuke’s head through out their childhood? Itachi did it for the sake
    of giving his powers to Sasuke one day, before he died. Another incident to elaborate on this truth is when Itachi entrusted Naruto with Shi Sui’s eyes. The eyes was set up to activate whenever Itachi’s MS was in use. Shi Sui eyes was meant to be use on Sasuke, because Sasuke’s MS is actually Itachi’s MS power that he have given to Sasuke.

    About Kakashi sharingan. Kakashi sharingan is the most trickiest one out of everyone else. The manga haven’t revealed at what point in time Kakashi gain his MS abilities. Their is no
    Specific date that he got the MS. The link provided by Cursedhidan, suggest that Kakashi had the MS before fighting Deidara. He said he developed a new jutsu (MS), meaning he possibly have the MS way before he could improve his MS to finally use it
    In battle. That’s why I believe Kakashi could’ve gotten his MS from the death of
    Rin by sharing the link to the sharingan of Obito.

  19. @nss7 can u please post where in the manga naruto told naruto that he gave his ms powers to sasuke. itachi poked him in the head cause 1) its what he always did and 2) he set up amatersu to go off once he ran into tobi. Itachi gave naruto the crow with the eye cause in case sasuke decided o implant his own eyes and gave the crow as a fail safe in case that happened.

  20. @Token
    It may not clearly state all the details of Itachi transferring his powers to Sasuke, but it’s too convenient that Sasuke has the exact same MS powers in his eyes as Itachi. Not just ameraterasu. He also have Tsukuyomi on a
    Much weaker level. Sasuke is more proficient at using Amaterasu than Itachi. The same can be said the other way around. Itachi is more proficient at Using Tsukuyomi than Sasuke. That is one thing that was switch along with different Sides of Sasuke’s eyes using the two MS abilities from the tranfer. It can’t be a coincidence that Sasuke closely shares the same powers as Itachi.

  21. @nss7

    they’re brothers. your saying that itachi transferred his powers to sasuke but if it was that easy then uchiha’s wouldnt have been killing each other all those years for each others eyes to gain power. itachi poking sasuke in the forehead is something he had always done since they were young. its just a gesture. the reason their powers identical is because they are brothers, not because itachi simply transferred his powers to sasuke with a forehead poke. it wouldnt make sense historically. as far as them having more proficiency with jutsu more so than the other can just be that sasuke’s chakra is more physical based while itachi’s is more spiritually based. theres no evidence nor anything anywhere in the story saying itachi transferred his MS powers to sasuke. he implanted amaterasu within sasuke to activate at the sight of obitos sharingan.

  22. Sasuke spams amaterasu as much as itachi spams genjutsu techniques. It makes sense cause that’s the type of fighters they are. Sasuke just have way bigger chakra reserves than itachi.

  23. @fastninjaa
    Itachi did transfer all his MS powers to Sasuke. He did it all before death. He couldn’t give up his powers to Sasuke any earlier than that. He had to push Sasuke to the brink of death to bring out Orochimaru. Uchihas in history don’t give up their MS powers if it means giving it up for good. Most of them work hard to achieve MS. Uchihas have showed that they have a tendency of being selfish and greedy. No way in hell would they want to give up a powerful forbidden eye technique to anyone else. The point is that Uchihas may have been capable of transferring their eye power to one another. Unlike Itachi, the chances of any other Uchiha doing so is most unlikely. Itachi is less selfish in that regards. It was part of Itachi’s plan to give up his MS powers to Sasuke before death. http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/3175/naruto1569377.jpg

    Tobi knew that this process of transferring eye technique was possible. He knew Itachi’s plans from the very beginning. That Itachi was going to give his MS powers to Sasuke. The only possible risk could be that the user would lose their MS abilities for giving it away. Uchihas selfish behaviors could’ve prevent them from transferring eye technique. Besides, Tobi have been almost correct about his explanation on the Uchihas history except his identity, so we can believe it is true. As the story progresses, more and more of Tobi’s words are becoming true.

  24. Good debate guys but like most of you i thought the whole reason itachi poked sasuke in his head was for a one off amaterasu to obito’s face to stop him learning the truth about the clan…. that wasnt a permanent MS transfer – it’s clearly major trauma that triggers MS activation!
    Also we’ve got leaf ninja fighting mist ninja on grass ninja turf right near the underground hideout….all of those villages are MILES away from each other – its way to much of a set up! Maybe zetsu killed rin an did a perfect transformation of her (chakra and all) an then the death was acted out to bring obito to the dark side….if obito even by mistake killed rin he seems like the type that would kill himself once he realised! Once she dies an he comes back to the cave, Madara is gonna wake up an let the brainwashing begin, he’s my take on it

    Zetsu: Just calm down or u’ll open up ur wounds
    Obito: Fuck my wounds, she’s dead *sob sob* rin’s dead!!
    Zetsu: That cant be helped now, u did ur best
    *Madara wakes up an gets told the story*
    Madara: Obito it’s important that you do not blame the ninja that killed your beloved but blame the world that we unfortunately live in, that is why i wish to change the world and make it a better place, will u join me? it’s the only way to truely avenge your loved one! (You get the point an then obito’s MS activates an que rocky training music!)

  25. @nss7

    i see what you mean now. i was under the impression that that time itachi poked sasuke in the forehead was just him placing a transcription seal for amaterasu within sasuke to activate at the sight of obito’s sharingan. you’ve proved me wrong, impressive sir =]

    he may have implanted his own techniques into sasuke, but does that mean that if sasuke’s powers wouldnt be the same as itachi’s before he transferred them to him that whatever techniques his own eyes would have granted him were just replaced and are gone now?

  26. except for one problem, when sasuke’s sharingan was activated due to laying eyes on tob’s sharingan and amaterasu came out, sasukes eye had the design of itachi’s MS. Then later after he learned the truth about itachi he activated his own MS which were the same with several differences. IT would be easy to chalk it up to sasuke being superior of amaterasu than itachi, except he uses one eye to cast it, and the other to control it. Another thing that interested me is that sasuke used different eyes for those very techniques than itachi. Perhaps sealing them made it easier for sasuke to use as well as easier for his eyes to deteriorate, but make no mistake, even without itachi’s interference those techniques wouldve still been sasukes own and it was only temporary. Unless anyone believes at the shape itachi was in he would be able to permeantly seal away sasuke’s own possible MS technques and exchange his own in thier place.

  27. @darth

    due their relationship, being brothers, it makes me believe that that is the reason their MS techniques are identical while i also believe that itachi is far more proficient with his MS genjutsu techniques than sasuke is because his chakra is more spiritually based, while sasuke is more proficient with amaterasu and his other MS ninjutsu than itachi because his chakra is more physically based and thats where they differ in terms of their power and techniques. though obito claims itachi is responsible its not 100% clear yet.

  28. It’s hard to guessimate, but It’s highly probable that Sasuke would’ve gotten different MS abilities if he have not failed to kill Naruto. They’re are some difference between Itachi and Sasuke that makes it believable. They’re both brothers, but the two have some differences in traits. Itachi was blessed with water element, while Sasuke was blessed with lightning element. Those are some of the difference in their genes, giving the two different jutsus. This is why Sasuke’s MS he got from Itachi may not originally been his. He could’ve gotten different sets of MS techniques of his own if he have followed through with the methods of taking out his closest friend (Naruto). If the chakra nature are different, than the MS should’ve been different, but instead, Itachi transfer his MS powers to Sasuke.

  29. No Hitachi did not transfer ms to assume. He unlocked them when he killed itachi. shinsui’s eye works cuz itachi anticipated sasuke would take his eyes.

  30. @nss7:

    Killing your best friend is not a strict requirement for obtaining the MS. Sasuke did not kill Itachi. Also, we know Itachi did not kill Shisui, Shishui willingly gave up his life to try and prevent the Uchiha coup. Kakashi obviously did not kill Rin.

    Also, you’re totally incorrect on the origin of Sasuke’s MS. After the Itachi vs. Sasuke fight, Sasuke involuntarily activated a Transcription Seal: Amaterasu on Tobi due to Itachi’s seal. The MS that appeared with that seal was Itachi’s, not his own. If all the MS techniques he has been using since then were from Itachi’s seal on him they would similarly be activated with Itachi’s MS.

    Also, there are some differences between Sasuke and Itachi’s MS techniques. Sasuke uses different eyes to cast and control Amaterasu than Itachi does. Sasuke has proficiency Amaterasu, Itachi has mastery over Tsukuyomi. If Sasuke was using Itachi’s MS to cast the techniques, why the differences? Doesn’t make sense. You’re wrong. Sasuke and Itachi have their own individual MS’s.

    The MS can be awoken numerous ways, not just by the strict killing of ones best friend. What is the common thread between all the MS we know about is the deep emotional trauma they experienced with regard to their closest friends. When Sasuke realized the truth about Itachi, when Itachi lost Shisui to Danzo/trying to prevent the Uchiha coup, they activated their MS. Sasuke didn’t kill anyone. Itachi assisted Shisui in suicide and “erased” his body, a big stretch from simply killing him in cold blood

  31. @??????
    Sasuke didn’t have to kill Itachi. I already explained it before that Itachi transferred all his MS powers into sasuke. http://www.narutobase.net/manga/Naruto/397/11

    Shi Sui death never specifically said he committed suicide. He “self sacrifice.” That could mean suicide, or he could’ve ‘let’ Itachi kill him. The second option would fit better due to the requirement it takes to get the MS, so chances of Shi Sui letting Itachi kill him is more fitting.

    The new chapter proves my theory that I been trying to get across. The requirements of getting MS is to kill your closest friend. I knew either Kakashi or Obito would have to do it to unlock both their sharingans.

  32. Kakashi didnt get the MS until after the timeskip. Otherwise he would have been using it to protect naruto and the village during orochimaru’s attack.

  33. @nss7:

    Your explanation is wrong. There are enough differences between Sasuke and Itachi’s MS techniques that they are DIFFERENT MS’s. Their designs are even different. Why has Itachi’s MS only appeared once in the series on Sasuke, if he’s been using Itachi’s techniques up until his EMS upgrade? Any similarity in techniques can be attributed to the fact that they are brothers, and their similar genes. You’re just flat out wrong.

  34. @??????
    It’s Itachi’s MS that was transferred into Sasuke. The evidence is in print and is directly in the manga. Madara and Izuna killed their closest friend to meet the requirements for the MS. That’s why Madara wrote the rules himself in the uchiha stone monument. Shi Sui “self sacrifice,” for Itachi to gain the MS, which he could’ve let Itachi kill him, meeting the requirements. In the recent chapter, Kakashi killed Rin. Everyone with the MS thus far have got the MS through using that method. Sasuke Is the only exception, because clearly he got the MS from Itachi sticking his fingers at Sasuke’s forehead. It’s right in the text. Itachi is not dumb enough to make a sloppy plan of letting himself exhaust to death without any gauranteed that Sasuke would get the MS in the process of him committing suicide. Doing that doesn’t even count as Sasuke killing the person closest to him. It would be a waste if he had done that without the transfer. Itachi is intelligent and he would plot out a well organized plan that would absolutely give Sasuke the MS 100% of the way. That’s why he plotted out Transferring his MS Jutsus directly into Sasuke. Assuring that Sasuke WILL get the MS powers, which originally all belongs to Itachi.

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